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  1. Clothes
  2. Favorite Bands and Singers
  3. What do you want outta life?
  4. Is your goal to be better than others?
  5. personality
  6. Baths or Showers?
  7. What Are You Planning To Do During March Break?
  8. What kind of sneakers or shoes do you like to wear?
  9. How tall are you?
  10. Have you ever went to a Pokemon Center?
  11. Do you have a bedtime? [revived]
  12. Does anyone here live in Ct.?
  13. How tall are you? [revived]
  14. Who is the most active member on PC...[revived]
  15. Does anyone here live in Canada?
  16. Your Real Name?
  17. Deoxys or Jirachi???
  18. What are your activities afterschool?
  19. Have YOU frozen milk before?
  20. Own any plushies? *revived*
  21. American Eagle?Abercrombie?Polo?Which brand of clothes do you like best!
  22. Favorite Pokemon Cry?
  23. Que Nacionalidade e voc? (What's your Nationality?)
  24. Does Crush on Pc thread = daily chit Chat
  25. chocolate flavours
  26. what's for dessert?
  27. Quem Tu?
  28. what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
  29. What's your favorite Eevee type?
  30. Whos the worst? [no flame wars]
  31. Do you have a short temper
  32. Your Favorite Legendary?
  33. What tree did you fall from?
  34. Are you/Have You Ever Been in Love?
  35. Who do you think is the prettiest girl on pc
  36. Useless Poll
  37. Are you embarresed to say I like Pokemon in public.
  38. Whats your favorite sport? [Revised]
  39. Favourite Cereal
  40. Who do you think that is the...
  41. Languages
  42. Which Pokemon Center have u been to?
  43. What countries would you like to visit?
  44. Where do you live?
  45. What's your fav. Season?
  46. which do yo like best?
  47. Did you ever hate Pokemon?
  48. Do u
  49. Which r u getting: FR or LG?
  50. Do you have an evil teacher?
  51. Do YOU know the muffin man?
  52. you're favorite type of book
  53. Best animated Disney movie?
  54. Favorite Candy?
  55. Favorite Video Game Character (No Pokmon!)
  56. whats your favorite kind of car
  57. favorite band
  58. favorite band (real one)
  59. favorite type of music
  60. Would you fart in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  61. Poll:Which video game character do you like
  62. Poll:Which video game character do you like
  63. future badges
  64. How many times have you changed your username?
  65. What Division of Club Music Do you Like?
  66. Your Fears/Phobias
  67. Internet Connections
  68. Do you like to stay up all night
  69. Do You Click On "Do not click here"s?
  70. Which ava?
  71. How Shy Are You?
  72. Quiz I made...
  73. Imakuni?'s what annoys you quiz
  74. Do you...
  75. What club?
  76. What are your Saturday Morning Traditions?
  77. When your parents are gone...
  78. Do you like or hate me? :P
  79. What super hero can stop Goku?( or Vegeta)
  80. Whats your favorit video game ,why
  81. What's you favorite bike?
  82. How many...
  83. whats your favorite artist (music)
  84. My Friends Roms...
  85. Pairup and Romance Thread
  86. Old but the best!
  87. Do you have your ear peraced?
  88. Is Pokemon dying out?
  89. Daily Chit-Chat
  90. What are you Wearing Right Now?
  91. What skin do you use?
  92. Scenario quiz~Day one
  93. Lighterhead's Scenario Quiz~Day 2-3
  94. Have any of your Pokemon got the Pokerus?
  95. female singers
  96. spice girls
  97. how lazy are you?
  98. How Clean is your Room?
  99. What style...
  100. Who do you WANT to be friends with?
  101. What Animal Represents You?
  102. Your Referrals
  103. have you been hit by a virus?
  104. Your fav fruit!
  105. Your Real Name
  106. What age group of people do you hang out with most?
  107. My GCN is broken!! (see inside for explanation)
  108. Suicune , Raikou or Entei ?
  109. Rocket, Aqua,Magma
  110. Your favourite type of Chocolate ?
  111. Vanilla vs. Chocolate
  112. Ketchup vs. Mustard
  113. Which pokemon is cute, Plusle or Munin???
  114. Favorite Legendary bird?
  115. What operating system do you use??
  116. What operatng system do u use?
  117. Are you that weird kid at school
  118. Do you get picked on by bullies?
  119. Favorite DQ treat
  120. Chedder vs Swiss
  121. favorite system?
