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Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2007, 2:51 AM

It really didn't seem that big a deal at first.

One day, one of the many islands dotting the sea between Sinnoh and Hoenn seemed to have all but disappeared from the world map, all contact from the town that occupied it ceasing without a word of explanation. For the first few days, this was given little consideration. The area in question, Traverse Island, was well known for its stormy weather, and it wasn't unusual for connections to go down during passing thunderstorms.

That was two months ago, and officials are getting increasingly uncomfortable with the whole situation. While hardly irreplaceable in usefulness, Traverse Island is - or rather was - an important harbor town for inter-regional transport vessels. The GP, the Kanto Elite, and even an official representative of Team Galactic have all spoken up in turn, claiming responsibility for the sacking of the island city, but upon further inquiry they have all been forced to admit that they are just as confused about the situation as the rest, and to make matters worse, Traverse Island remains an autonomous city state with full rights to decide who gets and doesn't get to enter or leave and the island itself is a natural fortress, making unnoticed entry difficult at best. With no proof of foul play or hostile preparations, the officials' hands are effectively tied. All that is known is that someone somewhere within the state's administration has decided to bar all traffic to and from the island.

Until now, that is. No-one knows who is responsible or how they did it, but on the night of a particularly vicious storm a series of letters from an anonymous source were delivered to a post office on the mainland. This alone doesn't seem like much, but popular rumor has it that these letters were nothing more or less than invitations to the mysterious island, and although postal authorities avert all questions by citing their secrecy stature they have yet to deny that the recipients of these invitations were not league champions or government officials. They were not even adults or accomplished trainers, but seemingly normal teenage children.

Needless to say, conspiracy senses have tingled over far less, and rumors ranging from sinister to downright ludicrous abound, tales of secret government experiments with pokémon growth and evolution and the descent of an alien pokémon in the area co-existing with the ever-popular tale of innocent humans being injected with pokémon DNA to form beings not of this earth. The truth of this matter, however, remains for those few lucky (or unlucky, depending on how one looks at it) enough to have been invited.

Where you come in

You will be one of the select few to receive an invitation enclosed with it, and - whatever the reason - you have chosen to accept. You may be driven by a wish to profit from the venture by acting under the payroll of a third party (Be it a government or another) seeking to regain a foothold on the island, thirst for adventure, just plain old curiosity, or more personal motives. You may even be a native of the island who was left outside when the lockdown occurred. Regardless, you do not have a pokémon and you are not a trainer. You may have worked with them in some capacity other than battling, but as of yet you do not own a pokémon, though that may come to change...


1. Follow all RP section rules. You knew I'd say that, didn't you?

2. No character control AT ALL. I am very serious about this one. Unless the RPer in question has given you explicit permission to control his/her character you have no right to make them do as much as raise an eyebrow. I may circumvent this rule if and only if it is necessary to move the plot along and the RPer in question has been absent for more than a week without assigning control of their character to somebody else. NPCs - unless otherwise noted - are free game, but please keep them as in character as you can.

3. No powerplay or godmodding. This includes always winning in battles and instantly forming an unbreakable bond with every pokémon you meet. Remember, your character has basically no experience on the trainer's line of work, so some failures and setbacks are expected.

4. If you're illiterate, don't bother. I expect posts in legible paragraphs, preferably a fair bit above four lines.

5. If I say that a post isn't okay then it isn't okay and I will consider it inexistent until it's been corrected. I don't expect to use this right a lot, but I'm still claiming it. You are allowed to throw in your own plot twists and NPCs, but for your own sake, run everything with a serious impact on the main plot by me to avoid turning this RP into a complete mess, m'kay? And for the record: mindless drone pokémon and Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus are very high on my list of things that aren't okay, so please don't go there.

Violate these rules on peril of anything from a complete ban from the RP to a right stern talking to. xO


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not, I repeat DO NOT, post here to ask questions like "Why didn't my profile get accepted?", "When does this RP start?", "Can I get a reservation?" or anything like that. Anything that isn't a sign-up or - once this RP does start - an IC post goes in the OOC Discussion (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=105019) and I'll be answering them there. Please keep the main thread clean, thank you. :3

Scarlet Weather
September 2nd, 2007, 3:38 PM
You knew I'd get here first, right?

Full Given Name: Mark Eschatol

Nicknames (Optional): "Four-eyes"

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark, basically put, looks like a refugee from a collapsed Archaeologist's camp. His hair sticks out at odd angles as it hangs down the sides of his head and is prematurely grey, a fact he seems to take in stride, and he often hides it beneath a standard construction worker's hat. His most distinguishing mark on his face would have to be the enormous coke-bottle glasses he wears, a trademark he would sometimes rather do without. His eyes are a rather unassuming blue, but as most people tend not to notice someone's eye color right away this is a moot point. In order to cover his body, Mark wears a bright red T-Shirt, heavily stained with dirt, and a pair of torn and dusty jeans he's nearly worn out with his studies in nature. His feet are usually contained in a pair of heavy steel-toed boots, and he is never seen without his tool belt which contains a rock hammer, chisel, and a miniature pickax, as well as a more conventional set of pliers and a screwdriver.

In addition to the aforementioned attire, Mark also owns a set of clothing usually reserved for those who work underground: a long, heavy, blandly-colored coat and pair of pants, as well a large pair of wellington boots. This set of clothing is usually contained in a backpack or suitcase of some sort when out on "expeditions to foreign areas".

Personality: As far as things go, Mark is essentially the quintessential obsessive nerd, though his hobby is far from conventional: He's a home fossil excavator. An avid reader of science fiction and history, Mark is keenly interested in cities of the ancient past and their histories, as well as ancient Pokemon. This perhaps stems from his status as the child of the inventor of Hoenn's first fossil-resurrection machine (patented by Devon Corp.) Mark's interest in these subjects runs so high that occasionally the mere mention of "prehistoric Pokemon" causes him to turn and jump with excitement, though often little else will when he is absorbed in a daydream. To a lesser extent, Mark is interested in Pokemon Training, though to him any dreams of becoming a trainer usually take side seat to, say, finding the largest identified fossil of a Ramardos or studying a living Aerodactyl.

Mark is not without his flaws, many of which stem from his obsessive nature. He's not very polite, tends to forget others when in a group, and is a bit of a bore when it comes to his interest: Start him on the subject of archaeology and chances are that he'll begin a six-hour speech on the subject. These flaws do tend to be passive in nature, and if he catches himself in the act he will attempt to correct his misbehavior, though by then the damage will probably have already been done. In addition, he has no concept of diplomacy and is fairly dogmatic when it comes to his opinions on anything. If you don't agree with him, you must therefore be wrong.

Mark does have a few particular skills, including a basic knowledge of paleontology and mining. He's fairly skilled with his rock hammer and chisel, and knows enough of the basics that he can create a fairly interesting-looking rock sculpture. In addition, his memory is astounding, provided he can make the facts he attempts to memorize relevant to himself or personal experience. He's also fairly adept at recognizing Pokemon and their traits, biological or otherwise, thanks to his exposure to Pokemon through his father's work.

In regards to mannerisms, Mark's most defining gesture is the rolling of his eyes, which occurs almost instinctively whenever somebody says something that is either completely untrue, utterly stupid and unnecessary (in Mark's opinion), already widely known or known by Mark personally, or otherwise deemed a moot point. His demeanor can occasionally be aggressive or challenging without his meaning it to be, and he's developed a sort of "loner complex" that requires him to occasionally act standoffish with others.

History: Mark's birth was probably the single most significant event in his father's life, because it not only marked the beginning of his parenthood but also the day he was hired by President Stone of Devon Corp. fame. Elated by these two pieces of good fortune, Mark Eschatol senior was less then thrilled when his son, four years later, announced his intention to become a Pokemon trainer after witnessing a battle between a local girl and the gym leader of Rustboro. (The girl would later go on to conquer all eight of the gyms of Hoenn and later challenge the Elite Four, but that is a completely unrelated story.) Mark Sr.'s wife, Judith Stone-Eschatol, was firmly against underage children leaving home on a Pokemon journey, and was the president of a local group lobbying against such laws, largely without success. In order to defuse the situation, Mark Sr. began to take his son to work with him in order to share his own interests and the intricacies of his job. To his surprise, Mark Jr. immediately took up an interest in his father's study of prehistoric Pokemon resurrection, and completely forgot his dreams of becoming a trainer for the most part. As Mark grew older, his interests deepened and strengthened, and his knowledge of prehistoric Pokemon and related technology grew to the point that at ten years of age he was able to help with simple calculations and memorization of certain details while his father worked on his fossil resurrection machine. Things went on much this way, with Mark doing a fair job in school while centering most of his life around dreams of becoming an Archaeologist and helping his father work on the fossil resurrection machine, for three years. It was at that point that the second most important event of Mark Sr.'s life occured: his fossil ressurection machine was successfully tested, and was able to restore life to a fossilized Anorith using DNA taken from its claw. With the technology patented to Devon Corporation and a substantial bonus paid to Mark Sr., the Eschatol family moved to Sinnoh where an old friend of Mark's father had offered him the position of museum curator in Oreburgh.

At this point, Mark's interest in archaeology was once again given direction when he met Roark, gym leader of Oreburgh, and signed on as a volunteer in his studies on paleontology. Using figures memorized from his father's original construction of the fossil resurrection machine, Mark was able to help Roark and his friends build a similar machine: the fossil-reviver mark four. (The version developed by Mark's father had been mark three, as marks two and one were both in use by scientists from Johto and Kanto already.) This machine was used to resurrect a fossilized Cranidos which Roark added to his team, as well as to set up an additional reason to tour the Oreburgh museum. Mark, meanwhile, was fairly bored when he discovered that he wouldn't be allowed to do research related the machine for a few years due to his lack of a scientific doctorate, despite his small but nevertheless pivotal role in its construction. In order to relieve his boredom, he began taking long walks outside the village, where his dreams of owning Pokemon rekindled when he saw another epic battle, this time between a boy with ridiculously styled blonde hair and a girl whose clothing had to be the definition of fashion violation for one so young. (Both of these trainers would later move on to conquer many of the gyms in Sinnoh, but once again, another story.)

In order to take her son's mind off of Pokemon training, Mark's mother took charge and sent him on a three-week expedition to a famous valley, where he learned the basics of field paleontology and rock sculpture from a renowned archaeologist and authority on ancient Pokemon, Brandon. It was here also that Mark learned of the sudden vanishment of Traverse Island, and became intrigued by the mystery surrounding it.

Upon his return home, Mark discovered a letter on his doorstep inviting him to come to the vanished island. Knowing his mother probably wouldn't approved but still piqued by his curiosity, Mark hid the letter and quietly made preparations to leave...

Pokémon wanted: Due to Mark's obsessive love of fossil Pokemon, he would be content with any one of them. He does, however, have a soft spot in his heart for Cranidos.

Other: Due to his falling into a vat of radioactive shoe polish, Mark can fire giant green boots from his arms. (Alright, not really, but I couldn't resist joking around.)

RP Sample: (Taken from "Rose Isle Royale" by tied RPer of the month Porygon-Z)

Langley had been following Tim and Annalyn from the rear, hoping to make sure that nobody sealed off the exits. His older sister had gone to a military school, so he had picked up a few simple things about group strategy. When you know the territory and your opponent doesn't, if you cut off their exits then the battle was halfway done. Unfortunately, that rule applied even more so to the current terrain, where there was only one exit leading back, and if it was cut off, there was no way out. Digging into his vest pocket, Langley removed a small flashlight and switched it on, illuminating the darkness in front of him. In the distance he could just make out Tim and Annalyn talking with the girl he had landed on when he had first arrived. He was about to run forward and regroup with them when a sudden hissing noise interrupted him.

With a sigh, Langley turned, coming face to face with a tall, serpentine Pokemon with glinting eyes. Slowly it spread its once-majestic purple hood, which was now mottled with the puse and green colors of decay. Along its tail, parts of the spinal cord were just visible, and the skin around its throat was almost completely gone. It stood there, waiting for Langley to make a move, its sickly blue tongue flicking in and out.

Langley's nose wrinkled as he slowly began to back away, his arms held out in front of him. Steady, steady.... he reassured himself, Just a few more steps and I'll be out of his range... Just keep moving... steady...

The serpent noticed what he was doing, unfortunately, and began to slowly slither forward, its slimy remains dragging along the floor. Its eyes opened wide, and Langley just barely managed to shut his in time, remembering that eye contact with an Arbok almost certainly meant temporary paralysis. His hand began to wander around his belt as he fumbled for a Pokeball as he moved, praying that the snake wouldn't notice and strike early. He took one step backward, and three things happened at once.

First, Langley's hand found the Pokeball he had been searching for, and he hurled it outward in front of him.

Second, he tripped over a rock, and fell flat on his back.

Third, the Arbok struck, its hood folding back and its eyes glinting with malice.

Langley shut his eyes, expecting to feel the pain of zombified serpent venom entering his system at any moment. To his surprise, however, all he felt was a slight tickling. He slowly, tentatively opened his eyes, and curious sight met his gaze. A long, creamy yellow tail was tickling his face, and around it, eight other tails were waving. The appendages in question were attached to a large, creamy yellow, fox-like creature with gleaming red eyes. "Clytemnestra?" he asked, confused.

The Pokemon nodded, before turning back to the zombie Pokemon, growling and baring her fangs. Arachne stood beside the beast, hissing her dissaproval. Clyte, so good you could make it to fight for master Langley! the tiny Pokemon squeaked in her own language, waving her legs excitedly.

Slowly, the Ninetales shook her head. You misunderstand my purpose, little bug. Unlike you, I bear no love for that sorry excuse for a trainer. I follow his orders because I have respect for him as the trainer who was able to capture me, no more, no less.

Arachne glared fiercely at the older Pokemon. But Langley is our trainer! Even if he wasn't my friend, it's my sworn duty and responsibility as his Pokemon to protect him from harm!

The Ninetales rolled her eyes. And who told you that? Your precious mother, born in captivity?

Arachne's eyes narrowed. And so it all comes down to that again, hmm? My mother was just as noble as any of your wild born Pokemon, and-

"Um, ladies, I hate to interrupt your argument, which I'm sure is of great importance even if I can't understand it, but we happen to be having a situation here!" Langley interrupted as he dodged another blob of acid being fired by the serpentine monster.

Arachne nodded. Here it comes! she screeched, firing a sticky blob of webbing into the Arbok's face, effectively blinding it and forcing its venomous jaws shut. Blinded, the undead Pokemon screeched as it thrashed about, trying furiously to remove the impediment.

Clytemnestra stared at the thrashing Pokemon. Pokemon who are now zombified, eh? Interesting...

Langley stared. Up until this point, he had been mostly relying on his instincts and those of his Pokemon to fight, but now it was time to give some serious thought. What did he know that would certainly dispose of this zombie? A thought raced through his head as he remembered an old horror movie he had watched once. Though this particular tactic probably wouldn't do anything, it was still worth a try. "Clyte, use safeguard!" he commanded.

Growling, the kitsune began to glow with a pale white light as a circle appeared on the floor beneath her, surrounding herself, Langley, and Arachne. The Arbok managed to free its mouth from the web gag and lunged forward, just as a wall of white light erupted from the circle. The zombie may as well have bitten an electric fence. It screamed as a burst of white light burned through its skin, reducing its body to ashes.

Langley stared at the charred spot on the ground, the only thing remaining to show the zombie had ever been there. "I can't believe that actually worked."

Turning, he noticed that Annalyn and the others were only a few meters away. With a quick nod to his Pokemon, he raced up to them, joining the group. "Is everyone okay?" he panted.

September 2nd, 2007, 3:53 PM
Full Given Name: Juanita Sanchez

Nicknames (Optional): JJ

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Though Juanita is far from the prettiest girl alive, there is certain elegant aura that surrounds her. She stands at a short 5'5" and weighs only one hundred and three pounds. She is of Hispanic descent and this is most obvious in the creamy, tan complexion of her skin. Her hair is jet black and runs down to her mid-back. She usually has it tied into a ponytail, but on rare occasions, she'll let it down. Her eyes are a crisp, emerald shade that dim in color when she's upset. Because she works for the Kanto government, her attire is usually simple and modest, befitting the workplace environment. It consists of a tan three-piece pantsuit with dull silver buttons. She wears gaudy tan high heels that you would usually find an eighty year old woman. But, when traveling to the island, she might mix it up and go a little crazy with her outfit. She plans on wearing a green tank top, blue capris, and white sneakers, which is more appropriate for a young lady on an adventure. She always wears thick-brimmed glasses that hang perfectly on her nose.

Personality: Juanita was raised in a proper middle-class family and is always under control no matter what the situation. Some may call her a "prude" but Juanita considers herself a fun girl. At the workplace, she admits to being a rule-following, prim employee who takes her job very seriously. Because of this, she doesn't have many friends at work, but she tries to show that it doesn't bother her. Deep down, Juanita is incredibly lonely and depressed, but she's engulfed herself in her work to suppress these feelings. When she's truly happy, Juanita is all smiles and giggles. This usually this occurs when she receives praise at work, which happens more often than you would think. Her face will turn bright red and she'll say thank you numerous times. She is prone to growing angry rather quickly. She considers those she works with incompetent and incorrigible, so her anger is more often than not directed to these imbeciles. Even at home, she's working, so Juanita lacks a social life. As mentioned before, she is very lonely and when alone, she's prone to crying and sobbing.

History: As mentioned before, Juanita was raised in a suburban neighborhood. Her father had been a moderately successful Pokémon trainer who had managed to make the Indigo League when he was younger. Now, he worked for the Kanto Government as a Gym Inspector. Her mother was the mayor of their hamlet on the outskirts of Cerulean City, and much like Juanita, was constantly engulfed in her work. Every Sunday, when her parents weren't working, the three of them would head off to the lands north of Cerulean and have a picnic. Her parents were strict to the point of being militaristic. Juanita would come home and do her homework, study, eat dinner, study more, and then sleep. Repeat. Though her father had taken the road of Pokemon training when he was Juanita's age, he refused to allow his daughter to leave on her own journey. So while her peers left for journeys, Juanita stayed home and continued her studies. She didn't mind though. Juanita loved learning and managed to reach number one in her class when she graduated. Right out of high school, Juanita's father got her a job in his department. Almost immediately she excelled at her job with her capability of memorizing the numerous guidelines and regulations she had to know. Because of this and her air of "I'm better than all of you" surrounding her, she was not popular amongst her coworkers. Even her father would grow irritated with her and would proceed to tell her to calm down and stop being such a brat. Juanita wished she be different, but the opportunity of gaining accolades always took precedence over changing her ways. When asked if she wanted to go and investigate the mysterious happenings on Island, she immediately took the opportunity, knowing that if she succeeded in figuring out what happened, she would definitely receive a promotion.

Pokémon wanted: Murkrow

Other: Nadda.

RP Sample:

[ From my RP "Rose Isle Royale." ]

"Enough Ampharos, get the girl!" Annalyn heard the Ampharos' "trainer" order the rotting Pokemon. Langley had further damaged the zombie, but it still made its way towards Abanow. Its skeletal fist once again slashed at her Pokemon. Abanow reached out both of its hands and grabbed the zombie's arm. It lifted the skeletal Ampharos into the air and lifted it above its head. A cold, white energy started to emanate from its hands. Large ice chunks began to grow on the Ampharos, starting from the points where Abanow was touching it. Slowly, like a raging wildfire, the ice began to consume the Ampharos, who shrieked wildly as its body was taken over by the ice. Soon, its whole body was taken over, except for its head. Then, with one final shriek, the ice grew over its head and the zombie Ampharos was stuck in a block of ice. Abanow lowered the encased Ampharos gently to the ground. Annalyn felt relieved and released a deep sigh. She leaned against the damp wall. What an exciting first minutes in this damned labyrinth...

"So, you think the trouble is over just because you defeated one of my zombie warriors. If you only knew what I had waiting for you," a mysterious voice said, which was followed by a maniacal laugh. It wasn't the same voice as before. This time it sounded female, but it spoke with the same angst and ferocity. Annalyn looked around, searching for the source of the booming voice. Then, she saw something move on top of the labyrinth walls. There was a humanoid figure kneeling, its body consumed in the grey mist. It appeared to be wearing a long cape, black slacks, and a silver button up shirt. "And soon, you're Pokemon will join my zombies!" It stood and leaped from its position, directing itself towards the group of participants. It reached to its belt and pulled a large sword from a sheath. The blade of the sword was as tall as the figure and from what Annalyn could see, the hilt was shale-black and slim. Wait, its coming for me! Annalyn dove out of the way with the sword nicking a few of her hairs. She fell face first into the floor of the labyrinth which released a plume of dust and dirt. Annalyn coughed and looked up to the figure, who could be seen much clearer than before. Besides its clothing, the person wore a mask, one half of it was that of a male human and the other half was a female human. It wore an outrageously gaudy red belt that clashed with the rest of its mismatched outfit. Long, silver hair flowed from behind the mask, which concealed the figure's entire face.

"Who are you?" Annalyn asked, pushing herself up into a sitting position. The figure laughed again and said, "I am the Guardian of this Labyrinth you have foolishly entered. For hundreds of years I have lived here, dispatching of those who, like you, entered my palace. And you all shall share the same fate as them, with your Pokemon joining my legion of Pokemon." Wow... this guy.. or girl.. or whatever... has taken a page right outta of the stereotypical villian book when it comes to their dialogue... Annalyn thought, staring directly at the freak who stood before her. "But, shall we make this into a game? Afterall, you all are here for a competition, aren't you? Alas, there shall be a win--I don't think so!" The figure turned and found Annalyn's Abanow attempted to grab them from behind. The Guardian raised its hand and released an orb of red energy at the Abanow. At first the Abomasnow didn't react, but suddenly it began to wince in pain. It fell to its hands and knees, and began to pant. Its body began to shake and its breath grew shorter and painful. Its eyes glazed over and then it fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"Abanow, no!!!!" Annalyn stood and began to run to her Pokemon. She kneeled next to it and began to pet its arm. "What did you do, you FREAK!" The Guardian laughed maniacally once again and leaped to the top of the wall. "I'll see you again, and dearest, I hope your Abomasnow makes a full recovery," and with that, it leaped to the other side of the wall. Tears began to stream down Annalyn's cheeks and she hugged the Pokemon's arms. "He's still alive, but barely. Do any of you have a Revive? In my haste, I forgot one. Please, can you all spare me one?" she appealed to her fellow competitors.

September 2nd, 2007, 3:54 PM
hm this rp sounds exciting! And really different too ^_^

Full Name: Nichole Suzzane Miller

Age: 18

Gender: female

Appearance: Nichole has shoulder length brown hair, and piercing green eyes. She wears a black bandanna and black gloves, along with a dark purple tank top and black pants. Her skin is quite fair, and she wears black boots and a long black cloak.

Personality: Nichole isnt a very outspoken girl. Growing up, while the other girls played and formed clubs and cliques, she preferred to stay alone and to herself. While she doesnt like socializing very much, Nichole is fond of one thing: Pokemon, mainly the gost type. She is absolutely fascinated by the creatures, though she has never had a pokemon of her own. She is absolutely outraged at the possiblility that a group of scientists has been rumored to be harming such creatures, so much that she did not hesitate at all when she heard that she was invited to the island.

History: (I hope it is ok that i use a town from the Kanto Region...) Nichole came from the town of Lavendar, in the Kanto Region. She would have loved to say that she got to examine the ghosts of the tower, maybe even work side by side with the old man of the town, Mr. Fuji...but she cannot. Her mom died when she was just 5, and her father abandoned her mother before she was born. Nichole was sent to Verdanturf to live with her grandparents. There she learned all about the proper caring of herbs and medicines; her grandfather was the towns physisician and her grandma was a herbologist. She learned also the many ways to create potions for sick pokemon; when she was 10 she started to work at the towns pokecenter. Her grandparents didnt like her to become a trainer; instead, she worked with Nurse Joy, taking care of the other trainers pokemon. It was always interesting to work there; Verdanturf's contest center attracted so many pokemon trainers, Nichole got to see and care for all kinds. It was after a long days work that she came home to see a letter had come for her...

Starter: Shuppet

RP sample: Nichole stepped into the air conditioned entrance to the PokeCenter. It was a boiling hot summer's day, and by the already full lobby Nichole could see that it was going to be a full day. "Nichole thank goodness!" Nurse Joy called from behind the counter, her hands already full by a trainer with a screaming Bonsly, "A huge box of abandoned growlithe was just brought in by some stranger. Can you see to it that they are all alright and taken care of?" Nichole's blood boiled at the fact that someone was so careless enough to abandon growlithe pups, but she smiled sweetly and nodded. Nurse Joy turned back to the trainer. "Im sure there is no other reason for his tears, sir," She began, but the trainer was histerical. Nichole walked past them as he yelled over his pokemon's cries that something must be terribly wrong. Nichole stepped into the back hallway, where all the other rooms where for examining and treating the sick and injured. She could hear barking in the room at the far end, and she opened the door to find Chansey trying to maintain 4 growlithe puppies. "Chansey!" she called gratefully, obviously relieved to see the girl. "Im here to help!" Nichole said happily, grabing a clipboard and sitting cross legged on the floor. "Ok, pups, what happened?" The growlithe nearest her tucked in his tail and hid, while another ran up to her, teeth barred. "Its alright," Nichole cooed, "Im not going to hurt you..." she put out her hand, palm down, so that he could sniff her. "Growl?" said the pokemon, and he sniffed her hand. "Lithe!" he called to his friends,and all the puppies rushed to the girl, jumping onto her lap. he must have known i meant no harm, Nichole thought. "Wow," said a voice behind them. Nichole turned to see Nurse Joy in the doorway. "I tried to get them calm for an hour this morning!" She walked in and grabbed a bottle of Antidote; someone was poisioned. Nichole smiled, and the nurse smiled back, leaving the room. Nichole went back to checking the pups, making sure each one was healthy.

September 2nd, 2007, 3:55 PM
Full Given Name: Michael Alan Mansfield, his middle name Alan was his fathers name.

Nicknames: Mikey, Mickey, Mike.

Age: 14 (FOURTEEN)

Gender: Male

Appearence: Michael is about 4`7, he has tanned skin and grass green eyes, Michael`s hair is very short and dark brown almost black, he wears a red t-shirt and blue jeans most of the time, sometimes he wears a white cap and he wears white shoes.

Personality: Michael is very shy when meeting new people, his habit include biting his nails and chewing his collar on his clothes, he fears all spider like Pokemon and Gengars, Michael likes to travel alot and play computer games, he aspires to be a Pokemon trainer as he loves Pokemon, but he never has had one, he dislikes sly people and people who show off.

History: Michael has had alot happen in his life, not big things but good things, he went to Poketrainers school but left after he his Uncle George was killed by a Gengar...Poor little Uncle George...although Michael dislikes Gengars he loves Pokemon, Michael used to live in Goldenrod City in a small poor house, his mother got a job as a Pokemon breeder before they moved to Pewter City.

Pokemon Wanted: Pikachu.

Other: Michael has a strange scar on the top of his arm, Michael will not tell anyone where he got it from.

RP Sample: Michael woke up starled, he had had a nightmare inwhich he was attacked by a Gengar, he rubbed his eyes and looked around the room, everything looked blury, it took him a while to focus, his Pikachu `Junior` was sitting in the corner of the room, his fur was scruffy as usual and like always, he had a wide smile on his face, "Hey Junior." Michael said quietly, Junior turned his head and waved at Michael.

"Pika pic!" Junior squeaked brightly, he jumped off the chair on which he was sitting then merrily bounced over to Michael, Michael smiled, Junior always made Michael smile, he then picked Junior up and placed him on his right shoulder carefully.

"Come on champ." Michael said enthusiasticly, "We`ve got a big day ahead of us!" Michael then walked over to his cupboard and opened the top drawer, he then got a blue pair of jeans and a white hoody and took them to the bed. (IS THAT OK? ILL ADD MORE IF I NEED TO?)

September 2nd, 2007, 3:57 PM
Full Given Name: John Krinks

Nicknames (Optional): Johnny

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Johnny’s figure is nothing short of a junior looking high school student. It is because, that is exactly what he is. His hair can grow pretty quickly and he usually keeps it at the length of halfway towards the neck. His hair is a deep dark brown shade, following suit with his eyes, meanwhile the rest of his features would be a bit pale having never had a tan or been outside in recent dates. At his school, he is forced to wear uniforms, but when he is not on the campus grounds, he can be found wearing a not so clean pair of jeans and be alternating between a green or brown long sleeve many times.

His shoes have seen better days and has the endpoint of one lace completely cut off on the left shoe, but no one ever really takes notice of that. He has flat feet, and looks to be slightly good at swimming with the exception that he has never actually been in deep water since he was 10 or 11 to prove this theory (not that he was bad at it; he just didn’t like swimming much).

Never will you find a cap on him and almost never will you see any signs of him combing his hair. At the same time, his hair is not very messy at all.

Personality: Even though Johnny has never really aspired to be a trainer in his life, he always felt that he should have been a little more involved in life when it came to Pokémon. Whenever the topic of recent trainer wins and such comes up, Johnny knows a bit what to say; he follows what trainers do by reading their journeys. He even admits that the thought of Pokémon battling is great, and watching a battle is even better, but he never pictures himself in the heat of it. He isn’t at all into himself being the battler.

He does not really hate anything in life, and he won’t talk much of what he dislikes, but people know him enough to understand that when he twitches his right eye a bit, he doesn’t really care for the topic or whatever it is that is going on at the time. That’s why he fails at all poker games. If a topic he does not like or understand arise, he’ll wait for a moment that he does understand in order to be in the certain conversation (unless he doesn’t want to be in any sort of speech as it would be going).

He has a bad habit of moving his own things around. An example of this would be his room; if he did not like the way it looked, he would change the furniture around. Even if he ends up loving the look that day, the very next day he may think differently and change it around yet again.

If he had any aspirations whatsoever, it would be to make a documentation of anything of interest. He has already done a graduation plan to graduate as a junior in order to get to a film school early. He is not so sure why, but documentations have always interested him and made him want to make one of his own in the future, but he is still unsure of what it should be on.

As of now, a mere hobby would be writing. Sometimes he just can’t stop; pen or keyboard.


— Has achieved enough credits to graduate in Junior Year of High School
— Has gained respect in many student activity centers
— Has over 400 community service hours

Though not many in several achievements, what Johnny has achieved is well enough for a pat in the back. His family background has not been perfect, but it has not been something out of a horror movie either. Generation from generation was passed down by barely “making it” in life, and he does not expect that he will be any different. The only difference between him and his line of family is the fact that he wants to become a director of documentaries because it is something he loves. He does not expect much awards for this; only to have fun.

Pokémon wanted: Sneasel

Reason — Johnny believes that of anything, a Sneasel would be most helpful for him. That, and he always had a soft spot for the creature.

Other: None

RP Sample:

Johnny opened the door, knowing already who it was. Nichols, one of his friends from school had entered. In his hand, he held a disc wrapped in what appeared to be napkins. There was a slight grin on Nichols’s face, but Johnny wiped it out of him by patting him in the back and taking the disk from his hands.

“I believe this belongs to me,” said Johnny, in a forced “higher standard” type speak.

“Don’t let those dang credits get to your head, Jon-Jon,” joked Nichols.

Jon-Jon. It was the name that his mother would call him. He was never bothered by it when his Mom would say it, but if it were anyone else, a deep shade of red would grow on his face just like it was at that very moment.

“Lets—c’mon,” continued Johnny. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“Aye-aye, Jon-Jon,” continued Nichols. "Hey, what is it for anyway?"

"School stuff; you know."

While trying to look away, they both traveled down the hall towards Johnny’s room. It was not anything special; it looked very much like an average teens room with video game posters and a collection of figures of famous Pokémon Trainers. Right now, the two headed straight for the laptop Johnny had gotten the Christmas before.

Once the computer was on, Johnny entered the slightly smeared disc into the disc slot and waited for the program to begin.

“You don’t know it, but you just saved my life right now, Nichols,” said Johnny with a grin. The screen was still loading.

“You don’t know it, but you owe me 40 Pokédollars for rent,” said Nichols with a really good serious impression. “Cough it up.”

“The day that happens is the day you decide to go back to school.”

“Don’t roll eyes like that; besides, your just jealous that I get to be in a Pokémon Journey!”

“And I’m sure you’ll be equally as Jealous when I make my first documentary.”

It was an insider joke at the moment; Johnny had told Nichols repeatedly many times before that he did not care about the journeys and cared more about documentary films. Meanwhile, Nichols thought the same way towards documentaries. They both did not understand why the other liked their profession best.

The screen leaned towards its 100% mark. Both boys got closer and closer, waiting to see what it was that resided inside the disc. It was stuck for a very long moment on 99%, but after a long amount of painful seconds, it reached the point.

The screen turned black for a bit. Nothing else happened.

Confused, the two looked around the cords, trying to find what it was that could have turned off the computer (because that was what it seemed like; there was no power to it).

The two returned to the screen, still in a mix of confusion.

It was at that second that a Porygon blasted itself right out of the screen towards the two at full speed, knocking both Johnny and Nichols onto the floor.

The Porygon stopped at the end of the room and began to chirp in its own way (as emotionless as it sounded).

“What the?” For a long moment, Johnny looked at the Porygon that slowly began to turn towards him, looking right at him, then to Nichols. It did not move from Nichols. “What is a Porygon doing here?”

“Oh god, it’s Gears!” shouted Nichols; “My families Porygon! It must have—I don’t know, maybe stored itself in the disc…”

There was a slight motion in the Porygon’s eyes, and it stared on at Nichols. Slowly, the eyes were beginning to change color.

“Oh no,” said Nichols with worry, “It’s going to video mode! If my Dad that I lent you the disc, he’s going to kill me! Feraligatr, go; take him out!”

Johnny had no time to react; Nichols had just called out his beast. The one that had supposedly won five badges for Nichols, including a badge by a grass type GYM Leader.

“Nichols; not in the house!” but it was too late.

Water blasted from the Feraligatr, hitting the Porygon head on. Johnny’s entire wall was drenched, but even so, the water kept on with a hydro blast move, breaking the wall that lead straight to Johnny’s sister’s room, and extremely watered just about everything in it.

When it was done, the Porygon was left shaking on the floor of Alexandra’s room (Johnny’s sister).

Slowly, Johnny turned his head towards Nichols. Nichols only smiled a weak grin as he watched Johnny’s hands clench into fists and steam rise towards his face. Then, his right eye twitched.

“Hey, it was for the greater good…”

Feraligatr made a triumphant cry, satisfied with his or her easy win; Johnny was not sure what gender it was, but at the moment, he really didn’t care. It was in this time strain, that he had all of his energy and hate projected towards Nichols. Yet, he did nothing. He did not move, and he said no word.

“You know, if you make a good documentary, this could, you know, easily be cleaned up, right? I mean—you know? Do you?”

Johnny was about to respond with a massive outburst, but then the Feraligatr went right for him, rubbing against his shoulder. For a moment, Johnny was shocked at the gesture. There was a brief second of silence as the image of the Feraligatr not going by his or her trainer was slowly being processed.

Then, Johnny laughed a bit, the shoulder rub became a soft tackle, and the two were at it. Nichols shrugged and joined in the slight dog pile.

“Jon-Jon, we’re home!” shouted a voice from the entrance hall.

At that moment, Johnny and Nichols stopped. Their expressions, which just moments ago had been something playful, were now nervous, and frightened. It took awhile for the Feraligatr to get the idea too. It wasn’t until the scream was heard the ice was broken, and the two scrambled for the window and out into sunlight.

Once at the street, Nichols returned Feraligatr. A slightly beaten Porygon followed behind jaggedly.

“Okay…” began Johnny, panting. “Uh…we weren’t home, and a burglar broke in trying to steal something. Got it?”

“Works fine for me,” replied Nichols quickly, before the two continued to run further away from the house, Porygon behind them.

September 2nd, 2007, 5:22 PM
Full Given Name: Lucius Rowley

Nicknames (Optional): Snorlax (close friends only. Explained in Personality)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Always fashioning a lavender shirt, maroon jacket and tight, black pants, Lucius can sometimes look a little weird. No matter what the weather is, he always has a scarlet scarf wrapped around his neck. His hair is short, dark blue and covers a little bit of his face. Seeing as "it takes too much time to fix his hair", Lucius just keeps it all ruffled up. His eyes are just a slightly lighter shade of blue than his hair. In his favorite pair of black sneakers, Lucius stands at about five feet, eight inches. Due to him spending a lot of time inside, he skin looks slightly pale.

Although his nickname may stir some ideas about his weight, Lucius is a fairly skinny teen. Weighing in at only 140 Ibs, he should actually gain a few pounds. He believes working out is just a "waste of time" and he'd rather just lie in bed all day. The black backpack he carries around whenever he's forced to leave his house contains a laptop with a variety of games for him to play. No matter what he's doing, his mind never seems to be fully concentrated on it.

Personality: Lazy beyond comprehension, Lucius takes his nickname, "Snorlax", with pride. Anything involving intense work can be considered a dislike for Lucius. His lazy attitude can be very annoying at times. Lucius has a bad habit at really killing a conversation with his smart remarks. He sometimes does this on purpose if a conversation is lasting too long.

His dream of learning about Pokemon and his lazy persona seem to clash at times. He could be ready for a journey at one point, but when it actually begins, he starts whining. His only known fear is of large bodies of water because of an accident eight years previous. In fact

History: Growing up in a village with no Pokemon Centers or PokeMarts, Lucius has spent little time around Pokemon-kind. When he was seven, he drifted off into the outskirts of town and near a river. In one false step, he fell into the raging stream of water. He was over-powered in seconds and knew it was all over... but it wasn't. A wolf-like figure saw his body in the water, jumped in itself, and managed to pull him out. When he reached safety, the last thing he saw before blacking out was the face of his savior; an Absol. When he had awoken, he was back in his room. His father explained to him how the guards found him by the river's side; badly scarred and unconscious. Ever since, he's dreamed of getting a chance of learning more about Pokemon-kind. He finally gets this chance when the mysterious letter arrives.

Pokémon wanted: Absol. Reason should be obvious.

Other: I tend to allow my Pokemon to "talk" (Makes interaction easier). When they do, their dialogue will be in <>'s instead of "'s.

RP Sample: I guess I'll just write out the history...

The seven-year old Lucius looked past the town entrance where a thick forest stood.

"I wonder what's in there," he thought to himself as he eyed the tall trees. Then suddenly, something rustled the nearby bushes. Lucius thought it was the wind until he saw it happen again... and again.

"I bet no one would mind if I go check it out." Lucius reassured himself as he approached the bush. However, when he reached it, he saw nothing but a stack of leaves.

"Guess it was the wind," Lucius' face expression immediately turned into a smirk. "Well, I am already here. Might as well go check out the rest of this place." Without even thinking his decision over a second time, the young boy rushed into the woods.

The towering trees blocked most of the sunlight entering the woods, and Lucius found it extremely hard to get around. In minutes, he regretted ever entering the place. However, there was one problem; which way was out? The child ran around frantically, searching for any sign of civilization. Soon enough, he heard the sound of running water.

Overwhelmed with joy, Lucius ran to the sound without thinking anything through. When he saw the end of the forest in sight, he only increased in speed. Then, before he knew it, he was flying off the edge of the last piece of land left.


The raging river showed no mercy as it tried to pull Lucius to its depths. It only took a few seconds for the child to run out of energy and give in to the river's power. He slowly sunk to the bottom, he eyes focused on how the sun and clouds looked from underwater. If this was the end, he wanted it to be beautiful.

Then suddenly, a faint splash caught Lucius' attention. He looked all around until he spotted a white and black, wolf-like Pokemon rushing to his aid. Its powerful jaws clamped on his shirt and quickly dragged him to the surface. With unprecedented strength, it tossed him onto land. Lucius took deep, heavy breathes; appreciating the Earth's oxygen more than ever. Soon, his savior joined him.

He felt his vision go blurry until finally, everything went black. However, before completely losing consciousness, he believed he heard the Pokemon say "<Humans... What an interesting species...>"

September 2nd, 2007, 6:15 PM
Sorry, but can I just post this here for now? I'm kind of in a hurry, so I'll finish it tommorrow. Sorry! xP

Full Given Name: Aspen Winters

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Will ad later.

Personality: Will add later.

History: Will add later.

Pokémon Wanted: Will add later.

Other: Will add later.

RP Sample: Will add later.

September 2nd, 2007, 6:38 PM
EDIT~ Done, unless you want me to lengthen the RP sample

Full Given Name: Melissa Klarice Queens

Nicknames (Optional): “Melly”

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: At first glance Melissa is your typical fashion-queen girly girl. Her thick mane of hair reaches about half way down her back, and is an almost garish looking strawberry blond color. Her hair is usually kept down, with a small portion pulled up into a classic pony-tail bound by a worn pink hair-tie. Her eyes are rather featureless, being a particularly dull shade of blue, almost to the point of being a stormy gray. Pierced through Melissa’s ears is a pair of lustrous golden hearts which were a gift from her father. At her neckline rests a silver chained amethyst, which falls to just above her dress.

Despite Melissa’s strong presence, her body is rather petite. She stands at 5’4”, and could be considered underweight at 100 lbs. Her figure is full of curves, which she accentuates with her drastic style of clothing. A pink thin-strapped dress floats over her body, except for a tight spot of ruffles at her bust. Below her dress she adorns a pair of purple jeans, which are faded with many years of wear. The only piece of her outfit which could be considered practical would be her bright, red tennis shoes.

