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  1. Watch out, it's a wild staff member ;;
  2. You'll be screaming LOVE~
  3. What is your most sparkly possession? :)
  4. "Words are a heavy thing...they weigh you down. If birds talked, they couldn't fly."
  5. Would you kiss a stranger?
  6. Clarity, of the mental kind
  7. Create Your Own Emblem..
  8. If you could name perfume!
  9. What Picture or Expression Represents You?
  10. How green are you?
  11. -?!/,:;"`"\>.<
  12. Bye bye babies
  13. If you knew it before they did
  14. That offends me! *hissy fit*
  15. "Until the Sun rises from the West." Do you believe in the End?
  16. Do you click people's links?
  17. Only one colour :(
  18. How long do you usually sleep for?
  19. <3
  20. BE MY FRIEND?!
  21. Someday, I want to be the supreme overlord of OVP!
  22. Friendly Affection
  26. Talk to -ME-!
  28. Do you regret anything at the moment?
  29. "What's Up?" "The Sky" "LOLwut?"
  30. Are you a natural curser?
  31. Do you hallucinate?
  32. The world ends on April Fools
  33. What's the color of your room?
  34. what do you do when you're extremely distressed?
  35. Have you ever felt like the chosen one?
  36. favourite super power!?
  37. Nominated PC member
  38. Favourite food?
  39. Midnight snack.
  40. How Does Religion Affect Your Life?
  41. Favorite or Favourite?
  42. How strong is your immune system?
  43. Survey!
  44. Do you have a tattoo?
  45. Your own username color!
  46. I'm not touching you....
  47. F You!
  48. Did you make an introduction/welcome thread?
  49. Are you at spelling?
  50. Your favourite color
  51. Your not the sharpest pencil in the box...but I love you anyways!
  52. Some like it hot
  53. "If I sneeze right now, would you push me away?"
  54. The flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible!
  55. Which forum theme are you using
  56. Cute, or Cool
  57. Cute/Pretty or Hot/Sexy?
  58. Haha I'm an admin :-)
  59. Blush?
  60. Habits?
  61. Favorite PC member?
  62. Easter Eggs. :3
  64. How many different forums are you on?
  65. Preferred Vacation Spot?
  66. Yawn
  67. How Late Do You Stay Up?
  68. "Ugghh, it's hot!" "What'chu talking about, it's freezing!"
  69. Pop, Soda, Soft Drink, or Carbonated Beverage?
  70. Reallyyyyyyy?
  71. "Hey, there's a bug on your shoulder..."
  72. Are you gonna kiss and tell?
  73. There's more than a few couples in this bunch of people
  74. I said get out of my chair you idiot! D=
  75. If you worked in an office, what would be on your desk?
  76. Let's make new memories
  77. Dang it!
  78. Almost picture perfect
  79. Do you over-analyse simple things?
  80. Are you afraid of spiders?
  81. Strangest name.
  82. Who do you consider to be your rival on PC?
  83. That's Awesome, Dude!
  84. YOU MUST DIE....
  85. Oreos or Chips Ahoy
  86. That special bond...
  87. Want a party, guys?
  88. O.M.G.
  89. Do your friends give you tests?
  90. Friends
  91. "You owe me five bucks man, pay up"
  92. 1% Battery left? NO. D=
  94. KAWAII! :3
  95. "I hate you..." "WHAT WAS THAT?" "NEVER MIND!"
  96. "I was like - *hiccup* like - *hiccup* really mad at *hiccup* OH COME ON!"
  97. Do You Still Cry? ;_;
  98. All you could hear was the wind
  99. Who, What, Why, Where, When, How?
  100. Insert witty title here.
  101. Do you have a letterbox?
  102. We can be two rebels breaking the rules
  103. Size shifting.
  104. Do You Believe Paranormal Happenings?
  105. We're having a talent contest
  106. The world is your oyster
  107. I shall prevail!
  108. Do you say random things?
  109. Memes
  110. Do you still feel like a n00bie?
  111. Do you always daydream?
  112. Dark Azelf is a Uxie!! Yeah, I said it.
  113. Do you look like your parents?
  114. Pets, anyone?
  115. Personality Types
  116. What ethnicity are you attracted to?
  117. Can You Rate My Singing?
  118. I hate that!
  119. Done with my homework! Now to X out... no wait, I didn't save! NO!
  120. I hate that!
  121. "Dipu, can you answer the question please? Dipu? DIPU, WAKE UP"
  122. should I get my hair cut for a girl?
