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  1. Proposed Tennessee bill would make it a crime to practice Sharia law.
  2. Obama Resumes Military Tribunals at Guantanamo Bay
  3. The World's Sixth Mass Extinction: Who Cares?
  4. Asteroid Solutions
  5. Man found dead on TV broadcast tower
  6. March 19th 2011 - The end of the world?
  7. Developing: Massive 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits Japan
  8. To do:
  9. "The end of the world"
  10. Small Story: High School Teen Survives Jump From Golden Gate Bridge
  11. *hoax* Creator of the Pokemon franchise, Satoshi Tajiri, rumored to be dead
  12. The source of 2012...
  13. Random Subject from Random Person
  14. Animal crossing community
  15. Predict Your Adult Height (If you're still not done growing.)
  16. Girl with very ignorant thoughts...
  17. Youtube thread
  18. How Do you celebrate St Pattys day? if at all?
  19. Gene therapy 'treats' Parkinson's disease
  20. Anyone watching The History Channel right now?
  21. should some people be forgiven?
  22. Real Life WTF Moments
  23. So, I was just wondering...?
  24. Alright, time for me to step out... (Weight and Diet)
  25. Do I have IBS?
  26. Thinking before you speak - a question.
  27. The Spanish Armada
  28. Canada no-confidence vote topples Harper government
  29. He dun goof'd - Jessi Slaughter's dad arrested
  30. New Archelogical discovery rewrites history of the Americas
  31. What are you reading?
  32. British Anti-Cuts Protests
  33. Out of the darkness, comes the Knight
  34. Aliens, of the ancient variety?
  35. Facebook depression
  36. Baby in the mirror.
  37. Is there other life in the Universe?
  38. Why does society look down upon "emos"/people who are depressed?
  39. How come whenever society stops discriminating against one group of people...
  40. WalMart featured in a class-action lawsuit
  41. April Fools!
  42. LOL
  43. US unemployment rate falls to new two-year low
  44. Should all elections be nonpartisan?
  45. Florida preacher burns Koran, outrage in Middle East
  46. xXShaddowTXx
  47. The US 2012 Elections Thread / American Politics Discussion
  49. Sophie's Choice
  50. •The PokéPost Project - Searching for Journalists•
  51. The purpose of war photography?
  52. Government Shut down and the US deficit
  53. Lean On Me (or Stand On Your Own)
  54. Legalizing Marijuana
  55. High school
  56. A Portion of Obamacare Has Been Repealed By Congress!!!
  57. Does religion work in practice?
  58. Equality, is it actually possible?
  59. Debate: How do you feel about abortions?
  60. Home Remedies
  61. Social Networks: Are they making us less social?
  62. Would you support a Fourth Branch of the U.S. Government?
  63. GBA Roms on Nintendo DS
  64. Learning/Memory methods
  65. Chicago Schools ban home made lunches.
  66. What are your thoughts of a pokemon mmo ?
  67. College Students
  68. May 2nd: Canadian Federal Election
  69. Woman sets fire to husband's genitals.
  70. What are you listening to now?
  71. American YouTube vLogger denied access back to UK for being a "significant risk"
  74. How do you feel about Same-Sex Marriage?
  75. Tattoo's: What do you think of them?
  76. Hole in the Ozone Layer causing Australian drought(s)
  77. Objective Standards: A Breach From Politics (Hopefully)
  78. Is it possible to be normal?
  79. Not Strict.... Hah.
  80. "Life, will find a way..."
  81. White House Releases President Barack Obama's Full Birth Certificate
  82. Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding? Or are you waiting for it to be over?
  83. The birthers strike again: Oklahoma House passes a birther bill
  84. American dollar downfall?
  85. "Take a deep breath. I'll screen you for cancer. Oh, bring your dog, too."
  86. President Obama's relationship with the LGBT community
  87. Pope John Paul II officially beautified by the Vatican
  88. Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda mastermind, killed in Pakistan
  89. Government Secrets/Conspiracies
  90. Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah agree unity pact
  91. Pundits predictions no more accurate than a coin toss
  92. Last known WWI veteran dies at 110
  93. US man jailed for assisting suicides
  94. Do you think that prostitution should be legalized?
  95. Space Travel.
  96. Should Medical Treatment Be Forced?
  97. Pets!
  98. The Dangers of Sexting?
  99. 5.4 Earthquake rocks Spain - 7 killed
  100. Florida Accidentally Bans Sex
  101. "Vote for Nicole Santos blahblah"
