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  1. Do you want Ash to be replaced?
  2. What gender is Ash's Pikachu?
  3. Pokemon Movie 12 DVD release AT ALL?
  4. Pokemon you want to see again!
  5. Episodes with the Eeveelutions
  6. Where do Ash and co get their money?
  7. Do you think Hunter J was a great villain for Pokemon?
  8. Ash is James Bond
  9. 4Kids or TPCI?
  10. One-Hit Wonders.
  11. Ash's Balls Dropped.
  12. Some reasons why pokemon just isnt the same and ist worth watching =/
  13. Former Anime Writer Passes Away...
  14. team rockets new motive
  15. Pokemon Errors
  16. Jumping the Shark
  17. Favorite female protagonist?
  18. Have any of the Gym leaders been able to substitute Pokemon?
  19. Favourite moments in the anime?
  20. If they were to do a spin off?
  21. Jessie's contest/musical career?
  22. Will Satoshi finally win this time?
  23. Pikachus level??
  24. Fan-made Best Wishes Team Rocket Motto and Original VA's
  25. Black/White Characters?
  26. Funny Moments?
  27. Least Favorite Characters in the Anime?
  28. Worst Saga?
  29. What Would Dent do
  30. The Ultimate Challenge Song lyrics
  31. Team Rockets Evil Plans! (Speculation, Possible Spoiler Warning?)
  32. Have you watched/Do you watch Pokemon with your family?
  33. Idea for a Pokemon ep, want your take.
  34. Last names?
  35. Question about ruby/sapphire in anime
  36. Voices and Voice Actors General Discussion (...Fine, ramble)
  37. The Flame in Charmander's Tail
  38. Did Ash ever hook up with the ginger
  39. No! I wanted to see hoenn!
  40. Galactic Battles Vol. 1 & 2 to be released!
  41. How long have you been watching?
  42. Is what happens in the movies considered canon?
  43. Skys the limit
  44. Fillers, eh?
  45. Whats your most favourite pokémon that Satoshi has caught?
  46. Just one question...
  47. How did Gary gain 10 badges in Kanto?
  48. Dento and Iris Speculation
  49. Trainers with legendaries- Your stance?
  50. Team Plasma's N
  51. Favorite Team Rocket Motto
  52. Old Or New Team Rocket? Hmm...
  53. How come Ash doesnt catch more Pokemon?
  54. Best Wishes Opening Theme
  55. [Weekly Poll #1] Ash's Rivals!
  56. Season one Episode one on Youtube
  57. Unova Pokemon Possibilities (Spoilers)
  58. Anyone willing to sell pokemon DVD's?
  59. Bought First 3 Season 6 Disk Box Sets
  60. [Weekly Poll #2] Ash's Fashion Sense
  61. Pokemon DP Sinnoh League Victors Airing on CITV!
  62. Does it bother anyone else when Pikachu makes noises when Ash talks?
  63. Many Rivals?
  64. What's Your Overall Opinion on Shooti?
  65. Brock and Dawn Return
  66. Learn Yiddish from Team Rocket
  67. What's in the egg? [Possible spoiler warning]
  68. Who does Ash love?
  69. [Weekly Poll #3] The Supporting Cast
  70. Should PUSA Use Japanese Pokemon Openings and Endings?
  71. 13th movie coming in English?
  72. Did they make Mewtwo too powerful in the movie?
  73. Different Ash every time?
  74. Best Wishes - In 2011!
  75. Team rocket pokemon
  76. That's so His/Her Type
  77. Theory on why Ash is struggling in Unova.
  78. I will redeem myself.
  79. How bad are breaks for you?
  80. Ash's Personality in the B/W series (Best Wishes Series) *SPOILER*
  81. Ash's Unova League Team?
  82. What movies would you like to see during the Unova saga?
  83. [Weekly Poll #4] Someone Needs a Haircut...
