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  1. [B2/W2] Pokemon Black 2 Intro, Rivial Battle, New Town, and Black Kyurem Screenshots
  2. [B2/W2] Too soon?
  3. [B2/W2] God Stone?
  4. [B2/W2] How will you make your B2/W2 experience unique?
  5. [B/W] Pokemon Dark Legendary
  6. [B/W] I need some opinions on several Pokemon!
  7. [B2/W2] Nintendo Direct April
  8. [B2/W2] Some Info on Black N White 2.
  9. [B2/W2] Pre-ordering
  10. [B2/W2] Which version would you choose?
  11. [B/W] [Scrafty] VS Zoroark
  12. [B/W] Trading Partner
  13. [B2/W2] What is The Difference Between Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum?
  14. [B2/W2] What is Your Team in B/W 2
  15. [B2/W2] Keldeo Speculation
  16. [B/W] Pokemon Black (Problem)
  17. [B/W] Would anyone like a free Zorua?
  18. [B2/W2] Battle Clubs
  19. [B2/W2] Touch Screen?
  20. [B/W] Bringing Back the Journal?
  21. [B2/W2] 3DS AR Searcher for BW2
  22. [B2/W2] Will it?
  23. [B2/W2] Pokemon Smash 04/29
  24. [B2/W2] What to bring back?
  25. [B/W] Would anyone be interested in watching an solo pkmn run?
  26. [B/W] Favourite Animal Type?
  27. [B2/W2] What do you think?
  28. [B2/W2] DS instead of 3DS
  29. [B/W] [Vanilluxe] versus Beartic
  30. [B2/W2] What To Change?
  31. [B2/W2] Returning characters speculation
  32. [B2/W2] Gotta catch 'em all?
  33. [B2/W2] Global Link Updates for B2/W2
  34. [B/W] Team used for the Battle Subway?
  35. [B2/W2] Voice acting and cutscenes?
  36. [B2/W2] Global Link Mobile
  37. [B/W] Help completing the pokedex.
  38. [B/W] Favourite Unova Gym Leader
  39. [B/W] Nintendo Wifi Mystery Gift Darkrai
  40. [B/W] Anyone have a Happiny/Chansey they could trade me?
  41. [B/W] Need good friends :D
  42. [B/W] Seismitoad VS [Conkeldurr]
  43. [B2/W2] Black Kyurem or White Kyurem?
  44. [B/W] Will you restart Black & White & start a new game if you have free time?
  45. [B/W] I'm really annoyed by this....
  46. [B2/W2] New Pokemon Discussion (Revealed in cover of Coro Coro!)
  47. [B/W] looking for starter pkmn.. or shiny..
  48. [B/W] What are your favorite Legendary Pokemon in Black and White?
  49. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Pokéwood
  50. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Pokemon World Tournament Discussion
  51. [B2/W2] Should N be playable?
  52. [B/W] Gigalith versus [Excadrill]
  53. [B/W] What did you use your mascot for?
  54. [B2/W2] Even more new Formes?
  56. [B/W] Trading Across Generations
  57. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Team Plasma
  58. [B2/W2] English Name Speculation
  59. [B2/W2] Potential Poké Transfer Upgrade
  60. [B2/W2] Japanese B2W2 animated trailer
  61. [B/W] So Unova...
  62. [B2/W2] Shadow Triad
  63. [B/W] Battle Subway
  64. [B2/W2] Noticeable differences between BW2 & BW1?
  65. [B/W] The effectiveness of earlier generation Pokemon in gen V.
  66. [B/W] Black or White?
  67. [B2/W2] Zekrom and Reshirem
  68. [B/W] Can anyone help me?
  69. [B/W] I eed my 3rd team
  70. [B/W] Serperior VS [Samurott] VS Emboar
  71. [B/W] Darkrai
  72. [B2/W2] New Items? Original Items Staying?
  73. [B/W] Dream World Minigames!
  74. [B/W] Black and White's version of the Dream World
  75. [B/W] Character development in Black and White
  76. [B/W] Do you think your character was right in taking a stand against Ghetsis?
  77. [B/W] The "final conflict" scenes
  78. [B/W] Add me on Pokemon black and white
  79. [B2/W2] Akuroma: Good or Bad?
  80. [B2/W2] Plan A Pokémon Team?
  81. [B/W] Darmanitan versus [Krookodile]
  82. [B2/W2] English release date! Revealed!
