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August 23rd, 2007, 11:59 PM
"Well, I won't argue that it was a no-holds-barred adrenaline-fueled thrill-ride, but there's no way that you could perpetrate that amount of carnage and mayhem and not incur a considerable amount of paperwork."

- Nicholas Angel, Hot Fuzz


Enter the farming village of Tierra Robada. On the surface, it appears to be just another sleepy rural town, unplagued by the intrigues of more developed areas. While corporate scandals, political intrigue, and even outright armed conflict rock the cities and the suburbs, life in Tierra Robada continues as it had for generations past, safely isolated from strife...until now.

By virtue of its surroundings, Tierra Robada finds itself on land suitable for redevelopment; with pleasant weather, scenic mountainsides, and a nice view of the ocean via an immaculate beachfront, Tierra Robada could potentially become an extremely profitable vacation destination for the rich and famous if developed and marketed properly. Various firms and syndicates haveleapt at the opportunity to grab the much-coveted contract, with three corporations ultimately prevailing: Orfèvre Banking and Finances, Fünf Pfeile AG, and Ohtori Consumer Products. Their plan is to demolish the village to make way for their resort in exactly one year if they do not receive proof of its prosperity; being the ruthless corporate entities that they are, they care not for any mitigating circumstances such as the presence of endangered species, just as long as they can get to raze the village to the ground and build their resort atop its ruins.

This is where you, the villagers, come in. It is up to you to save Tierra Robada from being turned into a bastion of spoiled heiresses and drugged-up rich kids. Ideally, you're going to attempt to increase the town's revenue by farming, but any and all means are open to you. Save the Homeland.

The Town of Tierra Robada


Tierra Robada Proper

A: The Town Square. A concrete pavillion surrounded by cherry trees with a fountain at the end, used for festivals and other special occasions
B: The Tierra Robada Bar and Inn. A humble two-story building with a relatively modest tavern on the first and decent living accomodations on the second.
C: The Church. Pretty self-explanatory.
D: The Flower Shop. In addition to flowers, it stocks seeds and other farming essentials.
E: The Tool Shop. Pretty self-explanatory.
F: The local restaurant.
G: The mayor's house. Residence of current mayor Bridget Silverstein.
H: The local library.
I: The private residence of OCP company rep Masaya Ohtori.
J: The Potion Shop. Also self-explanatory.


Really Big Map

Northeast: A mountain trail leading up to a spa and a secluded cabin.
North: A waterfall, a pond, and a small clearing. The legendary harvest goddess supposedly makes the pond her home. A vineyard is located directly below the pond; the police have their headquarters here.
East Farm: A farm.
South Farm: Livestock Seller's farm.
Southeast: The beach.
Southwest: The racetrack. It doesn't see much activity nowadays.

Signups and Discussion

The initial thread for the Harvest Moon Project is located here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=98018); please direct all signups and OOC discussion there.

Big props go out to Archsage for coming up with the proof of concept and to Chibi-chan for providing the maps.

August 24th, 2007, 3:58 PM
Usually, there wasn't much to do during the day. These were good days, when Arron could do essentially nothing other then lounge around at the inn, or sit around on the dock at the beach. Sitting on the extremely uncomfortable fence that separated the entryway to the farm from the shipment box, Arron twirled a pen between his fingers as he read the shipments for the day before. Nearly nothing, unless you counted milk and egg shipments from Lynn. Sighing, Arron looked around himself. This was the abandoned farm, the one that was pretty much a wasteland at first sight. The carpenters had gone out of their way to fix up the barn, toolshed, house, and every other building that the new farmer needed. It wasn't exactly the best though, since it was essentially charity, so that the farmer wouldn't look at his new life and turn right around.

Speaking of the new farmer, Arron was the one stuck showing him around. Or her. Whatever. Hating the tradition that the shipper or the mayor was the one who ended up being the tour guide, Arron had sighed when the mayor had approached him earlier with the task, but begrudgingly accepted, since it was a known fact that Arron did pretty much nothing during the day but... breathe, think, and sit around. But his patience for the new farmer was already wearing thin. Just when would they show up?!

~ ~ ~

"Come back here!" Lynn stamped her foot angrily, as the cows headed in the opposite direction of the barn, toward the outer edges of the pasture, lazily turning their heads to look back at the flustered girl ringing the bell every now and then. Ringing the bell until the metal on the outside might've cracked from the force, she hissed some choice swear words, the cows turning to look at her again before continuing to graze, moving away as she approached. Throwing the bell aside, Lynn stomped into the house and whistled. A bounding white and black dog launched itself out of her bedroom, looking slightly groggy from having just awoken, but ready for the job. Clapping her hands twice, Kore bounded out into the pastures to herd up the cows, trotting over to the cows with a dignified air.

Sighing and slamming the door to her house shut, Lynn stormed over to the barn, having started off to a bad day. Wrenching the pitch fork out of a stack of freshly moved hay, she replaced the tool in it's spot on the wall before standing aside for a stampede of frightened cows running from Kore's barking.

"Good boy Kore." Lynn said, patting the dog on the head as she went to retrieve a bone to toss around for Kore.

