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  1. [Discussion] Pokemon hack -Fakemon poll
  2. What type of hacking do you perfer?
  3. DeSmuME Save -> Diamond/Pearl -> Battle Revolution Storage
  4. Rom hacking as of now?
  5. RBY hacking scene?
  6. Best bits
  7. How do you use empty space?
  8. Creating a non-pokemon game via rom hacking pokemon games?
  9. Can someone please help me convert my .dsv file to .sav and get it to work on No$gba?
  10. Looking for Guidance
  11. [Survey] What kind of ROM Hacking do you specialize in?
  12. Easier rom to hack?
  13. colorful playing MeBoy?
  14. [Discussion] Your opinion on custom tiles?
  15. Why doesn't my DeSumE emulator work with roms?
  16. Most Important Hack Feature?
  17. [Discussion] What is the hardest ROM hack that you ever played?
  18. Hacks on PSP
  19. Opinions on a few ideas I have for a hack...
  20. Firered/Leafgreen vs. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  21. How legal is this?
  22. XSE or Pokéscript?
  23. XSE vs. Pokéscript
  24. What is there to know when designing a tileset?
  25. [Survey] who here plays pokemon on their computers?
  26. [Discussion] Originality
  27. Real Myth's in a Hack?
  28. Help with talking/textbox script for a pokemon firered hack
  29. VBA Link Hamachi - Battles and Trades!
  30. Which emulators and which games can trade?
  31. about emulators
  32. [Survey] Game Ending With Elite Four
  33. [Survey] New Script Editor Ideas Thread
  34. Emulation is where it's at?
  35. Should I make all hacks work with PSP?
  36. Music Inserting Problem -HELP ME!!!-
  37. [Survey] Favorite ROM to hack?
  38. rom hakin is srs bisns
  39. [Discussion] How Large do you like your Pokedex?
  40. [Discussion] Pet Peeves of a Hacker
  41. Community bonus content?
  42. Is it just me? Or is hacking consoles beginning to fade?
  43. Are there any working XSE 1.1.1 DL links anymore?
  44. What's your starting-out process?
  45. R4i Themes
  46. Savegame Hex Editing
  47. Can anybody explain...
  48. [Discussion] favorite rom hack
  49. [Survey] Did you create your account for ROM Hacking?
  50. [Discussion] Do you consider using the speed button cheating?
  51. Alternative to emulation...?
  52. [Survey] Favorite GBA hack game!! ? (your opinion)
  53. Can't seem to find an answer ANYWHERE
  54. [Discussion] Harder or Easier?
  55. [Discussion] How do you like to start (making a rom that is)
  56. Contest: The 24 Hour ROM Hacking Charity Stream (August 4th 2012 12PM PST)
  57. [Discussion] Best emulator?
  58. Opening GBA Pokemon server!
  59. Contest: First Map of the Quarter - 2012
  60. [Discussion] What do you expect out of other hacks?
  61. Contest: [First MotQ 2012] Voting Thread
  62. Newbie with VBA question.
  63. Sebbe's short return to hacking / [Not having to restart with flash-64k]
  64. Need a hand with my R4
  65. [Discussion] Where does your hack take place?
  66. [Discussion] Community Hack [Discussion]
  67. [Discussion] The hardest ROM hack you played?
  68. Contest: Second Map of the Quarter - 2012
  69. Where can I get a R41/Acekard for my DSi?
  70. Contest: Second MotQ [Voting Thread]
  71. Pokemon Hack Series
  72. [Discussion] Do you need some Inspiration for a Hack?
  73. Title/Boot Screen Showcase
  74. [Discussion] "When can you call someone a Veteran Rom Hacker"
  75. SSBB hack
  76. NDS/3DS Emulation with R4?
  77. 3rd Gen Wi-Fi Server
  78. [Survey] Which was the first pokemon hack you played ?
  79. [Discussion] Adding fan lore to your hack...
  80. [Survey] "What operating system do you use (most often)?" and other related questions
  81. Best Quality & Performance for VBA emulator.
  82. Are there any ROM Hacks that incorporate the Nuzlocke Challenge as a central theme?
  83. [Survey] Future Competition Voting Survey
  84. Why Firered?
  85. [Survey] What's your favorite Emulator
  86. 3ds emulater?
  87. Contest: 24-hour ROM hackathon starting at 2013-05-12 08:00 CST (GMT -5)
  88. [Discussion] Do Fakemon enhance the experience of Pokemon hacks?
