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  1. Do you actually laugh when you say 'lol' or 'rofl'?
  2. What colors do you associate with the four seasons?
  3. Favorite Avenger?
  4. I scream for ice cream!
  5. "I NEVER WANT KIDS..." "Wait, seriously?"
  6. Do you ever see yourself buying useless crap?
  8. Who do you want to meet offline?
  9. First rule of Fight Club: Don't talk about Fight Club
  11. Do you get on with your extended family
  12. "You can't hate me. Everybody loves me!!"
  13. "I hate to be a Grammar Nazi, but..."
  14. What do you think of yourself?
  15. Do you have a journal/diary?
  16. personal hygiene, baby
  17. "Catch Me!" ... *WHUMP!*
  18. "I'm about to celebrate becoming an only child!"
  19. What is the scariest thing for you?
  20. MY ALARM!
  21. Online Dating?
  22. "I can't believe I just had that conversation...with my cat."
  23. How nerdy are you?
  24. "You're 24 and you don't have a job?"
  25. "Hey you! How's it going?" "Umm...."
  26. Meal time!
  27. The most sacred things to you!
  28. Sexual orientation?
  29. How highly do you think of your appearance?
  30. Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  31. what jobs do you admire ?
  32. It's Friday, Friday...
  33. "Nothing worse than a thief!"
  34. Will I have a successful life?
  35. What an...unusual...taste!
  36. It's A World Record!
  37. Current obsessions/addictions.
  38. Which element are you?
  39. Unapproachable?
  40. Infidelity
  41. *.:。*・゚~Kawaii Desu~*・゚。:.*
  42. Back stabber
  43. Confrontation
  44. Have you ever given / would you ever give blood?
  45. A picture is worth a thousand words
  46. You're not supposed to revive threads over a month old?
  47. Pride
  48. "I was meant to be a teen in the 80's!"
  49. Do you have gum?
  50. Juice!
  51. Weaknesses?
  52. "Mother knows best, listen to your mother..."
  53. Boredom
  54. Wii U Color
  55. From noob to novice to never been better
  56. Innie or Outie?
  57. Right in the childhood!
  58. No food. No water. Nothing.
  59. Holy Sheet!
  60. Underwears.
  61. It's finally over
  62. You are now my personal shopper!
  63. A day in the life of you!
  64. You're a tad bit tardy
  65. Hey, wanna be a mod?
  66. My little osito!
  67. Are you left or right handed?
  68. Heading the right way
  69. Give me your heart.
  71. "Can I come too?"
  72. Living in a fantasy
  74. MYOB dammit
  75. Burial or cremation?
  76. You're one of my best friends
  77. He took down 100 zombies before they got him!
  78. That's just the way it is.
  79. How far would you perpetuate a lie?
  80. Age difference
  81. Personality test.
  82. Thunder only happens when it's raining
  83. Fingerprints!
  84. NO CAPES
  85. Adventure Time!
  86. Quirks
  87. Who were your first PC friends.
  88. (s.. e.. x) Topics
  89. My Power Can Change The World
  91. I'M SO HIGH !!!!!!!
  92. Who do you hang out with?
  93. how long have you waited for a flight that's been delayed
  94. "LOL how was I meant to know androids were your greatest fear"
  95. Internet Afterlife
  96. Things you do / say a lot in daily conversation.
  97. Has anyone in your family been arrested?
  98. crap i did it again :c
  99. "Mom, I know you love me, but this has to stop."
  100. Friends you'd consider dating!
  101. Whats Your Zodiac Sign?
  102. Wardrobe Colors!
  103. Go-to frustration word.
  104. ARRRGH
  105. Would you consider cosmetic surgery?
  106. Put A Ring On It
  107. What's your limit?
  108. Lights Out
  109. "The back of yo head is ridiculous!"
  110. Anyone going to college this semester or already in college?
  111. Vices!
  112. "Cross your heart and hope to die...
  113. "He said WHAT about my butt?"
  114. Cats or Dogs?
  115. Friend.
  116. My life would suck without you.
  117. Internal or external anger?
  118. Amnesia Scenario
  119. Divorce?
  120. Other countries you would want to live in?
  121. $w@gga
  122. [Post & Discuss] Pictures of you!
  123. "I'm getting married!" "I'm pregnant!"