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August 25th, 2007, 12:09 AM
The clock struck six in the morning, vibrating furiously as an obnoxious tune filled the tiny attic. Kisa swung her legs over the edge of the bed, rubbing her tired eyes. The smell of fresh baked treats wafted about the room, guiding her downstairs and into the workroom. A few of her employees had shown up early that day, and were already busying themselves baking. By twelve 'o clock, the kitchen would be full, fridges stocked, and customers dropping in. She fluffed her black ringlets, grasping them tightly and twisting them into a strict bun. She wrenched her apron from the mahogany coathanger and headed for a row of fridges stationed on the western wall, tieing the apron strings as she walked. Several were fully stocked, wheras others contained little more than a few muffins and a tart. She turned on her heel and supervised carefully, watching as the ingredients were mixed and the goods packed in her trademark lightpink boxes and stacked in the corner. Everything was running smoothly; her employees had been with Kisa from the start, and so she rarely bothered to check up on them. But it was morning and she had quite a bit of time to pass. Even during the daytime, when her shop was not busy, she would take a quick break. Kisa trudged over to the huge stacks of packed pastries, picking them up one at a time, and hauling them into the front room, where the goods were sold. She placed them on a polished wood counter and kneeled down, opening the glass display case with a special key. Carefully she set them in, making sure to prop the pretty boxes up, so that the customers could see into the tiny transparent paper window on each package. Each one lay upon a lace-trimed cloth on the glass shelves of the display in neat rows. She thanked Tierra Robada's frigid winters for the snowflakes that inspired the frilly designs. One by one she carried the packages in and out of the kitchen, storing them in the display. A half hour later the case was full, and everything else was to be stored in the fridges. She dropped back into the workroom, where her subordinates were busying themselves with the treats. Something felt odd; a cold chill ran up her spine as she glanced around at their stony faces. They knew it, too. Tierra Robada was in trouble. The prospect of her beloved homeland being torn down to support an amusement park sickened her. She discarded the scandelous thought, banishing it to the deepest pit in her stomach. Nobody had spoken since yesterday when the ominious news had arrived. Kisa backed slowly out of the room and into the front room, shutting the door behind her. The shop front was dark, but with a simple flick of a switch, high chandelirs illuminated the rooms with a soft, golden glow. Kisa hopped up onto her stool behind the counter, staring blankly at the cash register. Her emerald eyes moved to the edge of the counter, where a lonely tip jar sat empty. She looked away quickly, now eyeing the silver bell hanging from a colorful holiday ribbon above the oak doors. "I will save the homeland," she said assertively. "I didn't come here to start a new life, conquer immense hardships, and make a life for myself to have it all taken from me by a cruel twist of fate. Never would I simply give up like that, after I've acheived all this." Her words seemed reassuring at the time, her hollow confidence blossoming hope within her. The landscape had seemed to alter that day, and if there was anything that could explain it, it was the heavy feelings of dread and despair that had caused the day's relentless rain and gloom. Windswept skies stretched over the valley, casting a silver mist into the low blades of the meadow grasses. Things were changing. A draft blew in through an open window, buffeting an unsuspecting, daydreaming Kisa. She shuddered breifly and shut the window. "No customers yet...Odd. At least, by now, everyone else should be ariving shortly," she wisphered under her breath. A few minutes later the remaining employees plowed through the door and into the crowded kitchen. Every hour or so, she'd hear the muffled ding of the ovens signaling the completion of a batch. A few people had dropped by at various times, only to walk right back out again. Buisness was dead that day. She huffed and walked straight out, leaving a "Out For Lunch," sign hanging akwardly from a nail.
The weather hadn't cleared up much, but in her long sleeves, the wind rarely made her shudder. A few preformers lined the roads, some playing depressing songs on the harmonica, others attempting to lift the dense atmosphere of melancholy with their masterfull displays. She looked away swiftly, continuing down the path until she hit the small library.
Small as it was, the town library was very cozy. Several others were lurking about the building as well. Kisa headed straight to a secluded section and pulled an ancient recipe book from off of the top shelf. It was her 'private' section, and that dusty document was her insperation. Naturally, her recipes are original, but her inspiration comes from the seasons and the book. She read through it thoroughly, singled out a date nut muffin recipe, and recorded it. "Springtime is here, so why not add a few flowery touches? As a perk, a could sell a daisy with each batch. But that isn't enough; flower-scented muffins? I'll do that, too...I should also experiment on embedding edible sugared flower petals into them...Wouldn't that be interesting?" She rambled on to herself, recording each thought on a personal notepad. She checked several other books and left accordingly at one pm. Her temporary shopkeeper, Missy, moved out of the way promptly as Kisa entered. "Any buisness?" Kisa asked hopefully. Missy shook her head with a sigh and returned to the kitchen. Kisa sat down, defeated. A full workday hadn't passed yet, but she knew that when buisness was this slow, it would be the same all day. "I can't afford to lose a day's profit," she moaned, banging her head against the table, hoping idiotically that it would unlock a miracle. "Damn...Damn!" She said with each passing thud. It went on that way for what seemed like ages, until she developed a severe headache and tired herself out. Nobody came in to check on her; nobody even came inside until about 3 PM, when the doors burst open and the bell swung violently about until it came to a rest like a halo above a strange figure.


"Gah! Damn ducks," Katsumi scolded as she gathered the feathery demons, tossing them into the pond. "I cant have you guys parading all over Fallaron Ranch." The chickens gathered in a solid group, pecking nervously at the ground for fallen seeds carried by the winds, eyeing Kiba, the farmdog, carefully. Her buff stallion, Momo, grazed peacefully by the pond, muching on a little patch of wild grass. "Ahh, I love the springtime. I don't even need to feed the chickens. The fallen seeds from the farm's wildflowers and crop patch are enough to sustain their diets, especially the young chicks." Katsumi dashed across a long, vaccant strip of farmland over to the right wing. To the north, a long row of animal barns hosted ten cows and five sheep. None of them were in their homes, though. A long, vast section located directly south of the row of barns (a gate at each barn door) was lined with solid lumber, and within the boundries, grass grew. The livestock grazed contently on the dewy grass, savoring every blade. She grabbed her toolbox, which sat in the far northern corner of the pasture. One by one, she milked the cows, starting off with mellow Melanie, who didn't even stir when Katsumi began work. She brushed everal animal, sheared every sheep and milked every cow. Katsumi carried the milk and wool and tossed them into the shipping bin. Making her way to the left wing, with the poultry and crops, she picked up misc. items as she went along. Each egg was carefully extracted and placed in a basket, each ripe crop harvested and thrown into her rucksack. Katsumi placed everything into the massive bin, tossing in a few useless weeds and pebbles. "Ahh...These are good days, I actually have time left. These are rare occasions, never to be wasted," Katsumi said to herself, racing over to Momo. She untied the gorgeous stallion and hoped on her effortlessly, and with Katsumi's guidence, they sailed off into the village. They rode along the cobblestone path and made their way to the racetrack. It was completely deserted. "Momo, it's our job to bring this racetrack back to life, and hold races again. It would help structure our village and strengthen the moral fiber, and with the daunting prospect of a destroyed homeland, we need moral fiber and the community needs to ban together. This place needs fixing up, and if it goes ignored, Tierra Robada is as good as gone. The racetrack is just one of the places that needs patching up," Katsumi said, patting her horse. She entered the racetrack and dismounted Momo, getting her set up in the track. She mounted Momo once more and circled the track several times, practicing and practicing until they had the entire track memorized; every bump and indent. "These days are priceless, Momo," she wisphered softly into the stallion's flickering ear.

August 25th, 2007, 9:06 AM
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DING! Chimed the sound of the small oven. Belle hurried out of her small room and grabben an oven mitt, pulling the over door open and taking a big whiff of the delicious blueberry muffins she had whipped up. She grabbed the small container and took it out, setting it down on the counter to cool for a couple minutes.

