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  1. [B/W] y blak n wite
  2. [B/W] Beyond Arceus
  3. [B/W] Trading?
  4. [B/W] New Pokemon Gyms
  5. [B/W] Kanto Starters!
  6. [B/W] Importing Japanese B/W (help)
  7. [B/W] Pokemon Sunday shows new Pokemon Overworld Sprite!
  8. [B/W] Karakusa Town ?
  9. [B/W] Your opinions of B/W Pokémon - Favourites and Least Favourites
  10. [B/W] B & W Elite 4
  11. [B/W] New Pokeballs Thread 2
  12. [B/W] Hoping they bring back the Pokemon follow feature
  13. [B/W] 5th gen US names to be leaked early?
  14. [B/W] Evolution lines for new 5th Generation Pokémon
  15. [B/W] What DON'T you want to see in the new games?
  16. [B/W] Returning of Old Characters?
  17. [B/W] Pokemon GBU
  18. [B/W] New Short Clip! And Pokémon?
  19. [B/W] Secret Bases
  20. [B/W] The Dreamy World
  21. [B/W] Is Zorua/Zoroark confirmed event-only?
  22. [B/W] Desukan front STILL not revealed??!
  23. [B/W] Will they have a Pokéwalker or a similar accessory for generation 5?
  24. [B/W] Pokeradar?
  25. [B/W] Hello Isshu Region! Farewell Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny?
  26. [B/W] Trainers Discussion
  27. [B/W] Family roles in B/W
  28. [B/W] New Pokemon discovered by AD?!
  29. [B/W] What age group do you think pokemon black/white are aimed at?
  30. [B/W] Hiyappu, Baoppu & Yanappu Discussion (new water/fire type monkey)
  31. [B/W] A new Cast.. form?
  32. [B/W] New Anime Details.
  33. [B/W] Black and White's American Release date
  34. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White- A Sale Whale
  35. [B/W] Favorite New Pokemon
  36. [B/W] New Weather Types/Conditions
  37. [B/W] BW C-Gear games
  38. [B/W] The New Legendary And Startes
  39. [B/W] Seasons and what to buy?
  40. [B/W] black and white -Vs- 3rd game
  41. [B/W] The C-Gear
  42. [B/W] Event pokemon?
  43. [B/W] shiny moguryu?
  44. [B/W] Pokemon Best Wishes New Season Preview
  45. [B/W] New Pokemon Revealed in video?
  46. [B/W] Gen 5 Pokemon Review Thread
  47. [B/W] Not Bringing Back Great Balls?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  48. [B/W] Crappy Pokémon?
  49. [B/W] Black and White Guidelines
  50. [B/W] New BW Ash?
  51. [B/W] Professor Araragi - General Discussion Thread
  52. [B/W] Found some new Info
  53. [B/W] Move Combinations
  54. [B/W] Kibago the new Gible???
  55. [B/W] Miracle Shooter
  56. [B/W] Tsutaja and Mijumaru second evolutions
  57. [B/W] What type do we need more of in pokemon black and white
  58. [B/W] What is the 5th Gen's "Legendary Trio"?
  59. [B/W] New Weather: Rainbow
  60. [B/W] 5th gen Pokemon Cry Thread
  61. [B/W] I seen the pre-order link!!
  62. [B/W] Koromori evolution Probably revealed.
  63. [B/W] Making B/W a walk to remember
  64. [B/W] maybe its just me
  65. [B/W] Closen the Gap Conpetitive Play in the 5th Gen
  66. [B/W] I seen the pre-order link For Pokmon Black / White!!
  67. [B/W] Iris in the Games / New commercials discussion
  68. [B/W] Agnom
  69. [B/W] Liberty Ticket - Japan Event
  70. [B/W] Anybody hope this won't happen?
  71. [B/W] what are the chances?
  72. [B/W] Black & White Pre-Order?
  73. [B/W] they were fake!
  74. [B/W] What do you think of the new Pokemon
  75. [B/W] translating Black/ white
  76. [B/W] New pokemon! with a mask on its face... and some new pictures
  77. [B/W] Stronger than Arceus?
  78. [B/W] FR/LG Remakes
  79. [B/W] What items would you like to be removed and what items would you like see added?
  80. [B/W] What kind of team do you think you'll have?
  81. [B/W] Ahh! Spoilers!
  82. [B/W] Farewell to the "Walking Pokemon" Feature?
  83. [B/W] No more new evolutions??!!
  84. [B/W] starter evo?
