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  1. Who would you choose to be the Elite 4 and Champion?
  2. Are they getting more or less creative with Pokemon names?
  3. Extending the Franchise
  4. Pokemom S T A D I U M 3
  5. Make your own pokemon!
  6. A new rival?
  7. Red on Mt. Silver
  8. Pokemon's life span? (Financial Discussion)
  9. Does Pokemon appeal to people with ADD/ADHD and those on the Autism spectrum?
  10. Pokemon Musical
  11. All out battle Creation VS Tao
  12. Where Do I Post This Thread?
  13. That Pokemon!
  14. Turning Points in Pokemon History
  15. Weird Pokemon Kid?
  16. what is your favorite pokemon and favorite legendary
  17. Pokemon mascot costume!
  18. Predict The Next Generation
  19. Create a city.
  20. Favoritr Japanese Commercials featuring Pokemon?
  22. Being Inside of a Pokeball
  23. MY PIKACHU TATTOO !!!!!!!!!
  24. Create your own elite four and post it
  25. Pokémon game soundtracks now available on iTunes
  26. Awesome pokemon figurine collection!
  27. how would Global Warming affect Pokémon irl???
  28. If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?
  29. Make your own Ability!
  30. Bad Pokemon Fanfics
  31. What do you think a Pokemons life expectancy is?
  32. What do you think happens to the pokemon after their trainer has died?
  33. pokemon black n backsprite
  34. New type(s)
  35. Mixing Pokemon!
  36. real life pokemon
  37. What if pokemon was like yugioh?
  38. Cute, attractive, good looking characters?
  39. Whats Your Pokemon Zodiac?
  40. What's a good electric-type?
  41. How intelligent are Pokémon in battle?
  42. Pokemon's Direction
  43. The Pokemon Power Bracket - Round 3
  44. Shiny Bulbasaur!
  45. If the legendaries had a gender...
  46. Haydunn and Shofu banned D:
  47. which starter do you think is the best one for each game?
  48. Can you chose your pokemon's nature?
  49. Desirable starters?
  50. Design or Power?
  51. Do I need an USB WiFi connector for my DS to trade and play?
  52. 32" Jumbo Sleeping Pikachu Plush!
  53. It's too similiar NO! it's too different.
  54. What's Your Pokemon Spirit Animal?
  55. How do you interpret Pokemon stats?
  56. What stats would real life animals have in the Pkmn world?
  57. For Students
  58. If Pokemon battles were real, which Pokemon would you choose?
  59. Pokemon Partner
  60. Generation Patterns
  61. Poke-Personalities!
  63. Pokemon Concept vs Pokemon Stats
  64. Pokemon "Ugly" Pageant
  65. Wild Pokemon fights! Who wins?
  66. Does it offend you?
  67. Pokemon Rival Brawl! - Battles between well known rivals in the Pokemon World
  68. Is too many Pokemon good or bad?
  69. what is your favorite pokemon and what is your least favorite
  70. Which Pokemon has the most swag?
  71. A Comeback
  72. A Special Spot in Your Heart
  73. How big would an Onix egg be?
  74. That Moment When You Realize Something Shocking and Mind Banging about Pokemon
  75. What The Eff with all these trades.
  76. Meloetta Legitimacy
  77. connection problems
  78. 50 Questions!
  79. which team is better team plasma or team magma
  80. Genders Of Starters?
  81. Pokemon Antidotes?
  82. What about the Pokemon fan base annoys you?
  83. Wynaut and Wobbuffet
  84. Pokemon figure questions.
  85. [Help]Anime soundtrack
  86. Elderly chap playing Pokemon Yellow
  87. Black 2 and White 2 Animated Trailer Music ?!?
  88. Making sense of the Pokémon universe
  89. How could a 3DS Pokemon game work?
  90. Pokemon History Question PLEASE HELP
  91. Pikachu 3DS XL
  92. What excactly does make a Pokemon "overrated"
  93. Funny Pokemon cartoons
  94. Mew the creator of Pokemon.
  95. Representive Pokemon
  96. PokéDexes with MP3 Players?
  97. Under the radar pokemon that could use a new evolutionary relative
  98. Pokemon, The Social Destroyer.
  99. a poison type legendary!?
  100. Pokemon Theme in the UK Top 40?!
  101. how can i know if the pokemon i got is hacked or not
  102. Should Have, Could Have
  103. Whos ur favorite Pokemon
  104. If you were a Pokemon
  105. Who's that...? What's that song..?
  106. Question that's KILLING me
  107. What happens if you use a rare candy on a Missingno
  108. What Pokemon Can use Quick Search?
  109. Top 5 Designs
  110. Some interesting information regarding Arceus
  111. Future Pseudo-Legendary
  112. Fan Theories!
  113. Pokemon name?
  114. What Does it Actually Take to Be a 'Pokemon Master'
  115. What Pokemon would live near you?
  116. Legitimacy- over 9000
  117. Perfectly Balanced Type Trios?
  118. Why is fighting 'not very effective' against psychic?
  119. Pokemon Now VS Pokemon Then?
  120. Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Randomizer LP
  121. PETA and Pokemon
  122. Pokemon Heartgold Team
  123. 1st Edition Charizard Base Set PSA 10 GEM MINT!
