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  1. [B/W] WI-FI battle anyone?
  2. [B/W] New trainer pics!
  3. [B/W] Which pokemon generation do you think will be better, Gen 4 or Gen 5?
  4. [B/W] New way to train
  5. [B/W] 5th generation updates
  6. [B/W] Combos?
  7. [B/W] Are you...talking to me?
  8. [B/W] Reserving Black/White?
  9. [B/W] what do u think the 8 gyms will be
  10. [B/W] Pokemon B/W + NINTENDO 3DS = compatible?????????
  11. [B/W] Visting other regions
  12. [B/W] How are you going to play the 5th Gen Games?
  13. [B/W] How would you feel if Black and White were delayed and made into 3DS games?
  14. [B/W] General Gen V Pokemon Opinion Thread
  15. [B/W] New Pokemon to be Revealed in Zoroark Movie?
  16. [B/W] New Pokemon
  17. [B/W] Remake of sapphire/ruby
  18. [B/W] Pokémon Sunday June 20: Everything we know so far, but moving!
  19. [B/W] What will the new unique type combinations be?
  20. [B/W] Eevee Evolutions
  21. [B/W] Facebook Group Admin claims to have insider info
  22. [B/W] Most Annoying Gen V Pokemon
  23. [B/W] New PBR/ Staduim?
  24. [B/W] Black & Whites Graphics Flaws& Awes
  25. [B/W] Let me hit the point: Can you pleaseeee buy me a Pokémon B or W game?
  26. [B/W] New Evos of old Pokemon, as well as babies
  27. [B/W] Munna
  28. [B/W] Pokemon Revealed Pokemon
  29. [B/W] Black & White - RGBYFRLG Connection?
  30. [B/W] The Illusion is Revealed
  31. [B/W] Can somebody get me up to speed?!
  32. [B/W] Support for 3DS?
  33. [B/W] Pokemon B&W Full Scans
  34. [B/W] Actually calling out the pokemon's move?
  35. [B/W] New Pokeballs
  36. [B/W] What features do you hope they'll put into Black and White or Gen. 5?
  37. [B/W] B/W release??
  38. [B/W] What signature moves do you think reshiram and zekrom will have?
  39. [B/W] How much money do you think it will be to import the new games?
  40. [B/W] Favourite new Pokemon
  41. [B/W] New Grass Tile
  42. [B/W] Zoroark-Really the Gen 5 Lucario?
  43. [B/W] Cinematics
  44. [B/W] What Will The New Gadget Be?
  45. [B/W] Special Rental DVD Reveals new images
  46. [B/W] New Way to Talk to Characters
  47. [B/W] 5th Generation Roller Coaster Gym?
  48. [B/W] New Characters!
  49. [B/W] New Pokemon Sunday episode
  50. [B/W] What will the cities be named?
  51. [B/W] Evos for Smugleaf and Wotter
  52. [B/W] The Tall Grass
  53. [B/W] Do you guys think...
  54. [B/W] Lacked new image?
  55. [B/W] cross breeding?
  57. [B/W] A way to earn EXP points faster and get EV's more convinently
  58. [B/W] Fight, Run, Pokemon, and...Shooter?
  59. [B/W] 3 on 3 BATTLES!!!!
  60. [B/W] IR Communicator within Game?
  61. [B/W] Desukan
  62. [B/W] Ononokusu is not a mantis!
  63. [B/W] After Black and white....
  64. [B/W] Game actually worth the buy?
  65. [B/W] Its Official Pokemon IS DEAD!!!
  66. [B/W] PokeGear, or PokeTech
  67. [B/W] pokemon cries?
  68. [B/W] Legendaries?
  69. [B/W] What do you think the new "Dragonite" spot is going to be?
  70. [B/W] Playing Black/White online?
  71. [B/W] Pokemon Black & White: Best Wishes [4 New Pokemon]
  72. [B/W] Events?
  73. [B/W] Odd Features in Black and White
  74. [B/W] Lets talk Fossils.
  75. [B/W] Ruby and Sapphire Remake Speculation Thread
  76. [B/W] Black or White
  77. [B/W] Third Game legendary
  78. [B/W] new evil organization or team rocket in black and white?
  79. [B/W] getting it
  80. [B/W] Parallel Pokemon!
  81. [B/W] The hero becomes a villain
  82. [B/W] Legendary trio.