  83. [B2/W2] Anyone importing Japanese Black and/or White 2?
  84. [B/W] Looking for a Riolu/Lucario egg or a lvl 1 Riolu
  85. [B2/W2] New Pokemon Type Announced! Ideas?
  86. [B/W] Seth Gallahad's Trading Thread
  87. [B2/W2] Pokemon Black And White 2
  88. [B2/W2] What do you think about Lucario?
  89. [B/W] Black & White VS. previous games
  90. [B/W] RNG Help
  91. [B2/W2] New Game Features
  92. [B2/W2] Meleotta- is it true?
  93. [B/W] [Eelektross] versus Klinklang
  94. [B2/W2] New TM/HM lineup?
  95. [B2/W2] Formes. Will they all have different cries from their original?
  96. [B2/W2] Sparkly Grass Patches
  97. [B2/W2] What do you think about the new formes?
  98. [B2/W2] Join Avenue
  99. [B/W] Mystery Gift
  100. [B/W] [Druddigon] VS Bouffalant
  101. [B2/W2] Genesect
  102. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]New version exclusive areas
  103. [B/W] For how long did you play Pokémon B/W?
  104. [B/W] Best Team Vs online players
  105. [B/W] Looking for for 0 ev clamperl
  106. [B/W] What is your favourite shiny pokemon in B/W?
  107. [B/W] Shiny Reshiram!
  108. [B/W] Custom Pokemon!
  109. [B/W] Getting Shiny Pokemon
  110. [B/W] pokemon white team
  111. [B2/W2] An Altered Type Chart
  112. [B/W] team building
  113. [B/W] Jellicent versus [Chandelure]
  114. [B/W] Weird thing happening with dust clouds on caves.
  115. [B2/W2] Japanese version of B2/W2
  116. [B/W] Masterball used on ?
  117. B2W2 Guidelines for Posting News
  118. [B2/W2] Game difficulty
  119. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Move tutors
  120. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]In Game Events/Gifts
  121. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Elite 4 Discussion
  122. [B2/W2] [Spoiler] New Champ of Unova
  123. [B2/W2] Challenge mode
  124. [B2/W2] New Character Designs
  125. [B2/W2] obligatory music thread.
  126. [B2/W2] Moveset Changes
  127. [B2/W2] What the World Tournament Chapions should've been
  128. [B2/W2] The Medal System
  129. [B2/W2] Planned teams for B2W2
  130. [B2/W2] final boss??
  131. [B/W] Battling Community
  132. [B2/W2] Kyurem and Zekrom/Reshiram Relation
  133. [B2/W2] how do u feel on pokemon balance of the game?
  134. [B2/W2] how do I catch white kyurem?
  135. [B2/W2] Are Shiny Pokemon becoming easier to get?
  136. [B/W] [Crustle] VS Amoonguss
  137. [B2/W2] Region Lock
  138. [B2/W2] [spoiler] B2W2 Disappointments and likes
  139. [B2/W2] N is Zoroark?
  140. [B2/W2] Quick Questions
  141. [B/W] Do you regret putting time and effort into B/W? (No spoilers please)
  142. [B2/W2] Hidden Hollows
  143. [B/W] Petilil to Lilligant
  144. [B2/W2] Pokemon Anime
  145. [B2/W2] How are you dealing with spoilers?
  146. [B/W] Pal Pad Trading
  147. [B2/W2] The Unova Travel Journal-B2W2
  148. [B2/W2] How far in advance do you think Nintendo planned B&W & B&W 2?
  149. [B2/W2] How will you go through your first Playthrough of B/W2??
  150. [B/W] Anyone Else Hate Castelia City?
  151. [B/W] Easter eggs and secrets
  152. [B/W] Did adding infinite TMs make things OP?
  153. [B2/W2] Anyone Help Me?
  154. [B/W] Modest Deino with Dark Pulse for Darkrai or Victini
  155. [B/W] Cofagrigus versus Golurk
  156. [B2/W2] Which Sequel??
  158. [B/W] Need someone to help me turn my Scyther into Scizor
  159. [B/W] Black and White Feedback / Discussion Thread
  160. [B2/W2] Boo!! The Battle Subway is left unchanged!
  161. [B2/W2] B2W2 cutscenes
  162. [B/W] Favorite BW Unova City?
  163. [B2/W2] Hilbert and Hilda?
  164. [B2/W2] Favorite/least favorite B2W2 gym leader
  165. [B2/W2] Critical Captures in B/W2?
