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  1. Favorite Soda?
  2. Do you wear shoes often?
  3. Longest road trip you've ever been on?
  4. Are you apart of a PC clique?
  5. If you could go anywhere...
  6. Have you ever been stung by a bee *giggles*
  7. What's the longest amount of time you've been with the same pair?
  8. Favorite element on this poll
  9. How often do you lose The Game?
  10. Longest and shortest flights you have flown
  11. Do you look at the keyboard when you're typing?
  12. Sherbert or Ice Cream?
  13. Most Used Emoticon?
  14. Do you date online?
  15. Are you going to go to college?
  16. Last thing eaten?
  17. Let's blabber about the reputation system
  18. Which hand do you use?
  19. Do you like your accent?
  20. Are your parents divorced?
  21. Own or Rent?
  22. What was your last rep comment?
  23. Do you like to Dance???
  24. Do you sleep with the TV on?
  25. Can you name all the American states?
  26. Do you love getting Emblems?
  27. Reputation Polls
  28. Sorry to burst your bubble...
  29. Whats your favourite chocolate?
  30. I have a cold.
  31. Best word?
  32. What's your party peice?
  33. Who thinks we should have a different slogan?
  34. Poll Of The Day: What Grade Are You In?
  35. How Often Do You Make Threads?
  36. How long are you here per day?
  37. I think I broke my kitty :S
  38. Do you prefer June or July more?
  39. How often do you buy new clothes?
  40. OMG I want it!
  41. If you had to leave PC in two minutes...
  42. Recieved REP that was a little... out of the ordinary?
  43. You son of a...
  44. Patience
  45. What do you live in?
  46. Do you spend time in the school library?
  47. PC Forum Styles
  48. What did you do during the downtime?
  49. Have you ever seen a Celebrity?
  50. Are you bisexual?
  51. Postbit?
  52. I wanna be a rockstar~
  54. What year did highschool start for you?
  55. How often do you try/not try to be the center of attention?
  56. Suicide.
  57. What did you want one year ago today?
  58. ~*!*~METAL VS WATER~*!*~
  59. Do you wash your hands before eating?
  60. What do you do when waiting for a soda to get cold?
  61. How Many Thread subscriptions do you have?
  62. Do people always reply to your VM's?
  63. ~*!*~STUFFED ANIMALS~*!*~
  65. Do you find motivation poster humor funny?
  66. Rant Rant Rant Rant Rant...
  67. Have you used the PokeGeneric Style?
  68. If you were an admin of PC; what would you change?
  69. NEVER! You better give up.
  70. Deep Fry That Please
  71. Do you like your 'recording' voice
  72. How often do you find money on the Ground?
  73. Lemonade is awesome y/y?
  74. ~*!*~EVERYONE TAKES THEM~*!*~
  75. What Makes you nervous? ~
  76. I hate this place.
  77. Food War (insert random roman numeral here) : Coke vs Pepsi
  78. If you had the option to change the mod colour...
  79. If you could choose the next mod...
  80. Act your age not your shoe size!
  81. Recurring Dreams.
  82. Where to pass by time...
  83. Would you take a bullet for your online friends?
  84. The Footwear faceoff
  85. C ON T Rovp L
  86. Have you ever been on work experience?
  87. Aftershave?
  88. Detentions
  89. ~*!*~CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE~*!*~
  90. Saving Money
  91. Do you consider your username to be your second name?
  92. Which Martial Arts do you train in?
  93. Pokemanz in ur sleeeeep
  94. If you were stranded on an island...
  95. Aah! *punch*
  96. Boxers or Briefs?
  97. What do you sleep in?
  98. Are You In-The-Know?
  99. Fast Food
  100. That might be a weird question.
  101. Your PC options!
  102. What would the world be like without the sun?
  103. Have you ever forgotten your phone number?
  104. Has anyone told you that you're beautiful/handsome?
  105. I posted in ALL of these.
  106. Do you consider crying as a weakness or strength?
  107. Do you have any fears?
  108. You'll have to shove it down my throat!
  109. You smell...
  110. When did you get your first rep?
  111. Indian | Chinese | Italian | Food :D
  112. Shotgun!
  114. Blue or Pink??!!
  115. ~*!*~MALE OR FEMALE~*!*~
  116. ~*!*~LUNCH~*!*~
  117. We don't accept Discover cards, sorry.
  118. Do You Swear?
  119. Do you sleep with your socks on?
  120. Has everybody gone crazy?!?!
  121. Do you ever talk to yourself?
  122. What's your favorite fruit?!^^
  123. If you could pick 4 pokecommunity people to meet
  124. Do you wear hair accessories?
  125. Were you ever 'that guy'?
  126. My name is Hakeen and I have a question for y'allz
  127. Do you like being mentioned by your friends?
  128. If you could choose PCers as your child's godparents