She tossed the oven mitt beside the muffins and went back to her room, grabbing up a small, blue ribbon and tying it into her hair. She slung her bag over her shoulder and returned to the small kitchen. The muffins smelled irresistible, and it was hard for Belle not to just grab them and start munching. But she needed these to impress the local baker... then maybe she would get a job here.

Belle took a small cloth from inside a cabinet and set the muffins inside, knotting it up and then gently setting it down inside her bag. She headed for the door and slipped on her sandals. She smiled, and with a confidence completely uncharasteristic of her, strode out of the shack with her head held high.

She walked across the village, not even aware of how late it seemed to be getting. Most of the villagers were beginning to return him, and most of the businesses seemed to be closing... Belle broke into a jog, racing for the bakery on the other side of town. These muffins would not be nearly as good tomorrow... she needed to get that chance today.

Belle stopped to a halt outside the door of the building, doubled over and panting for breath. She had never been cut out for any physical activity. She sighed and stood up straight, smiling. Wrapped muffins clutched tight in her hand, Belle pushed through the door.


An alarm awoke a startled Dirk as he practically fell out of his bed. He reached over to the sidetable and grabbed his glasses, sliding them on. He slipped onto the ground and went over to his closet, pulling on a black pair of pants, a white t-shirt, and then his white labcoat. After a quick piece of fruit for breakfast, he immediately headed into his small labroom and typed a few things into the keyboard.

A whirring sound filled the house as the giant telescope that stuck out of the roof began to slowly move, adjusting its position so it pointed at the Eastern sky. Dirk set to to record video for the rest of the day, and snap still pictures of any and all activity up in the sky.

Dirk collapsed in his swivel chair and punched another button. Several videos, along with accompanying photographs, filled the screen. Dirk began typing, recording all the dara from the previous evening's work. What another boring day... How long was life going to continue in this monotonous way? He was going to have to get some sort of life soon...

August 25th, 2007, 11:52 PM
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Kisa looked up, startled. She saw Belle panting in the doorway, a neatly wrapped package in her right hand. A strong aroma of blueberry muffins wafted through the air, engulfing her in a pleasent atmosphere. Kisa's startled expression faded into a smile as she recognized the figure as Isabelle. "Hi there, Belle! What've you got there? It smells delicious!" She said, closing her eyes and taking a long, satisfying wiff of the berry scented air. Kisa opened her eyes and gestured for Belle to come in. "I'm glad you came when you did, I was thinking about closing up early this evening. You always put a smile on my face with your kind heart and fabulous baking."


Momo reared up, casting her sillhouette against the golden sun. The dusky gray skins had changed into a vibrant display of pinks and golds. It was evening now, and time to be heading back. "I'm quite hungry," she said to herself, riding back to the farm. Momo jumped the fence and Katsumi left her in the stable, not bothering to check up on the other animals before heading inside. She tossed milk and spring strawberries into the mixer and grabbed a cold gooseberry muffin from the fridge, messily shoving it into her mouth. Katsumi slurped the strawberry milk, breathing a loud sigh of releif as she set it down. "I'm sore after the work and then the racing practice...Guh," she said, taking another sip of her drink. "At least I get to come home to a relaxed cabin..."
Rai, the cat, stretched herself out across the top of the fridge, eyeing the table. She leaped from her perch and landed gracefully atop the old tablecloth. The feline began licking the hard, bitter wood, hoping to strike a muffin crumb or two. Kiba, the dog, slept contently in the corner, dreaming of large bones and steaks. Katsumi looked from feline to canine admiringly. "So carefree...I would love to live your lives. Not a care in the world..."

Alter Ego
August 26th, 2007, 12:56 AM
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Early mornings were Cecil's favorite time of the day. Everything was so quiet then...harmonious somehow. A small sigh escaped the florist as he drew in the morning air, adjusting his glasses to get a better view of the clearing he was in. Sunlight filtered in through the canopy above, dancing across the grass, already lush despite it being so early in the spring. The air wasn't just plain cold like last year either; it was...refreshing, somehow, and the remnants of last night's shower of rain still clung to everything, giving it that last extra sheen. It was a good year to be a flower...the florist heaved a small sigh, too bad - he contemplated - that the same could not be said for humans. He still couldn't believe it, he just couldn't seem to grasp the concept that someone would want to mar all this beauty, this perfect idyll, for the sake of crass capitalism. He wasn't the only one; Claire had nearly mauled the mayor - whom she deemed to be the guilty party for not having defended the town - when the news reached her, although fortunately a third of the local police force had been around to restrain her. He understood his sister's reaction, but he also understood that blaming the mayor would not solve anything. This matter was in everyone's hands; they had to make the town profitable while still conserving it, and he had to do his part. He snapped out of his reverie and turned his attention to the budding wildflowers again; he had to start doing so right now. If only he could come up with a new strain, something so revolutionary that it would earn a share of the overseas market. Then maybe, just maybe...


Wasteland was truly the most fitting term for the farm. Abandoned for years, weeds had claimed the once prosperous fields and the structure itself had slowly but surely started falling apart, now housing nothing but an ever growing family of dust and vermin. Desolate, empty, silent...


Okay, better strike 'silent'. Claire slowly lowered the hammer, examining her handiwork, and sure enough: the last of the insolent floorboard nails in the main building had now been stomped so firmly down into the wood that it was a miracle the board hadn't given in under the pressure and cracked. Slowly walking back and forth across the board, Claire was contented to note that the offending creak was now gone.

A small hint of a smile spread across the carpenter's face as she wiped off some of the sweat on her brow on one of the black work gloves she was wearing. She had been hard at work on restoring the farm ever since she heard of that atrocious corporation plan - well, after she had lost her temper with the mayor and been sentenced into civil service as punishment, anyway. Claire didn't mind too much, though; this was what she would have been doing anyway. Someone had to do what their incompetent mayor hadn't managed, and more often than not 'someone' was synonymous with 'Claire Aegisfield'. Oh, she was by no means happy to have been punished for telling that incompetent lout the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth but she did enjoy her job, although a paycheck at the end would of course had made it that much sweeter. Regardless, the job was done now. The mess of loose floorboards, crumbling support beams, rusty hinges, and assorted wear and tear was gone and the place looked inhabitable by now - not particularly homey, but passable, although in all honesty Claire would have preferred to raze the sorry heap of decaying wood and just build it up afresh. Oh well, such was life, the important things was that her job was done. Her smile widened...just in time too, Claire Aegisfield always got the job done just on time. The poor citydweller who had been hustled into taking over the dump was scheduled to arrive today.

