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  1. If Humans were classed as pokemon...
  2. Pokemon LOCATIONS: Which anime/manga-exclusive places don't appear in the games?
  3. Pokemon LOCATIONS: Which anime/manga-exclusive places don't appear in the games?
  4. Pokemon LOCATIONS: Which anime/manga-exclusive places don't appear in the games?
  5. Do the Games getting ideas from the Anime/Manga?
  6. What are some nicknames you gave to your Pokemon?
  7. Do Pokemon evolve?
  8. "Pikaleaf"
  9. What the? I've been turned into a Pokémon!
  10. Ultimate Challenge
  11. if all the legendaries were fighting each other would it be worse than WWII?
  12. Pikachu's language...
  13. Wanna Play A Sort Of Kind Of Game?
  14. Legendary Breeding?
  15. Underrated/Overrated Pokemon
  16. The favorite zone.
  17. Just a Myth
  18. You don't know Pokemon?!
  19. Strange Pokemon Picture!
  20. Pokemon: Science Fiction or Fantasy?
  21. Great. A horrible rating video.
  22. Pokemon hair?
  23. Best Electric Pokemon? (Ampharos, Raichu, Luxray)
  24. Pokemon Master?
  25. Unions
  26. Pokemon Black Target Lucario
  27. Firearms in the Pokemon world
  28. "Pokemorph" Role play, interested?
  29. Are you a Pokémon Purist?
  30. Fandom Questionnaire
  31. Pokemon and the path to manhood
  32. Pokemon lookalikes
  33. Pokemon Black Give Away!
  34. Why didn't they just use a fossil re-generator for Mew?
  35. so who does pokemon cosplay?
  36. [LOTS OF BIG PICTURES]How much do you think I could get for this little collection?
  37. Official Pokémon site promotes return of Mewtwo
  38. Gardevoir?
  39. Post your Pokes.
  40. Pokemedley! Me playing through various Red and Blue themes on guitar!
  41. Seven Deadly Sins
  42. Weird request (Pokemon First Movie VHS)
  43. Best Pokémon Nicknames?
  44. Pokémon General Caption Contest - February
  45. Which Pokémon will be the next to get an evolution?
  46. Pokémon Emerald Walkthrough
  47. Gender Problems
  48. Earth Badge question?
  49. Pokemon berry theory...
  50. Pokemon Walkthroughs/ Tutorials?
  51. How come...
  52. Logical Fallacies
  53. Pokemon Adventure Camp
  54. Blissey's HP?
  55. Would Pokemon have been so popular had it not been on a handheld?
  56. How do you imagine Pokemon defending themselvers in real life?
  57. How influential was the franchise on your life?
  58. My final team/ feed back& suggestions please.
  59. Atavan's Query with the Electric and Water types
  60. How much HP would animals have in Pokemon world?
  61. Should more be done to distinguish male and female pokemon?
  62. Hell of a Life
  63. Odd Questions about Pokemon. Answer if you are mildly bored :)
  64. The importance of EVs?
  65. Have you ever had an idea for a Pokemon that eventually became a real one?
  66. Favorite Pokemon Cries?
  67. Is Pokemon unknown to some?
  68. All-Female Pokemon Trainer Bracket
  69. Legendary Legends, again.
  70. Diffrences in Morality Between the Pokemon World and Our Own
  71. Pokemon related dreams?
  72. Looking for a Poke' Mate
  73. Found this cool picture of a real life Pokemon battle...
  74. Please recommend a hack to me.
  75. What kind of Pokemon would Hitler have wanted?
  76. Most neglected Pokemon
  77. Pokemon LP'er
  78. Underpowered/Overpowered Pokemon?
  79. Dex Busters 2.0
  80. pokemn team help
  81. SandwichAndCeral's Channel(Go in the thread and you'll see why this is Pokemon Relate
  82. Battle Tower- 3x Pokemon
  83. HD Pokémon Emerald Let's Play!!
  84. Scraping The Bottom of the Barrel?
  85. .IPS file
  86. Initial information POKEMON POKEMON black and white 2
  87. pokemon spoof of rack city...pallet town!