  83. [B/W] Weird Pokémon so far
  84. [B/W] Koromori
  85. [B/W] Reason why the 5th gen pokemon look different
  86. [B/W] TV Phone conferences?
  87. [B/W] EXP For Catching Pokemon
  88. [B/W] Different Types of Moves do different things to the Camera?
  89. [B/W] New toys reveal Pokemon?
  90. [B/W] Pokemon After Black and White
  91. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White available for Pre-order now! and Question!
  92. [B/W] Koromori revealed in screenshots!
  93. [B/W] Gen 5 last gen?
  94. [B/W] Do you like rumours?
  95. [B/W] Isshu Daycare?
  96. [B/W] Gotta catch'em all
  97. [B/W] Official Rumours Thread
  98. [B/W] I'm kind of disappointed with this.
  99. [B/W] Diasuke Club Flier reveals new Pokemon!
  100. [B/W] New Official Starters?
  101. [B/W] Follow Me Feature confirmed not in B/W
  102. [B/W] Double update!
  103. [B/W] Black city/White Forest??
  104. [B/W] Black & White - Getting a little old now?
  105. [B/W] BW Predictions
  106. [B/W] Shark Pokemon?
  107. [B/W] How many new Pokemon?
  108. [B/W] New Pokemon Silhouette on Pokmon Sunday [July 11]
  109. [B/W] The New Pokemon
  110. [B/W] event celibe
  111. [B/W] What Japanese Region is Isshu based on?
  112. [B/W] More New Pokemon :D
  113. [B/W] check this out a sneak peak on pokemon movie 13.
  114. [B/W] Amusement Park In B/W!?
  115. [B/W] New corocoro scans !!
  116. [B/W] Encourage Ability
  117. [B/W] If you are given your starter by a professor
  118. [B/W] Black is White...?
  119. [B/W] Black and White Translations
  120. [B/W] opnions on a sound type
  121. [B/W] New Characters for Black and White;
  122. [B/W] NEW "new corocoro" SCANS
  123. [B/W] Passing By and High Link
  124. [B/W] Credits
  125. [B/W] Official new moves
  126. [B/W] Rankurusu and Gochiruzeu
  127. [B/W] Pointless Start Moves
  128. [B/W] New Legendary Representations
  129. [B/W] New Types
  130. [B/W] Day and night fixed??
  131. [B/W] More simple Pokémon = better?
  132. [B/W] World of Dreams
  133. [B/W] Pokemon Trainer N's evil Plans!
  134. [B/W] Childhood Rivals and Starter Selection!
  135. [B/W] Rating Syster?
  136. [B/W] Anyone else gonna wait for the 3rd version?
  137. [B/W] First game without previous gen Pokemon?
  138. [B/W] Live caster
  139. [B/W] Opposite Gender Character
  140. [B/W] Gen V reference in Gen I
  141. [B/W] Route 1?
  142. [B/W] Ice, Ghost and Fire types!
  143. [B/W] Anyone else bored of Grass, Water and Fire type starters?
  144. [B/W] What is that thing in the middle of the Isshu map?
  145. [B/W] FUSION POKEMON...... yes or no
  146. [B/W] Duel-type Attacks
  147. [B/W] B/W Pre orders
  148. [B/W] Black/White + Hoenn or Destortion?
  149. [B/W] Compilation of Generation V Pokémon
  150. [B/W] Introducing... Triple Battles!!!
  151. [B/W] Pokémon Sunday - July 25th - New Legendery Reveal!
  152. [B/W] Ability Discussion
  153. [B/W] Better "yin yang" types instead of Fire & Electric
  154. [B/W] Possible Danger of Online Play?
  155. [B/W] New Type V.S. Dark/Ghost Types...
  156. [B/W] Should they make more eeveelutions?? and what types would be the coolest??
  157. [B/W] "The Master Document" Content Speculation
  158. [B/W] Japanese Pokemon Black and White Preorder Bonus Revealed!
  159. [B/W] more gyms
  160. [B/W] what pokemon will you transfer thread 2
  161. [B/W] will black and white be worth it?
  162. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Sprite Project
  163. [B/W] Where is Isshu? Confirmed - New York
  164. [B/W] Evil Wi-fi
  165. [B/W] Funny thing you gotta read
  166. [B/W] Sky Theme?
