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  1. Happy Arcmas!
  2. the best or strongest move for each type ? (any gen)
  3. Breedable pokemon?
  4. What are the most demonic/mysterious/mystical pokemon?
  5. Could Pokemon exterminate the human race if they invaded our world?
  6. Which Pokemon(not legendary) would be the strongest in real life?
  7. Most Awesome nickname you ever gave to a pokemon?
  8. Is anyone else beginning to get bored of Pokemon?
  9. Most fitting Pokemon name you've ever seen...
  10. A Pokemon you would like to have for every day life.
  11. Whats happened to pokemon? What do you think is better?
  12. Fan game reviewer
  13. anybody highly addicted to Pokemon?
  15. which pokemon game features the "best" pokemon?
  16. Dont you think that we,humans,would beat pokemon if they were real?
  17. if you could get married to ANY pokemon
  18. WW3 - Humans vs Pokemon.Who survives?
  19. would Pokemon make human life expectancy go up or down if they existed?
  20. does anyone else still play pokemon red??
  21. Who should/should not be a legendary?
  22. Problem: SID?
  23. Most Powerful Pokemon in each region?
  24. Pokemon Myths and Theories
  25. Pokemon General Poll # 17 - Confusing Pokemon Anatomy?
  26. get hit by 'Bolt Strike' or 'Blue Flare'?
  27. But I like this Pokémon ;_;
  28. What would be the main death causes fro these Pokemon attacks?
  29. If you could be a Pokemon who would it be
  30. Most badass looking Final Fire Starter Pokemon?
  31. So, a group of Pokemon start a band...
  32. You're going to start your Pokemon journey
  33. Most interesting Gym Leader?
  34. which generation has the most cute Pokemon?
  35. do you have any Pokemon fantasies?
  36. Anyone else deal with the "only original pokes are good" people?
  37. If you could catch one legendary pokemon from each region which would they be?
  38. Let's Talk Pokémon
  39. Owning Pikachu
  40. pokemon vs dragonball
  41. using a Pokemon as a back-up alarm to wake you up?
  42. You're not fire. You're not destruction. You're light!
  43. Help?
  44. PokeQuote
  45. Poketalia! Marukaite Chikyuu!
  46. What dream would you NOT want a Pokemon to use dream eater on that you are having?
  47. Hipster Pokemon - let's list some
  48. whats you favourite set of starters?
  49. if you were having trouble starting a bonfire, what fire Pokemon would you call on
  50. Which In Your Opinion Is The Cutest Fire Starter?
  51. Pokemon General Poll # 18 - Too Much? Too Little? Even Stevens?
  52. Enter Please.
  53. the most bad ass looking legendary?
  54. the most pretty/nice looking legendary
  55. physically attracted?
  56. UMADBRO?
  57. Gallade nickname?
  58. Shiny Design Discussion
  59. Best visually designed first evolution Fire Starter?
  60. Got any Pokemon that you changed the name and moves of to fit a character?
  61. What would your typing be as a gym leader?
  62. Pokecommunity rage!
  63. Misplaced Pokemon Region Wise
  64. what Pokemon would you use to keep warm on a cold day?
  65. if Pokemon existed, would people gamble?
  66. If you were allowed to create one pokemon, What would its name be, and what type?
  67. Pokémon General Poll #19 - Most Memorable Pokémon?
  68. Who's stronger?
  69. Old School vs Modern?
  70. Reshiram or Zekrom, which would you rather own in real life?
  71. From Mirror to Bell?!?!?! D:
  72. Realistic Pokemon!
  73. Could the legendary pokemon take on the u.s military?
  74. would you become a slave to a legendary in agreement so it won't attack you...
