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  1. What Makes a Rom Hack So Popular
  2. Map of the Month - October 2009 [Voting]
  3. What do you think?
  4. Pokemon PSP
  5. iPod Touch Emulator?
  6. Trading
  7. Fullmetal Alchemist NDS/GBA ROM?
  8. ROM Hacking Resources Discussion
  9. Pokemon platinum help please
  10. Emulation addiction
  11. i need help with my VBA pokemon ruby...
  12. An Introduction to the ROM Hacking Forum
  13. Pokemon Snap Issues [project64]
  14. How to get pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Time to work with No$GBA?
  15. Map of the Month - November 2009 [Entries]
  16. Changes...
  17. What do you think makes a good map?
  18. Possible future hacking style
  19. I'm Back
  20. Map of the Month - November 2009 [Voting]
  21. pokemon toxic purple help!!
  22. Are Spanish hacks better then English hacks?
  23. Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky save problem
  24. GB in Color
  25. Playing Pokemon on GBA FlashCart?
  27. Rijonadventures freezes on my 3 in 1
  28. Map Of The Month – December 2009 [Entries]
  29. Emulator
  30. Liquid Crystal Help
  31. Pokémon: Liquid Crystal Bug thread
  32. How do you plan your hacks?
  33. Questions about hacking habits
  34. can you trade
  35. Map Of The Month – December 2009 [Voting]
  36. Pick up A Hack
  37. Hardest rom hacking skill
  38. Something amazing (possibly) I found in my Fire Red ROM
  39. Fatal Crash Issue
  40. Error on No$GBA!!!
  41. Platinum Freezing
  42. [Directory] Taken Hack Names
  43. Can we get a new variety of hacks, please?
  44. Hacking teams?
  45. I need help with playing a hack.
  46. Earthbound LP
  47. Looking for a Ruby/Sapphire savefile editor
  48. [Survey] [ASM]Inserting routines;How do you do them and your problems?
  49. Please help me with nintendo ds emulator
  50. Trading with myself?
  51. Tools or No Tools?
  52. Favorite Rom-Hack?
  53. VBA to TGB Dual Saves; A How-To
  54. pokemon genesis problem
  55. Pokemon Hacking Next Gen...
  56. We watch Matt go insane: Let's play Pokemon Emerald 386!
  57. Trade/Battle threw VBAlinks 1.8.0
  58. R4 Neo Setup Help
  59. Sav File to DS
  60. Get GSC now or wait for SSHG?
  61. [Survey] Most difficult hack? Like content wise..
  62. ROMs on Mac?
  63. Lets Play 'Pokemon Topaz!
  64. RTC Solution for flashcart users (Ruby)
  65. VBA on Mac - Horrible Sound Distortion
  66. DP Hacking: New Tools and Old Information
  67. Fakemon?
  68. Desperately Looking For Assistance
  69. Pokemon from GBA to DS?
  70. POKéMON ROMs Playable With PS2
  71. A Hacker's Motivation
  72. The Most important aspect in Rom Hacking.
  73. Best Feature In A Hack?
  74. When you hack, what do you do first?
  75. The (Un)official Pokemon GB/C Hacking Support Thread
  76. help needed
  77. whats the best emulator **DS**
  78. Non-Pokemon hacks
  79. Problems with DeSmuME
  80. Massive ips patching problem.
  81. Hacked GBA Games
  82. Dead download links for Pokemon Quartz
  83. The Hacker Picker-Upper Thread
  84. HELP!!! NO$GBA - FATAL
  85. [Urgent] Moderators needed!
  86. No Gba Action replay help
  87. Migrate Pokemon from rom on Ez flash to SS?
  88. Arceus Distribution Hack Problem
  89. Pokemon Soul Silver Cheat Codes?
  90. pokemon roms trading
  91. Ruby or Firered?
  92. Pokemon Leaf Green Save Failure: Help?
  93. Pokemon Emerald cartirigde save file to pc?
  94. Threads, approvals
  95. The BEST Part of Hacking (NOT THE SKILLS)
  96. Change is coming
  97. Can i have a legit ageto CELEBI in a file SAV?
  98. Shiny Gold Version
  99. What's the best GameBoy Color Emulator to use?
  100. Trade from Phone to PC?
  101. Hacked Roms on Psp
  102. does anyone use the wii homebrew emulator?
  103. Dolphin?
  104. Pokemon Heartgold Camera Hack
  105. "Starters"
  106. Do you think Inserting New Tilesets is nescessary for making a hack?
  107. Are 3rd gen games really easier to be hacked?
  108. GBA on Slot-1?
  109. gpsPhone saving issue
  110. Help with Wii Roms
  111. All Pokemon Catchable?
  112. Pokemon Hack Generation Decision
  113. will 4th gen hacking (d/p/pl/hg/ss) ever replace 3rd gen hacking
  114. What annoys you about hacks?
  115. Pokemon Black/White: How hard do think it will be to hack?
  116. sav match?
