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  1. Milotic and gyarados?
  2. hardest moment
  3. The result of boredom and Pokémon obsession
  4. Can Legendaries Breed With Ditto?
  5. Entei, Raikou, or Suicune?
  6. Do you perfer....
  7. Pokemon Forever?
  8. Life without Pokemon
  9. Poliwrath or politoed
  10. One question, one word, WHY?
  11. Latias or Latios?
  12. Mew or Arceus?
  13. Favourite Move Sound
  14. Pokemon Crater?
  15. To all pokéhomo's here.
  16. Brand new pokemon game for the 360, ps3 and PC?
  17. *WARNING!* PKMN RPG is Fake! Click For Real Site!
  18. Mawile why is it a steel type
  19. Is Pokemon to you "MORE" than just a hobby??
  20. Whats next for pokemon?
  21. Give ONE reason to HATE
  22. What is your favorite EEVEE evolution?
  23. Is Swablu Worth Training?
  24. Your Favorite Background Music in Pokemon
  25. Why so many?
  26. EV Training
  27. Wow i want this.
  28. What was the order that you got your pokemon games in?
  29. What's Your Dream Team?
  30. Favorite Legendary Battle Music?
  31. The most annoying pokemon...?
  32. Weirdest place you've played pokemon?
  33. Your Starter..... Well, Don't Wait to See Where I'm Going With This, Open the Thread
  34. lugia vs ho oh (who would win this is a vote kinda
  35. fav legendary bird out of ho oh lugia articuno zapdos molres
  36. Pokemon frustration
  37. Pokemon Card Collector's.
  38. Pokemon is a lot different than what it was at the begining
  39. most hated gym
  40. Is it possible to hatch a shiny?
  41. Do people take pokemon too seriously?
  42. so....
  43. How do u feel about Eevees and there evolves
  44. Pokemon:Yesterdays Garbage?
  45. One Question ?
  46. Remember when there were only 150 pokemon?
  47. Another Region
  48. Least favourite Pokemon?
  49. What is your most memorable...
  50. Pokemon Heroes
  51. Thinking of making streaming pokemon TV, anyone interested?
  52. Online pokemon.
  53. In Defence of Bidoof
  54. The most touching moment in Pokemon.
  55. New pokemon!
  56. Future Pokemon Versions
  57. What do you think is the least popular pokemon
  58. Fire or Water?
  59. Who thinks this would be a good idea?
  60. Any Tips on how to beat the 7 Gym Learders
  61. 5th Generation News
  63. What kind of nature is best for a dratini?
  64. Utterly strange, weird & seriously identical...
  65. Coolest-looking shinies?
  66. Have you ever gone to a state of Unimaginable Blind Fury when...
  67. Greatest Pokemon Miracle? (In any region)
  68. The pokemon lodge
  69. Jhoto reigon making a remake?
  70. Elekid, Magby or both?
  71. What is Brock?
  72. What are Ev's and IV's?
  73. Wailord evolution?
  74. What Pokémon would you like to see get an evolution in future generations?
  75. Pokemon Spriting Club!
  76. Are there Online Pokemon games with...
  77. Pokemon Burger King and Etc...
  78. you are never going to guess what I found.
  79. WHat's the alrgest amout of level you have raised one pokemon?
  80. What type combination that do not exist now would you like for the next generation?
  81. Animals that should be represented as pokemon
  82. pokemon naming a thing of the past ?
  83. leafeon or glaceon?
  84. Pokemon Government
  85. The Epic Question: dogs, cats or beasts?
  86. what would you do for pokemon
  87. Pokemon Game Music Remixes by you
  88. Wonder, how do you think......
  89. If Pokemon became a olympic sport
  90. deoxys forme
  91. name game
  92. So who got the new Palkia-Dialga DS?
  93. Importing Pokemon Games
  94. who do you think is the most ''foul odored'' pokemon?
  95. whats your favorite Legendary pokemon
  96. How Pokemon Started
  97. Why does Geodude float
  98. Ivysaur
  99. Pronunciation for "Arceus"
  100. Dustox
  101. fav. bug pokemon!?
  102. would you change the design of any pokemon if you could?
  103. whos your favourite starter of em' all
  104. If you could live anywhere in the Kanto region, where would you?
  105. When did you start playing pokemon?
  106. Which Pokemon should have a type change or addition?
  107. What was the very first thing you thought when you saw arceus?
  108. Pronunciation Megathread
  109. Rotom, legend or not?
  110. Where in the Pokemon world would you live?
  111. Psycho-fighters
  112. Pokemon Theme DS
  113. Pokemon - Title Theme
  114. whats your favourite pokemon type?