  89. [Image Heavy]How to play DeSmuME at 60FPS on lower-end computers.
  90. [Survey] Favorite Fakemon Hacks?
  91. [Discussion] City names and how they affect hacks
  92. [Survey] Why are you making your ROM hack?
  93. [Discussion] What inspired you to make a Pokémon ROM Hack?
  94. [Discussion] Ugliest Fakemon?
  95. [Discussion] Which hack should I play?
  96. [Discussion] X/Y EXP Share
  97. [Discussion] Could Critical Hits have been intended to happen less times in RBY?
  98. [Survey] Fakemon? Yes or No
  99. [Survey] What screw-ups while rom hacking make you the most mad?
  100. Error in Pokemon White in NO$GBA
  101. [Discussion] Image Rating/Review Thread
  102. Best iPhone Emulation Experience
  103. How to transfer Pokemon from an emulator to a GBA game?
  104. [Discussion] ROM Hacking Discussion v2
  105. Contest: ROM hacking contest?
  106. [Discussion] What makes a ROM hack 'good'?
  107. [Survey] How do YOU make a hack?
  108. [Survey] What is the first pokemon hack that you have played?
  109. [Survey] Which tv shows, movies, or books would you like to see as a hack?
  110. DCC: ROM Hacking Daily Chit Chat
  111. [Survey] Opinions on starter options?
  112. Help Thread: Stuck in a hack? Get help here!
  113. [Survey] FireRed or LeafGreen Hack
  114. [Discussion] Point scoring system in a hack?
  115. Contest: LuxrayHackers mini-quest contest
  116. [Discussion] Post-game
  117. [Discussion] The State of Rom Hacking
  118. [Discussion] Sound-types theoretical strengths/weaknesses?
  119. [Discussion] Which Hacks do people like to have next?
  120. [Discussion] Hacking for luck-based purposes
  121. [Discussion] Hard to Find Pokemon
  122. [Discussion] Oddball ideas for a Pokemon Hack
  123. [Discussion] Where did you find those tiles?! (Post your favorite tiles!)
  124. [Discussion] How did you discover Rom Hacking?
  125. [Discussion] USP
  126. Help Thread: Save File Exchange Thread
  127. [Discussion] What does a beta-tester do?
  128. [Discussion] One thing
  129. [Discussion] Favourite part of any ROM Hack
  130. [Discussion] What makes a hack good? What makes it bad?
  131. [Discussion] Man, What A Bunch of Filler!
  132. [Discussion] The Idea Exchange Thread- Inspiring Bigger Things.
  133. [Discussion] POKéMON Rom Hacking Wiki
  134. [Survey] Do you use an Emulator or Flashcard to play Rom hacks?
  135. [Discussion] Editing existing Pokemon vs expanding the Pokedex
  136. [Survey] Which new tools would you like to have in rom hacking?
  137. [Discussion] Music Engines
  138. [Discussion] Best Hacking setup
  139. [Discussion] Rom Story writing
  140. [Discussion] There should be more Mystery dungeon styled hacks!
  141. [Discussion] Let's make a list of hacks that just NEED to be made
  142. [Discussion] Your opinion on Fakemon, and how they should be
  143. [Discussion] Gen IV - Pokemon Essentials VS ROM-Hacking
  144. [Survey] Do you care if someone hacks your hack?
  145. [Discussion] Unappreciated Moves
  146. [Discussion] Why Using A BIOS File Is A Thing You Should Do
  147. [Survey] First hack you've ever played?
  148. [Discussion] [Idea] The Ultimate ROM Hacking Tool: The Garage
  149. Contest: PokéCommunity Team Hack-off: Sign-ups
  150. Contest: [CLOSED] Map Making Competition - February 2015 [ENTRIES]
  151. [Discussion] My ROMhack Wishlist
  152. [Discussion] The deal with grinding in a hack.
  153. Contest: PokéCommunity Team Hack-off: Progress Updates
  154. [Survey] Caps or no caps?
  155. Contest: PokéCommunity Hack-off: Team 4
  156. Contest: PokéCommunity Hack-off: Team 1
  157. Contest: PokéCommunity Hack-off: Team 2
  158. Contest: PokéCommunity Hack-off: Team 3
  159. Contest: Map Making Competition - March 2015 [CLOSED]
  160. [Discussion] What do you want in a Pokemon Hack??
  161. Contest: Map Making Competition - February 2015 [VOTING]
  162. [Discussion] Pokemon as a Trainer?
