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Announcements in Forum : Trade Shops
December 25th, 2013 until January 25th, 2050
FC: 0946 2243 9665
IGN: Tabor
Join Date: Nov 2008
Hello all of Trade Corner! Due to the amount of this stuff floating around, we've compile a nice list with commonly traded hacked Pokemon and their legit counterparts in Gen VI. In addition we've also listed reasons to why certain things are hacked, etc.

X & Y Pokemon

• Any shiny Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde are hacked as these legends are all shiny locked.

• Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion, AZ's Floette, and Latios and Latias Megastones are all banned from being traded here as they have not been officially released yet.

Legends not in X & Y

• Zekrom and Reshiram can never be shiny due to them being shiny locked. However, Kyurem can be shiny.

• Any legendary with it's Hidden Ability that is shiny is a hack. The only way to obtain those are through Dream Radar and anything from there cannot be shiny due to it being shiny locked.

Event Exclusive Pokemon:

Mew can never be shiny due to all events being shiny locked and the Japanese Faraway Island Mew having such a low chance of having a shiny one existing. So low you'll probably never encounter a legit one in your lifetime. Please read the explanation at the bottom of the page for more in depth information.

Celebi can never be shiny since all distributions of it post-Gen II are shiny locked. In addition, any Celebi with the OT GAMESTP is hacked since that event was never officially distributed.

Jirachi can be shiny but only if it came from the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc due to a lack of a shiny lock because of a programming oversight. All other Jirachis can never be shiny. In addition, the only possible spreads are: Bashful (24/3/30/12/16/11), Careful (10/0/10/10/26/12), Docile (?), Hasty (3/12/12/7/11/9), Jolly (11/8/6/14/5/29) ,Lonely (31/23/26/29/18/5), Naughty (21/31/31/18/24/19), Serious (29/10/31/25/23/21), Timid (15/28/29/3/0/7). The OT for a shiny Jirachi has to be WISHMKR and it's ID has to be between 00001 and 01000, otherwise it is a hack. Also, any flawless shiny ones are hacked. Plus, since this is all due to an oversight, all Shiny Jirachis cannot be transferred through Bank and as such, all legal ones are stuck on Gen III, IV, and V.

Deoxys from Birth Island can be shiny. All others can never be shiny because the events were shiny locked.

Manaphy can be shiny but only from the Pokemon Ranger egg if it was RNGd, traded to another game and hatched there.

Darkrai from New Moon Island (Platinum only) can be shiny but all other Darkrais can never be shiny because the events were shiny locked.

Shaymin from Flower Paradise (Platinum only) can be shiny but all other Shaymins can never be shiny because the events were shiny locked.

Arceus can never be shiny because the events were all shiny locked and the Dream World is also impossible since no Pokemon straight from the Dream World can be shiny. The Hall of Origin Arceus is hacked since to get it you have to hack in the Azure Flute as it was never released offically.

Victini can never be shiny since all events are shiny locked and the Liberty Island one is also shiny locked.

Keldeo can never be shiny since all the events were shiny locked.

Meloetta can never be shiny since all the events were shiny locked.

Genesect can be shiny but only from the Japanese event where it was always shiny. All other Genesects can never be shiny because all other events were shiny locked.

Normal Pokemon:

• Starter Pokemon from Gen II (Johto) or Gen V (Unova) with their Hidden Abilities

• Pokemon in Apricorn Balls that cannot be caught in the wild in HeartGold or SoulSilver

• Pokemon in Apricorn, Safari, or Sport Balls with a Hidden Ability

• Only possible 6 IV nature combinations in Gens 3 & 4 are: Calm, Docile, Timid, and Modest. Any other nature and 6 IV combinations on Pokemon from Gens 3 & 4 are hacked.

• Pokemon from the Dream World or Dream Radar in Black/White/Black 2/White 2 cannot be shiny. Same goes for any Pokemon from Hidden Hollows (Hidden Grottos) in Black 2/White 2. So any shiny 6 IV Imposter Dittos that are transferred are hacks.

