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  1. [Pokemon HeartGold] .dsv to .sav
  2. Scripting probem
  3. Hello all
  4. Poke'mon Jade
  5. Rom hack Archive
  6. Hello
  7. Programs for Gold\Silver
  8. Rom/Hacking Question
  9. Hey guys
  10. Tiles
  11. I need some hacker staff for my hack pokémon ancient amethyst. Read about it hear!
  12. pokemon browns messed up sprites on gbc
  13. First Pokemon hack.Need help
  14. Idea in progress: AridRed and LushGreen
  15. ROM Hacking 101 - Suggestions and Support!
  16. My advanced Firered/Leafgreen hack
  17. Thinking of starting up a hack, any takers?
  18. Looking for a teacher...
  19. Huge rom hacking idea. Pokemon Aluminum Version.
  20. Returning to the scene after a few years
  21. GB/C Hacks Board Request
  22. Scripting Help
  23. R4 cheats is broke!
  24. How do you prefer maps? Vertical or horizontal?
  25. Hack Project! Pokemon Athens/Sparta Version
  26. Suikoden Themed Pokemon Hack (codename: The False God)
  27. Hack Idea needing help
  28. VBA Linking problem
  29. Hack idea need team
  30. Hack Idea: Pokemon Academy
  31. A Few Questions on Hacking
  32. New hack, looking for help!
  33. Pokemon - WaterBlue
  34. Discussion Thread for my "Deoxys" Hack
  35. Your Favorite Pokemon Hacks - Tell Us Why You Love Them
  36. Recreating the Pokedex, one Fakemon at a time
  37. IDEA: In progess
  38. Quasi-patch. Legal Issues?
  39. Monster Rancher hack-idea--requiring a little assistance.
  40. Pokemon XD Emulation slug slow
  41. Does Nintendo Put Pressure on ROM Hackers?
  42. One Week? or One Year?
  43. Ran out of roms?!
  44. [VB 2008] How can I make a text compiler?
  45. Pokemon Dark Spirit Edition
  46. Pokemon Tyran Purple
  47. R4i Gold wont work
  48. A Mature Hack Idea
  49. New To Hacking. Need a team.
  50. Pokemon Mystic Blue
  51. Pokemon Delta Shockwave need a team
  52. New Hack, Need Help!
  53. Unnamed Red/Blue Hack
  54. Which would you rather see?
  55. Yellow: Language translation/switching, Team Rocket game
  56. Idea in Progress and a few beginner questions.
  57. Future Hack :: Pokemon Carnelian
  58. First Hack, Pokemon Sacred Flame. HELP NEEDED!!!
  59. GB/C: Yellow hack, rocket grunt game
  60. take two: Gold/Silver "fixed" hack
  61. Desume save file problem.
  62. Would you play this?
  63. What would be the general community reaction?
  64. Idea in progress: Police (Officer Jenny) version
  65. No-Life: Pokemon FR hack idea.
  66. First project, first post, first thread
  67. A HG Hack in Progress
  68. Inspiration for future ROM Hacks
  69. Yellow=Red and Blue?
  70. The Beginner's Lounge Phase-Out
  71. Vars
  72. Completely Finished ROM Hacks?
  73. You made a dump!
  74. Amusement and Water Parks
  75. Father Time?
  76. can I ask something about roms?
  77. Best Hacks That Have Been Abandoned/Forgotten
  78. emulation on android phone?
  79. Progression and World Design
  80. Hey, help :(
  81. d/p/pt pokemon
  82. sort of problem (sorry if in wrong section)
  83. Semi-Rant on "Rom Bases"
  84. Speading up Pokemon on the Blackberry
  85. The key to a good hack?
  86. Rom-Hacking or Rom-Modding?
  87. AR Help Please??
  88. VBA on MAC
  89. All Complete Pokemon Rom Hacks
  90. Favourite hard version hack
  91. Apology to all
  92. Motivation
  93. Winter's Corner
  94. Favorite GBA game to use as a rom
  95. The ROM Hacking Podcast
  96. What is The Best Beginning For A Pokemon Hack
  97. Just a small questionnaire
  99. VBA "error opening image"
  100. Can Ocean Routes Be Made More Interesting?
  101. Inserting music in a ROM Hack: What do you usually do?
  102. loading scripts
  103. [HELLO] Been lurking in the shadows..
