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  1. Create a custom Pokemon move.
  2. Who would win; Gary vs. Green
  3. Tyrants
  4. Need Help With Mystery Dungeon? The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Darkness Q&A
  5. Daydreaming
  6. Poke Ball physics.
  7. Making Pokèmon Trainer Cards :3
  8. Arceus. MewTwo or Mew
  9. Pokemon Regions on map of Real World Japan
  10. Pixie's or Golems?
  11. pokemon or digimon
  12. Legendary take over us!
  13. Pokefarm evolution?
  14. IT'S ALIVE!
  15. An awesome idea for Gen V??
  16. Where would you live?
  17. So, is Professor Oak the smartest of all the professors?
  18. What Pokemon you would remove from the Pokedex?
  19. Which Pokemon Is Better?
  20. What's your favorite grass type Pokemon?
  21. Is this a scam?
  22. Would you have imagined?
  23. Flygon or Garchomp?
  24. IGN Article "The Evolution on Pokemon"
  25. Shiftry or Cacturne?
  26. Scizor or Lucario?
  27. Tornerosu, Borutotosu or Randorosu?
  28. Dunsparce or Maggyo?
  29. Lugia or Ho-oh?
  30. Latias or Latios?
  31. Growlithe or Houndour?
  32. Dialga or Palkia?
  33. Pidgeot or Staraptor?
  34. Butterfree or Beedrill
  35. How do u get friends here?
  36. So..Cofagrigus or Desukan?
  37. Pokemon collection
  38. Make an Evil team!
  39. Your Pokemon Preference
  40. Your least favorite Pokemon in each generation
  41. Incorrect Gym Leader Typing?
  42. poke...POWA
  43. What looks better shiny or non-shiny Pokemon?
  44. My tribute to the Pokemon series:
  45. Pokemon black and white. Whats up with some english names sutch as woobat?!
  46. Cubone-Marowak-Kangaskhan Relation Theory
  47. Create a Pokémon Thread!
  48. Overhyped Pokemon
  49. How do I trade for certain Pokemon in Diamond?
  50. Figures?
  51. Pokemon General Daily Chit-Chat
  52. Earn extra money (5468)
  53. Find your inner pokemon! (IMCOMPLETE, suggestions wanted.)
  54. Pokemon Vortex/Crater and Monster Ranch
  55. My 1st Pokedex
  56. Favorite Fire-Type of any evolution
  57. Alakazam or Gardevoir?
  58. What would you do in this situation?
  59. Funny pokemon fight
  60. What would you like to see?
  61. should i do this?
  62. Sticker vaule?
  63. [Weekly Poll #2] What is your favorite Pokemon medium?
  64. Pokémon Movies in Japanese
  65. Pokemon Web Based MMo
  66. Anyone see this funny picture yet?
  67. What would your goal in life be if pokemon existed?
  68. Legendary Beasts!
  69. so im sure youve all heard the bill cosby pokemon rap
  70. Evolution and Pre Evolution Generation Gap
  71. If you were a pokemon, what pokemon would you be?
  72. What would you do if you were in the Pokemon game, Anime, etc...
  73. What Pokemon with no evolution would you like to see have one? No Legends!
  74. Top Pokemon of the Year! Qualifying.
  75. How cool would it be...
  76. Slowking or Starmie?
  77. A question of setting: Pokemon live-action screenplay.
  78. Need a Team
  79. Funny pokemon pictures thread
  80. Should His name Be ArceusFace?
  81. "This Pokémon is ugly... what's its name again?"
  82. Has your favourite Pokemon changed?
  83. Good Pokemon Info Sites
  84. Your Life Companion
  85. [Weekly Poll #3] Has Pokémon ever significantly impacted your life?
  86. Pokemon that didn't need extra evolutions.
  87. Overused/Cliché Pokémon
  88. Scyther or Yanmega?
  89. witch gym leader are you??
  90. Pronunciations!
  91. Hi please be my friend.
  92. What do you own?
  93. Mantine or Skarmory?
  94. Which original Kanto Gym Leader would you consider to be the most influential?
  95. Create a Pokemon Team for a character
  96. Pokemon that should have a secondary/replacement type
  97. The ability to use one Pokémon move?
  98. What would we be doing if...
  99. new group
  100. Dragonite or Salamence?
  101. Ludicolo or Shiftry?
  102. how do you get a trainer card?
  103. Figures xD
  104. Glameow or Meowth.
  105. Looking for online Pokedex
  106. [Weekly Poll #4] I don't like it anymore... wait maybe I do!