Carefully depositing the hammer back onto her tool belt, Claire proceeded to make a last inspection of the building, carefully treading over every part of the floor - practically daring it to creak again - and opening and shutting every door and cupboard to make sure that everything worked as it should. Finally, apparently content with her work, she gave the house a last glance and stepped out, pulling off the piece of once-red cloth holding back her brown hair - now largely covered with dust, sweat, and wood shavings - and depositing it in her back pocket as she scanned the farmyard in search of the new inhabitant, only to find no-one except Arron - still sitting on his alloted place on the fence. Now most people would have left the grumpy shipper alone considering his mood, but Claire disliked the thought of having accomplished a job without having anyone commend her for it or at the very least notice that it was done. She and Arron were hardly what one would call friends - well, not that the shipper seemed to think of anyone as a friend - but they did share the vague connection of both being regulars at the local bar, and that was good enough for Claire.

"Alright, I'm finished!" she announced, walking over, "It's not Buckingham Palace, but at least the place won't fall to pieces if you slam a door. Any sign of that guy they suckered into taking over this place?"

August 26th, 2007, 3:36 AM
The nightlife was what Korin craved and he was all too happy that the time had come again that day. Mornings and afternoons weren’t his cup of tea, and found the earlier hours more suitable for sleeping and leisure among all else. From dusk to dawn was when he really buckled down and started to live his meek little life, as he enjoyed nothing more than the fast-paced action of his restaurant’s kitchen and the nightlife of the town and its inhabitants. Being the head chef and proprietor of the “Cat’s Eye” restaurant, he received all forms of customers that existed during the day, but lived during the night. And he was nothing short of welcoming and grateful to all who dined and partied at the Cat’s Eye.

Blood red fused with gold and mountain purple were the colours he relished the most to decorate the windswept skies. It signalled the end of the day, the beginning of the night, and the opening of his restaurant. Despite the nostalgic sentiments he had for performing such a routine every night, the lessening crowds were beginning to wear on his often enthusiastic demeanour.

“This doesn’t look too promising, does it Soel?” he asked his only employee, who had just returned from setting up the restaurant’s specials board outside. “It might be another quiet night, if that’s anything to brag about…”

“Well, it does feel like a waste when we set everything up and so little gets used,” Soel replied with a weak smile, as he wiped his shoes from the mud that had been caused by the rain the night before. “But…” he continued, prepping his voice, “like the wise chef once said; ‘if even a single customer leaves more satisfied from the time he or she arrived, then I have done my job.’.”

Korin cocked an eyebrow at the remark, remaining crouched over the linking kitchen counter that ran through the front and back of the restaurant. “What idiot said that?”

Soel flushed as he finished setting the last table he had been preparing since the late afternoon. Shuffling uncomfortably in his spot as he witnessed his boss’s unwavering stare, he stammered a response. “Um…it was you Korin. You told me that.”

The head chef felt his chin hit the counter top as his hand supporting it fell from shock. His jaw was smarting as he drew himself up and worked his way around the counter to his loyal but unconfident subordinate, who by now was becoming very anxious and extremely hot in the face.

“U-Uh, I didn’t mean to offend you, Kor-” Soel paused to swallow as he felt his employer’s presence draw ever closer. “I-I mean boss, boss. I’m sor-”

At this, Korin cut in with an exaggerated laugh, clapping both hands on his assistant’s shoulders. “That’s exactly right Soel. That’s exactly what I said, and I stick by it. So when that one customer, uh, I mean…when those customers come around tonight, we’re going to give them the most satisfying experience a diner could ever have, right!?”

Soel nodded, rather taken aback by his boss’s enthusiasm, because despite working alongside him for a month, he had yet to familiarise himself with the chef’s rather distinct attitude, and knew it was best just to agree, rather than argue.

“Alright, time to kick this kitchen into life,” Korin announced, parting from his assistant and heading over to the counter once again. “I’m going to start setting up the kitchen, while you get the karaoke set up, okay?”

With a compliant nod, Soel hurried over to the small stage in the restaurant’s corner, where a small box television and matching microphone sat covered in dust, while Korin retreated into the depths of the kitchen where the stoves, oven and fryers sprung into life and the sound of cluttering pots and pans could then be heard.

August 26th, 2007, 7:03 AM
Arron looked up at Claire for moment, then looked back down at his chart. Looking over the last shipment he'd completed to make sure it'd gotten done, he finally uttered a few seconds after it seemed like he'd practically ignored the girl, he answered, though didn't look at her as he did.

"No." He said as if uninterested.

But he was getting extremely miffed. It would be dark by the time the stupid city man came, at this rate. Glancing at the entrance to the farm, and seeing no sign of life, Arron looked at the freshly repaired buildings. Deciding that he'd pick the inn over living in this house any day, even if the house meant a little more privacy, he simply gave Claire a thumbs up for the comment on her work she was looking for, before turning to a new page in his notebook, and writing something that had absolutely nothing to do with shipments at all. It was his little 'map plan' of where he'd take the stupid farmer when he finally got his butt over here. Who's town did he think he was saving anyway?

First, he'd take the stupid farmer to the field and explain that his farm was currently a wreck. So he'd have to have fun and go clear it out before he could do anything productive. Arron would tell the farmer to figure out the layout of his farm himself, because as far as Arron was concerned, he never even really wandered around this place. And it was a little too late for that. The next stop would be the Blanch Farm next door, and he'd let Lynn do all the happy introduction stuff. Then into town, and first stop would be the Florists. Then the Church, (the place he disliked the most in the entire town,) then the bar. After the bar, Arron'd show the kiddo the stairs that led up to the Town Square, and explain festivals.

The tool shed, the bakery, the hospital, the inn... Oh yes, and the mountain. Arron took note of showing the kid the way to the mountain. Even after all this notation, the farmer still hadn't arrived. And Claire was still standing there.

"Where the hell is this loser?" Arron spat with distaste. They'd certainly picked one of the least friendly townspeople to lead the poor guy around.

Alter Ego
August 26th, 2007, 9:12 AM
"Dunno, maybe someone gave him a picture of the place and he bailed." Claire remarked with a wry grin on her face, "I mean, who would want to clear up that jungle?" she nodded at the overgrown farmyard where weed covered weed, "Aaaaanyway..." she continued, complacently stretching out her arms, "I'm off. If our poor sucker does come around try to leave his head attached after you've finished chewing it, will you? I reckon' he'll need it if he's going to turn this dump profitable."

