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  1. [B/W] Black and White Boappu PKM!
  2. [B/W] When pokemon Black and White come out...
  3. [B/W] Who is Excited For...
  4. [B/W] A broken promise?
  5. [B/W] Kanto Champion Remix in BW?
  6. [B/W] Animation Discussion
  7. [Weekly Poll] How you're playing the games [ #2 ]
  8. [B/W] Isshu Travel Journey Thread
  9. [B/W] The United Nations / Tower for Pokemon
  10. [B/W] Why ROMs Are Bad (And How To Defeat Them!)
  11. [B/W] The Dream World
  12. [B/W] What kind of nickname are you, how do you represent the Pokémon you do~
  13. [B/W] After Game Release CoroCoro Scans [SPOILERS]
  14. [B/W] the hoenn remakes of the fifth generation
  15. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Awesome Art Collection [HIGH BANDWITH WARNING]
  16. [B/W] Legendary Questions
  17. [B/W] Favorite Generation V Cries
  18. [B/W] Favourite City in Isshu?
  19. [B/W] Who thought the boats in Hiun City took you to Hoenn, Kanto/Johto, and Sinnoh?
  20. [B/W] Which is hardest for you? Adeku, Cynthia or Morimoto?
  21. [Weekly Poll] Generation V as a "rebirth" [ #3 ]
  22. [B/W] Good ideas
  23. [B/W] Old Pokemon in Gen V
  24. [B/W] Dream World Networking
  25. [B/W] Pokemon Gray
  26. [B/W] Mijumaru
  27. [B/W] Acehigh's OU tier list
  28. [B/W] GameFreak is a troll
  29. [B/W] Black and White Game Release Date For Stores?
  30. [Weekly Poll] "Smugleaf" as Tsutaaja's English name [ #4 ]
  31. [B/W] Pokemon Grey Gym Leader Rematches
  32. [B/W] "Zoroark: Master of Illusions" Confirmed 2011 release
  33. [B/W] English Name Confirmation Thread
  34. [B/W] Dumb Question
  35. [B/W] New Experience Gain
  36. [B/W] Experience Groups in 5th Generation
  37. [B/W] Mamanbou and Luvdisc
  38. [Weekly Poll] Pre-Evolutions, Final Evolutions & Previous Pokémon [ #5 ]
  39. [B/W] So I've Heard this Character is from Black and White? Or is it a hoax?
  40. [B/W] Black or White?
  41. [B/W] Dream World Discussion
  42. [B/W] Your Reaction?
  43. [B/W] Funny Funny Pokemon Video
  44. [Weekly Poll] Basing 'Unova' on New York [ #6 ]
  45. [B/W] B/W WTF Moments!
  46. [B/W] Event Thread
  47. [B/W] Black and White Scavenger Hunt #1
  48. [B/W] Hidden things (like Smugleaf)
  49. [B/W] The availability of Vending Machines within Isshu
  50. [Weekly Poll] What would you change [ #7 ]
  51. [B/W] Possible to Rematch Trainers in B/W
  52. [B/W] Elite Four Discussion Thread
  53. [B/W] New Pokemon for the third game?
  54. [B/W] B&W Starters
  55. [Weekly Poll] Cutscenes [ #8 ]
  56. [B/W] English names of Starters and Region revealed Nov 22
  57. [B/W] Isshu's gone Unova?
  58. [B/W] It's Snivy, Not Smugleaf!
  59. [B/W] Logos A No-Go?
  60. [B/W] Who are your favourite B/W characters?
  61. [B/W] How Addicted Are You?
  62. [B/W] B/W VGC Discussion
  63. [B/W] Reshiram and Zekrom to be in the Unova Thanksgiving Parade
  64. [B/W] Black or White?
  65. [Weekly Poll] Hey you! Answer this Survey! [ #9 ]
  66. [B/W] Anyone Have Black or White?
  67. [B/W] Next 5th generation Game ( may or may not happen )
  68. [Weekly Poll] When the games are released in English [ #10 ]
  69. [B/W] Pre-ordering Black and White?
  70. [B/W] hi im new with a question
  71. [B/W] Japanese BW compatibility?
  72. [B/W] Decapitalization
  73. [B/W] The Search for Unova! Scavenger Hunt
  74. [B/W] Walking with Pokes
  75. [B/W] Zoroark Movie to be announced in USA Soon?
  76. [B/W] Deerling or Reshiram? [I remember Christmas in Unova...I was in my winter forme!]
  77. [B/W] GTS Negotiations
  78. [Weekly Poll] The Following Feature - Third Version [ #11 ]
  79. [B/W] Do you think that one day we will look back on gen V games, and feel nostalgia?
  80. [B/W] What Pokemon have carried your team?
