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  1. The tower of terror!
  2. Money?
  3. Japanese Anime?
  4. What was your reaction Please Read
  5. Where to download the animated Pokemon TV shows
  6. A new Pokerap
  7. Misty: She's not coming back yet
  8. Favourite Movie Short?
  9. Favourite Movie Short?
  10. Worst Pokemon Villian?
  11. would you like to be like ash
  12. Who is your favorite character?
  13. WORST movie?
  14. shows with dragonite in them
  15. Discuss the Pokemon Shorts HERE!
  16. The legendaries in the anime
  17. which do you like most?
  18. What is the best thing about each of the characters?
  19. Will Team Rocket ever win?
  20. [PokeBT] Advanced Generation RAWs on Bittorrent
  21. What do you think the characters will be like when they are all grown up?
  22. What does Misty's New Outfit look like??
  23. Is it just me or do I sense a pattern?
  24. A More Mature Pokemon Series?
  25. the may pic section....
  26. So you want to hear Satoshi's voice?
  27. Jessie and James or Butch and Cassidy?
  28. Pokemon Advanced Challenge theme song
  29. will team rocket ever quit?
  30. poke..shipping?
  31. What happend to Misty
  32. I have ordered the 3rd Pokemon movie today on DVD
  33. Will Pokemon Movie 7 ever come out???
  34. does anyone kno of a place to dl pokemon episodes?
  35. Fav shippings
  36. Are they skipping over Volbeat/Illumise?
  37. Will Misty come Back???
  38. Fav Pokemon Character of all..
  39. Pokemon AG Episodes
  40. Raikou: The Legend of Thunder!
  41. Team Rocket Anthem...commercialized?
  42. my friends say
  43. Brunetteshipping
  44. Weekly Pokemon Anim Discussion
  45. Request
  46. Favorite Bad Guy
  47. Pikachu's gender - What's your opinion?
  48. what do you think Misty's Togpi's gender is?
  49. Will Shinies ever be....
  50. Where Are The TV Shows?
  51. Pokemon Theme For Piano?
  52. Will the characters ever grow up???
  53. Misty was on TV today!
  54. Does anybody know where to find the Pokemon Advanced Challenge English Theme Song??
  55. Japanese epps have a different feel to it
  56. IS "Electric Soldier Porygon" banned in Japan?
  57. dont u think ash wears a quiksilver hat?!
  58. Where do you think the anime is heading?
  59. Your favorite Pokemon(or Pocket Monsters theme) of all time in your opinion
  60. Pokrap Ru/Sa
  61. Ash back in Indigo League
  62. Togepi episode?
  63. Houen League
  64. The GS Ball
  65. Advanced Generation Episode 373 // Groudon vs. Kyogre! Part One!
  66. Review: Pokemon AG 372 [Huntail and Gorebyss! Evolution Mystery!]
  67. Movie 7 DVD/VHS Release Date in Japan
  68. Japanese first movie, please!
  69. Hottest Girl in Pokemon!
  70. Hottest Guy On Pokemon
  71. Whats wrong with Cartoon Network?
  72. Misty and Ash or Misty and Brock??
  73. Whats gonna happen to May and Max?
  74. Pokemon AG97 summary
  75. Ahh....Desertshipping...
  76. [tns-fansubbs]
  77. Deoxys Movie Figurine Set Photo x) Yes, I actually bought it...
  78. Destiny Deoxys
  79. 8th Movie and what it has to do with DS
  80. where's Ash's dad??
