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  1. PC Battle Server Information & Help (THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR BAN APPEALS)
  2. [Resource] PC Battle Server Alts
  3. [Event] Grand Magic Games Tournament
  4. [Event] Back to the Future — A VGC'98 tournament
  5. [Event] The Tag-Team Randbat Tournament of DEATH
  6. [Event] Community Day XI
  7. [Event] Battle Nights
  8. Guidelines, Resources & Feedback
  9. Moveset Help & Other Questions
  10. In-Game Team Help
  11. Quick Battle Requests
  12. [Discussion] What's your MVP (Most Valued Player)?
  13. [Discussion] What's the best Pokemon type?
  14. [Discussion] Underrated Pokemon
  15. [Discussion] Most difficult Pokemon to fight in Random Battles?
  16. [Discussion] Creative/underrated movesets
  17. [Battle Log] Battle Replays, Logs & Videos
  18. [Discussion] Hax! You haxed!!!
  19. [Discussion] Monotype teams without weather?
  20. [Event] The Monotype Tournament Mini
  21. [Team Help] NU Team Help topped at #52 on PS
  22. [Discussion] If you could give Flareon a good moveset
  23. [Team Help] Electric Monotype Team
  24. [Discussion] Thunder...bolt?
  25. [Event] Pokemon Regionals Tournaments already announced for the 2013-2014 season!
  26. [Event] Little Cup Randbat Tournament
  27. [Discussion] X&Y's impact on competitive battling.
  28. [Discussion] Favorite team styles
  29. [Discussion] Choice Items
  30. [Event] Community Day XI Participant List
  31. [Discussion] If you could make a Pokemon, what would it be?
  32. [Discussion] What are you using right now?
  33. [Event] The Battle Pyramid
  34. [Discussion] Favorite tier?
  35. [Discussion] Entry Hazards
  36. [Team Help] Input on my Team
  37. [Team Help] ab initio [RU]
  38. [Discussion] Help wanted: Piecing together a Sweeper team
  39. [Discussion] Are randbats a real tier in competitive battling?
  40. [Discussion] Unluckiest moment?
  41. [Discussion] DOUBLE Types?!
  42. [Event] The Road to VGC! (Part 1)
  43. [Team Help] Rain team
  44. [Team Help] Standard OU Team
  45. [Team Help] My First PkMn Showdown Team
  46. [Discussion] Where to do gyms?
  47. [Team Help] VCG doubles Trick Room
  48. [Team Help] It's getting Scrafty up in here- Gen V OU
  49. [Team Help] Haruki(An OU Sun Team)
  50. [Discussion] What Pokemon do you hope will receive a Mega Evolution?
  51. [Team Help] Hyperoffensive OU(current) team
  52. [Team Help] OU Rain Team (#1)
  53. [Team Help] My first UU team
  54. [Team Help] Rate my Team (All-Rounder)
  55. [Team Help] RU team
  56. [Team Help] Rate My Team?
  57. [Team Help] Sushi's OU Team
  58. [Discussion] Worst Pokémon type?
  59. [Discussion] Status!
  60. [Discussion] Are dedicated leads now redundant?
  61. [Event] The Pokemon Journey Tournament
  62. [Discussion] Space Goats
  63. [Discussion] Rain, Hail, Sand, and Sun!
  64. [Discussion] Is My Battle Style wrong?
  65. [Team Help] RU team ver. 2.0
  66. [Team Help] First OU Team
  67. [Team Help] Headstrong: A monotype Fighting Team
  68. [Team Help] (OU) Dusknoir of Terror (peaked at 1924 ACRE)
  69. [Team Help] RU team
  70. [Team Help] Staying Power
  71. [Team Help] Eelektross and Swords Dancing (peaked at 2462 ACRE)
  72. [Discussion] What are the Best Battles You've Had on Pokemon Showdown?
  73. [Discussion] Slaking.....A sleeping giant?
  74. [Team Help] NU Team Help
  75. [Discussion] Leads in double battles
  76. [Group] Ultimate Pokecommunity League
  77. [Group] Pokemon Battle League
  78. PC Battle Server Chat Logs II
  79. [Event] The Road to VGC! (Part 2)
  80. [Team Help] My OU Team! :D
  81. [Discussion] Tier Shift
  82. [Discussion] Tourney Ready?
  83. [Team Help] NU Entry Hazard Team
  84. [Team Help] Sandstorm VGC Team
  85. [Team Help] Hyper-offensive OU team
  86. [Group] Keno League Needing Challenger
  87. [Discussion] How will super training effect casual play?