  81. [B/W] How do you feel about Team Plasma?
  82. [B/W] Next Pokemon Console Game Speculation
  83. [B/W] The New EXP System
  84. [B/W] What sparked your initial interest in Black and White?
  85. [B/W] BW Official Guide
  86. [B/W] Ho, Ho, Ho! Christmas in Unova! [Winners Announced]
  87. [B/W] All Unova Pokemon Animated!
  88. [Weekly Poll] N! [ #12 ]
  89. [B/W] Your Team or Your Future Team in B/W
  90. [B/W] Advent of New Art Style In BW?
  91. [B/W] Favorite Tracks of B/W
  92. [B/W] free Pokemon black white giveaway
  93. [B/W] Trapped?
  94. [B/W] Unreleased Pokemon!
  95. [B/W] Beginning?
  96. [Weekly Poll] What would you do to the storyline in Unova [ #13 ]
  97. [B/W] Best Legend of Unova?
  98. [B/W] Favorite Mebukijika form?
  99. [B/W] My Youtube channel ^.^
  100. [B/W] 2 good question
  101. [B/W] Black & White US Trailer
  102. [B/W] Black and White: Best selling game 2011?
  103. [B/W] Do you think there will be remakes of B/W?
  104. [B/W] Pokemon Musicals
  105. [Weekly Poll] Will you use Zorua or Zoroark on your team? [ #14 ]
  106. [B/W] C Gear Problem on R4
  107. [B/W] Your opinions on the Trainers and their Pokemon.
  108. [B/W] Are you happy with the new battle styles/systems?
  109. [B/W] Alternate Formes???
  110. [B/W] National Dex
  111. [B/W] Weirdest Pokemon EVAR
  112. [B/W] Lost to Geeishu
  113. [Weekly Poll] Your Challenging Point [ #15 ]
  114. [B/W] B/W Evolutions Discussion
  115. [B/W] Black and White Promotional Mall Tour in US
  116. [Weekly Poll] Elemental Monkeys: Welcome addition or overkill? [ #16 ]
  117. [B/W] What are you looking forward to in the games?
  118. [B/W] Your Dream Isle
  119. [B/W] 6th gen
  120. [B/W] Let's Play Pokemon Black and White (English Walkthrough)
  121. [B/W] Unova Gym leaders disscussion thread
  122. [B/W] Dance Doredia, dance! - Sprite/Animation Discussion
  123. [Weekly Poll] The Changes in B&W [ #17 ]
  124. [B/W] Pokemon B/W and the DSi
  125. [B/W] Pokemon black and White, old starters?
  126. [B/W] Wi-fi connection
  127. [B/W] Who has preordered pokemon Black and or White?
  128. [B/W] what version are you buying or are you buying both
  129. [B/W] pokemon black and white genosect
  130. [B/W] C-Gear: Opinions?
  131. [B/W] What is your favorite Black and White Pokemon?
  132. [B/W] Pokemon :The Master of Illusions Zoroark Full Movie (EN Subs)
  133. [B/W] Pokemon Black Intro Vid
  134. [Weekly Poll] When Will You Buy? [ #18 ]
  135. [B/W] The New Items in Gen V Discussion
  136. [B/W] Miracle of Evolution/Pre-Evo Stone Discussion
  137. [B/W] All englis pokemon names Reveled on pokebeach.com
  138. [B/W] What starter will you Pick?
  139. [B/W] Black and White Official Animation Central!
  140. [B/W] Your WTF moments?
  141. [B/W] Old gamer - Is it worth coming back?
  142. [B/W] Dream World friends
  143. [B/W] Who's your favorite gym leader?
  144. [B/W] I can't beat this gym! UGH!
  145. [B/W] The Liberty Pass is here! [Victini Event]
  146. [B/W] Dream World DISCUSSION
  147. [B/W] What is your B/W Team?
  148. [B/W] Team Plasma's Scheme?
  149. [B/W] How challenging do you find Team Plasma?
  150. [B/W] How many Pokemon have you caught thus far?
  151. [B/W] Legendaries are amazing.
  152. [B/W] Which protagonist?
  153. [B/W] The Elite Four
  154. [B/W] Likes and Dislikes of Gen V Pokémon
  155. [B/W] Which starter did you pick?
  156. [B/W] Can we expect a ruby saphire remake?
  157. [B/W] Request : Pokemon White .sav file
  158. [B/W] Has anyone noticed the overabundance of bird Pokemon in B/W?
  159. [B/W] Location english name suggestions
  160. [B/W] Badge Discussion.
