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  1. [B/W] Castelia City: Too large or not large enough?
  2. [B/W] Black City & White Forest: A let down?
  3. [B/W] The Unova Awards ☆
  4. [B/W] Can anybody confirm the Victini event is still happening?
  5. [B/W] Which pokemon should i add?
  6. [B/W] Perfect/Shiny Pokemon
  7. [B/W] Rare Pokemon in unova
  8. [B/W] Those major, tiny omissions
  9. [B/W] [Archeops] vs Carracosta
  10. [B/W] Where you're most often found in-game!
  11. [B/W] Bianca vs Cheren: Who is the better "friend"?
  12. [B/W] Reshiram & Zekrom
  13. [B/W] B&W Soundtrack Discussion
  14. [B/W] The Professor is a female! Gasp.
  15. [B/W] Where did all the fans come from?
  16. [B/W] The Starters!
  17. [B/W] Is it morally wrong to hurt Audino?
  18. [B/W] 5th gen Pokemon Friend codes
  19. [B/W] Random Matchup Complaints and Discussion
  20. [B/W] Which Pokemon did you choose for your starter?
  21. [B/W] Not sure what Pokemon to add to my team...
  22. [B/W] RSE or BW
  23. [B/W] Stunfisk VS [Emolga] [ Rogue Electrics! ]
  24. [B/W] Favorite Unova Pokemon: NORMAL TYPE
  25. [B/W] Hardest Unova Gym Leader?
  26. [B/W] N's family!
  27. [B/W] Customization!
  28. [B/W] I don't live here, I just work here
  29. [B/W] BW: Mystery Gift Sender Online!?
  30. [B/W] Mystery Gift Sender Online
  31. [B/W] cell-phone reception in Unova
  32. [B/W] Black City? or White Forest, which is better?
  33. [B/W] V-Create Rayquaza
  34. [B/W] lokking for friends
  35. [B2/W2] Platform Discussion
  36. [B/W] Black/White 2 & Mascots discussion
  37. [B/W] Third Game Storyline Speculation
  38. [B/W] Do we actually need a third game?
  39. [B/W] Discuss: Current & Upcoming Events.
  40. [B2/W2] Alternate kyurem forme and signature moves speculation
  41. [B/W] The Best Gym Leader
  42. [B/W] The Hardest Unova Elite 4
  43. [B/W] Gym leaders of Unova battle tournament!
  44. [B/W] Unova characters!
  45. [B/W] Restarting your game!
  46. [B/W] Remember that time when...?
  47. [B/W] What Unova character designs tell you about types.
  48. [B/W] Triple Battles vs Rotation Battles
  49. [B/W] ....THAT wasn't what I thought it'd be like!!! >:|
  50. [B/W] Generation V specific pet-peeves
  52. [B/W] Heatmor vs [Durant]
  53. [B/W] Petlil VS. Cottonee
  54. [B/W] What did you think of the two Rivals?
  55. [B/W] How I felt.
  56. [B/W] Lets Battle
  57. [B/W] What are your Trainer Card details?
  58. [B/W] hi im new
  59. [B/W] Pokemon Hacking Tutorials: The Dream World Hack (Automated Pokemon, Items, Points)
  60. [B/W] Ice Burn & freeze shock
  61. [B/W] Kyurem?
  62. [B/W] Most annoying location within Pokemon B/W
  63. [B/W] Conversations With N
  64. [B/W] Ice Block?
  65. [B/W] The Unova Pokemon evolve so late.....
  66. [B/W] Watchog VS [Cinccino]
  67. [B/W] Pokemon B/W does anyone notice the dialogue?
  68. [B/W] You're the champion of Unova, now what happens?
  69. [B/W] How Old is Alder?
  70. [B/W] The Most Frustrating Pokemon of all the games!
  71. [B/W] EV Training
  72. [B/W] looking for battles and trades in B/W
  73. [B/W] What was/is Your Black/White Team?
  74. [B2/W2] Release Date Discussion [June 23 - Japan] [Q3 - Worldwide]
  75. [B/W] Alders old partner
  76. [B/W] What starter did you choose?
  77. [B/W] [Maractus] vs Audino
  78. [B/W] Need help for Pokemon Championships
  79. [B/W] Mystery In Unova
  80. [B/W] Gary/Blue Music: Where is it?
  81. [B/W] Pokemon Gray can be almost called official now
  82. [B/W] Requesting a Rufflet egg.
  83. [B2/W2] New characters for B2/W2
  84. [B/W] possible?
  85. [B/W] Black and White Booster Box?