Personality: Melissa has a varied array of interests, but her most distinguishing feature would be her undeniable talent at piano. Melissa doesn’t care to read anything other then music, and isn’t skilled at anything academic. However, this doesn’t mean she is unintelligent. She simply feels that academic studies would not be of use to her, so she dismisses them without a second thought. Melissa tends to use this outlook on many things in life, due to being brought up in a rich family. Melissa has very few friends, mainly because she feels there are a very few people worthy of being her friend; so Melissa spends much of her time alone with her piano. When Melissa isn’t at her piano she often comes across as stern and demanding, and isn’t polite to anybody other then her parents and piano teacher.

Melissa’s ultimate goal in life is to be a world renowned piano player, and a top class pokémon trainer. The first of her dreams seems not far from her grasp, but the latter is a far call from reality. Melissa’s parents are against pokémon of any kind and they do not hesitate to express their dislike of them. Her parent’s would prefer Melissa to not become a trainer, but with Melissa’s demanding attitude it is hard to convey that message to her.

Other then Melissa’s talent at piano, Melissa is quite the botanist. She has a large garden full of plants ranging from ferns to roses, all of which she keeps thriving year-round. Melissa usually has little to no patience with everything in life, but has all the patience in the world with her plants. To her, they are her children, and she treats them as such. Her knowledge of plants works as a sort of back up, if Melissa’s other goals should fail, so she could be come a botanist or gardener.

Overall, Melissa is very spoiled, and unremittingly demanding. She doesn’t stoop to any level, and expects everybody around her to dance to her every whim. She likes to think of herself as a leader, but her unwillingness to consider ideas other then her own makes her quite the opposite.

History: Melissa was born into a strong family with a rich heritage. Her father, Percy Queens, is a corporate stock investor, whilst her mother, Lydia Queens, is a doctor at the far-off hospital. While her parent’s jobs brought in lots of money, it also meant they were away from home for great periods of time through out Melissa’s childhood. This has partially contributed to Melissa’s spoiled attitude, but the greater factor would be what they did when they were home. They would buy her anything she wanted, in order to keep her happy and so she wouldn’t need a babysitter. This seemed to work in the beginning, but as Melissa grew older she soon became tired of nick-nacks and dolls and began to demand more. Her parent’s responded by giving her a piano and a piano teacher. This would affect Melissa’s for the rest of her life.

Melissa’s love for pokémon would be born when she was 9 years old, and on a visit to her parent’s house in Sinnoh. On one sunny afternoon, Melissa decided to explore the forest behind her grandparents’ house. She began to make her way through the thick forest, but soon felt as if somebody or something was following her. Being the headstrong girl she was, Melissa demanded whoever was following her to show themselves. In response, a big, hulking Graveler lumbered in front of her. The Graveler raised its bulking arms, and prepared to strike Melissa. All of Melissa seemed frozen, despite her best efforts she could persuade her legs to move. However, she did manage to let out an ear splitting scream, which echoed for hundreds of feet in the forest. Then, almost as if in response, a small pink Cherrim gracefully waddled behind Melissa and let out a stream of razor sharp green leaves towards the Graveler. The Graveler roared in pain, and swiftly as it could it lumbered off into the forest. Melissa, still shaken by the experience, turned to her savior. The Cherrim looked at Melissa, and then waddled back the way it had come. And so, Melissa’s love for pokémon, particularly grass types, would be born.

Another momentous part of Melissa’s life would have to be when she managed to win a rudimentary piano contest. When Melissa was first informed of the contest, she was immediately interested. However, she decided that she needn’t practice for the competition. When the type of the contest came around, Melissa was eager as ever, but this would soon turn to nervousness as she watched her competition on stage. When Melissa’s turn came up, she struggled to get everything just right, she couldn’t stand the thought of losing. In the end, Melissa did win the contest, but it taught her about studying, even for something you thought was beneath you.

The final major event in Melissa’s life would be her father’s death. Melissa was 13 at the time. Her father had been suffering from lung cancer for several years now, and the family was told that despite the hospitals best efforts, the cancer wouldn’t leave the body. Finally, on February 9th, her father died, ironically the same day as Melissa’s birthday. The last thing her father said to her, was a heart-wrenching apology, an apology for not being there for her. He also placed in her hands a pair of golden heart ear-rings, which shined like the sun. Melissa has worn them ever since.

Pokémon wanted: Melissa’s preferred starter pokemon would be a Cherubi

Other: Melissa’s birthday is February 9th

RP Sample: Short sample... but I didn't have much to work with when I originally made it.

Blake listened to the words the flowed from Holly’s mouth. It took a few minutes for the words to sink in, and the harshness of them almost knocked him over. It was if the words had carved out a piece of his soul and tossed it out to rot. Colors swam, the world around him spun into a spiraling vortex. Blake reached out and grabbed the table for support.

“You…you don’t mean that…” he managed to utter. He had to hope with all his heart that Holly hadn’t meant what she said. It was the last thread of hope within his grasp, and he felt it slipping away from him.

“You… you don’t mean that!” he spoke more forcefully this time. He raked his nails through his hair, it felt as if his entire body was on fire with grief.

“YOU DON’T MEAN THAT!” Blake rose to the floor, and looked down at Holly. She looked so much smaller when he was standing, almost like a little fairy. Yes, a little fairy who had captured his heart, and was now ripping it in two. It had been three years since he met her, and all that time he prayed nothing like this would happen. He had waited up many nights, worrying that something like this had happen. And now it had.

“Holly… you can’t mean that…” he felt his voice weakening, like the rest of his body, it didn't want to work right. He didn't want to show a sign of weakness in front of Holly, but he couldn't help it. His breath's quickened, his knee's buckled, and it took all his strength to stumble towards the door. He didn't want to hear Holly's reply... he couldn't bear to hear her reply. Blake opened the door, and tried to go. Go where, he didn't know. But he needed to go somewhere. his body had other plans, after a few steps, he collapsed on the dining room floor, and he felt tears well up inside him.

"Why!? Why!? Why did it have to be like this!?" Blake felt the tears leak down his face, and onto the shag rug. It was funny, the looked almost beautiful on the floor, with the light of the full moon reflecting in them. Somehow, this didn't make Blake feel any better. In fact, it made him feel worse. He began to pound his fists on the floor, like he had when he was younger. He knew that this was bound to wake up the others, but he didn't care. Nothing mattered any more. In his mind, the world was over.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 2nd, 2007, 7:17 PM
Sign-up Sheet

Full Given Name: Shannon McCain

Nicknames: He normally just goes by his last name, it makes him feel more professional.

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shannon stands at 6' and weighs in at 210 lbs. His skin tone is of a molotto complex, and his muscle tone isn't exactly buff, but it's to the point where there isn't any flab on his body. His ensamble consists of many old fashioned materials and fabrics that many people would look at and think "What the heck is he wearing?" He wears a white collared dress shirt with short sleeves, and a light blue vest over it. He wears a black tie, with black slacks and black dress shoes to match. He also wears a black fedora hat with a light blue line going around the bottom that is about two inches wide. Other things about his appearance are a black Zirconium studded earring in his left ear, and a watch with a light blue lens on his left wrist. One more item worth mentioning is a small-ish knapsack he keeps on his right shoulder, which contains his work materials: Notebooks, pencils, a magnifying glass, and other related items. (I'll explain later)

Personality: Shannon has a deep passion to find out the truth. As a result, his tolerance of wrong-doings is very limited, although if needed he can be quite cunning. Always kind, Shannon is what some people call a true gentleman. Shannon likes a lot of old fasioned things, be it cars, music, art, or fads. He is also a stickler for music; He'll listen to anything, although he has a special place in his heart for Jazz, Altenative, and Ska. He is even a skilled pianist/keyboarder. Shannon also tends to get a little big headed in his abilities, even though he is a good problem solver. (again, later) But he eventually catches himself and gets back to whatever he was doing.

History: Shannon has had an intrest in crime-solving at an early age, and as a result, is now a professional Detective. He started out at the age of twelve, but those were really minor things, like finding a missing doll, or finding out who took the last soda out of the refridgerator. When he was seventeen, he was allowed to move onto bigger things, untill he became eighteen and was considered an adult. These tasks included mainly robberies, as both Shannon's mother and the city govener diddn't want Shannon in the murder scene quite yet. Now eighteen, there is no limit in what Shannon can explore.

Pokémon wanted: Seviper

Other: Shannon is very serious about his work. Call him crazy, but to him it's profession first, everything else later. Sure he finds time to do other things, but as he's said before; "In the name of Sherlock Holmes, Dick Tracey, and even Humphrey Bogart, I will not rest untill this case is solved!"

RP Sample: (Edit: Alright, I spliced this as the requirement stated. It may look a little edgy, but remember that this was not it's original format. If I get into the RP, my entries will look a lot neater, trust me.)

"I have a sugg.."

Was all Nick could let out when Galactus and his three admins showed up in the middle of Sunnyshore. Galactus then shouted in a megaphone

"Attention, Citizens of Sunnyshore!" He said with his usual insane voice "I have an important announcement to make. I promise this will change your life forever!" Just then a reporter and three cameramen went over to get a good shot of Galactus. The cameramen set up their equippment, and the reporter began to speak into the microphone.

"Hello, this is Gabby, and we have a situation in Sunnyshore." The reporter announced. "There is a madman on a bridge and he is ranting about something. let's watch."

Galactus then Shouted "You may remember a team by the name of Galactic five years ago! They were nothing! This is were true evil lays! Right then hundreds of grunts, drssed all in black and dark grey, appeared behind the admins and Galactus. "We of team Universe shall rule all!" The grunts do some kind of cheer.

"Just what do you plan to do, exactly?" asked the mayor of Sunnyshore.

"Simple" Said galactus, with an insane grin. I plan to engulf the entire planet in lava! Gasps can be heard all around.

"This is getting good" said Gabby from a distance "and creepy..."

"You're out of your gord!" Replied the mayor. "How do you possibly plan to do that?"

"Excellent question!" said Galactus. "You may have heard of a place not far from here by the name of Stark mountain, correct?"

the mayor cringed "Yes?" he said with an impatient tone "Go on!"

"I have a few associates feilding out the place for a few hours" Galactus stated "That will allow me to wake up Heatran! The fabled creature said to dwell in the mountain's walls!"

The mayor cried "You're sick! You actually think you can get away with this, Psyco?"

Galactus glared at the mayor. "First off, my name is Galactus! Second, who is stupid enough to mess with us, right guys?" the admins and grunts do that same cheer. "So you see" says Galactus "I'm not worried. Heatran will awaken, thus allowing me to capture it. Once I do, Heatran will make this planet what I want it to be: A complete wasteland. Nobody or nothing will live unless I say so!" Galactus bellowed.

Just then, a man with red and yellow hair went over to Galactus.

"What is it, Buck?" Galactus asked "You were supposed to stake out the mountian!"

"Relax" Stated Buck "I just came to tell you that our evaccuation plan was a sucess."

"Excellent!" Said Galactus with glee. "People, In approxamently four hours, the planet that you now know will be gone forever! Farewell" Galactus then left, with his admins, grunts and Buck.

"And that's the news" said Gabby, trying to sound happy, but failing horribly.

"Wow" Said Nick "That was disturbing..."

palkia lover
September 2nd, 2007, 10:39 PM
Full Given Name: tyler usry

Nicknames (Optional): ty

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: always in a orange shirt with green vest,black shorts,turqoise shoes, his hair is dark black,his eyes are blue he stands around at 6'12

Personality:always wanting to take apart things and find the truth,usaly a very calm and cool person nothing bugs him unles someone picks on his freinds,likes jazz alot he only listens to jazz,hates out of anything people who do wrong for no reason,one of the smarter people can some times think hes above evryone,

History: at a young age he always took apart electronics and tamperd with them this usaly got him in trouble because his mom always woried about him being shocked.later in life he did more sophisticated like turn the microwave into a oven and making remote control refrigerator.hes always wanted to be a trainer so he coud make a bond with pokemon and be happy.

Pokémon wanted: swampert

Reason — tyler likes swamperts because there imune to electric attacks.

Other: none

RP Sample: tyler woke up on the morning that he became a trainer and shouted "i will be a pokemon master!" then his piplup woke up and jumped on his head and copied tyler "pip pip pip pip pip pip!"

"hi pipy" i said "sorry for wakeing you up" tyler put piplup down and got dressed

when i got done piplup rushed me out of the house "pip pip pip pip" "ok im going piplup get a grip will you" i said to piplup (will add more if needed

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
September 2nd, 2007, 11:39 PM
I'll finish in the morning, It's 2:30 AM in the morning over here

Full Given Name: Alan R. Steel

Nicknames (Optional): Steel

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: AJ's figure is Five Foot Seven and One hundred and fifty-five pounds, he has a tall muscular Latin figure. I'll start with his head, One of AJ's eyes are blue while one of them are red, this is due to a chemical accident when he was a child. His ears are medium size and he has his left ear pierced with a small golden hoop hanging in symbolism. His teeth are for the most part straight and white with the exception of his most back tooth which is silver. AJ is for the most part ashamed of his eyes so he wears shades most of the time to make sure no one can see his bi-color eyes. His most distinguished feature on his face is the cross tattoo on his forehead, it's plain white with no outline. His hair is silky black and hangs over his shoulders about five inches in a ponytail, he also has white bangs that were dyed that way.

Next stop his torso, He wears a cross pendent around his neck and it hangs on a silver chain. Starting from the bottom up, he first wears a black T-shirt and then he wears a Crimson vest over that which has flames on them and on the back has the words “ Made In Heaven” Over that he wears a white trench coat with a large black cross and the words Fallen Angel on the back. He has black fingerless gloves on over his hands, along with a diamond ring around his left hand's pointer finger.

Now coming to the lower half, He wears black leather pants and long black combat boots, anything besides that down here... Is none of your business, hehehe...



Pokémon wanted: Mudkip


RP Sample:

First I'll show you my skills in general, Taken from My RP: “Secrets Of The Darkness”

AJ felt like he was being watched, from the sky's, How strange... AJ thought silently to himself, He payed his attention to the one talking to him, which was... Leroy! Of course. Leroy was trying to lighten him up with his stale humor, it wasn't working, not at all. Leroy then said that a good plan would be to double team on single enemies, " To make them think we have more then they do." He had said.

AJ found himself slightly aggravated with Leroy's plan, We? Great numbers? AJ mentally laughed, the Arcana had the whole world, while they only had about sixty or less people, in the war against The Fool, they would be facing at least three hundred of each kind of warriors. El Gigante's and Hacha's, not to mention the deadly Chainsaw Beasts and the common zombie like creatures.

The other flaw in Leroys plan was the fact that the enemies they would be facing had nearly no soul and such, they had no real mind, they we're puppets being controlled by the puppeteer, Dillon. But some soldiers still retained their mentality, not all with their humanity; they had all been altered in one way or another. AJ remembered his first encounter with one of these warriors, it was still fresh in his mind.

He had been causing lot's of trouble to Dillon, not even trying to act careful, in result Dillon sent one of his impossibly altered soldiers to finish him. AJ had been in Pallet at the time and it ended up being urban combat, Walking along and suddenly feeling a dark presence behind me, turning around quickly I saw him; nearly standing at seven feet tall, he held a massive rail gun aiming at me, about to pull the trigger.

I drew out a incineration grenade and in a swift motion stuck it in the barrel of the gun, diving backwards as it exploded. Hoping that that was the end of it, reluctantly looking toward the smoldering ashes of the rail gun, but he was still there and didn't look phased by the fiery death of his weapon.

And he didn't look amused, " Now, I'm mad." I had been shocked by that the most, that he spoke more then just mindless moans. He cracked his neck to the right, then to the left, an audiable crack sound could be heard. The man started to charge, looking then I could see that he had a large blade drawn to his left arm and he was going kill me with it. I drew my nine millimeter handguns and started unloading the rounds onto the large man, blast after blast, the bullets were piercing but he didn't show a sign of slowing down, feeling desperate I unveiled my combat knife, but by then I had been hit. The large blade went into my shoulder, it went in deep, I felt my chance to attack as he stood there with his knife plunged into my left shoulder, using my right arm I swung the combat knife into his chest, hoping that my slim chance of hitting his heart would pull through.

He seemed to be in a small shock, blood started to drip from the puncture wound and stained his clothing, hoping to finish this brawl I pulled out my Eight gauge shotgun and aimed toward his face, even though he was in shock he was still smiling, " Wipe that grin off your face... Better yet, let me!" I fired once, twice into his face, the bb's found their ways into many parts of his face and scraped the flesh off the muscle, creating many places that were impulsively bleeding.

The man still stood however, " Thats Bullsheet!" I cursed angrily as my anger pented up, in my rage I sent four more of the powerful shotgun blast into his skull, the fourth one decapitating the fellow. His bloody head slid off his neck and landed on the ground with a meaty sounding squish. " I'm going to
have to be more careful from now on." I said aloud walking away, " Oh yeah, one more thing." I pulled the knife out of his chest.

AJ snapped back to the present, " Your plan wouldn't work, not at all." AJ didn't feel the need to explain.

" I'm going to do a little something and then we'll head out." AJ announced as he sat down in a chair and pulled out a small laptop.

And Now for a sample that shows my experience with Pokemon Roleplays.

AJ grasped for the pokeball that resided shallowly within his white trenchcoat, he found it quite easily. The contents of the crimson and white orb within his grasp added up to a rather stubborn and arrogant mud fish, but of course this was AJ's only one to turn too. Without so much as a sound he pulled out the spherical object and heaved it on to the battle's floor, a heavy bang sound followed by a light click ensued. A flash of rosy red came from the sphere as it unfastened and came open, as the red light faded a blue figure with a dark blue fin on it's head and orange stars on it's cheeks was revealed.

AJ's opponent merely smirked and let out a creature that seemed to have a flame on it's tail, “ This match isn't very even, A water and ground type versus a fire type? How unfortunate for you and your Charmander.” AJ mumbled out slowly to his unnamed foe.

“ If that's what you think, then you'll be sorely mistaken!” The foe cried out in a rage, “ Charmander, use ember!” He yelled out to his Pokemon in high hopes of an easy win. AJ knew that his Mudkip wasn't very strong nor did it like to be ordered around, a unfortunate combination indeed. Of course with AJ's intellect and superior strategical abilities this could be a win yet. “ Mudkip, use water gun on the ember and follow in up with dig!” AJ told his slimy blue companion.

Surprisingly the temperamental Pokemon listened and sent out a water gun to battle the ember, the fire was quickly turned to steam in the other trainer's strong dismay, and to top that off Mudkip then dug himself a hole in the soft soil. “ No fair, thats cheating, you can't go underground!” The other trainer complained, though it sounded more like a plead. “ It's an attack called dig, and it is allowed.” AJ told the newbie.

Seconds later the earth beneath the fire tailed Pokemon was broken and out came a blue mud fish, in the busting of the ground the Mudkip tackled Charmander into submission, thereby ending the current battle. The other trainer was obviously disappointed but still forked up the ante, AJ took the 500 dollars and started off on his way, the money would pay for a good meal and hotel room for the night. AJ beamed Mudkip back into it's pokeball and let the defeated trainer to sob off his defeat.

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September 3rd, 2007, 3:24 AM
Heh, a sign-up surge. ^-^ Awwright...let's see what we've got here:

@ACC: You're a disgrace to RPers everywhere! How dare you even try to sign up, you worthless knave?! It's back to grade school with you! >O


I kid, of course; but after CARD GAMES you probably knew to expect that. ;D All criteria have been surpassed with flying colors, so without a shadow of doubt you are ~Accepted~. Model sign-up, y'all; if you can meet this standard you are most likely accepted. ^^

@Porygon-Z: Yeah, I realized about the booster after starting the thread. Ah well, I liked the sound of it and the connotations fit what I have in mind so I'm not bothered. As for the wanted pokémon, this is only asking for the first one you want your character to get (Because they're super special awesome); the rest will be sorted out during the course of the RP. Anyways, your sign-up is currently ~Pending~ for obvious reasons. :3

@PikaPal: Well, quality-wise this is acceptable but I'm left missing a bit on the quantity side. The appearance could use a word or two on overall body shape (Y'know, is she tall or short? Thin or chubby? Something in between? Any identifying features? Stuff like that. On the personality, I like what I see thus far but again, there should be more to it (What are her hopes and aspirations? What about fears and anxieties? What does she do for fun? You mentioned that she's not very social, but is she timid in general (As in, does she have trouble taking independent action?)? You get the idea, I think.). The sample could also use some paragraphing; every time the speaker in a conversation changes it calls for a new paragraph, same for changes of subject in description. I think you and your character have the potential, but I just get the feeling that you have the skills to do better.

For now, I'll stamp this as ~Pending~, but it's only a few improvements away from being accepted. :3

@Charchic: Sorry, but your profile is just way too lacking in content all around and you have a bit of comma abuse going on too. The Pikachu in your sample is also brushing a bit too close to 'mindless drone happily doing whatever the trainer wants'; careful, that's not personality but lack thereof.

As it is, your sign-up is ~Pending~; you'll need to add a lot of detail and preferably do something about your commas if you want this accepted.

@Random_Fan: Okay, you do have a bit of a shortness problem too, particularly in the History field, but your RP Sample is very convincing (and at the end of the day it's the post quality that weighs the most), so you're...~Accepted~

@Glajummy: Repeat of the details thing. Considering his nickname, I really do have to ask: does he have the waistline to go with it or not? xD Yeah, I'm going to require a clarification on that in the Appearance field. Also, missing more details on the personality. Take a look at ACC's profile for the kind of things you could bring up. Also, don't be afraid to elaborate on his personality traits. The sample and pokémon speech convention are both fine. Still, until Appearance and Personality get a boost I'm going to have to say ~Pending~.

@Insomnium: Later it is, then. ~Pending~

@Aegis: Good quality thus far, keep it up and you'll be accepted when you're done, but until then...~Pending~

@King Cosmic: Again, good quality but it's still incomplete so...~Pending~

@GhostPrincess: Okay, you're repeating Sakura's name way too frequently in your writing. That's a stylistic no-no; try to substitute it with equivalent expressions from time to time to keep it from sounding repetitive. Overall, your use of language is just not very fluent and the fields of your profile are a bit lacking all around. ~Pending~

@palkia lover: Sorry, but your profile is failed on every criterion, including use of language, and judging by your wanted pokémon you have not even paid proper attention to the setting restrictions. I have half a mind to call pending, but considering the general standard and size of the crowd here I just don't think it would be very fruitful. I'm afraid that your sign-up is ~Declined~

@Fallen: Okay, in terms of writing quality we don't really have an issue here. Your character, however, is another matter. I know that some people here like to recycle their old characters from time to time and when it's only done once in a while it's alright, but you've been at this for like what? A year? And still the only character I've ever seen you play is AJ; rain or shine, regardless of setting and plot. Sorry, but you seriously need to step out of your comfort zone and I'm afraid that I have no choice but to make you. Bring a character that you don't sign up for every RP under the sun (And who is significantly different from this guy) and we're talking, but until then...~Pending~

Okay, some general notes: First off, when this RP kicks off anyone remaining at a verdict of ~Pending~ will be switched to ~Declined~, so to whom it may concern: fix/finish your profiles before then. Second, keep in mind that the characters themselves don't know what's in store for them (even though you've got a small hint of a spoiler) and that the 'Wanted Pokémon' field refers to the pokémon you want your character to have; it doesn't need to coincide with your character's wishes. (Although of course it can)

Anyway, my own profile will be up later. Please post any comments and questions about profiles (and my verdicts on them) in the OOC Discussion (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=2844707#post2844707) and I'll do my best to answer them. Thank you. ^^

September 3rd, 2007, 4:18 AM
I admire you Random_Fan, but you took my freaking Pokemon that I would have only even considered for this RP...curse you! Heh, just kidding, but really, Sneasel was my first choice, but I suppose my alternative would be just as useful, so no harm done. .3.

Full Given Name: Li Meiling

Nicknames (Optional): Plum

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Plum can be described as a tall and pretty young woman, who dresses respectively but also in a manner that flatters her figure. This assumption however, is only partially true. Plum is indeed tall and quite attractive, but her method of dressing herself is another matter. It’s true that her usual attire is quite flattering for her figure, but her motives for dressing in such a way only stem from two influences. The first being her respect for her village and its name, and the second reason being her simple desire to look as ‘hot’ as possible, as she so adequately admitted. She also realises that these two reasons that have so much influence on her presentation, tend to conflict with one another, but with so little conscience holding her back, she tends to do whatever makes her happy regardless.

Following that, Plum’s usual attire consists of a long ceremonial dress, resembling a kimono, decorated with detailed patterns across the front, sides and back of the garment. The dress opens up from the neckline and extends across both arms before descending over her chest and across her torso, while leaving her stomach uncovered. The overall presentation of the robe reveals an open ‘V’ shape across her torso, beginning at her neck and ending at her waist, revealing more skin than her village’s dress code would allow. A supporting maroon cummerbund is tied at this point, before allowing the robe to fold down over her legs. From here, the dress reaches just above the middle of her thighs, where the robe is torn all around, leaving her visibly bare from just above her knees and below.

Each sleeve of the robe is extended across both arms and reach just short of her fingertips. The hemline of each arm is layered against the sleeves of her inner dress and comes just short of each hand’s palm. The inner dress itself provides a thin undercoat for cushioning against the over dress and for general support on top of her bare skin.

Thin floral patterns decorate the ends of the dress’s hemlines and sleeves, and are stitched directly into the material. The main body of the dress is of a blood-red colour, while its floral patterns are stitched using thin white thread.

Underneath her dress’s waist, Plum also sports a pair of tight knee-long pants that cover her groin and upper thighs. The pants are also of a white colour, matching her inner dress top.

Furthermore, Plum often adorns a pair of wooden Getas to cover her bare feet. She also sports an iron rings on each arm and has made the point of never removing them. Each ring spans 8.5 centimetres wide and are gold in colour.

Plum’s physical appearance, below all of her clothing, is much more refined, in comparison to her tattered two-year old robe. Her skin is of an olive complexion, but is also tanned across her lower legs, forearms and face, due to excessive exposure to sunlight during her training outdoors. This only adds to her so-called ‘hot’ appearance, but she is more than willing to obtain a full body tone if the opportunity arises, or if asked. Sporting a well toned and physically healthy body for a woman her age, Plum is very athletic and quite flexible, and does little to hide it.

Finishing off her rebel samurai look, her long, sharp and rugged hair is her most treasured and often praised asset. Despite its roughness, the length, volume and condition of her hair is quite a feat for someone who had spent the majority of her life roughing it outdoors and under the sun everyday. Grooming it is often difficult and often than not, Plum decides not to and rather let it remain as is. Dark brown in colour, the forefront of her hair details her fringe in spiked clumps, while remaining almost circular over her back. The ends of her hair reach just below her waistline, but are often tied into a short explosive ponytail, in order to reduce the amount of flailing it may induce during rigorous activities.

Personality: Plum is more or less an irrational and physically abusive teenager, who acts instinctively and on impulse, while throwing out any form of logical thinking. She’s extremely boisterous and will speak her mind regardless of the consequences, which can compromise her own and others’ safety. Sarcasm and cursing are also the common mannerisms she adopts in her rather limited vocabulary and oral abilities. The effect she seems to have when using such mannerisms however, have proven quiet effective in intimidating and putting down others, both common pastimes in her short seventeen years of life. Amongst her clan, her behaviour is extremely uncommon and is often than not, looked down upon. Despite this, her reputation is regarded quite highly, due to certain individual characteristics, and this only provokes her boorish attitude.

Following the samurai code of ethics, Plum is able to compose herself temporarily, but has many personal conflicts in relation to the discipline. The reason as to why she has been able to subdue herself for as long as she has, is solely due to her strict upbringing, where her exponential energy was restrained the best it could be at that time. This did little to suppress her unique and individual attitude, but allowed her to become much stronger mentally, as well as physically.

Stemming from this, in rare moments of curiosity and need, Plum is prone to become very suddenly 'familiar' with those around her. She has developed a technique of being able to use herself, often physically, to befriend those she wishes to make contact with. Whether her intentions stem solely from personal motives, or genuine friendship is largely unknown.

With that, Plum grew into a very intimidating, domineering and self-absorbed teenage girl. She had also been the one who had given herself the nickname; Plum, after learning the meaning behind her given name. In line with her brash, upfront and arbitrary personality, she still follows the strict rulings and ethics of the samurai. Of course, she also incorporates her own ideals into such a discipline, thus allowing her to continue living without guilt.

History: Plum, despite being of Hoenn descent, was raised in a traditional samurai village in the midst of Johto. The village was located far north of Ecruteak, and adopted many of their neighbouring town’s customs. Because of this, her village prospered in a life of simplicity and tradition, promoting a humble yet strict upbringing.

For Plum however, the introduction of the modern world through her learning of Johto’s other cities and towns, only provoked her young mind into thinking of living a life much more complex and exciting than what she was accustomed to. With such knowledge, she began going against the way of her village’s customs and promoted a more modern way of living, taking examples from Goldenrod and Olivine respectively. From this, her personality began to grow much more undisciplined as her modernised way of thinking was constantly rejected by her family and village. Thus, in an effort to remedy her abrupt mood swings and mental stability, her parents inquired that she undergo strict samurai training, to help mould her ‘devil’s mind’, as they so aptly named it. For to train as a samurai, was one of the most gruelling and difficult trials a member of the village could be put through, but with determination and hard work, the result would be more than rewarding.

Plum was of course, defiant against her parents’ wishes and immediately revolted, taking every opportunity she had to degrade her village’s customs and promote a more modernised way of life. However, her brash attitude had insulted the village for the last time, and she was forcibly taken into the village’s ‘educational’ program.

She spent the first two weeks of her time being ‘educated’, making attempts to escape the confines of her training. Each attempt proved fruitless and only served as another source for more punishment. Adapting to such a scenario, Plum decided to go along with the program as quickly as she could, in an effort to being allowed to leave as early as possible. This however, also proved to be ineffective, due to her constant examinations and trials, where she failed miserably every time. And this was only because she had rushed through her lessons and training, without learning a thing. Thus, after six failed weeks of samurai training and escaping attempts, Plum came to the inevitable decision of actually taking the training seriously. Physically and mentally exhausted and knowing full well she would never be able to return home without passing, she once again began her long and arduous samurai training.

For the next nine years, Plum continued to practice as an intermediate samurai who quickly became quite skilled in her physical abilities, but was less than impressive, academically. Unable to concentrate long enough in order to process scenarios logically and strategically, she taught herself to rely solely on her instincts and became accustomed to the secret art of improvisation. During this time, she still held her initial beliefs in modernising the village’s customs, but now held much more respect for its traditions. In spite of this however, her attitude remained almost exactly the same from when she had started her training nine years prior, but was able to subdue it to an extent, in accordance to the application of the samurai code of ethics.

Throughout all of this, her life has been one of simple beginnings and big dreams, one of them being her return to Hoenn. During her childhood, Plum often received messages from her relatives that had settled in her birth region of Hoenn, and she often yearned to travel there to meet said family. Such communication with other regions, including mail, phone and video, were the most modern applications allowed in her village at the time, and she didn’t take it for granted. However, around the time of her eighteenth birthday, all communications between her and her relatives disappeared. She continued to send messages for the following year, but to her disappointment, there were no replies. Finally deciding to leave the village in search of answers, her first clue came about in the form of an invitation, from an anonymous sender. She took the invitation as a lead to why her communications with Hoenn were cut and set off to find the root of the problem.

Pokémon wanted: Scyther

Other: Plum's method of fighting had been deemed too reckless and endangering to be taken seriously as a samurai, thus she was presented with a sword made from bamboo, to allow her to become more accustomed to wielding such a weapon, but to also minimise the amount of damage she might cause in doing so.

RP Sample: (Taken from RP: Bonds and Journeys) The sun was hot and Chelsea for one was not enjoying the heat. She sat on the gravel path, her back against the edge of the seat, with her head mounted on the bench’s arc. Sunlight struck her face as she sat against the seat with her eyes closed, waiting for the bus to arrive and take her to her destination. Added to the fact that the station had no surrounding shelter, did not help her situation.

“It’s…so…hot…” she breathed, as beads of sweat ran down her face. “Maybe I shouldn’t have overdressed…”

A flock of Pidgey suddenly passed overhead, blowing gusts of wind over the station, which was eagerly welcomed by the perspiring brunette. Peeling her eyes open, the red-faced teenager looked up to see that not only did a flock of Pidgey arrive, but the bus to her destination and the first step to her in becoming a Pokemon Trainer.

Without hesitation, she swept up her jacket and bag, before leaping onto the stationed bus and paying for her fair. The doors closed with a swish behind her as she made her way down the deserted vehicle, taking in the revitalising air conditioning as she looked for a seat.
There was only one other passenger on board and he or she appeared to be sleeping. Ignoring the stranger, Chelsea threw her belongings onto the seat beside the exit, before fanning herself with her hands as she sat down. Her top had grown sticky due to the sweat, and was now sticking to her skin in an unflattering manner.

“Stupid thing…” she grumbled, as she fought with her clothes.

A short time had passed before Chelsea suddenly realised where the bus and she had stopped. It was her destination, the emerald city of earth and the home to one of the eight Gym Leaders of Kanto.

“Viridian City!”


Her mind raced as she struggled to take in what the professor had just explained. After narrowly escaping an encounter with a rather enraged Charmander outside, Chelsea had shuffled into the hub of the academy where she was led by Professor Willow and was accompanied by four other teenagers, each of them Pokemon Trainers. The group soon assembled in what appeared to be the lobby of the facility and was then further briefed by the dark-haired professor.

“Next up, we have Chelsea. Well well, I reserved a special Pokemon for you. I can surmise that this is what happens when all that hard work in school pays off. Beware though; it can be pretty tough to tame and raise. I can only hope you'll get the hang of it.”

Chelsea gave the professor an inquisitive look as she was handed three compressed Pokeballs. The brunette looked up at the dark-haired woman who merely gave her a wink before proceeding with her introduction. She had finally received her first Pokemon, yet she had no idea what it was. It took all of her will power to restrain herself from prying open the red and white device there on the spot, as the professor continued explaining the details of their newly acquired Pokemon, the Indigo League, and their future journey together in what was known as the Pokemon Wars.

After being handed another device, to which the professor had appropriately named a Pokevice, Chelsea was about ready to pop to find out what was inside her Pokeball. Despite her eagerness however, Chelsea took the time to inspect the new device, in respect to the professor for giving them such highly valued items.

Soon after, following Professor Willow’s introduction, the five trainers were given some time to inspect their new gadgets, get to know one another, and most importantly, find out which Pokemon they had received.
Three of the other trainers had already released their very first Pokemon, as Chelsea closed her Pokevice after rummaging through its controls and features. Ignoring some of the excited cries beside her, the tightly dressed teenager gripped the first red and white ball she had been given, and threw it up high in the air.

“Go! Pokeball!”

The sphere shot straight above her head and halved, releasing a strong beam of energy down at her feet, where a long and slightly chubby form materialised. Light consumed the snake-like Pokemon as the Pokeball returned to the eager girl’s hand.

“It’s a…huh? What is it?” she asked, as the light surrounding the Pokemon faded, revealing its form and features.

Whatever it was, it was cute, but it was also asleep, right after it had been summoned in such a flashy fashion. The teenage brunette immediately fell into a crouching position and began poking its plump form. It was much like a snake but was shorter in length, and was much more rounded. Its soft scaled skin was a light blue in colour, its stomach white. It had a cute round nose, and round black eyes hidden behind its lids. What appeared to be two white ears, in the shape of very small bat wings, decorated the sides of it head and hung loosely over its temple. It had no arms or legs and instead, sat curled in its spot at Chelsea’s feet.
Pulling out her trusted gold Pokevice, she dug the device into the sleeping creature’s form and awaited an explanation.

“Dratini. Long considered a mythical Pokemon until recently, when a small colony was found living underwater. Dratini continually molts and sloughs off its old skin. It does so because the life energy within its body steadily builds to reach uncontrollable levels.”

Chelsea’s face turned blank as she stared from the device in her hand to the sleeping form in front of her. A warm sensation started building inside her as she analysed her new Pokemon. Without hesitation, she scooped up the Dragon Pokemon from its spot and brought it quickly into an exuberant hug.

“Aw! You’re so cute! And your mythical!” the teenage girl cried, squeezing her still slumbering partner.

Noticing that the Pokemon had no intentions of sharing her enthusiasm on their recent bringing of togetherness, Chelsea immediately halted from her fan girl cheers and held the dragon’s face right in front of hers, their nose just barely touching.

“Oui, wake up…” she said in a sudden serious tone, her brow furrowed over her narrowed eyes, as a dangerous smile crossed her face. “Hey – huh? What’s this?”

After all of the excitement in receiving her first Pokemon, she had failed to see one last distinguishing feature upon the dragon’s motionless form. A small white bud sat in the middle of its forehead. Noticing this, Chelsea began tapping the hardened dot on the dragon’s forehead, expecting to see something happen. And something did. Her newly acquired Dratini awoke. Irritating its receded horn just happened to be one of its greatest peeves, and unfortunately for Chelsea, she soon found that out the hard way.

“Ah! Let go of me!” she yelped, shaking her arm furiously up and down, as the Dragon Pokemon strengthened its grip.

Awaking the Pokemon from its sleep and irritating its budding horn was not a good idea, and after a heated struggle and half of her forearm being covered in Dratini saliva, Chelsea realised these important facts.

After calming down and withdrawing her new partner into its Pokeball, Chelsea looked around the group of four other trainers, in an attempt to see how they were fairing with their Pokemon.

A Pineco, a Meowth, and a…Puffly? she thought, scratching her head.

During all of her time at school back at home, she had never learnt of a Pokemon that was called a Puffly, let alone seen or heard of such a creature. She figured that the Pokemon must have derived from another region but decided not to look into it too much. Despite its unknown origins, it was very cute, and for some reason reminded her of a Pokemon from Hoenn, known as a Skitty.

“Professor Willow...” one of the other trainers begun, a girl named Kat. “Do I...have to travel with them?” The Meowth, who had been the girl’s Pokemon, sat obediently on her shoulder as she continued. “I mean...someone like me..?”

Before the professor could answer, Chelsea decided it was good of a time than any to introduce herself in a more personal manner than the professor had done earlier, and leapt up behind the blond, wrapping one of her arms around her neck and pulling her close to her side.

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” the brunette began with a smile, holding the girl in her arm. “We’re all family now, so travelling will be great fun together, right Ari? And you two…” she continued, pointing to the two male trainers on her other side, one holding a Pineco. “This’ll be fun! Right?”

September 3rd, 2007, 4:31 AM
@Alter: You knew i couldn´t get away from this! Another mysterious poke-adventure? Exciting! Perhaps i will later change something, but here is my sign up for now. Hope you like it.

Full Given Name: Susan Shera Suman

Nicknames (Optional): Su, Susu, Shera

Age: 19

Gender: female

Appearance: Susu is a red or white haired girl with long painted hair. Nobody knows her original hair color but herself, because every day if possible she changes the color. Her clothes are always in a suitably style with her hair. She is typical girl looking female and often underestimated, but she´s really strong. For usual she wears something like a Japanese kimono if she is working as a poke nurse, but in her free time she likes to wear black of something else which looks like biker-clothes. Leather is her favorite choice. Her yellow-gold catlike eyes are fixing everything what´s looking interesting to her. With that look no boy can´t stand it long without getting red in the face, cause she wears a very infuriatingly style of clothing. Susu is about 1,7 meters high. (sry, i don´t know the English standarts... ^^) If you like you can take my Avatar as a picture of her...

Personality: Susu didn´t have much girlfriends in the past, but much boys as normal "friends". Because of that she has a very energetic and confident character. She´s interested in music, especially Techno and Heavy Metal, so she plays E-Guitar by herself. Hanging out with much people makes her feel happy, but if there are “special” girls around you can smell the coming cat fight. Girls are her natural enemy, related to her history. She would love to have a girl as a friend, but it seems difficult for her to make friendships with female persons. Susu has a very far-reaching mother instinct. She doesn´t only likes to take care of an injured Pokémon, she also takes care of some shy kids or comparable characters. Sometimes in her work as a poke nurse she nurses some Pokémon like it was a child of herself. Indeed she is very care taking, but she also overreacts in some situations. You can see that she perhaps has two personalities each different like the hair style she has. Red is the strong and self confident side of her, and the white style rebellious and unstable personality. (You´ll see it! ^^)

History: Su as a little child didn´t had have the parent-child relationship because her parents are unknown. She raised up in a orphanage where the girls made fun of her not having a Mommy or a daddy. She didn´t have had dolls to play with or other stuff to have fun with. Being insulted a long time she saw how strong the other gender was, the boys. She tried to copy some of the boys behaviors. Su changed to have a stronger personality and more she tried to catch up with the boys. At first they hadn´t much interest in her, but then one day she beat up a boy who was annoying her. Until then Su was accepted by the boys and hang much out with them. She got a rebellious character and didn´t like other girls, except the girls who couldn´t defend themselves. Su loved to take care of others and raised this “hobby” if you can call it like that into taking care as a nurse in the pokecenter. Susu was also fascinated by poke battles. As she grew up she was always asked why she didn´t want to become a Pokémon trainer, because she knew much about Pokémon, but she never had an answer.