  115. Which pokemon do u think are uninspired?
  116. Who is the easiest gym leader to beat
  117. Cosplaying as Dawn.. and I need a little help
  118. Favorite Starter?
  119. Favorite Ghost type
  120. A simple manner of opinion.
  121. Help with Milotic breeding
  122. Give me a reason,what the hell is the reason?
  123. In terms of who is more benefitial,more powerful or just because he looks good.
  124. Ordinary birds?
  125. Does Anyone else get teased?
  126. Steels
  127. Which evil team do u like the most?
  128. best starter
  129. quick question:
  130. I can take it!
  131. Pokemon Sandwiches
  132. Could it be possible...
  133. Your favorite in-game pokemon?
  134. Online pokedex?
  135. [FAN-FILM] Pokémon Rising
  136. Rayquaza or Mew?
  137. Invent a pokemon thread
  138. The Real PIKACHU!!!
  139. Unable to travel
  140. I Just Don't Get It...
  141. My theory on the Pokemon games timeline...
  142. List of Pokemon available in each game
  143. Nicknames?
  144. If you could learn only one attack from pokemon, which would it be?
  145. What do you think about cloning
  146. Put these Pokemon in Order of Cuteness
  147. Possibilities for region 5 of pokemon.
  148. Your happiest and saddest moment in pokemon game.
  149. What Do You Play Pokemon on?
  150. The Ulitmate Pokemon Game Thread
  151. What's Your Favorite Generation 4 Pokemon?
  152. Favorit pokemon animation
  153. Seriously who is the strongest pokemon?
  154. What pokemon would you like too start with?
  155. Pokemon journey
  156. Most Interesting Looking Pokémon?
  157. Pokemon Convention
  158. Existing type combos
  159. Something you like best of the....
  160. Pokemon Plural?
  161. What is your favorite Nature?
  162. Pokemon - Triangle types?
  163. Who knows?
  164. Should there be made any changes in type effectiveness in generation V?
  165. Funniest Pokemon Move?
  166. Sinnoh Handbook
  167. Cat vs. Dog
  168. How would you feel if gamefreak said that they will not make anymore pokemon games?
  169. shaymin or regigigas
  170. If Pokemon were real...
  171. Help?
  172. Gamefreak seriously needs to try something new.
  173. Best type combination
  174. Whats your favourite Town?
  175. Best Pokemon Podcast?
  176. Brrr these are cold water...
  177. Now don't eat this fruit, it's poison...
  178. Eeek! Monsters
  179. My Hit is very Mon!
  180. Education in Pokémon?
  181. Which Pokémon is best in your opinion? [REVIVED]
  182. Ice or Water
  183. Fire or Water?
  184. Do ya think mightyena will have a next evolution?
  185. Which is the best pure dark type?
  186. Legendary Pokémon Pattern
  187. Am i the only one that dislikes Pokemon Past the Second Series?
  188. Which is your favorite regi?
  189. Pokemon designs are getting better in my opinion.
  190. Which RP should i create.
  191. Real voices in games
  192. What's Your Favorite Starter?
  193. Cutest and Ugliest Pokémon?
  194. Which is your favorite Lugia or Ho-oh?
  195. Why so weak?
  196. 5th Generation of Pokemon?
  197. Ideas for the greatest Pokemon Game!
  198. Squirtles voice changes??
  199. Legend of the sky?
  200. Your Role in the Pokémon World
  201. Soul Dew?
  202. If you just started your journey...
  203. Deoxys origin name.
  204. where can i read ?
  205. 5th Gen Legends
  206. COOLEST Pokemon Related Topic EVER
  207. Pokemon and...
  208. The First Pokémon you ever saw? (revived)
  209. Future Eevee Evolutions?
  210. Your favorite animal-Pokemon species?
  211. Trainer, Breeder, Coordinator, and Ranger
  212. Pokémon Live Action Movie
  213. Why do Pokemon say their own names?
  214. Someone anyone !!
  215. Your dumbest lvl 100
  216. Do you think your wasting your life just by doing this?
  217. The Pokemon Quiz!
  218. Top three pokemon
  219. If Pokemon was real....
  220. Pre-evolutions?
  221. Your Favorite Legendary?
  222. If Pokemon were real...
  223. Special Pokemon
  224. Any 1 Play TPPC (Mods Move If In Wrong Place)
  225. If you could make your own move what would it be called?/What would it do?
  226. Favorite Shiny Pokemon?
  227. Pokemon in need of evolutions.
  228. Favorite Pokemon Voice?
  229. Ive been wondering about the next generation
  230. Future Typing Possibilities
  232. Whats your favorite starter pokemon?
  233. If you could be a Pokemon who would it be?
  234. Which Lugia Do u like better
  235. Water Pokémon
  236. What is your favorite Electric type?
  237. Quantity of moves?
  238. What do you think should have a evolution?
  239. What is your Favorite Eevee Evolution?
  240. Pokemon you dislike and why you dislike them.
  241. The Ugliest Contest!
  242. Favorite Fire Type?
  243. Arceus..........Where Are You???
  244. What attack do you hate being hit with the most?
  245. Ash's info
  246. Nintendo running out of ideas?
  247. Favorite Pokemon Move Animation???
  248. a question to pokemon lovers ?
  250. How does everybody know of Arceus.