  163. [Survey] Your opinions and thoughts about Randomizers
  164. [Discussion] Good rival or bad rival?
  165. [Survey] I need your answers!
  166. Contest: [CLOSED] Map Making Competition - March 2015 [VOTING]
  167. [Survey] What hex editor do you use?
  168. [Discussion] Adjustment of Pokémon
  169. Contest: [CLOSED]Map Making Competition - April 2015 [ENTRIES]
  170. [Discussion] How large of a map is too large?
  171. [Discussion] Fire Emblem ROMHacking: News and Discussion Thread!
  172. [Discussion] What bugs you in a ROM Hack?
  173. Contest: Map Making Competition - April 2015 [VOTING]
  174. Contest: [HACK-A-LONG] Beginners competion! #HA3 Practise your Scripting!~join now!
  175. Contest: PokéCommunity Team Hack-off: Results
  176. Contest: Map Making Competition - May 2015 [ENTRIES]
  177. [Discussion] Stop with the 10 year old storylines
  178. [Discussion] How do you like your villainous team?
  179. [Discussion] How do you guys test your hacks?
  180. [Discussion] Which type of pokemon hack do you will like the most?
  181. [Discussion] What's your coding background?
  182. [Discussion] Routes! HUH! Yeah! What are they good for?
  183. [Discussion] Anime games
  184. [Discussion] Request Team room back
  185. [Discussion] How Many Exotic Routes do you like?
  186. Contest: Map Making Competition - May 2015 [VOTING]
  187. [Discussion] Romance in Hacks
  188. [Discussion] Best Rom hacks with only Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokémon
  189. Contest: Team Hack-off II: Sign-ups
  190. [Discussion] Hacking DS games.
  191. [Survey] Will main character will talk ?
  192. [Discussion] I'd like to bounce an idea off you guys: Difficult Pokemon Without the Grind
  193. Contest: Map Making Competition - August 2015 [ENTRIES]
  194. [Survey] How do you feel about hacks that change the canon?
  195. [Discussion] ROM Hacking vs. Game Development
  196. [Discussion] Lost In Translation: Good Hacks in other Tongues
  197. [Survey] Poll - ROM Hack Preferences
  198. Contest: Team Hack-off II: Progress Updates
  199. Contest: Hack-off II: Team Four
  200. Contest: Hack-off II: Team One
  201. Contest: Hack-off II: Team Three
  202. Contest: Hack-off II: Team Two
  203. [Discussion] Does your starter Pokemon *have* to be strong?
  204. [Discussion] EV-training in Hacks
  205. [Discussion] What makes a hack feel like a Pokémon game to you?
  206. [Discussion] Game Editors. Are we Really The Bad Guys?
  207. [Discussion] Pokemon Red 721 - I say "Best GBC Customizable HackRom ever", and you?
  208. [Discussion] Follow Me Through My ROM Hack Adventures
  209. [Survey] Favorite Fakemon Hack?
  210. [Survey] Which was the first ever Hack that you 'Completed'?
  211. [Discussion] Rom hack collections
  212. [Discussion] Citra3DS able to boot Gates to Infinity
  213. [Discussion] Forgotten ROM hacks
  214. [Survey] ROM hacking contests
  215. [Survey] ROM Hack Input?
  216. [Discussion] Few 4th/5th gen hacks?
  217. [Discussion] Modern ROM Hacking: A Call to Action
  218. [Survey] How do you feel about the Day Care?
  219. [Survey] If you could design a POKEBALL what would it be?
  220. Contest: Map Making Competition - August 2015 [VOTING]
  221. [Discussion] More dialogue options in games?
  222. [Discussion] Question about Fan Made Games
  223. [Discussion] Pokemon That Would Work Well As Starters?
  224. [Survey] Any Windows programs you want on Mac?
  225. [Discussion] How would you expand Kanto?
  226. [Discussion] How can I include ROM Hacking in my resume/CV?
  227. [Survey] What do you feel is the most important aspect of a Pokémon ROM hack?
  228. Contest: Map Making Competition – October 2015 [Entries]
  229. [Discussion] Hack of the Month discussion
  230. [Discussion] Pokemon who don't evolve need more base stats
  231. Contest: Map Making Competition – October 2015 [Voting]
  232. [Discussion] Archiving Old Hacks
  233. [Discussion] Why no hacks of this genre?
  234. [Discussion] The ideal amount of rivals in a hack?