  123. Do any of you even use post comments?
  124. Do you drive?
  125. What's your real name
  126. Sorry, you have to redo your paper. It's way too sloppy.
  127. Bang!!!
  128. Badabababa....
  129. Your Positivity on a scale of 1 to 10.
  130. Favorite quote(s)?
  131. Donating
  132. Awkward
  133. Have you ever looked directly into the sun?
  134. Do you believe in destiny?
  135. Red light, green light!
  136. This thread title is not creative...
  137. OUUUUUCH!
  138. Life is like a washing machine
  139. Do you believe in fate?
  140. Do you like your street name?
  141. what are some creepy stuff that you ever did?
  144. Ever feel like a nerd?
  145. Au Natural~
  146. Where do you sit?
  147. Do you believe in 'opposites attract'?
  148. If a staff member became power hungry...
  149. What would you do if there was a tiger in your bathroom?
  150. Would you eat a leech...
  151. Would you risk your life for a noble cause?
  152. I'm soooooooo sleepy....*yawn*
  153. What is your philosophy?
  154. What's the first thing you do when you log in?
  155. Where Do You Work / What's Your Job?
  156. How Old
  157. Do you like dates?
  158. Bath Toys!
  159. How often do you change your avatar?
  160. Hey sexy ;D
  161. What would you do if...
  162. Would you run for head of your country?
  163. Do you have a guardian angel?
  164. What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
  165. Four day weekend
  166. RAGE
  167. How do you cope?
  168. What do you eat for breakfast???
  169. Sleep?
  170. Where do you live?
  171. Your Type of Guy / Chick?
  172. Extra-Curricular Activies
  173. What's the thing you like most about PC?
  174. What's the funniest joke you've ever heard?
  175. Who're your favorite staff members?
  176. Have you ever seen a house on fire?
  177. Should marijuana remain illegal?
  178. Has anyone ever judged you because of your avatar?
  179. Do you do your homework/assignments etc. early or late before its due?
  180. What would you do if there was snakes on your airplane?
  182. Do you have a bedtime routine?
  183. Welcome back to the staff, ...
  184. The Old PC members we used to loooove~
  185. Are you a fan boy/girl of anything? (excluding Pokemon)
  186. ~VMs~
  187. Now That Is Hardcore!
  188. In your opinion, what's the worst thing a person could do?
  189. Roller Coasters!
  190. Quick reply, or post reply?
  191. This carpet makes the floor feel spongy...
  192. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?
  193. Which youtube is better the current one or the old one
  195. If you could make a holiday what would it be?
  196. How do you spend your time on PokeCommunity?
  197. What is the greatest thing you have accomplished
  199. Craziest thing a relative has ever done?
  200. You make too many posts
  201. whats you nationality?
  202. Ever Been Homeschooled / Done Independent Learning?
  203. Do you respect timezones?
  204. PC's Slowing Down!
  205. Ear Infections
  206. Metalheads: Ignorant Statements
  207. Memory
  208. Dude...did you seriously just wash dishes?!
  209. I'd hit that.... with my car...
  210. Triskaidekaphobia
  211. That's not my character!!
  212. Phobias in General
  213. Maturity.
  214. Whoops, Wrong Hand...
  215. I own a TV, I'm rich!
  216. En español!
  217. How many users past usernames can you name?
  218. Do you still care about emblems?
  219. What are the most weirdest obsessions you've had? XD
  221. The most romantic expression you've heard~
  222. Guilt
  223. You want to smell like WHAT?
  224. Your Favorite Food?
  225. Your own season
  226. I picked a booger for you, but I eated it!
  227. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
  228. Most Interesting History?
  229. What qualities do you think a staff member should have?
  230. Bedtime!
  231. How will you pay your university tuition fees?
  232. Break the walls down~
  233. My wallet got jacked. D=
  234. Your greatest flaw?
  235. Sheets!
  236. Weird faces
  237. Do you speak a different language at home?
  238. Who are you proud of?
  239. Mate
  240. What's the most annoying sound have you ever heard?
  241. Do you frequent places often visited by people you like?
  242. I forgot D:
  243. What do you sleep with? :O
  244. Hey, No Cuts!
  245. Post Ninjas
  246. You don't know what you have until it's gone
  247. Friend or Foe?
  248. Addictions and Obsessions.
  249. Memories of PC
  250. Woop Woop, Tommorow Is..