With that and a careless wave in the shipper's direction - not that she expected him to return it - she strode off down the path towards town. What she needed after a job like that was a good shower and a stiff drink, although seeing as how there was still a fair bit of day to go the latter need would probably have to wait. Oh well, the carpenter concluded, at least she wasn't like Arron; stuck sitting on a fence waiting for an unknown person who may or may not show.

Feeling in good spirits at this thought and the satisfaction of a job well done, Claire took her time strolling down the streets. It wasn't like there was that much carpentry to be done around here, save for the occasional broken fence or table leg, and she hadn't heard of anything of the sort requiring her attention at the moment so there really wasn't any pressing need to get to the shop immediately. Casting a glance at her surroundings, the carpenter noted motion over at the restaurant owned by the Ageisfields' across-the-street neighbor, Korin. He was a poser if Claire ever knew one, but he was also running one of the two even vaguely fun establishments in town (Kalinder's bar being the other) and the food wasn't too bad so Claire regarded him as an okay person, all things considered. How he expected all that effort he seemed to be putting on for the sake of a single newcomer to miraculously turn his ailing business was beyond her, but at least the guy was trying, and if the faint aroma carried over from the town bakery was anything to go by, so were the people over at Kisa's place. Cecil she didn't even need to wonder about; he had been turning every nook and cranny of the surrounding wilderness upside-down in search of better plant strains for days now.

But Claire herself? Her grin widened as she unlocked the door to their shared establishment, locking it behind her before wandering straight past Cecil's half with its rows of carefully arranged flowers, bags of seeds and fertilizer, and stacks of flowerpots in all shapes and sizes and over to the door behind the counter. She didn't need to work her butt off to attract customers; she was the only real carpenter in town, so if anyone needed repairs or construction work done they had little choice but to seek her out. Claire's workshop reflected this, containing little more than a workbench, a number of cupboards and a couple of chairs and footstools for practical reasons, assorted tools and wood shavings littering most of the space. Claire didn't go to the business, the business came to Claire.

Right now, though, whoever was in need would just have to wait, Claire concluded as she pushed open the door labeled 'Private Area' and stepped inside, immediately navigating a path over to the washroom in the far right corner of their rather cramped living space. After all, you needed something in the way of priorities.

OOC: Cecil IC to come once I find something sensible for him to do. x3

August 26th, 2007, 11:53 AM
OOC: Oh, I thought Belle was coming to apply for a job... Oh well, I guess we can just pretend that she already had it. XD


Belle let the door slide closed behind her with the tinkle of the small bell hung around the top. She smiled at Kisa and walked over to the counter, carefully unwrapping her package and letting it fall down to the counter. The potent scent became thicker as the baked goods were exposed to the air and began to waft through the entire bakery, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

"Hello, how are you, Kisa? Sorry I'm so late, I'm sure I'll become accustomed to this schedule very soon. Anyway, how's busine--"

Belle took a short sweep of the restaurant with her eyes and decided it was best not to linger on that particular subject. With a flourish of her hand, she scooted a stool near her and slid into it, flipping her maple hair back over her shoulder.

"So, I heard that the new farmer who was going to take over that old lot was supposed to be arriving today. I wonder how they're planning to fix that place up, it can't be easy..."

Belle pondered, uttering a light gasp and realizing her muffins were getting cold. Deciding that they best be eaten warm and fresh, she took one in her palm and outstretched, offering one to Kisa. "Go ahead, take one. These are my specialties." Belle smiled her brightest and warmest again, exposing her bright, shiny teeth.


Dirk finished his work and filed the papers away, making a mental note to send that data over to the main base later. He climbed down the stairs out of "astronomy tower" and hung up his coat, then pulling on a light jacket over his t-shirt. He flew out the door and took a few steps, then turned back and sized up his research facility. He had sent in many requests to the main astronomy building that he sent information to for a money grant to fix this his lab up to make his research easier, but he had never been "okayed" for it. Apparently even though he was out in the countryside and in the optimum place for astronomical study, he was still not important enough to be granted such a coveted facility of study.

He edged his way down the hillside and into the main part of town, strolling along the path and glancing in every direction. He hadn't had many occasions to be down here very often, but he figured it'd be a good idea to get to know his new home. He had heard that there was a library around here, but no doubt that in such a small place it wouldn't be anything worth pursuing. But he at least had to try, maybe they even had some books on stars or planets. Yeah, right.

August 26th, 2007, 3:42 PM
OCC: Oops sorry, I guess I should've known that. x3

"Oh, I'm great! I'm so glad to see you, thanks for asking. Yeah, I understand, things are always tough the first few days of work," Kisa said, trying not to look around at the fully stocked shop. Buisness had never been that bad before. She tried not to think about it, and turned her attention to Belle.

"Yeah, I heard about that, too. It's been run-down for so many years, and I'm sure the weather's gotten to it," Kisa said, remebering images of the old wreckage. A deserted, lifeless lot with a few damaged buildings. "It'll be tough to repair all of the damage that's been done."

"Oh, thank you!" Kisa said enthusiastically as she took the muffin. It was beginning to get cold, but still had a warm air about it. She took a large bite, closing her eyes in satisfaction as she chewed it. "This is amazing! You're cooking must be better than mine!"

August 26th, 2007, 4:24 PM
Kay seriously, whoever is the farmer needs to hustle their butt up. D:

Or at least post their sign-up to say, "Hey there! I'm alive!"

August 30th, 2007, 4:23 PM
OOC: Who is the farmer? Whoever they are should....ummm... post. XD

Belle smiled happily, tearing off a large piece of her creation and chewing it carefully, analyzing the flavor and texture. She swallowed carefully and shook her head in response to Kisa's statement. There was no way that she could be that good of a cook... Not yet, anyway. Perhaps in a few years when her style was more refined she would be better.

"No, no way! I've tried your cooking and it took my breath away! I just can't believe that the line for this place isn't out the door, if only we could make those people understand how delicious your cooking is, plus all that excellent staff in there, working as hard as they can..."

She shrugged. It was a shame that genuine businesses like this bakery, that had incredible things to offer, were being cast out of the light simply because of a run-down farming town. They had to jump start this place, or the world would never know the talent that lay just below the radar.

Belle slid back into her seat and eyed Kisa, taking another large bite of her muffin and a swig of the bottle of water she had grabbed. She seemed to lose herself in thought and forgot she was talking to Kisa... she jumped in the realization that she was daydreaming and blushed, steering her gaze back.

"So..." She began, but realizing that she actually didn't have anything to actually talk about.