  122. Are you related to anyone at Pokemon Community?
  123. How old are you?
  124. Favorite HP book?
  125. Your Favourite Thread!
  126. What PC Member Would You Like To Meet?
  127. What's your phobia?
  128. Should summer vacation be longer?
  129. Tak or Zim???
  130. Favourite Castform Form!
  131. How do u eat muffins?
  132. Have you ever attempted suicide?
  133. Do you get along with girls or boys better?
  134. whicth game do you....
  135. do you read.....
  136. Ho-Oh or Lugia ?
  137. Do you go to any other message boards?
  138. New types
  139. Favorite Pokemon Version
  140. What's your favorite color???
  141. Gonbe! Cute or Ugly?
  142. do you knoe anybody who goes here in real life
  143. Where would you go... ?
  144. Do Ya Like PMs?
  145. Are you ever bored of PC?
  146. Ugliest Pokemon?
  147. do you like cake?
  148. Ur favorite
  149. Prettiest Pokemon?
  150. what do ya like better?
  151. what do ya do....
  152. are u a
  153. witch taste better
  154. Which pokemon is the CUSTEST???
  155. u thought that other 1 was hard!
  156. star buste flaver taste best?
  157. Samus vs. Chief
  158. *Looks around cautiously* Americans ?
  159. What's the name of your school????
  160. What is your favorite animal?
  161. Where were you born? Support your Homeland!
  162. Waht`s yoru Favorite Anime?
  163. Where do you live NOW!
  164. School Mascot?
  165. are you/have you ever thought of dyeing your hair a different color?
  166. Which do you prefere, Hand drawing or Computer drawing (Paint program)
  167. Which do you prefere, Hand drawing or Computer drawing (Paint program)
  168. Beakman vs. Bill Nye
  169. Will you buy Fire red or leaf green?
  170. Do you have an accent...
  171. !^~-_(School Colors)_-~^!
  172. Can you Cook?
  173. Feebas or Magikarp?
  174. Do you have or wanted a computer with internet access of your own?
  175. hehe
  176. Have you ever?
  177. Do you have/want a dirt bike?
  178. Do you have comp issues at Times.
  179. What greek god are you?
  180. Internet Connection Speed
  181. What`s your Favorite Food?
  182. What color is ur skin?
  183. .........
  185. CatchPhrase
  186. What skin do you use (revived)
  187. what is ur home page?
  188. what search engine do u use?
  189. what is ur dream car(s)
  190. do u have toy cars?
  191. do u have a X P?
  192. Who Do Ya Want To Know More About?
  193. Who do YOU want to be paired up with?
  194. Will The World End?
  195. do u have a wish?
  196. Do you usually have a lot of windows open?
  197. Parents...cool?
  198. Which m&m are you?
  199. Which Cartoon Character Are You The Most Like?
  200. Do Ya Likes/Want To People Call You By Your Real Name?
  201. do u....
  202. should they...
  203. Change User Name
  204. What kind of wings do you have?
  205. The Completely Random Personality Quiz!
  206. Are You in Love?
  207. Are you an aunt or an uncle
  208. Your favourite Cat Pokemon?
  209. name for a CAT
  210. do u have sound proof ears????
  211. Terms and Agreements
  212. who iz ur favorit f00l?
  213. Your Favorite Generation of Pokemon??
  214. Which Pokemon are you like?
  215. Please Vote-for My Science Class!!
  216. Who's on your ignore list
  217. POLL: Foods you like and hate
  218. What Hogwarts House you are in?
  219. type of hair
  220. Do you have a BF/GF? [Revived]
  221. Do Have Many Personalities?
  222. Vote or Post?
  223. How Do You Feel At the Moment?
  224. calling all people in the USA!!!!
  225. What are you wearing right now?
  226. What are your favorite cartoons
  227. What race are you?
  228. which video game do u belong in?
  229. what is the most boring test/tests
  230. Do you have comp. issues poll version
  231. Siblings
  232. Subjects
  233. Sports
  234. Hands
  235. What do you do when you're bored?
  236. Reading in the Car
  237. The most important poll EVER
  238. Who do you have a crush on? (cartoon,manga,. etc.)
  239. Hot Sauce!
  240. Typing Speed, Anyone?
  241. net shorthand
  242. Idiotic Poll - Tiles, carpet or wood?
  243. Would you ever.........
  244. What grade you going next year?
  245. Do you have summer school?
  246. Do u have a bf/gf in real life?
  247. Everybody has an opinion, and I need yours!
  248. What Do You Like About Summer?
  249. How Are You Spending Your Summer?
  250. Which Skin are you using [NEW]