  104. Hacking First Gen
  105. VBA-M for Mac and Cheat Codes
  106. VBA Problem
  107. why do you create /start a hack
  108. Which ROM Base do you prefer?
  109. What's your stance on player dialog
  110. What is your opinion on INTERACTIVE hacks
  111. Graphics Help
  112. First and latest ROM hack you played?
  113. How can I use Wi-Fi connection with my DesMume Emulator ?
  114. What type do you used in your hack?
  115. Which Hex Editor(s) do you use?
  116. How did you discover Rom Hacking?
  117. Good team rocket hacks
  118. How precise and detailed are you?
  119. If I could turn back time...
  120. Cartoon,Video Game, and Internet Meme Refferences in Hacks
  121. pkm's
  122. Quality or Completion?
  123. Trainers on Route 1?
  124. Hack Help Thread
  125. need help identifying a BW Hack
  126. One Region or More?
  127. Your Rom Hacking History
  128. Confused about Hacks
  129. What are your views on ROM Hacking Groups and Teams?
  130. Using Emuators - Trading with Myself and Only Myself
  131. Playing ROMs on an acutual video game device?
  132. Pokemon hack -Fakemon poll
  133. What type of hacking do you perfer?
  134. DeSmuME Save -> Diamond/Pearl -> Battle Revolution Storage
  135. Rom hacking as of now?
  136. RBY hacking scene?
  137. Best bits
  138. How do you use empty space?
  139. Pokemon via bluetooth?
  140. Creating a non-pokemon game via rom hacking pokemon games?
  141. ROMs on GBA?
  142. Can someone please help me convert my .dsv file to .sav and get it to work on No$gba?
  143. Looking for Guidance
  144. What kind of ROM Hacking do you specialize in?
  145. Easier rom to hack?
  146. colorful playing MeBoy?
  147. Your opinion on custom tiles?
  148. Why doesn't my DeSumE emulator work with roms?
  149. Most Important Hack Feature?
  150. What is the hardest ROM hack that you ever played?
  151. Hacks on PSP
  152. Opinions on a few ideas I have for a hack...
  153. Firered/Leafgreen vs. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  154. How legal is this?
  155. XSE or Pokéscript?
  156. XSE vs. Pokéscript
  157. What is there to know when designing a tileset?
  158. Chrome OS Emulator
  159. who here plays pokemon on their computers?
  160. Originality
  161. Real Myth's in a Hack?
  162. Help with talking/textbox script for a pokemon firered hack
  163. VBA Link Hamachi - Battles and Trades!
  164. Which emulators and which games can trade?
  165. about emulators
  166. Game Ending With Elite Four
  167. New Script Editor Ideas Thread
  168. Emulation is where it's at?
  169. Should I make all hacks work with PSP?
  170. Music Inserting Problem -HELP ME!!!-
  171. Favorite ROM to hack?
  172. Trainer editing?
  173. Error? Advance Map - adding more blocks to tileset 2
  174. A dumb question about rom hacks on the NDS
  175. Quick Question
  176. AdvanceMap help?
  177. need some brain power
  178. One time item pick-up/give script.
  179. rom hakin is srs bisns
  180. How Large do you like your Pokedex?
  181. Pet Peeves of a Hacker
  182. Community bonus content?
  183. "Blank" ROM?
  184. Is it just me? Or is hacking consoles beginning to fade?
  185. Are there any working XSE 1.1.1 DL links anymore?
  186. What's your starting-out process?
  187. Need Snow tiles, igloos, campfire, snow blocks, snowy mountain thing etc and a Q
  188. New Starter Ideas
  189. R4i Themes
  190. Savegame Hex Editing
  191. Emerald pokedex
  192. Title screen
  193. Cave Entrance
  194. Can anybody explain...
  195. Indexed or not indexed?
  196. favorite rom hack
  197. Did you create your account for ROM Hacking?
  198. Help!
  199. Firered Rombase with D/P tileset
  200. Do you consider using the speed button cheating?
  201. Alternative to emulation...?
  202. Pokemon Firered Intro Fix
  203. Favorite GBA hack game!! ? (your opinion)
  204. Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Emulation Help Thread
  205. Mystery dungeon hack possibility??
  206. Can't seem to find an answer ANYWHERE
  207. Harder or Easier?
  208. Heart gold tileset
  209. How do you like to start (making a rom that is)
  210. Scripting Help
  211. The 24 Hour ROM Hacking Charity Stream (August 4th 2012 12PM PST)
  212. .rar file type help
  213. I Need SOme Script Help EZ Stuff.
  214. Best emulator?
  215. Opening GBA Pokemon server!
  216. First Map of the Quarter - 2012
  217. Ever thought about hacking GCM and ISO images?
  218. What do you expect out of other hacks?
  219. Advice From Experienced Hackers Wanted!
  220. [First MotQ 2012] Voting Thread
  221. Palette offset
  222. Newbie with VBA question.
  223. Sebbe's short return to hacking / [Not having to restart with flash-64k]
  224. Emerald check pokemon
  225. Need a hand with my R4
  226. Where does your hack take place?
  227. Community Hack [Discussion]
  228. The hardest ROM hack you played?
  229. Second Map of the Quarter - 2012
  231. Where can I get a R41/Acekard for my DSi?
  232. Why has Mystery Dungeon never been hacked?
  233. Second MotQ [Voting Thread]
  234. Pokemon Hack Series
  235. Do you need some Inspiration for a Hack?
  236. Title/Boot Screen Showcase
  237. "When can you call someone a Veteran Rom Hacker"
  238. Community Hack [Pre-production]
  239. SSBB hack
  240. [Advance Map] Help with Connections and Tilesets
  241. NDS/3DS Emulation with R4?
  242. 3rd Gen Wi-Fi Server
  243. Which was the first pokemon hack you played ?
  244. Adding fan lore to your hack...
  245. "What operating system do you use (most often)?" and other related questions
  246. Best Quality & Performance for VBA emulator.
  247. Are there any ROM Hacks that incorporate the Nuzlocke Challenge as a central theme?
  248. Future Competition Voting Survey
  249. Why Firered?
  250. What's your favorite Emulator