  124. Lets Say......
  125. Whats Your Spirit Animal?
  126. MTFTM
  127. Your voice sucks, get a better one before I disown you n_n
  129. favorite chocolate
  130. favorite crisps
  131. Toys
  132. Do you drink? If so how many units a week?
  133. Where'd it go?
  134. Sentimentally Valuable Possessions
  135. Need for order.
  136. I wanna be a fairy, a doctor, AND a lawyer.
  137. Piercings
  138. Help With Baby Names!
  139. Nixon's weekly polls no.1: Batman or Thor?
  140. How do you sleep?
  141. Spontaneous things you do.
  142. Listening to music in public.
  143. The odd life -and body!- of me
  144. Inspirational Stuff?
  145. Have you ever experienced or heard any paranormal activities?
  146. These walls around me are very blue...
  147. Some they call me Joe, some they call me Moe...
  148. Any Funny Moments Recalled?
  149. They call me Tony, but you can call me tonight~
  150. My internet darling <3
  151. hello, clarice
  152. So Pokecommunity, are you happy?
  153. Do you blink whilst sleeping?
  154. Are you a good cook?
  155. Be who you want to be!
  156. What Theme Do You Use?
  157. Wanna Join The Fraternity
  158. What kind of car do you drive/own?
  159. If you were a time traveller...
  160. Moosick
  161. Best Usernames Ever
  162. T.T
  163. I don't want so YOU CAN.
  164. 'Cuz you're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no...
  165. feces depository
  166. Stranded on an island with nowhere to go.
  167. Mister, my cat is better than your dog
  168. What month were you born in?
  169. If your life was a movie would you watch it?
  170. Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save...
  171. Would you give your body up for money?
  172. Would you die for your flag?
  173. Ugh! I Dine Only On Fine Caviar! -^-
  174. School: most dreaded place on the planet!
  176. Do you take stuff too literally?
  178. If you were to become a superhero...
  179. Talk to me, I miss you. :-(
  180. [Lost Silver Reference] TURN BACK NOW.
  181. Favorite season?
  182. It's hawt out.
  183. Misery Loves Company
  184. Favorite Summer Fruit
  185. So I was having this dream about PokéCommunity, and...
  186. Russia; Europe or Asia
  187. Milk or cookies?
  188. creativvvvvvvvvve
  189. A few questions please?
  190. what is the most amount of money you'd paid for a toy
  191. What's on your mind?
  192. Would you sell your online identity?
  193. Comfort vs Company
  194. Get your head off your hand and uncross your legs
  195. Do you laugh at your own jokes?
  196. Money well spent.
  197. Your preferred method of eyesight..
  198. ~*!*~~~*!*~
  199. I am very offended!
  200. "You're just after the attention!" "Aren't we all?"
  201. Twilight Katniss
  202. Evil
  203. What a name!
  204. PC 10th Anniversary Events
  205. Who would you vote for in the Presidential election?
  206. The predetermined luck factor.
  207. spam me so my count can go up
  208. Millions and millions of dolla's, yo~
  209. C is for cookie. COOKIES!!! UMM-NUM-NUM-NUM-NUM!!!
  210. No tissues!
  211. I lost millions and millions of dolla's, oh no...
  212. How are you most afraid to die?
  213. Can you ride a bike?
  214. I seeeeeee youuuuuu [/creepy stalker]
  215. top 5 countries you would live in beside your own
  216. Rain Rain Go Away
  217. I can't believe I forgot! >.<
  218. Whats the worst thing you've ever done?
  219. Ooh... might wanna get a Burn Heal for that!
  220. I should rly stop wasting munny
  221. Your dream last night.
  222. A Life Lesson - Brought To You By PokeCommunity
  223. How often do you travel?
  224. I can't wait for English class!
  225. we didn't need to bring you along
  226. It's my birthday! <:)
  227. I'm with The Mean Girls, yay me
  228. Have you ever ended up in a bad place on accident?
  229. You only came up for..
  230. 2012 Survivor's Party @ Drakow's House
  231. How many friends?
  232. You're my best friend!
  233. Remember this
  234. If you could marry anyone, who would you marry?
  235. Ahem. Thank you all for coming, I'd like to--- *drops notecards*
  236. "Oh cool!I get to start school late tomorrow!"
  237. cabin fever
  238. Base of Operations
  239. Diapers/Pull-Ups
  240. Are you the thread or the needle?
  241. Anger
  242. What part Pokecommunity do you spend the most time?
  243. If you could meet anyone from PC who would it be?
  244. Fourm Names
  245. Do you/did you have sleepovers?
  246. If I were to eat your brain, which side would be better?
  247. Are you judgmental?
  248. What would you rather do?
  249. Time for a- MY GOD ITS COLD!
  250. Hiccups.