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  1. Favourite Series
  2. hello
  4. Wondering about legendaries
  5. Where will Ash Go after the Unova League?
  6. Should the next generation take part in previously visited regions?
  7. Pokemon Best Wishes Season 2 "N Episode"
  8. What would you be like?
  9. Discussion: Pokemon The Movie: Kyurem vs Sword of Justice airs in USA!
  10. Post-apocalyptic?
  11. Pokemon Adventures Anime (what if)
  12. Movie 16
  13. Pokemon Battles
  14. Will Trip ever beat Alder?
  15. Best Battles
  16. The Pokemon Unova Anime seems to be ending so soon
  17. What's Your 3 Favorite Japanese Pokemon Anime Opening?
  18. Friend...His Name is N!
  19. Will Iris And Dragonite ever get along?
  20. Rival Dynamics in Best Wishes
  21. Did pokemon jump the shark after hoenn?
  22. Brock v cilan
  23. What if Cameron made it to the junior cup?
  24. In your opinion who was the best girl to accompany Ash?
  25. Scenes In Movie Teasers That Aren't Shown In The Movie Itself
  26. Thoughts on CoTDs in general
  27. Should disobedient Pokemon be disqualified from official battles?
  28. How old is Kotetsu? Is he 10 like Ash?
  29. Ash x Kotetsu/Cameron
  30. Am I the Only One Who Misses Misty?
  31. Marlon's English Dub Voice Actor?
  32. The search for subtitles
  33. Generation 6?
  34. Is Cilan the New Brock? or Maybe Iris?
  35. What Will Happen To The Anime Now??
  36. Pokemon X and Y from an Anime Perspective
  37. Why is Ash's grandfather mentioned only in the Japanese version of the anime?
  38. Jessie, James and Meowth in 6th gen also or Someone else?
  39. Best Wishes catch up
  40. Serebii Rated that this site sucks
  41. Best pokemon anime "blurps"
  42. Iris' Dragonite's Betrayal
  43. So I'm watching this episode with pidgey
  44. Season 8 Advanced Battle/ Season 9 Battle Frontier Opinions?
  45. Want to get back into the anime
  46. [Spoilers] Why Does Ash's [Spoiler]...
  47. How Old Are Alder & Cynthia?
  48. Why was Misty so mean to Psyduck?
  49. What things from Anime would you like to see in some Pokemon game?
  50. Where can I watch BW Season 16 Subbed
  51. The more recent theme songs are ruining the anime
  52. [Spoilers] The End of All of Ash's Pokémon at Prof. Oak's Lab and in Training?
  53. [Spoilers] Ash's Charizard Is back ?
  54. Ash's Butterfree
  55. I Can't Wait Until the Unova League!!!
  56. Why did the voice actors change?
  57. Pokemon Tv Show
  58. [Spoilers] Does it Really Happen?
  59. Pokemon- Will May make a special appearance?
  60. Simultaneous Season Release?
  61. Favourite Rival of Ash
  62. Favorite Pokemon girl?
  63. Whats your favorite theme song?
  64. [Spoilers] End of the N Arc
  65. When did Sarah really settle in as Ash?
  66. Pokémon Guitar Medley - All Pokemon Themes Guitar Remix
  67. Before and After...
  68. Ash and his pokemons
  69. Plasma's Goddess' anime names
  70. Does anyone think that Professor Oak is Ash's dad?
  71. Mewtwo in the anime
  72. Whos your best anime pokemon character?
  73. Stock Animation
  74. Was Stephan Becoming to look like Gym Leader Chuck?
  75. [Spoilers] Guest Appearances
  76. [Spoilers] Is it Possible for Anyone to Translate this CoroCoro Scan?