  85. [B/W] Season Cycle with Season-Only Pokemon
  86. [B/W] So how are you gonna make your B/W team?
  87. [B/W] Pokémon Sunday: Will they confirm the evo's or not?
  88. [B/W] Were do we get the Coro Coro Scans?
  89. [B/W] The Pokeshifter
  90. [B/W] Swan
  91. [B/W] Battle System / New Attacks Discussion thread!~
  92. [B/W] New information/rumors
  93. [B/W] Shiny Speculation Thread
  94. [B/W] New Feline Pokemon! (6th September)
  95. [B/W] Possible Name of Mijumaru Evolution
  96. [B/W] WHEN?
  97. [B/W] Will gen 5 remake r/s/e for the 3ds?
  98. [B/W] New Pokemon revealed at the Daycare
  99. [B/W] Encounter Rate Speculation
  100. [B/W] TeraVoltage???
  101. [B/W] Famitsu's 40 out of 40: Now you KNOW it's good?
  102. [B/W] The new gyms,elite 4 champion.
  103. [B/W] Trading With 4th Generation?
  104. [B/W] Base Stats Speculation
  105. [B/W] It's Official!!!!!
  106. [B/W] Pokemon Pia Discussion Thread - New Pokemon
  107. [B/W] B/W Legendaries Discussion
  108. [B/W] The Language Barrier for those who have pre-ordered Pokemon Black/White.
  109. [B/W] Gen 5 formes disscusion
  110. [B/W] Spoilers from Pokebeach.com!!!
  111. [B/W] Duty/ Import fees from ordering the game in Japanese?
  112. [B/W] September CoroCoro Revealed / Pokemon Sunday!
  113. [B/W] Pre-ordering (Import from play-asia) not in stock?
  114. [B/W] Since my last post was disrepectfully closed before an actual answer could be posted
  115. [B/W] New Tauros Evolution
  116. [B/W] Serebii Updates
  117. [B/W] Your Favourite so far???
  118. [B/W] [OFFICIAL] Oha Suta Discussion Thread (September 12-18, 2010)
  119. [B/W] Your starter changes more in game!!!
  120. [B/W] Possible New Evo's and Prevo's
  121. [B/W] 5th Generation Wrapped up in 1
  122. [B/W] 2 Rivals 2 Games
  123. [B/W] National Pokédex Number Theories (is Victini really #494?)
  124. [B/W] Re-creating Old Pokemon?
  125. [B/W] Pokemon Black/White can't wait thread
  126. [B/W] B/W Game Coverage/News Discussion
  127. [B/W] Screenshots of B&W
  128. [B/W] Amazon ships out pre-orders of Black and White
  129. [B/W] What Will Your Bring Over Through The Transfer Machine?
  130. [B/W] Pokemon Black/White Screenies [SPOILERS]
  131. [B/W] Simple Questions
  132. [B/W] New pokemon
  133. [B/W] More Updates, More Pokemon And Final Starter Evos Confirmed
  134. [B/W] 156 New Pokemon - Brings The Total To 649!
  135. [B/W] Base Stats Discussion
  136. [B/W] Evolutions Discussion
  137. [B/W] Pros and Cons Discussion Thread
  138. [B/W] Pokedex Leaked
  139. [B/W] What will your team be? [Remember to include 4 words]
  140. [B/W] Isshu Region Journal!
  141. [B/W] rivals and battles
  142. [B/W] The Region of INanimation
  143. [B/W] Where can you find evolution levels?
  144. [B/W] No more evovles?
  146. [B/W] Does anyone know zone limitation for DSi?
  147. [B/W] 1 and a half hours left!
  148. [B/W] Someone on YouTube is posting B/W walkthroughs! :D
  149. [B/W] List of All New Pokemon!
  150. [B/W] Rotom type changes !
  151. [B/W] Japanese wifi events
  152. [B/W] How to put it on your R4?
  153. [B/W] All of The New Pokemon Released
  154. [B/W] Should I order Black or White?
  155. [B/W] Level up/TM/Tutor movesets
  156. [B/W] So a new start?
  157. [B/W] Third? Master? Minion?
  158. [B/W] Help!!!
  159. [B/W] What's the first wild Pokémon you encountered in B/W?
  160. [B/W] my pokemon doesnt get EXP points
  161. [B/W] What's your favourite track within the games?
  162. [B/W] B/W WTF Moment Thread !
  163. [B/W] The BEST Pokemon of BW Poll
  164. [B/W] Characters Discussion Thread
  165. [B/W] Nintendo Taking action?