  107. Make a Pokemon Episode/Movie!
  108. Arbok evolves into Seviper?
  109. New generation on the block
  110. What is your least favorite region
  111. Club Name
  112. Mamoswine V.s Torterra
  113. Possible Baby Pokemon?
  114. Aron/Lairon/Aggron
  115. Dewgong or Walrein?
  116. Garchomp or Flygon?
  117. [Weekly Poll #5] Generation Discussion
  118. Could our Animals and Pokemon co-exist?
  119. Looking for a TOMY Buizel Plush
  120. Ruining some Pokemons
  121. Zuruggu or Croagunk?
  122. Japanese or English names?
  123. Forgotten Pokemon?
  124. Can someone explain to me what this video means?
  125. Create a region
  126. What's your favorite legendary Pokemon?
  127. The Good Ol' Days
  129. Let's travel to ______________ City!
  130. What is the most memorable/interesting Kanto Region City?
  131. Your first reaction to shiny Pokémon?
  132. If You Were a Snorlax...?
  133. VDex anyone?! Who wants advertisement points? :)
  134. •Make a Pokèmon Gym• [REVIVED]
  135. Professor Yew anytime soon?
  136. What game to start a new file in?
  137. What grinds your Gigiaru?
  138. Hoenn a tropical dissapointment
  139. Great, I'm involved in TWO different Shippings!
  140. Looking for the name of a pokemon book
  141. Arcanine vs Houndoom
  142. Pokemon Soul - Online Game
  143. Outlandish Evolutions?
  144. Irritating Pokemon Mispronunciations
  145. Pokemon KFC toy mistake
  146. Masuda and Sugimori to meet London fans on launch day!!
  147. Signature Move
  148. [Weekly Poll #6] What generation did you start with?
  149. Your favorite starter of all the regions
  150. Pokémon Valentine
  151. AR help plz
  152. Feraligatr and Gyarados - similar but different?
  153. Pachirisu or Emolga?
  154. Is Nintendo trying to replace Pikachu as mascot
  155. Pokemon's 15th Anniversary!
  156. It's the 15th Anniversary of Pokemon, & I guarantee you don't know what that means...
  157. What pokemon to travel around the PokeWorld?
  158. Say I just realized something regarding Lt. Surge...
  159. What is your least favourite type?
  160. No Plans for Ruby and Sapphire Remake?
  161. Sandslash or Excadrill
  162. Where would you live?
  163. I don't get it...the Jynx and Gardevoir thing...
  164. Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks is out now!
  165. Pokeapp now available in the App Store!
  166. Was Butterfree supposed to originally evolve from Venonat?
  167. If you could have only one pokemon, what would it be?
  168. Pokemon Pals
  169. If you could be a pokemon?
  170. We are still working on a better slogan.
  171. If you could change the English names of Pokèmon...
  172. Merchandise
  173. Eevee
  174. Creepy pokemon
  175. Cynthia's mysterious hairpins
  176. Your first anime...
  177. Favorite villainous team?
  178. Eevee vs Cubchoo
  179. My Dream Game
  180. Funny Stories.
  181. How deticated to Pokemon are YOU!!!
  182. Second hand Pokemon games in Adelaide, Australia
  183. A very creepy Pokemon hack
  184. Palindrome Pokemon names...
  185. Cherrim vs. Roselia
  186. Favorite Pokemon for each type
  187. How do you get a shiny Celebii
  188. Oh god...
  189. Abuse
  190. Giovanni's team in Hoenn?
  191. Pokemon Games Value
  192. Buneary vs. Teddiursa
  193. Cresselia or Darkrai
  194. Treecko vs. Snivy
  195. Pokemon with disabilities? (handicapped Pokemon)
  196. What pokemon black and white starter do you want to choose?
  197. Electabuzz vs. Magmar
  198. Which Dragon-type tickles your fancy?
  199. Out of all the new black and white pokemon, which is your favorite? And why?
  200. Which pokemon game is ur favorite?
  201. Your unovian pokejournal!
  202. Gothita vs. Petilil
  203. New Pokemon New Mechanics
  204. Bulbasuar vs Turtwig
  205. Do you think Pokemon has strayed from it's roots?
  206. Epic pokemon humor!
  207. Preschoolers and other young trainer classes
  208. has nintendeo lost it's way?
  209. At what point i can catch Axew
  210. Axew & EV item trading
  211. Poke transfer with 1 DS?
  212. Forgotten ALICE
  213. Darmanitan vs Chandelure
  214. Evolution or Pre-Evolution?
  215. best generic [insert animal here] pokemon?
  216. Sawsbuck vs Stantler
  217. Limited Edition Pokemon Gameboy Sp
  218. Krabby vs. Shelder
  219. Tauros vs Bouffalant
  220. Churine, Cherrim or Erufuun
  221. Clefairy Vs. Jigglypuff
  222. Pokemon ShinyGold
  223. New Generations (III, IV,and V) vs. I and II. Which is better? Why?
  224. Which types are your favorite?
  225. Fave fighting types
  226. Braviary or Mandibuzz
  227. Banette vs. Mismagius
  228. Magikarp vs. Feebas
  229. Pokemon which should have evolutions?
  230. What do you all think of Pokemon: The Missingno Tracks
  231. Best Designed Pokemon
  232. Do you want new types?
  233. Swadloon vs Metapod
  234. Better name?
  235. Have they ran out of ideas for Pokémon?
  236. Firebolt's Poke Discussion Polls, advice, Q and A and much more!
  237. So, I don't want my Vigoroth to evolve to a slaking.
  238. Skyla or Winona?
  239. need some help
  240. Whimsciott vs. Lilligant
  241. Things aren't what they appear to be!
  242. Evolution by trade
  243. Best Starter Final Evolution of Each Type?
  244. Pokemon from Space (aliens?)
  245. They are Pokemon Rivals!
  246. Pokémon Conspiracy Theorys?
  247. Hydreigon vs. Haxorus
  248. funny pokmeon pics (some may offend..)
  249. Confusing Pokemon Anatomy?
  250. Pokemon cirus!