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  1. What is your favorite banned episode?
  2. Did anyone notice that the Pokemon movies released on DVDs...
  3. Would you like future Movies to be in theatres globally?
  4. Sunglasses Krokorok
  5. The Pros and Cons of 4kids
  6. If our hero(es) were to win a tournament, how should it be handled?
  7. Who prefers the Japanese dub of Pokemon anime?
  8. Veronica Taylor will come back to voice Delia in Pokémon: Best Wishes soon
  9. [VOTING] Shipping Debates Easter Contest (Art Division)
  10. season 14?
  11. Anyone else ever notice?...
  12. Re-design Ash Ketchum!
  13. Team Rocket
  14. Should All Episode Be In 16:9 Format?
  15. If you were to change the character voices who should voice them?
  16. Does anybody else agree?
  17. Animation style changed?
  18. [The 16th Poll] A New Pokemon Anime?
  19. 3 Starters vs. 1 Starter
  20. Tracey Sketchit went back to the Orange Islands
  21. Think Of An Episode!
  22. Would you like to see Ash have a Ghost/Psychic Pokemon on his team?
  23. Your fav Pokemon Songs
  24. Does anyone like Ash's traveling companions this season?
  25. Pokémon: Best Wishes English Cast
  26. WTF, POKÉMON!?! – A Serial Video Parody of the Anime
  27. Cries
  28. I need to Lament about the series!
  29. [Spoilers] Think those Team Rocket V.S Team Plasma episodes will air in the US?
  30. Pokemon Original TV Show Production Background Music
  31. Movie Aren't On iTunes
  32. Iris and Drayden
  33. Where can i watch: Season 1 - Beauty and The Beach
  34. Which of Dawns pokemon is your fave?
  35. What is your fave of Mays pokemon?
  36. Favorite Type of Episode
  37. Ash obliterates a rival?
  38. Plasma & N
  39. How Much Do You Think Ash Remembers?
  40. Do Pokemon not heal in their pokeballs?
  41. Who is she?
  42. Personalities
  43. [Spoilers] [ABP #1] Unova Clowns!
  44. [Spoiler] Ep 693 (or Best wishes 34)
  45. Up until what point in the cartoon do they show only the original 150 pokemons?
  46. What's your fave episode?
  47. [Spoilers] Trade Evolution Scenario?
  48. Does May's Combusken ever evolve?
  49. Do you think Oak evolved Pikachu from a Pichu?
  50. Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?
  51. [ABP #2] Noctowl and Snivy!
  52. Game/Anime Evolution Inconsistencies
  53. If you were a character in the anime...
  54. What Do you Define as a "Power House"
  55. Dawn's Buneary voice actress passes away.
  56. Instead of that Pikachu...?
  57. [ABP #3] Butterfree and Sceptile!
  58. Is Pikachu Overused?
  59. Pikachu sacrificing himself for Ash in last ep, good?
  60. Max and the R/S remake acknowledgement
  61. Could it be?the final season of pokemon?
  62. Charizard
  63. could this be ashes year to win it all ???
  64. [ABP #4] Torterra and Quilava!
  65. Is "Starting Over" a Bad Idea?
  66. [Spoilers] Nimbasa Arc
  67. Who do you think is Ash's best rival?
  68. [Spoilers] Could Giovanni be Ash's dad?
  69. Why do they always tell their pokemon to dodge an attack?
  70. [ABP # 5] Corphish and Oshawott!
  71. How Could Brock Have Been Handled Better?
  72. Three Wishes to the Writers
  73. [Spoilers] What other pokemon do you think Ash will catch?
  74. Pikachu "delevels" per region?
  75. [ABP #6] Bayleef and Charizard!
  76. Pokémon Master?
  77. What would you change about some charactor's teams?
  78. Contests
  79. New Character?!
  80. [Spoilers] The Mystery Of The GS Ball: SOLVED!!!
  81. Pokemon Jumped the shark
  82. Your thoughts about Ash
  83. Unkown pokemon sketched by Tracy
  84. Proof Ash Isn't 10!
  86. [ABP #7] Swadloon and Snorlax!