Pokémon wanted: a female Zangoose (sorry for the change ingame...)

Other: She has items like a E-Guitar, a phone, sunglasses and Pokémon healing kits. (if allowed) Susu is a traveling poke nurse, but stays some time at a place, so the letter could get to her.

RP Sample: taken from Eseka


Amarezoth was listening to Mira´s questions and answers carefully, surprised that she hadn´t gave attention to what exactly he was doing at the moment. It rather was obvious that he was preparing to heal a Pokémon or at least give medical support. But the fact that she hadn´t notice was alright, the girl seemed more interested in things she wanted to see, and not the happenings which went on in the background. The question she made to him why he wasn´t hearing to the tour could just force Amarezoth to smile. "Yeah, i am sorry but my attention was dragged some elsewhere." he said softly, nearly insightfully. He turned and joined the group again. Most of the "tourists" as you like to call them weren´t doing much, like everyone was watching the scene. It amused Amarezoth to see Mira´s answers to the guy who was called Isa.

"The book of dawn?" he said in a interested tone. Perhaps something i can steal and sell or something like that. But now i wonder that Thunder is doing? Again his look wandered to the Kirlia. This Pokémon seemed to know much more then he could at least expect. Especially he had heard that it could talk to it´s trainer through his mind. Of course it was obvious that it could read thoughts, but his mind wasn´t touched the hole time. It was just good that it wasn´t interested in him, but the fact that this was Mira´s Pokémon let him feel to be caught or something like that.

He acted like he was hearing everything the new tour guide said, but for real he observed the others. Mira wasn´t a danger now, this girl was so deflectable. The guy which was called Koji, was it? After all Amarezoth didn´t know what to think about this boy. Amarezoth stroke the markings on his arm. Thunder, were are you?


After he had passed the chimney he got down to the fire place. For his luck, it wasn´t on at the moment. He climbed down before anyone could see him and listened if anybody was in the room. Nothing. Good. He jumped out and realized that he was in a fine room with much furniture. In front of him was a table and many seats, to the left a door which lead to the kitchen and to the right an entrance of a corridor. He walked down the corridor until he heard something breath behind a door. Slowly and carefully he opened it, and saw in a dark room were the Pidgey slept he was looking for. Seems that nobody else is here. he thought.

He came near to the Pidgey. It was like Shera had said: Stripes like a tiger on it´s back. Thunder was wondering how a Pokémon could get such stripes, but then his attention was dragged to the exit. Someone was coming. "Yeah i know, but i can´t train it..." a female voice said. The person seemed to come through the corridor, the only exit! Thunder looked at the room he hadn´t observed until now. It was a little chamber were a bed, one table were in. Some cupboards and seats were there too. There was a window, but the mechanism to unlock it seemed to take too long for thunders paws to handle. He jumped under the bed were the Pidgey was laying on. The person entered the room. Thunder could see a girl, about 19 years old. Unlike other girls, she was looking like a real young lady. She had blond long hair, green eyes and was wearing ribbon around her neck. The dress she was wearing was green with two white stripes on it.

He smelled something like... like... flowers... Did she use perfume? Thunder was a Pokémon so he could smell that easy. "Yes i know Frederic, but i can´t do something like that. I´ll look for a good trainer who can take care of it..." she ended her phone call. The Pidgey woke up. "Well my little girl..." the lady started. "... you know i can´t let you live here forever. We have to find a trainer for you, or we let you go into the wilderness again. But i think you already have accepted humans on your side..." she ended.

[You don´t like me, do you?] the Pidgey said low. [You think i am weak... like my family did...] it continued. "I... i don´t understand what you are saying..." the girl answered. "Doesn´t matter, i´ll find a trainer..." she said and left the room. the Pidgey answered to the emptiness. Thunder had heard everything. [I]Poor thing... i should take the change...

PKMN Trainer Joe o.o
September 3rd, 2007, 4:53 AM
I dunno if new members can do this but... o.o

Full Given Name: Demo-Nisshu Omoi [Devilish Mind]

Nicknames: Demo

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Demo has dark purple hair, with a two short bangs hanging over his forehead. The rest of it trails down to the top of his back. He stands tall for his age at 6'6, and is very thin. He wears a white over coat and tight black trousers, along with dark school boy shoes. He has bright blue eyes, which are usually obscured by small dark sunglasses. He has a small purple goatee. He has a perfect set of pearly white teeth.

Personality: Demo is probably one of the strangest people in the world, and his love for psychic pokemon only makes him stranger. He is envious to trainers, due to the fact he does not have the chance to be one. He is usually quite hyper, and claims he can see the future. He studies pokemon a lot, and has taken a liking to Abra, as well as numerous other psychic pokemon.

History: Will do later.

Pokémon wanted:
Abra, would be appreciated, but Slowbro or Bronzor would be OK I suppose ^_^

Birthday is December 2nd.

RP Sample:

The lanky, short boy who went by this name (and sometimes others that his mother called him) awoke with a jolt, and sat up in bet, eyes wide with shock. ''Good morning to you too, mother.'' he muttered under his breath. Wiping some sweat off his brow, Demo got up and walked over to his cupboard, where he dressed in his usual attire. Yawning, he made his way downstairs, and sat down at the breakfast table, pouring a glass of orange juice. His mother loomed over him. ''It's bloody half twelve! It's brunch for you my lad!'' Demo sighed, and lay back in his chair, his deep green eyes staring in a dreamy way into the air.

His mother placed her hands on her hips, making her fat figure look even weirder, and let out a gust of disgusting, onion filled breath. Her apron was covered in grease. ''So, what are your plans today?'' she asked, clearly not interested in the slightest. Demo opened his mouth to talk, but suddenly there was a strange bird noise, and his mother's Chatot appeared at the bottom of the staircase, [not even taller than a single stair itself, which was funny] an angry look on it's face. It's face was coated with mud, and Demo's mum immediately rushed up to it. ''What the flying fudge happened to you?'' she asked concerned, and the Chatot growled at Demo, who looked away, trying half-arsed to hide his face.

''DEMO-NISSHU WHAT THE [I]HELL DID YOU DO TO MY BABY!'' cried his mother angrily, and patted her Chatot calmly on the head. Demo turned his head back and answered calmly. ''Threw mud at it in the night for saying the real bad 'f' word to me. You know, fu-''
''Yes yes, I know Demo!'' interrupted his mother quickly. ''Even if she did swear, that's no excuse to go and smother her in mud!'' Demo scoffed. Pff, if I had sworn she'd coat me in pig guts. He sighed. ''Sorry, mum.'' he said sternly, then went back to looking dreamily into the sky. He heard his mother grab Chatot and drag the poor thing upstairs for a bath. Glancing quickly at the pokemon, he smirked at it's worried face, winking to it. Angrily, it cried out a bird like noise at him and was dragged away.

September 3rd, 2007, 5:13 AM
Full Given Name: Trucy Gavin.

Nicknames (Optional): Tru , Gigi.

Age: 14


Appearance: (Allow me to make this perfectly clear: a ripped-off anime picture is not an appearance and a five-minute sprite is certainly not an appearance. Pictures are only allowed if they are your original art (And let me stress this: sprites do not count as original art). Even if you have one, I will still require a full description in writing.)

Personality: (Likes, dislikes, quirks, habits, fears, aspirations, hobbies...you get the idea. The more detail the better.)

History: (Since alarmingly many seem to be neglecting this field I feel obliged to make it a must. Your character may have some achievements, but keep them within the bounds of reason: you are not the illegitimate lovechild of Wallace and Juan or anything like that; get over it.)

Pokémon wanted: Shelder.

Other: (Miscellaneous stuff that didn't fit elsewhere. Again, nothing completely ridiculous.)

RP Sample: (Due to some other setting restraints, I will require evidence that you can RP a pokémon with a personality here. Beyond that: take your pick. My first and foremost goal here is to assess your use of language and general ability to create RP situations, so keep that in mind when choosing. :3)

Alter Ego
September 3rd, 2007, 6:38 AM
Umm...guys, for the pokémon it's still: first-stage or pre-evo only. Please fix that; the evolutions will come with time. :3

@Phanima: Lul, you're putting my profile to shame. This is an obvious ~Accepted~. Another model sign-up, you crazy peoples. Watch and learn. ;3

@Nigma: I've RPed with you enough to know you have what it takes, and all fields of the profile are of acceptable quality so...~Accepted~

@PKMN Trainer Joe o.o: Umm...yeah, please double-check what is and isn't allowed for a starting pokémon. Genderless and evolved pokémon are not allowed, but Abra is alright. Anyway, it's not much this far but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for now...~Pending~

@Rena: It's astounding, heavenly, surely the product of divine inspiration! It's- well, actually there doesn't seem to be much of anything there yet. Also, for plot reasons you're only allowed a first stage or pre-evo to begin with, so please edit that. :3 ~Pending~

Anyways, I finally got something resemblant of a profile together, so...

Full Given Name: Alexander Gabriel Maxwell (And goodness does he hate it)

Nicknames (Optional): Alex, preferably. Gabe or Max if you must. Maxie-boy if you're feeling lucky, but unless you're his mother you should not call him Alexander.

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Despite being almost 1,8 meters in height, Alex is still somewhat scrawny in terms of body build, a fact which betrays his relatively young age, and his skin is a healthy tan color, the result of many hours spent doing chores outdoors. Alex's hair is probably the first thing most people notice; in addition to being crimson in color, the strands have a tendency to cluster into drooping spikes similar to unusually thick grass blades. The length of the hair itself is rather impressive, reaching almost mid-back in a messy tangle of spikes at the back and obscuring his face almost completely at the front when let down, and is usually kept in check by the co-operation of a dark green bandana that keeps the strands in front from covering his light green eyes and a nondescript black ribbon tying the strands at the back into a ponytail. Why he doesn't just plain cut his hair once in a while is anyone's guess.

On the clothing side of things, Alex usually goes for a white T-Shirt (Sometimes bearing the faded picture and name of some obscure band like Night Shade or The Super Potions) and a maroon vest, accompanied by a pair of faded, slightly frazzled denim jeans, the legs of which seem to be just a bit too long for him and nearly obscure the worn sneakers he wears on his feet. When it comes to accessories, the only thing Alex has to come with is a golden earring on his right ear, the cause of many a heated family argument. He also has a tendency to carry around a cerulean-colored rucksack in which he carries whatever he deems to be essential supplies at the moment.

Personality: Stubborn beyond remorse, Alex is one of those people who would do virtually anything rather than admit that they are wrong. He also has a very dominant "Cool guy" complex which always compels him to brag and show off, particularly in front of girls. Alex always wants to be best at what he does, and should someone clearly exceed him it will most likely end up in rivalry. Because of his wish to aspire to some nebulous concept of "cool" he is also prone to acting a lot dumber and less educated than he really is (For, to his mind, being a rabid book-reader is certainly not cool) and also goes to great extents to cover up the fact that, deep down, he's really a big softie, particularly when it comes to small children and pokémon.

At first glance, Alex seems very much like your average Pokémon Champion wannabe; loud-mouthed, trash-talking, cocky, and impatient, always ready to pick up the gauntlet and argue down someone who mocks him. He also tends to make a big show of his alleged "Manliness", often making passes on members of the opposite sex seemingly out of pure habit and acting like he's the greatest stud about. When in something that even vaguely resembles a group, he always strives to be the leader. In reality, though, he only does this to cover up his strong innate fear of being mocked and - somewhat ironically - his light shyness around girls, and deep down Alex isn't really half the wildchild he pretends to be. Raising pokémon is really his passion, he enjoys a good book as much as the next person, and if you dig really deep you'll find that he's actually a surprisingly sensitive and compassionate person, but his pride and wish to uphold the "Tough guy" illusion usually keep these personality traits concealed.

History: A native of Traverse Island and the child of a trainer couple gone daycare owners, for as long as he can remember Alex has been pining for a career in competitive battling, hoping to follow the footsteps of - and eventually exceed - his parents on the much-glorified career of pokémon battling. To the young Alex's mind, turning one's back on such a life was simply absurd, and he never wasted a chance to look scornfully on the new family business that was the pokémon daycare, often declaring that he'd be glad never to see the place again once he finally came of age and could start his own pokémon journey.

For all his talk, however, Alex really didn't seem to mind helping out with the multitude of tasks that came with caring for pokémon of all shapes and sizes, and even though he would never admit it - deep down he soon grew to love the daycare center as much as his family, and even as his complaints were at their most intense he would always find an excuse not to leave just yet, always cursing it loudly and with all the passion he could muster. Alex blamed everything from the weather to upsurges of activity at the Daycare Center ("Can't just leave this place in a bind, can I?") to the low-times (During which he obviously had to stay to help keep things afloat). By the time he reached the age of sixteen, Alex was all out of excuses, and finally took up attending the Rustboro Trainer School on the mainland.

It didn't take long for Alex to grow stifled in the academic environment, however, and when word of Traverse Island's sudden disappearance reached him, whatever inkling of interest he had maintained in his studies evaporated, the teen growing increasingly restless and pursuing every means at his disposal to find out what had happened to his hometown.

Needless to say, when the ominous invitation arrived at his doorstep, Alex jumped at the chance, nonchalantly aborting his already messy study period at the trainer school and preparing for a trip to his old home turf.

Pokémon wanted: Lileep

Other: Although he tries to hide it, Alex is actually very talented at caring for pokémon, particularly young ones, and is also fairly well-versed in treating smaller injuries of various kinds.

RP Sample: I'm afraid that this information is classified. I am, however, deeply impressed by the writing skills of the individual in question and give him a clear here. ;D

September 3rd, 2007, 10:02 AM
Be really brutally harsh, please. I reckon I could do with with a good hard metaphorical kick in the teeth AE.

Name: Johan Sanpetr

Nicknames (Optional): Everyone calls him Joe, except his sister, who knows him as Jo-Jo

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Johan’s fashion sense is somewhat garbled to say the least; his pale blond hair is shaven into a crew cut gelled as high as it will go. He has a slightly sharp face with a rather pronounced nose. His misty blue eyes gaze out from a pair of square, black framed prescription sunglasses, which sit smartly on his face all the time. It is not hard to see that he takes care of himself, as unlike many teenagers of his particular age, his face is free from zits, blemishes or wispy facial hair. He is average height for his age at 5’8, and a touch lighter than would be expected. The only particularly muscled parts of his thin frame are his legs, which look like they should belong to an athlete. He is very proud of them almost to a point of being boastful concerning the speed at which he can run. Joe has quite a pale complexion for someone who is outside as much as he is, as he his body is able to neither tan nor burn regardless of the amount of sun it sees. He can usually be seen wearing one of a series of striped polo shirts over a long sleeved black v-neck. The only discerning feature of which are the shoulder pads which are sown into the black undershirt, originally installed to prevent his shoulders from injury while he worked. Along with this, he dons a pair of khaki combat trousers which are lavishly adorned with pockets. On his feet he wears a raggedy old pair of white trainers, with faded green stripes up the side and similarly colored tongues. Sometimes he wears a gauntlet on his left hand, for reasons which will become clear in the History section. The only other item he can be seen with on occasion is a black and gray messenger bag which he uses to keep his things in when traveling. He does not like bags very much though as he feels they restrict his movement. It is quite easy to notice that his right arm seems to be nearly a full inch shorter than his left. This is due to an accident which involved Johan falling out of a second story window when he was eight years old, gaining him a multiple compression fractures in said right arm.

Personality: Joe is a rather quirky person, but he is likeable despite this. For one thing, he doesn’t like crowds very much, but he is not claustrophobic, and when he is nervous, he will drum his hands on anything available, even each other. He has a deep seated fear of dereliction: recurring nightmares about swimming above a huge gaping shipwreck, freaking out around abandoned houses. There is something about the emptiness that really gets to him. He is talkative, but is no good at starting conversations, and after greeting someone new, there will usually be a long awkward pause, unless the other person starts talking to him. He aspires, not like many children who all want to be the League Champion, to be a breeder of bird Pokemon. He especially loves Pidgey and its evolutions, and would love to own one (subtle hints at his starter there…) despite the fact that he does not wish to become a coordinator, league battler or anything of the sort. He has occasional moments of clever wit which bubble up around a rather sarcastic sense of humour, but usually tries to make jokes at entirely the wrong time, the complete lack of humour in these cracks just adds to the tastelessness. Johan does not think some of the things he says are as offensive as they really are which leads to people often misunderstanding him due to the language he chooses to use. He is a friendly, easy to talk to kind of person if the conversation actually gets going without him making a bad joke or mocking the person he is talking to. He has a very black and white temper: he is either angry or he isn’t. A rather odd tendency of his occurs when he is put under a lot of pressure. In these situations Johan seems to suffer from an extreme mental block (his brain just shuts down temporarily leaving him floundering for words or ideas). Outside of enjoying Pokemon battles, Johan does not particularly like violence, trying to avoid direct conflict with people (even if he is the one who ‘started it’). (I think this should go here instead of miscellaneous) He does not like people calling him Johan, as the only people who do so are his mother and his older sister (who also gave him the humiliating nickname “Jo-Jo”). When he first received the invitation, he didn’t really know what to do with it; finally deciding to go to see more of the world, explore a little, maybe have some excitement in his otherwise rather routine life. He has spent sixteen years getting up at the same time, doing the same type of work all day (which he does love; don’t get me wrong), eating the same food, never meeting many new people. He just wants a bit of a change

History: Johan was born and raised in the country-side of Johto. Living near Littleroot town, he met his fair share of budding trainers, but never really wanted to become one. He instead wished to follow in his father’s footsteps: breeding and caring for Pokemon. His parents ran a Pokemon Sanctuary and Breeding Centre which concentrated more so on bird Pokemon than other types. For as long as he can remember, Johan used to help out around the place, ranging from doing odd jobs and cleaning as a younger child to helping with the running of the place which he now does. It is because of this that Johan has developed a love of Flying type Pokemon; birds especially. While he has never technically trained a Pokemon, he has helped raise quite a few. He has had varying degrees of success with this: befriending a few and forming quite deep binds with some; while others have consistently attacked him, to his dismay. He is home schooled along with his older sister of three years, Gemma. He spends quite a lot of his time outside of schoolwork working with the Pokemon in the breeding centre and because of his reasonably working-class upbringing, he has never really got on very well with more upper-class children of his age. It isn’t that he sees the class difference as a barrier, but his experience tells him that he and they were raised with different principles. Another piece of fallout from this rather rural upbringing is a slight lack of knowledge regarding some modern technology. Pokeballs and a Pokedex he can handle, because as I have said, many of his friends became trainers, but Pokebars, Pokegears, Poketchs and the like just confuse him. He has seen many of his childhood friends leave to compete in the League and even seen one or two come back with varying degrees of success. He once shook Falkner’s hand, and idolizes the gym leader just a little.

Pokemon wanted: Your finest Pidgey if you would.

RP Sample: From Rose Isle Royale. I hope it isn’t vital that it does not particularly show the Pokemon’s personality… sorry about that.

This was not exactly Tim’s day. The Tentacruel and Gyarados he could handle. The sleep deprivation and hunger were not that bad, even the first appearance of the stomach-churning zombies he could deal with, but this was a little too much. His choices were fight his fellow competitors… his friends probably to the death, or let hundreds of innocent people die? He was glad that Roisin freaked out, so it wouldn’t look quite as dramatic as he had a small mental breakdown. He leant back on a wall, and slowly fell into a seating position on the surprisingly dry floor, nestling his head in his hands and mumbling gently

“This isn’t what I thought… I just wanted to… but now I have to… and all the people…” Nabe walked over to his master, unsure what he was doing. He had never see Tim act like this before, and he cocked his head inquisitively for a moment, before walking to his masters side and trying to reassure him the best a Charmeleon could. He placed his clawed hands on Tim’s shoulder and made soothing noises. Tim looked up at his companion and smiled weakly, before turning to the other competitors. Roisin, she was young, and had a lot of life ahead of her, but now she trapped in here, he doubted she would see it. Langley, he was tactically minded with his little Spinarak and grudging Ninetails, and he hoped the chivalrous man gave the Guardian a run for its money. Aaliyah, he didn’t even know her too well, but he was distraught about everyone. She was so caring and nice, if not the strongest of trainers. And Annalyn. Of all the trainers there, he hoped she came out on top. She was accomplished, but she could go so much further. The Labyrinth and the Guardian had been the cruelest to her, her and her Pokemon had evaded death and injury multiple times, and she had only narrowly escaped being toasted alive by a vile Arcanine. He just thought it would be a terrible loss to the world if she never made it out of this god forsaken maze.

As he thought this, the way they had come collapsed in on itself, leaving only this new, drier, stranger corridor to go down. Damn, there goes my first plan, he thought as he watched their only exit seal itself with rubble. He couldn’t run away now, he was going to have to fight, be it against the Guardian or against on of his friends, he was smart enough to realize he didn’t have a choice in the matter.

“So, how do you guys feel? Fight each other to the death, or fight him to the death?” Roisin offered, after hearing the Guardian challenge her, and them, to fight it instead of each other. He would much rather fight the Guardian, even though the odds were clearly against them, they still stood a chance; they were all skilled trainers with strong Pokemon, and it was only one person… with an army of zombified Pokemon admittedly, but they could handle the zombies, he knew that. Besides, he would much rather lose against the Guardian than win against one of the other competitors, at least this way he knew he was doing good.

“I’ll take my chances with the masked weirdo thanks.” He stated calmly, picking himself off the ground and brushing off his now ruined suit. “I don’t think I could bring myself to fight any of you now we have a choice.” He hoped everyone else felt the same way, although he had seen Langley studying the way he battled earlier, like he was preparing.

“Meleon.” He heard Nabe growl from next to him. The Charmeleon’s claws were raised defensively, and his eyes were darting about furiously around the corridor. He had returned all his other Pokemon before venturing in here, but he liked to keep Nabe with him. The flame-tailed lizard may not have been the warmest and fuzziest Pokemon ever, but it was Tim’s oldest friend, and its presence comforted and calmed him

“Kanabias really does not like it in here, and I have to say, I’m not crazy about the place either” he commented, studying the new corridor. It was more ornate than the other dripping slimy ones they had passed through. It looked just as ancient as the rest of the place, but it had been kept in better condition. Nabe was still growling loudly, and it was getting distracting. “Hush, Nabe,” he said, placing his finger on his lips, “it’s alright, don’t worry.” He smiled as he stroked the Pokemon’s bony head. “I wont let anything happen to you Nabe.” He began, kneeling down beside the Charmeleon and looking it in the eye. “I’m sorry I ever brought you here Kanabias, I really am. I’m going to put you back in your Pokeball now, please don’t protest, its for your own safety.” He reached into his pocket and drew out a traditional looking red and white pokeball, which looked battered and aged. He resized it and opened it in front of the Charmeleon, who disappeared in a beam of red light. He stood up again, tucking the now miniature Pokeball back into his pocket. He was about to say something to the group when he heard the Guardian’s unmistakable high pitched voice drift from nowhere,

“So, you have also wish to fight me instead of your friends?” A high pitched laugh echoed around the walls. “I admire your determination, but you will fail, I will kill you, and then I will take that Charmeleon from you and use it myself.” Another cackle reverberated around the corridor, and as it died away Tim looked to the other trainers, to hear their answers. He doubted any of them would choose to fight each other now that there was another option, but he wanted them to clarify it, he wanted to know he was thinking rationally about it, and even though he knew he had made the right choice, he waited for approval.

September 3rd, 2007, 2:35 PM
Full Given Name: Cathal Sèitheach Arascain

Nicknames (Optional): Stray

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: One of the most memorable characteristics of Stray's appearance is the scar that cuts diagonally across his face: beginning at the bottom of his left cheek, moving over the ridge of his nose, and disappearing beneath the dark bangs that hang over constrastingly light blue-grey eyes. Stray's hair is of moderate length--long for most males, but normal or slightly short for a female. Some of the hair's uneven ends hang freely about Stray's head, while the longer pieces are kept in a small ponytail that rests at the base of his neck. On the right side of his head, at an upward tilt, Stray wears a mask that bears unnatural grinning features. Since he rarely places the mask over his face, no one is quite sure what he keeps it for, though the vertical eyeslits indicate that wearing the mask is possible.

Over a dull green t-shirt, Stray has a multi-pocketed denim jacket that--while it holds together well--is weathered enough to indicate the extent of his travels. For pants, Stray wears a pair of double-stitched, heavy blue jeans with a knife strapped over his right thigh for easy access. Several belts hang about the boy's waist, holding numerous objects that might be needed during his journeys. Most of the more valuable items, however, are fastened to the belt with thin chains to prevent them from being stolen or lost. In accordance with his endurance-focused attire, Stray's shoes are a pair of laced boots. On his hands, meanwhile, are worn black fingerless gloves with fastening straps about the wrists. Because he carries almost everything he owns with him, Stray's brown and green backpack is a decent size--not large enough to be cumbersome, but perhaps heavier than some would want to carry.

Living a life of trial and travel has made Stray a rather physically fit person. Not naturally being a particularly heavy-set person, though, his apparent build does not seem to indicate this. And unless he removes his jacket, one might not guess Stray's ability from his appearance at all. Originally rather pale, Stray's skin--after all its time beneath the sun--has only become a shade or two darker than a normal person's. On the youth's left shoulder, beneath a set of bandages, lies the burn scar from the time when he removed his birthmark. Being that his past is not something he is particularly proud of, Stray prefers not to allow the mark to be seen.

Sketch - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v469/tsayan/stray_sketch1.jpg
The drawing may not be top quality, but it should help give some idea as to Stray's appearance.

Personality: Stray is a person that some (or most) would consider socially inept--not in the shy, mumbling way, but rather due to his tendency to be untactfully direct and brutally honest. "Rude" his condition might be named. While he may not be openly hostile, Stray will not pretend to like anything he dislikes; and he has quite a few dislikes. Due to past experiences, Stray has no great affinity for Pokemon or people who work with them--whether they be trainers, breeders, coordinators, etc. Not to say that he is an ill-tempered person. Despite his cynical edge, he has a tendency to take things as they are, and views even situations he would rather not be in with an "I'll just deal with it" attitude. One somewhat childish aspect of Stray is his keen desire to avoid being controlled or tied down. In the past, people's expectations of him have brought nothing but grief, and the life of wandering thrust upon him he now holds dear.

If you do not offend him, Stray can be a relaxed, honest companion who may come and go, but will keep your well-being in mind when he acts and will give you the same freedom he expects. If you do offend him, Stray can be a cold critic who will only work with you at need and may conveniently forget to tell you minor pieces of information such as "You're about to step off a cliff." However you may act toward him, though, he never seems to make it past courtesy to kindness. Such a thing appears to merely be beyond his comprehension. And while he has traveled enough to learn the virtues of politeness, Stray has never remained in one place long enough to appreciate the value of friendship.

Though he does not regret being forced to leave his family at a young age, Stray still holds the events of his childhood in some degree of bitterness, disgusted that his family is the way it is. At this point, he has no intention of interacting with his family ever again, and considers his old self dead.

History: From the beginning, Cathal was different from the rest of his family. His hair was raven-black, and his eyes were pale and clear as ice--a bizarre disparity from his family's brown hair and dark brown or green eyes. In fact, the single physical feature that distinctly showed him to be of the Arascain line was an odd birthmark on his left shoulder that all members of his family bore. Cathal's family was one that took great pride in its Pokemon training history. And as the eldest son, he was expected to continue the family legacy. Thus, since he was a child, Cathal's parents invested a great deal of time, money, and hope in him; teaching him all they could about Pokemon and Pokemon training. The boy learned quickly, ever thirsting for more information to memorize and process, while seemingly taking naturally to the battle techniques various relatives showed him. When he was ten, Cathal was eagerly sent to receive his first Pokemon and begin his Pokemon journey. Unfortunately for his family, however, the boy immediately proved to be a dismal failure as a trainer. He never caught a single Pokemon, and his starter ran away from him before they reached the first town--leaving him with a scar both on his face and his ego.

To Cathal's family, someone from the family was either a Pokemon trainer or no one at all. Unable to be the first, Cathal quickly found himself the latter, and was disowned by his family and instructed to never show his birthmark unless, by some chance, he could become a successful trainer and redeem himself. Seeing the child's situation, Cathal's aunt took pity on him and allowed him to stay with her for a time. For almost two months, the banished youth was able to hide there in safety. When, however, the family discovered him, they were infuriated and prepared to exile the aunt and her immediate family. Before they could, Cathal vanished, burning the family birthmark off his shoulder before slipping off into the night.

Since then, Cathal has abandoned his family name and become a wanderer, traveling from town to town under the name Stray. He has been to every region at some point, and visited a number of major cities and many smaller towns and villages. Being without a Pokemon, Stray has become quite capable for someone of his age--learning to defend himself against wild Pokemon when necessary and able to do most things on his own.

Stray has been to Traverse Island only a few times during his journeys. But, interested in the current situation and the invitation-sender's ability to track him down (and having nothing else to do), Stray has decided to accept the invitation and visit the island.

Pokémon wanted: Growlithe

Other: For reasons unknown to him, Stray seems to have some sort of feature that causes Pokemon--both tame and wild--to instantly dislike him.

RP Sample:
"You're supposed to fight wild Pokemon--not join forces with them!" Cathal ducked beneath tree branch before dashing through a set of bushes, the sounds of his pursuers behind him telling him that his protest had gone unheeded. "Come on, what have I ever done to you?" he gasped, trying again as he stumbled across an open path. "Just tell me what I did wrong, already!" He plunged back into the thick of the forest, risking a glance over his shoulder to check how close his starter Pokemon and its new Spearow ally were. Almost instantly he regretted this risk as his foot caught on a tree root, sending him face first into the forest floor. Scrambling up through the leaves, Cathal managed to lift himself into a sit as a blast of water shot toward him. The young trainer tried to dodge, his lack of success evidenced by his dripping wet face and hair. Before he could recover or retaliate, Cathal found a Totodile and Spearow springing toward him--the Pokemon that was meant to be his leading the charge. In a sudden moment of inspiration, Cathal snatched an object from his side and lifted it into the air. "Totodile, return!" The reptile vanished, leaving only a sharp-beaked opponent that refused to deviate from its course toward Cathal's head.


Cathal stood over the fallen Spearow, the backpack he had swung directly off his shoulder still resting on the bird Pokemon's head. "Hah! That'll teach ya!" he stated to no one in particular, feeling a little more pleased with himself than he perhaps should have. Straightening, Cathal returned his backpack to its usual place before moving off a safe distance into the woods. Even though the Spearow appeared stunned, the boy was not prepared to risk lingering about it to wait for it to wake up. Sighing a little, he looked down at the Pokeball in his hand. "Let's try this again. Maybe we just need to talk things over." He tossed the sphere into the air. "Come on out, Totodile."

The little blue Pokemon emerged, opening its mouth into a grin that revealed its teeth in a manner that seemed more malicious than friendly. Holding back his apprehension, Cathal knelt in front of the Totodile, keeping his tone as gentle as possible. "Listen, Totodile. I feel like we got off on a bad note, and I think--" Snap! Totodile's jaws whipped shut on the empty air that had recently been occupied by Cathal's arm. Confused and more than a little scared, the trainer quickly stood and stepped back. "What is your problem, anyway?!"

{I'm looking at him right now,} Totodile replied before spitting a stream of water at the target of his animosity. It struck his head with near-perfect aim, sending him falling back against a tree and eventually allowing him down to the muddy ground.

"I'm starting to get really thankful I didn't choose a Cyndaquil as my starter," Cathal muttered to himself, picking himself up as he moved his newly-soaked bangs irritatedly to once side.

{I heard that.}

The boy looked down at his Pokemon, frowning thoughtfully. "I don't know what you're saying, but I get the feeling it's not friendly."

{No really?}

"And there goes that tone again." For a moment, the two stared silently at each other, waiting for the other to be the first to break the standoff. Finally, Cathal spoke again. "I don't know why you dislike me so much, but I'd like to be friends with you." Totodile said nothing, but did not attack either. Rather, he seemed to be listening. Finding this change encouraging, Cathal continued,"I mean, I know you're smaller than the average Totodile, so there may be a chance that you're weaker than other Totodile, too. Maybe that's why you feel the need to be so aggressive. But I don't mind if you're not as strong as--" A headbutt to Cathal's stomach prevented him from finishing the sentence.

Totodile sprang back a few paces, its features angry. Any chance at friendship--or at least tolerance--seemed to have vanished with this human's ill-chosen comment. {You really know how make a Pokemon mad, don't you?}

Grimacing, Cathal picked up the water type's Pokeball from where it had fallen. "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to offend you or anything. But if you're intent on making sure this doesn't work, then you're going to have to go back into your Pokeball for now."

{I don't have to do anything. In fact, come to think of it . . . I'll never need to do anything you tell me to. Ever.} The Totodile readied another Water Gun.

Seeing this, Cathal raised the Pokeball up. "Totodile, re--" A stream of water knocked the Pokeball from his hand. Suddenly, a gash was drawn across Cathal's face, and he found himself alone in the woods, his only company the sound of his former Pokemon's fleeing steps.

September 3rd, 2007, 4:23 PM
Name: Albert Black.

Age: 17.

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Albert stands at about 6'0. He has short brown hair, and green eyes, with a slight tan. He wears a black jacket, with a white collar and white stripes on each of the sleeves, with a pair of tan pants, with white tennis shoes.

Personality: Albert is a calm and serious guy. He is devoted to whatever he is doing, and sticks with it to the end. He has a sence of humor, and will make a few jokes or wise cracks now and then. He is usually calm and collected at all times, and can come off as cold, but he has a soft spot for cute girls and kids.

History: Albert lived a peaceful life in Fallarbor Town. He was raised by his father and mother, and had a pretty decent childhood. He was never bullied or anything like that. When he became a teenager, he developed an interest in traveling and Pokemon. One day while he was relaxing at home, his mother informed him of a letter he had recieved. It was an invitation to the reclusive Traverse Island. With the thrill of adventure running through him, Albert decided that he would go and check it out. Renting a boat, he began his journey to Traverse Island the day after he got the letter.

Pokemon wanted: Munchlax.

RP Sample: Albert steered the wheel of the motorboat he had rented. He was edging closer to traverse island according to his map, and if stories of traverse islands bad weather were true...he was close. It was raining and thundering, and the sky was pretty dark.
"This is a pretty bad storm...I hope I reach Traverse Island soon... Albert thought to himself as he continued steering towards Traverse island.

Then Albert saw land, and decided to check his map.
"Yep...this is Traverse Island." He said aloud to himself, and headed towards the island. Once he was near the island he stopped the boat near a beach, and tied it up to a dock. He walked out onto the beach and looked around.
"Nobodies here...Not surprising due to the weather..." Albert contemplated. "Now where exactly did that letter want me to go..."

September 3rd, 2007, 5:55 PM
Full Given Name: Leon Rylander

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Leon's appearance is so outlandish that it seems to demand the attention of any room he may be in. A blue T-Shirt covers Leon's torso and compliments his pair of black cargo pants. While these alone may be classified as "normal", it is perhaps the cape that makes things seem out out of the ordinary. Brown and weathered, Leon wears the cape buckled from around the lower part of his neck which then extends to the bottom of his ankles. To top his quirky cape off, he wears a white beanie with a blue pokeball symbol dotted right in the center of the winter cap. Along the brim of the beanie lie a pair of black goggles worn for harsh weather conditions.

Under the eccentric apparel, lies a powerful muscle lined torso which remains hidden under Leon's T-shirt. Adjoining the torso are a pair of long muscular arms that emerge from the black T-shirt's sleeves. He also possesses a good natured face sporting a deep emerald green eyes. Meeting the eyes are Leon's dark green bangs which emerge from the opening of the beanie. One of the many positive features of Leon's appearance is his smile. With gleaming white teeth, Leon's smile is described as one that stretches from 'ear to ear'.

Personality: A determined young man, Leon likes to set goals and will do anything he can to reach them. His iron will makes him a fierce competitor of games and challenges. Despite his fiery demeanor, Leon is down to earth and quite optimistic. If he is under pressure he likes to remain stable and calm so that others around him don't begin to happen. However, under his exterior coolness, lies a pit of raw emotion and sympathy. This in turn leads Leon to be very sensitive and perceptive to those around him.

History: Leon grew up on the outskirts of Lilycove City in the Hoenn region. His dad left when he was still a small toddler and has little to no recolection of him at all. Leon's mother worked at the department store providing the only income for the Rylander family. One day around Leon's eigth birthday, he and his mother discovered two small girls on the shore of Lilycove. Both of the girls were apparently abandoned by a shipwreck not too far from what is presently Traverse Island. Leon's mother took both girls in without question without even hesitating to consider her financial situation. Life was rough along the seashore, and while Leon's mom worked long gruesome shifts, the responsibilites fell to the eldest son of the family. Always trying to keep things together, Leon not only cared for his small sisters, but did the housework as well as maintaining food for the three while their altruistic mother toiled away at work. Throughout his childhood, Leon was always expected to act mature and fatherly to the toddlers, even though he was only a child himself.

As the years passed, Leon saw many boys and girls his age go off on journeys of their own. An adventure was something he had always craved for, yet his family was his first priority, so he hid his sorrow with a constant smile on his face everyday. Several more years passed with more hard work. It was after so many hours of servitude that Leon's mother was finally awarded a promotion as well as a significant pay raise. Rejoice and relief swept through the small family as they left their decadent seaside shack for a nice two story house just on a hill overlooking the city as well as the ocean. It was not long after that Hope, one of the twin girls, was sent to a small flower arranging school in Rustboro City. Delighted, she packed her bags and joined two other girls from the town and left by a travelling caravan. Faith, the other twin, decided to remain at home and assist Leon and their mother with the household chores and maintenance. With Hope gone and Faith constantly occupied, Leon found himself often like he had no purpose other than cleaning sheets and washing pans. It was a simple letter addressed to him that changed the static nature of his life.

Pokémon wanted: Charmander

RP Sample: It was the calm before the storm. The waves were almost threatening those who watched with utter silence. A glassy unbroken surface stretched for as far as the eye could see. Yet two boys broke the serene landscape with harsh voices that broke the calm. One of the boys was the city hot shot Flyx. The other, Leon, a boy who was just up for a challenge. Their squabbling stopped and both released red balls that emitted beams of red light simultaneously. A large sea-serpent with mettalic blue scales appeared in front of Flyx with a glare that could send chills up a person's spine. The other creature, a giant shelled turtle with two cannons protruding from its back, slid gracefully into the water ready for what was yet to come.

Flyx clambered onto the giant Gyarados and positioned himself on the highest part of its head. Leon jolted excitedly from the shore and landed readily on the Blastoise's back. The calm resumed for just a few seconds more until a bright blue streak of lightning tore across the darkening sky. Within the nearest second, both pokemon launched off the shore at a ferocious speed, darting towards the calamity of water and wind. The farther the two got, the worse their surroundings had become. Huge gusts of wind proved to be obstacles in the great race. Moments later, a downpour of freezing and heavy rain lashed about the two combatants. Leon knew at this point that it would be up to him and his partner Blastoise. Consoling him, Leon said: "We've seen worse than this before! Just keep roughing it and we can win this thing"

[I hope you're right. I'll do my best, just hang on tight and flatten yourself against my shell. Should anything happen to you...]

Leon did as his partner asked, and the two continued to speed along the harsh weather. Gyrados and Flyx looked like they were going to win the endurance race until a huge bolt of lightning crashed into the water while partially hitting Gyrados' front. Writhing in pain, the Gyrados backed away and began to turn around for the coast as fast as it possibly could. Leon had won the race, yet now the lightning looked like spears of judgement emerging from the skies. If they could get out of the storm it would truly be a miracle.

[Hold your breath. We'll have better chances under the water. Please trust me!]

Slightly worried, Leon took huge lungfuls of air and submerged into the dark, choppy depths with his partner. Blastoise pumped his powerful body as hard as he could towards the direction of the coastline. Only emerging for another lungful of air, Leon and Blastoise remained underwater as long as possible. When they finally reached the coast, the storm was still a ways off but was coming ever closer. Leon dragged himself up the sandy dunes and collapsed right next to Flyx. All Leon could manage to say was: "I told you so."

September 3rd, 2007, 8:19 PM
Ok, I'll fix it ^^

Appearance: Nichole has shoulder length brown hair, and piercing green eyes. She wears a black bandanna and black gloves, along with a dark purple tank top and black pants. Her skin is quite fair, and she wears black boots and a long black cloak. She is shorter than most her age, about 5'3", and she is skinny. She has a heart shaped scar on her left shoulder, which she doesnt ever talk about

Personality: Nichole isnt a very outspoken girl. Growing up, while the other girls played and formed clubs and cliques, she preferred to stay alone and to herself. However, just because she prefers not to socialize with others often, she isnt afraid of taking action when the situation calls for it. She isnt afraid of what others think, either. While she doesnt like socializing very much, Nichole is fond of one thing: Pokemon, mainly the ghost type. She is absolutely fascinated by the creatures, though she has never had a pokemon of her own. She is absolutely outraged at the possiblility that a group of scientists has been rumored to be harming such creatures, so much that she did not hesitate at all when she heard that she was invited to the island. In her free time, Nichole likes to study ghost pokemon and go and watch the pokemon contests in her hometown. She is always fascinated by the connection b/w pokemon and their trainers. Nichole's biggest fear is that she will lose everything she has ever loved; by that i mean the pokemon center job, her family, ect. She is always afraid of losing things just when everything seems to be going so well.