  166. [B/W] Confused
  167. [B/W] Movesets revealed.
  168. [B/W] Welcome Back
  169. [B/W] Black & White WiFi
  170. [B/W] A Sinnoh Appearance?
  171. [B/W] Foe those who pre-ordered
  172. [B/W] breaking away
  173. [B/W] All 649 Pokemon Sprites (B/W)
  174. [B/W] Official Shiny Discussion [ Black and White only ]
  175. [B/W] alternate,female/male forms?
  176. [B/W] [General] Items Discussion
  177. [B/W] What is the most challenging aspect of B/W for you?
  178. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White saving game problem
  179. [B/W] Black/White - Travel Journal
  180. [B/W] Do your Pokemon follow you like in HG/SS?
  181. [B/W] Nintendo Issued A Warning.
  182. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Shiny Sprites!
  183. [B/W] BW Pokedex Entries!
  184. [B/W] Is anyone else disappointed?
  185. [B/W] Pokemon B/W Menu and Moveset Translation *Items Also* : Hiring!
  186. [B/W] How is this possible?
  187. [B/W] People From Sinnoh in BW
  188. [B/W] Sprites Discussion Kanto
  189. [B/W] Sprites Discussion Johto
  190. [B/W] Sprites Discussion Hoenn
  191. [B/W] Sprites Discussion Sinnoh
  192. [B/W] black and white marks a lot of firsts
  193. [B/W] Locations of Pokémon and Routes Discussion
  194. [B/W] How do you feel about the amount of version differences?
  195. [B/W] Pokemon White and Black problems saving on No$gba?
  196. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Traveling Stories
  197. [B/W] Still Pokémon at heart?
  198. [B/W] Does B/W come with an Engish option...?
  199. [B/W] What's your opinion of Pokémon Musicals?
  200. [B/W] No exp.
  201. [B/W] Rare candy?
  202. [B/W] how do black and white compare to the rest of the pokemon games?
  203. [B/W] Pride of the Bug-type!!
  204. [B/W] Region locking outside of US
  205. [B/W] The Tiny Things Thread (Possible Spoiler Warning)
  206. [B/W] Gen 5 Pokemon that are doomed to obscurity
  207. [B/W] Images back yey.
  208. [B/W] Pokesav Black and White English Translation
  209. [B/W] Who has received their Game yet?
  210. [B/W] Types in BW?
  211. [B/W] still looking?
  212. [B/W] Pokemon Black English Translation
  213. [B/W] Pokesav Black/White in Engrish
  214. [B/W] B/W's Storyline: Opinions?
  215. [B/W] Why'd You Get The Game(s)?
  216. [B/W] Thread Index
  217. [B/W] Shiny Pokemon in BW...
  218. [B/W] After Black & White
  219. [B/W] I just checked up my Pokemon ivs and it's a shock!
  221. [B/W] Animated B/W Sprites
  222. [B/W] Evolutions of older pokemon
  223. [B/W] Triple Battles! Discussion Thread
  224. [B/W] Strongest Pokemon so Far?
  225. [B/W] Queston on B&W.
  226. [B/W] What are you doing in preperation for Black and White?
  227. [B/W] how playable is this game?
  228. [B/W] Oldies
  229. [B/W] BW Aspects to supposed remakes
  230. [B/W] do you think that dento (one of the 1st gym trio) is gay?
  231. [B/W] Third Gen remakes?
  232. [B/W] Buy or Wait for B&W?
  233. [B/W] Clarification on cross compatability
  234. [B/W] Third Game Speculation
  235. [B/W] There must be sum mistake!!!
  236. [B/W] So will 5th Gen be allowed in regular tourneys?
  237. [B/W] Seasonal Changes
  238. [B/W] B&W: How many Pokemon have you seen/caught so far?
  239. [B/W] Chaining and Altering Encounters
  240. [B/W] Claw Sharpen and weather stall teams
  241. [B/W] Best Isshu Pokemon for Each Type
  242. [B/W] Kanto Champion!?~
  243. [B/W] Events Discussion Thread [Current Event: Mystery Egg]
  244. [Weekly Poll] Male or Female [ #1 ]
  245. [B/W] Opinions on Black and White?
  246. [B/W] Cynthia to be battled in B/W?
  247. [B/W] English Release Date Discussion [EU - March 4, US - March 6, AUS - March 10]
  248. [B/W] Team Plasma Discussion Thread
  249. [B/W] What would you have changed in Pokemon Black/White?
  250. [B/W] Could someone confirm this to me...