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  1. My secular arguments against gay marriage.
  2. Was my standard introduction thread wrong?
  3. Christ and the Church of God
  4. Should Religious Education be Mandatory in Schools?
  5. Do human beings act out of self-interest?
  6. Forget Avian & Swine Flu: Seal Flu strain identified
  7. Viva Pinata Discussion
  8. Is it ever okay to break the law?
  9. What Fruit Are You? [A Personality Quiz]
  10. (IMPORTANT) Bullied for interest in Pokemon?
  11. Affirmitive Action
  12. Gunman at Wisconsin Sihk Temple kills 7
  13. The American Politics Discussion Thread
  14. What is hell?
  15. Is chivalry sexist?
  16. Did I get a good deal?
  17. New Pepsi Can?
  18. How to get a successful Utopia? (What is the best world?)
  19. Things I Never Learned In School
  20. Chatting =D
  21. Is regular school overrated?
  22. Does this really work?
  23. Why must you all be serious?
  24. Relationships at an Early Age?
  25. Does poverty = crime?
  26. Should Schools have Securities on duty?
  27. Whales and stars singing?
  28. Armstrong faces lifetime ban, loss of 7 Tour titles
  29. Gunman killed after Empire State Building shooting
  30. Hospital Bills
  31. R.I.P Neil Armstrong.
  32. France: Gay marriage legal by 2013
  33. Artic sea ice hits lowest ever recorded level
  34. Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' slams Creationism
  35. Father beats up toddler over video game
  36. Arrrrrrgh (sorry didn't know where to put this rant)
  37. Do you think our lives have a purpose?
  38. Website Technical support
  39. What do you think of my new avatar?
  40. Not Off To A Good Start On The Forum.
  41. General Advice Thread
  42. the randomest thing of all random things happened today
  43. Gender Identity
  44. Carbon Dioxide emissions causing... obesity?
  45. New human species discovered in China
  46. Looking to get a Group Together
  47. Hubble Telescope discovers ancient Galaxy that shouldn't exist
  48. Work Horror Stories
  49. Parthenogenesis - 'Virgin Birth', confirmed in wild snake species
  50. make a better slogan
  51. Three dead in assault to US Consulate in Libya, including embassador himself
  52. The Money System (and an idea)
  53. Back packing / Tramping / Vagabond
  54. Uterine Transplant 'Success'
  55. Not allowed to worship God in schools in America?
  56. "She's out of my league"
  57. 'Innocence of Muslims' Film
  59. Booksmart vs Streetsmart
  60. Corporal Punishment
  61. Growing up too fast
  62. sup
  63. Modern use of the English language
  64. Hacking Help
  65. What is Love? (Baby don't hurt me)
  66. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?
  67. School uniform
  68. Paradox Thread
  70. A short hello leads to a long goodbye.
  71. Breast Cancer Awareness
  72. Man jailed after two police officers shot dead... for wearing a t-shirt.
  73. Job discrimination vs. Appeal, image, and tradition
  74. Vaccines
  75. CEO Threatens to fire workers if Obama is reelected
  76. The Halloween 2012 & Paranormal Discussion thread
  77. "Heaven is real"
  78. Lonely, Bullied, Abused Teen Dies
  79. could we have been wiser when cars were made?
  80. Man to be charged with Felony Murder, for causing Cancer.
  81. Other Pokemon Games
  82. Italy scientists guilty of manslaughter, for not predicting a Earthquake.
  83. Fall 2012 OC&D Feedback + Improvement thread
  84. Has 'Bigfoot' been found?
  85. Major '9/11 Conspiracy' film to be released in 2013
  86. Scientists create Petroleum... from air
  87. Internet Sexism
  88. Nudity and Nude Art
  89. Court returns stolen money... To bank robber.
  90. #BaldForBieber - 4chan wins again.
  91. Hurricane Sandy
  92. Gay Conversion Therapy
  93. Half Empty or Half Full
  94. The Discussions & Debates Advice Thread
  95. The Majora's Mask Discussion Thread (aka the world is ending)
  96. Study shows majority of people harbor prejudices against african-americans
  97. Affirmative Action
  98. Smugglers car stuck atop border fence
  99. Man charged for trick-or-treat cocaine bags
  100. My God(s)!.....?
  101. Voting: Compulsory or Optional?
  102. Why should you get to choose
  103. i am new here
  104. Study: Carbon Dioxide gas effects Satellites and space junk
  105. Seeing the future?
  106. U.S. to become world's largest oil producer by 2020
  107. People from 30 states threaten secession from the United States
  108. Uganda passes infamous "Kill the Gays" bill as a "Christmas gift to the nation"
  109. Happy story of the week: Man bids to cross the Atlantic on a cluster of balloons
  110. "In which sense(s) are virtual communities real communities?"
  111. Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing
  112. Badmouthing
  113. Twinkies Maker Hostess Going Out of Business
  114. Marijuana!
  115. Homework Ban
  116. Government Control
  117. The use of animals in sport.
  118. Your opinion: "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"?
  119. Going too far? High school student suspended for refusing to wear GPS tracker
  120. [Other Chat] The spam thread!