  87. What legendary Pokémon would you like to have a movie made about?
  88. Anime Adaptation of Manga and or Video Games?
  89. Express Your Feelings Toward B/W series
  90. Could all Pokemon learn human language or was Meouth special?
  91. If our hero(es) were to win a tournament, how should it be handled? v.2
  92. Pokemon: Original Series Starting Over on Boomerang
  93. Your League Conference Team Of Ash's Pokemon
  94. [ABP #8] Buizel and Tepig!
  95. Iris
  96. Game-Only Characters You Want to See in the Anime
  97. Ash Vs. Paul - The Rivalry
  98. Why doesn't Ash evolve Pikachuuuuuuu
  99. Do you think that Pokemon shouldn't be too kiddy like?
  100. Hopeful Hints
  101. Hoenn Ash vs Sinnoh Ash?
  102. I thought Paul was gone..
  103. Does Bianca = Barry?
  104. Pokemon's true undercurrent
  105. [Spoilers] Which Unova Rival is your favourite so far?
  106. The fate of team rocket.
  107. Opinions on new characters?
  108. Best Pokemon On Characteristics
  109. [Spoilers] Victini and the Black Hero:Zekrom/Victini and the White Hero:Reshiram
  110. Would you have liked new people for new regions?
  111. [Spoilers] Meowth and the Twerps?
  112. Ash Catches A Pokemon (Name for Quotes Thread)
  113. Pokemon Nicknames in the Anime
  114. Dubs or Subs
  115. Iris and Cilan will meet Ash's family, his rival and Professor Oak
  116. Why Doesn't Ash Use Battle Strategy?
  117. Pokemon!...Pink...Version?
  118. Are we really abusing the term "Mary Sue/Gary Stu" for the Anime characters?
  119. How I think the show will end
  120. Gary Oak will be appearing in the Best Wishes series soon
  121. Iris and Cilan will meet Gary's cheerleaders
  122. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: It Wasn't a Failure?!
  123. Pika-Speak?
  124. Anyone got a favourite battle?
  125. Ash and Krokorok?
  126. Generation V Pokemon in the anime
  127. When Ash turns his hat around, you know macaroni and cheese is about to go down
  128. Main to Supporting back to Main?
  129. What's the Fate of Ash's Left Pokemon?
  130. [ABP #9] Pikachu and Smugleaf!
  131. Did you like Nando?
  132. What if Ash's Gible evolve into Garchomp?
  133. Filler Series Ideas
  134. Planet Of The Pikachu
  135. Naming Pokemon
  136. Price down of Pokémon DVDs (R2 Japan)
  137. Team Rocket Role
  138. Alternate Region Mascots
  139. Which Pokemon would you like to see Main Characters with?
  140. [ABP #10] Bulbabro and Swellow!
  141. Pokemon Pronunciation!
  142. Pokemon Adventures Anime??
  143. What exactly keeps you watching?
  144. Ash's Infernape vs Ash's Charizard
  145. Pokemon Ends: NOT SO SOON!
  146. Paul's Ursaring vs Ash's Snorlax
  147. A few questions about the pokeball.
  148. Volt Tackle?
  149. can someone help me out here? (preferably someone who rarely misses an episode)
  150. Would anyone like to see a show about Ethan?
  151. How will an R/S/E Remake Be promoted?
  152. [ABP #11] Starapator and the Turtle With the Shades!
  153. Unova's Pace
  154. Pokemon VHS
  155. [ABP #12] The Pile of Sludge and the Landshark!
  156. [Spoilers] How will it work?
  157. Leech Seed over grass?
  158. Most Suspenseful Pokemon League
  159. [Spoilers] Problems with the BW Anime
  160. Tentacool and Tentacruel
  161. What is Ash's 6 Strongest Pokemon?
  162. First time?
  163. Running Gags
  164. Pokemon Japanese Movies DVD - Down in price/with pictures.
  165. [Spoilers] League Rivals.