History: (I hope it is ok that i use a town from the Kanto Region...) Nichole came from the town of Lavendar, in the Kanto Region. She would have loved to say that she got to examine the ghosts of the tower, maybe even work side by side with the old man of the town, Mr. Fuji...but she cannot. Her mom died when she was just 5, and her father abandoned her mother before she was born. Nichole was sent to Verdanturf to live with her grandparents. There she learned all about the proper caring of herbs and medicines; her grandfather was the towns physisician and her grandma was a herbologist. She learned also the many ways to create potions for sick pokemon; when she was 10 she started to work at the towns pokecenter. Her grandparents didnt like her to become a trainer; instead, she worked with Nurse Joy, taking care of the other trainers pokemon. It was always interesting to work there; Verdanturf's contest center attracted so many pokemon trainers, Nichole got to see and care for all kinds. It was after a long days work that she came home to see a letter had come for her...

Starter: Shuppet

RP sample: Nichole stepped into the air conditioned entrance to the PokeCenter. It was a boiling hot summer's day, and by the already full lobby Nichole could see that it was going to be a full day.
"Nichole thank goodness!" Nurse Joy called from behind the counter, her hands already full by a trainer with a screaming Bonsly, "A huge box of abandoned growlithe was just brought in by some stranger. Can you see to it that they are all alright and taken care of?"
Nichole's blood boiled at the fact that someone was so careless enough to abandon growlithe pups, but she smiled sweetly and nodded.
Nurse Joy turned back to the trainer. "Im sure there is no other reason for his tears, sir," She began, but the trainer was histerical. Nichole walked past them as he yelled over his pokemon's cries that something must be terribly wrong. Nichole stepped into the back hallway, where all the other rooms where for examining and treating the sick and injured. She could hear barking in the room at the far end, and she opened the door to find Chansey trying to maintain 4 growlithe puppies.
"Chansey!" she called gratefully, obviously relieved to see the girl.
"Im here to help!" Nichole said happily, grabing a clipboard and sitting cross legged on the floor. "Ok, pups, what happened?" The growlithe nearest her tucked in his tail and hid, while another ran up to her, teeth barred. "Its alright," Nichole cooed, "Im not going to hurt you..." she put out her hand, palm down, so that he could sniff her. "Growl?" said the pokemon, and he sniffed her hand. "Lithe!" he called to his friends,and all the puppies rushed to the girl, jumping onto her lap. he must have known i meant no harm, Nichole thought.
"Wow," said a voice behind them. Nichole turned to see Nurse Joy in the doorway. "I tried to get them calm for an hour this morning!" She walked in and grabbed a bottle of Antidote; someone was poisioned. Nichole smiled, and the nurse smiled back, leaving the room. Nichole went back to checking the pups, making sure each one was healthy.

Alter Ego
September 4th, 2007, 4:21 AM
More people? Heh, it's a freakin' invasion. xD Anyways, guys, because the interest far exceeded my expectations I'm going to have to make some very harsh cuts here, because there are only so many people who can be reasonably fitted into the plot, so I'm afraid I'll have to prune the pending list; A LOT. It's unfortunate, but this means I'll have to cut some people I would really have accepted simply because so many others were even better. For that, I deeply apologize. T_T

@GhostPrincess: Yeah, since you asked for this by PM your sign-up is now officially discounted. Thanks for the interest. :3

@Porygon-Z: A good, solid profile right there, and under the pain of the paper too. ~Accepted~ you are.

@PikaPal: I would like to accept you but I just have to draw a line for the number of people here at some point and all these later signers have pushed the average quality through the roof. ;.; So, with a heavy heart, I settle on ~Declined~ Welcome back the next time I start an RP, though. ^-^

@Charchic: Sorry, but you just don't make the cut in this crowd. ~Declined~ Better luck next time around.

@Glajummy: There's slight improvement, but due to dramatically increased standards I'm afraid it's not enough. Sorry, but you are ~Declined~

@Aegis: Well, you maintained the quality to the end so as promised you are...~Accepted~

@King Cosmic: Awright, the paragraphing thing goes for you too: every change of speaker in a conversation and every change of subject in description calls for a new paragraph; and that means a full new line since these forums can't handle indenting properly. Still, overall profile quality is good so I'm going to have to stall this decision out a bit. You will remain at ~Pending~ for now.

@PKMN Trainer Joe o.o: Sorry, but for a new person you ended up with some very heavy competition. ~Declined~ Don't be discouraged, though; with that quality you should get into the vast majority of RPs here. :3

@Kogenta: Awesome thus far, but it's still not finished. ~Pending~

@chomp: Well, since you asked for criticism you have a tendency to overuse 'and' (Typically that's one per sentence because it gets repetitive very easily). You've also got a bit too much on the front of commas; there are only so many of them you can put in a single sentence without turning it messy, so try putting full stops down a bit more frequently. Overall, good quality and I like the character so I'm taking you into the ~Pending~ group for now.

@Orange: Sorry, but claiming that last slot will really take a top-notch profile, and I'm afraid that this just doesn't cut it. ~Declined~

@Key: Alright, you've still got a shot at this since you haven't finished yet, but the competition is going to be tough. ~Pending~

Awwright, here's the deal: I've placed a cast limit at eight members, myself included. This means that, as hard as the decision is, I'll only accept one more. The RP will start tomorrow at around 13.00 GMT and I'll announce my decision at that point, so if you people who still haven't finished don't have your profiles up by then you're out. I'm afraid it has come down to survival of the fittest, folks. :3 To those of you who are accepted: don't worry, I won't be changing those. To those remaining at pending: if you have any last minute edits now is the time to make them. My thanks to all of you for your interest in my little RP and to those who weren't accepted this time around: hope to see you again in some other RP. ^_^

EDITNESS: Okay, I'm behind schedule but better late than never, right? First off, I shall make this official:


Now aren't you just awed by the style of that official statement? The list of accepted RPers is as follows:

Alter Ego (surprise! =O)

The rest of you are, unfortunately, ~Declined~. Thank you for your interest. ^^

If you aren't one of the listed people, please don't post in this thread anymore, thank you. If you still feel a need to comment on the RP, then kindly do so in the OOC Discussion. And yes, I did up the maximum members limit by one because I felt like it. So sue me. =P

Now, without further ado:


It was a quiet night on Traverse Island. The storm that had ravaged the seas for the past few days had finally died down, and in its place it had left a few moments of perfect calm, the collection of sandy brown houses with their tiled roofs and the countless walkways and dwellings seemingly carved out of the rock face itself seemed, for once, to be completely at ease with their place in the world, the normally turbulent sea surrounding the town now making its presence known only through the slow, distant crash of waves against the cliff face, far below. Not even the Wingulls who normally tormented the townspeople with their constant cries had woken up yet. If the ominous clouds rolling in from the north were any indication, however, this was only the calm before a storm the likes of which not even Traverse Island was used to handling.

"Still..." a figure who had been watching the peaceful scene from the roof of his house mumbled for himself, "Sometimes storms are for the best. They clear the air..." the speaker in question stepped back from the railing, absent-mindedly running a hand through the slowly thinning mane of wavy, pale blonde hair which almost reached down to his shoulders. The storm would be good from an aesthetic viewpoint too, he concluded; his hair had always looked more stylish with a bit of wind blowing through it and making it flow behind him.

The man shook his head slowly in an attempt to dislodge that vain little thought. He was approaching forty now and no amount of dramatic weather effects would turn him into the handsome young pokémon champion from twenty years ago. Besides, he had to concede, neither the weathered, dark green shirt, nor the white trousers and white lab coat which together constituted his current attire were doing him any favors in that department.

Just as he had concluded this line of thought, a sudden commotion broke out in the streets.

"Thief!" barked one voice, soon joined in by others; "Where's the thief?! Stop the thief!" it didn't take long for the chorus of noises to be joined by the distinct barks of Houndour and Mightyena. A swarm of uniformed figures surged out from one of the nearby buildings, flashlights in hand and pokémon in tow. From thereon, the cacophony spread like wildfire, household after household getting stirred out of slumber and adding in their own objections about the situation.

"So much for my tranquil morning..." the spectator shook his head in distaste at the scene, wandering over to the spiral staircase leading into his house and descending a full two floors. Library, that was the only word that could possibly have described the room he was now in, tall bookcases filled with countless books and research notes covering every wall on the entire floor, and of course, like in any respectable library, there was a secret switch; this one cunningly disguised as a copy of Barney the Purple Tyranitar - The Novel. With the appropriate whirring sound, the heavy bookcase swung on its hinges, revealing a plain stone corridor, the walls and floors bearing the same sandy brown color as all other stones on the island seemed to do. After a brief walk, the corridor widened, revealing a makeshift lab of sorts, countless machines with a plethora of colorful buttons, switches and dials to their names sharing the space with a number of tables and, of course, the ever-present mountains of paper.

"The Skitty's out of the bag." the blonde man remarked, shutting the bookcase door behind him before stepping inside, nonchalantly procuring a gilded pocket watch from the depths of his lab coat and inspecting it, "And at 11.55 PM, too. You lose the bet, Jade, and with five minutes to spare too."

An inconspicuous shadow by the far right wall scoffed, detaching itself from the corner and turning out to be an individual clad in black from top to bottom, complete with a thick-collared shirt and a plain black mask which concealed the person's features.

"Figures..." the shadow muttered, wandering over to the table where the blonde-haired man was inspecting a laptop plugged into one of the bizarre devices, "Now that you're suitably satisfied with that, are you finally going to tell me what was so special about that?" the black-clad individual nodded towards an obscure shape suspended within one of the machines by means of a light green fluid of some sort, various tubes connecting to pieces of its silhouette.

"Patience, my dear Jade..." the man replied, tapping a few more commands into the computer, "Patience...it will all become clear, right about...now."

The shaded figure didn't seem to share the other's enthusiasm, gawking somewhat dispassionately over his shoulder. The screen was dominated by the scan of a brain of some sort, a complex code of colors covering the picture while a number of vital readings occupied the sides of the screen, "I don't see what's so special about-hey, wait!" now both had their eyes all but glued to the screen, "What in Arceus' name is that?!"

The blonde one smiled airily in return.



Two weeks later, in the somewhat less scenic environment of the Slateport harbor, a certain Alexander Gabriel Maxwell was facing another pressing question, which - while not quite as suspenseful or hard to answer as Jade's - was quite pressing nonetheless.

"Is this really it?" the red-head raised an eyebrow sceptically, ushering a few unruly strands of the mass of crimson that occupied his head back into its alloted place as he dug around in the pockets of his jeans for the letter. Sure, this fitted the directions perfectly, but...surely this still couldn't be it? Still clinging to the hope, Alex straightened out the ominous letter that had arrived at his dormitory a mere week ago, carefully re-reading its contents:

"Dear Alexander Gabriel Maxwell,

I have recently made a most enticing discovery, one which - I believe - would be of greatest interest to an aspiring young trainer such as yourself. However, due to certain circumstances beyond my control it would not be prudent for me to come and visit you in person, and truly this discovery is, I believe, something better experienced than described. As such, I have arranged for a modest exhibition seminar, to be held at my residence on Traverse Island.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, kindly board the S/S Wavedancer, moored at pier five of Slateport harbor between 8.30 and 9.30 on the 7th of April. From that point onward, my associate Jade shall look after your well being. Kindly do not bring anyone with you or the boat shall not depart. I apologize for these tiresome games, and for not being able to disclose my true identity as of yet, but it is imperative that word of this seminar does not spread to undesired parties.



P.S: Kindly do not try to circumvent these arrangements or do anything that might compromise the secrecy of this seminar. Should such behavior occur I regret that I can not guarantee your safety."

Alex's heart sank as he finished reading. The rest was just instructions on how to get to Slateport. No, he had not been mistaken; this was definitely the ship. He looked up again, staring in disbelief at the ship in front of him. Considering the posh wording and envelope of the letter and the fact that there was going to be nine of them, he had expected something a bit more...well, grand; a small ferry at least. The vessel in front of him, however, looked like little more than a motorboat with a small indoors compartment at the front. It looked so...cheap.

Alex shook his head at the obnoxious thought, his golden earring moving on queue. No, that was nonsense; he couldn't let something as stupid as a cramped ship stop him. This was undoubtedly the S/S Wavedancer mentioned in the letter, and if this was what he had to board to save his family then so be it.

With this in mind, the teen re-adjusted his backpack, wandering over to the edge of the pier and jumping onto the deck. The boat had four seats at the back, and Alex already knew that he didn't want to be one of the poor bastards seated there, at least not if his memory about the spring time weather around Traverse Island served. The front of the boat seemed to have some indoor space, right below the as-of-yet unccoupied steering wheel and the plastic eye-protection screen in front of it. Noting that the air was still somewhat chilly, thanks in part to the thick mist that was hanging about, Alex decided to move indoors.

"Anyone here?!" he hollered, having to crouch slightly to get in through the door. The inside was surprisingly large, housing a number of sofa-like seats with dark red cushioning on the far end, placed around a wooden table rooted into the floor at the middle. Cramped but at least dry, Alex concluded, tossing his backpack over to occupy one of the seats and slumping down next to it. No-one else seemed to there yet, so the task of the moment was waiting. The teen groaned, absent-mindedly flicking aside another cluster of hair in front of his face. Waiting...what a drag.

OOC: Okay, so yeah: everybody navigate your way to the ship in your first IC, thank you. Jade will make an entrance a bit...later. For now, it's just assembling, greetings, the usual stuff. :3 Also, there may be personal touches to the letters everyone got, but the instructions are the same for everyone, just thought I'd include that in case someone wants to make use of it. ^-^

September 5th, 2007, 1:54 PM
“Filth is what you are! You should be ashamed of yourself, Jon-Jon; do you realize that you are the one setting an example in this household?! I want to know what cursed contraption it was that did this to my house, and I want answers NOW!”

There was no way that Johnny could back any more than he already had to that couch he sat against. The fireworks had gone off high, and the only suspect to it all was himself. That did not settle well for his mother, which she frowned upon sternly. It was now apparent that she would like an explanation of sorts as to why there is no wall separating the room of his sister’s from his own. Even his sister, Alexandra, had that same frowned look as his mother.

“Well, in all reality, it really wasn’t my fault,” began Johnny, but he was unsure of where to lead the conversation. It could go downhill very fast with one wrongly stated sentence. “I was busy doing my homework, you know, getting ready for school related things. My friend came over and—and he asked if he could show me something, and I said sure. I left the house, and when we came back, it was completely destroyed. There you have it.”

Johnny gave the strongest smile he could, but it was not enough to last the rage that was rising within his mother. “You call that an excuse?! How DARE you! What you’ve brought to this house was wrong! I should have known—!”

Her arguments went on and on, never changing putting any type of blame towards him. Johnny was worried; very worried. Yet, he could not find the strength to show his mother that he was sorry for something he did not do, but was a part of. He was never going to shout back at his mother; she wasn’t always like that. Most of the time, she would be that loving mother figure that moves gracefully and cares of everyone around the house. At the moment though, she was a bleaching bellowing giantess of a demon with a stinger ready to kill, having already strike.

“What do you have left to say?!”

Now Johnny was glad that the conversation had come to this. Most likely, this was the last thing she would say. If played right, he could get out of the house and wash away terrified look he currently played on his face. “I—I sorry—,”

He wanted to say more, but couldn’t find the right words. Plus, it might lead to more fighting. Instead of engaging like he wanted to, he stayed put and waited for a response.

His mother sighed; she was now thinking of a punishment for him. Johnny had never faced a punishment by his mother in along time, and he did not remember those times when he was punished by her. He was a little shaky as to what it would be that she would think up.

“You will do all chores; even your sister’s,” she said.

Well, that wasn’t terrifying, but it wasn’t something he would have preferred to do. His sister could get a little obnoxious; she was probably waiting for a day when he’d get in trouble enough to mock him, for being the one in the family that was succeeding in a lot of aspects and such.

Dismissed, Johnny left to his room, which had now become his and his sister’s without the dividing wall. The bed had never been so inviting in his life. He stayed there for a long while, looking up the ceiling. He had homework to finish; he did not forget that part. Yet, he couldn’t do it. The easiest thing he could do now was stare up into nothingness, and spark up ideas that he could not really imagine elsewhere (nor would he want to imagine them elsewhere).

The thought of Nichols came back to mind, and how he had abandoned him when he needed him the most. They were both found outside the house, idiotically standing still. Then Nichols ratted him out, forcing his parents to give him a stern talking. Well, stern meaning his Dad going to the bathroom while his mother blew her head off. Johnny could only imagine that his father had known she would do this, and prepared by hiding much more than urinating.

The window he and Nichols had climbed out of was still open. Johnny clenched his fists, knowing that it was just like Nichols to do what he had done. But this time, he did not want Nichols to get away with it. If anything, he wanted to rat him out.

With these thoughts, Johnny found himself climbing out of his room window again and heading towards the front of the yard. He thought of where Nichols could have gone. Most likely, he would have traveled to the nearby Pokémon Center to stay for a night. He would not confront his father.

That’s where Johnny had his advantage. He knew where Nichols’s parents lived, and if he could just get there and tell them of what his son had done, then maybe there would be some sort of spark that could get him in so much more trouble…

In his mind, it seemed very childish. He had not told on anyone since he was five years old, and he’s never done so since. He considered it a baby action, and made an oath to himself that he would never tell on anyone of his friends. Was he really about to break this oath out of merely hatred? He was reminded of how Nichols would sometimes blast around talking about his Pokémon Journey alone and how many times he’s gotten in trouble with much bigger people than Johnny knew even existed…

Would Nichols be able to handle his father? Or mother? Johnny doubted that, and now it seemed even more inviting to do so.

He was passing the front drive of the house when he made it towards the mailbox. At first, he gave it no mind. But then, he saw the papers placed within the opened cap of the box. The mail had arrived.

Taking a detour, Johnny stayed behind to take a look at what had come. Since he was in a lot of things at school, it was more likely that he would get things from it. But today, like a few other days, there was nothing for him from the school. But that did not mean there was no letter meant for him at all.

On a small invitation looking envelope, his name was sprawled. It was very curious; it had no sender and looked to be of that important quality type. Johnny held it in his hands, bringing it closer. Deciding it was not worth just standing there doing nothing, he opened it, and read the invitation (because that was essentially what it was) inside.

How should one react when he is chosen, as is stated on the envelope, to be one of the few to search what has been deemed as a major crisis at the moment? It is hard to explain what is trying to be given across, but a re-read told him that this was inviting him to a place known as Traverse Island. Now, normally, this would not have been any surprising whatsoever, but an island that has been…gone?

This mystified him, and he had to learn more. He flipped the invitation. What was written behind it was written in quick pen ink, and stated that Johnny would be getting 100 hours of community service with this, as well as a full credit.

In school, Johnny was already set. He just needed two months before he could graduate, and he was only a Junior in High School. But how would his resume look with even more hours added? It was a very tempting offer.

Then Nichols had come back to him. He had always told him that he never really had gotten out for anything other than to document. He playfully called him weak.

Well, he was not going to lie. That was what he was; a documentation director. Or, at least a wannabe one. Yet, what if he did take this offer? For one, he’d be taking a large adventure for himself. And then, he would be getting a full credit and 100 extra hours. Yes, he could see it now, being accepted into so many things with everything he had now.

All he needed to do was decide at this point. And if the answer was yes, then he would have to go to his room, pack essentials, as well as the one thing that would make him known; a camera. The first person to document what is left of Traverse Island.

It was a quick decision. He had three days to get to the port at Slateport. He was not far from Slateport; just a little north. He entered his home and silently, headed towards the attic, where he pulled his suitcase. He jammed in many clothes of a variety from his closet. He even thought of taking one of his school uniforms, but doubted he would need it. Yet, if this was important in business wise, it was the best he could have. The school uniforms were very professional looking, and he’d impress many.

He put a pair of his school uniform on his bed, and left the room. The one thing that would be left to do was to convince his parents. But would his mother let him? He did not want to bring it all to his mother; she would probably go somewhere against the idea. Instead, he turned to where his father was, and asked him the question, with the invitation at hand.

“Dad?” Johnny began.

“Yes son?”

His father was on the couch with a clipboard and pen at hand. He looked a little professional, but his job was nothing of it. His father’s job was a low paying one working on mechanics of several things. Normally, those jobs would be good paying, but without his certified papers of being an actual mechanic of any sort, he was left to work things out underground (as in, the house sometimes and other times his friend’s house).

“The—the school is asking for me to go to something out of town. C—can I go?”

His father rubbed his chin, thinking of what it was that Johnny had just asked of him. “I suppose…what do I have to sign?”

“Oh—nothing really,” said Johnny. “All they need is my approval, but I wanted to ask you first, you know?”

Surprisingly, his father took this as truth and just shrugged. “Alright,” he said. “Just don’t tell your mother; she’s probably going to go against it with the wall and house ruined now.”

Johnny gave a weak grin. “Yeah, sorry about that. I wish I could do something to help; you know, I think I can—just give me a—,”

“It’s alright Johnny,” said his father. “I’ll take care of it. Just have fun. When do you have to be wherever you need to be? I can give you a ride.”

“Nah, it’s really close. I can get there on my own.”

His father was skeptical for a moment, but then shrugged. “Fine; go have fun.”

“Thanks Dad,” said Johnny. He gave him a hug, something he never really did many times, and left the room to get back to his old room. Now that everything was all set and done, Johnny just had to wait until the day arrived at when he would have to be at the port.


And that didn’t take long. Now, he walked in his business looking uniform of a school outfit rolling along a rolling suitcase filled with all of his things he’d need, including a snack and some first-aid kit. He also had a backpack ready with other little weather essentials needed, such as a few ponchos for when it rains and some chap stick.

More information on the uniform was that it was basically a black coat over a white long-sleeved shirt with neat clean slacks, belt, black socks, and shiny black shoes. Of course, in his suitcase, he had some other clothing such as jeans and casual wear. Even a pair of running and climbing shoes.

More or less, Johnny was thinking that nothing could bring him down. He was about to embark on an adventure, and although he was skipping school as it would be called, it was worth it to get some footage of Traverse Island.

Only, he wasn’t so sure anymore when he stood in front of what had to be the right coordinates of where the boat would be located at.

Frowning, Johnny looked at the map that was given in a small section of the envelope. It appeared to be the right place, but…it just didn’t feel right. Now, Johnny felt as if he was wearing something completely misplaced. Maybe it would have been better had he come as casual as possible, except still looking sharp. He deeply wished that he was not wearing the uniform.

The good thing was that there was no one around, so he might as well get on deck and find a changing room to change into the right clothing. However, if it was the wrong boat, he’d be extremely embarrassed to the max. It appeared to have no one on it from his viewpoint on the land, so it could have been an option of the wrong boat.

Pulling his suitcase behind him and still wearing his backpack, Johnny took his first step onto the boat, awaiting what would come next, the camera on and at hand as he began to document the luxuries of what he was going to be riding in.

September 5th, 2007, 2:35 PM
"This is ROBBERY I tell you! Absolute thievery! I work for the Kanto government! I could have you closed for this!" a woman screamed at a hot dog vendor. He stared idly at the woman, giving her a malignant look. The woman's face was beat red and her fist was clenching onto the side of the man's hot dog cart, her knuckles white from the pressure. Her breathing was heavier than normally would of been and her green eyes were fixed on the man, saying I WILL KILL YOU!

"Sorry lady, this is Hoenn. Now if you want that weiner, it'll be five dollahs," he said, with his accent skewering the last word of his sentence. The woman snorted and slammed a five dollar bill on the stand and grabbed her hot dog. She turned defiantly from him so her back was facing him. She took a bite of her hot dog and with her free hand, she reached into the pocket of her blue capris and pulled out an envelope addressed to the Kanto Government. She opened the flap and pulled a piece of blue paper from it. There was writing on the paper which said:

Dearest Officials in the Kanto Government:

I have a specific request I must ask for your assistance in. I am in the need of a special group of people to travel to Traverse Island. I would ask that a representative of your fine Government be present as you are the most respectable of the numerous governments and a member under your jurisdiction will be of the utmost assistance. All I ask is that they not be of a high ranking and if you can, please let them be female. As you know, our island isn't in the most stable of conditions and we could use a woman's touch.

So please have her ready to depart on the S.S. Wavedancer, which will be harbored at Pier 5 between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30 on April 7th.

She is to come alone or they will not be allowed to come to the island. Be prompt!

Your's sincerely,


"Well, it was best they left it to me, Juanita Sanchez, for the job. Now, to find this ship mentioned in the letter," Juanita said, as she folded the letter and put it back into its envelope. She slid it back into her pocket and took one final bite of her hot dog. She threw the paper into a nearby garbage can and set off for the piers of Slateport City.

After a few minutes of walking, she arrived upon the piers, and looked for the number five. She walked about a hundred meters further and found the pier she was looking for.

"That's it..." she said, as she spotted the shabby boat with Wavedancer etched on its side. "What I DO for my job." She sighed while shaking her head, and then began to walk down the pier. All she had with her was a small duffle bag with a change of clothes, some water bottles, and an emergency package of food. She took a huge leap from the pier to the deck, landing on with a loud thud. She looked around and saw a half-naked boy standing on the deck.

"OH MY! WHAT IS THIS! A NUDE CRUISE!" Juanita screamed, followed by a blood curdling scream.

September 5th, 2007, 3:27 PM
To say that Johnny was red in the face was an understatement. That was saying a lot there; he hadn’t even stripped down to the most privates yet; as a matter of fact, he was pulling up some khakis which were now up the waist, believing that he’d have to look somewhat professional. He quickly buttoned and zipped up the khakis. The only other bare part was his chest, which he had only unbuttoned the school shirt. He had planned to change into some other nice shirt, but at the moment, khakis and a white shirt were good enough. Eventually, he would be able to get to his normal wear, but at the moment, it was not the time.

“It wasn’t that bad,” said Johnny, but it was hushed a bit. He was still shy that this woman had caught him the way he was. She looked around twenty, but he could not be so sure. “Sorry that I trespassed…I was looking for a boat in particular; I thought this was it.” It was amazing that he was even able to say those last lines without stuttering. With the shirt buttoned up and tucked into the khakis, he asked, “Can you tell me where I can get to pier five?”

Considering the circumstances, it may have not been the right question to ask right away. He should have just left, but he had to know where to go if the boat he was on was not the right one. Then, there was also the possibility that the invitation he had gotten hadn’t been one at all, but instead, a joke from his classmates trying to make some kind of Senior prank to see how many students actually took the bait and appeared at the harbor…

Farfetched? Maybe. Possible? At his school, it was very possible.

September 5th, 2007, 3:35 PM
Melissa's felt the heat of the spotlight's bear down on her as she made her way to the piano. She pulled the oak stool out and sat down as delicately as she could in her performance dress. Careful not to look to rushed, she opened her piano book to page 37, The Dance of the Oddish. Why, the name made her heart soar. How cute Oddish were, she made a mental note to capture one someday. Snapping her mind back to the piano, and the crowd, Melissa spoke in her high-pitched, crisp voice.

"This last piece tonight is; The Dance of the Oddish, we hope you enjoyed your evening." The last part seemed forced out. Melissa hated to say the words "hope" and "enjoy" in the same sentence. With a half hearted sigh, she began to play. She needn't look at the book, she knew this one by heart. The letters flowed through her brain, High C, Low F, High D, Low E. As the song progressed, she heard cheers, and even whistling from the crowd. Part of her was flattered by such encouragement, but the other part of her was insulted by such interruptions. After what seemed like heart-beats, the song ended, and the deep crimson curtain enveloped the stage.

Melissa could hear roaring cheering coming from behind the curtain, and even from her fellow piano players coming to congratulate her. Tossing her hair, she raised her hand for an announcement.

"The show is over, and I'd like to give a thank you to Ms. Klisty for teaching you this term, she did a marvelous job. Thank you, Ms Klisty." She heard several cheers for the piano teachers, but even more groans of agitation at Melissa. Melissa discarded them without a thought, and began her way to the changing room.

"She taught you too Melon-face!" Melissa whirled around. The speaker was one of the new piano players this term, a scrawny boy who looked around 14 years old. He wore a lopsided suit that was way to big for him, and glasses that almost fell off his face. Melissa began to strut towards him, doing her best to look intimidating, which was more then difficult in the silky black dress she was wearing.

"Look, boy. You'd best learn your place if you wish to continue to play among us. If you can't, I'd be more then happy to kick you out right here and now." Melissa spoke as harshly as she could, but wasn't sure she had affected him. The boy simply stared at her, a far off look on his face. He absently nodded, and scuttled back to the group of players. Melissa stared after him, wondering how on earth he had wormed his way into such a fine school as this. She decided to dismiss the thought, and headed back for the changing rooms.

Later that night, Melissa sat in the atrium of her family's grand mansion, feeling utterly bored. After she had finished receiving gifts for her performance, things had slowed down to the point where a snail would move faster. Melissa tapped her foot and looked around the atrium. The atrium was quite spectacular, a giant room with one wall of pure glass, while the rest was white marble. Of course, the room was filled with a varied array of potted plants, all of which looked greener then a plant should. Melissa walked over to one of them, and started to pull of some dieing leaves.

"Ma'am?" Melissa recognized the voice as her butler's, Kris. Melissa pulled off a few more leaves before she rose to her feet and slowly made her way towards the elderly butler.

"What?" To show how impatient she was, Melissa placed a hand on her hip. She wasn't quite sure why she was acting like this, this was a welcomed distraction from...well.. nothing.

"You received an invitation it seems." Kris spoke nervously, as if he was afraid Melissa would slap him. Instead Melissa extended her hand. When nothing was placed in it, she spoke in a quite agitated voice, "Give it to me then!"

Kris scrambled amongst his uniform, and finally extracted a rather boring piece of paper. Melissa snatched it from him, and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. She waited for the butler to leave the atrium, and once she was sure she wouldn't be interrupted, she went over to a couch and began to read the paper, it read:

"Dear Miss Melissa Klarice Queens,

I have recently made a most enticing discovery, one which - I believe - would be of greatest interest to such a talented young individual such as yourself. However, due to certain circumstances beyond my control it would not be prudent for me to come and visit you in person, and truly this discovery is, I believe, something better experienced than described. As such, I have arranged for a modest exhibition seminar, to be held at my residence on Traverse Island.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, kindly board the S/S Wavedancer, moored at pier five of Slateport harbor between 8.30 and 9.30 on the 7th of April. From that point onward, my associate Jade shall look after your well being. Kindly do not bring anyone with you, or more then one piece of luggage or the boat shall not depart. I apologize for these tiresome games, and for not being able to disclose my true identity as of yet, but it is imperative that word of this seminar does not spread to undesired parties.



P.S: Rest assured that you will not need any bodyguards or butlers of any kind, any attempt to bring such could undermine our entire operation."

Melissa stared at the paper. Traverse Island? She had heard something about that in the news. Yes... it had said the island had disappeared. If this offer was genuine, Melissa could be part of something that could make history, not that she wasn't already.

"Slateport? Why on earth did they choose such a dreary place like that. Oh dear... this will be inconvenient," Melissa picked up a bell, which she gave a hearty ring, "Kris! Krissss! KRISSSS!!!!" She set the bell down, and watched with amusement as the butler scrambled into the room, looking as if he might drop dead at any moment.

"Y-y-yes-s-s Ma-m-ma-am-m-m?" He stuttered. Melissa couldn't help but let out a tiny giggle. She loved it when she intimidated her staff.

"Find Gregorio and tell him to prepare the helicopter. We're going to Slateport City first thing in the morning." Melissa commanded, looking at the invitation. "And alert my parents that I won't be attending the formal this year, I'll be away on business." With that, Melissa stood up and began to make her way to her bedroom. She wasn't sure how she could sleep, she felt her entire body shaking with excitement. She was going to Traverse Island!!

Melissa gazed out of the window of the helicopter and down at the harbor of Slateport city.

"I wonder which boat I'm on..." she muttered absently, "The S/S Wavedancer.... it sounds so majestic!" Melissa let out a squeal of delight. She couldn't help but imagine cruising to the island on a luxury liner, such as most of the ships in the dock. Then again there were several boats which looked less then satisfactory. She shuddered at the thought of actual boarding one.

The helicopter landed smoothly, and Melissa took her overflowing back-pack from Kris. Without any goodbye of any sort, Melissa strutted off towards the dock.

Once Melissa arrived at her destination, she began to stroll down the pier, looking at the increasingly shabby looking ships.

"I wonder if I've taken-" she cut off when she saw it. A shabby boat with the letters, "Wavedancer" scrolled on it rocked at the edge of the pier. Just as she was about to let out a wail of displeasure, a scream erupted from the boat. Now, Melissa usually didn't worry herself about others well-being, but she couldn't help but worry. She took off towards the boat, and raced to where she would board. There she saw a half-naked boy, and women. When she heard the question, she felt agitated.

"Are you blind? This IS pier five you idjit." Melissa flipped her hair over her shoulders, raised her head, and placed her hand on her hip. She'd let these folk know what was coming to them right now.

September 5th, 2007, 3:55 PM

Johnny retreated to the handrails and rested against them. Well, he did not look so bad at the time, yet he felt he couldn’t compare with the other two that had just shown themselves (even though they, like him, were not overdressed).

“Does anybody know what’s going on? I mean, this can’t really be the Wavedancer or whatever, can it?” Johnny being himself, did not want to accept that this would be it. But, if it all ended here, then he might as well get himself used to the boat. Yet, already he was regretting coming. There were two females, and both looked as if they would frown upon him the next second and remind him of his Mom. It was unnerving. He would have loved to just leave at that time and forget that he had even gotten the letter.

But, the letter was something else. It was something that to him, would lead to a successful life. He was already set to go off. All he had to do was wait off a little while. If there were a huge amount of people coming (which he doubted), then not all of them could be against him…or at least, he hoped.

Johnny picked up his camera and crossed his arms. He did not expect to get an answer from the two. He almost felt as if he did not even want an answer from them.

Scarlet Weather
September 5th, 2007, 4:43 PM
The scream knifed the air, disturbing the peaceful back-and-forth motions that had slowly rocked the Wavedancer with gentle rhythm for the past few hours. Even with the volume of the shout not entering considering, the sheer height of the octave to which it soared was enough to cause even the heaviest sleeper of a tribe of Snorlax to leap to its massive feet, shaking the ground and all near it. With this kept in mind, it was easy to understand why it caused Mark to jolt himself to wakefulness as he leaped to his feet, his glasses askew. The contact with the ceiling of the boat's hold, where he had been napping, would have been quite painful had not the hard hat he wore simply glanced off the hard surface, thus deflecting the impact. Nonetheless, it was a rude awakening. Mark groaned. What had the voice said? Something about a "nude cruise"? Was he on the right boat? With a groan, the excavator pulled himself to his shaky legs. He had no actual fear of boats, but he found that his sea legs were hard to come by, and his best bet for a successful trip by sea was to go to sleep until the ride was over. The darkness and enclosed spaces in the hold didn't bother him much- some of the passages in the underground tunnels in Oreburgh's coal mine had been much more cramped, and not half as close to the surface. Moving slowly, like a hibernating Ursaring that had been woken out of season, Mark crawled hand over foot towards the hold's opening.


Mark's eyes fell on the small envelope sitting on his doorstep, beside his usual issue of Rock Collector Monthly. (This month's issue: "Hot New Tips On How to Chip Rocks Away! The Master of the Rock Hammer Speaks Out!") The envelope itself was nothing special, except for three significant things.

First, the lines that marked the letter as addressed to Mark were written in flowery script, the likes of which he hadn't seen outside of horror films. This was alone enough to pique the interest of any sci-fi lover, even moreso with Mark.

Second, and less noticeably, there was no return address.

Third, and most significantly, the stamp on the envelope was of a peculiar type available in only one location: the area now absent from the map, Traverse Island.

Mark's hands shook as he held the envelope. What he had in his hands was undoubtedly connected to the island's mysterious dissapearance, he was sure of it. His palms, without his notice, began to exude sweat, a quality Mark was unaware of, so great was his excitement. Biting his lip to hold back a shout of anticipation, he dug into the fragile envelope in order to reveal its contents in a frenzy of anticipation. Before more then a little time had passed, scraps of paper that had once formed an envelope littered the air and Mark stood staring at his prize.

Dear Master Mark,

I have recently made a most enticing discovery, one which - I believe - would be of greatest interest to such a talented young individual such as yourself. However, due to certain circumstances beyond my control it would not be prudent for me to come and visit you in person, and truly this discovery is, I believe, something better experienced than described. As such, I have arranged for a modest exhibition seminar, to be held at my residence on Traverse Island.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, kindly board the S/S Wavedancer, moored at pier five of Slateport harbor between 8.30 and 9.30 on the 7th of April. From that point onward, my associate Jade shall look after your well being. Kindly do not bring anyone with you, or more then one piece of luggage or the boat shall not depart. I apologize for these tiresome games, and for not being able to disclose my true identity as of yet, but it is imperative that word of this seminar does not spread to undesired parties.



P.S. Tickets for a plane ride to Slateport and a temporary passport are enclosed. Your letter has arrived a few days in advance in order to make up for the amount of time needed to reach a suitable port town in Sinnoh. I suggest that you make your way to the local airport in as little time as possible after receiving this letter, as the flight is scheduled for exactly six hours after your theoretical return time from your camp.

Mark stared at the letter. It was all there: the basics of any "mad scientist"-type plot. Mysterious benefactor on a tiny island with loads of money and an information network of some sort. Creepily neat handwriting. A gold-embossed letter. What more could he want? Curiosity oozed from Mark's skin like sweat. Maybe he had resurrected an army of extinct Pokemon and was planning on building a theme park there. Or maybe he had access to some kind of fossil dig. Or perhaps it was technology from an ancient civilization of some sort, long lost to the general public. Either way, Mark didn't know or care. Then, with a resounding crash, common sense smashed his reverie to shreds. Going out on an expedition to a vanished island right after leaving for camp? His mother would never approve, the same way she had no tolerance for any of his secret aspirations to train Pokemon. While he was just as gung-ho about paleontology and archaeology as he let on in public, he was careful not to let his mother know how much of his interest in those subjects stemmed from a deep-seated subconscious desire to experience the world of Pokemon as a trainer. The study of Pokemon seemed to him to be the most fascinating field outside of the past, especially that of Pokemon now extinct, and it seemed that the only way of getting any of the experience needed to become a proffessional these days was to get off your rear and go train. His mother, however, didn't quite share this view. Mark bit his lip once again. What to do? Risk the wrath of his mother and run out the door, or give up the chance of a lifetime? He stared at the letter. Things like this happened once in a lifetime, perhaps twice if one was lucky. Mark had never been all that lucky. If he gave up this chance now, it was all over.

Suddenly, a grin split Mark's face. He would just leave home, without telling anyone. He'd leave a note or something, but that was it. He was sixteen, after all, and most of his friends had already set of on adventures of their own. He was perfectly capable of making his own decisions. If his parents didn't like the method he chose, well then, tough cookies. With confidence swelling his features, Mark opened the door to the house and furtively checked. Mom and Dad were probably at the museum at this time of day, but it wouldn't hurt to be sure. Satisfied that nobody occupied the building, Mark slipped into the kitchen and grabbed his father's memo pad and a pen. After scrawling a hasty goodbye, Mark slammed the note onto the refrigerator door and beat a hasty retreat, quickly closing the front door and breaking into a run towards the airport. His adventure had begun.


Mark's head emerged from the hold of the Wavedancer, his already-messy hair even more rumpled then usually, even what little of it appeared beneath his hard hat. "Do you mind? Some of us are trying to get some rest around here," he snapped, staring at the rest of the passengers. Slowly, he turned, fixing his glasses, and came face to face with a boy slightly younger then him, minus one shirt. A malevolent scowl took hold of Mark's face as he snarled at his unfortunate target. "And who do you think you are, Crasher Wake?"

September 5th, 2007, 5:17 PM
So that was how it was going to be. The saying had always gone with three strikes and you’re out. Three people, all grumpy; of course, Johnny now knew that what was to come was not going to be pleasant. His vision of a happy-go-lucky little group traveling to an unknown place and catch some sights was broken, and he was just about ready to leave, wanting nothing more to do with the Wavedancer or Traverse Island.

Yet, even as he reached down gather his belongings, his own camera caught him. Only one word entered his mind; documentary. He knew it; he felt it; he had to be the one who would make that document. So as much as he did not want to be there at the time, he was going to have to bare these people. Was it possible there would be a fourth strike? At this rate highly likely, but it was not going to deter him into leaving.

He picked up the camera, and leaning on hope, began to introduce himself. “My name is John Krinks. Call me Johnny if you like; it doesn’t matter. This right here, is my camera. From this point on, I hope none of you mind me filming at random times during our journey. It would make a great documentary, and I hope that this little trip we have here will be better than it is first appearing to be.” Still unsure if he said anything correctly, he added, “Who’s the captain?”

Good question. Out of everyone that has currently shown up, none looked captain worthy. Yet, they could have not been led there blindly, so Johnny just held on to that and hoped that one of the three would raise their hands and say that they were the captain.

