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  1. [Tutorial] How to create the "curvy text" for title screens
  2. [Tutorial] |Tutorial| How to start a hack
  3. Temporary Tool Resource
  4. [Tool] New Tool: Color - 2 - Hex
  5. [Tool] Updated Tool - Xeon's Overworld Editor! (English)
  6. [Tutorial] [Repost | R/S/E/FR/LG] How to change Pokémon sprites (Beginners guide)
  7. [Tutorial] [Repost | FR/LG/E] How to enable the National Dex
  8. [Tutorial] [Repost | R/S/E] How to change starter Pokémon (with a Hex-Editor)
  9. [Tutorial] Tileset Editing (R/S/E/FR/LG)
  10. [Tutorial] Advanced Scripting Tutorial
  11. [Tutorial] [FR/LE] AdvanceMap Tileset
  12. [Tutorial] [R/S] Advance Map Tileset Guide
  13. [Tutorial] Hex Editing Learnable Attacks
  14. [Tool] Tool File Modifications
  15. [Tutorial] [Repost] Emerald UnLZ-GBA Numbers..
  16. [Tutorial] Blazichu's Tutorials
  17. [Tool] You're scripted evolved into a pokescript
  18. [Tutorial] Hex-Editing Evolution Data
  19. [Tutorial] Editing Events in AdvanceMap (Noob tutorial)
  20. [Tutorial] [Repost] Ruby Title Screen Editing
  21. [Tutorial] [FR/LG] Title Screen Editing
  22. [Tutorial] Pokescript Tutorials
  23. [Tutorial] [FR/LG] map numbers
  24. [Tutorial] Editing minor things in Ruby!
  25. [Tutorial] zel's Home-made Tutorials
  26. [Tutorial] UnLZ(Non-deep scan Overview)[Ruby(AXVE)]
  27. [Tutorial] (All Games) Type Weakness/Strength Changing
  28. [Tutorial] Palette Editting Pokemon.
  29. [Tutorial] Hack Tutorials: Trainer Editing
  30. [Tool] HackMew's Tools Factory [A-Ptch released]
  31. [Tutorial] Tutorial to change items!
  32. [Tool] ~PkSprite RB~Pokemon Red/Blue hackers look here!!
  33. [Tutorial] Region Map Making
  34. [Tutorial] Hack Tutorials: Scripting
  35. [Tutorial] Branes Tile Editing (FR/LG/R/S/E - AdvanceMap)
  36. [Tutorial] Flags and Special Commands [R/FR/E]
  37. [Tutorial] [Ruby] Editing Region Map
  38. [Tutorial] [FR/LG] Complete Item List
  39. [Tutorial] [RSE/FRLG] Mapping Tutorial
  40. [Tutorial] Advanced Ruby title screen editing
  41. [Tutorial] Changing text color(GOLD)
  42. [Tutorial] Advanced Palette Editing Tutorial
  43. [Tutorial] Branes Palette Editing (R/S/FR/LG - APE)
  44. [Tutorial] Converting Midis to GBA format
  45. [Tutorial] ♠εx's Basic Tutorials
  46. [Tutorial] Using ScriptDec to view RSE/FRLG Scripts
  47. [Tutorial] How to create predefined pokemon...
  48. [Tutorial] Hex Editing Legendary Pokemon
  49. [Tutorial] Can't compile scripts in Pokescript when you right-click the script? Read here.
  50. [Tutorial] Changing tilesets FLAWLESSLY and SIMPLY with AdvanceMap!
  51. [Tutorial] Full Music Editing Tutorial
  52. [Tutorial] Ooka's Tutorials
  53. [Tutorial] Spenceroone3's Scripting Tutorial
  54. [Tutorial] Changing Grass Animation
  55. [Tutorial] Cooley's tutorials(Take a look)
  56. [Tutorial] Changing the worldmap COMPLETELY
  57. [Tutorial] [ Repost l FR/LG/R/S/E - Tileset Editing ]
  58. [Tutorial] [TUT] Change the palletes of ANYTHING! Without Hex editing!