  166. [Spoilers] BW Dubbed Episode Title Speculation
  167. [ABP #13] Lapras and Sceptile!
  168. Meowth From Team Rocket Will Evolve?
  169. Meowth From Team Rocket Will Evolve?
  170. Pokemon Anime Fan's Guide to Non-Fillers
  171. Would you agree that this is a good way to end the Pokemon anime series?
  172. Does anyone know where I can watch subs?
  173. Ash's Strongest/Weakest Pokemon
  174. [Spoilers] Could Oshawott,Tepig,and Snivy stay with Ash past the Best Wishes
  175. [ABP #14] Tranquill and Totodile!
  176. [Spoilers] Roggenrola, and silence in Evolution.
  177. Unova Elite Four
  178. Pokemon Movies 14 Coming to Theatres
  179. Which movie do you think was most relatable to the audience at the time?
  180. Japanese Names to English Names
  181. Anime Rivals vs. Game Rivals
  182. The PKMN league sure seems pretty lax on gym trainers.
  183. We should totally travel around the region together!
  184. Team Rocket?
  185. Casey
  186. BW rival
  187. [ABP #15] Kingler and Glalie!
  188. [Spoilers] So why do you think the anime is suddenly speeding up again
  189. Delayed Evolutions
  190. Could Bianca not make it to the Unova league.
  191. Emotionally Attached
  192. Which pokemon do you think will be Ash's water powerhouse by the end of Unova?
  193. Which pokemon do you think will be Ash's water powerhouse by the end of Unova?
  194. The "Unova=Kanto" Equation
  195. The Anime's Next Step
  196. Mewtwo
  197. Master Balls
  198. Homosexuality themed Pokemon episodes
  199. Does anyone else want Ash gone and the show to use different protagonist?
  200. Which saga or region of the anime did you like the best and why?
  201. A new Gary?
  202. [ABP #16] Heracross and Torkoal!
  203. Who do you think is Ash's worst rival?
  204. So many illogical things...
  205. Which saga or region of the anime did you like the best and why?
  206. R/S/E Remake Promotion?
  207. [Spoilers] Gah! What are those guys up to?
  208. Ash Designs
  209. Ash vs. Trip Full Battle?
  210. Banned D/P Pokemon Scene!
  211. [Spoilers] I wanna see Gible again! And WHY isn't Dawn & Brock's special in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES?
  212. Shoes
  213. What Pokemon crys annoy you?
  214. The Origin of Mewtwo
  215. Would be nice if I could watch pokemon on...
  216. [ABP #17] Gliscor and Quilava!
  217. Trends
  218. Was the original intent of Johto to make a second Kanto?
  219. [Spoilers] Do you think the writers are giving Iris too much glory?
  220. Favourite Puns in the series?
  221. Best Wishes ? is a reboot
  222. Misty The Mermaid
  223. Ash's best Pokemon team?
  224. Reunions
  225. Charziard's Disobedient Behavior
  226. Fanmade Pokémon Theme song
  227. who got the worst anime depiction?
  228. Triple & Rotation Battles
  229. Out of all of Ash's Pokemon, 'who was glad didn't/ who should have evolved?
  230. [ABP #18] The Forgotten...
  231. Idea for Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Skies
  232. Ash's Ultimate Team
  233. Movie 15 Evidence?
  234. Ash shouldn't get the credit for Charizards wins...
  235. Series Finale
  236. What are good episode ideas?
  237. How to start watching Pokemon???
  238. How to start watching Pokemon???
  239. Would you of liked to have seen certain pokemon be more competant?
  240. Who misses Dawn?
  241. Pokemon anime ....
  242. Has Ash even changed or reached his goal?
  243. Unova music from the Anime
  244. [Spoilers] "Meowth that's right!"
  245. Strongest Pokemon [Non-Legendary]
  246. What were some love moments in the anime?
  247. Whats with the anime?
  248. LEGALLY watching Japanese Pokemon?
  249. Has a pokemon actually "died" in the anime?
  250. [ABP #19] Donphan and Palpitoad