  124. What's The Stupidest Mistake you've made in Pokemon
  125. 3D Pokemon Holograms?
  126. My Friends are making fun of me? o-o
  127. Live Action Pokémon Movie
  128. How do you deal with people that make fun of you for play PKMN?
  129. Ever wonder why nothing ever changes when you become Champion?
  130. looking for the best pokedex
  131. Top 5 Pokemon generations
  132. My poor Nidoqueen
  133. Am I the only one who likes ____?
  134. Where would you live?
  135. Has anyone dreamed of Pkmn
  136. Are Pokémon-Fights wrong?
  137. The Poke-world, modern?
  138. Costume Ideas?
  139. If you were a real Trainer..
  140. your Pokémon Index Number (human)
  141. Question about my team.
  142. Calling all Villains!
  143. The upcoming new generation of Pokemon 2
  144. Effort Values.
  145. What happened to Hilbert or Hilda?
  146. PokeMMO
  147. An Analysis of The Pokemon Community
  148. CHARIZARD PSA 10 BGS collection
  149. EV question
  150. Deoxys/Porygon theory
  151. Are there Easter Eggs or Pop Culture References in Pokemon?
  152. mechamew2
  153. Pokemon Origins
  154. Moments when you want to throw your DS/GBA/etc out the window.
  155. Parents against Pokemon Help!
  156. Improving a Pokémon due to Lame Abilities
  157. What made you like Pokemon?
  158. Hi peoples! New Pokemon ROM hack :)
  159. Pokemon Logic
  160. "Real" Ev training pokemon
  161. Pokemons changes?
  162. Pokemon 6th Generation. What do you want to see?
  163. Why am I so unlucky?
  164. Gothic Gender Blender
  165. EV Training question
  166. Crystalisk - Boldore in Boderlands?!
  167. What do you hate most about starter Pokemon?
  168. How much are your parents involved?
  169. Poll: Favourite 2nd Evolution Starter Pokemon
  170. Pokemon Becoming Reality
  171. The Tree of Legend
  172. Favorite Pokemon TV ad?
  173. The first commercial for Pokemon (A Sneak Peak at Pokemon
  174. Pokemon Predicament
  175. Your first Pokémon experience?
  176. hello
  177. Forget-me pokemon?
  178. What does HP resemble?
  179. Growing out of Pokemon, help!
  180. A JourneyI
  181. wild snivy
  182. What's your funniest story?
  183. Show and Discuss Your Collection!
  184. dw error help
  185. Old Pokemon Events
  186. Any animals that aren't Pokemon yet?
  187. What two Pokemon would you have?
  188. Does anyone find it creepy.....
  189. MOTY: Pokémon General
  190. Are they born with it?
  191. Moves that consider "dangerous" to Humans
  192. How does a PokéBall work?
  193. What Pokemon Game(s) is the best?
  194. Dreams of Pokemon?
  195. PCTAHD
  196. Lavender Town Missing Frequencies For Real
  197. Meat in the Pokemon (or why there is a Normal-type)
  198. Ash (may contain spoilers)
  199. Let's Presume This Happened...
  200. When will RS Remake Hacks be Coming in?
  201. hacks and android
  202. What is the HARDEST gym ever?
  203. Pokémon Opening Theme Song Guitar Cover ポケモンのテーマ
  204. Pokemon you like more than their evolved form
  205. New Eeveelution Coming in Upcoming Pikachu movie.
  206. Hatched Pokemon
  207. Eeveelutions Windows 7 Theme
  208. Game Sync Issues
  209. DVD Collection?
  210. If you were a Professor.
  211. What was the EASIEST gym ever?
  212. Pokémon recommendations for my new android phone???
  213. Tri-Types in Gen VI?
  214. To grind or not to grind?
  215. Pokemon Special?
  216. What pokemon surpsrised you the most?
  217. Multiple Regions in Gen VI?
  218. Pokemon Clones
  219. Gen V: More Controversial Than Gen III
  220. Pokemon Fan Music?
  221. If HP is body mass, shouldn't Wailord have the highest HP?
  222. What do you view on Pokemon Deaths?
  223. Should eevee have its own evolution
  224. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
  225. Origin of Pokemon
  226. Electrick lovers
  227. My wish for my fave pokemon
  228. Favorite Legendary of all regions
  229. Help me with team?
  230. Pokemon Pick Up Lines
  231. Journey Across America participant keychain
  232. Pokemon Gold/Silver 3D
  233. Insulting people using pokemon terms
  234. What was this Pokemon CD-ROM called?
  235. hacked pokemon?
  236. Pokemon Logic (?)
  237. What do you think the News will be on the 8th of January?
  238. What Would Your Personalized Pokémon Heaven Be???
  239. Advancing the Franchise
  240. Why are people addicted to Pokémon?
  241. Which Pokemon Type Suffered the Most?
  242. Pokemon Remixes
  243. Looking for Ken Sugimori drawing PNGs for project
  244. Can anybody identify this?
  245. Do you think that some pokemon have height problems?
  246. Further than Raichu ?
  247. Do Pokémon eat other Pokémon?
  248. From Region to Region
  249. Head Boppers
  250. Why do you love Pokemon?