  59. [Tutorial] [Repost]Pokescript Corrected
  60. [Tutorial] Coves Tutorials
  61. [Tool] PKSV - Pokémon Script Editor + GUI
  62. [Tutorial] Pokemon G/S: Ultimate Item Tutorial
  63. [Tutorial] Hacking Tips by DJG...
  64. [Tutorial] Advance Map Tutorial
  65. [Tutorial] R/BY Pallete editing
  66. [Tutorial] HackMew's Knowledge
  67. [Tutorial] GBA Music Looping
  68. [Tutorial] Noobies Guide to Poke-Pic
  69. [Tutorial] Scripting Guide for Beginner Hackers
  70. [Tutorial] APE offsets
  71. [Tutorial] Gold scripting - Tutorials/Commands
  72. [Tool] Agixp 4.11 English
  73. [Tutorial] A-Mart Tutorial
  74. [Tutorial] Magnius Guide to Pokemon Music Hacking
  75. [Tool] Type Weakness/Strength Changing Tool
  76. [Tool] Attack Editor Pro
  77. [Tool] Evolution Editor Pro
  78. [Tool] TM Editor Professional
  79. [Tutorial] HEX editing Pokemon in Advance Gen Games!
  80. [Tutorial] A complete list of Fire Red's music values.
  81. [Tutorial] Scripting Tutorial - PokeScript
  82. [Tutorial] Palette Editting for Dummies
  83. [Tool] Pokemon Editor Pro [BETA]
  84. [Tool] [Announcement] AdvanceMap 1.9, Translators wanted
  85. [Tutorial] Extreme Scripting Tutorial
  86. [Tool] Pokémon Gold tool - Megamap
  87. [Tutorial] Pokescript Tutorial
  88. [Tutorial] Teh Blaziken's Scripting School
  89. [Tool] The new ScriptDec + Recompiler + new commands
  90. [Tutorial] Title Screens In Ruby (Text & Pics) ^^
  91. [Tool] [Release] AdvanceMap 1.90 / 1.91 /1.92
  92. [Tutorial] Basic PKSV tutorials
  93. [Tutorial] GOLD: MeanMrMustad's Big Tileset Hack!
  94. [Tutorial] Indexing Sprites
  95. [Tool] PokeScript Add-on for Notepad++
  96. [Tutorial] XSE Scripting Tutorial
  97. [Tool] Super Mario 64 Tools
  98. [Tutorial] Leon Blade's Pokescript Tutorials
  99. [Tutorial] thethethethe's Scripting Tutorial
  100. [Tutorial] Random unLZ.gba Numbers For Fire Red
  101. [Tutorial] Ruby abd Sapphire Worldmap editing
  102. [Tool] Shiny Hack Maker v2.00
  103. [Tutorial] Change Pokemon backsprite tutorial
  104. [Tool] PokeSpam Inc. Tool Showcase!
  105. [Tool] D/P Palette Editor
  106. [Tutorial] Basic Hex Editing in Pokemon Diamond
  107. [Tutorial] ScriptEd Tutorial
  108. [Tutorial] Visual Basic 6.0 HEX Editing Functions - For Hacking ROMs.
  109. [Tutorial] Edit title in titlescreen
  110. [Tool] Sebbe's Gym Editor (Diamond tool)
  111. [Tool] thethethethe's Toolbox
  112. [Tool] ZodiacDaGreat's Tools
  113. [Tool] Sebbe's PokedexOrder Editor (Fr, Lg, D, P Tool)
  114. [Tool] Horus Toolbox
  115. [Tool] Pokémon Red/Blue Gym and Elite 4 Editor
  116. [Tool] Pokémon Red/Blue Mart Editor
  117. [Tool] [Beta] ScriptED Code Generator
  118. [Tool] Swampert Tools Showcase
  119. [Tool] Italian Developers Tools Database
  120. [Tool] Sebbe's Toolbox for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
  121. [Tutorial] Neti's Mapping Tutorial
  122. [Tool] [New Release] YAPE (Yet Another Pokemon Editor)
  123. [Tutorial] Locking your ROM with hex
  124. [Tutorial] Swapping Sprites in RBY
  125. [Tool] PET's revenge.
