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  1. Is there somewhere I could post an X/Y analysis?
  2. Question: Signatures
  3. Signature question
  4. Suggestion: Making more use of the [user] tag
  5. What's up with CSS?
  6. Question: Forum Activity Percentages Gone?
  7. Question: Stance on bumping a thread with no replies?
  8. Location Question
  9. Suggestion: Pokemon Manga Forum
  10. Feedback: Great work PokeCommunity.
  11. Post Notifications.
  12. Suggestion: Arcanine and Pikachu Award
  13. Suggestion: Add a little Spice!
  14. Suggestion: The Pokéthletes Fixed Width version
  15. Style Feedback: Dimensional Rift quick-links
  16. Issue: every time I click on one of my own topics, causes browser to freeze/crash
  17. Issue: frequent Duplicate thread error messages
  18. Suggestion: Creating fakemon?
  19. More Pokedex Entry for Pokemon GBA Rom
  20. Question: CSS pages
  21. Question: Signature?
  22. Question: What is OCC???
  23. What was your starter pokemon from all generations
  24. Sports
  25. Suggestion: Signature Filesize
  26. Issue: Email Lost Password Not Working
  27. Issue: my thread says 19 replies but there are 0
  28. YouTube (SUGGESTION)
  29. Suggestion: [justify] tag?
  30. Issue: YouTube Videos on profiles don't work!!!!!!!!!
  31. Question: GT2013 Emblem Q
  32. Issue: Automatically parse links in text
  33. Substitute Counter?
  34. Question: default usertitles
  35. why is this place dead
  36. Suggestion: More Community statistics?
  37. Question: Where does it state request threads like this not allowed ?
  38. Elgyem DWF
  39. All Of a Sudden, Too Big
  40. Suggestion: Number of posts in a forum
  41. Question: My presence doesn't bother you does it because I am in love with Reshiram?
  42. Question: Where to post?
  43. Question: How do I find my posts?!
  44. does anyone know of any other pokemon forums?
  45. Question: Reviving a sticky?
  46. Question: Spoilers in pictures.
  47. Question: Demo Roms
  49. Issue: people sending me harassing messages, keep reporting them, nothing done
  50. Issue: PokéCommunity Forums frequent 404 Not Found errors
  51. Issue: threads disappear after I post them
  52. Feedback: BEING IGNORED AGAIN!!!!!!!
  53. Resolved: sorry for my outbursts
  54. Newly Liked Posts?
  55. Issue: receiving multiple infractions from multiple staff for same offense
  56. Issue: Cloudflare screen
  57. Feedback: Outdated instructions for linking to YouTube videos in profile
  58. Um... question about donations?
  59. Question: Supporter List
  60. Suggestion: Mention system
  61. Feedback: I love how this Pokémon forum is different than all the other Pokémon forums
  62. Question: dies down then jump started back up
  63. Claims and Awards
  64. Issue: my thread was moved, but clicking on it takes me to somewhere else (different thread)
  65. Question: Mis-Leading Titles
  66. Issue: PC sometimes crashing?
  67. Wi-Fi?
  68. Issue: LIKE SYSTEM - GONE!!!???
  69. Issue: read PMs showing up as unread and get notifications every time I visit
  70. Issue: Cannot view older post comments
  71. Suggestion: Hottest Threads
  72. Suggestion: Two New Sections
  73. Question: If you Know tell me...
  74. I wanna tell you something...
  75. Can i get Togekiss in this?
  76. Suggestion: Live Topic
  77. Suggestion: Life Advice Sub-Forums
  78. split: forum software
  79. Suggestion: Additional Buttons for Visitor Message Post Editor
  80. Question: How does one learn to make styles/themes for use on TPC?
  81. Show threads you haven't replied to.
  82. Suggestion: Float URL
  83. Question: problem with the website or just me?
  84. Pokécommunity Android app?
  85. How to add a bracket to forum post?
  86. Suggestion: would a buddy system be useful?
  87. Accidentaly deleted PM's
  88. Question: Looking For
  89. Suggestion: "Auto-Save" feature for Quick Replies
  90. Delete account
  91. Question: Fancy Posts (Shops Specifically)
  92. Suggestion: Status for Profile
  93. Question: Another Question about the site
  94. Suggestion: Smileys! :D
  95. Issue: Weird spacing
  96. Issue: Screen goes white when posting
  97. Question: A way to change username?
  98. Question: Any Facebook group
  99. Question: Need to ask something
  100. Feedback: punished unfairly
  101. Question: Where i Start?
  102. Suggestion: Merge General Entertainment and Video Games
  103. Question: I need help updating the YouTube code to get it to work
  104. Pokemon moves which gives damage as well as hits ????
  105. Suggestion: Postbit Abilities
  106. Suggestion: Advice Thread
  107. Issue: that "unread message" bug still there weeks later
  108. Question: 10PM EST always dead??
  109. Issue: Can't send PMs
  110. Issue: Likes?
  111. Question: What happened to the "where do I post this?" thread?
  112. Suggestion: PokéCommunity Forums Android app push notifications
  113. Question: How do I put this gif in my signature?
  114. Missing Forum Sections??
  115. Question: How do I...
  116. Suggestion: Quotes
  117. Question: E-shop
  118. The Staff Feedback Thread
  119. Question: Where are depreciated/'archived' sections kept?
  120. A very... weird bug.
  121. Question: Pokemon X/Y Lumiose City
  122. Constructive criticism for my pokemon team
  123. Issue: Programming error or homework?
  124. Feedback: Countdown to X & Y NEEDS to go!!
  125. Question: is this breaking the rules???
  126. Question: Ability to change username?
  127. Question: Spoiler Tag
  128. solona did not show up infront of the pokemon center
  129. Issue: Youkai Academy OOC thread
  130. Question: Why do forum areas change/get new mods?
  131. Question: Friend Codes (to Board Admins)
  132. Erase account
  133. What's wrong with my signature?
  134. Question: Viewing "likes"
  135. Question: Adding Backround in Thread
  136. Question: understanding pokemon series
  137. is there a forum for pokemon theories?