September 2nd, 2007, 5:24 PM
It was 7 o'clock in the morning, Cedrik was waiting on a bench for the bus that will take him to the village to show up but he couldn't see a trace of it. Walking from one side to another, Cedrik was getting desperate.
After 2 hours passed, the bus finally showed up. Cedrik was a little worried because it was going to be a 6 hours trip and he was already late by 2 hours. He tried to get some sleep, but it was going to be impossible with the crying baby who was sited with his mom right next to Cedrik. After the mother and his baby finally went out of the bus, Cedrik was able to take a nap.

The bus finally arrived to the last stop for that route and also the nearest one to Tierra Robada, if you can say 20 miles is near. Cedrik awoke and realized he was the last person inside the bus; he took his stuff and got out of the bus. The village was on the other side of 2 huge hills; Cedrik needed someone to give him a ride. He waited for a couple of minutes but then he decided to walk to the village even if it was going to be a pain. When he was going to start his long way to Tierra Robada, Cedrik saw a truck and an old man who was ready to leave. Cedrik asked him if he wouldn’t mind to give him a ride until they reached Tierra Robada; the old man said his destination was some miles after the village and that he wouldn’t mind if Cedrik traveled on the back of the truck. “This old truck is a little slow” said the old man, “it will take a little less than one hour”. Cedrik said that wasn’t a problem as long as it wouldn’t take more than one hour.

It was already after 4 in the afternoon when Cedrik finally reached Tierra Robada. He entered the village; most of the shops were already closed. The first thing he did was made his way to the old farm that supposedly was going to be his new home. He took a look to the farm field and he thought “well, it will need a lot of work”.

September 2nd, 2007, 7:08 PM
It was one thing that the farmer had arrived so late. But it was a completely different story, that he seemed to be completely ignoring Arron, who had taken the liberty of waiting for the stupid man on the fence for the entire afternoon. Narrowing an eye, Arron hopped off of the fence, letting his shoes thump on the ground loudly, his notebook held between his side and right arm and pencil clutched between his teeth.

"It's about God damn time." Arron said, the most irritated expression crossing his face as he glared extreme dislike at the farmer, "I'm supposed to be giving you a tour, so shut up, follow me, and listen. First of all, Claire fixed up your house, barn, and whatever other rotten buildings are on this land plot, so drop by the mountains and say your thanks, otherwise you'd be living with cockroaches. Second of all, there's 20 bales of hay in the barn, courtesy of Lynn, who lives on the farm next door. Tools made by Leon are in the shed, and we'll be treading on Cecil's hospitality and getting her to fetch you a bag of seeds and a watering can, though if you'd gotten here earlier..." Arron grumbled and grabbed the collar of the new farmer's shirt, dragging the guy around and pulling him a few steps forward before letting go and heading towards town, expecting that the dumb late-waker would follow, and if not, the kid was in big trouble.

"I'm the shipper, the name's Arron, and as you can tell, I'm not a happy sugar pixie, so when I stop by, if your shipment isn't in the boxes, I'm not gonna clean up after you and look for you. We're gonna stop by the Blanch Farm first. Dunno if Lynn's still around though, she might've bolted for the bar already. Either way, you get your livestock there."

Speed walking the very short trek to the neighboring farm, Arron put a hand next to his mouth as he shouted, "LYNN."

And when Arron was peeved into shouting, that was a bad sign. Thus, Lynn, who had been carrying a stack of tin buckets jumped, sending the whole pile crashing down, cows mooing, horses neighing, and Kore barking. Escaping the sudden onslaught of chaos, Lynn slammed the barn door shut behind her as Kore danced out just in time, running toward the gates to greet Arron, who side stepped the dog that was barrelling toward him.

"Hiii!" Lynn waved, patting her frazzled hair down after being caught in a mini-stampede, "I er, forgot to feed the chickens yesterday, so I don't have any eggs for shipment... heh, sorry Arron."

"Whatever." Arron said, glancing over his shoulder, "The new farmer kid's here, and I got stuck giving him the grand tour."

"Ohh?" Lynn said, bending around to see the path behind Arron, putting her hand flat over her eyes like a visor, "Did you leave him in the dust? You sure he's not going to go the wrong way??"

Arron scoffed, "Who cares?"

September 8th, 2007, 11:23 PM
OCC: By the way, Katsumi will run the Poultry Farm, and I'm changing her number of animals. Livestock: 2 cows 2 sheep (all adult). Birds: 13 adult ducks, 5 chicks (ducks), 14 chickens, 5 chicks (chickens). And the pasture is tiny now.]

"Oh, you're too sweet!" Kisa said fondly, blushing deeply from the lovely compliment. "Yes, well it isn't usually this barren, I feel so defeated today, really...No income means I can't pay the hardworking employees good money, I mean what they truly deserve." Her tone seemed to drift off from there, her fingers tapping on the hardwood countertops. She was lost in thought until she heard Belle's voice once again.

"I think it's lovely that they're fixing the old farm up and putting it to good use, I'm truly, truly glad. We haven't had a crop farm in the longest time, just a few wild tomoto plants that popped from the ground one summer. We mainly ate our eggs and milk; farm products, you know," she said, recalling the thin tomoto plants that grew in the shadow of the library, their existance feeble, their fruit weak in flavor.


"Phew," Katsumi sighed and kneeled down to pat Kiba on the head. He was panting furiously, and left her to go inside the cool cabin house. She followed him in. "I think it is lovely that we're having a full on, well rounded farm now. Lynn ran the Livestock while I ran the Poultry Farm, but there were never many crops. I tried but I never did have a green thumb," she said to her cat, who was lazily sprawled out across the kitchen counter. Katsumi turned on the dishwasher and washed her face breifly, wiping off the dirt with a dry towel. "Back to work..." She grumbled and slammed the door behind her.

Her vast amount of poultry was hopping contently around the farm, having their free reign of the grounds, aside from the small pasture. The adults pecked at the barren, windswept earth, hoping for a few extra seeds. Their chicks followed in their paths fondly, right alongside their parents. Katsumi watched happily from the shadows of the cabin, a grin spreading across her face. "In the end, all of my efforts are worth it."

September 9th, 2007, 5:00 PM
Cedrik got rid of the dust om his clothes after the walk with Arron. He saw Arron talking a girl in front of a nice-looking farm. "She must be the Lynn Arron mentioned; I guess I'll have to deal with Arron from now on just like her" he thougt while he was getting closer to them. "I better go and introduce myself before Arron gets mad again".

Before saying his name, Cedrik took a look at the livestock farm, "so this is how a farm must look like, huh? I will need a lot of time to get the old plin-looking farm to look just like hers" he thought.

