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  1. New Ideas On Story Lines
  2. Pokemon Fury
  3. Pokemon Gold Missing Pokemon.
  4. Pokemon Emerald/Fire Red Online
  5. Something amazing (possibly) I found in my Fire Red ROM
  6. Pokemon: Magical Abyss
  7. First Hack, Pokemon Peridot
  8. Pokemon New World
  9. Pokemon: Revolution Rising
  10. Pokemon chaos darkness (NEW LAPTOP!!!!)
  11. Pokémon Aqua
  12. Pokémon: To Beat the Best
  13. Quick question about wifi battles and trades.
  14. Pokemon Destiny
  15. Fatal Crash Issue
  16. Blades of Kanto: A new Pokemon idea
  17. (The NEW and Improved)Pokemon: Hero's Destiny!
  18. Pokémon - Autumn Orange
  19. Pokemon Deep Oceans
  20. Pokemon Metropolis
  21. Error on No$GBA!!!
  22. Pokemon Electric Orange
  23. PMD Totodile chronicals
  24. Pokemon Black
  25. Platinum Freezing
  26. Pokemon Comeback
  27. Pokemon Amethyst-- A new adventure
  28. [Directory] Taken Hack Names
  29. Pokémon Obsidian
  30. Pokemon NiGHTS into Dreams Editon
  31. help emerald and advanced text!
  32. The Legend Of Zelda Orbs of Time
  33. FireRed Hack: Pokémon Mario (Working Title)
  34. Can we get a new variety of hacks, please?
  35. As of yet Unnamed Hack
  36. pokemon aero 42 shiny green
  37. Pokemon Rene Just Started and Now Hiring!
  38. pokemon aero 42 shiny green recruiting
  39. pokemon iron and stone
  40. Pokemon Dragonshine [Fire Red Base]
  41. Hacking teams?
  42. Scrapbox phase-out
  43. Pokemon Magma Ruby
  44. Emerald Tools?
  45. Earthbound LP
  46. I need help with playing a hack.
  47. quick question
  48. Looking for a Ruby/Sapphire savefile editor
  49. Please help me with nintendo ds emulator
  50. Pokémon: Shiny Gold - The Unofficial Beta 6
  51. Flags or Variables?
  52. Trading with myself?
  53. Tools or No Tools?
  54. Favorite Rom-Hack?
  55. VBA to TGB Dual Saves; A How-To
  56. pokemon genesis problem
  57. R/S/E Mirage Island
  58. We watch Matt go insane: Let's play Pokemon Emerald 386!
  59. Pokemon Hacking Next Gen...
  60. Trade/Battle threw VBAlinks 1.8.0
  61. R4 Neo Setup Help
  62. Sav File to DS
  63. Get GSC now or wait for SSHG?
  64. Most difficult hack? Like content wise..
  65. ROMs on Mac?
  66. Lets Play 'Pokemon Topaz!
  67. RTC Solution for flashcart users (Ruby)
  68. VBA on Mac - Horrible Sound Distortion
  69. DP Hacking: New Tools and Old Information
  70. Let's Play: Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers!
  71. Fakemon?
  72. Desperately Looking For Assistance
  73. Pokemon from GBA to DS?
  74. POKéMON ROMs Playable With PS2
  75. A Hacker's Motivation
  76. The Most important aspect in Rom Hacking.
  77. Best Feature In A Hack?
  78. When you hack, what do you do first?
  79. The (Un)official Pokemon GB/C Hacking Support Thread
  80. help needed
  81. whats the best emulator **DS**
  82. Non-Pokemon hacks
  83. Problems with DeSmuME
  84. Massive ips patching problem.
  85. Hacked GBA Games
  86. Dead download links for Pokemon Quartz
  87. The Hacker Picker-Upper Thread
  88. HELP!!! NO$GBA - FATAL
  89. [Urgent] Moderators needed!
  90. No Gba Action replay help
  91. Migrate Pokemon from rom on Ez flash to SS?
  92. Arceus Distribution Hack Problem
  93. Pokemon Soul Silver Cheat Codes?
  94. pokemon roms trading
  95. Ruby or Firered?
  96. modeling help (NSBMD)
  97. Pokemon Leaf Green Save Failure: Help?
  98. Pokemon Emerald cartirigde save file to pc?
  99. Threads, approvals
  100. The BEST Part of Hacking (NOT THE SKILLS)
  101. Change is coming
  102. Can i have a legit ageto CELEBI in a file SAV?
  103. Shiny Gold Version
  104. What's the best GameBoy Color Emulator to use?
  105. ROM Hacks Help Thread
  106. Trade from Phone to PC?
  107. Hacked Roms on Psp
  108. Mac Map Editor?
  109. does anyone use the wii homebrew emulator?
  110. Dolphin?
  111. Pokemon Heartgold Camera Hack
  112. "Starters"
  113. I need textures (for debugging)
  114. Do you think Inserting New Tilesets is nescessary for making a hack?
  115. Are 3rd gen games really easier to be hacked?
  116. GBA on Slot-1?
  117. gpsPhone saving issue
  118. Help with Wii Roms
  119. All Pokemon Catchable?
  120. Pokemon Hack Generation Decision
  121. will 4th gen hacking (d/p/pl/hg/ss) ever replace 3rd gen hacking
  122. What annoys you about hacks?
  123. Pokemon Black/White: How hard do think it will be to hack?
  124. sav match?
