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  1. you probably hear this alot
  2. Where did you hear about SPECIAL?
  3. Pokemon Killed?
  4. Pokemon Adventure Letter
  5. Bring Pokemon Adventures Back to the US
  6. what kind of music or a song du c fit to describe the shippings in the manga?
  7. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pokemon adventures
  8. The Songs fits to Pokemon Special
  9. pokemon speical to pokemon adventures changes
  10. Silver's Handkerchief
  11. PokeSpe FAQ: Plz read before asking for scans.
  12. Favorite Villains
  13. REAL couples??!
  14. Best Team
  15. Pokémon Adventures - Chuang-Yi Mistranslations
  16. So, my friend and I were talking...
  17. Differences
  18. Does anybody know why the Emerald chapter was never finished?
  19. PokeSpecial Rant
  20. Possible or Impossible?
  21. Emerald:Is Someone Hidding It
  22. Which Manga had the best action?
  23. R S Saga
  24. Pages of one chapter
  25. Movie 11 Manga Found!
  26. least favorite
  27. please help!!!
  28. Volume 29
  29. In search for lost volumes...
  30. Spoiler Alert: Pokemon Special (Adventures) Review
  31. Movie manga? Wait, what?! -confused-
  32. Where can i fing manga
  33. Question about the English version of Pokemon Adventures
  34. Pokemon: The Electric Tales of Pikachu
  35. Super Effective
  36. About Emerald...
  37. A good website
  39. Manga Mailing List Proposal
  40. The Release date of the Ending of the Emerald Saga (Wonderland 10) confirmed~!
  41. Goin' to Singapore, bringin' back manga
  42. when pokespe volume 29 release?
  43. Searching Japaneses Scans
  44. Ash & Pikachu
  45. New theory for Emerald...
  46. A little confused of these words... Japanese Translator Needed!
  47. Netkun (Pokemon Special Web-Page) October Updates
  48. Pokemon Special: Diamond and Pearl
  49. Volume 29
  50. Ruby and Sapphire manga
  51. Pokemon Wonderland 10
  52. Pokemon Movie 10 Manga
  53. If You had an role in Pokemon Adventures...
  54. Pokemon Movies In Manga?!
  55. Greatest Volumes Of Pokemon Adventure
  56. Do You Like Viz's Translations?
  57. Who would you be in Adventures?
  58. PSM or GC?
  59. Who would you destroy in Adventures
  60. Platina or Dawn?
  61. Mask of Ice!!!
  62. Why is Berlitz now called Platina?
  63. Why Blue?
  64. Blue's Parents
  65. do you like team aqua?
  66. Pokedexes
  67. Can anyone tell me which book this is from?
  68. Imagine...
  69. Anyone here know Japanese?
  70. Rather pointless question about Wallace...
  71. Did you notice?
  72. Pokemon Ranger Comic and Pokemon Special (Adventure)
  73. Pokémon Ranger The Comic Translations
  74. Pokemon Special Nominated in Nick Magazine
  75. Volume 28 in Singapore - RELEASED!
  76. Pokemon Special Volume 29
  77. Where can I boughy Pokemon Adventures manga?
  78. Where can I read Pokemon Speacial (Adventures)
  79. Official Manga Mailing List Thread
  80. Volume 28 Chung Yi ready for release and a question...
  81. Viz is re-releasing Pokemon Adventures!
  82. Evil looking Pokemon? o.O
  83. Diamond and Pearl Adventures
  84. The manga vs anime storyline
  85. Pokemon: Diamond And Pearl Adventures Vol. 2: Old news?
  86. Will volume 29 have Frantic?
  87. Blue and Silver
  88. Pokemon Ranger Manga?
  89. naked may
  90. Where can I finf Pokemon Special manga on the internet?
  91. wait wait, Yellow is a FEMALE right?
