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  1. [B/W] DW Eeveelution
  2. [B/W] List of banned pokemon/Moves?
  3. [B/W] Hacking an Event Celebi/Legendary Dogs?
  4. [B/W] Things You Miss from Older Gens
  5. [B/W] English Name Discussion
  6. [B/W] starting up a battle league, details inside
  7. [B/W] Consider Arceus legitimate?
  8. [B/W] Lack of Pokeballs?
  9. [B/W] New favs
  10. [B/W] Munna C gear code
  11. [B/W] The trainer that nearly broke you...
  12. [B/W] Perfect Training Area for the E4
  13. [B/W] Looking for some trade groups... Good honest "catch um " folks
  14. [B/W] Was the game too easy?
  15. [Weekly Poll] Castelia City as your home town? [ #32 ]
  16. [B/W] If Black and White were released on the Game Boy...
  17. [B/W] LF Trading partner for evolutions
  18. [B/W] Favourite Season?
  20. [B/W] looking for a Seedot, nuzleaf or shiftry
  21. [B/W] If you could remove one Unovian Pokemon from the games!
  22. [B/W] help
  23. [B/W] B/W WTF?!? moments
  24. [B/W] Worth getting the second guide book?
  25. [B/W] Did you keep any of your Tao legends?
  26. [B/W] Dream world friends?
  28. [B/W] Dream World not working
  29. [B/W] Can someone help me evolve a pokemon?
  30. [B/W] A question about the PC boxes
  31. [B/W] Differences between cartriges
  32. [B/W] Lost my Pokemon White!
  33. [Weekly Poll] Move Tutors [ #33 ]
  34. [B/W] If you could replace the mascots!
  36. [B/W] Needed Pokemon
  37. [B/W] What pokemon did you use your master ball on?
  38. [B/W] Exp Gain too Low in B/W
  39. [B/W] What would you change about the post-game?
  40. [B/W] Favorite City?
  41. [B/W] Box names may not contain more then 4 numbers.
  42. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White: Power or Pokemon?
  43. [B/W] OK! TELL ME THIS
  44. [B/W] All E4's team! With Types!
  45. [B/W] favorite gym
  46. [B/W] Global Trade Station Stories
  47. [B/W] Gear Station and The Battle Subway
  48. [B/W] The Shiny Pokemon You've Got!
  49. [B/W] Lacunosa Town
  50. [B/W] Need a bulbasaur
  51. [B/W] Crushed...
  52. [Weekly Poll] Icirrus' Quiz! [ #34 ]
  53. [B/W] how can i get celebi
  54. [B/W] Which gym leader did you faught?
  55. [B/W] Easiest Gym Leader
  56. [B/W] need a giratina and rayquaza
  57. [B/W] Help me, let's trade our gurdurr and boldore to evolve.
  58. [B/W] Tornadus and Vullaby
  59. [B/W] easter eggs
  60. [B/W] If you beat me, I'll give you something good
  62. [B/W] Pokemon coming to McDonalds outside of Japan.
  63. [B/W] Help my team!
  64. [B/W] When "Critical Capture" is actually critical...
  65. [B/W] Nat dex
  66. [B/W] What Was Your Story-Finishing Team?
  67. [B/W] What ever happened to Fast Psychic-Types?
  68. [B/W] Are Reshiram and Zekrom too easy to catch?
  69. [B/W] What's so special about N? [May contain B2W2 spoilers]
  70. [B/W] Bianca or Cheren? [Post and I'll give you a cookie]
  71. [B/W] breeding
  72. [B/W] Oh look you're my friend, I must capture all my friends in pokeballs!
  73. [B/W] Who is your favorite Gym Leader?
  74. [B/W] How to get thunderous in pokemon black
  75. [B/W] Trade Request - Zekrom
  76. [B/W] Older PKMN in B/W without Poke Transfer?
  77. [B/W] If i play black and white on the 3ds too much will it hurt my eyes and make me blind?
  78. [B/W] Do you think they should've made new evolutions in B/W?
  79. [B/W] Pokemon team assistance
  80. [B/W] The Shadow Triad
  81. [B/W] Have you caught -- oh that's right, you can't.
