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  1. Pokemon Colosseum/Gale of Darkness FAQ
  2. DS Speculation and beyond!(Includes all Diamond/Pearl Talk)
  3. new pokemon on P/D
  4. Nintendo DS
  5. Diamond and Pearl for DS?
  6. screens for diamond/pearl
  7. Pokemon Dash Info thread
  8. Dash Question
  9. New Section..
  10. Who got Pokemon Dash?
  11. Pokemon Dash Reviews
  12. Poll Time: Diamond or Pearl?
  13. Can u link D/S with a GBA?
  14. DS's Features in D/P
  15. New Pokemon Typings
  16. Expert GP!
  17. Spider-Man 2
  18. Spider-Man 2
  19. Spider-Man 2
  20. pearl and diamound just a rumor?
  21. Pokemon Gold and Silver Remake
  22. Which 4th gen pokemon is your favorite?
  23. Pokedex Entries
  24. Daimond and Pearl will be online!
  25. Attack Ideas
  26. Pokemon: Peral & Daimond
  27. i have a question
  28. Nintendo's official view on PKMN Pearl and Diamond
  29. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl be good MMOG's?
  30. A reason why Kanto must return again not in a remake:
  31. 3D or 2D
  32. Pokemon In Diamond and Pearl
  33. Elite 4/5 in D/P
  34. Holy Type Pokemon
  35. Which games would YOU like to see on DS?
  36. Pokemon Dimond and Peal Discussion
  37. next gen. babies...
  38. Since DS is more advance then GBA and holds more data...
  39. To buy or not to buy.
  40. What new ways to get around would you like to see?
  41. New Pokemon
  42. Usohachii's US name revealed!
  43. Trailers revealed!!
  44. New Names Fake Or Real
  45. All Pokemon
  46. The Last
  47. Predictions/Ideas for Pokmon Diamond/Pearl
  48. 16 player wifi in diamond and pearl
  49. PKMN Ranger announced
  50. is there a new pokemon game called pokemon online
  51. Which is your fave Pokemon out of the ones that have been shown?
  52. Future baby/evolved pokemon
  53. baby ditto
  54. pokemon d/p screenshots
  55. pkmn in d/p
  56. new pokemon???
  57. Pokemon Pear Box Art
  58. Pokemon Ranger -Road to Diamond+Pearl-
  59. good news about d/p!
  60. Dusal-Type Attacks
  61. Mysterious Dungeon Red
  62. New pokemon?
  63. New OFFICIAL game: Pokemon Trose
  64. Pokemon Dash records and stuff
  65. Dual type pokemons
  66. Import?
  67. Mysterious Dungeon!
  68. 3d slightly better one ?
  69. Unknowns
  70. the cover pokemon
  71. New types???
  72. Debate: Should the battle system change?
  73. Diamond/Pearl Disscussion Thread
  74. New types for D/P??
  75. Rukario Revealed (english name actually)
  76. pearl
  77. witch type should be the best?
  78. Rukario Discussion.
  79. What game?
  80. Platinum
  81. small details on pearl/diamond
  82. Is it a snap sequel that it is?
  83. New Battle style
  84. Pokemon D/P updates
  85. New Pokemon!!!!!! Is it real?
  86. Should I get Dash?
  87. Predictions
  88. Torouze
  89. Pokemon D/P Information
  90. next thing to move around?
  91. Would you want a SSB type Pokmon game from the DS?
  92. Pokemon Rangers: new CONFIRMED pokemon game??
  93. OMFG yu know whatd be really cooL!?
  94. Prepare for a surprise tommorow...
  95. No Mysterious Dungeon ROM?
  96. Future Generation of Pokemon
  97. Stadium on DS
  98. D/P a seqeul to R/S?
  99. 3D or 2D?
  100. New pokemon?
  101. Concept Boxes for Diamond and Pearl!!
  102. Why?
  103. Will members here be motivated to buy the Japanese versions of D/P?
  104. Pokemon Ranger Japanese Site Launches + Videos and more
  105. wouldn't it be awsome!
  106. Misterious Dungeon Simple Questions
  107. How many?
  108. One more poke game in the works!
  109. are these new D/P pokemon
  110. Pokemon Colloseum 2?
  111. This is nothing very important to me...
  112. Omfg I Have Pics Of The New Dp Pokemon! No Fake Link (link In Here)
  114. A plea for help with Pearl/Diamond threads!
  115. My predictions for 4 new Pokemon
  116. GBA/GB Time Machine Idea
  117. Something's Wrong.....
  118. Oh. My. God. The 3 shadows unshadowed!
  119. NDS Emulator
  120. pokedex upgrade
  121. New Types and/or Type Combinations
  122. Some Cool Thing I Found.
  123. The shadows have been revealed!
  124. can some one give me the story in pokemon dongeon red
  125. diamond and pearl
  126. Pokemon Trozei!
  127. have you thought?
  128. what do ya think?
