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  1. What were your original intentions for joining?
  2. I'm a bird!
  3. If you had just one chance...
  4. Where do you go when do you want to be alone?
  5. Parents just don't understand. D:
  6. Alcohol
  7. Monocles
  8. Argh! Why was I so stupid?
  9. If you became Supreme Ruler of the United States, what would you do?
  10. Threads that promote discussion as opposed to limited discussion
  11. Ow! ;____; So much pain!
  12. Careers!
  13. What's your Zodiac Sign?
  14. Aggressive or Passive?
  15. Vegetarians
  16. Friday the 13th.
  17. Oh sweet! The Toothfairy left me $2
  18. What colour eyes do you have?
  19. What would you save?
  20. Eurovision.
  21. Taste or Nutritional Value in Food?
  22. Would you, for a $1.Billion...
  23. Language barriers
  24. Who do you think is worse: Satan or Cthulhu?
  25. Marijuana
  26. Gotta get down on... Friday?
  27. Sorry, I can't right now...
  28. Death or Insanity?
  29. Food glorious fooooooooood...
  30. Dear Diary...
  31. If you had a time machine
  32. Did your parents ever give you 'the talk'?
  33. Have you ever used avatars and/or banners made by somebody else?
  34. Would You Kill To Save A Life?
  35. "I was wrong."
  36. In next life time..
  37. I don't want to this though!
  38. High School Yearbooks
  39. Time Capsule
  40. What is your worst injury?
  41. Misconceptions you had as a child.
  42. Optimism vs. Pessimism
  43. Sleepwalking
  44. This can't be happening...
  45. Pets
  46. Tattoo
  47. Weirdest outfit?
  48. If you could meet......
  49. Special Abilities?
  50. Your Dream Job
  51. A world without electricity...?
  52. Don't look at this thread... or else!
  53. Party Tricks
  54. Would you want to know?
  55. Which one is easier: creating a thread or replying to a discussion?
  56. Most Valued Value
  57. Who is your role modle?
  58. "If you really wanted to know me...you should know this."
  59. Life and Death
  60. How do feel in the mornings?
  61. OMG! You're that guy from TV!
  62. Web Colors
  63. Cat or Dog?
  64. Do you give to charities?
  65. Dorothy...say goodbye to Kansas!
  66. Um...
  67. Would you eat someone to save yourself?
  68. ;D XD :3 :> <3
  69. WWll Question area
  70. Ice-creamz~! v2
  71. What's your favourite accent?
  72. 'NICK!' 'What?' 'What?' 'What?'
  73. Do you express your opinions strongly?
  74. Do you wear glasses?
  75. Priority savings!
  76. Sounds that annoy you?
  77. Your best friend is possessed.
  78. Mental or Physical?
  79. Misconceptions
  80. Fantasy or Future?
  81. What would happen if everyone was just like you?
  82. The more you refuse to hear my voice, the louder I will sing.
  83. What's the most notifications you've gotten overnight? v2
  84. What would be YOUR alter ego?
  85. "Hey come look at this!" "That ain't cool, dude." "Oh..."
  86. What is being human to you?
  87. After 10 years...
  88. What's your default PC style?
  89. How brave are you?
  90. Do you like wearing socks ?
  91. ...Doo doo doo doo doo~
  92. What color is your room?
  93. Have you ever lost touch with an old friend?
  94. Regret - A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment.
  95. This popcorn is so delicious!
  96. You're stranded, no food, no water..
  97. How do you deal with pain?
  98. Favorite fields of Science
  99. Would you rather have a boy or a girl?
  100. Favorite brands of Beer
  101. Candies!
  102. What if...you were the opposite gender for a day/week?
  103. lodlOLOL im DDrRUMK@!!!@~
  104. Okay so, I want to do something that I'm usually opposed to,...
  105. Your dream house
  106. you were born this way, baby
  107. The Daily Chit-Chat [Summer or Winter Edition]
  108. What kind of job would you have if you lived in the 1800s?
  109. Itt we lol @ the bad OP
  110. How about those New Year's Resolutions?
  111. The Word that makes you want to Run and Hide
  112. What is your Real Name?
  113. Favorite Weapon?
  114. Would you cut off your own limbs?
  115. Favorite Type of Sword?
  116. Favorite Eeveelution?
  117. What are you eating?!
  118. The worst thing you've ever done?
  119. Who will you save?
  120. BONSAI!! Does anyone grow/like Bonsai?
  121. Allergies, anyone?
  122. Clothes shopping!
  123. Sarsaparilla!
  124. PETS
  126. Have you ever crossdressed?
  127. I Can't Get No Satisfaction
  128. Would you give your life to cure cancer?
  129. 63b216.