  86. [B/W] Genosect Keldeo and Meloetta!
  87. [B/W] March: International WiFi Tournament
  88. [B/W] Keldeo Revealed In Coro Coro @ February 12
  89. [B/W] Landorus vs [Thundurus] vs Tornadus
  90. [B/W] Grey not confirmed... yet!
  91. [B/W] Genesect: When will it be its turn?
  92. [B/W] Entralink help?
  93. [B/W] White/Black
  94. [B/W] Black and White dead end for nintendo?
  95. [B/W] white forest
  96. [B/W] New TM's Disappointment?
  97. [B/W] Incense, Plates or items like the Magnet?
  98. [B/W] favorite black and white event Pokemon
  99. [B/W] The Passerby Analytics HQ
  100. [B2/W2] Dark Fantasy [ What new things do you want? ]
  101. [B/W] Hey kiddos. I'm looking to trade
  102. [B/W] Which Starter Do You Prefer
  103. [B/W] [Alomomola] vs Basculin
  104. [B/W] YAY! WE'RE OLDER! ...What's changed?
  105. [B/W] Do transferred pokemon get extra exp?
  106. [B/W] Greatest Story vs Worst Pokemon
  107. [B/W] Opelucid City
  108. [B/W] James Turner
  109. [B/W] Am I the Only One who Enjoyed HG more than Black ?
  110. [B/W] A physical Unova?
  111. [B/W] Pokemon black n white sequel
  112. [B2/W2] Announcement Reaction Thread
  113. [B2/W2] New Pokemon in B2/W2...?
  114. [B2/W2] Storyline Speculation!
  115. [B/W] Black & White 2 Features
  116. [B2/W2] Pokémon Black 2 or Pokémon White 2?
  117. [B2/W2] What does "2" mean?
  118. [B/W] Oliver Twist asks for more! 5th Game.
  119. [B2/W2] where did the oficial anouncement was made?
  120. [B/W] Is Generation V Going Too Fast?
  121. [B2/W2] Will the Dream World play a role in B2W2?
  122. [Weekly Poll] BLACK KYUREM vs WHITE KYUREM
  123. [B2/W2] 4th Kyurem Forme?
  124. [B2/W2] Separate Pokemon or Forms?
  125. [B2/W2] Japanese to English Name Change Speculation
  126. [B/W] Meloetta revealed
  127. [B2/W2] What do you think B2/W2 really are?
  128. [B/W] Why do people think BW is just a rehashed BW?
  129. [B/W] Over-run by grass?
  130. [B2/W2] Natural Harmonia Gropius
  131. [B2/W2] Do you think we should've seen the signs earlier?
  132. [B2/W2] Hopes and Predictions for Music?
  133. [B2/W2] Item Discussion
  134. [B2/W2] Shiny New Logos!
  135. [B2/W2] Should there be an improved Battle Subway?
  136. [B2/W2] Id Love to see Actual 3D Graphics
  137. [B2/W2] Your future Pokemon B2/W2 team?
  138. [B2/W2] More than just Unova?
  139. [B2/W2] Enhanced/Additional Feature Specualtion
  140. [B2/W2] Enhanced C-Gear Options
  141. [B2/W2] Opinions and speculation on the new Kyurem forms.
  142. [B2/W2] The Origins of Black Kyurem & White Kyurem
  143. [B/W] Missed the Metwo event
  144. [B2/W2] What do you think the story will be for the black 2/white 2?
  145. [B/W] strange things in unova
  146. [B/W] Nobunaga's Rayquaza
  147. [B/W] Unova Photo Hunt
  148. [B/W] 30 Days of Unova
  149. [B/W] Make a Meme
  150. [Weekly Poll] Deerling versus Deerling versus Deerling versus Deerling!
  151. [B/W] Who's That Pokémon?
  152. [B/W] Caption Contest
  153. [B/W] Speculation Contest - Blog for winners!
  154. [B/W] B&W Word Search/Crossword Puzzle
  155. [B/W] Make Your Own Protagonists
  156. [B/W] Unova Springs Back: Event Index
  157. [B/W] Scavenger Hunt
  158. [B/W] Question regarding starting a new game.
  159. [B2/W2] Will Ghetsis Return?
  160. [B/W] Special Event Reshiram and Zekrom for US, Europe, and Australia
  161. [B/W] Just some quick opinions
  162. [B/W] B/W Too Long or Too Short? - Make up you minds!
  163. [B2/W2] News Discussion Thread [use the threads in forum for new things]
  164. [B/W] Remakes...?
  165. [B2/W2] English Preorders.