  102. Wildlife News Discussion
  103. Man dies in Brisbane for "planking"
  104. Conservative bashes Pokemon
  105. Gender Roles
  106. Us passes Debt ceiling
  107. Teen whose prank got him kicked out of prom, now allowed to go
  108. [DEVELOPING] Wildfires in Alberta take over small town
  109. Sinking ship, women and children first, agree/disagree?
  110. IMF chief refused bail on sexual assault charges
  111. Planet discovered capable of supporting life
  112. Suicide
  113. People are so quick to call troll nowadays
  114. Zombie Apocalypse? The CDC Describes How To Be Prepared
  115. End of the world May 21st?
  116. Massive demonstrations in Spain: we don't want to choose between party A and B
  117. Sympathy for the Child
  118. US Atheists plan "Rapture party"
  119. Online Debates.
  120. Amanda Knox Appeals Conviction
  121. Saudi woman detained for defying driving ban
  122. People are BUYING ROM HACKS from Ebay!!!
  123. Question
  124. Should people be able to own firearms for self-protection?
  125. Parents keep child’s gender under wraps
  126. Labeling People
  128. Erik Destler?
  129. Is it okay to steal food?
  131. Are you a vegetarian?
  132. Vermont Passes Single-Payer Health Care, World Doesn't End
  133. Lethal Injection
  134. Did you want David Cameron to be prime minister?
  135. US House of Representatives Rejects Debt Ceiling Increase
  136. Consumerism can really drive people into doing ridiculous things!
  137. Intelligence vs Social Competence
  138. Why so many bronies
  139. Pokemon Collector Cuts off Little Girl's Clothes for Pokemon pictures
  140. "She texted, we kicked her out"
  141. Going out with a bang
  142. The 5 worst people of all time.
  143. How do you feel about Death Taxes?
  144. JSDF Spherical Flight Drone Video
  145. I like my car
  146. How do you feel about WeinerGate?
  147. Does a student's sex matter in education?
  148. Call the cops, its a dangerous animal!
  149. "Justice For Caylee" - The Casey Anthony Trial
  150. Urn donated to Goodwill store
  151. Language Language on the wall~
  152. Why do so many consider us today less "moral" than in the past.
  153. Moral Relativism.
  154. Obama & The need for a nonpartisan system
  155. What if religion never existed?
  156. Sensory deprivation
  157. Virginia GOP Embraces Lesbian YouTube Video
  158. Changing Homosexuality?
  159. US lawmakers file suit against President Obama over Libya
  160. Nature Vs. Nurture
  161. Do we create the "Perfect" versions of ourselves online?
  162. Riots in Vancouver following Stanley Cup Finals loss
  163. Immigration Reform in the United States
  164. U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee: Streaming is a felony
  165. Crazy left-wing extremists to ban goldfish, circumcison
  166. Public Control of our Health
  167. Why is it that celebrities have less freedom than us?
  168. Beauty Pageants
  169. Perfect Memory
  170. Making money online through surveys...
  171. Wal-Mart women denied discrimination class action by US Supreme Court
  172. Sick and Tired of it!
  173. We should privatize the fire department
  174. Love has no boundaries
  175. This hilarious song I generated ><
  176. FDA reveals better warning labels for cigarette packets
  177. BREAKING (sorta): Gay Marriage Legalized in New York
  178. vague title
  179. Your opinion on the importance of race and nationality?
  180. Homosexuality
  181. Why is PokéCommunity so successful?
  182. Being Sensitive
  183. Dinosaur Chat
  184. Coma Dream
  185. Is racism learned?
  186. Yoshi's Island & graduation
  187. The world just ended. Now what?
  188. Why does it seem most of my threads get closed!
  189. How young is too young?
  190. Upon what age should one be considered an adult [legally]?
  191. Asian Girl
  192. "You're all fags"
  193. Do two people dating have to be similar in a relationship?
  194. The Role of Both Parents in Emotional Development
  195. Humans > Animals
  196. Are teachers being unreasonable in their hate of Wikipedia?
  197. Why are friends important...
  198. Is psypokes.com down?
  199. Environmental Management
  200. Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY
  201. Death Sentence VS. Life Sentence
  202. General Music Discussion
  203. What is the big deal of Atheism?
  204. Have you ever been scammed online?
  205. Rise of Islamophobia
  206. Zombie apocalypse!
  207. I think I'm going to be sick: US teen killed because he was gay
  208. Smart Jurors
  209. 12 year old girl sacrifices her life for her ailing family members
  210. Japanese Scientist Turns Feces Into Food
  211. Swedish couple forced to return their adopted child
  212. Rupert Murdoch's oldest newspaper closes after hacking scandal
  213. The Way the world will end...
  214. In YOUR end-o
  215. Required to learn gay history?
  216. Is paedophilia inherently wrong?
  217. Mark Mauvais is Psychic?
  218. How can I make my parents understand by selling a forum from scratch can make money?
  219. Is Divorce Selfish?
  220. Do we really need Sexual Education?
  221. Best Pool Shot
  222. Ayurvedic Healing
  223. Man rejected by blood bank for seeming gay.
  224. Pushing religion onto other people?
  225. Revisionist History
  226. Freaky, much?
  227. Where do our Perspectives Come From?
  228. Man buys $330 000 home for $16
  229. Oslo, Norway: Bomb blast near Norway prime minister's office
  230. The Pressure to Be Thin.
  231. R.I.P Amy Winehouse
  232. DRUGS
  233. Women Wearing Make-up
  234. The Liar Paradox
  235. Male Genitalia Mutilation
  236. Will the truth ALWAYS set you free?
  237. Train Driver Caught Reading Paper Whilst At Controls
  238. But it was the right thing to do...
  239. Welfare on Drugs
  240. Declawing Cats
  241. Your View of God
  242. You're offended? So what.
  243. US Debt Ceiling crisis
  244. Credit Cards
  245. Does anyone eat chicken bones?
  246. Epic NO!
  247. Geoengineering
  248. Ban on Pitbulls
  249. Gay Adoption and Custodianship
  250. Famine in Somalia