  167. [B/W] Item Ideas
  169. [B/W] Frequently Asked Questions
  170. [B/W] New Typing Combos for Gen 5
  171. [B/W] Badge names?
  172. [B/W] changed
  173. [B/W] Rematch with a Gym Leader?
  174. [B/W] gym leader/ elite four members names
  175. [B/W] When are pokemon black and white coming coming out in english?
  176. [B/W] A few reasons why this gen will be HORRIBLE.
  177. [B/W] Black and White 3D claim bogus?
  178. [B/W] Single Pokemon
  179. [B/W] New Pokemon "Mamanbō" Revealed on Oha Suta
  180. [B/W] NPC interactions
  181. [B/W] BW Pokemon Transfer
  182. [B/W] New Videos!
  183. [B/W] Unconfirmed Pokemon Thread
  184. [B/W] Isshu City Names
  185. [B/W] Pokemon 000?
  186. [B/W] Bad News Possibly
  187. [B/W] Gamestop Offers Reservations!
  188. [B/W] Affinity
  189. [B/W] Technical Information
  190. [B/W] New Trailer Discussion
  191. [B/W] 3 new Pokemon Revealed!
  192. [B/W] Team Plasma Discussion
  193. [B/W] Pokemon Musical
  194. [B/W] Magnezone and the like.
  195. [B/W] New Types?
  196. [B/W] The new Subway
  197. [B/W] Pokémon Black and White - Seasons
  198. [B/W] What Do You Think Isshu Is Gonna Be Called In English
  199. [B/W] Aloe
  200. [B/W] Shikijika evolves into Shimama?
  201. [B/W] Poke'block-Poffin-...
  202. [B/W] Inb4 New Weather Type.
  203. [B/W] Black City or White Forest
  204. [B/W] Will you still play HG/SS/D/P/PT
  205. [B/W] Here is a challenge for all of you.
  206. [B/W] New Evolution Stones
  207. [B/W] NO ELITE FOUR... tournament style
  208. [B/W] Real-time weather
  209. [B/W] A Hint at RSE Remakes?
  210. [B/W] Black & White, Pokemon or not?
  211. [B/W] Controlling the active camera during battle
  212. [B/W] Black and White Music
  213. [B/W] Game Mechanics
  214. [B/W] Dream World save editing?
  215. [B/W] How are you liking the Black/White Pokemon so far
  216. [B/W] Technology vs. Nature...
  217. [B/W] Cut Scenes!
  218. [B/W] What would your Black and White team be?
  219. [B/W] DS Game Recorder to be released with Black and White?
  220. [B/W] Black or white?Zekrom or Reshiram
  221. [B/W] 1 new pokemon,Victinis' type !
  222. [B/W] Oh god...more pokemon?
  223. [B/W] Iris and Dento In BW?
  224. [B/W] Liking all new everything?
  225. [B/W] black and white starters
  226. [B/W] Is anyone?
  227. [B/W] The DEMO !
  228. [B/W] Pokémon Black and White Commercial! [New gameplay!!! - Team Plasma]
  229. [B/W] [Confirmed] No Gen 1-4 Pokémon will be in the Isshu Pokédex!!!
  230. [B/W] Pokemon Musical (aka Contest Replacement)
  231. [B/W] What would happen if you trade Gen.5 Pokemon to HG/SS/DPt?
  232. [B/W] Zoroark & Zorua Discussion
  233. [B/W] Changing The Plot?!?!
  234. [B/W] Have you ever imagined.
  235. [B/W] R/B/Y/G remakes???
  236. [B/W] Iris haters?
  237. [B/W] Disscuss the infomation in the master document
  238. [B/W] R/S/E Remakes
  239. [B/W] My Prediction for the Starter names
  240. [B/W] New Pokemon [ 8/6/2010 ] & August CocoCoro scans
  241. [B/W] Shikijika changes colors with the seasons!
  242. [B/W] Text Swap
  243. [B/W] Nintendo 3DS exclusive feature?
  244. [B/W] Official English Name Discussion
  245. [B/W] Gym & Gym Leaders Discussion
  246. [B/W] The Actual box.
  247. [B/W] B/W Rom
  248. [B/W] TMs & HMs Discussion
  249. [B/W] Pokèmon Type changes!
  250. [B/W] event pokemon/in-game events