September 5th, 2007, 5:38 PM
Stray walked slowly down the streets of Slateport city, carefully but casually avoiding anyone taking a morning stroll with their Pokemon. He already had enough to think about without worrying about a new bite becoming infected. Opening his mouth to take a deep breath, the male paused to taste the morning air, appreciating the distinct scent and flavor he found in the breeze whenever he traveled close to the sea. As he resumed his path to the harbor, Stray shouldered his pack, wordlessly noting the stiff feel of folded paper in his pocket that reminded him of the mysterious letter he had received a few days ago. Even more than the fact that the Pidgeotto who delivered the letter to him was well-trained enough to only attempt to remove his finger once before it left, several other aspects of the message interested him. Foremost, the letter was addressed to "Stray"--using the name the youth currently held himself under rather than his birthname. He might be able to understand if someone was attempting Cathal Arascain, due not only to the fact that this name would be found in a legal database, but attributed also to the fact that the Arascain line was somewhat known to people--at least in the lines of work relating to Pokemon. Perhaps not as well known as the family sometimes fancied itself, but heard of by many of the more dedicated Pokemon lovers.

"Still," Stray mused. "For all I know, whoever sent this letter might know my real name anyway. And what was the letter talking about when it said 'someone of my experience'?" He shook his head slightly to clear his mind. It doesn't matter. I don't know what this is about, but I've got nothing better to do than find out. He stifled a sigh. As boring as a seminar sounds.

Stray had not yet reached the letter-designated pier when a scream rang out, echoing against the water to be thrown unmercifully at the eardrums of anyone unfortunate enough to be standing on land. The male covered his ears, glancing at the sign ahead bearing a painted number five. The scream and his destination in one direction. This spoke well for the rest of the trip. Making his way somewhat reluctantly forward, Stray muttered, "Just what have I gotten myself into . . ."

When he arrived at the boat that already seemed too small for the passengers currently aboard it, Stray stood in silence for a long moment, assessing the situation and deciding whether he should continue on or not. No one seemed to be in a good mood, and irritation was likely to only increase as the unexpectedly-small vessel began "dancing on the waves"--which it certainly seemed light enough to do. Finally, trying to keep his groan from being too load, Stray boarded the Wavedancer, half expecting the weight of his backpack to capsize the boat. Fortunately it did not, but that was only so much comfort to him now. Looking from the angry to the unnerved, Stray decided against saying anything and instead made his way to the front of the boat to see if the "Jade" the letter mentioned had arrived yet. Finding the prow empty, Stray turned back as he heard one of the boat's occupants speak. It was a boy of dark brown hair who appeared only about sixteen. Only? Stray considered for a few seconds as the word crossed his mind. My age by now . . . I guess I'm about that old, too. Strange how little I think of it.

Stepping toward Johnny, Stray replied, "According to the letter, we were supposed to meet someone named Jade. I'm guessing that none of you have that name."

September 5th, 2007, 5:43 PM
Melissa studied the the comer from the cabin. One thing she noticed right off the bat was the he was taller then her. Come to think of it, all of them were taller then her. She felt incredibly annoyed, why hadn't she worn high heels? In an attempt to maker herself taller, Melissa straightened her back as far as it would go with such a heavy load and pulled a few strands of hair from behind her head. She cast a swift glance in the ocean waters to see if she had a reflection. To her dismay, she didn't. She suppressed a sigh, and turned her attention back towards the two boys.

"Whatever, just make sure you catch me on a good moment if you do film me, which I'm sure you will." Melissa paused dramatically, "You've heard of me no doubt. I'm Melissa Klarice Queens, but you may address me as Melissa. I'm world renowned for my piano playing, but of course you knew that. As for a captain? I have no earthly idea." She cast a disgusted look at the two boys.

With that Melissa clumsily jumped onto the boat, almost tipping over from her heavy backpack, and stood next to the boy Johnny. Still taller then me... Melissa was beginning to feel annoyed. She hadn't realized she was so short. Well, she'd realized she was short, but she'd never been beside people her age to compare to, only adults. She'd always assumed she was average height for her age, and hadn't given it a second thought.

By this time Melissa's backpack was seriously starting to hurt. She looked her fellow travelers over. Both of the boys didn't look scrawny, but they weren't exactly Hercules. She let out a discontented sigh, it was so hard to come across good help these days. Melissa decided on the boy with the camera, he seemed more likely to cooperate.

Just when Melissa was about to hand Johnny her backpack, another male came aboard. What is this, land of the men? Melissa attempted to cast him a disgusted look before he made it past them, but wasn't sure he had seen her, feeling more annoyed then ever Melissa turned back to Johnny.

"Take this and set it down in the cabin, I want to take a nap. I had a long helicopter flight here." Melissa ordered, attempting to shove her backpack into his body, with or without his willingness.

September 5th, 2007, 6:19 PM
OOC: I've edited, well added, an extra line or two to Plum's personality, to give her some vulnerability, instead of being a stuck up nut job all the time. Oh, and I would've included a back-story of how she got there, but you guys post way too fast, angh... X3

IC: The unusual and rather modern device immediately caught her attention. It was something she had learnt to be known as a ‘camera’; a revolutionary invention that allows the owner to record everything and everyone around him. Having only heard about such a device, seeing one in real life was almost too overwhelming for the teenage girl, who still had a lot to learn about the real world.

It was sleek and portable, and sat neatly in the boy’s hands. She had admittedly, become very curious in its functioning and abilities, but her attention was short served when a sudden confrontation, broke out surrounding its wielder.

With such a short attention span, she pushed all thoughts of discovering the wondrous technology of the camera aside, and prepared to intercept the ambush, her combat instincts immediately taking over.

Knowing that her Getas would cause more noise than preferred, sneaking up on the two females had become impossible, which was all but fine with her. She preferred to get hands on and dirty, it was the only real way to fight satisfactorily. Her honour was bound by her village’s code of ethics, so assessing the situation was always the top priority, and because of her respect for such a code, she followed it accordingly and to the ‘T’. But of course, that never meant she did everything she could to not follow it, and often made excuses to break the rulings, which still in respect, allowed her to ‘assess’ the situation in her own way.

Just as she prepared to pounce, the teen was halted once again by another intrusion. A fifth individual had entered the scene, but seemed unwilling to join the confrontation, and boarded the vessel behind the group.

Idiots! Where are all these damn people coming from?! They’re all getting in my way.

Her thoughts whirled in her mind as she struggled to remain in her place and from jumping straight into the scene. It was bothersome, but despite her personal objections, she knew the code was absolute, and dishonour meant she would be forced to…well, being dishonoured was bad enough, what she had to do afterwards was a bit more…sticky.

Pressing her body against the shade of another boat from across the same dock, she watched the situation unfold, both hands prepped against the sword at her side. To her surprise, the scream she had heard earlier that had initiated the confrontation, quickly died down and everything became abnormally calm. One of the two females who had surrounded the camera-wearing boy had now dispersed and boarded the ship. How the situation resolved was anyone’s guess, but to the sword-bearing teen who had watched from the distance, it was a disgrace of a conclusion. No one had even so much as kicked anyone else, the lowest form of physical contact in initiating a fight. She was disappointed, and quite pissed, as she had been building herself up for a great battle, but found out she was too late to the fight.

What a bunch of wimps… she scoffed, as she began to make her way towards the boat where the group had assembled. But at least now I won’t have to beat out the answers I want from them…ugh, that sucks!

The answers that she desired affected her more personally than she had ever anticipated. To find out what had happened, she was forced to leave her village and follow the ominous instructions of the enveloped invitation. As a unique gesture of resentment towards the anonymous sender of such an invitation, after withdrawing all of the letter’s information, she devoured it and spat out whatever remained of its…remains. No one threatens her and her family who she and never met, so she was coming out to deal with the matter personally, and physically.

Striding up to the small boat adorned in letters inscribing the title; ‘Wavedancer’, the teen-aged amateur samurai, cocked a glance towards the few passengers on board, and flashed them a dangerous smile. They were all in their teenage years, some younger than others and some a lot more attractive (in her own sense of attraction) than the rest. The camera-wielding boy stood out the most in her mind, solely due to her growing fascination in modern technology. She also found the state of the boat to be of a high standard, knowing little more than a dingy as her village’s top mode of water transportation. It was exciting, and all other thoughts of previous events were again pushed aside as she took in her new environment and companions.

With a now brighter smile, the scantily dressed teen, gave the ship’s new inhabitants another wave before introducing herself (sort of); “Hey! Are you guys all here to save your families from being held hostage as well?”

September 5th, 2007, 6:20 PM
There was so little time to react; the bag was thrust into Johnny. He had not expected such an action, and as such, dropped his camera. A Third and fourth thing that had him not concentrating on the thrust bag was the entrance of a new person on the boat, and then another, which was dressed in a very distracting way anyway. He nearly fell overboard had he not caught his footing, for both, the new person and the thrust bag, but even if he had fallen, what was more important to him now was his camera. A bit shocked at what she had done and the weight of the bag, he bent down and picked up his camera, looking to see if anything had broken. He turned it on. It was still working; that was good.

Had the teen who had thrust the bag right onto him been a guy, he would have given a stern and mean reaction. But, as the fact remained that this was a girl he was looking at, he did nothing. All that happened was his right eye twitching for a second towards her. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind. Even though he wanted so much to thrust the bag back at her, he was not going to do it. He wasn’t raised that way, and now he desperately wished he was raised to deal with these types of situations.

He wasn’t so sure that there was a remaining plus side either. Someone else had just boarded. By the looks of it, and Johnny did not want to sound rude, but it appeared that this person was also not like someone he would have had in mind to be traveling on the boat. Meaning, not nice. What luck; he was left to be the only oddball of the group. Oh how the sparks would fly.

Giving a weak smile to the strange greetings of a new person, he put his camera in his backpack, swung it around him, and picked up his suitcase. The last was the girl’s backpack, which he grumbled and added an extra twitch as he made his way down to the cabins. Down there, he didn’t even bother on the nice guy routine with the back. He tossed it into the cabin room hearing something break, unsure if it was within the backpack or something that it had hit, then placed his own stuff at the far end cabin.

He sat, and thought about the journey for a bit. How long would it take before this Jade person would arrive? He hoped it wouldn’t take very long, and if he arrived soon enough, he hoped he was nothing like the people he was going with. If that was the way Jade rolled, that Johnny was afraid that he was going to have to shoot himself.

He grabbed his camera and looked it over again, turning it on. It sure did have a lot of remaining battery power left. It was about time that he starts the documentation. He placed it beside his bedside (if you can call it that) and began to film.

“Has there ever been a question in the world that you just had to answer?” He asked, looking straight at the camera. Now he deeply wished that he had taken out his tripod to steady the camera to somewhere at level with his eyesight, but where it was would have to do. “Sure, there are many questions out there, and there are many answers. But on a certain cold day in January, an island disappeared without a trace. I am of course speaking of the Traverse Island Crisis. For two months, there have been no answers, and citizens of all regions have been left puzzled.

“But fear not, as the answer will come in the near future. My name if John Krinks, and I am documenting the Traverse Island Crisis, as it happens. Along the way, I will have fellow passengers to figure out the truth. I will be interviewing each of them for their bits of knowledge in the near future. For now, the Traverse Island Crisis remains a mystery. But, it’s like I said. For now.”

Johnny stopped filming and turned off the camera. It may have been a shaky start to a documentary, but it was a good one. He just hoped that his fellow passengers would want to be interviewed.

September 5th, 2007, 11:38 PM
Are all these people insane? Preoccupied with his own thoughts, Stray found no answer say to anything anyone had said or done--least of all the newest arrival's question about rescuing hostages. Rather, the traveler stood in silence, not bothering to keep the incredulous and slightly critical expression off his face. He saw no real reason to. After all, here he was by invitation from some mystery benefactor who did not even bother to name himself or his specific purpose, on a boat scheduled to bring him to an island that had recently been cut off from the rest world for who knows what reason; and as soon as he boarded the vessel, he found himself facing a kid intent on making a documentary--video footage and all, some guy who looked like he would fit in better at a desert excavation site than on the open sea, a self-absorbed rich girl who was apparently a professional piano player, a lady with about as much lung power as a full-grown Golbat, and now this far-from-traditionally-dressed samurai? Though he was not sure why, Stray fought the urge to throw himself overboard.

This just keeps getting better and better . . . What type of seminar is our host planning, anyway? By now, I doubt I'd be surprised if the next member of this dysfunctional group was a walking potato. As he ran his hand through his bangs, Stray felt the cord from his mask, as well as the scar that cut across his face. Then again, I'm not exactly normal either. The incredulity on his features increased. But that just makes me wonder about our host even more. As he sighed, the tension eased out of Stray's features, and his expression became one akin to a tolerant type of passiveness.

Moving his bag into a more comfortable position on his back, Stray approached the boat's single cabin, glancing inside to see if there was anyone aboard he had not yet seen, and also deciding whether or not he should bother trying to fit inside the quickly-filling room. Two notes of interest came to Stray's mind. First, the room was larger than he had expected it to be. Second, the boat had another occupant. This occupant's bold hair colour (Stray mentally debated on the question of whether or not the shade was natural) and wild hairstyle, plus the gold earring he wore, already seemed to indicate that this person would be quite a character. In this crowd, however, anything less might have made him mind-bendingly bizarre--or at least painfully out of place.

Alter Ego
September 5th, 2007, 11:52 PM
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Alex's boredom, it seemed, didn't last long. Soon after he arrived, a loud, feminine scream immediately caught his attention, and the message was intriguing. 'Nude cruise'? A grin spread across the male's face; the letter hadn't said anything about that, but if the woman in possession of that voice was anything to look at this little cruise was already looking up. Just as the boy was about to climb up and announce his participation, however; a small cacophony of voices, a disappointing majority of which were male, erupted on deck, including another - and far less interesting - scream, this one from a guy. There were people on deck, the ladies and three guys, unless he had lost count. Well, Alex concluded, he supposed it could be worse. Now to go up on deck and make a good first impression. So there were other guys, big deal. He a ran a hand through his crimson locks once again. Obviously none of them could be any serious competition for him.

Just as Alex was planning a cool opening line, however; the door suddenly burst open, and before he could do as much as open his mouth a backpack came flying straight towards him, narrowly missing the boy and instead slamming against the wall which had been behind his head a moment ago with a loud crash.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!" Alex demanded furiously, striding towards the person responsible who seemed to be completely ignoring him in favor of a digital camera in his hands. Needless to say, the redhead was in no mood for this type of behavior.

"Hey, I'm talking to you, weirdo!" he snapped, grabbing camera-boy by the shoulder and yanking it so that the two ended up face-to-face. Alex fancied himself quite the imposing figure with his wild, crimson hair and green eyes after all, so a staredown was his chance to shine, "Watch where you throw your damn backpack; you almost broke my nose with that." the boy relinquished his grip in what he hoped was a suitably cool manner, "So anyway, I take it that you're here for the mystery cruise too?" he added in an attempt to steer the situation into conversation, "Any sign of this 'Jade' character out there?"

September 6th, 2007, 4:02 AM
OCC: Hey damn! I thought you wanna start this at 13:00 gmt! -_-# Well, now let´s see if i can get in... @Random! You are too fast! ^^

It was a day like all the other days in the year. The Pokémon center wasn´t that much full because many trainer just started and the leagues were over since a couple of weeks. Of course Su always had to do something, but most of the time she was in the pokecenter she talked to Nurse Joy about boys, Pokémon and trainers. It was the most common thing to Su to talk to the Nurse like a best friend, since she was most of her work time in the pokecenter and stuff. Sometimes it was difficult for Su to take the difference between the Nurses from the different poke centers. But it was OK at all. She had been transferred to Slateport harbors pokecenter for now a week and it wasn´t much to do here.

I am happy enough that I can travel to every pokecenter I want to. She thought with a grin on her face. Su´s looked at the mirror in the pokecenter hall and looked at herself, the red long hair in a very strange hedgehog style down she looked more like a rock star than a poke nurse. “What are you thinking Su?” a female well known voice asked behind Su. “What I am thinking? Uhm, I just thought that´s not much to do here. You know, it´s just the start for the new trainer in the hole country, and it will take a while until they get here.” Su answered a bit bored. Joy had to laugh. “I see what you mean. Well, if you want to do something else you can do whatever you want. I don´t need your help now you spotted by yourself.” “What do you mean Joy?” Su asked wondering. She turned around to face the Nurse. Joy was smiling, but also had a bored expression on her face. “What I mean? Hmm… let´s see… the trainers will get here in, I would say, 3 or 4 weeks. Until then you can have some vacation, how does that sound?”

“Sound pretty good to me!” Su nearly screamed. “Ah, before I forget it, you have received a letter from an unknown person, but I think it looks kind of serious.” Joy said and gave Su the envelope. Su looked at the envelope and opened it. She felled very expensive paper and smelled royal ink. “Huh, let´s see…”


Dear Nurse Susan Shera Suman ,

I have recently made a most enticing discovery, one which - I believe - would be of greatest interest to such a talented young individual such as yourself. However, due to certain circumstances beyond my control it would not be prudent for me to come and visit you in person, and truly this discovery is, I believe, something better experienced than described. As such, I have arranged for a modest exhibition seminar, to be held at my residence on Traverse Island.

If you are interested in attending the seminar, kindly board the S/S Wavedancer, moored at pier five of Slateport harbor between 8.30 and 9.30 on the 7th of April. From that point onward, my associate Jade shall look after your well being. Kindly do not bring anyone with you, or more then one piece of luggage or the boat shall not depart. I apologize for these tiresome games, and for not being able to disclose my true identity as of yet, but it is imperative that word of this seminar does not spread to undesired parties.



P.S. Please bring everything needed for Pokémon care taking and healing equipment by yourself. Your medical knowledge about Pokémon and human is from big importance.


“A journey huh?” Su asked herself out loud. “Well for me it sounds like you have to do a lot of work on this island. I heard in the news that every support to the island had break down. Perhaps they need assistance in the medical stuff you know?” Joy said with a serious expression on her face.

“I get it, It´s just another transfer note eh? Now it´s not the government, now it´s some private company needing medical attention…” Su joked. “Well I think you won´t get bored along this trip. I´ll help you with packing everything you will need.” Joy added with a soft smile on her lips. Of course both got everything needed very quick because of the not needed medical stuff right now, and the fact that the ship was waiting nearby they had a lot of fun packing all around. After they made everything needed Su had silver/white hair again. She had black leather clothes and her backpack with everything needed for the trip. “Heh rock lady… just look out and don´t do anything dangerous.” Joy said as they said goodbye. Su looked back and laughed. “Yes Ma´m! See you in a couple of weeks…”

About an hour later she arrived at letters given address, if you can call it that. “The S/S Wavedancer…” she muttered to herself, looking at this little ferry. She become aware that other persons were already on the ship. At first she heard a female scream and then much persons on board. Snoopy as she was she couldn´t do anything else but to look on board. Oh boy, a hysterical lady, one lady killer, a dizzy guy and a spiritless boy on a ship... and now i come to join them, marvelously!

Su jumped on board. "Hey you all! Let off that boy!" she shouted. "I don´t know who you are or what you want, but stop mocking him..." She went to the boy with the camera and set off her sunglasses, fixing him with her yellow eyes. "You are alright?" Perhaps she shouldn´t have get into this situation like this, but she couldn´t have such people. It just did remind her of her past.

"So people, what do you think if we all settle down a bit..."

September 6th, 2007, 8:35 AM
As the crisp morning slowly trundled onwards; a young man walked briskly towards the docks at Slateport. He grumbled as he stepped, ranting on and on with a large self-sympathising rant about how bad the bus service was, and about how much he hated his darn sister. He didn’t know why, but it was all her fault that he had overslept and missed the last direct train; he reckoned that she had somehow deliberately turned his alarm clock off yesterday. Because of this (whoever’s fault it was) Johan had been forced to travel around half the damn region, and he was late. Once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the newly reclusive Traverse Island and see something groundbreaking and he was late. As Joe neared pier three he caught sight of the Wavedancer.

“No.” He came to a despairing halt, hands slowly moving to his temples, “you are having a laugh!” All the trouble he had gone to, hopping on and off trains for near a whole day, not to mention having to walk some insane distance to get to the docks and this was the SS Wavedancer? It was rubbish! A shoddy little motor boat with a little cabin on the front of it… the least Johan had expected would have been a luxury yacht of some description, not this glorified tug boat. He started off again, moaning with renewed vigour. Past pier four; a modern looking trawler sat smartly in the water there, and a man in dungarees sat on the deck looking proud of himself. He waved to the boy friendlily as he past, and Johan smiled weakly back at him.

“Hey you all! Let off that boy!” A woman cried as he skulked around the back of the boat, stopping at the edge of the pier. Johan’s heart sank as he surveyed the people who were also attending this ‘seminar’; he couldn’t even think of a fitting euphemism to describe such a group of strange and probably unique individuals. He tried his hardest not to draw any attention to himself as he slinked on board; he needn’t have though as most everyone’s attention was focused on ‘that boy’: a curious man who carried a modern looking camera. Johan ducked silently into the cabin, a darkened room filled with everyone’s bags. He tossed his own carelessly onto one of the seats before resurfacing.

"So people, what do you think if we all settle down a bit..." The same woman as before was talking. Johan decided that now probably was the best time to introduce himself, lest he stay silent too long and appear unsociable to these people who, like it or not, were his peers.

“Hello!” He said cheerfully, waving his hand at everyone gathered there. “SS Wavedancer… Traverse Island thing… am I on the right boat?” He smiled gently, eyes darting from person to person beneath his sunglasses. He had already picked out a few of them as people he did not want to be on the wrong side of: the scary looking one with the mask and the girl with the sword (simply because she had a sword). He hauled himself completely out of the cabin and onto the deck; adjusting his glasses with one hand while the other searched for refuge in one of his pockets. This seminar better be really really good he thought to himself as the little vessel bobbed up and down gently in the waters of pier five.

September 6th, 2007, 8:50 AM
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Juanita stood amazed as several people joined her on the ship. They expect ALL of these people to travel on this tiny little boat!? She ran her manicured fingers through her black locks and sighed. She couldn't believe what she puts herself through for her job. Juanita leaned on a nearby railing and surveyed the crowd. Then, she noticed a familiar face in the crowd!

"Melissa Queens! World famous pianist! What on Kyogre's Blue Back are you doing in a place like this!?" Juanita yelled, running over to the famous performer. She couldn't believe someone her stature was here, on this boat, going to some strange island. Speaking of her stature, Juanita also noticed how short she was. Always looked taller on stage... "I've been to several of your concerts and your skill with the piano is astounding. I must say I'm quite than fan of your's." I guess this trip was worth it in the end. She actually got to meet Melissa Queens in person. Juanita smiled graciously.

OOC: Sorry it's so short. Not much I can do right now and I have to go to World History from 1715 and Academic Writing. Joy. I just wanted to post before I got too far behind.

September 6th, 2007, 9:32 AM
Being a person who normally demanded the attention of those in every room she stepped foot in, having almost every passenger merely nod at her existence, well, it pissed her off. She craved the attention, she demanded it, and now she wasn’t getting it. Every other passenger who had now boarded the motorboat was too preoccupied with themselves and what they were doing. This was the case, until a particular voice suddenly rang out, on top of the others. It was another female voice, and it appeared to be defending the existence of the one who wielded the mechanical contraption known as a camera.

Her thoughts once again recollected, the amateur teen-aged samurai crept bellow the deck of the boat and into the small crowded cabin inside, which was filled up to around three to four people and a corresponding number of heavy looking luggage bags. Seeing this, she felt herself suddenly becoming very hot in the face and very angry once again. However this time, the cause for such a temper was actually herself…well, her memory to be exact, or her lack of one.

After receiving her invitation, she had become so fired up that she left the village almost immediately after reading it, in a heated pursuit of the letter’s sender. She also now realised that after she had left, she had failed to bring along any supplies or belongings. She was effectively on her own, about to take on this exciting but dangerous adventure, and had nothing but the clothes on her back and a long bamboo pole (carved into a sword) at her side.

She continued standing for several moments, analysing the healthy load of bags, probably filled with beautiful clothes, expensive gadgets and delicious food. Of course, being as proud and stubborn as she was, she wasn’t going to admit her blunder to anyone until it was absolutely necessary, and abruptly decided to alter the scenario by quickly flopping down onto one of the cabin’s many seats and began addressing her new fellow companions.

There were seven other people aboard the ship and she made sure to take every one of them into account. The first one that caught her attention was undoubtedly the camera-bearing individual who was the cause of all of the commotion. He had neck-long brown hair and matching brown eyes. Then there was the second boy, nearby the first, who stood quite tall, slightly higher than herself. He appeared scrawny and rather fragile, but his hair was another matter. It exploded off of his head in all of its fiery glory, which made him seem quite intimidating with such an attitude as his. Following the first two, there was the latest arrival, a young boy with sharp blonde hair and shady sunglasses covering his eyes. He seemed suspicious to her, and could be a potential threat, but after hearing him speak, all doubt surprisingly left her mind. His impression wasn’t very intimidating at all, and he seemed more reluctant than anyone else she had seen, but decided to move on regardless. The last person she could see from her seat within the cabin was the more mature looking teenage girl who had called for the others to cease harassing the camera-boy. She had bright yellow eyes and looked around her age and height. Seeing such a person, the novice samurai smiled and judgingly decided she would be a fine companion, the second so far.

“Oh, I’m Li Meiling, but I call myself ‘Plum’ because it’s a lot easier to say and write,” she spoke out with a bright smile but with a furrowed brow, contorting her cute round face. “There are so many people, I still haven’t met the other three on the deck yet, but I guess we’ll all be forced together soon enough by that Jade-bastard-san!”

Laughing as she finished her introduction, the sharp-haired brunette wriggled further into the comfortable cushioned sofa and propped her legs onto the small table bolted in the centre of the cabin, her large wooden Getas making noises resembling shattering glass rather than resting feet.

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September 6th, 2007, 10:03 AM
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I guess we’ll all be forced together soon enough by that Jade-bastard-san!

Plum's a freakin' psychic. xD


Alex flinched inwardly at Susan's interjection. Great, he had gone and made himself look like a big bully in front of a lady now, so much for first impressions...ah well, he supposed that the best thing to do would

"Hey, easy." the boy protested, "I just wanted him to pay attention to where he lobs several kilograms of heavy backpack, that's all. It's not like I was beating him up or anything." the boy scratched his head, feeling rather embarrassed about the whole ordeal, "Sorry about that." he added in Johnny's direction, "It's just that that backpack was a real narrow miss. No hard feelings, alright?" he extended a hand to camera-boy, hoping that he would accept the gesture of peace without any further complications, "Oh, and I'm Alex, by the way, nice to meet you."

"You people are annoying."

Despite the cacophony of noises on the deck, this particular one was clearly audible. It was bored and purposefully monotonous, almost machine-like, but it carried strong even to the interior of the ship. At the sound Alex immediately forgot all about camera-boy and, surprisingly, even the good Samaritan girl with the...unusual fashion sense, rushing out onto the already crowded deck, despite the fact that there were way too many people there already.

It didn't take long to spot their temporary host in the crowd. Right in front of the steering wheel - at a spot which Alex was sure had been empty a moment ago - a dark-clad figure had appeared. He appeared to be a grown man, if his height was anything to go by, although due to the heavy, hooded gray traveling cloak he wore and the tall collar of his black shirt, the only parts of the man that were visible consisted of a pair of jade-colored eyes and the tip of a pale-skinned nose. His attire was hardly the fashion statement of the year, consisting of a pair of gray cargo pants, the aforementioned black shirt - the sleeves of which reached all the way to his wrists - a pair of heavy-looking, black, steel-toed boots and a pair of black gloves. The whole look of the stranger spelled bad news, and his attitude - which appeared to be that of someone looking after a group of particularly bothersome children - did little to improve the image. Even his arms were folded in that distinct 'I have so many better things to do' manner. Alex fiercely sought eye-contact, instinctively feeling a need to challenge the other male, but his demanding stare went completely ignored.

"Alright, settle down, the lot of you." the black-clad stranger remarked before anyone, "We're on a tight schedule, so everyone gather onto the deck, stop arguing and maiming each other, and listen up. I'm Jade, as I'm sure most of you have guessed by now, and I have been assigned to escort this..." he seemed to make very little effort in masking his distaste at this point, "...colorful group to Traverse Island. Now, for the purpose of this trip, there are three simple rules for you to follow. One," he raised his right thumb, "As long as you are aboard the S/S Wavedancer, my word is law. I don't care if you're a millionaire, a government employee, a hobby documentarist, a jumped-up samurai-wannabe with an aggression complex or a god-damn avatar of Arceus himself; my ship, my rules. If you have a problem with this, there will be plenty of sea for you to jump into at any given point of the voyage and I shall be more than glad to give you a hand in that regard. Two," the index finger dutifully joined its neighbor, "There will be no more fighting onboard. The seas around Traverse Island are treacherous, and I don't need any of you capsizing this vessel. Once we depart, just step inside, find a seat, and stay there until we arrive. And three." his middle finger completed the set, "No stupid questions. Given the level of conversation you've maintained thus far, this would make not asking any questions at all your best bet. My job is to take you to the island; not to indulge in your inane blabber. I am not paid to talk with you, I do not feel like talking with you, and quite frankly I do not even like you, so don't waste the time of anyone here by trying."

Jade unfolded his arms, giving the group a last, scornful glance, "As long as nobody does anything stupid, we will be arriving at Traverse Island in approximately one and a half hours. As such, it would probably be in your interest to secure a seat indoors. Dismissed."

With that, he simply turned towards the steering wheel again, completely ignoring the group. Well, needless to say, Alex didn't take this well at all.

"Hey, who do you think you are, anyway?!" he demanded, glaring at the black-clad man with obvious anger, "You can't just pop out of nowhere, insult everyone and then ignore us! Hey, are you even listening?!"

Jade merely sighed, giving him the briefest of glances, "What part of 'No stupid questions' didn't you understand?" he inquired, "Actually, don't answer that. Just get your insufferably loud self inside and quit bothering me." he walked over to the steering wheel, "In case you forgot, we've got a ship to steer."

"We?" the red-head barbed, "I thought you said you didn't want anything to do with us."

"I'm not talking about you, you obnoxious little trainer school dropout." Jade retorted, his voice now betraying slight irritation, "Tiamat, let the idiot see for himself!"

Before Alex could even begin posing the obvious question to this, the whole boat suddenly trembled violently, the water by the prow churning as something emerged. It was, the teen gathered after a few minutes of staring, a head. But not just any head; this one was almost the size of his body, covered by light blue scales which diluted to a yellowish hue around the lower jaw of the huge, gaping red mouth with two sharp fangs at both top and bottom. Grayish white fins protruded from both of the creature's cheeks, coupled with a pair of long, light blue whiskers, and above the mouth a pair of red eyes leered at the group from below a W-shape protrusion at the top of the creature's head, another length of greyish white fin running down the back of its head and along the length of the thick, serpentine body coiling itself up from the water.

"You've got to be freaking ribbing me..." Alex stuttered as the truth began to sink in, still clinging to the nearby railing in preparation for another violent jolt, "This whole ship is strapped to the back of a giant Gyarados?!"

"You're a very keen observer of the obvious." Jade replied, apparently pleased with the boy's reaction, "And that reminds me of rule number four: no more stating painfully obvious things like that. Now if your collective curiosity is suitably satisfied, please get to your damn seats." he addressed the last remark to all of them collectively, "This is going to be a bumpy ride."

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September 6th, 2007, 11:51 AM
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It wasn´t hard to tell that Su was completely surprised by the arrival, if you can call it arrival, of this Jade and the stupid but also intelligible rules a man of that sort had made. On top of that was the fact that this ship was the part of a giant Gyarados. She looked down at the Pokémon after the first shock. "Marvelous... strong and good trained..." where the only words she could say at this moments. What else should she say? After all, she was a nurse, trained to look on everybody's health. She went to the "camera-boy" as everyone kept calling him like that. "Hey. How are you? My name is Susan, but if you want, you can call me Su." she said to him with a soft smile on her lips. She touched him on his shoulders and got with her face near to his. "If ya want to talk, just do as you like." she said and smiled. Ignoring this Melissa Queens she then looked to this Samurai girl who had introduced herself kindly.

"Nice to meet you Meiling-San. Hope i said it right..." Su smiled. "I´m Susan. Susan Suman." and shook Plums hand. "Well, if you excuse me, i´ll look if i can get a seat on the inside of this -Ship-." she said and went into this cabin, leaving the other people behind. Would be better if i don´t start a fight now... if somebody wants something, they now know where to find me... Su thought, walking to wards a free seat. She sat down, hosting her backpack under the seat after getting an apple out of the backpack.

September 6th, 2007, 12:29 PM
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IC: Melissa felt flattered by the women's kind words. She was about to introduce herself when a new voice spoke out. Melissa looked at this new, 'Jade' person. He was a far cry from what she was expecting. In fact, she was rather disappointed with him. Listening to him talk made Melissa a little irritated, especially since he added "millionaire" in the group of things he didn't care about. She would have loved to go up there right now and give him a piece of her mind, but she was to scared of him actually throwing her overboard. And it didn't help that they were on a Gyarados. Melissa began to shiver, and she could have sworn she felt a rain drop splash on her dress. Looking up, she didn't see a thing.

"I must be loosing it..." Melissa mumbled to nobody in particular. After giving the interesting group of people one last look, she turned to the Hispanic lady.

"Why don't we sit inside? I'm afraid I'm not one for...eh...Gyarados travel, hm?" Melissa spoke as sweetly as she could, and even added one of her classic-crowd-roaring smiles at the end. Melissa decided not to wait for a reply, if this lady was a fan of her at all (or had any common sense) she'd probably come into the cabin as well. So Melissa carefully trudged into the cabin, and delicately sat on one of the red seats. There were several other people in the room, all of which Melissa decided to ignore.

It was then Melissa noticed her backpack, squished in a corner in the edge of the cabin. Melissa raised from her seat, and picked it up as gracefully as she could, and sat back down to inspect the damage. Luckily, nothing had been broken except for a spare pare of sun glasses. She'd just buy some more on Traverse Island if she needed any, though she was beginning to feel that she wouldn't.

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September 6th, 2007, 4:46 PM
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Mark stepped onto deck, just in time to take inventory of the other passengers. Number one, the kid with the shirtless camera fetish, John Krinks. Alright, now that this kid was established as not being a nudist, Mark was fine sharing the trip with him, provided he kept that camera turned off while Mark was sleeping. Then there was the weird girl, Lemon Ming or something weird like that, who preferred to go by "Plum". Oh joy, a fruitcake on board, in clothing that appeared to date back to feudal times. Another girl, Susan. Meh, nothing much for her. Then there were the other passengers, a group totaling nine in all, counting him. What were the odds that any of the others would be fossil obsessors? Probably not great, a little voice in Mark's head whispered, And you're really driving yourself insane. Just introduce yourself and go back to sleep.

Pulling himself from the hold, Mark stood in front of the others, allowing his gaze to sweep across them. "As long as we're introducing yourself, I'm Mark. My last name, at this point in time, is none of your business, primarily because I'm headin' back to sleep. Now that we all know each other, I want to make just one thing clear: Don't wake me up. I get seasick way too-GWAH!"

The "Gwah" was, of course, the direct result of the sea-serpent Tiamat raising her head out from the water and rocking the Wavedancer, revealing the true nature of the boat. Mark had time for one quick look at the draconic face of the creature before he overbalanced and tumbled back into the hold, while the trap door closed over him.

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September 6th, 2007, 4:47 PM
"You people are annoying."

What the--? Stray stepped back and turned about in a single motion, his gaze darting toward the source of the unexpected voice. The boy's eyes narrowed slightly as they came to rest on a darkly-clothed man. How did he get there? I haven't left the deck at all, and yet I never saw, heard, or even sensed this guy's arrival. There's something about him . . . Stray listened quietly as the man spoke, moving his eyes once over the guide's shrouded form before focusing on his face in a vain attempt to discern something about this individual's hidden self. Even though he may talk big, I think he has what it takes to back it up.

After introducing himself as Jade, the rather irritable man proceeded to announce a set of rules to be kept during the one-and-a-half hour journey to Traverse Island. If eyes were anything to go by, Jade fit his name, though Stray found notably little in him to value. The fiery-haired boy that had recently emerged from the cabin was unsurprisingly offended by Jade's attitude toward the rest of the group and proceeded to confront him. And the consequence of this dialogue? The reveal of Jade's partner--a massive Gyarados who was doubtless as ill-tempered as his trainer. The discovery that the boat was attached to the back of a sea dragon appeared to shake up several passengers and, admittedly, was no great comfort to Stray either--though he did not let it show. After a last, long look at Jade, Stray finally made his way into the vessel's single cabin. He saw no reason to stay on deck. Following a brief glance about the crowded room in search of unoccupied space, the wanderer swung his backpack off his shoulders and deposited it on the floor before taking a seat on the bench behind it. Without a word, Stray closed his eyes and leaned back--making a silent statement that he had no current desire to speak to the others. Whatever he had on his mind before was still there, but new issues had been added. I don't know what type of person would be crazy enough to bring people like us together in one place, or send someone like Jade to take us to him--though I wonder if anyone lesser could control this group--but I'm beginning to feel more like a prisoner than anything else. Stray unconsciously began to finger the hilt of his knife. Even if I have no idea what's coming, I'm pretty sure that this "seminar" is going to be a lot more interesting than I first imagined.

September 6th, 2007, 7:55 PM
Jade’s arrival had shortly caused Johnny to go numb. It was a three second numbness that died down quickly. It hit him now; this was the beginning of their journey. He picked up his camera, turning it on. Unfortunately, as soon as the screen was ready for recording, he heard Jade make a comment about him. First of all, Jade sounded like someone who wasn’t nice, and the way he said the comment about a ‘hobby documentist’ was enough to tell him that filming would probably piss him off.

He had the camera by his side at all times. And when the Gyarados that the ship was evidently plastered upon rose from the water, Johnny only wished that he had his camera on to catch it before it had risen. It would have made such a great shot, and the more he thought about it, the more he would have wanted to press the recording button.

But he did not. For a moment, he stood paralyzed. Someone introduced herself to him, but he wasn’t paying attention at who it was. The moment he turned to see where the voice had come from, she had vanished. Now he stood transfixed on absolutely nothing. He saw this pianist girl leaving, going to most likely look for her bag he had cared for in so horrible a fashion. For a split second, he thought of going over there and starting over again, believing he and she had started on the wrong foot.

His mind changed quick as the third person he had seen when he stepped foot on the boat introduced himself and in a clumsy fashion, fall down a trap door. It was a small distraction, but enough to change his mind of going to speak to the pianist.

Now, he had absolutely nothing in particular in mind. He stood, and looked down on his camera. The question in his mind was whether he should turn it on or leave it off. He smiled as the answer was obvious to himself. No Jade was going to scare him off of making his documentary.

The light on the camera blinked; the story has now begun.

Alter Ego
September 7th, 2007, 10:48 AM
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"Sheez, talk about attitude problems..." Alex sneered, casting a last, disapproving glance over his shoulder at the continuously unbothered figure of Jade at the prow. Their black-clad 'captain' didn't seem to have any interest in operating the steering wheel, but instead he seemed to be intensely focused on directing Tiamat's movements, a constant stream number of incomprehensible and nearly inaudible orders escaping his lips as the giant sea serpent set into motion, hauling the tiny dinghy of a ship with it. With the initial shock gone, Alex soon found that the ride itself wasn't nearly as insufferable as he had first thought. Oh, sure the boat lurched up and down as it followed the Gyarados' movements, but Alex was no stranger to boats; and many of the ones he had been far less comfortable than this. Had he not held such spite against Jade for his haughty manner and the inexcusable act of calling him a 'trainer school dropout', the redhead might actually have felt inclined to ask how one raised such a magnificent beast, let alone controlled it with such precision. Alas, the redhead's wounded pride was currently covering this spark of curiosity beneath it, and the boy merely harrumphed, turning his head away from the black-clad grouch in an attempt to ignore him.

Most of the people on the ship had already gone inside, but one of them - camera boy - was simply standing there with a slightly glazed look in his eyes. One might have mistaken that for some kind of last-minute regret, but seeing as how the shoreline had all but disappeared out of view after only a few minutes - courtesy of Tiamat's formidable swimming speed and the ever persistent mist - Alex got a feeling that this was about something else altogether.

"Hey, you still with us?" the teen inquired, walking over to the boy and giving him a light tap on the shoulder, "There will probably be stormy weather ahead, so you might want to get inside before that camera of yours has its fill."

That was about all the caring one could possibly show without doing something uncool, and when he didn't receive an instantaneous reply, Alex merely shrugged, "Suit yourself, then." he remarked, "I'm going inside."

With that, the redhead turned around and proceeded into the interior of the ship - the belly of the beast, one might have said, were it not for the fact that said belly was located a bit below them. A girl, rich-looking one at that, had already found herself a seat and was currently inspecting the damage to the backpack which camera-boy had nearly maimed Alex with. She was certainly attractive enough to make a pass on, but right now the teen just wasn't feeling up to that sort of thing, still too preoccupied with plotting out a way to get back at this Jade character as he was. The guy sitting on the sidelines seemed cool enough to interact with, what with having that scar and all, but at the moment, claiming a seat for the trip was more crucial. He'd have plenty of time to talk later, when there was a bigger audience inside to impress.

With this in mind, Alex strode over to the spot where he had left his backpack, once again slumping down next to it.

"Some cruise this far, huh?" he remarked to no-one in particular, the sarcasm quite clear in his voice, "You'd think that for all the arrangements and the posh invitation, they'd at least give a slightly warmer reception. Oh, and I'm Alex, by the way." he added, "Since we'll be stuck together in this boat for the next one and a half hours, I figure we might as well get to know each other a little. What are your names?" the last question, like the rest of his speech, was addressed to everyone in general.

