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  1. [XY/ORAS graphics] Images/icons for Gen 6 Player Search System and all items in ORAS
  2. [XY/ORAS graphics] Summary Screens
  3. [XY/ORAS graphics] Naming Tabs
  4. [Other] Free Pokémon Models
  5. [RSE/FRLG graphics] Custom Gym Leader
  6. [Graphics] Natural Tileset
  7. [BW/B2W2 graphics] Pokemon Party Screen Graphics
  8. [BW/B2W2 graphics] Pokémon BW2 Bag (Stock Essentials Version)
  9. [Other] Pokemon resource kit for RPG Maker 2003!
  10. [RSE/FRLG graphics] Edited FRLG Tiles (Free to use)
  11. Game Development Resources
  12. [Graphics] Custom textboxes and some custom tiles
  13. [RSE/FRLG graphics] Original Trainer Sprites (Free to Use, More to Come!)
  14. [Graphics] Pokemon Logos
  15. [DPPt/HGSS graphics] Character Gallery
  16. [Graphics] Gen 6 Pokémon overworlds
  17. [Graphics] Random Tile Database!
  18. [Other] Deouen's v16 Gen 6 PBS files
  19. [Other] Pokemon Information Databases [Want Help]
  20. [Graphics] Roby's Battle Animations pack
  21. [Graphics] Mugshots
  22. [Audio] Pokémon XYORAS Cries
  23. [Graphics] HUGE Outdoor Tileset
  24. [Graphics] Pokemon OW Sprites [Fixed][All]
  25. [RBY/GSC graphics] Gen 1 tileset (green, red, blue and yellow)
  26. [DPPt/HGSS graphics] DS Trainer Overworlds in RMXP format
  27. [DPPt/HGSS graphics] Hoenn Overworlds
  28. [Graphics] Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Pokemon OW
  29. [Graphics] Kalos and some Mega Pokemon
  30. [Other] Deo's Custom Day & Night Shading
  31. [XY/ORAS graphics] Lysandre Battle Sprite