  138. Issue: SMS Donating doesnt seem to work
  139. Issue: BPRE Evolution Problem
  140. i really need pokemon friends on my 3ds
  141. Question: Why aren't my Hacking topics posted yet?
  142. I Can't Make a New Thread
  143. Issue: Flames of Simplicity theme bug
  144. Signature Rules & Check Thread
  145. Issue: Issues with signature editing
  146. Issue: Pokemon Stadium 2 Won't Play my Hack
  147. Question: Supporter question ^_^
  148. Donation related - Is that meant to happen ?
  149. Question: CSS Help.
  150. help
  151. Pokemon not working properly! Simple but I don't know, please help!?
  152. Question: About the Event Torchic
  153. Rate My Black 2 Team
  154. Question: Apps for viewing this forum on iPad?
  155. Why is it so difficult to change signatures?
  156. Question: Are There Any Mystery Dungeon Rom Hacks?
  157. Question: can anyone teach me how to hack
  158. Question: Avatar dimensions
  159. What Kanto Starter in Pokemon X?
  160. Question: Would a YouTube thread be a violation of the forum rules??
  161. Mentions / quote notification.
  162. Pokemon light platinum
  163. Question: Social Groups
  164. Pestering Captcha
  165. Question: Viewing Past Posts
  166. Question: IV chance to passing down IVs to the baby.
  167. Need help ASAP
  168. where can i find pokewitch
  169. Suggestion: PC T-Shirts?
  170. Issue: PC generating CSS by itself
  171. Issue: I do not want green text and ham!
  172. Friend Safaris
  173. Style Feedback: Kanto Dream Party Footer
  175. Issue: problem with my user title
  176. Suggestion: Fan Series Forums
  177. "Professional" Signature?
  178. Question: What programming language (html,bbcode etc) are you allowed to use on this site?
  179. Issue: refresh page, VM disappears
  180. Request a username change here - please read the first post!
  181. Issue: invalid access token & invalid api signature errors on Android app
  182. Question: spam
  183. Issue: Switch Forum Styles
  184. Suggestion: Name Change Log
  185. Question: Wanting to learn how to script in RPGXP.
  186. Issue: resize image DOES NOT WORK
  187. Learning to Blog
  188. Donation Rewards
  189. Issue: random log outs
  190. Question: How do I post my blog?
  191. Is there a Rom Hack for GBA/ or patch with ALL 649 Pokemon?
  193. Suggestion: Is this breaking the rules/ok to post thread
  194. Suggestion: Moderator for a day contest
  195. Issue: being bullied!!! contacted admin who is on!!! no help!!!
  196. Question: Pairs. I See Pairs, and I'm Jelly. :/
  197. Issue: Coding Error on Chromatic 2.0
  198. Suggestion: Name Change Suggestion
  199. Favouritism
  200. How do I delete my posts in a thread that was closed?
  201. When PokeCommunity Was Born...
  202. Suggestion: A better [USER] tag
  203. Pokemon light platinum problems help please
  204. Question: VM BB Code Restrictions
  205. Suggestion: Community League
  206. No posting URLs before 15 posts
  207. Question about RNG
  208. Like style fix
  209. Suggestion: Unown Font (?)
  210. Question: Recently been scammed, what do I do?
  211. Suggestion: [colour]
  212. Signitures, Sprites, and Profile Picture
  213. Question: Is this gonna be gone in the FAQ?
  214. Suggestion: Multi-quote blog comments
  215. Suggestion: Subscritions
  216. Logs
  217. Wanting to start a new hack but I don't have the tools and don't know where to get them.
  218. Suggestion: Quote Notifictions?
  219. Question: Patching an update??
  220. Issue: allot of small errors all threwout the community
  221. Question: 15 posts for CSS
  222. Question: ASB?
  223. Suggestion: Blogger's Unite! Christmas Blogging Event
  224. Issue: customize profile on mobile
  225. Shiny Trapinch Problem!!!
  226. Creating a Forum Theme?
  227. Did the staff and higher staff get my report?
  228. Question: Thread Ownership
  229. Question: Why Does my Computer Freeze When I go to Pokecommunity?
  230. Suggestion: Disable only certain formatting
  231. Double post, in one post.
  232. Suggestion: Likes on blogs
  233. Question: May I copy pictures directly?
  234. Question: Game Development Forum
  235. Question: forums viewing
  236. Question: help me light platinum
  237. Question: pokemon battle online simulator?
  238. Issue: Can't recognize anyone
  239. On Ausaudriel's ignore list?
  240. Feedback: Can moderators please stop putting silly images in their section indexes?
  241. Issue: Can't open webpages here properly... :O
  242. Question: Who should attack first?
  243. Suggestion: Movie Reviews Sub-Section, and maybe a cooking forum?
  244. Issue: WAS MADE FUN OF!!!!!!!!!! POKÉCOMMUNITY BLAMED ME INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  245. Question: is there a way to transfer pokemon from my HG to Y?
  246. Suggestion: Less restrictive "Creative Discussion" section, maybe?
  247. Issue: Unable to approve blog comments
  248. Donating...
  249. Question: Does Lapras get Heal Bell in Pokemon X from the move tutor?
  250. Member of the Year Feedback