September 7th, 2007, 5:35 PM
The arrival of their fated caretaker for the voyage immediately caught Plum’s attention. She had decided not to relieve herself from the spot she had taken residence in thus far, but was promptly addressed by the new passenger nonetheless. It was the bastard Jade who she had so adequately mentioned in her introduction, but after finally meeting him in the flesh, she couldn’t help but become smitten. However, it was only after the blacken-clad individual with the emerald eyes, had left the group on their own before she spoke out.

“He’s freaking cool!” the brown-haired teen exclaimed, pumping a fist in the air as the calm inside the cabin returned…briefly. “He’s very cute too, and he has pretty eyes and he-”

She suddenly hiccupped as the small modern boat lurched to the side due to the subdued flailing of Tiamat, Jade’s pet Gyarados and the prime propeller of the small watercraft. It was at this point that most of the other passengers began to seek shelter within the boat’s interior. They had already begun moving and Plum was all but happy for the rendezvous, except now she had lost her train of thought and completely dismissed what she had previously been stating when one of the other passengers greeted her.

“Nice to meet you Meiling-san. Hope I said it right...” the girl started, and to the surprise of Plum, she saw that it was the girl she had assessed earlier as being one of the first friends she would make. “I’m Susan. Susan Suman.”

“You pronounced it funny, and your name is weird and hard to say,” she replied blatantly and with a laugh, but gave the girl a bright smile afterwards. “Please call me Plum, ‘Meiling’s’ too formal for me.”

It was then that the explosive fire-head entered the cabin once again and resumed his original seat across the table from where she had seated herself. Retrieving her legs from their rest on the small table, she gave Susan a small wave and wink before preparing to jump over to meet the boy who had so obviously been insulted by the bastard’s presence. It was time for her super special alluring technique to make its appearance, a powerful technique that Plum rarely utilised to tease the enemy in the simple hope of making them become flustered. It was actually just simply a way of building tension just for the sake of it, and she was not prepared to spend the whole trip to Traverse Island in any form of peace and quiet, despite her new idol’s wishes. However, before she could even move, her target suddenly spoke out, forcing her to retreat back into her seat.

“Oh, and I’m Alex, by the way.” He added after opening so sarcastically, a tone of seriousness returning to his voice. “Since we'll be stuck together in this boat for the next one and a half hours, I figure we might as well get to know each other a little. What are your names?”

Plum levelled her eyes and leant her head next to the other nineteen year old, Susan. With her head rested on the girl’s shoulder, she gave the canary-eyed teen a sadden pout before whispering her true intentions on the situation.

“Aw, he spoke up before I could, and I was going to pounce and everything,” she spoke in a hushed tone, her lips only inches away from the girl’s neck. Then, as suddenly as she had retreated, the teen-aged samurai pulled back up with a dangerous smile and a furrowed brow, adorning her previous expression of intimidation. Slamming her fist onto the small table in the middle of the cabin, causing the iron bracelets on her arm to shake, her sharpened smile widened as her eyes narrowed. “As I’ve said before, I am Li Meiling,” she began in a matter-of-factly tone. “But call me ‘Plum’, and I’m here to kick some bastards’ assess.”

September 7th, 2007, 7:38 PM
Melissa stopped inspecting her bag to look up at the boy who was speaking. On any other day she would have been quite shocked by his appearance, but after the people she'd run into today, it didn't phase her. Then he asked for there names. Normally Melissa would have responded to a repeat question such as this with some snappy remark, but she figured she'd made enough enemies today.

“As I’ve said before, I am Li Meiling,” said a matter-of-factly tone. “But call me ‘Plum’, and I’m here to kick some bastards’ assess.”

Melissa nearly jumped out her skin when she heard the remark. She whirled to the speaker, it was some samurai looking chick. Where on earth did she come from!? The feudal era?! And what is her problem, is she drunk? Melissa decided to scoot away from this, 'Plum'. After giving the inhabitants of the cabin one last searching look, Melissa decided to respond.

"I'm Melissa Klarice Queens. Just...just call me Melissa though." She swallowed, "It's...it's a pleasure to...meet you." Melissa choked out the last part. As much as she hated lying, she wanted these people not to kill her. She might actually have a chance of getting out of this alive!

Why oh why did I agree to come on this.. nutty voyage!? Melissa let out a tired sigh, and buried her face in her hands. Tears began to well up, but Melissa refused to cry in front of these people. She would be strong until the end, and she would be able to say she was one of the people to find the missing Traverse Island.

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September 7th, 2007, 10:49 PM
For a time, Stray took little notice of and even less interest in the actions of those about him. Hearing Plum's glorification of the already self-glorified Jade mostly served to annoy him, and Alex's conversation starter only mildly caught Stray's attention. At the red-haired boy's introduction and request for others to do the same, however, Stray opened his eyes to match faces with names. Only then did he notice his hand resting on his knife hilt. After consideration, he lowered his hand to the narrow space beside him.

"Alex, huh," the traveler thought, briefly studying the name's owner. Somehow, I expected something stronger--more bold sounding. He certainly looks it. A movement to the side drew his gaze as the resident samurai rejoined the central conversation. At the rather spirited introduction that followed, Stray felt one of his eyebrows twitch upward slightly. This 'Plum' will be one to watch. Definitely a wild one, though I'm not entirely sure who she is planning on fighting. I wonder if she knows either. The amused smile that almost crept into Stray's scarred features never had the chance to fully establish itself, however, rather losing its humor at the next introduction. Despite having introduced herself earlier, the piano girl stated her name again: this time without her former haughtiness. And this time Stray bothered to remember her. After she finished speaking, he continued to observe her for a moment. Looks like Jade's little performance did a number on the girl; or maybe it's the general insanity of this situation. Who knows, really. During his lifetime, Stray had met a few people that reminded him of Melissa. He had never liked any of them. But with some of her former attitude now dissipated, he found that he disliked her slightly less. And as Melissa's head lowered into her hands, confusion temporarily replaced the remaining hostility, allowing Stray's faint, humorless smile to vanish. What is she doing? She's not crying already, is she? I'm not expecting another Plum attitude from her or anything, but . . . He paused to take in a silent breath. Anyway, might as well. Like Alex said, it's one-and-a-half hours to Traverse Island. And even if I jumped overboard now, with my record I'd just be Gyarados bait.

Stray's eyes glimmered like ice in the morning sun as they deliberately slid a single time across those present. Then, seeming to adjust his gaze so that it encompassed everyone at once, he spoke. "The name's Stray."

September 8th, 2007, 1:19 AM
OCC: @Alter: You are right! It´s very good to see people posting here! Finally an Alter-RP! Yay! ^^

As the cabin was slowly filled with the other persons, Su just watched everything for a while. It definite could be a funny trip. Plum rested her head on Su´s shoulder, than whispered something very near Su´s neck. "Aw, he spoke up before I could, and I was going to pounce and everything...". Ah, you are such a girl... Su thought while focusing Plum with her yellow eyes. Susan had to grin in a very unnaturally way. She wasn´t a normal girl by herself too but the way Plum did all this was the best way to get a cat fight in some way.

After Samurai-Plum had introduced herself again, the fine looking girl did also. Melissa Klarice Queens? Su thought. It wasn´t the first time she had heard of this name. Of course! Nurse Joy was a great fan of this piano-girl. Su didn´t had much experience with music, only the experience with her E-Guitar. She stood up to get to this Melissa, and while standing up she stroke Plums face a bit. "Don´t overdo it, Plum-Chan..." she whispered with a offense smile on her face and a catlike vista. Su had chosen the Chan- part because of a very good reason. Then she went over to this Melissa. While walking the few steps she said: "Nice to meet you all. My name is Susan Suman, hobby Guitarist and Nurse as assigned job." She sat down next to Melissa. "So, you are Melissa Klarice Queens, the famous pianist, eh?" Su asked with the warmest smile a nurse could do. Of course she didn´t had overseen her reaction before, so she did what a nurse had to do, but she also felt sorry for her.

"Sister Joy keeps talking about you all day. Say, what´s a famous pianist doing here on this... ferry? I can´t imagine that you are doing this for a vacation trip or something..." Su didn´t take care at all if her appearance was fitted to her. After all she was wearing her leather clothes. Perhaps she should have chosen something... normal.

September 8th, 2007, 2:07 AM
OOC: Another chomp brand short keeping-up-with-the-story post.

The boy with the camera was now the only one on the deck with Johan; the rest of the trainers having gone inside on Jades instructions. Joe was gazing in wonder at ‘Tiamat’: the majestic Gyarados which Jade had called forth to propel the SS Wavedancer to its destination. He had ever seen a Gyarados before; living in the country nowhere near any sizeable bodies of water he had never really got the chance. After a few minutes of gawping at the sea serpent, however, Johan thought it best to venture inside; try and get acquainted with the strange group of people he was joining at this increasingly interesting ‘seminar’. Trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the rather tempered Jade; he crept over to the hatch, opening it slowly and hoping it didn’t squeak.

Say, what’s a famous pianist doing here on this... ferry? I can’t imagine that you are doing this for a vacation trip or something..." It was the nurse again, talking to a girl; an apparently famous girl. Johan took a second to look her over, but he couldn’t say he knew her from anywhere. Pianos weren’t really his thing anyhow. Once again trying not to draw too much unnecessary attention to himself, Joe walked between the seat to where he had tossed his bag earlier. Moving it carefully onto the ground, he sat in its place and glanced about at the rest of the people in the boat. There was the samurai-girl; who, despite having a sword hanging from her belt, seemed t be quite nice. The nurse; who came across as the most level headed person here so far, the strange man with the big scar and smiley mask, and some other people who he never really paid much attention to the first time.

“I think I should introduce myself before you all start to think I’m some kind of outcast.” Now is not the time for jokes “I’m Johan, but could you please call me Joe. Pleasure to meet all of you, I’m sure.” He smiled, looking around again. A little politeness got you everywhere these days; something which Johan had learned thanks to his sister. She would refuse to do anything unless it was sandwiched between a ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’; no matter who had told her. He chuckled a little, imagining what she would have been like with this Jade character. He would have thrown her overboard twice by now.

Alter Ego
September 8th, 2007, 4:02 AM
Alex was, quite frankly, feeling a good bit jealous right about now. 'Cool?' he fumed within the interior of his head. The brown-haired samurai girl's (Nah, better make that the hottest girl on the whole freakin' boat) comment had not gone unheeded, 'What is it that's so inherently cool about jerks in black, anyway? I'm twice as cool as he is, three times even! So he's got a big pokémon, so what? So he's got that whole tall dark and gruesome thing going on, SO WHAT?! Give me a few more years and a Gyarados the size of a small train...' Had Jade been around, the teen would have been staring defiantly at him by now, but as it was he kept his expression at its usual level to mask the thoughts.

Just then, the girl in question spoke up and introduced herself, followed by a decisive pound on the table - which caused said table to tremble slightly, rooted though it was - and a declaration of being there to kick some 'bastards' asses' as she so eloquently put it. Given the situation, Alex was torn between his survival instinct - which was telling him that right about now would be a very good time to seek cover before the samurai chick started swinging that sword of hers - and a certain other primitive, but just as influential, instinct which kept informing him that the girl's outfit was quite low on material...and in several fascinating places too. Before Alex slipped into gawking at Plum's cleavage, and looking like a complete idiot while he was it, something else overrode both instincts. The other girl (Mentally pegged as runner-up for hottest female on board) had finally spoken up, introducing herself as Melissa. It was not the introduction that had caught Alex's attention, however, no; it was the way she had said it. Even though she was doing her best to conceal it, the girl seemed to be on the verge of bursting into tears.

Alex was a sucker of pretty girls in skimpy outfits, yes, but he was even more of a sucker when it came to pretty girls crying. He might have fancied himself a big player, but when it really came down to it Alex's one big weakness had always been playing the knight in shining armor, and despite the somewhat snobbish manner that Melissa had carried herself with before, the boy couldn't help the impulsive need to comfort her. Before he could do anything to that end, however, the nurse - Susan - had spoken up, inquiring what a famous piano player would be doing on board.

'That was uncalled for, really.' the boy noted in his mind, 'Judging by the look of her, the girl's already asking herself that very same thing. Point out just how out of place she is and add to the pressure, why don't you? Then again...' his mind wandered to the peculiar collection of people aboard the equally peculiar ship, and something dawned to him.

"So it's Plum, Melissa, Stray, Susan, and Joe." Alex spoke up at last, his glance travelling to each of them in turn as he made an effort to memorize each of their faces, nodding at the end, "Alright, nice to meet you all. Concerning your question, though..." she added in Susan's direction, "The same could really be said about any one of us here. I think the real question here is: what do a nurse, a pianist, a government official, a hobby documentarist, a samurai, a guy who apparently likes to dig holes, someone who is almost as social as Mr.Sunshine up there, and a trainer school student have in common?" he took a pause, leaning back in his seat for a moment to allow the others to ponder his question before he dug around in his back pocket once more, procuring the rather crumpled letter of invitation, placing it on the table, a small grin of triumph on his face "You've all got one of these, right? Did any of yours have any kind of explanation or even a proper name for this 'L.A' guy?" it was a wild shot, but it was the best he could think of right now, "What I'm getting at is...someone has obviously gone through a lot of trouble to assemble us and us specifically here. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather find out all I can about our mystery host before we get to Traverse Island." Alex paused, his serious moment once again giving way to his usual attitude, "No need to worry, though." he added, mostly for the benefit of Melissa and the other ladies, "Traverse is my home turf; if this turns out to be a trap, I'll spring us out of it. No sweat."

September 8th, 2007, 5:01 AM
"So Mr. Strong Guy Alex, huh?" Su answered him directly. She couldn´t stand the rebel-ish girl inside her. "A trap? You are some fighter guy or what?" Su for herself didn´t really look like a nurse in her leather suit, nearly like a rock chick, and the hole day she had shown her kind side of person. But now the "big" guys keep coming, like the Samurai-Plum and the Strong-Alex, so the added names in mind.

She turned to this Alex, a strong looking guy who thought to be automatically the leader of the group cause this island was his home. "Look sweetheart, i don´t know why this L.A. did choose us to come here, but i think we are all one of a kind, so this is what´s so special about us. I don´t really look like a nurse, but i am one. I´m much talented in different ways, you know..." she said coming near to Alex face. "... but i couldn´t stand to take the change of a little adventure trip." her voice was nearly wild, nothing more of the nurse like warm voice.

She looked at him playfully some moments, then got back to her normal seat position. "Look, i just think we all should just enjoy this little trip. It´s funny to meet such special people like you, really... But i think before we start to think about conspiracy theory's, we should just know each other better and look what awaits us..."

She lent back to her seat, observing the others. It was just natural to be surprised for sure. I mean, who thinks a rock chick is a kind nurse which turns out wild some moments later? Su had to grin by this thought, but it was obvious that her other "person" had shown herself for a moment. She couldn´t stand it to be a wild "thing", but it was OK, and suited herself fine. What am i thinking? I´m dressed in leather and doing a nurse job all the time? Phew, now the free time starts!

September 8th, 2007, 8:20 AM
“…and what of those dark clouds overhead? If that’s not enough to foretell the future of this adventure, then I’m not sure what is.”

Johnny paused, thinking of what else he could add. All this time, he had been filming on the top deck. He had introduced himself again and told of the invitation with no name but L.A. He even told of what happened upon his arrival, believing that he was on the wrong boat and the clothing incident. He had explained it all in full detail while slowly stepping around the boat to let the camera show the atmosphere of the area, and the nearing dark clouds that might have been a warning that it was about to rain.

“I believe it is time to meet the rest of the crew,” Johnny whispered to himself, having the camera facing where Jade was located. Before he headed inside, he kept the camera steady and began to talk about Jade. “No one knows much about our little host here, other than the fact that he’s managed to train a Gyarados to steer this boat onwards. It adds even more to the dark and ominous feeling I was talking about earlier. But, as I also stated earlier, I have other passengers with me.”

He was thinking of naming them all at that second, but when he opened his mouth to say a few, he realized he knew none of them by name.

He paused the camera and entered the little boat, not wanting to be one of two that were left up there (being him and Jade). There were voices; he wasn’t expecting this. When he entered, he found the others. And it appeared as if they were all speaking to one another. Johnny turned a little shade of red on his face; he couldn’t believe he was the only loner up there while everyone was down there either having fun or formulizing some skeptical comments of their host. He knew it might have sounded a bit selfish, but it would have made great footage for the documentary.

He slipped into a seat near the group, still holding the camera. He wanted to jump into the conversation, but he was lost as to where to start. So instead, he decided to let it roll and find a way to squeeze in. Unless, there was someone else who decided to force him into the conversation, as in, by speaking to him. Yes, if anyone would try talking to him, he would go ahead and answer. For the time being, he wanted to get to know everyone before he went ahead and started interviewing them.

September 8th, 2007, 12:03 PM
A guitarist nurse, huh? Well that's interesting. As Su moved over toward Melissa, possibly in an attempt to comfort her--Stray could never really tell with that type of thing--another person entered the cabin and introduced himself as Johan, but asked to be referred to as Joe. Stray's eyes flicked once over the newcomer. Compared to everyone else here, he almost seems . . . normal. And in this case, that makes him unusual. But he appears friendly enough. After a moment of thought, Stray concluded that he had no definite reason to dislike Johan yet and proceeded to turn his attention to Alex, who was now beginning to speak.

Alex briefly confirmed the names of everyone who had spoken before raising a question somewhat akin to the one that had been in Stray's mind since he had boarded the SS Wavedancer. What were all these people who were so different doing in one place? Why were they chosen? What was the factor that made them candidates to attend this "seminar"? While Jade was definitely not at the top of the list of people Stray would be willing to be compared to, he satisfied himself with allowing a look of silent irritation to pass over his face (that probably confirmed Alex's reference more than denying it) while remaining silent to hear the rest of what Alex wanted to say.

Before he had time to consider the fact that Alex was a native of Traverse Island--and seemed rather confident because of that--Su spoke. Not just in her words, but in her tone and mannerisms, the nurse's personality appeared to have performed a complete about-face. As soon as she mentioned that each of the ferry passengers were "one of a kind," a smirk crossed Stray's features. "So we would hope," he murmured. Leaning forward, Stray rested his elbow on his knee, allowing his glance to shift toward Johnny as he entered. Alex had been to trainer school, and Su had named herself as a nurse--mentioning Nurse Joy moments later. From this, Stray had gathered that both of them probably liked Pokemon. While this hardly made him feel any more favorable toward them, he had grown a little curious.

"I don't think our mystery host told any of us very much about himself. And until we reach the island, we'll probably only know what he wants us to know. But, seeing that some of us aren't too concerned with the situation at the moment . . ." Without turning, he looked at Su. ". . . I'd like to throw out a question. Why are you all here, anyway?"

September 8th, 2007, 12:42 PM
Melissa managed to pull herself together enough to look up at the woman who had sat down next to her. She said her name was Susan, and she said some kind things to help Melissa cheer up. In fact, it did the opposite. The very question of what she was doing here had haunted Melissa's thoughts since she disembarked the helicopter, and they had reached a peak at this moment. So much in fact, Melissa felt that she would swim back to shore. But then again, Melissa never did learn to swim. So instead she turned to Susan, and tried to even her voice.

"Thank you..." she managed to whisper, and even managed to pull off a weak grin. This lady gave off a very motherly feel, and Melissa felt reassured by her. It was then she noticed that a couple of the people had been watching her. Melissa's cheeks began to redden, she hoped they hadn't seen her in a weak moment! She was about to tell them what a pleasure it was (even thought it wasn't) to meet them, when camera-boy walked in; camera filming and all. Annoyance and anger brewed inside Melissa like the storm outside. The room began spin a little, and she was beginning to feel claustrophobic.

Questions asked by the fellow passengers vaguely wandered into her thoughts. Something about why she was here, maybe? That was a hard question to answer. She wasn't even sure herself. She tried to think of something non definitive to say. Melissa had to take several breaths to steady herself before she could answer.

"I'm here.... because I'm curious about the island." Melissa was alarmed at how weak her voice sounded. It was if she was a little baby, and nothing would come out right. She desperately hoped the other passengers didn't think that way of her, and even if they didn't, what about the people who saw camera-boy's film!? Melissa felt even more claustrophobic then ever, and decided she needed some fresh air.

Melissa began to stand up, "I...I do believe-" she was cut off by a sudden lurch from the Gyarados, and Melissa toppled over into her seat. Her hair was a wild mess, and it was strewn in every direction. The embarrassment of the moment seemed to intensify when Melissa couldn't manage to get up. She had to brace against the wall with her feet before she felt herself become free from the chair's grasp. Melissa felt utterly made fun of, and tried to regain some composure by straightening her hair and clearing her throat.

"I do believe I need some fresh air. If you'll excuse me..." Melissa spoke with a more confident voice then before, but she wasn't sure if she was really confident or just eager to get out of the cramped cabin. She went over and opened the door, and carefully hauled herself out.

Wind sliced through the air, and almost sent Melissa right back where she'd come from. The clouds up above looked as if they'd burst any moment, drenching the tiny vessel as it continued it's slow voyage. But, the air was clear out here. So clear in fact, Melissa felt as if she could never inhale enough of it. She found herself taking gulp upon gulp of air, and had to grab the rail to stabilize herself.

"Stormy sea air never felt so good!" Melissa couldn't help but let loose a yell of joy.

Alter Ego
September 11th, 2007, 12:58 AM
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Anyways, I'm going to have them arrive on the island in my next IC, just to keep the pace up. There's a heads up for you all. :3


In all honesty, Alex didn't quite know what to make of Susan's outburst, but the tone sounded like a challenge so he responded in kind, "If I have to." the boy retorted defensively, "Look, I've lived on that island for the better part of my life and I've never even heard of anyone called L.A., yet now he's apparently the only one who can get a word out of there and I'd like to know how. This might be just a fun trip to you, Susan; but in all fairness you're not the one whose hometown was wiped off the world map without as much as an 'excuse me'. So sorry if this is not all fun and games to me."

He leaned back, arms folded over his chest and head held high, his mood now dead serious. It was then that Stray spoke up, inquiring about their motives for heading to Traverse Island. Surprisingly, Melissa was the first to respond, citing a lame response about curiosity before quickly excusing herself. She was obviously still shaken up, so Alex decided to give her some space, speaking up in turn.

"I'm here to kick the sorry asses of whoever decided to mess with my hometown." the redhead remarked, "That, and..." he hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether to share his main concern with the others or not but eventually seemed decide that it would come into light eventually, "...I've got friends there, family too. My parents used to be professional trainers, so I'm not worried about them, and my friends are no idiots either, but I have a little sister there." he hung his head just a bit, painfully aware that this probably wasn't the cool thing to do but not really caring at the moment, "I promised to keep her safe, and I'm not going back on my word. That's why..." the boy regained his previous determined look, almost seeming to dare the others in the room to make fun of him, "That's why I came even though this whole business smells fishier than Slateport harbor."

It was then that Johnny caught his eye, standing there with his camera and not making a sound. There was just something about that boy that made Alex's blood boil, the way he had ignored the offered handshake, the way he always seemed to be staring out into space, but above all: the way he always clung to his freaking camera. "Any time you feel like joining the conversation, camera boy." the redhead remarked tartly, "Unless, of course, you think you're too good for that sort of thing?"

September 11th, 2007, 5:08 AM
“I’m here to kick the sorry asses of whoever decided to mess with my hometown.”

The statement rung in her ears and all conscious thought left her mind. She had suddenly become extremely excited, aroused and in a simpler term, pumped about what the situation had just presented. Alex, the boy who had made the remark, had suddenly become quite serious after Susan’s interjection, but Plum cared little about how or why he had become so stern. She was much more interested in his current attitude, the fire that burned in his eyes and in his explosive red hair, and not to forget the most important contributing factor; his reason. Dialling back into the rather serious discussion that was unfolding, Plum remained silent in order to allow the boy to finish his rant.

This boy seems stupid enough… She thought to herself, hypocritically. But he’s fighting for his family and friends, and that’s enough of a reason for anybody. I’m the same…

Plum’s heart began to sink and her mood fell as she processed what she had just heard. Her own situation was very similar; her reason for coming to Traverse Island was to discover the connection between this ‘L.A.’ person and the sudden halt in communication between her and her own family for over the last year. Of course, her situation wasn’t as bleak as Alex’s, and she often kept in high spirits to avoid moments such as this, where she might be seen as vulnerable or weak, both being two things she hated. Realising this and how much she hated being seen so helpless, a flag was triggered in her mind and a new flame erupted within her, and came out in the form of sheer adrenaline, anger and determination.

The redheaded boy had finished his rant and was beginning to irritably acknowledge the camera-boy Johnny, who had remained quite silent during the cabin’s festivities. But after becoming so worked up, she realised she couldn’t hold back, and let loose her emotions.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” she cried as she leapt up off of her seat, one bare leg perched on the top of the cabin’s table and an accusing finger pointed directly at Alex. Her expression had once again regained its initial contorted composure; her sharp dangerous smile under furrowed narrowed eyes. Following her sudden outburst she paused for effect, letting her loose tattered robe settle against her skin and stared directly into the redheaded boy’s light green eyes. “Damn all those wankers who get in our way, especially that bastard L.A.-san!” She paused once again, her eyes scanning the room before continuing in a way that brought all the attention back onto herself. “I’m not going to take this crap! Even if sexy Jade-chan gets in my way, I’ll take them all d-”

Plum was suddenly cut off as she paused in response to the swaying of the boat. She had weak sea-legs, and the sudden lurch not only caused her to lose her footing, but also pressured the depths of her bowels. She suddenly didn’t feel too well and fell back into her seat exhausted.

“D-Down…” she finished, her eyes lazily drooping as she slumped lower into her seat in an effort to find a more comfortable position. “Yeah…let’s kick some lazy…things…”

OOC: Her sea sickness and reaction aren't to be taken seriously, but you can if you want to, or if your character is exceptionally caring, but I would assume that most of you would treat it as a more Pokemon-ish moment of weakness.

September 11th, 2007, 5:10 PM
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Johnny had been waiting for an introduction. Unfortunately, the intro he was given was not the one he would normally have taken. Him, too good for anything on the boat? He had people give him that type of attitude before, but that was during the school days. Other times, he wouldn’t be given this attitude. That was something Johnny had noticed about himself; whenever he was in uniform, he was that person people would mock. It was a good thing he did not always wear a uniform, but he wished that he was wearing something a little looser now.

He put the camera down on his lap. It was still on pause. Just as he was about to try a lame excuse of a cold comeback to this…whoever he was, he was interrupted by the samurai girl having a little outburst in front of everyone. When she was done, Johnny could only stare a bit shocked at what had just happened. He hid it very quickly, shaking his head. Though, instead of trying to answer this other guy in the way he was originally planning to, he simply said, “Fine; what do you want to know? The only reason I’m here is to make a film, which is probably something less interesting than the reasons why any of you all are here. I have to agree; we do seem to be different in every way.”

Alter Ego
September 15th, 2007, 9:56 AM
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Alex was caught off guard by Plum's sudden outburst, experiencing a familiar crossfire of impulses as the teen samurai leapt up from her seat half-stood on the table, pointing a finger straight at him as she yelled out a seconding of the statement. Alex's stock had certainly gone up, so to speak, but considering the girl's mental state, part of him questioned if that really was such a good thing. Outwardly, he managed to stay composed, though, and he was fortunately soon relieved from the awkward situation when another lurch of the ship effectively curbed Plum's enthusiasm, the girl staggering back into her seat as she finished her rant.

Soon after, camera-boy spoke up in what Alex considered a rather grumpy manner, "Your name for starters." he replied poignantly. 'Yeah, we had better be different in every way...' he fumed in his mind; an island in crisis and all this boy cared about was some stupid documentary that no-one except his mum would ever watch? The redhead had half a mind to throw that selfish posh-school student overboard, if only to see if he would care about it beyond the safety of his camera. Just then, however, the ship suddenly lurched once more before grinding to a sudden halt which nearly caused Alex to loose his balance.

"Attention, stowaways." announced the familiar, bored voice of Jade, "We have now arrived at Traverse Island. Kindly refrain from breaking any more of the interior and get the hell off my ship."

Alex scoffed at their host's continued attitude, "Fine by me." he remarked, nonchalantly strutting out onto the deck. Much to his surprise, he wasn't greeted by the sight of Traverse Harbor. In fact, he didn't see much at all. They seemed to have entered an underground cove of some sort, the only lighting of which was a faint a fluorescent shimmer that seemed to be emanating from the walls, twinkling eerily over the otherwise nearly black surface of water in the cove as it reflected around the room, giving its warm, sandy brown walls a slightly otherworldly sheen. In the distance, a glimpse of the sea's raging waves could just be spotted through what Alex presumed to be the entry hole. The ship's prow had already been firmly secured to a sturdy Stalagmite by a length of thick rope while Jade was currently busying himself with doing the same favor for the stern.

"The secret caverns, huh?" the redhead remarked, jumping off the deck and onto solid land again while he inspected the place. The shimmer revealed little of what was beyond the little cove they were in, but judging by the way his voice trailed off, there was a long tunnel trailing off into the darkness just ahead, "I heard they existed, but I thought they had all been sealed up or collapsed."

"As seems to be more of a rule than an exception, Maxwell, you are incorrect." Jade remarked bluntly, "But like I said: we have no time for discussing the obvious." he flicked a worn pokéball in Tiamat's direction, recalling the Gyarados before fixing the group with one of his trademark glares, "The lot of you, line up, keep quiet, and walk in my step. For security reasons we can't use outside light sources and there are pitfalls. Also, as our redheaded friend here should be aware of - though I have full faith in his ability to be ignorant on this matter - these caverns are a home to several species sensitive to light and noise; so whatever you do, don't upset them. This means no inane chatter, no running about, no flashlights or anything of the sort, and above all..." his eye fixed at Alex, Juanita, and Plum in turn "No more spontaneous outbursts. Do I make myself clear?" the black-clad trainer paused for a brief moment, "If I did then none of you should even be thinking of saying anything in reply." he remarked, turning his back to the group and wandering calmly towards the darkness at the end of the comforting shimmer, "Now let's get moving while the storm is still providing us with cover."

September 16th, 2007, 6:43 AM
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Juanita, sadly, was incredibly tired when she arrived in Slateport. This led to her being cankerous towards others. It reached the point where she argued with a vendor over the price of a wiener. Sure, seeing a half-naked boy jolted her slightly and then meeting one of the greatest piano players of her generation was amazing, Juanita was still tired when she got on the ship. She blamed the rather long trip from Kanto to Hoenn.

Juanita had managed to find what most could consider the most secluded corner on the ship and fallen asleep. Amongst all the fighting, yelling, Gyarados appearing, and fragrant violence, Juanita drifted away from everyone else, entering her dreams of the work place and her family. So, when she finally awoke upon arriving Traverse Island, she felt slightly disconnected from the rest of the group. Though the majority of their interactions had been negative and involved a lot of fighting, they at least had a slight connection to one another. Juanita sighed. It was always the same. No matter what the situation, Juanita was the outsider. Whether it was her superior grades, indignant personality, or sleeping while everyone else was arguing, she was alone.

Juanita inhaled and took a triumphant sigh. She was here for her work. Suddenly, the man known as Jade fixed his eyes on her and told her no outbursts. WHAT! She had been sleeping for almost the entire duration of the trip. How dare he?!?! Her only outburst was at the beginning. Rude bastard. No matter. He was taking her onto the island and that's all that mattered. Juanita listened to his instructions carefully and played them over in her head. One thing Juanita was good at was taking orders. If it was her mother or her boss, she knew when to listen. So she, being the little Mary-Sue that she was, stood so the line could form behind her. She smiled at Jade, who more than likely wouldn't return, but it was her duty as a government liaison to be a courteous as possible.

OOC: Sorry for the shortness. I kind of don't know what was going on, despite reading all the posts I missed, but I think I got a general idea. I'm just interjecting so I don't feel excluded. And to avoid being poked by AE again. xO.Ox

September 16th, 2007, 11:27 AM
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The water was calm, and oddly clear. Joe couldn’t see any horizon in any direction, but as he tread through the cool sea, he just didn’t care. It was so relaxing he let out a little sigh and leaned back, floating with his natural buoyancy. He could stay like this forever. An ominous creak shattered the quiet, and Johan almost leapt back into an upright position. He looked all around the water; nothing. He was on his own. A smaller noise, this time clearly coming from beneath him. With a little reluctance, he looked down, to study the water he was in. What he saw made his heart leap into his throat. Johan was swimming directly above a huge gaping shipwreck. How had he not noticed before? Only a few yards from him; one of the derelicts funnels almost pierced the serene surface of the water. Johan panicked; trying his hardest to swim away, but no matter how hard he tried, he didn’t seem to go anywhere. The water became like syrup, and soon simply staying afloat was exhausting. Breathing heavily, he felt his body begin to sink. Johan tried to tread water, he tried to stay up, but it was no use. With one last gulping breath his head went under. He was still sinking, his eyes now fixed away from the ship which joined him under the water. He wasn’t going to look at it; he hated shipwrecks. He wouldn’t look down either; there was no telling how deep the water was. Oh Arceus; what if he landed on the wreck? Terrified by the thought, Johan exhaled accidentally. He watched with desperation as his last breath glided to the surface in a series of bubbles. Johan knew that he was going to die. As he felt his consciousness begin to slip, he lolled his head, looking below him. Just as he did so, his bare foot landed on the deck of the rusty ship. Adrenaline shot through him and he sat bolt upright in the cabin of Jade’s little boat. It had stopped moving, and people were exiting the meagre interior. Johan stretched as he reached for his bag and stood up. His heart was still pumping, but he had to try and behave like he hadn’t just experienced this, his recurring nightmare, for the countless time. He ducked as he exited the cabin, and was greeted with a distinct lack of light. Something told him he was not in Traverse Port, and something else told him this was a cave.

“J… just how far underground are we?” Johan laughed nervously. He didn’t particularly like caves, or anything which lived in them. There was something about being so far beneath the ground, so far from the suns light. It wasn’t natural. The boat was still; no longer being hauled along by the Gyarados, but Johan couldn’t see the water. That to him was terrifying: he didn’t like water too much to begin with, but in the dark when you can’t tell the depth and it is as still as death… not his thing. The ever arrogant Jade began to talk about how they should watch out for little things like holes in the ground and vicious cave Pokemon. Johan was very aware that he was shaking a little. He smiled to the other people on the deck; reaching up and brushing the sweat off his forehead with one hand as the other flexed uselessly.

A woman he hadn’t talked to before decided to make the first move of the group, positioning herself so that a line could build up behind her. Johan shuffled behind her, treading very carefully to avoid tripping on anything. The absolute last thing he wanted was to fall into the water. He was still aware of his heart pounding away in his chest, but tried his hardest to appear normal.

September 18th, 2007, 5:34 AM
The green light shone brightly; it was time to continue with the documentary. Johnny said nothing as he made his way up to the top deck. The second he had, he started with a small introduction.

“We have arrived at what appears to be the Traverse…wait, this is just a cave. Hmm. Well, we have arrived at a cave somewhere on Traverse Island. This is our first step into researching deeper into what could have come from the island on that one day it just decided to be inactive. As we see, our passenger members are looking quite shaken too. That could possibly be the fact that we are about to disembark a boat that was steered by a great big Gyrados.”

He could have gone on and on, but he was shut off by Jade. He filmed him as he gave instructions on where they were and what they were doing. Then he went on to point out a few others. Even though he was not pointed out, Johnny could feel Jade’s eyes on him, and for fear of just that, he turned off the camera and put it away.

There was still more he could film as they neared closer to more familiar parts on Traverse Island. For now, he would just follow along.

September 18th, 2007, 5:20 PM
While Plum's outburst had been as unsurprising as her disregard for modesty, Stray found Alex's reasons for returning to Traverse Island rather interesting. So . . . he wants to help his family and protect his home. Hm. I suppose I should have guessed it, Traverse Island being his place of origin and such. Stray himself could hardly identify with Alex's sentiment, but Plum seemed to agree eagerly enough--well, initially anyway. At the moment, Stray found his reasons for accepting the mysterious invitation closest to Melissa's, which was very much not a point of pride for him. Before long, conflict began to rise between Johnny and Alex, which irritated the traveler a little and piqued his inner sarcasm. And here I thought we'd go a record ten seconds without an argument.

A sudden and particularly violent toss of the ship interrupted the boy's thoughts, causing him to automatically brace himself against the seat and wall. Moments later, Jade's voice--complete with its usual insulting tone of disregard--announced the boat's arrival at its destination. Despite the situation, Stray could not prevent himself from feeling a little amusement at Jade's constant referral to the small vessel as a ship. A brief smirk flickered across his features as he swung his backpack onto his shoulders and made his way to the deck. As he gazed quietly at his new surroundings, the traveler's already-dialated pupils attempted to focus on whatever shapes it could amidst the dimness. Beside him, the camera kid was continuing the creation of his documentary while the blonde boy was nervously trying not to appear nervous. After an initial glance at each, Stray did not grant any extensive attention to either, choosing instead to listen to the exchange occurring on land. So, these are called the secret caverns. Quite the seminar we've been invited to. I suppose Mr. "L.A." was rather serious about the confidentiality he requested.

Seconds after Stray stepped onto the cave floor, a familiar noise combined with a brief flash of scarlet light told him that Jade had returned Tiamat to its Pokeball--a place that Stray generally preferred Pokemon to be. Though the directions Jade gave did not cause the wanderer to feel any more favorably inclined toward the man, he was smart enough to know that, unfortunately, listening to Jade would be best. Without a word, Stray stepped into line behind Johan. Generally he would have preferred to be at the back of the line; but in this situation, the more clearly he could see the guide the better.

Scarlet Weather
September 20th, 2007, 5:13 PM
Mark slowly lifted the trap-door that led into the Wavedancer's hull. "Urgh... I feel sick..." he moaned. It was understandable. Travel by Gyarados-drawn charter boat is never a comfortable experience, much less so when in the hold of said boat. In addition, Mark had never felt quite comfortable on the open ocean, especially when said ocean was compared to the comforting ground of home. As he staggered to the edge of the boat, he realized that everyone, with the exception of himself, had jumped ship, and that man who said he was the captain, Jade, had just finished giving everyone a speech of some sort, and was wrapping it up with "Now let's get moving while the storm is still providing us with cover," or something along those lines. Mark's stomach swam as he slowly pulled himself to the edge of the boat and tentatively placed his foot on solid ground. Almost immediately, the nausea that had taken hold of him before was banished by mere contact with the solid ground. Indeed, he felt he could almost taste the strength the earth seemed to be pumping through him. A grin slowly broke Mark's features as he slipped forward, attempting to join the rest of the group. A nagging thought broke through Mark's brain. What did he know about the other passengers? Slowly, he began running what he had overheard on deck through his brain, gleaning the snatches of conversation he had memorized for something useful.

First, the "Plum" girl was the one who looked like something out of "Land of Legends", only slightly more volatile then the girl in the movie. Then there was the other kid, the one with the camera. He was almost sure he was the one called "Johnny", and that older kid with the red hair, Alex, had referred to him as a hobby documentarist. Mark was almost tempted to race up to him and ask what his thoughts on fossils were, but his good sense thankfully restricted him from doing it. The other girl, he hadn't heard her name, a concert pianist. Didn't seem all that interesting to him. Then there was the one guy, who gave Mark the impression of a worn piece of granite: rough around the edges, and tough as nails. He hadn't overheard his name either, and it was doubtful that such an up-tight guy might have dropped it anyway. It was probably best to leave him out of the equation until he confirmed that the dude wasn't in a gang or something like that. Finally, there was that last girl, whose face seemed to be perpetually screwed into an angry expression. Well, at least he knew she wasn't psycho, since madmen don't usually complain. Sorting through his information, he at last decided. If he wanted information about what this place was, or what was going on here, his best bet was to talk to Alex, the Traverse Island native. In the meantime, though, it was a bad idea to do that while Jade was listening. And so, tiptoeing on silent feet, Mark slipped behind the red-haired boy and fell into step with him, preparing himself. A nagging feeling of doubt, however, had started nibbling at him. This was a cave, true, and an interesting one, but it gave off a weird vibe, unlike anything he had felt at the mines in Oreburgh or the Underground. This place was definitely much freakier. For the first time in his life, Mark felt a bit afraid of entering a cave.

He went in anyway, of course. All he had to do was remind himself that rare fossils were often discovered in tunnels like these, and he was back on cloud nine.

Alter Ego
September 21st, 2007, 8:15 AM
OOC: Awright, the small point of character control here is done by the rights given in Phanima's signature. I'll be RPing Plum out of the way shortly after so that she'll be around if Phanima decides to rejoin us later on but not get in the way of the plot. :3

Oh, and should anyone experience a burning desire to look beyond the door before my next IC: they're currently in the basement of a posh mansion owned by an intellectual type, so there would be some kind of grand entry hall, a spiral staircase, the usual obligatory posh decor and some bookshelves here and there. I'll work in details as necessary.

Finally: L.A. is also in the no-touchy zone for obvious plot significance.