  92. Kaitou! Pokémon 7 Discussion
  93. Japanese names?
  94. So I just read Volumes 1-4 for the first time...
  95. Question on Pokemon Adventures Manga
  96. Does anyone know if teh Diamond and Pearl Arcs for Pokemon Special (or Adventures)...
  97. Dose any one know
  98. About Storc...
  99. Anyone notice...?
  100. The intracacies of shipping for R/B/G and G/S/C. (Warning-Spoilers for early volumes)
  101. Volume 31 announced
  102. Pokemon Special Manga Randomness
  103. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team Manga
  104. pokemon adventures vol 2 and 3
  105. So I walked into this book store
  106. If you were to marry any Pokespec. Char, who will it be?
  107. Acclaim Your Pokemon!!!
  108. Compare and contrast
  109. The best trainer in the manga
  110. the re-released pokemon adventures
  111. Does anyone else.......?
  112. the re-released verisons of pokemon adventures have come out with covers
  113. Would you see the anime if it was based on special????/
  114. Future pokemon guesses
  115. Who is strongest pokemon with best partner in special manga
  116. Too much originality
  117. What if pokemon live action was made based on manga charactersand storyline?????
  118. Pokemon Adventures Volume 29 - Released
  119. Would you play a game based on the manga
  120. Pokemon Adventures wins Nick mag 'The Best Manga'
  121. The Best of Pokemon Adventures - Cut Short
  122. Scan Request
  123. Vol. 29 Scan/Downloads?
  124. What Pokemon Mangas do you have?
  125. How many different versions of Pokemon manga are there?
  126. Do Red have a family?
  127. Why Do You Think An Animated Special for Pokémon Special Has Not Been Created Yet?
  128. Does anyone read pokemon X by recon dye
  129. Manga Reissues
  130. Pokemon Special RAWS
  131. Where can I read the manga online??
  132. What would be the dub voices IYO for Pokemon Special?
  133. Who is your least favourite PokeSpec. Character?
  134. G/S Remake for Special? Should it happen?
  135. Poke special upcomings...
  136. Remakes in PokeSupe?
  137. Were is Crys?
  138. Check, please!
  139. What You're Missing in the English Version of "Dengeki Pikachu"
  140. Is the Viz released Pokemon manga the same as Pokemon Special?
  141. Best of Pokemon Adventures Red
  142. Voice actors needed!
  143. need help chapter
  144. Which arc is your favorite?
  145. What happened?
  146. Scan request
  147. Pokemon Special/Adventures now officially in (re)print
  148. Red's Strategy to Nicknaming Pokemon
  149. So at the end of the Emerald Arc (Spoilers I guess)
  150. Who had the hardest battles?
  151. Do these sound good for characters in a Pokemon Special Universe?
  152. Do these sound good for characters in a Pokemon Special Universe?
  153. so... ruby, sapphire, and rald
  154. HGSS manga?
  155. Diamond Pearl Special Chapter 1
  156. Does anyone have these mangas?
  157. What's going to happen to Crys?
  158. Online Pokemon Comics?
  159. Pokemon special volume 30 chapters!!
  160. What does it say...?
  161. Someone in the know about first movie memorabilia?
  162. which pokemon special charictor do you think is the strongest
  163. which pokemon special are u most like
  164. Pokemon Special vs. Electric Tale of Pikachu
  165. Pokemon Special/Adventures Pic Findings
  166. Japanese Translators
  167. What kind of personality will Gen 5 pokedex holders have?
  168. Filler stories for pokemon special/adventures
  169. PokeSpe or Electric Tail of Pikachu
  170. Silver Scans
  171. Have we ever seen a pokemon death in the special manga?
  172. Is the English Pokespe fans well connected to the Japanese pokespe fans?
  173. Do Pokemon special mangas read from right to left?
  174. Viz's New Attempt
  175. VIZ Media PokeSpe issues?
  176. Would you watch a Pokemon Special anime?
  177. Arc that devivates from the game the most
  178. Pokémon PiPiPi Adventures
  179. Glaceon's Blizzard
  180. Anyone besides me Interested in "Pocket Monsters"?
  181. What is Favorite character(s)?
  182. What your favorite Pokemon manga?
  183. PLEASE Were can I read Giratina and Sky warrior online?
  184. Free Pokemon comics
  185. Which pkmn manga series has the best art?
  186. "Will we have a Hg/Ss manga?" speculation and related thread
  187. *Pokemon Colosseum Manga*
  188. Pocket Monster Zensho
  189. How do the Comics compare with say the tv show
  190. Best Of...Red
  191. where did all the manga translators go? like omnistrife
  192. Who likes the Electric Tale of Pikachu
  193. CBR downloads?
  194. pokespe anime video idea
  195. Yellows Flying Pikachu=Flying Pikachu from HG/SS
  196. Mitsuru/Wally
  197. HG/SS Arc: What do you think might happen?
  198. Red(阿嘉島) vs. Ash(聡)
  199. Pokespecial Pictures Album
  200. Manga, Gold vs Silver [POLL]
  201. BF in HGSS
  202. Pokemon Adventure Manga
  203. Pokemon D & P adventure! discussion
  204. Question
  205. Pokemon D-P Adventure MOST AWESOME MOMENTS
  206. Translated Pokemon Special 9 and up?
  207. Project/Pr: Pokémon Adventures and Magical Pokémon Journey (translated to Portuguese)
  208. Do you want Soul/Kotone in the HGSS arc?
  209. Mewtwo Strikes Back - Mewtwo origin manga by Toshihiro Ono
  210. Green/Blue...
  211. your favorite arc
  212. Battrio and Platinum Battle King
  213. Translation Documents
  214. Annoying, Overused Character
  215. The Manga Questions Thread
  216. Viz WILL RELEASE VOLUME 8 of Pokemon Adventures !
  217. Pokemon Pocket Monsters?
  218. Pocket Monsters HGSS: Jou's Great Adventure!
  219. Gold's Pichu vs Togepi
  220. What non PokeSpe Pokemon mangas do you like?
  221. Wally V/S Emerald: Which Do You Prefer?
  222. What Do You Think Happened With Mask of Ice?
  223. What do you think of CrystalShipping (Kris x Eusine)
  224. It has been confirmed! PokeSpe HG/SS!
  225. Ruby's Developement as through the manga
  226. Where to find them...
  227. Pokemon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys
  228. Who's that guy with on this picture?
  229. The Pokemon Special/Adventures Fanclub
  230. Is better that Yellow is a girl or boy?
  231. Anybody here trying out for PokeSpeAni?
  232. What Page Do You Like?
  233. Pokemon Special HG/SS Pics!
  234. Changes in the VizKids Localisation (Pokespe)
  235. Buying Pokemon Special?
  236. Favorite Pokemon Special Main Character
  237. What is PokeSpe?
  238. Favorite Arc
  239. Scanlations?
  240. Diamond and Pearl Adventure!
  241. VIZ Media's 2nd Edition Censors
  242. Diamond/Pearl Double Act
  243. Black, White and Grey? Speculation
  244. Pokemon Magical Journey
  245. Manga Sprites
  246. A Question Regarding VIZ Media's Publication of Pokemon Adventures
  247. Which Character do you LOOK most like?
  248. Where WERE they sold?
  249. Would I even like Adventures?
  250. Pokémon Adventure HG/SS discussion