  82. [B/W] Could someone borrow me a event Celebi and/or shiny legendary
  83. [B/W] 3D Pokedex for 3DS
  84. [B/W] Let Me Visit Your World!
  85. [B/W] My biggest B&W disappointment.
  86. [B/W] Starters' needed secondary types
  87. [B/W] The Pokemon exclusive to the version you don't have, and that you want thread!
  88. [B/W] New Wifi Event! (Shiny Hydreigon and Golurk)
  89. [B/W] Which name is better?
  90. [B/W] Best Elite Four Members of All Time?
  91. [B/W] Can someone help get me PokeRus?
  92. [B/W] How to unlock pokemon to the pokedex.
  93. [B/W] Isshu/Unova Pokemon test
  94. [B/W] What starter pokemon did you choose ?
  95. [B/W] Pikachu in B&W
  96. [B/W] Global Link Issues
  97. [B/W] Quick Question
  98. [B/W] Your dream Unova Team.
  100. [B/W] Bw On Wii Systems?
  101. [B/W] 3 Pokemon Team! What's Your's?
  102. [B/W] GF should stop pretending that Pikachu's a Unova Pokemon...
  103. [B/W] Which protagonist did you play as?
  104. [B/W] What's your current BW Team?
  105. [B/W] Reshiram or Zekrom?
  106. [B/W] Dream World needs Inception
  107. [B/W] Impossible GTS Trade
  108. [B/W] HMmmm....
  109. [B/W] Dennis....Dennis...
  110. [B/W] Cat vs Dog- Purrloin vs Lillipup?
  111. [B/W] The 3D views
  112. [B/W] GTS Negotiations
  113. [B/W] Trade
  114. [B/W] Seasons!
  115. [B/W] A pokemon favour
  116. [B/W] B/W spoiled me with speedy battles
  117. [B/W] What attacks should Unova Pokemon learn, but didn't?
  118. [B/W] Portos trading center :)
  119. [B/W] Black or White?
  120. [B/W] Pokemon B/W Have Bad Graphics
  121. [B/W] Favorite B/W boss.
  122. [B/W] GTS negotations <3 POKEMON BLACK
  123. [B/W] Wondering about the Black/White Global Trading System...
  124. [B/W] random question
  125. [B/W] Was it good to have only Unova Pokemon in the main storyline?
  126. [B/W] Vespoid's Pkmn Black Nuzlocke Challenge
  127. [B/W] After Pokemon Battle revolution
  128. [B/W] Restart or Postgame?
  129. [B/W] what are you six fav pokemon?
  130. [B/W] Black & White Friend Codes
  131. [B/W] New event coming to america
  132. [B/W] Ending Disappointment (spoilers)
  133. [B/W] Pokemon White vs Black
  134. [B/W] References To Other Generations In-Game?
  135. [B/W] Pokemon: Black/White - Gym Leader Guide
  138. [B/W] Which was the latest pokemon you caught?
  139. [B/W] What features did you think would be within the games but actually weren't?
  140. [B/W] Hardest Pokemon to Trade For
  141. [B/W] Ever used the elemental monkeys?
  142. [B/W] imma evolve my petilil into a ferocious dragon
  143. [B/W] wott shud my 6th pkmn be????? omgi need halp plz
  144. [B/W] How do I....
  145. [B/W] No Elemental Stones
  146. [B/W] I don't get it!!
  147. [B/W] What if Unova WASN'T based on New York?
  148. [B/W] United States of Pokemon
  149. [B/W] My team
  150. [B/W] Is it cheap for me to use genesect?
  151. [B/W] Zoroark has endless possibilities
  152. [B/W] Zubats,Swoobats,and heart stamps oh my!
  153. [B/W] Unity Tower
  154. [B/W] Why is Audino so rare?
  155. [B/W] Favorite Pokemon?
  156. [B/W] Trading Pokemon
  157. [B/W] Next 5th Gen Game:Pokemon Grey or R/S/E Remakes?
  158. [B/W] MYSTERY EGG
  159. [B/W] Did you notice how most of them sound the same?
  160. [B/W] Opinions on BW/Gen V?
  161. [B/W] is it reasonable to play Green Tornado deck against Blue Assault?
  162. [B/W] How hard/easy is catching legendaries to you?
  163. [B/W] Beaten w. What else is there to do?