"Hi! You must be Lynn, looks like we're going to be neighborgs; oh yeah, my name's Cedrik, it's nice to meet you" Cedrik said with one of his hands on the back of his head.

September 9th, 2007, 5:55 PM
OoC// Errr...

Stardust-Kumo: I was assuming that Lynn just took care of all the animals, so she has chicken's on her farm... x_x; As stated in my last post. But that's okay, I guess she'll just keep them for herself instead of selling them.

IC// Lynn grinned and Arron rolled his eyes. Giving him a thumbs up, Lynn cheerfully said, "Welcome to Tierra Robada!! I'm Lynn, though it seems Arron's already introduced me~ it's so wonderful to finally meet you! If you have any questions or need help or something, don't hesitate to ask me! I can't do much, but I'll try to the best of my powers! I run the livestock farm, so you can get cows and sheep here! I've got some medicine and feed too, so if you want to buy some of that, don't hesitate to drop by my house!" She nodded over to the simple house that sat to the side of the entrance, and then pointed at the dog that was barrelling back after having been dodged by Arron, "And that's Kore, my herding dog!"

The dog was beyond excited, tongue hanging out and tail wagging at the speed of light as it perched itself upon Cedrik's legs.

"'Kay." Arron said flatly, "Next stop, the Florist."

"I'll see you around!" Lynn waved as Arron marched off, and before he left, Lynn turned to whisper to Cedrik, "He's a prick, but he's okay once you get to know him." Winking and chuckling, she pulled Kore off of Cedrik and said back at her normal voice level as Arron disappeared around the corner, "Good luck with him though, he doesn't seem to like you all that much! Since he's left you behind, the Florist is the first shop on your right when you get to town!"


"Damn." Arron sighed when he saw the closed sign on the door. He knocked on the door and waited to see if Cecil was already gone or not.

OoC// After AE posts with Cedrik's stuff, I'll just sort of skip over the rest of the tour, okay? D: Cause this is beyond boring.

Alter Ego
September 10th, 2007, 3:13 AM
OOC: Erm...yeah, this has got to be the most sluggish RP around. x3


For a few moments, the Aegisfield house remained silent, but this bliss was not long maintained.

"Cecil!" snapped Claire's voice from within the building, effectively penetrating the walls, "Forget about that damn flower and answer the door!"

"Just give me a moment!" Cecil replied in a far less piercing tone, "I'm almost done with-!"

"Oh, never mind!" the carpenter snapped. Footsteps approached the door at a rapid pace, and it was soon swung open, revealing a less-than-pleased Claire in the doorway, her dark brown hair and the shirt wet and a towel still clasped in her right hand; apparently, she had gotten out of the shower in a hurry.

"What?!" she demanded on pure instinct, but as soon as she caught sight of Arron and the stranger, her expression softened. Black hair, green eyes, nice smile; she supposed that they could have done a lot worse.

"Ah, you're the new guy, right?" she inquired, giving Cedrik an appraising look before grasping his hand into a vicegrip of a handshake, her standard method of determining what kind of person she was dealing with, "Cecil's taking his sweet time in there, so I suppose we might get introductions over and done with while we wait. I'm Claire, best carpenter in town." she grinned, "'Course I'm also the only carpenter in town, but that's beside the point. My shop's right over there." she nodded at the left-hand side of the building, "If you need something built or repaired, or just need someone who ACTUALLY GETS THINGS DONE!" the last bit was shouted into the room behind her, "Don't hesitate to drop by. If I'm not here I'm probably in the forest or at the bar. Anyway, good luck with the farm. Goodness knows you'll need it."

Just then, Cecil appeared in the doorway, still in the process of removing a pair of dirty gardening gloves from his hands as he gave them an apologetic smile, "So sorry." he remarked sheepishly in Cedrik's direction, "I was in the middle of inspecting some very promising new cross-pollinations. At any rate, I'm Cecil, the town florist. Pleased to meet you." he nodded towards the new farmer, extending him a hand as well, "Your seeds and watering can are ready and waiting, so just let me know when you need them. Also, if you need any information on plant cultivation feel free to ask."

September 10th, 2007, 2:08 PM
Belle nodded grimly, her eyes sweeping over the empty tables and chairs once more. She sighed longingly and hopped up from her stool, shoving the last bite of her muffin into her mouth and brushing away the crumbs into the bin. She swept away a few stray hairs away from her face and slid back into her seat.

Grabbing a small note card and a purple ink pen, Belle bent down and scribbled a small note to the new farmer and drew her signature and a small flower print with a large flourish. Hopefully a nice note and a small gift of baked goods would keep this new farmer here and get this city thriving. The barren wasteland and old, beaten up equipment would certainly be enough to run off any potential grower.

Belle took another two of her muffins and set them in another white cloth, folding it up, twisting it up, and taking a sea blue ribbon out of her bag and tying it into a bow. Satisfied with her work, Belle smiled and took the small package, dropping it lightly into her bag and swinging it back over her shoulder.

"I think I'll go greet the new farmer on my way home this evening, see what he's like. Hope I don't catch him at a bad time though, he'll probably be exhausted after his trip here..."


Dirk loped along the dusty sidewalk, and screeched to a halt outside the shabby building adorned with a small, old sign that read "Library." Dirk stood there shaking his head, his hands shoved into his pockets. He sighed and walked off once more, adjusting his glasses along the bridge of his nose and squinting his eyes to see in the dimming light.

This mundane, robotic routine of a couple hours of sleep, working with the occasional bite to eat was so second nature to Dirk that no doubt the one time he tried to do something different, of course it would be closed and he would be left out in the cold. Maybe he should just stay inside ALL the time, cooped up in that little shell... yes, life would be much easier that way. Why should he try to get out there and change his life? It was going to happen by now, then it certainly would have happened... right?

September 11th, 2007, 1:38 PM
Cedrik looked at Claire for an instant, “what’s a carpenter doing at the florist place? Don’t tell me they are ‘friends’, this is a little suspicious…oh well, I guess since this is a small town everyone knows each other, right?” he thought right after extending his hand to the carpenter; of course he didn't know they were brothers.

“Claire…Claire…, where did I hear that name?” he said, pressing his index finger on his forehead moving it around once and once again, “Oh yeah! You’re the person Arron was talking about! I need to thank you for fixing the farm buildings. Oh sorry! I think I should introduce myself first; I’m Cedrik, the new farmer. I must say you did a nice job there, according to Arron all the buildings were old and rotten, but they don’t look like it now”.