  166. [B/W] [Volcarona] VS Genesect
  167. [B2/W2] The Return of Touch Screen Features
  168. [B2/W2] Box Art
  169. [B/W] New to pokemon question!
  170. [B2/W2] Move Tutor wish list
  171. [B2/W2] Hoenn
  172. [B/W] What Happened to the GTS
  173. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]New Gyms? Gym Speculation
  174. [B2/W2] Version Exclusives
  175. [B2/W2] New Pokemon League? Speculation!
  176. [B/W] B&W Name Rating Service
  177. [B/W] [Keldeo] versus Meloetta (18/3/2012 - 25/3/2012)
  178. [B/W] Since when is "poof" a bad word?
  179. [B/W] Best Training Spots
  180. [B2/W2] Hilbert and Hilda?
  181. [B/W] Colour Team Consruction Trouble
  182. [B/W] Perfect battling natures for...
  183. [B2/W2] Pokémon Hitchhikers!
  184. [B/W] Gem of a Thread
  185. [B/W] Garbodor VS [Sawsbuck]
  186. [B2/W2] Pokemon News Today
  187. [B/W] Archen moveset
  188. [B/W] Pokémon Black or White
  189. [B/W] black white
  190. [B/W] Favorite & least favourite Pokemon of the 5th Gen?
  191. [B2/W2] final boss for Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
  192. [B2/W2] GTS | GTS Negotiations
  193. [B/W] Team building
  194. Most Disappointing Pokémon You Have Used From The Fifth Generation
  195. [Weekly Poll] No more weekly polls! (April Fools)
  196. [B/W] What Pokémon won you the Elite Four in B/W
  197. [B2/W2] Rumor/Unconfirmed Information Discussion Thread
  198. [B/W] So Um...
  199. [B/W] Is the shiny clause legitimate?
  200. [B/W] Help Me Love Black and White!
  201. [B/W] Zebstrika VS [Galvantula]
  202. [B/W] good gen 5 pokemon
  203. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]A New Unova
  204. [B2/W2] What do you think of the New Characters?
  205. [B2/W2] Starters / The professor
  206. [B2/W2] New Opinion on B2W2
  207. [B2/W2] Unova 2 years later...
  208. [B2/W2] Team Plasma Discussion Thread
  209. [B2/W2] A water theme, perhaps?
  210. [B2/W2] New Protagonists or Hilbert and Hilda?
  211. [B2/W2] C-Gear Improvements?
  212. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Pokemon in BW2 speculation
  213. [B2/W2] So Eevee's in the Games... :)
  214. [B2/W2] What old pokemon do you want in the unova dex?
  215. [B2/W2] A new Building
  216. [B2/W2] Pokémon & Trainer Sprite Changes?
  217. [B2/W2] Evil team change?
  218. [B2/W2] What are you doing to prepare?
  219. [B2/W2] Protagonist & Rival relationship.
  220. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Akuroma
  221. [B2/W2] B2W2 Trailer!
  222. [B2/W2] Lots of threads!
  223. [B2/W2] Which'll you choose?
  224. [B2/W2] White Forest/Black City Replaced with Mountain?
  225. [B2/W2] Encounter Rate
  226. [B2/W2] The Coro Coro/Pokemon Smash thread
  227. [B2/W2] The disappointments
  228. [B2/W2] Wait... City!?
  229. [B2/W2] How would trading work?
  230. [B2/W2] Rival name?
  231. [B2/W2] B2W2 starter
  232. [B2/W2] Animated Sprites
  233. [B2/W2] New pokemon?
  234. [B/W] N's Abilities
  235. [B2/W2] Black Kyurem/White Kyurem in BW1?
  236. [B2/W2] Nuvema, Accumula, Striaton and Nacrene! My theory on what happened to them!
  237. [B2/W2] Pokémon Smash (April 15)
  238. [B2/W2] New Moveset Speculations
  239. [B2/W2] New Music 2 years later...
  240. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]TM Changes
  241. [B2/W2] Triple/Rotational Battles
  242. [B/W] Replay!
  243. [B2/W2] [Spoiler]Returning Characters (Speculation)
  244. [B2/W2] Black 2 and White 2 Demo/Preview
  245. [B2/W2] The Return of Contests, or Improved Musicals?
  246. [B/W] [Mienshao] vs Beheeyem
  247. [B2/W2] Genesect
  248. [B2/W2] New Bad Guys?
  249. [B2/W2] B2/W2 to somehow connect with B/W?
  250. [B/W] I could use a hand with my Touya/Black cosplay!