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  1. Pokemon MMORPG under development, helpers needed
  2. Rpg Maker xp closes! Help
  3. [WIP]An untitled Pokemon Gold Hack! [TITLE IS GONNA CHANGE SOON]
  4. Needing RMX-OS help.
  5. Guys i need help ..!!!
  6. [INTRO]Hyperx new pokemon game maker
  7. Opinions on User Interface/Mouse Support
  8. Why you should not ask for release dates.
  9. Creatures of Gaia - Help Wanted
  10. Map Showcase and Review Thread
  11. PokEngine DS
  12. Fan Games on Mac OS X
  13. How helpful would a C++ library be?
  14. Gym Puzzles
  15. Continuity with the other games
  16. When making a game name
  17. Take Pictures of Maps in RMXP
  18. help
  19. Help Wanted
  20. How long?
  21. Game maker pokemon engine?
  22. [Question]Pokemon Battle system
  23. Help needed for Pokemon Rumble-like GameMaker Project
  24. Which is better? One Time Purchase or In-Game Purchases?
  25. RMVX Ace pokemon starter Kit?
  26. Pokemon Erionite
  27. TRIP: An artsy game like MYST and LSD:Dream emulator
  28. Tileset Size?
  29. Free Open Source of an Pkmn RPG? (Browser Based)
  30. Plot Question
  31. Custom Graphics: Your Take?
  32. free 4ever rpgmaker xp
  33. When creating a game is / becomes something extremely boring ...
  34. how to use tilesets
  35. change starter
  36. a question about the legality of a fangame
  37. [Scripting] Codes 4 Cash
  38. [EVENT] Game Creation Event
  39. Making Pokemon in C++.
  40. [discussion] What style pokemon sets do you prefer games to be made with.
  41. Team Recruitment/Volunteering
  42. PokeClone: A Pokémon engine coded in Python
  43. [Discussion] Building a Pokémon game from the ground up, worth it?
  44. Pokemon Orange\Purple
  45. Animation Help
  46. mmog project
  47. What One Would You Like To See?
  48. Pokemon Script Project.
  49. Massive Proble
  50. Easter Eggs
  51. Checkered Tilesets
  52. Whoops
  53. he DS-style trainer 64x64 sprite resource
  54. Pokemon:Rise Of Mythros
  55. Pokemon rubysdl
  56. Pokemon Game Ground Up!! You gonna love this one!
  57. Pokemon Starter Kit XP PRO Edition
  58. [Question] [VX Ace] Characters stuck on custom tileset
  59. Pokemon Game Team Needed
  60. [Discussion] What would you like to see in a Pokémon fangame?
  61. Can I ask a general programming question?
  62. Team Needed for 3 New Dark Pokemon Games
  63. Thinking of a GTS dll
  64. [Help] Calculate pokemon damage
  65. Alternative to Three Starters
  66. Pokemon: Ages (RMXP)
  67. Fixing things that ain't broke
  68. Opinions on this game idea?
  69. Pokemon Base stats
  70. Pokemon B/W Starter Kit!!!!
  71. How to start..?
  72. Pokemon Orange Islands
  73. Help i have any error
  74. [RMXP Help] Badge count
  76. Please help me with map naming for my game - English related easy job
  77. Finished games?
  78. Pokemon ABS v.2.5
  79. [Serenity Gaming] Recruiting Pokemon MMO Developers
  80. New idea for pokemon game
  81. Making Fakemon That Aren't Too Powerful
  82. New Pokemon Battle system idea/ideas
  83. scripting help please
  84. Is anyone interested in working on an Avatar: The Last Airbender/Pokemon crossover?
  85. adjusting tile set size
  86. Need help for my own Pokemon game!!
  87. Need map names for my browser mmorpg game similar to Pokemon (kind of fakemon game)
  88. Should we replace PPoints with a Power Gauge?
  89. Interview at FDS for Gen0
  90. What filesize is too large?
  91. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Kit idea/discussion
  92. Eventing question (RMXP)
  93. What type of pokemon would you like to see?
  95. [Discussion] Why did you go into Game development?