  121. The Rollercoster of Everyday Life
  122. Palestinians win upgraded UN non-member observer state status by wide margin
  123. U.S. Senate votes to repeal indefinite detention of American citizens!!!
  124. Serbian village council issues vampire alert
  125. Overstock.com criticized for selling a "Barack Light Brown" couch
  126. The Possibility of Cloning Extinct Species
  127. Psychiatric Association Changes Diagnostic Manual, Removes Aspergers, Adds Hoarding
  128. Member of the Year - OC&D Edition!
  129. Which pokemon tastes best?
  130. Which is better?
  131. This thread is pretty gay.
  132. Curiosity Rover finds Organic material on Mars; "Not definitive" - NASA
  133. Self-harm
  134. Human Potential
  135. Kate Middleton Prank leads to Tragedy
  136. Dreams - What are they?
  137. The Food Industry
  138. Your bully just died.
  139. Study finds Fox News viewers' average IQ is slightly above retardation
  140. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs 'Right to Work' bill
  141. Really bored. Need to chat.
  142. Doctors pull two inch feather from infant's neck
  143. Biblical story of Noah's Ark based on real flood(s)
  144. 20 children, 6 Adults dead in Connecticut elementary school shooting
  145. It's an awful day for schools: 22 children involved in China stabbing incident.
  146. In need of some Kindness
  147. hey
  148. Historical Things that were never talked about
  149. Anonymous
  150. ZEL E-Mail-Adress
  151. Plain cigarette packaging
  152. Norovirus
  153. 5 Year Old Expelled From Infant School For Stealing, Vandalism & Kicking The Teacher
  154. The one and only big fat thread about GUNS.
  155. Help!
  156. We have always been cyborgs.
  157. on "GOT HIM" bumper stickers
  158. Shark Tank explodes.
  159. How Arabs killed Pokemon, the ironic reality
  160. Raining People
  161. Hi can anyone help me?
  162. I hate the elite 4 D=
  163. Origins
  164. Possible Intolerance at the Museum of Tolerence
  165. Will a 'huge space storm' cause devastation this year?
  166. Where is my thread
  167. Star Wars Fans Petition the US Government for the Construction of a Death Star
  168. Are there other community forums?
  169. Potentially facing over 30 years, Internet activist commits suicide.
  170. Euthanasia
  171. 3D Renderings show first land animals 'could not have walked'
  172. New York Governor declares State of Emergency over Influenza outbreak
  173. 20-year-old 'toddler' hasn't aged in 15 years
  174. The real cause of violence.
  175. Nestle CEO wants to privatize the air we breathe
  176. Rick Perry says prayer, not gun control, will keep us safe
  177. #IdleNoMore
  178. What do you love to hate?
  179. Did I get banned?
  180. 'Quadruple Helix' DNA found in human cells
  181. U.S. DoD removes combat restrictions on women
  182. North Korea to make 3rd Nuclear test; threatens U.S. with missile strike
  183. Health officials warn of antibiotic 'apocalypse'
  184. Catholic Health says fetuses are not people
  185. Because it's easier..
  186. Potential cure for AIDS discovered by Australian scientists
  187. Pedophile escapes jail, says he didn't know sex with a 13 year old was illegal
  188. Is the internet making us dumber?
  189. Texas wants to give tax breaks to companies that don't provide full health insurance
  190. Corporations are people too, my friend.
  191. UN: Israeli settlements 'illegal'
  192. The 2013 Australian Federal Election
  193. Is the Environment Worth Saving Anymore?
  194. Is privitizing state operated services a good thing?
  195. Robot 'Love' Experiment Goes Wrong
  196. Congress Considers Limitations on U.S. Drone Strikes
  197. United Kingdom legalizes gay marriage
  198. Public/Private
  199. Passion
  200. Got Wii/DS games? Help me out xD
  201. Homeless surfer guy saves people from crazy person
  202. Mars One
  203. Pope Benedict XVI to resign February 28th
  204. Favorite Pokemon girl?
  205. Earthquake detected in North Korea; Nuclear weapon detonated
  206. Hopeful or Pessimistic?
  207. why are some teenagers so rude ?
  208. The Christopher Dorner Thread
  209. U.S. posts 3 Billion Dollar budget surplus in January 2013
  210. Comment of Techno/Dubstep Music
  211. Oscar Pistorius faces murder charge
  212. Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia
  213. North Korea and/or Iran
  214. Alabama Republican - "A baby is the largest organ in a body"
  215. Republican wants to make it illegal to introduce new laws
  216. Cosmos may be 'inherently unstable'
  217. Pistorius Case
  218. Democrat says that women don't need guns; should just whistle instead if being raped
  219. Israel awards oil drilling license in the Golan Heights
  220. Just Chat Thread
  221. The Growing Importance of College Education
  222. Skepticism of Science
  223. The F Word
  224. Journey Into Space!
  225. Isael's Ministry of Transport creates palestinian only buses
  226. Too straight for the gay bar.
  227. OK WHAT. Child cured of HIV.
  228. people now say ADHD is not real
  229. Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea
  230. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio elected Pope Francis I
  231. Teachers are obliged to develop children's morality
  232. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dead at 58
  233. Making friends.
  234. Which theme?
  235. North Korea to end peace pacts with South Korea
  236. People arrested and/or fired for doing Harlem Shake
  237. Black Hawk Mines: Kanye West Excited Father-to-be
  238. Premier of Quebec makes you walk instead of taking the bus if you can't speak french
  239. So I want to take up running...
  240. problem:DS R4i Nds LL revolution problem
  241. any unused club nintendo codes
  242. 14 Adults functionally Cured of HIVs
  243. ok lets starts something nice
  244. Me and Diversity Pumpkin created a new forum today
  245. Did NATO go too far?
  246. The Lounge
  247. Westboro Equality House - Home accross from WBC to be painted pride colors
  248. Want to go to Everfree with anti-brony family
  249. Can I evolve my Omanyte with a stone?