  166. [B/W] Hacked pokemon
  167. [B/W] The final evolution!
  168. [B/W] The Trail We Blaze
  169. [B/W] Sigilyph versus Cryogonal
  170. [B/W] Recommend me a Tank Pokemon =)
  171. [B/W] We Built This City
  172. [B2/W2] B&W2 translation already in progress
  173. [B/W] I cheated - so what?
  174. [B/W] Just What I Needed
  175. [B/W] Did Black and White deserve their perfect score?
  176. [B/W] Hello! I have an RNG question
  177. [B2/W2] Color Swap?
  178. [B2/W2] Genesect!
  179. [B/W] (re)Play the Game
  180. [B/W] Too late It is another Nuzlocke! - IceBurgers Lets Play
  181. [B/W] Road to Nowhere
  182. [B/W] Gaming Progress
  183. [B/W] Train in Vain
  184. [B/W] HELP PLEASE!
  185. [B/W] What if there was a Grey version instead?
  186. [B/W] Looking for the black exclusive pokemon
  187. [B/W] Musharna versus Swoobat
  188. [B/W] Dream World Porygon Event
  189. [B/W] Oh wait I can't trade Cofagrigus without a nickname???
  190. [B2/W2] B2W2 Time Discrepancy
  191. [B/W] Why do you think Black and White has recieved so many bad remarks?
  192. [B/W] The Elite Four
  193. [B/W] Who was Black and White aimed at?
  194. [B/W] Victory Road
  195. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Friend Code Exchange
  196. [B2/W2] [Spoiler] Relations to Older Games
  197. [B2/W2] BW2 Gym Leader Marlon
  198. [B2/W2] Rival Name MkII: English Edition
  199. [B2/W2] B2W2 Piplup Download
  200. [B2/W2] bw2 team
  201. [B/W] HELP!!! D:
  202. [B2/W2] 3rd Gym
  203. [B2/W2] Trading Keys?
  204. [B2/W2] Are you looking foreward to the new legendarys? (B&W2 Discussion)
  205. [Weekly Poll] Simisage VS Simisear VS Simipour
  206. [B/W] Kinda complicated question
  207. [B/W] Plasma Grunt *Your Username*
  208. [B2/W2] [Spoiler] Join Avenue
  209. [B/W] Unova-only Pokemon during the main story: Debate
  210. [B2/W2] A suggestion for the starting pokemon.
  211. [B/W] The C-Gear
  212. [B/W] Musicals
  213. [B/W] Triple/Rotation Battles
  214. [B/W] Pokerus
  215. [B/W] Squirtle.
  216. [B/W] favorite new pokemon in black and white
  217. [B/W] black or white
  218. [B/W] Different Names for Black and White?
  219. [B/W] Bianca Or Cheren?
  220. [B/W] Unlock breeding in pokemon white
  221. [B/W] Suggest me some Pokés for BW's in-game
  222. [B/W] Please, please tell me who you are!
  223. [Weekly Poll] Skyla vs Elesa
  224. [B/W] Regional state of mind
  225. [B2/W2] Questions!!!
  226. Black 2 and White 2 Rules
  227. [B/W] Gurdurr vs Scraggy
  228. [B/W] RNG HELP PLEASE!!!
  229. [B/W] idk whats wrong
  230. [B2/W2] October 7th
  231. [B/W] Time for some Sage advice!
  232. [B/W] Questioning the effectiveness of the newer pokemon?
  233. [B2/W2] Event locations totally disappeared
  234. [B/W] A Fish(erman) Out Of Water.
  235. [B/W] whimsicott or lilligant
  236. [B/W] Keldeo Event
  237. [B/W] New Items in B/W2!!!
  238. [B/W] Most annoying location in Unova?
  239. [Weekly Poll] Dragon Leaders vs Brycen
  240. [B/W] Trading! Come post FC!
  241. [B/W] LF RNG users
  242. [B/W] Finally the Keldeo Event!
  243. [B2/W2] Extra Trash Bytes for PokeStar Studios Completion?
  244. [B/W] Looking For and New:)
  245. [B2/W2] What is your 'excuse' to buy BW2?
  246. [B/W] Pokemon White/Black Trade??
  247. [B/W] B/W music!
  248. [B2/W2] Friend Codes?
  249. [B/W] Gen. 1 Pokemon still on your team.
  250. [B/W] Roar! Squawk! Hiss!