  129. Woops *delete*
  130. Can anyone here solve a rubik's cube?!
  131. If you climbed to the top of a mountain...
  132. If the opposite gender were to suddenly disappear...
  134. What's your favourite metaphor?
  135. Do You Think You Will Be On PC 3 Years from now?
  136. Rapture and Great Tribulation?
  137. Have you ever been infracted?
  138. What do you touch the most?
  139. Thinking of You
  140. The children are attacking! ;o;
  141. Which PC members do you care for?
  142. If you were a pirate...
  143. Do you press "Log Out"?
  145. Who is the first member you look for?
  146. Vi sitter här i venten och spelar lite DotA
  147. How often do you change the website style?
  148. What was the default forum style when you joined PC?
  149. Do you enjoy making threads?
  150. If there was only one admin of PC...
  151. If PC president still existed...
  152. The zombies are attacking! ;o;
  153. If you were a ninja...
  154. Which staff members did you expect to get modded?
  155. Who was your first friend or contact on here?
  156. What is your favourite spread?
  157. OMG!!! Disney Is Taking Over!!!
  158. If you were stuck in an elevator... what'd you do?
  159. What do you want your last words to be?
  160. If you were stuck in an elevator... who would you most want to be stuck with?
  161. If you were stuck in an elevator...
  162. Gah! You're such a...A erm hmmmm....
  163. Animation
  164. Grammar
  165. Whats a Goon to a Goblin?
  166. Role Models
  167. What is the most common name to you?
  168. What's the definition of a good person in your opinion?
  169. Do you click the "blogs" link out of habit?
  170. Contract or Pay-as-you-go?
  171. What was the most popular thread you've ever made?
  172. How did you find PC?
  173. Woooowwwwza! Hot Curry!
  174. -[Bad Habits]-
  175. Where is your tickle spot?
  176. MuSiC?!♪♫
  177. Whats your dream job?
  178. Who would play you in the story of your life?
  179. No pants, no problem.
  180. There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere~
  181. Can you fake an accent?
  182. What's your favorite...vegetable? XD
  183. Do you daydream a lot?
  184. Because their reaction made it THAT much funnier
  185. What is your favorite fast food eatery?
  186. Who is the better hacker?
  187. How often do you change your avy?
  188. What section are you mostly found in?
  189. How often do you come here?
  190. Have you ever been in a car accident?
  191. What is your favorite holiday?
  192. do you play an instrument?
  193. Crying
  194. Time For A Little Nudity
  195. What mood do u prefer?...
  196. What subject are you good at?
  197. Childhood Pets
  198. Do you think your popular or try and end up being annoying
  199. Do you post in every thread you read?
  200. Is this signature awesome?
  201. Left? Right? Both?
  202. Break Friendship
  203. CtepTaty is my password!
  204. Matte or glossy?
  205. What country do you live in?
  206. Which fast food restaurant do you prefer?
  207. Do you post too much?
  208. Do you enjoy the company of your parents?
  209. Partridge in a pear tree!
  210. Where would you like to live?
  211. hot DAWG!
  212. Do you like Candyfloss/Cotton Candy?
  213. /me sprays
  214. I love you so much!
  215. Keep me up, up, and I will never let you down~
  216. How many times have you changed your Username?
  217. Skateboarding, anyone?
  218. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind
  219. Knock, Knock! Can I come in?
  220. what do you think of homosexuals/bisexuals
  221. Directions
  222. Something VERY simple...
  223. What Is Your Political Party
  224. What's your lucky number?
  225. What Political Party Do You Belong To (Real)
  226. Are we human or are we dancer?
  227. Why, My Anderson?...
  228. Your first child - boy or girl?
  229. ~*!*~I BE HAVIN LUGIA ON MY ARM~*!*~
  230. ~*!*~ DO YOU LIKE TO IMITATE PEOPLE? ~*!*~
  231. Obession~ by Calvin Klein
  232. Popularity: The only way to live a good life
  233. Which continent do you live on?
  234. Fovourite fast food restaurant?
  235. Have you ever encountered any paranormal activity?
  236. What is your favorite word?
  237. I will slap you silly!
  238. What's Your Favorite Soda?
  239. ~*!*~OH MY GHOST FREE LAPTOP!!!!~*!*~
  240. Has your birthday gone by?
  241. What is your least favorite company? v.2
  242. do you like thunder storms
  243. Would You/Do You live your life to the extreme?
  244. ~Revived thread~ Your Real Name
  245. Fast Food!!
  246. What forum do you post on the most?
  247. Revolutions!
  248. Are you living in a Western or Eastern Civilization?
  249. Nicknames
  250. Your Favorite Phrase!