  88. [Team Help] Breloom Team (OU)
  89. [Team Help] First Shot at an RU Team
  90. [Team Help] My First RU team
  91. [Team Help] My first pokemon rate/hate wifi team
  92. [Discussion] Offensive and Defensive Cores and the other good stuff that you want on a team
  93. [Discussion] The use of Legendaries in competitive battling
  94. Counter that Pokémon
  95. [Team Help] A little doubles combo
  96. [Team Help] emerald, team strategy advice
  97. [Team Help] [UU] Penguins, Turtles, and Rocks.
  98. [Team Help] My NU Team
  99. [Group] B2/W2 Battle League
  100. [Team Help] Relicanth's Revenge (NU Team)
  101. [Team Help] Steeling Yo Swag
  102. [Event] Community Day XY
  103. [Group] Ideas for battling: Skill points/Bounty hunter clans
  104. [Team Help] VGC Double Team
  105. [Team Help] Breloom Team (OU)
  106. [Team Help] Electric Mouse Team (NU)
  107. [Team Help] Help with my competitive team members?
  108. [Group] Black and White Gen 5 fanclub Battle Talk
  109. [Discussion] The current metagame stinks...
  110. [Team Help] OU Team i threw together
  111. [Team Help] Rainecho's Sandstorm Team
  112. [Discussion] Generation 1 team rant
  113. [Team Help] Mirages of the Frozen Wasteland (Balanced Hackmons, #1, #2, #3 AND #6 on the ladder - my 10th Anniversary RMT)
  114. [Team Help] Haven't played since Red/Blue, need help building a team for competitive play in X
  115. [Resource] (Project) Looking for avid breeders and competitive players for X and Y
  116. [Team Help] Constructive criticism for my pokemon team
  117. [Event] PSS Championship hosted by ME!
  118. [Team Help] I'm new to competitive battling.
  119. [Discussion] Mega Evolution Discussion
  120. [Team Help] Help making team
  121. [Event] Community Day XY Participant List
  122. [Discussion] 70 accuracy 110 Base power moves
  123. [Team Help] My first 6th Gen Team.
  124. [Team Help] OU Team For X & Y
  125. [Discussion] X/Y Weather Nerf
  126. Building the right team?
  127. [Team Help] X and Y competitive team?
  128. [Group] Heroes Of The.4 The Generation - Battle Arena
  129. [Discussion] my first real battle ^__^
  130. [Team Help] "Bulky Offensive"
  131. [Team Help] XY Rain Team
  132. [Discussion] New Uber Predictions?
  133. [Event] Tournament Series
  134. [Team Help] Need some Help making a competitive pokemon team.
  135. [Team Help] Back into the Pokemon scene and would like help!
  136. [Discussion] Competitive Breeding
  137. [Team Help] Gen 6 OU Team
  138. [Discussion] Will Megas be your core?
  139. [Team Help] Suggestions for my XY poketeam
  140. [Team Help] Obligatory Bird Pokemon Team
  141. [Team Help] Getting back into Pokemon... Team help?
  142. [Team Help] Beginning Team - need help
  143. [Event] The Official Pokecommunity Pokemon XY: Kicking things off, Showdown Tournament!
  144. [Team Help] Pokemon X/Y OU Team
  145. [Team Help] Looking to round off my team, opinions needed
  146. [Team Help] Looking for help with my Pokemon Competitive team!
  147. [Team Help] OU Team
  148. [Team Help] First competetive team
  149. [Team Help] 6th Pokemon for my lineup?
  150. [Team Help] Prototype build
  151. [Discussion] Underrated Pokemon and strategies
  152. [Team Help] First Gen 6 team
  153. [Team Help] First ever Build/Prototype.
  154. [Discussion] Which Fairy-types will end up as the most used?
  155. [Team Help] WiFi Team - Cut a member for MegaAggron
  156. [Discussion] NU predictions for X&Y
  157. [Discussion] Usage and tier predictions in generation six
  158. [Team Help] gen VI team idea
  159. [Discussion] Major XY OU threats
  160. [Team Help] Team Pointers
  161. [Team Help] Team Built Around Mega Gardevoir
  162. [Team Help] [6th] First OU Team
  163. Best natures for these pokemon?
  164. [Team Help] Rate my FIRST X/Y compeatative team
  165. [Team Help] Planned Wifi Team
  166. [Discussion] How do you deal with stat boosting?