  126. [Tool] Pokémon G/S Tileset Header Edior (In Progress)
  127. [Tool] Unfinished - GBA POKE, Search
  128. [Tool] Advance map help
  129. [Tool] Title Screen Cry Changer
  130. [Tutorial] How to Compile Scripts
  131. [Tutorial] Magnius Guide to Pokemon Music Hacking Part 2
  132. [Tutorial] Changing Dimensions In Diamond and Pearl Maps by PokeSpam Inc.
  133. [Tutorial] Tutorials by psyduck007
  134. [Tool] And Ceiling Cat Said: "Let there be Starter Cat!" [DP]
  135. [Tutorial] [TehTehTehTeh's] XSE Basic/Medium tutorial
  136. [Tutorial] Textbox Editing
  137. [Tutorial] The secret of the Move Camera Script (and extras)
  138. [Tutorial] Advance Map Guide for Beginners!
  139. [Tutorial] Advanced Over World Sprite Editing
  140. [Tool] yomama's Toolbox
  141. [Tool] Pokemon Gold Hacking tools
  142. [Tutorial] Netis Tile Inserting & Block Editing Tutorial
  143. [Tutorial] Netis Advance Map Tutorial
  144. [Tutorial] Golden Sun the Lost Age Palette Editing
  145. [Tool] Wild Pokémon Editor DS
  146. [Tutorial] How to hack Mystery Dungeon
  147. [Tutorial] D/P Sprite Resizing with GIMP.
  148. [Tool] Honey Tree Pokémon Editor
  149. [Tool] Trophy Garden Pokémon Editor
  150. [Tool] Safari Game Pokémon Editor
  151. [Tutorial] RaiRai-kun's XSE Tutorial [Updated Big-Time!]
  152. [Tutorial] Newbie's Guide to Move Hacking (and some addresses)
  153. [Tutorial] Pokemon FIRE RED:: Trainer Backsprite Editing
  154. [Tutorial] Indexing and Inserting Sprites
  155. [Tutorial] Khaos's Hex Tutorial
  156. [Tutorial] How to insert a tile.
  157. [Tool] Pokémon Data Editor DS
  158. [Tool] lol tools and docs for ds? wut?
  159. [Tutorial] C/C++ tutorial for the masses
  160. [Tutorial] Movement Permissions List
  161. [Tutorial] FR Palette Editing Trainer Backsprites
  162. [Tool] Pokémon Moveset Editor DS
  163. [Tool] Nameless Tile Map Editor [NTME]
  164. [Tool] PokeSpam Pokéshop 2008
  165. [Tutorial] GBA/NDS musics ripping
  166. [Tool] Starter Editor Pro
  168. [Tutorial] Add New Overworlds to FireRed
  169. [Tool] Trainer Editor Diamond/Pearl (TEDP) - PokeSpam
  170. [Tool] narctool GUI... kinda
  171. [Tutorial] Insert new pokemon Complete tutorial.
  172. [Tutorial] [HOW-TO] Hacking on a Mac, RUnning EXE's
  173. [Tool] NarcEx - A gui for viewing NARC files
  174. [Tutorial] Boot screen editing on Pokemon FR/LG
  175. [Tool] GBA Item Editor
  176. [Tutorial] Resizing and Inserting Overworld Sprites
  177. [Tutorial] Easy tile inserting tutorial
  178. [Tool] my VBA emulator
  179. [Tutorial] Editing MIDIs Voicegroups.
  180. [Tutorial] The Essential Pokemon GBA Music Hacking Documents
  181. [Tutorial] [Tut]Create complet new Tileset for Pokemon GBA games
  182. [Tool] PokeBase - Development thread
  183. [Tutorial] Hacking Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Hex)
  184. [Tool] Tile-Map Editor Discussion.
  185. [Tutorial] [Guide] Adding Extra Songs to a Fire Red ROM
  186. [Tutorial] Pokemon RBY Swapping Battle Pictures
  187. [Tool] The Official DayAndNight-Thread
  188. [Tool] Updated Effects.dat file for A-Tack
  189. [Tutorial] Taking Advantage of the Title Screen (FR/LG)
  190. [Tutorial] TB's Tuts
  191. [Tutorial] How to insert animations in Emerald.