More in depth explanation of why shiny Mews are banned here

ONLY way to ever get a shiny Mew:
• In 2005 there was a real life event in Japan where you obtained an Old Sea Chart for Emerald
• The chances of finding a shiny in Emerald are 1 in 8192
• RNG Abuse was not possible at this time and no one knew it would be the only possible Mew to catch/receive as a shiny
• All of the above make it very highly unlikely anyone would have a shiny Mew
• Then to have kept it for this entire time and transferred all the way up to X/Y without losing it is even more unlikely
• There is no other way to get a shiny Mew. None.
• Therefore it is reasonable to assume that ALL shiny Mews are hacks.
• 6 IV shiny Mew are 100% hacked because refer to above about RNG.

Scams on PokéCommunity

Hello all, just a public service announcement regarding the influx of scammers that seem to have come with the release of Pokemon X and Y. As such we've come up with some tips on how to be wary and avoid being scammed:

For Gen VI:
→ With the fall of Instacheck, there is no way to check IVs while trading any longer. As with that, please remember to check the IVs of the Pokemon you receive in game with the IV checker in the Kiloude City Pokemon Center. More info about checking IVs with the IV Checker can be found here: [Click Me!]
→ Be more wary of Pokemon advertised as having 4 or more 30's or 31's, especially Dittos.
→ If you happen to be scammed, please do contact one of us moderators: [tabor62], [Cordelia], [Absol], or [Keiran]. and be sure to keep all the PMs/VMs you've exchanged with them.
→ In the same way, if someone offers you money or anything besides items/Pokemon from the games themselves for your Pokemon, contact one of us and keep all conversations saved. Do not accept their offer for anything other than Pokemon or items!

For Gen IV and V:
→ Watch out for Pokemon that aren't possible, a list can be found here: [Click Me!].
→ If you happen to be traded something you discover is hacked please post in the same thread in the link above.

As a final note, on PC we have a hacklist with all known hacked Pokemon that have been reported. The hacklist can be found here: [Click Me!].

In addition, we also have a blacklist with members that have been known to scam or to offer something besides ingame items or Pokemon for trades. Blacklist can be found here: [Click Me!].

Feel free to PM one of the Trade Corner moderators to add something you think would be a good tip or piece of information to this announcement.

In preparation for Pokemon Bank coming out soon!
Be wary of anyone who offers to transfer Pokemon for you for free as they could potentially scam you. Only allow people you trust and who are established traders to transfer for you if you want someone else to transfer for you.


There is a consensus from many traders and other Pokemon players who believe that the Kalos pentagon is a legitimacy checker. This is not true, as one can simply hack a Pokemon and change the game region of the Pokemon from any fifth generation game to Kalos before using the PokeTransfer app, then the transferred Pokemon will have the Kalos mark. We will not go on detail as to how this exactly works, as PokeCommunity trade corner does not support hacking or trading of hacked Pokemon.

Here is an example of what a hacked "Kalos native" Pokemon looks like.

Information of this Pokemon can be found here. Notice that the OP, ID, and all of the stats match exactly.

More importantly, how can you identify Pokemon that was hacked such way?

Go to the Memory Girl outside of Anistar City, then have her read the memories of your Pokemon. If she mentions that the Pokemon was caught or bred, it means that Pokemon originated from Kalos:

If she says that the Pokemon doesn't remember or something along those lines, it means that the Pokemon did not originate from Kalos:

Now, if the memory girl says the Pokemon doesn't seem to remember well and has the pentagon, then that's how you know that the Pokemon in question has been hacked. The memory girl can also check Pokemon in your PC, so you don't have to bring out the Pokemon to your party to examine.

We hope this information helps and raises awareness to many people that don't know about this issue surrounding the legitimacy of Kalos Pentagon.

(Credit to Original Poster of this thread on the method of checking the legitimacy of the pentagon and the two images that he/she provided)
(Also credit to Aeroblast for writing this, thanks for the help :D)
October 5th, 2013 until November 5th, 2015
FC: 3840 5669 4340
IGN: Toph/CC
Join Date: Aug 2011
Hey everyone, Trade Corner has its own live chatroom on the PokéCommunity server. The beauty of this chatroom is that you can arrange trades, receive tutoring, chill with other traders, and who knows, Blade likes to give away Pokemon like it's Christmas.

Here's how you get there:
Click this link, enter a nickname, and click Go. You MUST register your nickname to speak!

Here's how to register your nickname:
/ns register password YourEmail@YourEmailProvider
Example: /ns register 12345678 [email protected]

Here's how to sign in when you connect in the future:
/ns identify password

Be sure to follow the rules:
Rules can and will be updated from time to time -

For advanced users:
Port: 6667
Room: #tradecorner


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