  130. "brb shower" *returns four minutes later*
  131. Personality Types
  132. Another pointless, hypothetical PC related question!
  133. What if: Germany had won the Battle of Britain
  134. Friends - Online and Offline
  135. An study today has shown that members of PC are more sexy then those of Serebii.net
  136. That's it. I'm done.
  137. How much time do you spend lurking?:3
  138. Gender dysphoria
  139. I got some bad news for you sunshine
  140. If I had my way I'd have all of you shot
  141. Hush now baby, baby, don't you cry
  142. You better run
  143. Needles, Spiders, and Elevators, oh my!
  144. PC Families?
  145. BUT I HAVE TO
  146. Spending Summer?
  147. What was your dream last night?
  148. How do you dress?
  149. School Uniform
  150. Let's Go Crazy
  151. I don't care where we go, I don't care what we do
  152. Don't make me waste my time
  153. lonely computer it's time someone programmed you
  154. the castle started spinning or maybe it was my brain
  155. Snap snap <:
  156. this is what it sounds like when doves cry
  157. be your fire when you're cold make you happy when you're sad
  158. Baby I'm a Star
  159. *Sob*
  160. if y'know what I'm singing about here c'mon raise your hand
  161. Stalking - a word with a more positive meaning online?
  163. Srs. Bznz.
  164. Sarcasm
  165. First car
  166. Lemme snuggle up to my heater
  167. Self-control
  168. Can't decide!
  169. "I don't care. Whatever you want."
  170. LIES! D<
  171. You're Pregnant
  172. Anxiety
  174. Vampire or Werewolf?
  176. Hands.
  177. Stereotypes.
  178. 5000 friends
  179. Keeping secrets safe every move we make
  180. What's your favourite season?
  181. For the next two weeks, you belong to US!
  182. Do ever forget to type words?
  183. I forget the title.
  184. Go To Heck
  185. Sigh
  186. The Religion Thread
  187. Do you sit in front of a computer, or hide behind it?
  188. ghosts 'n' stuff
  189. How did I get here...?
  190. Are you black or white
  191. Do you move around in your sleep?
  192. what is your ethnic background
  193. Time
  194. The joy of dreaming!
  195. Tinnitus
  196. The twists of dreaming!
  197. internet popularity guys
  198. Can people change?
  199. What does the voice in your head sound like?
  200. Public Transport!
  201. How old were you when you started posting?
  202. A Healthy Dose of Self-Confidence
  203. Would you stay or leave?
  204. "You, come up to the front." NOOOOOOOOO!
  205. Do you like to sleep with a stuffed toy or pillow?
  206. Do you want some taco with that hot sauce?
  207. Words that you mispell?
  208. L-O-V-E
  209. Are you your own toughest Critic or Biggest Advocate?
  210. Members you'd like to talk to, but don't.
  211. 'insane'
  212. PC Friends
  213. do you drink energy drinks?
  214. Squiiiiiishy.
  215. OMG RAZOR LEAF POSTED!!!1one!
  216. What is the stupist/Craziest thing you have ever done?
  217. Your own store?
  218. You're my favourite part of the day
  219. do you ignore vms from people if you dont think theyre cool enough?
  220. have you ever respected somebody when you saw them as an individual...
  221. Piercings
  222. Reason/logic versus emotion
  223. What kind of food flavor do you prefer? Why? What food is it?
  224. Do we steal language?
  225. Goodafternoon, I am here to talk about 'blah'.
  226. Do you have a style?
  227. Who Has Changed The Most?
  228. Ctrl+V
  229. Make a wish
  230. Color flux
  231. What traits would you want your future children to inherit?
  232. What would you like to be remembered for?
  233. Waking up to a shocking discovery.
  234. Do you believe in Ghosts&Spirits?
  235. The first thing you do when you log on to PC
  236. Every year we Get-Together and we always seem to have fun!
  237. buyer beware...?
  238. Man vs Egyptian
  239. Who would you glomp?
  240. It's a secret.
  241. A Childhood Memory
  242. Do you have a job?
  243. Should Smoking be banned?(Only if your country has smokers)
  244. Do online cliques do more harm or good?
  245. We were one, but we've shared two bodies
  246. I can wait forever for you
  247. Come into My Tent, Stranger
  248. PC's Experts
  249. What were the best shocking and scary prank sites you ever visited?
  250. "We need to talk"