  96. A Beginner's Adventure xD
  97. RPG Maker XP: Coding tutorials livestream.
  98. No love for 2nd generation?
  99. Spotlight of the Month #3 - November
  100. Which game engine and kit should i use?
  101. Questions about GameMaker
  102. [EVENT] Map-off!
  103. Is using Adobe Flash CS6 and AS3 a good idea to make Pokemon games?
  104. Level Progression
  105. Member of the Year 2012
  106. What Do You Expect In A RMXP Project?
  107. [RMXP] Mapping Help
  108. [Discussion] Thoughts on how XY will affect fangames?
  109. [Discussion] Straying From Canon?
  110. Fake pokémon ideas
  111. [Discussion] Thoughts on a Community Project?
  112. [Discussion] Hey there
  113. [Discussion] Is RPG Maker XP worth buying?
  114. [Discussion] Why does ROM Hacking outshine us?
  115. Downloadable Games (updated 23rd Jan 2013)
  116. [Question] Logon and Saved game acess <-- Plz Help.
  117. [Discussion] [Discussion][Concept] Trainers and Trainees
  118. [Question] Impassible Grass
  119. [Question] RPG Maker XP Activation Issues
  120. [Question] [Scripting help] need to change a vx script to xp
  121. [Discussion] Copyright issues
  122. [Discussion] Maximum moves based on level
  123. [Question] List of Completed RMXP's?
  124. [Discussion] Interest in a Java Pokemon API?
  125. [Discussion] The Game Process
  126. [Discussion] What do you want to see in the Game Development section?
  127. [Question] New to programming
  128. [Discussion] Pokémon Trade and Transfer codes
  129. [Question] Having Issues With Mountain Tiles
  130. [Discussion] Ethics of choosing a name for your game
  131. [Discussion] Community-made Mystery Dungeon Starter Kit
  132. [Discussion] Pokemon Game Engine Help
  133. [Question] Really weird RGSS had stopped working problem
  134. [Discussion] Legality of making new Pokemon games
  135. [Event] EXPIRED - RPG Maker 40% off this Weekend
  136. [Discussion] Using existing lore?
  137. [Discussion] What are you working on?
  138. [Discussion] The future of Pokémon Essentials
  139. [Discussion] Need help deciding Pseudo 3D, 2.5D, or 3D.
  140. [Question] Zelda-like Adventuring
  141. [Question] Pokémon Essentials DS bugs
  142. RMXP to R4
  143. [Question] Rpg Xp Problem
  144. [Question] Help with tilesets
  145. [Question] Would You Guys Like The Idea Of Having A Pokemon Game With All The Regions/Pokemon?
  146. [Discussion] Selling games
  147. [Discussion] 1 Million Pokemon in your PokeDex?
  148. I Don't know how to make a logo
  149. [Discussion] How big should tilesets be?
  150. [Discussion] My thoughts on the layout of the Game Dev section
  151. [Discussion] What do you want from your tools?
  152. [Discussion] Using 'Not-Yet-Released' Pokemon
  153. [Question] Small area for typing scripts into events
  154. [Question] Need Help With Actionscript 3
  155. [Question] Second region and other game length questions.
  156. [Question] Question From A Novice.... Love What Ive Seen BTW
  157. [Discussion] Which is easier, pokemon essentials or rom hacking?
  158. [Discussion] Any Tips for a New Mapper?
  159. [Discussion] Some tips to save space on mapping
  160. [Question] RMXP to Wiibrew
  161. [Question] Pokemon Trainer AI review
  162. [Discussion] RMXP or VXA?
  163. RMXP Player for Android
  164. [Question] Learning RPG Maker XP in a limited time
  165. [Discussion] Which battle style is the best for Pokémon games?
  166. [Discussion] How strict should a remake be?
  167. [Discussion] '3D' Tilesets?
  168. [Question] An Online Pokémon Fan Conference
  169. [Discussion] Thoughts on new tools
  170. [Discussion] What if Nintendo allowed the fan game community to sell their games?
  171. [Question] c++ classes question
  172. [Discussion] Making changes to the formula
  173. New type triangle for starter Pokémon
  174. [Question] How to get RMXP to work Windows 8??