  84. The Official PokéCommunity Shipping Debates
  85. Team Rocket's internal strife
  86. The positive TPCI dubbing thread
  87. Should One Of Our Heroes (before Iris and Dent) Have Won A Tournament By Now?
  88. Do you think Giovanni's Persian is shiny?
  89. Question on a cap of Jessie's long, wet hair
  90. People Eat Pokemon :S
  91. [Weekly Poll #5] Prepare for Trouble!~
  92. Favourite Dub Titles!~
  93. TPCi "Pokémon: Black & White Dub General Speculation Thread!
  94. Team ______ is better than ______
  95. Notice the similarities? B/W = Kanto
  96. The Professor Discussion Thread
  97. Previewing Next Gen Pokemon?
  98. Is Team Rocket finally going to leave? {Spoilers}
  99. [Weekly Poll #6] On the Big Screen!
  100. Why, Ash? Why did you do that?
  101. Pokemon, Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew. Made Me Cry.
  102. What Is your Favorite Pokemon Movie?
  103. Did Brock ever fancy Jesse or Misty?
  104. Anyone ever wonder why Team Rocket NEVER GIVE UP?
  105. [U.S.] Nope... it's not Best Wishes...
  106. Is it just me or...
  107. Favorite Anime Sound Collection Track?
  108. Pokemon Anime SUX!
  109. Tobias
  110. [Weekly Poll #7] "I'll come back for you!"
  111. Pokemon: Black and White Premiers 12th February
  112. Your First Episode?
  113. What is Ash Ketchum's All-Star Team?
  114. Iris and Cilan
  115. What Happened to Team Rocket?
  116. Super Rare Lost Episode?
  117. Subbed or Dubbed?
  118. Ash's Unova Pokemon (Before 2nd Gym)
  119. Will Ash's Pikachu ever learn a new move?
  120. Where has the anime gone wrong?
  121. Handsome/ Looker to appear in BW!
  122. Any Cameos You Would Like To See?
  123. [Weekly Poll #7] The Pokemon League
  124. Poll: Brock or Dent's Cooking?
  125. pokemon dp ash's first battle against the rock gym
  126. ...Pikachu's Weight Loss
  127. Why do you think Brock left?
  128. Who was a better rival? Gary, or Paul?
  129. The reason Shooti is called Trip
  130. [Vote Now!!] The Shipping Debates Valentine's Banner Contest!
  131. Why we didn't get a DP Frontier Saga/Confusion [Spoilers]
  132. Pokemon Zoroark: Master of Illusion
  133. Thoughts on the Sinnoh Saga
  134. Possible for all friends to return? (BW spoilers)
  135. Pokemon BW Episode Thread
  136. [Weekly Poll #8] The Master of Illusions! (Spoilers!)
  137. Your Favourite Opening Theme Song?
  138. Pokemon from previous regions in BW?
  139. Errors?
  140. The solution to all energy problems in the Pokemon world
  141. Pokemon Black and White: Champion League
  142. New Season 14
  143. Who's That Pokémon's Return
  144. [Weekly Poll #9] Best Wishes or Black and White?
  145. The Unova Team Rocket Motto
  146. Victini 2part Movie?
  147. So.. what do you guys think?
  148. Why is the opening so short?
  149. Pokemon Errors
  150. Zoroark Master of Illusions (UK airdate CITV)
  151. Speculate Team Rocket's Unova Team
  152. Government?
  153. Impressed?
  154. Missed episode 3, how do I catch it again?
  155. Pokemon Sommelier
  156. [Weekly Poll #10] Now Pun-Free!
  157. Advanced Fillers
  158. [Spoilers] Mewtwo to make an appearance?
  159. [Spoilers] Ash's final anime team??
  160. Education
  161. The heights of the human cast?
  162. [Spoilers] The New Evolution Effect
  163. Funny scene in Pokemon black and white!!
  164. Why doesn't the police do anything about TR?
  165. Ash' father must have been a pretty bad trainer.
  166. Pokemon Live-Action Movie
  167. Ash's Family
  168. [Spoilers] Who will be the powerhouse star, Snivy or Oshawott?