  164. [B/W] 24-hour PGL Maintenance
  165. [B/W] Breeding in pokemon white PLEASE HELP
  166. [B/W] Best designed part of Unova?
  167. [B/W] Top 10 Strongest Pokemon
  168. [B/W] Noob Question: Victini
  169. [B/W] Time to drive these NPC's crazy!
  170. [B/W] Should Village Bridge have been a town?
  171. [B/W] Favourite route and city music!
  172. [B/W] The Broken/Annoying 5th Thread
  173. [B/W] How do I know if this is hacked?
  174. [B/W] What to do
  175. [B/W] Naming pokemon?
  176. [B/W] Rivals on B/W
  178. [B/W] oh hay you're like, famous :O
  179. [B/W] PC Boxes?
  180. [B/W] Unova pokexed format
  181. [B/W] ice pokemon needed
  182. [B/W] How would you change certain parts of Plasma's storyline?
  184. [B/W] Help Needed: I need a Misdreavus!
  185. [B/W] Un-Break the GTS
  187. [B/W] Most forgettable Unova Pokemon
  188. [B/W] Genesect Event date.....
  190. [B/W] The obvious racial implications..
  191. [B/W] gts question
  192. [B/W] The Unova elite four could've been a lot more difficult.
  193. [B/W] Question
  194. [B/W] Lol, my egg has Pokerus....
  195. [B/W] Favorite battle animation?
  196. [B/W] Another Way to Fix Global Trades
  197. [B/W] Pokemon Black and White Friend Codes
  198. [B/W] EV training spots
  199. [B/W] Ruby and Sapphire remake speculation
  200. [B/W] Shelmets cry?
  201. [B/W] Annoying Trades
  202. [B/W] White forest...No passers near by...
  203. [B/W] Should N be rematchable?
  204. [B/W] Unova Gym Leaders Discussion
  205. [B/W] Who bought pokemon black expecting to get zekrom?
  206. [B/W] any tips for the battle subway?
  207. [B/W] Orange Islands reference (?)
  208. [B/W] Pikachu take the heat?
  209. [B/W] castelia city and celebi
  210. [B/W] Is this not rare?
  211. [B/W] Challenge Rock (n n)
  212. [B/W] A third game based on the Unova region........
  213. [B/W] Where can I find these Pokemons?
  214. [B/W] Where do you find yourself most often in-game?
  215. [B/W] How often do you play the games?
  216. [B/W] Pokémon Grey/Gray
  217. [B/W] Was the musical a good idea??
  218. [B/W] It's not my birthday!!!
  219. [B/W] What should be in B/W and what should not be in B/W?
  220. [B/W] Thoughts on Trubbish.
  221. [B/W] What Is Your Team In Black and White?
  222. [B/W] Which do you think is the best starter?
  223. [B/W] Strange...
  224. [B/W] Attack of the Glitches!
  225. [B/W] Should I buy Pokemon Black/White or wait until the anticipated 'Pokemon Grey'?
  226. [B/W] why do people fight over Reshiram & Zekrom?
  228. [B/W] Dem Angles
  229. [B/W] You're Not Legendary, You're Just the Sun
  230. [B/W] B/W attracting an older audience?
  231. [B/W] any 5th gen challenges?
  232. [B/W] References to Munna/Musharna in Previous Games
  233. [B/W] Free shiny?
  234. [B/W] The twin rivers of Unova
  235. [B/W] The bridges of Unova! [Bridge Discussion]
  236. [B/W] Trade jumpluff
  237. [B/W] What did you do with Reshiram/Zekrom?
  238. [B/W] Favorite Battle & BGM in B/W
  239. [B/W] Unova Better Shape Up
  240. [B/W] Shake shake shake, shake that grass...y!
  241. [B/W] Musketeer trio
  242. [B/W] what floors have you unlocked in Unity tower ?
  243. [B/W] What should I do now that I've caught them all
  244. [B/W] Were Ghetsis' plans obvious from the beginning?
  245. [B/W] N's castle
  246. [B/W] I'm an illusion and I'm not really a human
  247. [B/W] Fire Blast or Fire Fang?
  248. [B/W] Best Storyline
  249. [B/W] Just one pokemon left.
  250. [B/W] Dreamworld