  167. [Discussion] Sticky web
  168. [Discussion] What new Pokemon will be OU?
  169. [Discussion] Are there any pokes of this gen worth it?
  170. [Team Help] Rate my sister's X/Y team (around Mega Gardevoir and Sylveon)
  171. [Team Help] Rate my Zoroark based X/Y team
  172. [Team Help] Help build team?
  173. [Team Help] My first competitive team
  174. [Team Help] Two Many Sweepers
  175. [Discussion] Competitive download
  176. [Team Help] my first team(X and Y)
  177. [Team Help] In Soulsilver, how to complete this non-legendary party for PvE AND PvP?
  178. [Team Help] Need Help With X/Y Teams
  179. [Team Help] I need help with my first competitive team
  180. [Team Help] Pokemon [X-Y] Competitive Team Help
  181. [Team Help] 3 Man Team Advice?
  182. [Team Help] First Competitive Team (X/Y)
  183. [Team Help] Mono-Dark
  184. [Group] Pokecommunity Guilds/Tournaments/Events Idea
  185. [Team Help] My 1st Team (X/Y)
  186. [Discussion] Inside The Mind of a Competitive Trainer
  187. [Team Help] Trick Room Team
  188. [Team Help] Dual Steel One Houndoom [XY Pre-Bank] [OU]
  189. [Team Help] A competitive team?
  190. [Team Help] Competitive Team 6th slot adivce
  191. [Team Help] Competitive Team
  192. [Team Help] X and Y team
  193. any nice tricks or op pokemon
  194. [Team Help] First XY Team
  195. [Event] Massive Multi Confusion
  196. [Team Help] Whats wrong with my team???
  197. [Team Help] My first competitive team EVER
  198. [Team Help] Feedback on my team, thanks!
  199. [Team Help] Just starting, could use all suggestions
  200. [Discussion] Favorite Stallers
  201. [Team Help] First attempt at team building
  202. [Discussion] IVs and Breeding For Competitive Play
  203. [Team Help] Competitive team
  204. [Team Help] Need major changes and help
  205. [Team Help] Rate my team....
  206. [Team Help] Advice for my team
  207. [Team Help] Need opinions/feedback on my online team.
  208. [Discussion] Klefki's Tier
  209. [Team Help] i need help with my team?
  210. [Team Help] A Noob's Scrappy Team
  211. [Team Help] Rate my cousin's team,THX
  212. [Team Help] Advice on Team
  213. [Team Help] My Dream Team (may not be so dreamy)
  214. [Team Help] Rate my team?
  215. [Team Help] Need advice on altering my Black2 WiFi team for X/Y
  216. [Team Help] First gen 6 team!
  217. [Discussion] Aegislash...
  218. [Discussion] Assault Vest and Weakness Policy
  219. [Team Help] special sweeper for my team?
  220. [Team Help] Looking into competitive play please help :D
  221. [Team Help] First X/Y Team Build ^^;;
  222. [Discussion] Has Gen 6 changed your play style?
  223. [Team Help] First Gen VI Team!
  224. [Team Help] Team Guidance?
  225. [Team Help] My Team... How to improve?
  226. [Team Help] Team Advice
  227. [Team Help] PokeBank OU team
  228. [Team Help] Feedback for my team?
  229. [Group] PokeCommunity's Competitive Battling Community
  230. [Team Help] Pokemon Competitive team rating
  231. [Team Help] Beginnings of sorts
  232. [Team Help] First time team, your thoughts?
  233. [Team Help] Team rating
  234. [Discussion] Hazards leads
  235. [Resource] Find that pokemon! A website to find pokemon for your teams - super-poke(dex)
  236. [Team Help] Rate my Team?
  237. [Team Help] Looking for some help with team?
  239. [Team Help] RMT Pokebank OU Prototype
  240. [Event] Alphabet Soup
  241. [Team Help] Pokemon X Team: First Competitive Team
  242. [Team Help] Made a team. Not sure if it'll work online...
  243. [Team Help] Need competitive advice
  244. [Event] Community Day XIII
  245. [Team Help] do i have a good competitive team for pokemon x & y
  246. [Discussion] Are you waiting for Pokebank?
  247. [Team Help] Spell Cleave - Help please [Gen 6]
  248. [Team Help] Sand Switch
  249. [Event] Gen 5 tournament
  250. [Team Help] Rain Dance [Gen VI]