  75. Favorite Regional starter?
  76. Who would YOU start with?
  77. What would you do in the PokeWorld?
  78. New Game Announcement Incoming?
  79. Favorite Shiny in each Region?
  80. Shiny AR Help
  81. does anybody else think that Virizion's name is a rip off of Verizon (cell provider)
  82. Best WATER TYPE Starter
  83. if you had an event rained out, what Pokemon would you use to use 'sunny day' for you
  84. If you lived in the Pokemon world would you join any of the team organizations?
  85. Where In The Pokemon World would you like to get married at
  86. Where would you want to live in the PokeWorld?
  87. My world or yours?
  88. What item would you like access to in real life?
  89. "Let me pop in some PBR..."
  90. Pokémon General Poll #21 - Favorite City
  91. What are your favorite legendary Pokemon
  92. you probably haven't (until I came around)
  93. Dark/Psychic type pokemon ideas?
  94. What Forums Style do you use?
  95. If you could delete any uber/legendary pokemon what would it be?
  96. The Pokemon Pronunciation Challenge!
  97. Pokemon dream thread
  98. Pokemon Critisiscim
  99. A Pokemon Retrospective?
  100. Pokemon Invasion - Who would survive this catastrophic war?(story included)
  101. Pokémon General Poll #22 - Favorite Region
  102. Sneasel vs. Nyura
  103. Which Pokemon would be the most dangerous from each type in real life?
  104. Where to buy in the UK?
  105. Double-types.
  106. Anyone wish traveling were as easy as in the PokeWorld?
  107. Missing types on pokemon.
  108. Action Replay DSi troubles
  109. Why do Ghost pokemon have weight?
  110. Pokemon attacks in real life !?
  111. How destructive would each pokemon type be in real life?
  112. if one pokemon rained for a day what would be the most dangerous
  113. Pokemon smells
  114. Pokémon General Poll #23 - Lessons Learned from Pokémon?
  115. Lego Pokemon
  116. Second Evo Starter Pokemon
  117. Preacher Claims Pokemon Is SATANIC!
  118. Has Pokemon declined?
  119. If you were a Pokémon...
  120. tell me if this sounds logical
  121. To satisfy~!
  122. Is Pokemon Maturing?
  123. "Because I'm too old for this"
  124. pokemon isometric game
  125. Why haven't they done that yet?
  126. if you were to get hit by a Pokemon attack -- Physical or Special?
  127. Quitting Pokemon
  128. RPG Maker
  129. How much material damage would these attacks do?
  130. Where'd you like to go, ma'am?
  131. GTS is not working
  132. Mewtwo Should breed.....
  133. How would these attacks be in real life?
  134. Pokemon Pins Pokemon Center grand opening 2001
  135. Chicken Soup for the Pokemon Trainer's Soul
  136. DCC: Pokémon General Daily Chit-Chat. Join in.
  137. Looking for....
  138. Best Pokemon type?
  139. Pokémon General Poll #25 - Favorite Pokémon of Each Type
  140. Where can I buy this Pokemon CD?
  141. Favorite bird pokemon
  142. stranded in subzero temps - allow a Pokemon to use 'Heat Wave' on you?
  143. for a pet, which eevee evolution would you have...
  144. If you could have an ability, what would it be?
  145. 6th gen new type??
  146. What if the sprinklers never went off?
  147. legendaries, gender or no gender?