  129. New Pokemon!!!
  130. Sugimori's art for this game
  131. evolution/preevolution sprites
  132. New D/P Trainer Cards
  133. Us Names for the New Pokemon
  134. New Teams?
  135. How Many Trozeied Pokemon Do You Have?
  136. Pearl/Diamond Questions
  137. Pokémon Ranger: The Road to Diamond and Pearl
  138. Reasons
  139. Ha ha, next Pokemon game...
  140. pokemon dash
  141. pokemon dash
  142. Which NDS Emulator???
  143. Pokemon Link! goes Online?
  144. Pokemon Mysterius Dungeons: Red and Blue Rescue Teams - US/EU Release Date
  145. Ghastly is a Canibal! O_O (oh, and Pokemon Rangers question thread)
  146. pepura?
  147. Lucario/Rucario capture & Three legendary ____???
  148. Pokemon Dungeon Red Force
  149. What level does Bulbasaur evolve at on Mysterious Dungeon...(the one for GBA)???
  150. E3 2006 - Pokemon
  151. Trozei/Link List
  152. Eh...Help on Pokemon Dungeon?
  153. Mysterious Dungeon/Trozei Link?
  154. Possibly New Pokemon Mini-Game to PokePark!
  155. Pokémon Battle Revolution
  156. Mysterious Dungeon and Rangers for DS
  157. Pokemon Link
  158. Pokemon Battle Revolution Wishlist
  159. coolest looking trozie sprite
  160. english box art for Mysterious dungeons red and blue
  161. Mystery Dungeon Red
  162. Box Art and New PKMN Stadium Video.
  163. Manryu and Manene's U.S. names!
  164. Pokémon Battle Revolution wish list
  165. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Help!
  166. Mystery Dungeon codes?
  167. Need help on Rescue Team Red
  168. Have you pre-ordered yet?
  169. Red Rescue Team Pokémon Mystery Dungeon & Blue Rescue Team
  170. Mystery Dungeon Blue Help
  171. Team Name (MD)
  172. Wonder Mail
  173. I need help in pokemon mystery dungeons
  174. Mystery Dungeon Code Help
  175. I need help!in pokemon blue mystery dungeon
  176. Simple Questions
  177. stuck in getting to uproar forest
  178. SOS Silver Trench
  179. please help
  180. Need help at fiery field in pokemon mysterious dungeon
  181. Things I like to change in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red
  182. SOS Sky Tower 23F - *YOU NEED FLY*
  183. Diamon/Pearl music
  184. All pokemons
  185. The "where the heck do i get that friend area?!!"thread
  186. What pokemon should I use to take on Wish cave?
  187. Ouch. Sending Mystery Dungeon SOS.
  188. Problem with Mystery Dungeon Red ROM
  189. New Dungeons
  190. Pokemon Battle Revolution Trainers?
  191. How do you get DIVE back in Mystery Dungeon Red?
  192. PMD Talk Thread
  193. Pokemon Red Rescue Team Help
  194. Tight band wanted!
  195. would you buy BR frist?
  196. Plot ideas
  197. Pokemon Battle Revolution Wishlist
  198. your rescue team
  199. Release date ??
  200. Pokemon Ranger Legendary Missions
  201. Mystery Dungeon Rescues
  202. Pokemon Ranger: The Road to Diamond/Pearl Information
  203. Pokémon M.D. Rescue Team R/B Differences Between
  204. Pokemon Ranger...
  205. How do you recruit deoxys
  206. Battle Revolution to be like Stadium
  207. Pokémon Battle Revolution Images Thread (Boxart included !!)
  208. Pokémon Battle Revolution FEATURES LIST
  209. Customising Trainers -- How will yours look?
  210. Event for Manaphy already in US Ranger?
  211. Pokémon Snap DS?
  212. pokemon rescues
  213. Manaphy Egg on Pokémon.com!
  214. Yay i got Ranger :)
  215. The Lost Music Box
  216. Wht pokemon ticked you off the most?
  217. Help with Ranger.
  218. Fav 4th Gen game (Released)
  219. Simple Questions
  220. Which DS game?!
  221. New Battle Revolution Videos
  222. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
  223. the pokemon recruiting thread
  224. If the Pokemon strike eachother...
  225. pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team: i need help!!
  226. On Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue?!?!
  227. I Need Help!!!
  228. Pokemon Ranger - Needs Help
  229. I Need Help! = Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  230. Wich pkmn are u in MD Red / Blue ?
  231. Least favorite missson in Ranger?
  232. [Pokemon Ranger]Dammit!!
  233. Stats and damage calculation in Mystery Dungeon
  234. Bad graphics? Bad construction? Bad game?
  235. DS +Wii ?
  236. Highest Damage (Mystery Dungeon)
  237. pokemon Battle Revolution/ net battle
  238. Did/Will you buy Pokémon Ranger for Manaphy?
  239. Pokémon Ranger Locations Guide
  240. Your Capture Arena Record
  241. Anyone beat joyous tower, wish cave, or purity forest
  242. What is your reason to buy BR?
  243. Pokemon Ranger Station
  244. Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread
  245. Recruit Rates (Mystery Dungeon)
  246. The best way to train.
  247. English Release Date *spoilers*
  248. Battle Revolution to be the first Offical nintendo game to go online in US and Europe
  249. Pokemon Ranger: Mission 10
  250. Joy seeds effect in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon