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  1. Pokémon aging and death. ;;
  2. Pokemon Sprite Editing Help
  3. Got my first Tattoo today...
  4. Those Professors
  5. Oh, the memories
  6. Can Ghost Pokémon Die?
  7. Your Top 5 Pokemon (1st Gen)
  8. My Trainer Card
  9. Pokemon Markings/Coat Differences (Theory discussion)
  10. Pokemon Pingpong Balls
  11. How'd they do that...?
  12. Pokémon Merchandise
  13. If you were older...
  14. D&D Inspired Pokemon game!
  15. Don't you just hate it when...
  16. New ideas for old games
  17. Are there EVIL pokémon?
  18. The Unpopular Opinion
  19. Why do people call it 'Pokeman'?
  20. Delicious Pokemon
  21. Articuno
  22. Pokémon legends/pokédex entries
  23. Pokémon General RULES - read this first!
  24. Pokedroid 2.0 Remade
  25. Too similar pokémon!
  26. pokemon victory fire
  27. Old Pokemon moves
  28. Type biased influences
  29. [Manga] List & Chit-Chat on ALL Pokémon Manga
  30. What To Do??
  31. Cool New Online Pokemon RPG
  32. Pikachu, use Fly! (HM discussion)
  33. What is wrong with Dialga?
  34. Website with cheats.
  35. What does the pokémon world look like?
  36. If you were a real Champion..
  37. How to get more views for Let's Play?
  38. What's with the hate towards Flareon?
  39. Pokemon and related ownership does not endorse cheating
  40. Pokemon Online Battle Android
  41. Dragonite help?
  42. how do you choose your favorite Pokémon?
  43. So, my Stunfisk thoughts...
  44. Tell me if this works
  45. Need Pokemon Hacking Help Please Help
  46. Feeling morally confused right now....
  47. Unrealistic Moves
  48. Is Lucario still a very popular and important Pokemon?
  49. What Got You Into Pokemon?
  50. Anyone Know how to Play mulyiplayer on Android?
  51. Describe pokémon to someone who doesn't know!
  52. Best / Worst alternate pokémon mascot?
  53. Solarbeam
  54. Devote a song to a Pokemon!
  55. endangered pikachu foundation
  56. Bellsprout The Badass - A Pokemon Parody
  57. Pokémon Manga Caption Contest! week 29
  58. Mewtwo, Genetically Created?
  59. Any good Pokemon Apps for Android?
  60. Dem Creepypasta
  61. Pokemon Types
  62. Pokeballs
  63. Is Pokémon an unusually popular franchise?
  64. Collecting pokémon merchandise
  65. Cubone
  66. Far, Far Away, Deep in Space
  67. The evolution of the legendary trios
  68. Are these Pokemon games a bootleg?
  69. best pokemon?
  70. Would A Pokémon's Intent affect the outcome of an attack?
  71. Pokémon Manga Caption Contest! week 30
  72. Pokemon Generations
  73. Opinion And Discussion On Out of Egg-Group Romances
  74. Pokemon fantasies
  75. How does Dragonair evolve into Dragonite?
  76. How Do PokéCenters heal large Pokémon
  77. Is 10 too young to embark on a Pokemon journey?
  78. Idea for my new Youtube series
  79. Horrible sprites over the years
  80. Can Anybody help me with EVs?!
  81. Have you read a pokémon manga, yes or no?
  82. A pokédex journey in the SAHARAN DESERT or... (on regions)
  83. What would a High School Pokémon Battling Team be like?
  84. Corocoro?
  85. Pokemon Bonding or "Gotta Catch em All"?
  86. Trade+Item
  87. Digimon>Pokemon
  88. PokeArt
  89. Fellow Poke Trainers
  90. Best Legendary Pokemon trio: Who is the most powerful?
  91. Pokémon Manga Caption Contest! week 31
  92. Does anyone have a ROM download link of Pokemon Darkcry Version?
  93. Share your youtube accounts
  94. Opinions on this party?
  95. Pokémon Manga Caterpie Contest! week 32
  96. The Mighty Dragonite!!
  97. Would you like to go to a Pokémon School?
  98. How do you guys feel about "Mega" Evolution?
  99. More colors for shinys
  100. Gaining a random ability?
  101. is 10 too young to own a Legendary Pokémon
  102. Hax. Do you hate it?
  103. Crossovers
  104. EV Training guide?
  105. Help with hunting audino's
  106. made-up pokemon or pokemon suggested for next gen.
  107. If Gym Leaders were to have Abilities
  108. Links between Pokemon through time
  109. Personal Rules to making pokemon
  110. question
  111. Pokémon Mankey Caption Contest! #5
  112. My Own Pokemon Game!
  113. Why are some people attracted to Pokémon?
  114. Pokemon Creepy Black.
  115. Pokemon Awesome Tournament!
  116. Toxic monkeys and electrified beavers?
  117. Fantastic Fakemon!
  118. Pokémon Cosplay!
  119. Buying the Games & Systems
  120. Bronzong!
  121. Pokemon and Witch Craft Questions?
  122. Are my favourite Pokemon awful choices?
  123. Pokémon Manga Caption Contest! #6
  124. Feeding Pokémon
  125. Weird I keep dreaming about dawn/hikari
  126. Any Meganium fans on here?
  127. PokéCritics Inc.
  128. Sawk, take off your...? (pokémon with clothes/accessories)
  129. Before capture: weaken or faint?
  130. How long will the franchise last?
  131. My wife says I play too much Pokemon
  132. Did Agatha die?
  133. The red and ash being brothers theory
  134. Pokémoooon Manga Caption Contest! #7
  135. So...why are both Rock and Ground separate instead of one, big Earth-type?
  136. How old is "too old"?
  137. Magnitude-Earthquake
  138. Pokémon Flight Speed
  139. Pokemon World
  140. Favorite Pokemon quotes?
  141. Pokémon Magneton Caption Contest! #8
  142. Pokemon IV's... and maybe EV, problem
  143. Black Kyurem/White Kyurem why do you like them?
  144. Todays casinos = 80's cartoon slot machines, 30 years from now Pokémon slot machines
  145. older teens and adults, what brings you to Pokémon?