  192. [Tutorial] Sgt. Custard's Beginners Hacking Tutorial
  193. [Tool] super arrow's toolbox
  194. [Tutorial] Tutorial on how to get Pokescript working.
  195. [Tutorial] In depth Advance Map tutorial
  196. [Tool] FRLG WRAP RE (WoRldmAP REpointer)...
  197. [Tool] Tileset Manager
  198. [Tutorial] Hack on Linux: Run EXE's + run EliteMap
  199. [Tutorial] rock climb script XSE
  200. [Tutorial] Zeikku’s Graphical Hacking Tutorial for Fire Red
  201. [Tutorial] Extensive Title Screen Hacking
  202. [Tool] XSE Helper
  203. [Tool] PPTE - Project Pokémon's Trainer Editor (for DPP)
  204. [Tutorial] Ruby: Making new Pokemon Types
  205. [Tutorial] How To Edit the Backsprite of Pokemon Fire Red (Picture AND Palette)
  206. [Tutorial] diegoisawesome's MEGA-HUGE XSE Scripting Tutorial
  207. [Tutorial] [TUT]Hacking the worldmap in Fr/Lg
  208. [Tutorial] Jimmyjoejohnson's sprite inserting tutorial for dummies
  209. [Tutorial] A Document on Movement Permissions in AdvanceMap
  210. [Tutorial] >Dante< Tutorial: How to change correctly the Intro hero in FR/LG
  211. [Tutorial] FR bootscreen editing
  212. [Tutorial] Advance-Text : Beginners
  213. [Tutorial] Pokemon Fire Red map sizes and tile information
  214. [Tutorial] Tutorial: How to change multichoice boxes (Fire Red)
  215. [Tool] Om3Ga ARS3NAL's Toolbox!
  216. [Tutorial] Pokemon d/p/p modle list
  217. [Tutorial] Cy-Chan's Guide to Re-Pointing for Newbies (GB/C & GBA)
  218. [Tutorial] Om3GA ARS3NAL's Scripting Secrets
  219. [Tutorial] PokeMon Gold Scripting
  220. [Tool] Golden Sun: The Lost Age Editor
  221. [Tutorial] Jupiter's Tutoria Series: Inserting Face Portraits
  222. [Tutorial] Some little advanced scripts [Updated 02.14]
  223. [Tutorial] The ELF Method of inserting Music into a Rom - Hands on!
  224. [Tutorial] .:Watermelon's Mapping & Other Stuff Secrets:.
  225. [Tutorial] block editor bytes in a-map
  226. [Tutorial] Inserting New Pokemon for n00bs
  227. [Tutorial] Neti's Natural Mapping Tutorial
  228. [Tutorial] A Beginner's guide to inserting d/p sprites into a gba rom(No need to outline)
  229. [Tutorial] [Tut] How to map...
  230. [Tool] Interdpth's Tool List
  231. [Tutorial] Tutorial: pokemon detector world map.
  232. [Tool] Day/Night System by AndryAndrew & HackLars - Version 1.1.0 released!!!
  233. [Tutorial] Pokepal17's tut no.1 - Resizing Overworlds
  234. [Tutorial] Inserting Titlescreen Logos into Fire Red.
  235. [Tutorial] Quick Scripting Method
  236. [Tutorial] How to insert new Pokemon sprites into Pokemon D/P/Pt
  237. [Tutorial] Inserting fakemon- BAzza's tutorial
  238. [Tutorial] Palette Hacking
  239. [Tutorial] tut how to make a pokemon statue
  241. [Tutorial] DPPt Palette Colors
  242. [Tool] Pokemon Script Generator
  243. [Tutorial] Guide to editing overworld sprites in Pokemon Platinum US
  244. [Tutorial] Ray's mapping tutorial-method
  245. [Tutorial] Creating a World map
  246. [Tutorial] Much Clearer Inserting music on your hack
  247. [Tool] Yomama's Toolbox - Guess Who's Back!
  248. [Tool] Egg Move Editor
  249. [Tutorial] Goodies' Tutorials!
  250. [Tutorial] [Tutorial] How to change the Worldmap in R/S/E