  88. Celebi Fake or Real
  89. Is "Pokemon" a species?
  90. Pokemon related apps on android market?
  91. Probably been discussed
  92. Poaching vs. Capturing?
  93. Riding Pokemon...on Land
  94. Pokemon Raging Purple
  95. Where did Legendary Pokemon come from?
  96. the more you get addicted, the more Pokémon you talk about
  97. Question / help for a vet
  98. Nidoqueen Milk Drink
  99. General question, sort of.
  100. Moveset for my Torterra
  101. Question on the Ethics of the Pokemon World
  102. Competitive battlers app for Android (up for testing!)
  103. [Contest] Make Your Own Pokémon Adventure Camp
  104. You Pet as a Pokemon!
  105. Why do some people think pokemon is childish?
  106. Pokémon RP Accounts (Facebook)
  107. Shininess
  108. How do you explain the defenses and HP of some Pokemon?
  109. What Pokemon matches Blissey in terms of Def ?
  110. Which Legendary created humans and pokemon?
  111. Pokemon Ruby:Should i keep my masterball for Rayquaza?
  112. Would Pokemon admire each other for their special abilities?
  113. Pokemon 6 Gen
  114. Pokemon-like games
  115. Which Pokemon wins in real life in these face offs?
  116. pokemon gray
  117. What would be the average stats of a human?!
  118. They're not legendary!
  119. Pokémon Green....In English??
  120. Pokemon popularity?
  121. 10th anniversary pokemon fossil watch
  122. Pokemon Unknown
  123. Ribbons
  124. What kind of Pokemon do YOU think resembles you the most?
  125. Facebook game steals Pokemon
  126. An Idea for a Pokemon film which isn't just Pokemon
  127. Pokemon that surprised you when you first saw it
  128. Slow start
  129. Pikachu appears in an infamous real-life photo
  130. Pokemon YouTube
  131. Pokemon Youtube Channel
  132. Your parents reaction?
  133. Pokemon B/W Mugshot sound
  134. Pokemon in Academia
  135. Naruto copied Pokemon?
  136. Training Doubt
  137. Help me please...
  138. Pikachu No More!!!!!
  139. An Original Theory?
  140. You guys like LPs?
  141. Unigue Pokemon Typings
  142. Are Gengars really Clefable's shadow?
  143. Where do you want any new regions to be at?
  144. What length do you prefer lets plays to be?
  145. Friends?
  146. Unique Pokemon Typings Renewed
  147. Pokemon Artwork Collection?
  148. Poke'Grammar
  149. What do people in the Pokemon World eat? (New)
  150. Question?
  151. Changing times? Age and Pokemon misconceptions
  152. "Pokemon Delight" class project
  153. Most used move in pokemon
  154. Annoyed
  155. Best type?
  156. Genetic manipulation, how far is too far?
  157. What kind of new dual Types would you want?
  158. Do you think it's time to introduce more Eevee evolutions?
  159. Who knows the Pokemon laguage
  160. let's be honest here
  161. Nintendo World Center/ Pokemon Center New York Official GUITAR.
  162. The Legendaries
  163. Pokemon Mysteries
  164. Pokemon Grey Conspiracy?
  165. What is HP and what is its main difference from Def?
  166. Best Nature for Umbreon
  167. Do you think scientists will ever be able to genetically design pokemon in RL?
  168. Why does Blissey have so much HP?
  169. Scary Pokemon Stories!
  170. Pokémon Knowledge!
  171. Kids making me feel old :(
  172. Do you still refer to some Pokemon by their Japanese names?
  173. Dumb Ideas
  174. Another One Regice's the dust!
  175. Which animal does Blissey or Chansey remind you of?
  176. Platinum let's play: what's an interesting team?
  177. Which is the most hated Pokemon in your opinion?
  178. Pokemon Fan Music Video
  179. Project: Creating a Pokemon League II
  180. PokeDrama
  181. Dark types and ghost types.
  182. Pikachu Ev training?
  183. Help Me With AM
  184. Mother of Arceus.....
  185. Pokemon Chaos Black Lets Play?
  186. I'm looking for these Pokemon Consoles...
  187. Pokémon that are big enough to swallow a human, would they IRL???
  188. rom hacking help?
  189. Pokemon Adventure
  190. Favorite Pokemon and Why?
  191. Pokémon Screenshot Generator (where can I find???)
  192. Pokemon Shiny Gold Lets Play!
  193. Did anyone know this fact?
  194. Pokémon Names
  195. New Pokémon Types
  196. Platinum: Best party w/out legends or National dex
  197. Regarding MC's Age..
  198. How was the pokemon world made?
  199. Evil teams!
  200. Pokemon Ruby: Is Fake Out a good move?
  201. What Type would you associate Sleep with?
  202. where can you get TM08 Bulk up in Pokemon Ruby?
  203. Pure 3D Pokemon Fan-Game
  204. The Pokemon League vs. Law Enforcement
  205. Pokemon custom avatars
  206. Create your own moves
  207. My Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge
  208. Is there a political system?
  209. Requirements to Be a Gym Leader
  210. Pokemon Ultimate Team
  211. Opinions Please!
  212. Poke farm!!!
  213. funny pokemon stories
  214. Umbreon moveset?
  215. Round 2 of Unova Pokemon Toys Arrives at McDonald's [US, AUS]
  216. Pokemon quotes?
  217. Pokémon World as if it was based on Japan - comments welcome
  218. Pokémon Conquest
  219. Interesting counterparts and stuff.
  220. Generation VI
  221. Pokemon Serial Killers
  222. Pokemon Cosplay
  223. What do U think about this picture?
  224. Pokémon look-alikes
  225. Pokemon Youtube Channel?
  226. Why a sequel?
  227. Favorite kanto gym leader
  228. Arcanine and Ninetales - references to male and female beauty, respectively?
  229. Starting a Community voted Lets Play Pokemon Red!!!
  230. My very own IV/Hidden Power Calculator :)
  231. Have Any Of You Been Having Weird Pokemon Dreams Lately?
  232. Generation State of Mind
  233. Anyone ever notice this?
  234. New Pokemon game Edit.
  235. Trouble with Pokemon: leaf green version
  236. Your team
  237. Starters and their evolutions.
  238. What type specialist would your name suggest?
  239. Pokemon Power Bracket
  241. If Pokemon were real?
  242. ManInTheMask Goes Online Even Further!!! And Foullump is back!!!
  243. Pokemon let's play! liquid crystal come check it!
  244. Gym Leaders that you wish existed.
  245. Is it wrong to love a sprite?
  246. Evolutions of Previous Pokemon in Generation VI
  247. Pokemon is a disgusting universe...
  248. HELP! Introducing girl to Pokemon...where do I start?
  249. Pokémon interview
  250. Humans vs Pokemon! Who would win?