  77. Speculation on Pokemon Ash would catch if there is a filler series in the anime?
  78. Should Ash Be Replaced?
  79. Cilan: He doesn't catch Pokemon anymore?
  80. Trip/Shooti
  81. Ash Refuses to Return Home, Growing Out of His Pokémon Training
  82. Kojiro x Musashi?
  83. Stephan/Kenyan
  84. Georgia/Langely
  85. Moves that are rare in the anime.
  86. Meowth - Is he gone from Team Rocket?
  87. It's Tasting Time~! [Dent/Cilan General Discussion]
  88. Least Favorite Saga
  89. Dawn/Hikari
  90. New ways of introducing the next companion(s)
  91. Do you still watch the anime...
  92. Pokemon Uncut Boxset?
  93. Future Pokemon you'd like Team Rocket to have.
  94. Who is the best voice actor for ash?
  95. CaféMochaShipping [Ash x Cilan]
  96. Stongest pokemon(in anime)
  97. [Spoilers] Dekorora Arc
  98. The Pokemon Story
  99. Pokemon types for Satoshi
  100. TMs and HMs in the Anime
  101. Pidgeot
  102. Website to watch old episodes
  103. Porygon2 or Porygon-Z always omitted the Pokémon anime
  104. Favorite Episodes
  105. Favorite pokemon that Ash had?
  106. Team Rocket: Too Weak?
  107. Pokemon Chronicles
  108. More Talking Pokemon?
  109. General Character Discussion
  110. Unova Battles: Lacking depth?
  111. How come nobody ever wins anything in the anime?
  112. Who will Ash get?
  113. Best Region Anime-wise?
  114. Pokemon that need a major role
  115. Characters You Despise
  116. New Pokemon Thread
  117. Characters You Adore
  118. The Nurse Joy Theory
  119. Ash's Best Outfit
  120. How do you think it will end?
  121. Paul looks like Brandon
  122. Pokemon Voices
  123. resheram and zekrom help
  124. Pokemon Anime vs. Manga (PokeSpe, DPA, anything)
  125. Subs or Dubs?
  126. Which is your favorite Pokemon Movie?
  127. Why pikachu so strong?
  128. Remember when...
  129. If Ash Dies..
  130. 4kids vs tpci
  131. Mezase Pokemon Master theme, does anyone like it besides me?
  132. Oh you're my best friend...
  133. Unova Elite Fours
  134. Is it just me or...Misty's parents
  135. Compilation of Pokemon in Anime?
  136. Happy Birthday, Ash!
  137. Pokemon 3: Objectively the Best?
  138. pikachu is rubbish
  139. Pokemon Ash will Never Obtain
  140. Best Season?
  141. X & Y :Anime and Game Release
  142. Do you like the character remakes in B/W?
  143. Bring Brock back
  144. pokemon league repeats
  145. Ash's Age/Coma Theory
  146. Pokemon Fan Made Animation
  147. Pokemon History ?
  148. Genre Savviness on the show
  149. do you think they should have continued the mystery dungeon anime?
  150. [Spoilers] 6th Gen Guest Appearance in the Current Anime
  151. Farewell, Team Rocket.
  152. Emotional anime moments?
  153. Shipping Discussions
  154. favorite VAs in the anime (dub)
  155. Inside of the Pokeball?
  156. Do you know that Ash is 1000 years old? :p :D
  157. [Spoilers] Pocket Monsters X and Y! (New anime and new info)
  158. What is your favorite moment of Ash's Oshawott in the Pokemon Anime?
  159. Paul vs Gary
  160. Mistys Psyduck
  161. Fav character / Least Fav
  162. Why didn't Brock ever "fall in Love" with Jessie?
  163. Battle in disadvantage
  164. The Streaming Thread
  165. [Spoilers] Pokemon X/Y character team speculation
  166. Did the banning of team rocket vs team plasma ruin BW?
  167. What would you change?
  168. favourite gym leader in the anime???
  169. Which trio you like?
  170. different detailing art in the Pokémon in various episodes
  171. Hey is Team Rocket really a team?
  172. The Evolution of Rivals
  173. Thoughts on Pokemon Live
  174. Thoughts on CoTDs in general
  175. All of Ash's Other Old Pokémon at Prof. Oak's Lab to Become Fully Evolved?
  176. Should the show bring back Brock and Misty?
  177. Who's your favorite person who traveled with Ash (all seasons)
  178. Will May Make a Cameo on Pokemon X&Y?
  179. More mew
  180. Am I the only one?
  181. What is the worst legendary pokemon and why?
  182. How will mega evolutions work in the anime?
  183. ash should replace his sidekick pickachu
  184. What happended to anime season 6 and onward ?
  185. Pokemon Origins
  186. New Spinoff Anime - Pokémon Origins
  187. What if Kanto had been written to include 3 seasons?
  188. Inappropriate Things Being Said
  189. Should Ash travel alone !
  190. What is your saddest moment of Ash's/Paul's Turtwig?
  191. The Website
  192. Pokemon ash returns to Kanto
  193. What kind of Traveling companion Ash should have ???
  194. Just what happened between Brock and Prof Ivy?
  195. Pokemon X and Y anime speculations
  196. What kind of Opening & Ending Pokemon should have ?
  197. How should the Humor of Pokemon series be handle ???
  198. Subbed is no more?
  199. Songs & BGM!
  200. How to make Ash more interesting/Badass ????
  201. [Spoilers] XY Capture/Evolution/Release Thread
  202. Go out... with a BANG!
  203. The series vs. itself
  204. Team Flare in Anime !
  205. [Theory] Ash's father?
  206. Catching up on the Anime?
  207. Pokemon Origins Veronica Taylor letter bomb
  208. next pokemon season
  209. Pokemon Movie Timeline and TV Timeline.
  210. Pokemon N! Where do I watch it?
  211. The Memory of those trainers
  212. Pikachu 6th Most Annoying Animated Character
  213. What's your favourite episode?
  214. Pokemon: The Origin link?
  215. Pokeball tree
  216. Pokemon - The Origin: Does Kanto and Kalos have a connection?
  217. Scenes you would like to see
  218. [Spoilers] Opening Pokémon XY [ANIME]
  219. Coma Theory
  220. Sub or Dub? Which do you prefer?
  221. Do you think X&Y Anime will be the end?
  222. Light Ball?
  223. Never noticed there was cussing in Pokemon before....
  224. The anime repeating group dynamics now?
  225. Jessie and James age
  226. Pokemon XY series Character discussion thread
  227. Thoughts on a hypothetical Female Rival
  228. understanding pokemon series
  229. Is Pokemon Anime Getting Bigger?
  230. [EVENT] Gengar's Gallery
  231. [EVENT] Halloween Week!
  232. Are people still watching pokemon?
  233. Favorite anime series?
  234. What moves would you want to see on XY?
  235. Pokemon:The Origin
  236. Pokemon Origins english voice cast
  237. Pokemon XY : Jigglepuff
  238. Gym Leaders
  239. Battle Chateau in Anime !
  240. 1st Movie, 1st Teaser
  241. Has the Pokemon Anime changed over the years?
  242. What Are You Currently Watching?
  243. [Spoilers] What are the things that you liked in pokemon X and Y
  244. Why ash is never winning a tournament?
  245. Pokemon The Movie XY???
  246. Favourite Pokemon Film!
  247. Pokemon The Series: XY Theme Song by me
  248. should they change the pokemon anime?
  249. Operation X, Y, and Z in newest pokemon Episode?
  250. PokéAni Forum Feedback!