"Depends on what point we're under." Alex replied to Johan's shaky inquiry, maintaining his usual cool attitude as he strutted beside Jade while doing his best not to look like he was actively following orders, "Traverse is essentially a big old mountain jutting out of the sea, so depending on what we call the top we could be about three hundred meters bellow ground. Don't tell me that scares ya'." he added, nudging the other boy, "Kids half your age use these caverns for their tag games, for crying out loud. Though of course..." he conceded, casually placing both hands behind his head and leaning it against them, his crimson hair and golden earring the only parts of his appearance that remained more or less permanently in view as they wandered between the fluorescent light spots scattered about the cavern, "Seeing as how these caverns have been sealed off, some of the critters around here might be a bit bigger than a stray Zubat or Paras. That Jade dude is still being over-dramatic, though; it's not like a Gyarados is suddenly going to leap out of the sea and eat your or anything."

As soon as he had finished his statement, a deep rumbling became audible from somewhere within the tunnel ahead.

"Don't tell me..." Alex began in a sceptical voice.

"Try not to be stupid if you can possibly help it, Maxwell." Jade hissed from the front, "It's just a stray Onix. Now everybody place a hand on that wall on your right and stick by it unless you feel like making a closer acquaintance with that lovably scenic gorge on your left-hand side."

"Gorge?" Alex sneered back, although he had enough sense to keep his voice a bit lower than usual. Judging by the angle they had been walking at, the cavern they were in was heading upwards, "Probably just a small hole in the ground."

"Is that so?" Jade retorted coldly, "Then why don't you grab a pebble and try?"

"Maybe I will at that." Alex replied, snatching the first rock he could find and tossing it carelessly to his left. It would probably just go bump, anyway, any moment now...the fall surely couldn't take more than a few seconds. A minute, tops.

Okay, maybe two minutes...maybe just a little longer and-

"Maxwell, quit lagging back there." their guide scoffed from up ahead, "If that's not enough to convince you that we have a gorge on our left then feel free to do us all a favor by taking a step over there and seeing for yourself."

Fortunately, Alex didn't see fit to take up that challenge, and after what felt like hours of trudging around in the dark, although Alex obviously couldn't have checked his watch watch even if he had one, the redhead was starting to feel like something had changed. For starters, the sound of the storm had become audible again, though just barely; and for another, the ground was getting smoother and the feeling of ominous vastness that had surrounded him was slowly letting up. Soon after, Jade called an abrupt halt, but before Alex could make a snappy remark about how he had nearly walked into the person in front, he was suddenly blinded as Jade sprung open a door of some sort, bright, electric lighting piercing the darkness.

After a few moments of staggering forward without sight, and treading on the foot of an unknown victim in the process - Alex slowly began regaining his bearings again. He was in a room, not in a cavern this time but an honest to good room. Sure, it wasn't much to look at, being little more than a narrow corridor with a simple tubular lamp in the middle of the ceiling above which cast a warm, yellow glow on the walls on both sides, but after the small eternity spent in the caverns it was a relieving sight. Relieving, but also alerting. After all, this surely had to be the headquarters of this mysterious L.A. person. The redhead's muscles tensed, the adrenaline flowing through his body, this was it; time to shake down the bad guy, save the hometown and impress the ladies.

At this thought, his glance drifted to Plum, she had been staying in close proximity to Jade for reasons which - Alex jealously assumed - had very little to do with safety, and was currently bearing a look of one part lingering seasickness and two parts just plain boredom.

"Alright, this is the place, isn't it?" Alex demanded as Jade casually locked the door behind them and strode through the corridor, towards the last staircase at the other end, unlocking it in the same casual, lightly bored manner that he had locked the first. The black-clad man then pushed the door open, but just before stepping through he paused, turning his head to give Alex one, last annoyed glance.

"Don't you ever shut up?" he inquired jadedly, not even bothering to wait for a response as he disappeared through the doorway.

"Hey, you didn't answer my question!" Alex bellowed, charging after Jade, "If this is the place then where's L.A., huh?!"

"I believe I can answer that."

The redhead nearly tripped over in his attempt to stop as a new figure suddenly appeared in the doorway, mere inches away from him, the redhead staggering back a bit to regain his balance as he struggled to make out the man who now stood in quite striking silhouette within the doorway. He was about Alex's equal height-wise, though clearly far older, perfect evidence of which being the rather thin layer of wavy, pale blonde hair that reached down from his head to about chin level on the sides and nearly to his shoulders at the back, as well as the small, blonde stubble on his chin. His skin was fairly pale, instantly marking him as someone not native to the island in Alex's mind, and was also looking slightly worn, and to finish off the old man image there was the black cane, the top of which he was currently clasping with both hands. Despite his age, Alex had to admit, the man had a certain flair to him, a certain vigor in his very pose, and that gleam in his dark green eyes; a clear sign ambition, though whether it was the kind of ambition that came up with cure for cancer or the kind that strived for world domination was anyone's guess. His attire was not anything to call home about, however: a russet-colored suit jacket combined with a white dress shirt, a dark green tie, a pair of black slacks, and a pair of dark brown leather shoes, all of them with that slightly aged look to them.

"I am L.A." the man announced calmly, beaming at his guests, "Lucifer Ashton, now that we can speak in confidence." he performed a surprisingly agile little flourishing bow in their direction, "So glad you could all make it. I am sure that you are all quite curious as to why I invited you all here, but this is truly not a fitting location for such a dialog and you must all be exhausted from your trip here." his smile widened slightly, "I have taken the liberty of preparing a small meal to recover your strength. Follow me, please, and I promise that all shall be revealed in due time." with that, he turned on his heel, preparing to take charge of the group.

September 24th, 2007, 2:36 AM
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Wee! Finally i could find the time to write a bit! Um, cause i dunno where i should get in, i´ll write it like this... hope it´s ok...


Finally the group had reached their goal, Traverse Island. Susan who had become very quiet the last hour had thought of much. Was it the right idea to come with these strange poeple? They all were kind of weird for her. Everyone seemed to be a special case, so she was. But even if it was like that, she couldn´t get rid of the feeling not to be needed. Awwright, a rock-nurse... Wow, what did i think as i entered this trip? she thought. Jaden and the others made their move to get off this swimming garbage, so she got ready too. She gathered everything her equipment and followed the group. It was easy to figure that the red haired guy didn´t like Jade all the time. Nobody except Plum seemed to like this guy.

Is Reya doing fine? she thought about her friend. Reya lived on Traverse Island for about 3 years now, and Su didn´t have had the time to visit her. Now thinking about it... why didn´t i think about Reya earlier? Of course i have a reason to come here! Man, what a friend am i? Forgetting about poeple i know... her thoughts finished while she looked down to the ground. All the time she walked behind the others, so she couldn´t see the man which was to envisaging himself as L.A. Lucifer Ashton? Susan never had heard about a man with that name, but she noticed his calm and clear voice. Because Susan couldn´t see anything from behind, she got a bit nervous. That´s the man who invited everyone... What does he know? What does he want? This is getting more and more interesting...

OCC: Sorry that i haven´t written more, but i think it´s better if i wait until something important happens or stuff like that... ^^;

September 30th, 2007, 3:59 PM
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Mwhahahaha... um, anyway, let's go.


Juanita pushed her way through everyone, emerging from the exit from the cave, and bursting into the room on the other side. She fell to the ground, and kissed it several times. She lifted her head and looked at the others, her face flushing with color. Juanita stood and brushed off her shoulder, and straightened her back. She brushed the bangs, which were dampened by sweat, out her face. She took a deep breath and put on her complacent smile.

"Sorry... I hate caves. Cramped spaces, Zubat, damp walls. Not my cup'o'tea..." she started before she was interrupted by a man who called himself as L.A. From what she could recall, he was the man that invited them all here in the first place. He stated that there was a dinner prepared for them all in another room as some sort of gratitude for their perilous journey. Gratitude my a... Juanita then remembered she was her for business and it wouldn't be proper to think negative thoughts about her host. Juanita widened her smile and walked to L.A. and held her hand out to him. "Hello sir. My name is Juanita Sanchez, employee and envoy from the Kanto Central Government Agency, or for short the K.C.G.A. We were honored when you asked us to send a representative of OUR government to come and assist you on the island. I believe we were the only government you asked to join you if what I was told was correct?"

Then, Juanita's stomach growled. Loudly. She held her hand to her mouth and smiled. Once again, her face was flushed with blood from the sheer embarassment of the situation. What a first impression I'm making...

"I'm so sorry sir. I haven't eaten anything since we departed from Slateport. Had quite the argument with the hot dog vendor. Rude twat he was..." Juanita looked up, and realized how idiotic she sounded. "I would be delighted to eat the meal you prepared."

I... am... such... a... moron...

September 30th, 2007, 10:00 PM
OOC: Heh, I feel idiotic for mistakenly describing camera functions in above posts. XD Sad part is that I actually DO know how to work a camera and what functions work and whatnot. >_>;


If anything, Johnny had to grant that the mood had been quite creepy for awhile. He contemplated on turning on his camera again and filming the way to wherever they were heading, but fought the urge. They had made it to a corridor, and not long after that, to a slightly larger room. Not much to look at, but definitely a thumbs up from the creepiness of the cavern left behind.

Lucifer Ashton was this L.A. person’s name; he introduced himself to the entire group in one introduction. And now he says he has prepared some dinner for them all. Johnny had not realized how hungry he actually felt until the mention of the word ‘food’ was done. His stomach grumbled; he more so felt the need to follow L.A. out of their current location and to their next.

He began to have a few thoughts; would Lucifer mind if he did his documentary? He was sure if he just asked politely, he could get away with filming some of the locations and finally being able to interview all of the passengers. He shook his head at the thought of not being allowed to do this, but he made up his mind. Even if he was told not to, he would still make his documentary. He already had his camera, and he never ever felt the urge to make a film than that very moment.

He stepped up behind Alex, not paying attention to much but his camera. He would need to charge soon. A change of batteries could help; his camera was the cheap kind that miraculously worked with brands such as Duracell and Energizer; he was lucky for this, but did not like the fact that his images would blur on video, and would sometimes not have enough memory to add more footage. He knew he should have gotten something more powerful, but for the time being, that would have to do.

He looked at a tiny socket at the side of his camera; easily, it would be able to charge with his camera’s charger, but he would have to find a wall socket. He cursed in his mind; why hadn’t he brought his own set of batteries? At least he brought several amounts of film; but now, he wondered…

“Alex, do you have some spare batteries I can borrow?”

Johnny hoped the answer would be a yes; he really wanted to start filming, and was not sure how long the camera would last on.

Alter Ego
October 2nd, 2007, 10:07 AM
At Juanita's little outburst, Alex went through the three-step program he usually followed when encountering crazy people: stare, shut up, and slowly back away. Sure he had known of people who found dank caves uncomfortable, but this lady was freaking mad. Not too bad to look at, admittedly, but still freaking mad. If that was a government representative, he really had to wonder what the heck the non-representative ones were like.

Then again, he conceded, their host was hardly what one would consider normal. The to Alex's mind elderly man took the whole scene in stride, merely smiling politely and accepting the handshake.

"Oh, the honor is all mine, I assure you." he replied diplomatically, "After all, your government is the only one of the Big Four that has yet to label me an 'undesired individual'. But that is neither here nor there." he waved his free hand to dismiss that little trifle, "The important thing is that you, my dear guests, are all here and that I'm currently most rudely holding you in suspense. This way, if you will."

With that, he took up a surprisingly vigorous stride, and Alex had to snap out of his musings so as to not fall behind as the procession was led out from the narrow corridor. The room beyond, he had to admit, was quite the change from before. The floor was not the standard smooth-worn stone of your average Traverse Island home but instead consisted of spotlessly clean teak plates, arranged in a number of complicated geometrical designs that zig-zagged across the surface of the room. And the room was not your average room either, oh no; sizable bookshelves crammed with assorted literature were positioned by the walls alongside intricately designed cupboards containing a number of decorative objects. Several expensive-looking carpets were spread across the floor, lush plants in decorative and a painting of a Gyarados in the middle of a stormy sea hung on the wall straight across from where they had entered, the real storm peeking in through the tall, narrow windows on each side, beneath which a long, wooden table extended towards them, a number of comfortable-looking chairs situated around it, the whole room bathed in the warm glow of two huge chandeliers hanging from the dome-like ceiling above. For a few moments, Alex simply gaped. This was certainly the most high-end place he had seen in his life, why he could swear that there was even a grand piano sticking out from behind that bookshelf over there. This definitely clinched it: this Ashton character was certainly not a regular old coot by any measure. To have afforded this he must have been a wealthy businessman, or maybe a gangster? Yeah, even though Alex was having considerable trouble picturing the frail - if energetic - old man in front of him going "I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse", everything else fit. Yes, he was most probably-

“Alex, do you have some spare batteries I can borrow?”

The redhead wheeled around at the inquiry, annoyed partially because he had been interrupted in mid-conspiracy but mostly because he noticed that even in the heart of Ashton's intricate web of...well, he didn't quite know what the web was made of or even if it was a web, but the point was that they were in the middle of something big and the lout still couldn't think beyond his precious camera for even a moment. Alex felt like screaming; this guy seriously needed to get a life.

"Oh, but of course." he replied with biting sarcasm, "I've got batteries all shapes and sizes just waiting to be borrowed. Why I'm a regular hardware store. Just give me a minute and I'll pull out the power generator from my backpack, then you'll have all the electricity you could possibly need." the redhead was experiencing an ever-growing need to throttle the youth in front of him, "Of course I don't have any bloody batteries! And in case you didn't notice we have bigger things to worry about here, so how about you finally give that damn camera a rest and-"

"I've got batteries." the ever calm and polite voice of Lucifer Ashton informed them, his dark green eyes focused on both of them in a disturbingly appraising manner, "And I'm certain that if you just show us what kind, my good friend Jade shall be more than happy to fetch them for you."

Alex couldn't help grinning a little as he noticed that Jade - discreetly leaning against the side of a bookshelf nearby - looked about as pleased at the prospect as an Ursaring poked out of hibernation.

"Now if this little matter is settled..." Ashton continued, "I would be infinitely obliged if you all took a seat." he gestured towards the long table, which - Alex finally noted - bore a number of bowls and plates containing a fair assortment of fruit, grapes cheeses - though, he noted to his relief, not any exorbitantly fancy (and thus smelly) ones - bread, thin slices of ham, and a number of other edibles, multiple pitchers of some kind of drink that Alex couldn't spot spread amongst them. Nothing on the table quite met Alex's standards of a proper, solid meal, but right now he was too hungry to care, quickly taking one of the seats with plate, glass and cutlery in front.

"I know it's not very much." Ashton remarked modestly, wandering over to his own seat at the end of the table, "But I'm afraid that warm dishes would have been problematic since I had no exact time of arrival or even guarantee of attendance. Please do enjoy what I have to offer, however." he spread out his hands in a magnanimous gesture, "I've always been partial to the belief that seminars aren't something you should have to endure on an empty stomach."

October 2nd, 2007, 10:09 PM
Stray followed Jade in uneasy silence, occasionally casting his gaze futilely into the darkness. Not knowing where he was and having no way to know were growing increasingly irritating. He hated feeling helpless. And more than the mention of a gorge, the guide's casual remark about an Onix caused Stray to involuntarily tense. Upon reaching the cave exit, the wanderer waited a few paces back for everyone else to slip through the door first as his eyes readjusted to the sudden change in lighting.

The lady who had screamed earlier--"Juanita?"--seemed thankful to be out of the cave, while Johnny (as usual) appeared to be preoccupied with his camera. A welcome interruption came to Alex and Jade's usual arguing in the form of the seminar host's long-awaited arrival. As his eyes performed a cursory look over the elderly man, a distasteful and previously-suppressed memory fought to surface in Stray's mind. Long hours of studying and memorizing trainer profiles streamed through the male's subconsciousness. Though it was unreasonable, the unpleasant memories associated with this "Lucifer Ashton" caused Stray to automatically dislike him. Hearing about three major government's negative opinions regarding their host hardly improved Stray's sentiment.

The dark-haired boy shouldered his backpack before starting after Ashton, only then thinking about the curiosity of Juanita's rather unprofessional behavior. In a delicate situation like this, I wonder why the government didn't send someone else. Someone more . . . stable. Then again, I don't know about stuff like this. He glanced silently at Juanita for a brief moment. I guess she's probably here for some reason.

Stray's attention was quickly drawn elsewhere as the group emerged into a new, richly decorated room. He automatically grimaced. Not my type of place. The traveler took a moment to look around, slowing his pace to an inattentive walk. Fancy floors, superfluous decorations, plants to give the illusion that something was normal about the room, and a painting that probably cost more than everything Stray had owned during the past half decade put together. What is up with this guy, anyway? I don't like this . . . At Johnny's request for batteries, Stray half-turned his head in the youth's direction. In this situation, the simple question somehow seemed incomprehensibly out of place. Understanding the statement felt like trying to remember something from a past life.

Lucifer Ashton, however, appeared undisturbed by the question and responded serenely--effortlessly healing the scratch in the dimension he had drawn his guests into. A thought triggered by this event crossed Stray's mind, and he found himself wondering what gave Ashton authority over Jade. Money? Power? Convenience? Family ties? Both of them did have green eyes. At Ashton's invitation to sit and eat, however, Stray dismissed these thoughts and watched the host quietly as he seated himself in a chair near one of the rectangular table's ends.

Though he was hungry, Stray was also suspicious. And while he knew chemical effects could be delayed, he resolved to wait at least a few minutes to see if the food had any adverse influence on the other guests. For the moment, he was satisfied to listen and satiate his curiosity.

Scarlet Weather
October 3rd, 2007, 2:09 PM
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The word slipped out of Mark's mouth involuntarily as he stared at the room in a mixture of surprise and his usual curiosity. Everything in here was at least twice as posh as his own home, and his mother was definitely a posh sort. His own house had china lining the walls, and original Sinnoh-made rugs covering every unused patch of floor that wasn't in use for something else. This room on the other hand was exactly what his mother had been aching to move into since his father's promotion to the Sinnoh Museum Curator: Nothing less then a full-scale mansion. It figured, after all, with a name like Lucifer Ashton you had to have something going for you. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that he had stepped into an incredibly cheesy sci-fi novel interspersed with a bit of gothic horror. All that had to happen was for them to find out that Lucifer's big discovery was that he had interspersed his DNA with that of a Zubat and the entire island was full of people in search of human blood and the whole thing could be written down and sold as a grade B vampire novel. Still, that was pretty unlikely, considering that he wasn't exactly all that pale, and if he really had discovered anything remotely like that the least he could do was make sure that he wouldn't be written down as a stereotype. Still, Mark's hand firmly gripped the rock hammer in his belt, just in case this whole thing turned out to be some sort of bizarre trap. Granted, he didn't actually think the small excavation tool would do any good against Jade and whatever other Pokemon the grizzled mariner had at his disposal, but it still felt nice to have something he could ensure his own safety with.

A low rumbling drifted in from the outside caverns as the others engaged in conversation, and all other thoughts were momentarily driven from Mark's mind as his memory analyzed it. It was another stray Onix, and since the tone was a bit lower then that of the first, probably the opposite gender, as females did tend to be a bit larger then males as he recalled. It took every iota of his willpower not to run outside for a peek. Imagine, a rock Pokemon that powerful right outside, and in its national habitat as well! A trembling ran down Mark's fingers. Surely just one quick peek so he could observe the creature for the sake of research wouldn't matter. Just one peek wouldn't be so bad. Still, his self-control hung on doggedly, reminding the fossil otaku that if he made a move towards the doorway now he might miss whatever Ashton's discovery was. The struggled continued as his hands clenched and unclenched, his palms gradually acquiring a film of sweat.

It was moments later that Ashton's voice pulled him out of his reverie, and Mark's eyes swelled as he stared at the feast spread on the table: "I know it's not very much. But I'm afraid that warm dishes would have been problematic since I had no exact time of arrival or even guarantee of attendance. Please do enjoy what I have to offer, however. I've always been partial to the belief that seminars aren't something you should have to endure on an empty stomach."

Mark nodded gratefully as he took a seat and helped himself to a slice of bread, which he carefully laced a cut of ham and cheese over before capping it with yet another slice. "You and me both," he replied gratefully as he swallowed a mouthful of makeshift sandwich. "By the way, Mr. Ashton," he asked, making sure not to sound too pushy, "Why on earth did you invite us? I mean, I'm not asking you to spill any details of your discovery early since it sounds like you've got this whole thing planned out, but why us? It looks to me like you just invited a whole bunch of random people with nothing in particular about them to serve as a unifying theme. Doesn't make a huge amount of sense, if you get my meaning." With that, he chewed and swallowed another thankful mouthful, grunting appreciatively. "Yummm... and thanks for the food, by the way."

October 5th, 2007, 11:18 PM
Johnny stepped back, slightly shocked. He wasn’t expected the hoard of sarcasm from Alex to be thrown right at him. Surely he took the hint that Alex didn’t particularly like him, but he hardly had done anything to make an enemy so quickly. A judgment came quick to his mind, and he finally confirmed and made himself believe one thing and one thing alone; Alex was a regular A-hole.

Like how Johnny had pictured all of Alex’s type of people to be, he decided to act the same way to him as the many he had met during school times and other occasions. To ignore him wouldn’t be enough; it would only grant satisfaction. However, to do just the opposite right in front of him; to always have the need to put him on the spot; that was a thought that made him smile as he pictured many outbursts from this Alex. He was still smiling as Alex was cut off by Lucifer himself, saying that Jade would fetch him some batteries.

However, the prospect of having a person such as Jade bring him such tiny positive and negatively charged cylinders…well, it just didn’t go right. One look at Jade, and he might as well have been cracking his knuckles and neck with one left and right sweep, because he felt a vibe from him that was saying someone was going to get killed tonight.

“Nah, I should have enough juice for tonight,” Johnny said sheepishly.

October 6th, 2007, 12:52 AM
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Su was walking behind the group, just thinking about creating a good new song to play for her e-guitar. She did always think about music if the situation was some kind of worse, and indeed the group wasn´t the in the mood for funny things or something. She remembered the melody of the Lilium, a little old music casket, and started to hum it´s melody. As she saw Juanita's outburst, the not suited question of batteries and Alex outburst, Su just couldn´t react otherwise but to laugh, laugh loudly and full of joy. "Guys, you are so funny!" She went to the mysterious Mr. Ashton. "Mr. Ashton, i want to thank you for your invitation. You don´t have to apologize for the meal, i think everybody is glad to have a little snack before starting the seminar." Susan sat down on a free seat and started to gather some ingredients to make some hand snacks.

As she was nearly finished she turned to Alex and looked at him smiling. "Hey big boy. Here have some." she said while holding her little plate with finger snacks and some sandwiches. "And don´t be angry about your -Cameraboy-... He doesn´t want to bother you, i´m sure." While she was having again her warm nurse voice, nearly motherly, she turned to the "camera-boy" as everyone was calling him. "What was your name again... Johnny, was it? Tell me, why are you carrying that camera with you? I hope i don´t look too bad in your camera. What focus do you use? Don´t be scared of "big-boy", he´s just a bit excited i think..." always showing a warm and coherent smile on her lips.

Before possibly Alex would say something about that she fixed him with her yellow eyes, with a vista which told "don´t try it or i´ll eat you". Then the guy next to her, called Mark, asked something everybody was interested in. "Why on earth did you invite us?" was the question. It sure was interesting how to choose such a group of people. Su had the feeling that she was chosen because her nurse skills would be useful. Perhaps to take care of injured Pokémon, or arguing group members...

Alter Ego
October 17th, 2007, 8:03 AM
"So you figured you'd just bug me for the heck of it?" Alex barbed at Johnny's remark, snorting contemptuously, "You really are something else, ya' know that?"

With that, he proceeded to completely ignore camera-boy - and the nurse chick who, of course, had immediately rushed over to comfort him - and instead followed Mark's lead, charging at the meat and bread while there was still plenty around and quickly assembling his idea of an ideal BLT sandwich - meaning one with plenty of the B, effectively burying the L and T beneath its bulk so he could pretend they weren't there - and biting into it with voracious appetite. Suddenly, that Ashton didn't seem that bad at all, what with not placing all those prickish rules on what you should eat with what. Why every time he had tried to assemble one of these at home, his sister would lunge at him with her favorite metaphor of heart-attack-with-bread, she never did know how to-

Alex paused, a lurching feeling in his stomach effectively banishing the better part of his hunger as he recalled the reason he had come there in the first place.

Their host, meanwhile, chuckled calmly at the boys' enthusiasm, "You're quite welcome, Mr. Eschatol." he replied politely, "And there's no need for such a suspicious glare." he added in Stray's direction, "If I wished you dead I assure you that it would have been a far easier matter to arrange in those tunnels. Now as for the inquiry about my choice in guests-"


Alex jumped back in his seat as the table suddenly trembled violently. The source of the disturbance was not hard to locate either, as the wooden blade remained quite firmly planted on the table, a quick investigation revealing Plum at the other end, the samurai slash hot chick slash wandering aggression complex standing on the table, bold as brass. The girl had been keeping suspiciously quiet thus far, but by the looks of it her patience had just about run out.

"I have a question too, L.A.-bastard-san." she announced in that dangerously sweet voice that people keep just before they do something very nasty, raising the blade and pointing it directly towards Ashton, who seemed largely undisturbed by the whole incident, "What did you do to my family?!"

"Ah, Meiling-san..." the professor remarked, raising his right hand in a calming gesture, "We seem to have a slight misunderstanding here. Please calm down, I shall explain everything in just a moment."

"As if!" Plum snorted, taking a threatening step forward, both hands grasping the sword tightly, "Tell me what you did to my family right now, L.A.-bastard-san, or else I'll-whoa!" the samurai-in-training lost her balance in mid-threat, courtesy of a precariously positioned plate of grapes, her right foot heading skywards why the upper part of her body compensated by heading towards the table, the two connecting with a loud crash and various food items spreading across the table, several grapes rolling down on the floor.

"Plum!" Alex called out, darting up from his seat, only to find that Jade had already crossed the distance and was currently examining the girl who was sprawled unconscious on the table.

"Oh, dear..." Ashton tutted, slowly shaking his head, "Is Meiling-san alright?"

"Yeah, looks like it." Jade replied, probing the girl's bones for brittle points, a procedure which Alex for one found decidedly lecherous, "Nothing broken at least, but she'll be out of it for a while."

"Well, that's a relief." the professor replied, "Jade, would you be so kind as to take her up to the guest room to recover? I'm afraid that dinner tables aren't exactly conductive for that sort of thing."

Jade nodded, nonchalantly picking the girl up and starting to carry her away towards a spiral staircase at the right.

"Now not to worry, Mr.Maxwell." Ashton forestalled the redhead's question, turning his calming gesture towards the boy, "Your friend is in good hands, and should any complications arise, I'm sure that miss Suman." he nodded towards the nurse at this point, "Will prove more than capable of handling the situation. You have my word that she will be looked after."

'The word of a potential mob boss.' the little conspiracy theorist inside Alex protested, but he reluctantly settled down again.

"Now then..." Ashton continued in a conversational tone, "I really do apologize for that little scene, and I assure you: this is all a misunderstanding that shall be dealt with in short order. As for the original question - one which I'm sure my good friend Jade would like answered as well - I assure you that you have all been chosen by your own merits and seeing you all here I am fully confident that I chose correctly. I realize that this is vague, but I truly can not explain it better than that at the moment. I can, however, go into more detail about why I asked you to come here, and as I'm sure you're all as anxious to know this as Meiling-san, I believe I have kept you in suspense long enough." he tapped a small button beneath the table by his seat, and with a soft hum, the painting of the Gyarados began sliding to the left and into a thin space inside the wall, revealing a shaded compartment of some sort in the wall behind, "If I may turn everyone's attention here for a moment?"

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Scarlet Weather
October 18th, 2007, 4:57 PM
Mark stared at Alex, the Traverse native, as the older boy verbally barbed that one kid with the video camera, Johnny, yet again. At this point, the fossil enthusiast had no desire to step in and put himself at odds with the rest of the group, but given the choice he'd probably select the kid with the camera as a friend. In his experience, anyone who didn't feel any remorse after verbally lambasting someone would probably do so frequently and loudly. On the other hand, he wondered if he and Johnny would find any common ground, unless the other kid wanted to make a documentary on fossil excavation. Slowly, Mark poured himself a glass of grape juice from a conveniently located pitcher and lifted it to his lips, savoring the sweet, rich flavor. If nothing else could be said for this journey, at least the food was good. A smile graced his lips as Lucifer Ashton, their host, addressing him as "Mr. Eschatol", prepared to answer Mark's earlier question. Before the esteemed host could finish his answer, however, the samurai girl Mark had seen on board the ship earlier leaped onto the table and pulled out her sword, and all hell broke loose.

Mark leaped to his feet and scurried away from the table, his right hand curled around his rock hammer, not that a weapon that small would actually do him any good if this psycho-samurai-girl started swinging around that beast of a weapon she was carrying. Praying that his journey was not about to be precluded by a psychotic woman with a weapon from the feudal era, Mark hastily jotted the event down as something to tell his children, should he live long enough to propagate, when they left home: "Always remember, kids, if whatever you're doing involves a girl with a big weapon, either steer clear of it or pack a can of mace."

Now the girl had begun shouting at Ashton, demanding to know what had happened to her family. The apparently unfazed host protested that this was all a mistake, but he wasn't allowed to finish before the girl conveniently slipped on a plate of grapes and crash-landed directly next to Mark, who could only stare at her with eyes wide as grapefruits. He remained staring throughout the entire process of Plum's removal, only stopping when her body had left the room and he realized that his fist was still curled around his rock hammer, which he returned to its usual place, feeling a bit sheepish. It was then that "L.A." made the announcement that he was about to reveal the reason he had invited them to the island in the first place. Mark's only response was a quiet "Well, finally!" muttered beneath his breath as he stepped forward and watched Lucifer press a hidden switch beneath the table which... no, it was simply too cliche. Mark stared as the Gyarados poster moved aside, revealing a shadowy cavity within. Still, cliche or no, it was what he had come to see, and the fossil enthusiast directed his attention to the shaded compartment as directed without complaint.

Alter Ego
October 25th, 2007, 6:11 AM
'A moving portrait.' Alex's inner monologue commented at the sight in front of him.

"Oh, come now..." professor Ashton tutted at the lightly disapproving glances he was receiving, "...you have to admit it's a classic. Besides, it's not the hiding place that is important, it's what's inside it." at this point he reached into the shadowed cavity, grasping a sturdy and above all heavy-looking black suitcase with both hands and carefully placing it on the table, revealing no less than three separate locks sealing away its contents.

"Within this case is the reason I called you all here." the professor announced, "But first: is anyone here familiar with the term 'pokérus'?"

Alex raised a hand hesitantly, feeling very much like he was back at a pokémonology lesson at school, "It's...that thingie that helps pokémon grow faster, isn't it?" he suggested.

"Indeed it is." Ashton replied, apparently pleased at someone having heard of it, "I would not blame any of you for not knowing. These 'thingies' as Mr.Maxwell so eloquently put it are quite rare and information concerning them is scarce at best. The pokérus is a kind of micro-organism that apparently thrives only on a pokémon host. At first, they cause light illness within their host, much like a regular virus would, but overtime pokérus and host body adapt to each other, and more intriguingly...aid each other. A pokémon infected with this rare virus strain will grow at an exceptionally fast rate, making them highly valued commodities among professional trainers. However, having spent most of my career studying this virus, I can assure you that this is but a fraction of the virus' true power." he paused, "But no, rather than merely lecturing about I think a demonstration is in order." he reached beneath the table again, procuring a small, black remote control and pointing it towards the crevice where the suitcase had been.

At the click of a button, the plasma screen at the back of the crevice came to life, displaying a white, unadorned room lit by bright, electric lights in the ceiling. In the middle of the room, a tiny, bluish squirrel with a long fluffy tail peering towards the camera with a pair of innocent, beetle black eyes, its teal ears pointing straight upwards.

"Pachi?" the creature inquired in adorable stereo sound.


"Go, Tiamat."

Jade's voice immediately drew Alex's attention back to the screen, just in time to witness the materialization of the giant sea serpent from before, the creature towering threateningly over the tiny squirrel.

"Pa-chi?" the creature stammered, slowly backing away.

"Tiamat, Dragon Rage."

"Keep a close eye on the statistics." Ashton suggested, nodding towards two sets of charts and graphs that had appeared underneath the scene of Pachirisu getting flung back like a rag doll, the feeble attempts at electrocution sliding of Tiamat without seeming to bother the creature at all. The statistics were apparently monitoring vital signs and statics of various kinds, and considering that one was severly behind on everything compared to the other, it wasn't hard to guess which was which. Alex was about to ask why Ashton insisted on showing this gruesome spectacle, but the professor forestalled him by placing his index finger over his lips, the familiar smile playing on his features once more, "It should show right about...now."

Alex blinked as the tiny squirrel leapt aside from a second shockwave with surprising speed, casting another glance at the statistics. The boy blinked again - he could have sworn that the numbers weren't like that a moment ago, and sure enough, as the electric type regained its composure, glaring at its opponent and unleashing an angry little "pa-chi" the columns spiked again. Electricity crackled around the squirrel's cheeks, its growl rising to a maddened pitch as the charts climbed ever higher, "Paaa-chiii!"

The redhead gasped, almost toppling his chair as a flash of blinding white appeared on the screen, mere moments before the image began crackling and distorting, soon fading completely to leave the usual 'snowstorm' of a broken image.

For a few more moments, Alex stared at the empty screen in disbelief. Jade looked disinterested, but Ashton was practically brimming with enthusiasm as he awaited the inevitable question.

"That is the point where our recording equipment broke down." he remarked casually, "Ladies, gentlemen, what you just witnessed was the effect of the Neo Genesis virus, NG for short. Not the greatest of names, I'll be the first to admit, but other than that I'd say that it's quite extaordinary, wouldn't you agree? You see, a pokémon's body is normally constrained to using only a fraction of the energy at its disposal, but when the NG-virus feels threatened it nullifies these inner constraints, allowing the host pokémon to briefly battle at a level that would normally be far beyond it." the unreadable smile played on Ashton's lips once more, clearly this was a subject he was very fond of, "Of course the brightest flames burn the shortest. These spurts of power place great strain on the host body and can only be maintained for a brief moment without placing the pokémon at risk. They also consume a vast amount of energy, leaving the host exhausted as a result. Usually, however - a brief moment is enough. The point remains that a pokémon strengthened by the NG-virus could potentially be in a league far beyond its regular siblings."

Alex frowned without not really knowing why, something about the term 'NG-virus' just didn't sit well with him. Still, he shrugged the feeling off for the moment, deciding that there were more important questions to ask, "So you're saying that you've got some kind of special virus that makes pokémon crazily powerful..." he began, "...but just what does this have to do with us? More importantly: what does this have to do wit what's been going on with Traverse Island?"

"Very prudent questions, Mr.Maxwell." Ashton conceded, "I'm afraid that this island is currently locked down because of no other reason than the NG-virus. Allow me to clarify." he absent-mindedly flicked the remote control again, turning off the blurred screen, "As you know, all contact with Traverse Island was cut off approximately two months ago. What you probably don't know, however, is that this had nothing to do with the storm that ravaged the area at the time." he shook his head, "That blackout was planned, not by me-" he added, forestalling Alex's inevitable intervention with a polite smile, "No, this was the work of the Garland Gang, and I assure you, Mr.Maxwell, I'm as confused about this as your are." he added in response to the redhead's sceptical expression, "I, too, have always been under the impression that they were a small-time organization. They've run a decent black market operation here in Traverse Town for many years, certainly, but they're hardly a new Team Rocket. Or at least...they didn't use to be; the fact remains that it was Garland Gang thugs who sacked this town under the cover of the power short, and my dear friend Jade assure me that it's certainly them patrolling the streets and maintaining the nine o'clock curfew they've set up." he tutted disapprovingly, "It's all too organized to be Garland's machination, however; he may be cunning, but he's certainly not clever enough to arrange a scheme of this magnitude, let alone develop these..." he gestured towards the eggs, "Whoever created the NG-virus would have needed both resources and scientific knowledge exceeding my own, to not only cultivate the pokérus but refine it to such a point. The person responsible must be...brilliant..."

There was a certain touch of admiration in the old man's voice as he said the last words, and Alex wasn't quite sure he approved of it. The professor seemed to pick up on this as well, snapping out of his reverie and resuming his speech, "Regardless, it seems clear to me that whoever is behind this would not be content with simply lording over Traverse Island. If the documents Jade secured are any indication: our mystery adversary intends to use this island as a staging ground, a base of sorts where he can cultivate his virus and replicate it...in large amounts." Ashton's expression was dead serious as he surveyed his guests, "The document in question requested an assembly of 50 000 specimens for the next phase of the project. Having shown you the footage, I hope that I do not need to impress on any of you what such an amount of empowered pokémon could cause."

Alex, quite frankly, was speechless. This was like something out of a sci-fi novel, but after having given himself a firm pinch in the arm, the islander had effectively been convinced that he wasn't dreaming, "So...just what do you expect us to do, then?" he asked somewhat shakily. Alex was no coward, but neither was he suicidal, "I mean, you're not suggesting that we - a bunch of complete rookies - try to overthrow this organization with a handful of hatchlings, do you?"

"Oh, goodness no." Ashton replied, causing Alex to relax visibly, "We do not yet know the scope of this new enemy or even the full extent of their motives, research on the NG-virus is also still underway so a direct confrontation at this point would be reckless in the extreme. You'll be trained first."

"What?!" the redhead spluttered, "Look, I hate to be the spoilsport here but we're only nine people and I doubt that anyone here has even completed a real pokémon battle in their life! Superpowered pokémon or no, this plan of yours is crazy."

"I told him as much." remarked Jade's voice, its owner leaning against the wall on the right, having appeared in the same ominous manner as he did at the boat, "I told you, Ashton: these lot doesn't have what it takes. Just let me handle this on my own."

"Mistrusting as always, my dear Jade." Ashton remarked, peering straight into the other's eyes for a moment, "I wonder what would have happened if you would have been that way ten years ago."

Jade scoffed in response, averting his gaze, but didn't interject further.

"I realize that this may seem a bit overwhelming, Mr.Maxwell." he continued apologetically, "But let me assure you, I have full confidence in all of you. Thanks to my dear Jade's efforts, the NG-project has been set back significantly; these prototypes are currently the only pokémon in existence that harbor the fully developed NG-virus. If there is to be any hope for toppling this new threat, it lies within these eggs..." his gaze shifted to the people gathered around the table again, "...and you, of course."

Alex was still doubtful, "Why us?" he asked, "I mean, couldn't you have called in the elite four or something?"

"I'm afraid not." Ashton replied, "As I already mentioned, I am hardly popular in official circles, and the evidence I have managed to gather is not nearly conclusive enough. Even if I managed to sway the big four into declaring war on Traverse Island and shutting down the operation here, there's no guarantee that the mastermind behind it will not simply relocate and start anew. No, this threat must be eliminated in one fell swoop, and for that I need people who are not tied down by political obligations. Between the nine of you, you have talents and experiences from all walks of life. You have a native of Traverse Island to guide you, a young man well versed in underground work whose skills may well come to good use, a documentarist capable of recording information that may prove vital for your success, and a medical specialist to care for the wounds of both you and your pokémon among others. If you can combine all these skills with the power contained within these eggs, the result could be truly astounding. I shall also place all the resources I can spare at your disposal, and regardless of what happens, the pokémon will be yours to keep. Of course, I can not force your decision..." he conceded, "If there are any among you who do not wish to risk their well-being for this cause, you may leave and I shall have Jade escort you safely to your homes, but rest assured: a united front is always the strongest. If you have the courage to become what I know you could be, then select the egg you desire and press the release button." he gestured towards the small, red buttons at the side of each container, "The fluid within is currently halting the development of the pokémon inside, but once you release it the egg will hatch. At that point, there's no turning back." Ashton cast one last, long glance at the group, "The decision is yours, my dear guests."

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Juanita wasn't feeling well. The food Lucifer had provided was not sitting well with her stomach. Her arms were hugged tightly around her waste and a slight green color had crept into her face. Juanita was taking deep, resounding breaths as she attempted to suppress the urge to vomit. Why me... She gagged once more, and felt the urge to vomit slowly slipping away. Meanwhile, she listened to what her host said, and tried to watch the screen carefully as some squirrel fought some large dragon. Pokemon are so... peculiar... I never understood the obsession with them.

Lucifer went on further to explain that it was up to Juanita and her fellow guests to take care of whatever was plaguing the island. They would also have to take a Pokemon partner in order to do so.

"ME! Training a Pokemon!? Incredulous! I can't... I simply cannot do it. I don't know a thing about Pokemon. They're frightening little things. Since I was a child, Pokemon always seemed so.. so aggressive towards me. I don't know sir..." Juanita trailed off. Her parents would be so disapproving of her training a Pokemon. Well, her mother would be at least. Juanita remembered the times when she little and her parents would argue about whether or not to let her train when she was little. Juanita's father thought it would be a good idea as it was a way to make friends and see the world. Her mother thought friends were a waste of time and the only true way in life was to work and become successful. Oh how Juanita admired the other children when they left home with their Pidgey, Bellsprout and Staryu. She would never have shown it unless she wanted the wrath of her mother upon her. Eventually, she grew out of her admiration and grew to despise Pokemon. If she couldn't travel like the others, she would at least hate what they did. Then, when she got a job at the Pokemon League, she could now regulate what they could do with their Pokemon. What power, what fulfillment...