The florist then appeared in front of him extending his hand. He gave a friendly handshake to him, although he was thinking Cecil is strange name for a boy, “Cecil, right? It’s a pleasure; I’m Cedrik and I just arrived here, well, I guess you already know that”.

Cedrik took a look at all the flowers around him, “You really have a nice place here” he said putting his hand on the back of his head, “since I lived in the city for a long time I’m not used to see nice places like these”. Cedrik then scratched his head, “About the seeds and the watering can, is it ok if I drop by tomorrow to pick them up? I still have some places to visit first and I don’t have something to carry them right now".

Alter Ego
September 13th, 2007, 2:29 AM
OOC: Uhh...R.A.M., would you mind providing a different notation for thoughts and speech? As it is, it's sort of hard to tell the two apart at times. o.O Anyways, for the purpose of this post I'll assume that the first bit occurred only in Cedrik's head. If not then Claire would have a thing or two to say about that. Oh, and since Claire's a girl they aren't 'brothers' (Implying that both are male) but 'siblings'. ;3


As was always the case when someone complimented her work, Claire's mood improved at Cedrik's remark, her smile widening slightly. He had taken the handshake reasonably well, although personally the carpenter had hoped for a bit more 'umph' behind it. Well, at least he didn't whimper and nurse his hand after the gesture like some people had. He then proceeded to compliment that shop as well, which - indirectly - was another pat on the back for the carpenter, although Cedrik probably wasn't aware of it.

"Well thank you kindly." she replied, "I remodeled it myself, though of course Cecil was the one who did the flowers. Oh, and about that glorified barn they shoved on you; you'd better have that checked before autumn comes. I did my best with what that stingy mayor would provide, but I'm not sure how it will hold up against a proper storm."

Cecil chuckled, "The pleasure is all mine." he replied, "And you're quite free to come and pick up the seeds and can whenever you feel up for it. Usually, either Claire or I will be around to answer the door here. Oh, and speaking of my sister..." he added, leaning a bit closer to the new farmer and lowering his voice so that Claire wouldn't hear, "She might come off as a bit bossy and boastful at times, but she's really a caring and sensitive person deep down, so try to play along with her when it's not too much trouble, alright?"

"Hey!" Claire snapped as Cecil pulled back, her eyes narrowing in suspicion, "Just what are you two whispering about?"

"Oh, just discussing gardening secrets." the florist replied innocently, adjusting his glasses, "At any rate, we've already been keeping you for too long, haven't we?" he added to Cedrik and Arron, "Good luck with the farm and don't hesitate to drop by if you need any help getting started. We all have to work together, don't we?"

"Right." Claire concurred, "You've still got the better part of the grand tour to go, don't you? And it's getting pretty late too..." she paused, a small grin on her face announcing that she had come up with an idea of sorts, "Say Arron, how about you just skip out on going around the whole freaking village today and take him to Kalinder's place instead? If you came the route I assumed it's going to be night before you're done, and most of the folks in town should be around the bar this time anyway. Besides...I think our new farmer here could use a proper welcome instead of being hauled from house to house like a tourist on a cheap package holiday."

September 16th, 2007, 11:30 AM
Arron shrugged, "Suits me just fine. Alright then kid, the bar is over there," He jerked his thumb behind his back, "Go there."

With that, he pretty much ditched the new farmer, wondering if anyone had the nerve to steal his usual seat at the counter of the bar. The trek there was short, and when he opened the door, it was already bustling with customers. He noted that Lynn had already arrived, and was sitting in her usual seat, right across from the sink where Anna usually stood, washing glasses and pouring beer from the keg that sat right next to the sink. Sidling up to his seat, Anna smiled and said cheerfully, "Running a little late, Arron?"

"No, the farmer was."

Anna blinked, "The new farmer?"

"You work in the bar and you don't get any information, do you Anna?" Lynn laughed and Anna smiled, shrugging as she fixed up a flat beer for Arron.

"I don't often listen to other people's conversations." She said mildly, handing Arron his usual beer and picking up the money he'd discarded on the counter, "But I'm sure he'll be arriving soon, if Arron was to be escorting him. Did you leave him behind, Arron?"

"He's with Claire and Cecil. He'll be fine." Arron replied, taking a sip of his drink, as Anna craned her neck to look at the door with curiousity.

"The kid's probably real accustomed to Arron by now!" Lynn pounded her fist on the counter, "That's probably for the best though, since he's the most irritating person in the entire town!"

"Thanks." Arron spat sarcastically, before taking a bored sweeping glance about the bar.

OoC// Ahahaha, crappy beyond belief, my apologies...

September 22nd, 2007, 12:44 PM
Kisa nodded with understanding as Belle left. She might take a few baked goods over to the new farmer as well, but with buisness so pathetic, she didn't know if it was really worth it. Still, making the new farmer feel welcome was a step to getting him working as soon as possible. Quickly, she whipped up a basket and stuffed a few muffins and tarts inside. She left behind Belle and headed off twoards the old farm.
She found the new farmer there. Wearing a heartwarming grin, she approached him, brandishing the basket of goodies. She handed the lovely basket to him. "Hello, I'm Kisa, and I own a bakery here. I've decided to prepare a little welcoming gift for you! Please feel welcome here."

September 22nd, 2007, 1:12 PM
"This looks like a good place to set up shop, doesn't it Kianne?" A brown haired boy of sixteen asked of the girl sitting in the wagon behind him, after the horse drawn wagon had come to a complete stop. The boy jumped down from the reigns, and made his way around to the back, where the entrance to the covered wagon in which they lived was open. The boy was wearing a black hoodie and a pair of jeans, and the girl he was now looking out was stirring out of a sleeping bag in black pajamas, rubbing her green eyes childishly and brushing strands of creamy grey hair off of her forehead. "Oi, we're on the edge of town, it would probably be best we set up here instead of in town where we could upset some people. I'm going to put up your tent, okay?" The girl nodded in reply.

The boy spent the next hour pitching a black tent under the shade of a large tree, while the girl got dressed in a black tanktop with a red cross on it, and a black skirt that goes down to her knees. Today would be a set up day, not one for making money, so dressing up would not be necessary. "I'm... going into town to buy supplies." The girl said emotionlessly as she left the wagon, a brown basket over her shoulder. Kyle nodded in agreement, and the girl headed north into town. Upon reaching the town, however, she stood in the dead center, confused as to where to go next.

OOC: In regards to where they're set up, on the big map, it's the area of forest between the racetrack and the southern farm.

September 30th, 2007, 2:45 PM
OCC: Is this roleplay still active?