  146. Gamefaqs Character Battle: Vote for Mewtwo!
  147. I made sense out of non-sense! (this IS pokemon related...)
  148. Does LEGENDARY still mean something?
  149. What is the point of height/weight of Pokémon in dex entries and such
  150. Pokémon Manga Caption Contest! #9
  151. Virtual Boy Emulator Help (Battles & Trade)
  152. Special Pokémon Announcement
  153. The greatest master of them all
  154. My Over All Thoughts On Mewtwo From Everything Pokemon
  155. Are flying types super effective against fighting types the same in real life?
  156. Look, a surfing Rhydon!
  157. Why Generation 5 Isn't As Bad As People Think! (Thoughts on generations)
  158. Your thoughts on Pokéballism
  159. What would be after Gen 6?
  160. Pokéfeels
  161. Pokémon Magmar Caption Contest #10
  162. Pokemon 3 The Movie
  163. Forget about that "Pokemon world" thing!
  164. Pokemon Fusion
  165. Will pokémon ever become real via genetics?
  166. If our dream became a reality...
  167. Introducing the newest Pokémon: YOU!
  168. Pokémon Manga Caption Contest! #11
  169. it was Zoroark
  170. large Pokémon big enough to swallow a human, would they ever attempt to
  171. if some random Legendary Pokémon can out of nowhere and protected you
  172. Pokemon origins ? Thoughts (Potental spoilers)
  173. Best and worst thing about pokémon
  174. Pokemon Mini Value?
  175. Sorry if this is in the Wrong Section: Thoughts on a Possible Trade Shop
  176. Hoenn remakes coming in 2014/2015
  177. Youtubers: Pokemon players
  179. Screen goes blank when you get targeted by a trainer called a gentleman
  180. Pokémon, battling or strong emotional bond
  181. Pokémon Facebook accounts
  182. Unpopular Pokémon Opinions.
  183. Master Ball Glitch!
  184. Shiny Female Eevee Giveaway
  185. The concept of ghosts
  186. Overlooked Pokemon
  187. would items like revives and potions work on humans?
  188. Pokémon Manga Caption Combee! #12
  189. Gates to Infinity Question
  190. What's with the <fill in the blank> on that Pokémon???
  191. Go away you Legendary Pokémon racist!!!
  192. Ranking of Generations.
  193. Why does everybody like Iris?
  194. Where do travelling trainers spend their night?
  195. What if the Pokemon anime never existed?
  196. Do you think you should be able to breed Legendary Pokémon?
  197. What Exactly Is A Fairy-type?
  198. A rare Japanese pocket monster pokemon card
  199. female wobbuffet
  200. Viridian's city Gym Leader
  201. Should most trainers ask?
  202. yvetal and lugia theory
  203. Fossils revived - reeeally?
  204. Pokemon Water Starter Designs
  205. O.o What they eating?!?
  206. Dual types you consider blasphemy in Pokemon
  207. oooh, shiny!
  208. Pokemon Halloween
  209. Pokemon theory on TM Pokedex, and Pokeballs
  210. Seattle meetup
  211. Kanto - Kalos War?
  212. Best Kanto Starter
  213. How many seasons of pokemon have you seen?
  214. Kitchen roles for Pokemon?
  215. PokéArtificial Intelligence.
  216. Pokemon pc game idea
  217. Pokémon lover in a sea of dudes
  218. Teambuilding Ideas
  219. OMG SUPER EGG HATCHING =D (Must see for breeders!!!)
  220. What does Eevee want?
  221. Zygarde is really pretty but...
  222. Breeding Question
  223. A few questions and help
  224. A pokemon cheat site?
  225. The Pokemon Storage System
  226. If Pokemon could evolve from other stones
  227. Any reasons why all fairies don't have Levitate?
  228. Pokemon Theory:Nincada is a puppet
  229. What you would change in pokemon
  230. Can't shoot a pokémon
  231. The Inspiration for Future Generations: Is Unova it for America?
  232. pokemon aspects that should be happening. So why aren't they
  233. Did Red and Yellow eventually hook up in the manga?
  234. Pokemon Theory: The three legendary birds origins
  235. Do you think Pokemon is "dying"
  236. Pokémon game soundtracks set to receive international releases on iTunes in 2014
  237. Onix
  238. [Video Editing] - I Edit pokemon videos for Youtube
  239. Are Pokémon the "animals" of the Pokémon World or do they also have "traditional" animals too?
  240. Generation VII Prediction/Hope Thread
  241. Hello! Need help! :)
  242. What's your favorite 'shipping in Pokémon Special?
  243. How does Professor Oak obtain the starter Pokemon?
  245. When their trainer dies?
  246. Total drama pokemon(move it if it's in the wrong place please. I went through this once)
  247. What do you like about Pokemon?
  248. I'm looking for an indie game
  249. Pokemon Galaxy? New celestial type, someday?
  250. Why does everybody hate dragon Pokémon all of a sudden?