  148. Themes of the Generations?
  149. Is Pokemon as big as it used to be?
  150. Some hilarity.
  151. Pokemon Figure Game RPG (real life)
  152. There Will Be No Pokemon Gray!
  153. Pokémon General Poll #26 - Favorite Flying Pokémon
  154. What do you like better? The Japanese names or the English names?
  155. Interesting Pokemon Theory # 23
  156. Pokemon Youtube Channel!!
  157. Eating pokemon??
  158. Pokemon Origins
  159. Pokemon Platinum! *READ*
  160. Offical science of Pokemon thread...
  161. What do you see in your favorite Pokemon?
  162. Animals vs Pokemon fights.Which one wins?
  163. biggest unova rip off's
  164. Which Pokemon attacks can be found(well kinda) irl?
  165. So, I have this theory based on dissapointment.
  166. have we forgotten about the rest? (legendary topic)
  167. Which Pokemon could a human take on unarmed and win against?
  168. Gyarados...flying?
  169. If Pokemon were real how would they attack?
  170. Your Signature Move?
  171. How would each of these Pokemon fight to defend against a human?
  172. Pokémon General Poll #27 - Favorite Fire Pokémon
  173. DIY PokeComic Thread! (Not Nuzlocke)
  174. Christmas Pokemon toys
  175. No more colours... no more Pokemon?!
  176. Raise the flag of Garbodor!
  177. [COME VOTE] Pokémon General Caption Contest - November
  178. Check out this Pokemon Panel @ Nekocon this weekend.
  179. Cards before battling
  180. If Pokemon existed would we still remain the dominant species?!
  181. Pokemon hunting or Pokemon battle?You choose and play!
  182. pokemon legit checker
  183. Who is the best Bug Type Pokemon?
  184. How can Ninjask form inside Nincada?
  185. coolest unova Pokémon (design)
  186. How would these Pokemon be in real life?
  187. Pokemon ideas you would like to see
  188. How would the average human's stats be in real life?
  189. why do so many like Pokémon
  190. are humans completely defenseless against Pokémon?
  191. How would Pokemon Stats exactly be in real life?
  192. What Games Would You Like to Have in Pokemon?
  193. Pokémon General Rules - Read These Before Posting!
  194. How would some Pokemon attacks function?
  195. Join the Pokémon's side of a fight?
  196. Older members: Have you become less of a Pokemon fan?
  197. What would HP be?Life force,stamina or what?
  198. what were the later generation Pokémon doing during the early generations?
  199. Who is the best Grass Type Starter, Water type Starter, and Fire type Starter to you?
  200. Brief Question
  201. shuckle
  202. What happens if you bring your little Pokemon to school?
  203. advantages and disadvantages of using Pokémon for transportation
  204. How Far is Too Far?
  205. regions like counties?
  206. I wish we had more Normal/Psychic types!
  207. Pokémon rights activist?
  208. Pokémon Peace Treaty
  209. TCGO Trades!!!
  210. Favorite Gen and Least favorite gen/Poll
  211. Pokemon torzach- the possible reboot
  212. The Best Idea for a Pokemon Game
  213. Just how big are regions supposed to be?
  214. Great Pokemon gift?
  215. Underrated Pokemon#1(Lumineon)part1
  216. Journey To Become A Pokemon Master w/nSiiVz & Buncy
  217. Pokémon protecting humans
  218. for those who like to type Pokémon with the accent over the e (é)
  219. [COME VOTE] Pokémon General Caption Contest - December
  220. different Pokémon that are the same species
  221. Pokemon that never made sense to me...
  222. The Pokemon story MST
  223. Which Pokemon are You?
  224. Anyone wanna battle or something?
  225. Pokemon through tiiiiiiiime!
  226. Pocket Monica
  227. Would you still like Pokemon if..
  228. Pokémon General Holiday Revamp
  229. If anyone still cares about missingno
  230. What does "Pokémon" means for you?
  231. Did anyone see the Movie at the Theaters?
  232. what would these Pokémon attacks "look like" irl
  233. Let's Play?
  234. If you ever noticed about the remakes...
  235. Victini
  236. QUestion
  237. Anime vs Manga?
  238. Pokémon Hunger Games
  239. Pokemon minecraft
  240. Dex Busters
  241. Animals that aren't Pokemon yet...
  242. Did House make a Pokemon reference?
  243. Significance of pokemon names/numbers (articuno, zapdos, moltres, etc.) Need help!
  244. If a war broke out would Pokemon be able to win us?
  245. Japan unveils new Gen III merchandise
  246. Pokemon + Nobunaga No Yabou Announcement
  247. What came first: Arceus or Mew?
  248. How do I contact Game Freak Japan?
  249. Gym Leader Backstories
  250. Pokemon Monopoly