  81. favorite episode and why
  82. translators needed
  83. Pokemon Proffessors
  84. Who Is The Strongest Pokemon Of Em All?
  85. Favorite trainer and Why?
  86. seeds
  87. all episodes
  88. Weekly Anim Discussion: Love at First Flight
  89. Coolest Pokemon Ash has!
  90. groudon VS kyogre
  91. Pokemon Reminder
  92. New Japanese Ending- Glory Day *MAJOR spoilers*
  93. hmm Banned Poke Ep Porygon
  94. Destiny Deoxys Movie Poster
  95. Weekly Anim Discussion: I Feel Skitty
  96. What is the main reason you watch the Anime?
  97. Weekly Anim Discussion: ZigZag Zangoose
  98. Special Episodes...grr....
  99. The Pokemon Music Video Thread!
  100. Evolutions in the future (confirmed/huge spoilers)
  101. AAML songs
  102. episodes
  103. Legendary Main Characters?
  104. What if Ash/Satoshi leaves?
  105. Weekly Anim Discussion: Maxed Out!
  106. Weekly Anim Discussion: Pros and Con Artists!
  107. Sweeties! Has your name been used in the anime?
  108. Weekly Anim Discussion
  109. Do Brock have a Snorunt?
  110. What pokemon do YOU think Max is ganna catch?
  111. How would pikachu die?
  112. If you could use attract on any character from the Pokemon Anime, who would it be?
  113. Things you'd like to see Brock do to impress a girl...
  114. Predict the episode titles!
  115. Your least favorite pokemon
  116. Dorky??
  117. If you could have one pokemon, what will it be?
  118. Who here is against the Orange League?
  119. Mrs Mime?
  120. Diamond/Pearl party?
  121. Favorite type
  122. GS Ball and Professor Ivy - A discussion
  123. Future for May and the Pokemon Contest at LilyCove
  124. Weekly Anim Discussion: Come What May!
  125. Weekly Anim Discussion: Cheer Pressure!
  126. Lose the hat or not?
  127. Pokemon Adv Gen DVD... $9.99 or $14.99?
  128. Pokemon Chronicles
  129. The first movie's anniversary.....
  130. Syndie epps
  131. Dumbest thing you have EVER seen on Pokemon?
  132. Weekly Anim Discussion: Game Winning Assist
  133. Weekly Anim Discussion: Fight for the Meteorite!
  134. Tell us your favorites episodes!!!
  135. Movie parodies that are overdone in the Pokemon shows and movies
  136. If a known character were to permanetly join or re-join the group, who would they be?
  137. What Personality will Ho-Oh Have?
  138. What will be the US Title of the Third Part of Hoenn?
  139. Who's your favorite character in the group?
  140. Predict what the Third Hoenn Movie will be About!
  141. Who is the hottest character?
  142. Season lengths...odd.
  143. Epi 384. Absol in anime.
  144. Hmm...interesting
  145. Weekly Anim Discussion: #331: Poetry Commotion!
  146. Weekly Anim Discussion: #332: Going, Going, Yawn!
  147. To the person who created Pokemon Hearts
  148. Anime,movies/Games
  149. Where did Misty's Sisters go?
  150. Have you ever?
  151. what Ash hat do u like best.
  152. Does Ash Ever Go Back For His Old PKMN?
  153. Not quite fulfilling his dream?
  154. Polkamon?! O_O
  155. Episode Request EP 331,332
  156. Eletric Soldier Porygon
  157. Weekly Anim Discussion: #333: Going For A Spinda!
  158. Weekly Anim Discussion: #334: All Torkoal, No Play
  159. 2004 movie any news?
  160. I want a Role!
  161. Official Movie 8 "Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero" Discussion
  162. fav gym leader?
  163. New opening [Spoilers]
  164. If you could change the anime...
  165. Team Rocket's Pokemon
  166. Weekly Anim Discussion: #336 Delcatty Got Your Tounge
  167. Weekly Anim Discussion: #335 Manectric Charge
  168. Diamond/Pearl party?
  169. Which Legendary Pokemon would you like to see as a Main Character?
  170. Weekly AG discussion
  171. Holiday Hi-Jynx christmas special
  172. Stuff about the TV show you find hard to believe.
  173. Will there ever be a pokemon series where the 3 main characters are all grown up
  174. Uh-oh, where did Jenny go?
  175. Weekly Anim Discussion: #337: Disaster Of Disguise
  176. Weekly Anim Discussion: #338: Disguise Da Limit
  177. Ash's Pokedex
  178. What's your Ultimate Prediction for the Future of the Pokemon Series??
  179. Burning Questions re the most recent season
  180. when did brock get back?
  181. Had you ever wondered why.
  182. Which girl do you think will be perfect for Ash
  183. Who do you feel sorry for? (In za group?)
  184. The Sexiest Gal In Pokemon?
  185. Can you please give me the excat title and name of every pokemon movie?
  186. Tv
  187. Christmas espisod?
  188. What Pokemon do you have on your Team?
  189. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  190. Yoshi, Dani and Jackson anime Appearences
  191. Team Rocket!!
  192. Goldenrod Skyline
  193. Jessies Hair
  194. 7th Pokemon Movie comming to America.
  195. Pokemon Destiny Deoxys download
  196. The incredibly wandering thread
  197. AG103..extremely belated synopsis
  198. Problem with the Absol raw episode
  199. AG104: Izabe Island Pokemon Contest! Beware of the Rival!
  200. Hmm...as far as battles the raw isn't much different from the dub
  201. 2 Questions about the Sootopolis Gym Leader
  202. Favorite Theme Song?
  203. They should...
  204. Pokemon Movie Question
  205. Favorite Ending
  206. Officer Jenny is indeed a fascist.
  207. Is the WB show any good anymore?
  208. .rm
  209. have you guys ever noticed????
  210. electric Soldier Porygon.
  211. Minun
  212. Question about Jessie.
  213. [fps]Pocket Monsters - AGM2 - Movie 7 - The Sky-Rending Visitor[Subbed]
  214. Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys! It's Finally Coming Out!
  215. The Evilness of Recording...(SPOILERS)
  216. Did anyone see the Premiere of Pokemon Destiny Deoxys?
  217. Mays wish
  218. Favorite Japanese Opening
  219. Weekly anime Discussion.Take the Lombre Home.
  220. Frustration from a Fan...(includes spoilers)
  221. The 8th Pokemon Movie: Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero
  222. I always wondered this.
  223. Brock!!!
  224. Weekly Anim Discussion: #340: True Blue Swablu
  225. Discussion about the Sootopolis gym battle
  226. Pikachu's Level
  227. New Episode Title, Don't forget an update!
  228. Your Favorite Pokemon Theme song?
  229. New Dub Title
  230. Background colors...
  231. Will Ash Continue?.....
  232. Gary's no of badges
  233. Purple!!!!
  234. Weekly Anim Discussion: #341: Gulpin it Down
  235. Official 8th Movie Title: Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero - Rukario
  236. Destiny Deoxys - Quick Question
  237. lamest thing on earth
  238. Weekly Anim Discussion: #342 - Exploud and Clear
  239. "Orange Islands 3" VCD?
  240. The Real Chinese
  241. Help
  242. gym battles
  243. Raikou Special in english
  244. Weekly Anim Discussion: #343: Go Go Ludicolo!
  245. Your favorite moment in the Pokemon show
  246. Strangest Pokemon Episode...
  247. best graphics
  248. [spoiler] 8th movie poster!
  249. A lot of new Pokemon?
  250. My Announcement