  161. [Weekly Poll] The ones we don't really love :( [ #19 ]
  162. [B/W] Those major, tiny features
  163. [B/W] GTS Negotiation Discussion
  164. [B/W] Pre-Order gifts? (North America)
  165. [B/W] Unova's "Isolation" from other regions
  166. [B/W] How long did it take you to beat the Main Story?
  167. [B/W] Unova Pronunciation: You-Na-va? or Un-No-Vah?
  168. [B/W] Opinions on the Camera Angles
  169. [B/W] Opinions on Seasons
  170. [B/W] Was the name change needed? (Isshu > Unova)
  171. [B/W] What have you named yourself?
  172. [B/W] That one Pokemon
  173. [B/W] Time difference
  174. [B/W] Is there a website where?
  175. [B/W] Cutscenes in Pokemon
  176. [B/W] Pokemon B/W Movies
  177. [B/W] So is the Battle Subway any better?
  178. [B/W] B&W's Version Differences
  179. [B/W] Which Region name did you like?
  180. [B/W] New title
  181. [B/W] Cerulean City Rocket Grunt/Looker
  182. [B/W] Pokemon Black & White 3DS enhanced?
  183. [B/W] Possible "New" Pokemon
  184. [B/W] What Will Be Your Pokemon Team?
  185. [B/W] Are Black and White a reboot?
  186. [B/W] Favorite Places in Unova
  187. [B/W] Check out our teams
  188. [Weekly Poll] Pokémon Gray - y/n? [ #20 ]
  189. [B/W] Which Pokemon Will/Did you Teach Fly??
  190. [B/W] Reusable TMs: Yes or No?
  191. [B/W] B & W: Proof that Pokemon has finally run out of names?
  192. [B/W] The ultimate black and white team?
  193. [B/W] Bark Out Zoroark event for those with Japanese games
  194. [B/W] The Black/White Anime...
  195. [B/W] Add/Edit/Remove?
  196. [B/W] Would you have liked to battle against the Kanto Champion?
  197. [B/W] A wild Tyranitar appeared!
  198. [B/W] I love Reuniclus!
  199. [B/W] i HATE black
  200. [B/W] Anyone stayed pure?
  201. [B/W] Double Typing?
  202. [B/W] Dream World
  203. [B/W] Pokemon RS Remake Speculation
  204. [B/W] Kyurem's Origin
  205. [B/W] Unova seems to be a lot more modern than it's predecessors.
  206. [Weekly Poll] The Kanto Starting Pokémon - on your C-Gear [ #21 ]
  207. [B/W] Aggg! I don't know!
  208. [B/W] Doesnt feel like home to me
  209. [B/W] Pokemon Black/White Tour 2011
  210. [B/W] Which new Design did you like in B/W?
  211. [B/W] Do you like the PokeTransfer in B/W?
  212. [B/W] (Future Event US) Ash's Scraggy??
  213. [B/W] Anyone have Japanese pokemon black or white?
  214. [B/W] Favorite Attacks/Moves in Gen V
  215. [B/W] so who is getting the Pokemon B/W Limited Edition DSI Bundle
  216. [B/W] How do you feel about less emphasis being placed on HMs?
  217. [B/W] Plume or Cover Fossil
  218. [B/W] Evo Stones - Is it a rule?
  219. [B/W] B/W Annoyances
  220. [B/W] Picture where I look
  221. [B/W] Masuda and Sugimori to meet London fans on launch day!
  222. [B/W] New York launch event allowing fans to get the games early
  223. [B/W] FIVE MORE DAYS!
  224. [B/W] Which Starter Is The Best Choice?
  225. [B/W] Sawk or Throh?
  226. [Weekly Poll] Combination Attacks [ #22 ]
  227. Frequently Asked Questions
  228. [B/W] Black/White Blackberry Messenger Community!
  229. [B/W] New abilities and Dream World abilities
  230. [B/W] celebi, catchable?
  231. [B/W] total pokemon
  232. [B/W] black or white?
  233. [B/W] What's your favourite Gen 5 Pokemon so far?
  234. [B/W] The European Pokedex Entries.... O_O
  235. [B/W] B&W's Gyms
  236. [B/W] Quick Questions
  237. [B/W] Unova's Autumn Festival
  238. [B/W] Unova's Autumn Festival - Blog Event
  239. [B/W] WTF Moments: B/W Edition! (English)
  240. [B/W] B/W Greatest pokemon game... ever?
  241. [B/W] Are you going to by B/W tmw?
  242. [B/W] Strange?
  243. [B/W] Just how fast do you plan on playing?
  244. [B/W] How far are u now?
  245. [B/W] The Unova Travel Journal
  246. [B/W] victini event?
  247. [B/W] English games have no region codes
  248. [B/W] English release for other countries speculation
  249. [B/W] Midnight Release
  250. [B/W] If the follow me feature were to be implemented...