  175. [Discussion] Releasing demos and betas
  176. [Question] Not Sure About Pokemon Starters For My Game
  177. Quick Design Questions
  178. [Question] Help with BattleMenu in Essentials v0.3
  179. [Discussion] Pokemon Battle Systems
  180. [Discussion] Gym (and other) puzzles?
  181. [Discussion] How do you deal with a motivation slump and self doubts?
  182. [Discussion] Game Developer's Digest
  183. [Discussion] What fangames are you playing?
  184. [Question] Pokémon text games?
  185. [Question] Any demand for Gen 4-style Pokémon sprites for Gen 5+ Pokémon?
  186. [Discussion] What Kind of Starter Kit Would You Like to See?
  187. [Discussion] Where to start on a game?
  188. [Discussion] Pokémon saving
  189. Member of the Year: Game Development
  190. [Discussion] Obtainable Pokemon in Fan-Games
  191. [Question] A question about night and day in Generation III?
  192. [Question] Rom Hacking or RPG Maker?
  193. [Question] Rpg maker xp and 3d question
  194. [Discussion] Interest in programming on the GBA? (Not ROM hacking)
  195. Help Fleshing Out Unown
  196. [Question] Can someone help me to make a dual screen?
  197. [Discussion] Multi Region Game.
  198. [Question] Original maps vs Storyline
  199. [Curiosity] 3D 6TH Gen. Sprites are possible!
  200. [Question] From ROM Hacking to RPG Maker
  201. [Discussion] Skill tree like idea
  202. [Question] For a personal Gen 1 project, original or updated?
  203. [Question] PvP with Fakemon
  204. [Discussion] Which style to choose + About Ripping Sprites
  205. scripting problem with vars
  206. [Article] Finishing a Game is a Skill - by the creator of Spelunky
  207. [Question] What to do with 16x16 tiles
  208. [Discussion] Trainer Difficulty
  209. [Question] Hand drawn battlers
  210. [Question] Events
  211. [Question] What options are there for making games?
  212. [Discussion] Game Dev. Contest
  213. [Question] legallity
  214. [Discussion] Do you think simple Casual games make more profit than Hardcore?
  215. [Discussion] Advance map or RPGXP
  216. [Question] Monetization of Game?
  217. [Discussion] Engines for your games
  218. [Discussion] Plot Discussion Ideas: Kanto to Johto
  219. [Question] Difference between the two
  220. [Question] How do I convert my pokémon game into a ROM file?
  221. [Question] Coding Help!
  222. [Question] Draw_text over pictures?
  223. [Question] RPG Maker XP Problems
  224. [Question] Android Pokémon fan game maker?
  225. [Event] A Pokecommunity game jam?
  226. [Question] Create a Pokemon Team Logic!! ??
  227. Legally
  228. [Discussion] Battle System PHP
  229. [Question] Non-Pokemon Games
  230. [Question] How to change tilesets?
  231. [Discussion] Changes Pokémon OR/AS May Bring to GameDev
  232. [Question] Where to upload game file?
  233. [Question] Custom Tilesets
  234. [Question] Story line
  235. [Question] Reading from file
  236. [Question] Rpg Maker for Mac?
  237. [Event] Pokecommunity Game Jam!
  238. [Question] Is there a way to remove the tileset length limit on RPG maker XP?
  239. [Question] Tree tileset question
  240. [Question] Fakemon Balancing Help
  241. [Event] RpgMaker VX ACE $1-XP $6
  242. [Question] RPG Maker VX Ace resizing the picture selecting box
  243. [Discussion] Where are the RM2K3 Pokémon game engines?
  244. [Question] How do I get started in making a Pokémon game?
  245. [Question] Are HTML/JS/PHP enough for rpg?
  246. [Question] Partnership and client question
  247. [Question] Legality of making a Pokémon game with RPG Maker XP
  248. [Question] How to get started with posting an open-source project?
  249. [Question] Referencing Pokemon in my mobile app?
  250. [Event] PC Game Jam 2: And Make It Double!