  117. Visualboy Advance - Best Codec to Record With?
  118. Official Johto Adventures Guide
  119. What do you like in ROM Hacks?
  120. Why do we Rom Hack? :3
  121. Emulation, TGB Dual and Pokemon Stadium
  122. How can leveling Pokemon be made less boring?
  123. ?Need help with my ROM hack
  124. The "What Hack you are playing" and "What level are your pokemon now" thread
  125. Get Pokemon Hacks to work in GPsp Kai!
  126. DS Flash Cart-Backup GBA...patch GBA?
  127. Best recording option in VBA
  128. My roms aren't that good.
  129. Why does Pokemon get hacked most?
  130. Help Thread: Map Rating/Review Thread
  131. Pokemon Ranger 3 not working on DSTT
  132. Poke'mon GHOST version?
  133. [Unofficial] ROM Hacks Newsletters 2010
  134. No$GBA Vs. Desmume
  135. Black / White on No$GBA
  136. rom trading
  137. NO$GBA running slow?
  138. So what's with the names?
  139. ROM Hacking Get-Together!
  140. 27th-28th August: Helicopter Get-Together!
  141. Dying?
  142. 10th-11th September: Are you a good multitasker?
  143. What is your favorite world environment?
  144. Pokémon: The ROM Hacker Awards V1.0
  145. Are you an organised hacker?
  146. [Pokémon Black/White] Emulation Help Thread
  147. Grass in towns. What's your stance?
  148. DeSmuME WiFi
  149. [Discussion] What are some good and unique hacks?
  150. 24th-25th September: Can you drive a Taxi?
  151. Masterboy Save Files?
  152. ePSXe
  153. r/s/e or fr/lg (gba) save editor
  154. RHN 2010
  155. Evolution As A Hacker
  156. good VBA's
  157. Pokemon: Shining Opal (Fixed)
  158. Holiday Hacks
  159. Please help! I need .sav file
  160. Side Scroller
  161. doubt with script
  162. What do you want to see in a hack (storyline etc)
  163. Proposal for Available Pokemon in Hacks
  164. What's your favourite feature in a hack?
  165. ASM Hackers...
  166. What does ROM Hacking mean to you?
  167. Need help with VirtuaNES
  168. Is Hoenn well-received?
  169. How do you do it?
  170. Hacking Gone Wrong
  171. What do you [players] really want a hack to be?
  172. pmd explorers of sky problem
  173. NDS Patching for Mac
  174. Can rom hacking help get you into college?
  175. VBA Saving problem
  176. Pokemon Ranger 3 multiplayer issue
  177. Holiday Map-Off [NYE THREAD]
  178. How do you judge ROM hacks?
  179. "The 1M sub-circuit board is not installed."
  180. Got a problem and some questions.
  181. Do video series count as legitimate hacks?
  182. [Pokemon HeartGold] .dsv to .sav
  183. Rom hack Archive
  184. Programs for Gold\Silver
  185. Tiles
  186. pokemon browns messed up sprites on gbc
  187. ROM Hacking 101 - Suggestions and Support!
  188. GB/C Hacks Board Request
  189. R4 cheats is broke!
  190. How do you prefer maps? Vertical or horizontal?
  191. VBA Linking problem
  192. Your Favorite Pokemon Hacks - Tell Us Why You Love Them
  193. Quasi-patch. Legal Issues?
  194. Pokemon XD Emulation slug slow
  195. Does Nintendo Put Pressure on ROM Hackers?
  196. One Week? or One Year?
  197. Ran out of roms?!
  198. R4i Gold wont work
  199. Which would you rather see?
  200. Desume save file problem.
  201. Inspiration for future ROM Hacks
  202. Yellow=Red and Blue?
  203. Completely Finished ROM Hacks?
  204. You made a dump!
  205. Father Time?
  206. Best Hacks That Have Been Abandoned/Forgotten
  207. emulation on android phone?
  208. Progression and World Design
  209. Semi-Rant on "Rom Bases"
  210. Speading up Pokemon on the Blackberry
  211. The key to a good hack?
  212. Rom-Hacking or Rom-Modding?
  213. AR Help Please??
  214. VBA on MAC
  215. All Complete Pokemon Rom Hacks
  216. Favourite hard version hack
  217. Apology to all
  218. Motivation
  219. [Discussion] Winter's Corner
  220. Favorite GBA game to use as a rom
  221. The ROM Hacking Podcast
  222. What is The Best Beginning For A Pokemon Hack
  224. Can Ocean Routes Be Made More Interesting?
  225. VBA-M for Mac and Cheat Codes
  226. VBA Problem
  227. why do you create /start a hack
  228. [Survey] Which ROM Base do you prefer?
  229. What's your stance on player dialog
  230. What is your opinion on INTERACTIVE hacks
  231. Graphics Help
  232. First and latest ROM hack you played?
  233. How can I use Wi-Fi connection with my DesMume Emulator ?
  234. What type do you used in your hack?
  235. Which Hex Editor(s) do you use?
  236. [Survey] How did you discover Rom Hacking?
  237. Hack Recommendations Thread
  238. How precise and detailed are you?
  239. [Discussion] If I could turn back time...
  240. [Discussion] Cartoon,Video Game, and Internet Meme Refferences in Hacks
  241. pkm's
  242. Quality or Completion?
  243. Trainers on Route 1?
  244. need help identifying a BW Hack
  245. One Region or More?
  246. Your Rom Hacking History
  247. Confused about Hacks
  248. What are your views on ROM Hacking Groups and Teams?
  249. Using Emuators - Trading with Myself and Only Myself
  250. Playing ROMs on an acutual video game device?