  125. Visualboy Advance - Best Codec to Record With?
  126. Official Johto Adventures Guide
  127. What do you like in ROM Hacks?
  128. Why do we Rom Hack? :3
  129. Emulation, TGB Dual and Pokemon Stadium
  130. Let's Play Liquid Crystal ;)
  131. How can leveling Pokemon be made less boring?
  132. ?Need help with my ROM hack
  133. The "What Hack you are playing" and "What level are your pokemon now" thread
  134. Get Pokemon Hacks to work in GPsp Kai!
  135. DS Flash Cart-Backup GBA...patch GBA?
  136. Best recording option in VBA
  137. My roms aren't that good.
  138. Why does Pokemon get hacked most?
  139. Map Rating/Review Thread
  140. Pokemon Ranger 3 not working on DSTT
  141. Poke'mon GHOST version?
  142. [Unofficial] ROM Hacks Newsletters 2010
  143. How is a ROM built?
  144. No$GBA Vs. Desmume
  145. Black / White on No$GBA
  146. rom trading
  147. Weird error in my hack
  148. NO$GBA running slow?
  149. ROM Hacking Forum Rules
  150. So what's with the names?
  151. ROM Hacking Get-Together!
  152. 27th-28th August: Helicopter Get-Together!
  153. Dying?
  154. 10th-11th September: Are you a good multitasker?
  155. What is your favorite world environment?
  156. Pokémon: The ROM Hacker Awards V1.0
  157. Are you an organised hacker?
  158. [Pokémon Black/White] Emulation Help Thread
  159. Grass in towns. What's your stance?
  160. DeSmuME WiFi
  161. What are some good and unique hacks?
  162. 24th-25th September: Can you drive a Taxi?
  163. Masterboy Save Files?
  164. READ BEFORE POSTING: Beginner’s Lounge forum rules
  165. ePSXe
  166. Main Tutorials for Beginners
  167. r/s/e or fr/lg (gba) save editor
  168. Pallet help
  169. PKSV Beginner Scripting Video Tutorials
  170. Completing the pokedex
  171. pokemon hacking programs
  172. How to change the normal BGM to GYM leader BGM???
  173. GBA ULZ Difficulties
  174. Program to edit
  175. Fire Red-Making the Uncatchable Catchable
  176. Need some advice
  177. Tiles are messed up.
  178. RHN 2010
  179. ROM File specification or program to extract?
  180. Help with TrPet
  181. Edge (or whatever it called)
  182. Evolution As A Hacker
  183. good VBA's
  184. missing stuff for editting
  185. Looking for some help...
  186. Help replacing sprites and minor changes in HG/SS
  187. R/B/Y edit trainer sprites
  188. Pokemon: Shining Opal. Team Needed (Hack of hopefully Ruby)
  189. Pokemon: The Kanto Travels
  190. Pokemon: Shining Opal (Fixed)
  191. A question about scripting, if I may ask...
  192. Help inserting sprites?
  193. Holiday Hacks
  194. Please help! I need .sav file
  195. Just Beginning...
  196. Question- Pokemon Girl: A Pokemon Red Minor Hack
  197. Noob (and also not so noob) questions
  198. Updating Scripts/Buggy Scripts
  199. Pokemon Fire Red ROM Hack - Program Help
  200. About the Emulation forum / Rules
  201. A scripting program for win 7
  202. Make mew obey in wild (Pokemon Fire Red)
  203. Good programs that work on win7
  204. Intro Truck Bug: How to fix?
  205. Side Scroller
  206. Add my own pokemon to the game (Fire Red)
  207. Pokemon Flare
  208. Can someone make me a Pokemon FireRed Title Screen
  209. About the ROM Hacking forum / Rules
  210. doubt with script
  211. working Text editor?
  212. How to make an Gym Leader??
  213. A question about editing Pokemon (2nd generation)
  214. Title screen editor
  215. What do you want to see in a hack (storyline etc)
  216. Running Shoes Script
  217. Back sprite help
  218. [R/S/FR/LG/E] A few breeding questions
  219. Proposal for Available Pokemon in Hacks
  220. What's your favourite feature in a hack?
  221. The New Hacker and the Untitled Hack
  222. Help with Scripting?
  223. What does ROM Hacking mean to you?
  224. I have a question.
  225. Need help with VirtuaNES
  226. (G/S/C) Not a "new" hacker per se, but it's been forever
  227. Is Hoenn well-received?
  228. Pokemon Lightning Yellow Anime Version
  229. Just Starting on hacking....
  230. how to make a fakemon?
  231. Starting Out...
  232. Need help :(
  233. How do you do it?
  234. Hacking Gone Wrong
  235. New and confused am I~
  236. What do you [players] really want a hack to be?
  237. pmd explorers of sky problem
  238. NDS Patching for Mac
  239. Absolute Beginner
  240. ASM hacking for dummies?
  241. New, Looking for a Mentor.
  242. Pokemon HATCHED
  243. Can rom hacking help get you into college?
  244. VBA Saving problem
  245. Pokemon Ranger 3 multiplayer issue
  246. Holiday Map-Off [NYE THREAD]
  247. How do you judge ROM hacks?
  248. First time hacking: Pokemon NOX project
  249. "The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed."
  250. Got a problem and some questions.