  169. I watched the first series, and am watching B/W
  170. Pokemon anime voices that you don't like
  171. [Spoilers] <Somewhat:Team Rocket's in trouble!
  172. The Ash of Generations to come...
  173. The Best Battles
  174. [Weekly Poll #11] So, How're You Liking BW?
  175. Blast Burn...?
  176. What Pokemon could stand up to Mewtwo?
  177. The Pokeworld
  178. Geez, what has happened?
  179. The Immediate Future of the Pokemon Anime
  180. Which Group had the Chemistry?
  181. Pokemon Movie 13 on dvd in the UK
  182. Would you like that Misty returns to main cast?
  183. What's the difference between being a Psychic and being an Aura user?
  184. Unova Regions Isolation
  185. Pokemon Best Wishes
  186. In the anime (movie/series), how many wishes can Jirachi grant?
  187. (Anime/Movies) PSYCHIC MATCH-UP: Mewtwo VS Sabrina of Saffron City
  188. Who's the most powerful Aura user? Sir Aaron, Riley, or Ash?
  189. Are They Serious.?
  190. [Weekly Poll #12] Should Porygon Be Given Another Chance?
  191. Will Iris participate in the Pokémon Musical?
  192. Will the Porygon evolution ever appear
  193. a new protaganist?
  194. Do you guys think its weird that...
  195. [Spoilers] Ash's Unova Pokemon (Before 3rd Gym)
  196. Iris: "What A Kid!"
  197. They really should have ended that NJ/OJ all look-alike gag.
  198. Have you ever wondered how they evolve traded Pokemon in the anime?
  199. your saddest pokemon movie
  200. Who's Your Favourite Main Character?
  201. Favourite of Ash's Pokemon?
  202. Favourite of Dawn's Pokemon?
  203. Favourite of Dawn's Pokemon?
  204. Favourite of Brock's Pokemon?
  205. Favourite of May's Pokemon?
  206. Which Pokemon would you like to see Ash and his friends own that they haven't owned?
  207. Anime in youtube
  208. [Weekly Poll #13] How Closely Should the Anime Follow the Games?
  209. Question about Pokemon and size.
  210. Starter Pokemon
  211. your least favorite anime character.
  212. Crossing over!
  213. DVD Releases Long Overdue?
  214. Your ANIME WTF Moments!!!!
  215. Is Team Rockets Meowth the ...
  216. Sooo whats up with their eyes?
  217. What pokemon will Ash catch next?
  218. New BW Ending Theme Song!
  219. Ash is a Loser
  220. speculations about the anime
  221. Do you think the anime has gone Downfall?
  222. Will ash catch the genaric crab pokemon for BW?
  223. Will BW023 and BW024 air?
  224. A way for Ash to grow up (at least a little)
  225. Never Grow Up?
  226. The Official BW Speculation Thread
  227. Ash should be a demi-god trainer by now.
  228. 4Kids Files for Bankruptcy: American Fans Rejoice
  229. Anime characters birthdays?
  230. [Weekly Poll #14] The Green-haired Guy
  231. The Cycle Of The Anime
  232. Pokemon Anime Time Line
  233. [Contest] Shipping Debates Fine Arts Easter Contest
  234. NEW Gary Oak Movie
  235. What do u think of the new pokemon black and white theme song?
  236. What is your fave B/W epesode so far?
  237. B&W, similarities yet differences.
  238. Last saturday's episode.
  239. What was your experience like seeing Pokemon the first movie?
  240. Will Tracey ever come back with Ash in Unova Region someday?
  241. Filler Saga in Unova?
  242. Oshawott and or Axew to Evolve?
  243. Will Veronica Taylor ever come back to voice Ash's mother someday?
  244. When to watch the movies?
  245. Call me slow.
  246. [BIweekly Poll #15] Gym Battles
  247. Pokeball design question
  248. Why are pokemon movies no longer popular in North American cinemas
  249. Will Gary going to the Unova Region with Ash someday?
  250. Picture Sharing Thread!