But now it was her job that had landed her in a position to have to actually train a Pokemon. Juanita never disappointed the higher-ups, especially her father. So if it meant taking a Pokemon and battling some random thugs, she would do it. Juanita was the first to stand from her chair. She made her way to the plethora of eggs and looked at which egg was the most appealing.

Juanita's hands were shaking. I have to pick a good one... One that won't bite me... Like that boy's Bidoof... When she was around five or six years old, an older boy's Bidoof had grown irritated with Juanita's constant speeches to the boy and proceeded to clamp it's bucktoothed grin into her right leg. The boy quickly grabbed the beaver and pulled him off Juanita's leg, apologizing profusely as he did so. Juanita burst into tears, running home to her father. He quickly bandaged the wound and told her to not tell her mother. If Juanita said anything, there would be no chance of Juanita ever training a Pokemon. In the end, it didn't matter, but at the time Juanita did her best to keep it a secret.

Then, one egg in particular caught her eye. It was suspended within a large tube by some strange fluid her host said was preventing it from hatching. It's shell was black and glimmering, much like a clear, summer night. Juanita decided: that was the egg she wanted. She walked to the tube and pressed the red button, which quickly caused the mysterious liquid to dissipate. The egg gently dropped and as soon as any trace of the liquid was gone, it began to hatch. Several cracks formed in the side and a faint aura began to emit from the egg. The cracks continued to grow in size and the brightness of the aura intensified. A tiny, yellow beak breached the edge of the egg and from it escaped a faint "caw." Tiny blue eyes appeared next, followed by a jet-black wing. Shards of the shell fell and soon a tiny, exposed Murkrow sat before Juanita.

"My Aunt Lulabelle had one of these. Tricky little birds they are," Juanita said in complete awe. Her whole body was trembling. Was this Murkrow really her Pokemon? She reached into the machine and grabbed the Murkrow gently. It shook its head vapidly, staring blankly into Juanita's eyes. It cawed again. "Well, you're not all that bad. But I wonder: are you a boy or a girl..." The Murkrow let out a faint snarling sound.

"If I had to guess, you're probably a boy. But Murkrow is so gloomy sounding. I'm going to call you PERCIVAL!" Juanita said. Percival cawed in response, happy to see its new mother smiling. It fluttered its wing gently, attempting to fly. However, it only managed to lift a few inches from her hands before falling back gently into her hands. "From what I can remember Percival, mother birds have to teach their hatchlings how to fly. Since I don't have wings, I can't exactly show you how to fly. But I'm sure there's some way I can teach you."

Juanita felt strange. She had never really held a Pokemon before, but with this Pokemon in her hands, it felt right. However, she knew nothing about training, battling, or taking care of Pokemon. But this little guy was already attached to her. From what she learned in school, species of bird grew attached to the first person or animal they spotted. Thus, Juanita could presume that Percival now saw her as his mother.

"I hope I'm a good mother..."

Scarlet Weather
October 26th, 2007, 3:16 PM
So does this mean that Mark finally gets to show his Rock-Type sklizz? t3h 4w3s0m3orz. *shot'ed*[/OOC]

Mark sat back as the plot unfolded like that of a cheap sci-fi novel mashed together with "Satoshi's Adventures" and "The Elite Four", with a side order of "Pokerus- The Beginning". It was at times like these that he fervently wished that when the Powers That Be had been organizing the being that would eventually become Mark, they hadn't included something he liked to term his "nerd gene", which automatically drew paralells in situations like this. Then again, the situation itself was completely insane. An evil team had somehow blacked out an island and proceeded to implement their plans by superpowering every Pokemon that came within their range before a bad guy turned good guy with scientific know-how and his partner, a snarky, mistrusting dude with well-trained Pokemon, had set the project back long enough to call in a few rookies in order to train them to become the saviors of the world. Well, at least aliens hadn't arrived and people hadn't been fused with Pokemon yet. Still, with the way things had gone so far, Mark wasn't sure that any predictions leaning in that direction would be too far off. On the other hand, at least Lucifer was being honest about the whole thing. Mark was still debating on whether or not he should dismiss this whole thing as being too incredibly cliche and leave before the camera guys came out of the woodwork and announced the whole thing to be a fake or accept Lucifer's offer and take his chances when the apparent multimillionaire spoke the magic words:

"I shall also place all the resources I can spare at your disposal, and regardless of what happens, the pokémon will be yours to keep."

Mark's willpower crumbled. He had wanted a Pokemon since he was old enough to travel, and though he never let on, he wanted one still. Lucifer Ashton was definitely banking on Mark when he said that. Slowly, the red-capped teenager raised his hand. "I-I'm not sure that I'm really going to be all that much help unless we end up needing to run around underground or whatever we're doing involves fossils," he stammered, "But I'm in. I don't know exactly why, but something's telling me that if I don't accept this offer now, I'll never have another chance to work with Pokemon." His speech thus made, Mark stepped up to the suspended egg of his choice, a smooth, grey one, like pebbles in a stream. Placing his hand on the button, he gently depressed it and the fluid fell away from the case.

The egg cracked almost immediately, sending shards of shell hurtling across the room, including one very sharp piece that embedded itself in Mark's hand momentarily, forcing him to remove it and lift the wound to his mouth, instinctively sucking the blood for a moment. He immediately regretted that particular decision. Well, if this NG virus is transferable to humans, I guess I'll be the first to know, he thought grimly as he stared at the tiny creature dislodging itself from the egg white.

The first thing that was obvious about this creature was its shape, somewhat akin to a miniature tyrannonosaurus with the sharp teeth replaced by a hard, domelike skull that was ringed with a set of short horns. The creature's skin was also a definining feature, grey and rocklike for the most part with a few blue patches located on the body which shone like lacquered gems as the liquid surrounding the Pokemon evaporated or ran off. Reaching out his hand tentatively, Mark touched the skull of the creature. Could it be? In all his wildest dreams he had hoped for it, but he had never dared suppose... a Cranidos? A real, live Cranidos? How the hell had LA got his hands on fossil DNA, let alone bring a living one into existence? Mark rubbed his hands along the little creature's head, tentatively daring to suppose this whole thing was not some kind of fantastic dream, and he would not be waking up at home soon enough. Satisfied that the whole thing was real, Mark stood for a moment and faced LA, his voice choked with emotion. "Sir..." he gushed, "Thank you so much. This... this is amazing. I never dared hope... freaking Kyogre, this is awesome."

Mark had hardly finished his sentiment of gratitude when, with the speed of a blazing bullet, the small creature he had been admiring moments before hurtled into his back like a cartridge from a hair-trigger gun, headfirst. Mark sprawled across the floor, the wind leaving his system in a rush of air. By turning his head, he could just barely make out the small dinosaur dancing happily beside his head, happily growling and chanting its name. Feeling some wind return to him, Mark pulled himself to his knees. "Playful, aren't you..." he managed to stutter, his back still aching. He couldn't bring himself to be angry at the critter, after all, it was only just born and it didn't really mean any harm. It probably assumed that Mark was another Cranidos or something. He remembered that before Roark had managed to bring his under control, the Pokemon had been almost impossible to bring to heel, butting everything in sight. Well, at least that made the naming job easier. Something or someone with a lot of energy... Mark made his decision quickly. "How 'bout I call you 'Gon'?" he asked the tiny terror.

The Pokemon answered by charging forward and playfully butting Mark again, sending the red baseball cap that ordinarily graced his head flying across the room as he went crashing into the wall. "Okay... you win..." he groaned painfully, "Gon it is, then..."

The dinosaur continued dancing madly, completely oblivious to the fact that it had probably bruised Mark severely.

OOC: And this concludes my session of comic relief. BTW, no, I don't think Mark has the NG virus. If anything, he may get sick or something, but I doubt he'll reap any positive benefits from his little accident. 0_o

October 26th, 2007, 9:19 PM
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It was not quite what Johnny had in mind. In fact, it was so far from what he was originally thinking this trip could have been. This news given, he knew was only going to be released to himself and these other people he barely met. No one else would know. He had been recording the entire thing, and now, his batteries were at an even lower all time low. The question still lingered; what was he going to do? Would he accept this, and go along with it? He knew a thing of this, but never really pictured himself doing something like training before. And in reality, all he knew was how to yell out a command in battle. Anyone could do that. But was there a secret trick to it? Did you have to do it in such a way that would ensure that your Pokémon followed your command? He wasn’t so sure about that one, and never had he really been very curious to find out. He had always been more curious about current events and newer models of recording devices.

Lucifer’s words stung him; especially the last few he had to say. By speaking of only a few, he basically just told him what his job would be in this if he would stay. He would be recording data…and that is all he would be good for. Looking around at the others, he realized how much he was also going to have to rely on the others if they stayed. But ever since he arrived, everything had been not so good. Well, towards him, that is. First of all, there would be an eternal flare with him and Alex; he could foretell this in the near future if he stayed. What else could he pick on? To him, it didn’t matter really. He can work with others if he wants to, prefers alone though. So they were a team; he could deal with that. But could they deal with him?

Well, they were going to have to. Lucifer had called upon him. Of ANYBODY in the world he could have picked, he picked him. Johnny felt special with this. He never felt this feeling in his life before; or at least, as far as he could remember. The answer of being there or not was resolved quickly; he would stay.

“…and I will do my best at this job given,” Johnny said to himself, but more to his dying camera.

He walked towards the left most egg, and walked down the line, just pointing his camera as if those were his eyes. And an egg stopped him; a dark shaded egg of black; or was it silver? He couldn’t tell. Either way, it was a dark shade. The color never really struck him as a favorite, but it was his school colors. Slightly. His camera died out that second, power completely shutting.

“Damn,” he said to himself, putting the camera to his side. It would have been so great had he caught the hatchling hatch on film. Not even thinking twice, he pressed the button to de-liquefy. Immediately after, the hatching process began.

At first, he thought it would be a very slow process. It started out that way. Johnny moved closer, very anxious to see what he had just picked. It was like that game show he used to watch where those losers (in his eyes) would pick a random door and see what they got as a prize of sorts, never really being anything special. But this was something special. To him, at least. It was what he was going to keep for…a long while. A journey with a companion. He never would have thought that statement would be directed towards himself.


He wasn’t quite ready for it. He had gotten so close and was in deep thought of what he would have that he didn’t realize the sudden agility of a clawed arm break right through the egg and literally punch him. He bleed on his cheek lightly; and all he could think about was how adorable it all seemed at a time. A little hatchling thought it would be strong enough to take him down. Laughable, but he wasn’t smiling. Just in awe.

It shook itself out of its shell. It gave a slight cry, finally revealing its true species along with it by the words screeched. To be honest, he expected something more. But at the time, he didn’t care. It was so adorable looking with the eyes so shut tight, trying to adjust to sudden light and flailing around.

The Sneasel, as he could now tell, fell onto him. He caught her; he could tell it was female now by how close he was to her. The feeling of holding a newborn was like no other. It was so adorable. For possibly the first time in his life, Johnny was left speechless on how to react. He just sort of stood there, not saying a word as the creature observed him.

It cried out adorably, clawing away at Johnny’s so neat shirt. A Pokémon was clawing away at school property. Later, Johnny decided that he would change back into his casual clothing in the bathroom. For now, it was huggle time. But there were eyes upon him; or, at least he had that feeling of them. He carried the Sneasel out of the way and placed her down, still in awe. He petted the top of her head, and she sort of yawned.

“What a cute little thing, aren’t you?”

She liked this compliment, and immediately pulled herself onto him, riding onto his shoulder. Her claws dug in and hurt lightly, and she kept a firm hold once she was at the position she was comfortable with.

A name. He should call her something. But what? He should call her…he…wasn’t quite sure.

“What should I call you?” he asked himself. He randomly said the first thing that came to mind, and it was a very strange first though considering how unique the name sounded to him. “Athabar?”

He wasn’t sure why, but the Sneasel gave a nodding glee at it. He figured she would; based on many other documentaries he had seen on Pokémon, if a human is the first a Pokémon sees, the first name given to them would be the best suited. Even if he said ‘Garbage,’ she would have loved it.

“Athabar…sounds cool…but weird too…let’s stick to Atha; how about that?”

And she still agreed with it.

October 26th, 2007, 10:17 PM
"You're insane," Stray muttered, staring at Lucifer Ashton with a mix of disbelief and condemnation. After the frustrating wait, the irritation of watching his fellow guest's interactions, and the realization that he could only fulfill Ashton's request of not glaring by not looking at the man, Stray had already been prepared to snap. But after watching the recorded battle and hearing the host's story . . . Stray did not read many books and watched movies even less, yet this entire situation still had an element of unreality and prefabrication. Though he had not eaten before out of suspicion, the traveler found that by now he had fully lost his appetite. It all just comes down to Pokemon again--everyone's obsession. If Ashton actually knew anything about us, he'd know why it is that I'm not a Pokemon trainer. Stray's icy eyes narrowed momentarily as he dispelled undesired memories from his mind, before pushing his chair back and standing. "Your idea of taking down a gang is to train a group of half-mental, inexperienced asylum-escapees from scratch and to send them out to fight with a bunch of souped-up baby Pokemon?" This is stupid. I'm out of here. That was what Stray wanted to say, but some unknown force irresistibly compelled him to leave his last two sentences unsaid. An awkward moment of silence indicated the words that had not been spoken. Finally, Stray shook his head slowly. "You've got some imagination, Ashton--and some nerve to feel fine about messing around with lives like this." But if I think that, then why am I still here? I don't care for Pokemon, I don't like or trust this Ashton, and my main reason for coming to this seminar was that I had no cause not to. But now that I'm here . . . Now that I'm faced with something, I don't want to back down. The boy grimaced. Tch. I wonder if that was part of Ashton's plan. He despised being manipulated.

As he looked up, Stray found himself inexplicably by the row of remaining eggs. How did I get here? Staring at the unhatched life now floating before him in suspended animation, Stray felt himself reach for his scar, but suddenly realized and disguised his movement by brushing aside his bangs. If this Pokemon kills me, I'm going to be seriously ticked off. He pressed the red button.

The first thing Stray noted about the egg was that it was warm and growing steadily warmer. Still, considering the reddish orange colour of the object, this did not seem too unexpected. From the bottom of the egg, a black, star-like design stretched upward in a manner that reminded the youth of a lotus; but no other mark adorned the fiery-tinted surface. As Stray began to feel that the egg was becoming too hot to hold, the egg suddenly burst into flame--shattering apart even as its scattering pieces fell to ash. Automatically, Stray's hands pulled away from the fire, only to move forward again just as automatically to catch the small bundle that fell from the smouldering shell.

An ebony-striped, orange-furred puppy lay in Stray's hands, still warm from the hatching and damp from the egg. The creature was partially curled and breathed slowly and deeply, apparently in slumber. Stray lifted the Pokemon for closer inspection, glancing at it somewhat critically from various angles. Looks like a Growlithe. Then, an unexpected realization dawned on him. And its not attacking me. Opening its mouth for a squeaking yawn, the infant Growlithe turned in its sleep. Stray stared at it in silence--uncomfortable, confused, and unhappy, but also becoming somewhat resigned. So, no turning back now, right?

Still asleep, the Growlithe sank its needle-like teeth into Stray's hand. Stray glared. "I hate you."

October 27th, 2007, 10:37 AM
Susan listened mindful to everything what Mr. Ashton told them. A Virus… She repeated his words. Then Mr. Ashton started the video, this unbelievable pokemon fight. At first Susan got frightened. If this Virus is infecting pokemon and forcing the host to such power… but they are just exhausted. A protection for the infected pokemon? But what is the negative aspect of the virus? There must be such an effect. No virus in the whole world would do such a thing like making pokemon stronger… her thoughts rushed in her mind. She noticed too late that the others had already begun to unleash the pokemon from the container.

Was that right? Could she take the responsibility for such a virus hold inside such a little creature? After all, she was a nurse, living to protect pokemon from wounds, illness and… viruses… It was hard to decide such a thing. Su stood up and went to the exit. By the exit she stopped again, to over think her reaction. She was about to leave. Virus pokemon… she thought again. Why should she do such a thing? But somehow somebody had to stop these… virus creators. She looked at the few “trainer” as you could call them now. The little baby pokemon were already attached with the virus. Nothing would change that.

It couldn´t be helped, but… what would Sister Joy do in such a case? She would… care for the pokemon and do everything to stop the virus… that means I have to… she looked at the existing eggs. Just do it… her other mind said her. Take one of them and save everyone… “I have to…” she mumbled and went to the container. The others were already happy with their pokemon. Sweet things, just got out of the eggs and looking for a parent. She looked at the eggs again in the container, walking around it. She knew already that she would join the group to stop this incredible but also dangerous virus. Fearing secret behaviors of the virus, her decision was clear. She also tried not to show her thoughts and smiled again. For sure Mr. Ashton had already found out what was she thinking about.

“Mr. Ashton…” Su begun, “… it´s fearsome to hear about such things and to get the possibility to stop such a crime is very good, but…” she stopped for short. “…If you are so good informed about everything, I have some questions about this Virus. What other side effects does the Virus have? A Virus for usual tries to do much possible damage to its host. If you have some medical documents, it would help if I could look at some of them…” Su said in a calm voice. She didn´t except that Mr. Ashton would answer at once, so she went over to one egg which observed a small time. It was angel white with some red stripes on it. “It´s a very healthy one… I think I´ll take this…” She pressed the button and looked at the egg with a mother like expression to see what was happening. Of course she already knew what for an egg it was, and she already knew that it was the pokemon she wanted. But just being a nurse wasn´t the same as being an owner of a pokemon.

The egg hatched with a loud crack and a little Zangoose rolled out of the egg. The tiny fur knot fell into Susan´s open hands. The ball unfurled and the little Zangoose looked into the face of it´s “mother”. The big eyes fixed this big mommy and the pokemon yawned explicitly. “You are such a sweet… “ Su whispered. She looked at it and found out something. “A girl? Sweet!” She stroke the tiny thing over it´s belly and it started something about laughing and grumbling together. Then it bite soft into mommy´s finger. “How should I name you, huh?” The Zangoose started to play with Su´s finger. “So you like your little claws eh? What´s about Razor?” Again the Zangoose laughed and growled together. “Ok, than it´s Razor from now on…”

So Razor started to inspect her mommy and climbed up to her shoulders, trying to cuddle with Su´s ear. "That tickles!Watch out fur ball!" she laughed. Razor just started a little growl about that "fur-ball" verbalism. Not that she probably could understand such a thing, she just didn´t like wordings.

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October 28th, 2007, 6:54 AM
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Nah, better leave that for another time. Bottom line is that the NG-virus is only compatible with pokémon hosts so it wouldn't survive within Mark. So sorry, but he won't be mutating into Cranidosman. ;3


Now there's a mental image I won't forget in the first place. o.o At any rate, since Aegis has already informed me that midterms will keep him busy for a couple of weeks more and that only leaves chomp unaccounted for, I'm going to kick off the action part of the RP now. :3 The characters I'm bunnying to leave at the moment are not kicked out of the RP; this is just my way of placing them aside so we can move the plot on. So yeah, missing peoples, just let me know if/when you're ready to rejoin and we'll work out a plot path to make it happen. ^^

Oh, and Nigma: I thought your sign-up said Nidoran, not Zangoose. o.O Please go edit your profile, for coherence's sake. ^^


Quite frankly, Alex was shocked at the lack of hesitance that some of his fellow guests were exhibiting when faced with this proverbial devil's deal, one after the other stepping forward to claim the egg of their choice and thus sealing their fate. Even the cynical Stray agreed to it, though he made a point of protesting about Ashton's methods before doing so.

Don't you all realize that this whole thing is freaking crazy?!

That's the question Alex would have posed, but the words clung to his throat like so many hatchling Slakoths, stubbornly refusing to come out. Would he, the redhead who had so proudly proclaimed his crusade against any and all who dared mess with his homeland now back out or whine like a sissy? Was he really less of a man than the camera boy, the fossil geek, or the crazy government lady? The boy's hands balled into fists as he rose up from his seat, still struggling with the decision. Only three people around the table had yet to claim their eggs; Alex, the guy who had freaked out back in the caves and whose name the redhead couldn't recall, and Melissa, the latter two looking just as disturbed by the whole scenario as Alex felt. The islander's gaze then shifted to their host, Lucifer Ashton, hoping to discern even a slightest hint of treachery in the professor's features. Much to his dismay, Ashton returned the gaze calmly, however, still maintaining his polite little smile, though Alex could have sworn that there was a tinge of smugness hidden right beneath it.

"Alright, fine." the redhead snorted at last, stomping over to the remaining eggs, "I promised I'd do whatever it takes to help my folks out, and I'm not going back on that. But let's make one thing perfectly clear, Ashton..." he shot a glare at their host, "This doesn't mean I'm signing up to be one of your cronies; I'm saving Traverse Island and working with you for as long as you want to do the same; that's it."

His speech thus finished, Alex turned to the remaining four eggs, scrutinizing them intensely. 'Come on...' he thought for himself, his right hand hovering over the release buttons as he tried to make up his mind, 'I need something strong.' . After a few more painstaking moments of indecision, the boy finally settled on the largest egg off the lot. It was purple in color, its shell dotted with yellow patterns that consisted of three rings, each located within the other. There was something different about this egg, Alex noted, it seemed more...alive, somehow, seeming to pulsate ever so slightly even within the liquid, as if the egg itself was an organic being. As the fluid drained away and the redhead grasped the egg, he noticed another peculiar feature; the shell wasn't hard like he had expected, but had a slightly soft, leathery feel to it, and as the teen held it in his hands, he noticed that it was indeed pulsating, the surface heaving back and forth in a rhythmic pattern, as if following the lungs of the creature within. As Alex held the egg in his arms, the pulse seemed to intensify, the egg growing ever warmer in his hands until it finally burst open, the remnants of the shell spreading out like the petals of a flower and releasing a translucent liquid of some kind that effectively sprayed the youth, much to his displeasure.

Wiping the indeterminate slime from his eyes, Alex surveyed the pokémon that was to become his partner. It certainly wasn't what he expected, in fact: it wasn't even something he recognized right away. The creature in front of him bore closest resemblance to a goblet shape-wise, with four, stubby legs connected by a thin stalk to the creature's cup-shaped head. The creature bore much the same coloring as its egg, its body purple in color, complete with a set of yellow triple circles around the side of its head, and from what would have been the brim of the cup, a number of light orange tentacles sprouted. Within the rim, the creature's features were completely obscured in darkness, save for its eyes; two pupil-less yellow spheres that shone brightly from the black surrounding them, peering intently at Alex.

"Lii-u!" the peculiar creature intoned, stretching out one of its tentacle-like feet and wrapping it firmly around the transfixed youth's left arm, the other three following suit as it clambered onto Alex. For being a newborn, the creature had a very strong grip, and as Alex felt the damp suction cups clutching his arm, he had the distinct feeling that dislodging it would not be an easy matter. The creature's touch was lightly uncomfortable, but at the same time there was something strangely endearing about it and the redhead couldn't help smiling just a little. Thought he refused to admit it, Alex had always been a big softie when baby pokémon were concerned.

"Well, you're not what I expected." the redhead conceded, "But it looks like I'm going to be your dad all the same." he chuckled, reaching out his free hand to pat the creature, a gesture to which it immediately responded by reaching out the tentacles around the top of its head, wrapping the firmly around the boy's index finger and causing him to wince slightly.

"Whoa, easy." the boy said as a tickling sensation spread from the captive finger, "There's no need to get all fuzzy on me."

"Actually, Mr.Maxwell..." Ashton interjected in his usual infuriatingly polite manner, "...I do believe that she is trying to digest your finger."

"Say what?!" Alex's brief moment of cooing ended as suddenly as it had begun, the boy yanking his hand back in a violent motion, dislodging it from the tentacles. Aside from some minor reddening, there didn't seem to be any damage, however.

"There's no need to panic." the professor remarked, "Your Lileep is still a newborn, so her acid glands haven't developed yet. I simply thought it prudent to inform you of this habit will this is still the case."

"Gee, thanks." the teenager replied in a tone that was still far from grateful before turning to give his newly acquired pokémon a reprimanding glare, "As for you, let's get one thing straight: no eating your dad, alright?"

"Lil-ee?" the creature replied in an angelically innocent voice, the stare of its yellow eyes as intense as ever as it tilted its head quizzically.

"Guess you're too young to understand yet." Alex sighed in forfeit, brushing some of the remaining fluid away from his clothes, "So anyway, Lileep, was it?" he shrugged, "Guess that's as good a name as any. Climb up here, will you?" he pointed at a place on his unoccupied shoulders, "You're killing my circulation."

"Lil-ee..." the Lileep replied, leaving the question of whether or not it had understood the request entirely open. After a while, though, it complacently relaxed the grip of one of its feet, beginning a slow but steady ascent up its new trainer's arm, which was definitely an improvement seeing as how said arm was already numbing at an alarming rate. There were many other problems to consider, though, the first of them being that he didn't know anything whatsoever about this pokémon he had just acquired. Heck, it was a blessing that Ashton had let the species name slip so Alex hadn't come off as a complete buffoon. The redhead was rather annoyed at this, with all his experience from helping out at a daycare sentence, not to mention the endless classes at the trainer school, he had thought that he knew all there was to know about pokémon care, but this creature...he cast a sideward glance at the Lileep, now happily perched on his shoulder and peering intently at the others in the room, he had never seen its like before. Still, if the grips which it could already produce were anything to go by, this one had potential to become a powerful pokémon indeed. Reluctantly, the boy allowed himself to smile just a little, in the end he supposed that that was what counted right now...the rest could be sorted out at a later date. He turned back to their host, just in time to catch his response to some less-than-favorable feedback, this time from Susan's side.

"As I said, miss Sherman, my research on the NG-virus is still incomplete." the professor replied calmly, "And let me assure you, as a virologist I am well aware of the possible dangers involved. However..." the familiar smile appeared on his lips once more, "...I feel inclined to correct you on this point: a virus' primary aim is to ensure its continued existence; the harm and diseases are merely...unpleasant side-effects. It has long been my hypothesis that under appropriate conditions, it would be possible to cultivate a strain that is symbiotic rather than viral in nature, and given the reasons behind the creation of this virus, I consider it a fair assumption that our dear adversary would not wish to infect his creations with a virus that cripples them to any serious degree." he paused, staring off into space, "I realize that this answer may seem unsatisfactory, but it is the best I can offer at the moment. I would gladly relinquish what little information concerning the virus I hold, but I doubt that it would be of any use for anyone save a specialized virologist, which, with all due respect, you are not." he met Susan's gaze calmly, "Please trust me on this matter, miss Suman, I assure you that determining the full effects of this virus shall be my primary objective, right after stopping further spreading of it, of course. Now, then..." he turned to face the remaining two, both still seated, "Mr. Sanpetr, miss Queens, I realize that this is a difficult decision, but I am going to have to urge you to make it. Garland's henchmen are undoubtedly searching for these eggs as we speak, and I do not wish to keep them in plain view any longer than necessary."

"I'm sorry." the girl replied, trembling ever so slightly as she rose, "But...I think, I think I'm going to pass up on your offer. But thank you...both for placing such trust in me and for your hospitality." she bobbed a polite curtsy, "It's been...enjoyable." there wasn't much conviction behind those last words, Alex noted, "I'm sure you will do perfectly fine without me. Excuse me." with that and a last curtsy to the group, she turned away from the table, walking towards the door.

"I'm with her." the boy chimed in simply, nodding towards their host. He too looked displeased with the situation, though whether this was because of the information he had just received or the thought that he'd have to traverse the tunnels that had caused him such discomfort once more was anyone's guess, "Thanks all the same."

Ashton nodded in response to the two, though he was decidedly less pleased with this outcome than that of the ones who had acceptance, "Regrettable." he replied, "But completely understandable. I said that the choice was yours, and I'm a man of my word. Jade..." he turned to address his grouchy complement, "...please escort these two safely to their homes."

Jade gave an indistinguishable grunt in response, ceasing to lean on the wall and nonchalantly wandering over to the two deserters, wordlessly gesturing for them to follow as he strode towards the staircase they had all ascended a while ago.

The professor, meanwhile, proceeded to snap the case with remaining eggs shut, remaining silent until the door was firmly shut, at which point he turned to address the group once more.

"Now then," he began, "as our first step we should-"


Alex, much like the Lileep on his shoulder, turned around to face the new source of commotion, the former half-expecting to see Plum out and about again, wooden sword in hand. Much to his displeasure, the redhead came to find that while no less than five people stormed the room, none of them was a sexy samurai chick. Instead, teenager found himself facing a number of men, all of whom seemed to be in their early twenties. They didn't seem to have any definite uniform, but all of them were clad primarily in black leather, with various pieces of shiny metal protruding from clothing and assorted bodily parts alike, the colors and styles of their hair ranging from daring to downright ridiculous. Some were rather lanky in body shape while one was a towering giant, but as a badge of identification - as if metal in your face didn't already serve that purpose - they each had a dark red 'GG' symbol sewn onto some visible part of their clothing. Alex felt the grip of his newly acquired pokémon tighten around his shoulder, the barnacle pokémon apparently having picked up on the hostility of these newcomers, and the redhead's hand instinctively curled into fists again, though considering the pokéballs that each of the men had on their waists - not to mention that they all seemed far taller and stronger than Alex - it would probably be a pretty one-sided fight.

As soon as they had entered the room, four of the intruders quickly spread out in a semi-circle, while the last - presumably their leader - stepped forward. Surprisingly, he seemed to be the youngest of the group - looking about Alex's age, or possibly a little bit older. The male was a rather lanky one to boot, his skin far paler than the standard islander pigment, though this could just have been because the of the clothing he wore. The stranger was clad in a black tank top emblazoned with the GG logo and a pair of black leather trousers. Not one but two dark red belts were wrapped around his thin waist, apparently more for aesthetic purposes than anything else, and three single earrings penetrated the left one of his thin, elfin ears. The stranger's lips were thin and pale, currently curled up into a triumphant little smirk, above which resided a decidedly pointed nose, accompanied by a pair of cold, light blue eyes. His hair was a quite obviously dyed shade of red and hung over his head in a half-messy mop and a pair of fingerless black gloves resided on his hands. He had what Alex had heard referred to as a "pretty-boy face" and were it not for his sinister expression, the man could well have been on route to a gay bar.

"Professor Ashton..." the young man intoned in a voice that brought to mind the hiss of a Seviper poised to strike, "I'm so sorry to intrude on your little...unlawful gathering?" he let his glance travel across the occupants of the room, pausing at each in turn as if to memorize the faces, "Such colorful company you keep...and at your age too." his smirk widened as he turned back to facing Ashton, the professor still retaining his calm, "It's quite impressive."

"You must be quite easily impressed then, Darian. But then again..." Ashton gave him a little smile of his own, "...the simple-minded tend to be. I hear that's why Garland made you executive; too dumb to mutine."

Darian's smile vanished in an instant, replaced by a murderous scowl, "Watch your tongue, old man." he hissed, taking a threatening step forward, "Your connections may have kept you safe this far, but this time you've crossed the line." he slowly began regaining his composure, "Lucifer Ashton, by order of the supreme ruler you and your little assembly here are hereby placed under arrest on charges of conspiracy, theft, and high treason towards the sovereign state of Traverse Island. Surrender your illegally obtained pokémon and come peacefully or we shall be forced to resort to...more forceful measures." he reached for one of the pokéballs at his belt, his four flunkies following his lead.

"Threats, is it?" Lucifer retorted calmly, "Once a brute, always a brute. Again you fail to surprise me, Darian. And given that your 'supreme ruler's' acquisition of this island is equally illegal, I'm afraid that we shall have to politely decline your request for a surrender." he locked eyes with the youth in front of him, casually leaning on his walking stick, "It seems like you and I will have to settle this by battle."

"I expected no less, you old goat." Darian replied, his self-satisfied smirk back in its full splendor, "Men, seize these criminals and confiscate the specimens immediately!"

The grunts were quick to oblige, four pokéballs quickly flying into the air. Just as Alex was about to send his newly obtained pokémon into battle, however, something that put the exhibition tape to shame occurred in front of his eyes.

Ashton raised his cane, firmly tapping the tip against the floor, a bright light immediately emerging around him, "Syldra, assistance, if you please."

The precise proceedings were a blur, and all Alex managed to catch was a brief glimpse of a creature resembling a gold-colored hippo with a thick tail, a pair of beige feelers at the top of its head, and a pair of peculiarly small, dark teal wings at its back. The creature's arrival was heralded by a resounding cry, reminiscent of a ship's horn, which shook the windows of the manor, soon buried under the high-pitched howl of a powerful gale as the battlefield dissolved into a mess of white. When the wind died down, the once stately room looked like a disaster area. Several bookcases and ornaments had been knocked over, papers and shards of broken ornaments littering the floor, and the entire back half of the room was covered in snow and frost, four unopened pokéballs landing on the floor with loud clunks, their locking mechanisms firmly frozen shut, trapping the pokémon within. The force of the attack had sent the four grunts on a one-way trip to the nearest wall or other object capable of withstanding the force, but their leader remained upright, a huge, steel-plated serpent whose head nearly brushed the ceiling coiled protectively around him.

Alex could do nothing but gape in awe, but Ashton seemed completely calm as he observed the situation, the hippo-like creature standing beside him, ready for battle.

"Perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough." the professor remarked in a voice as chilling as his opening attack had been, "You and I will be battling, Darian."

Ashton briefly turned his gaze to the stunned Alex, "Mr.Maxwell." he remarked calmly, "I would be most obliged if you could see your fellow guests out. There is a staircase behind that bookcase to your left which connects to the common tunnels. You should know your way from there, correct?"

"Yes." Alex managed to reply, "But where do we-"

"You should know the place well." Ashton replied, his familiar smile returning, "After all...some things are best kept in the family, wouldn't you agree?"

Alex's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "You don't mean..." he began, receiving a nod in confirmation. He would have wanted to scream and shout in protest, but there was no time right now, "What about Plum?"

"I shall look after Meiling-san myself." the professor replied, "You have my word that she will not come to harm. Now please hurry, I do believe that our dear guests are getting restless."

"Right." Alex replied, though Ashton's word really wasn't much reassurance for him, "This way, everyone!" he called to the others, finally finding his legs as he charged towards the denoted bookcase and opened the heavy, metal door behind it, revealing another tunnel, though one far less dark and gloomy than the ones they had come in through.

Darian, meanwhile, was clearly frustrated with the whole process, "Get up, you fools!" he snapped at his underlings as they slowly began recovering from the shock, "I'll deal with the old man, you head down to the tunnels and stop that lot! Now!"

"As for you, Ashton..." the youth continued, turning his glare back to Ashton as people began filing out of the room on both sides, "You just made the last mistake of your life."

OOC: Awwright, chase time! :3 So basically, I left the grunts largely undescribed (except for very general terms) because those are up for you to decide. They'll come around to chase the group in the tunnels, so we can have some battles, but keep in mind that the pokémon are still newborn, so even with the virus boost they won't be doing anything spectacular as of yet. ^.^

Scarlet Weather
October 28th, 2007, 4:58 PM
The arrival of the thugs wasn't what caused Mark to scream, persay, but more the fact that immediately after pulling himself to his feet after recovering from the injuries inflicted by his new Pokemon, he was literally a foot away from one of them, an older guy who apparently thought that going without a shirt made him look much cooler, kind of like the red "GG" logo painted across his pectorals. Under any other circumstance, Mark probably would have burst out laughing, but this was a different matter. Without warning, the screech burst from his lips, causing his oppressor to wince momentarily and giving Mark enough time to put the rock hammer still clipped to his belt to good use. The Garland thug reeled backward as the small but powerful excavating/sculpting tool contacted his skull, sending him, black leather shorts and all, tumbling head-over-heels to the floor just as Lucifer Ashton revealed a slight secret: the presence of a large, and apparently very well trained, Dragonite. While he wished that he could stop and help, Mark felt it prudent to get moving along with the rest of the group, especially since the man he had just knocked down was back on his feet, and was now removing a small switchblade which he meaningfully tested against his finger. Whistling, Mark attracted the attention of the small Pokemon on the floor next to him and shouted, "Gon, let's go! We can play later!" before racing towards the exit. The Pokemon, on the other hand, seemed completely bemused with its situation, forcing Mark to double back and grab it. Grunting with the added weight of the baby Cranidos, Mark raced out the door.

Cursing, Mark stared at the grunt following behind them, knife still in hand, removed a small red-and-white sphere from his belt and hurled it into the mouth of the tunnel. The sphere burst into white light, releasing a small, bat-like creature with bluish skin, large fangs, and no noticeable eyes or legs. Mark recognized the Pokemon from the Oreburgh mines. Zubat weren't exceptionally powerful, but they were annoying and tended to flock together. One single Zubat though... Mark had always wanted to fight a battle. The Zubat was probably more experienced then Gon, but Mark had the type advantage, and besides, he was delaying the enemy, wasn't he? Signalling Alex to keep going, Mark whirled, placing Gon gently on the ground. "See that Zubat, Gon?" he whispered to the Pokemon, "It wants to play a game with you. You can play with it like you did with me, right?" Gon nodded in agreement, snorting playfully. Mark smiled once again. "Good. Now, first I want you to- hey wait!" he shouted as his Pokemon raced towards the Zubat, head outstretched, and leapt into the air. The Zubat dodged gracefully, causing the Cranidos to come smashing to the ground in a less-then spectacular manner. Mark cursed under his breath.

The Garland Gang thug smirked, returning his weapon to his pocket, before rubbing his orange, obviously well-dyed and styled hair, back into place. "You know somethin' loser?" he sneered, "I think I'll have some fun with you. Zubat, Aerial Ace!" he commanded. The Pokemon complied, performing a graceful loop in mid-air before rushing towards the defenseless Cranidos on the ground at a speed that put most baseball pitchers to shame. Gon had barely risen to his feet when the incoming bat missile knocked him over again, sending him skidding across the floor towards Mark. The attack wasn't particularly effective, but Gon was injured nevertheless, and only moments after his birth. Screaming in pain and anger, the rock-skinned beast attempted another leaping headbutt, once again evaded by the Zubat. The thug laughed gleefully once again before issuing another order. "Zubat, Leech Life!" The Zubat descended, clamping its fangs onto Gon's skin before leeching energy from the baby Pokemon. Gon had had enough. Wailing like a newborn (which he was, of course,) the Cranidos raced away from the Zubat and leaped into Mark's arms. The GG thug continued his laugh, a harsh, monotone chuckle that seemed to indicate lack of intelligence, wits, or both. "Ha-ha! Look at that, the little dinosaur wants his Mommy!" he taunted.

Mark's face was grim. This was how his big adventure was supposed to end? His chance at being a Pokemon Trainer was about to be precluded by a two-bit thug with a Zubat? His first Pokemon was about to be taken before it even had a name? No way. Not gonna let that happen. Mark told himself, placing Gon gently on the floor once again. Leaning close to his Pokemon's ear, Mark whispered to him gently. "Hey, Gon. Don't worry, you're doing fine. Just listen to me. You've got to do what I say. I'm your leader alright? Do what I say. The rules say that you've got to do what I tell you. Got it?" he whispered. The Pokemon stared back, confused. Sighing, Mark moved on to a different tack. "Listen, I can help you beat that guy, but you've got to trust me, Okay? I can make sure that he never hurts you again, but you've got to help me out." This sales pitch didn't pan out either. Mark then realized what was happening. His Pokemon had yet to develop any parental attachments. Cranidos, as far as the evidence showed, were raised away from their parents, and were fiercely independent. Gon, however, was only a baby, and hadn't developed this nature fully. He didn't quite understand the concept of authority or following instructions yet, though. Because Mark had been the first image in Gon's mind the baby Pokemon thought of him as a fellow Cranidos, someone to respect and defend. It was then that Mark remembered how Roark had brought his own Cranidos to heel. Gripping his rock hammer firmly, Mark tapped the skull of the baby Pokemon gently, but with enough force to knock it over. The Pokemon was stunned long enough for Mark to say "I'm bigger, and older. Listen to me."

The thug, meanwhile, had had enough of this whole waiting around and taunting business. It was time to wrap things up. "Zubat, take them out!" he commanded. The Pokemon responded, launching itself forward.

Mark took the oppurtunity to respond. "Gon, hit it!" he commanded. The Cranidos leaped at his opponent again, forcing the Zubat to veer off course momentarily. This was the oppurtunity Mark had been waiting for. Zubat, he knew, relied on their senses of hearing and smell to navigate, mostly on hearing. Now, while the Zubat was confused, he hammered into the wall of the tunnel with his tool of choice, hoping the noise might confuse it momentarily. Without missing a beat, he pointed at it and commanded "Gon, Headbutt!"

The Pokemon seemed to understand, leaping one last time at the Zubat. This time it struck true, the Zubat's senses confused as it attempted to dodge. Both Pokemon tumbled to the ground, the Zubat pinned beneath its antagonist. It was no contest- one was a frail-bodied bat, the other a dinosaur made of rock. Weight was all that was needed to ensure a knockout. Without waiting for the thug to respond, Mark grabbed his Pokemon and ran once again. Not too shabby for his first time out.

OOC: I know, strange logic. I'll explain why Gon calmed down enough to listen after Mark hit him at my next oppurtunity, but right now I need a shower.

October 28th, 2007, 7:13 PM
Stray pried the Growlithe pup's jaws from his hand without much effort towards gentility. Then, staring at the tiny blood spots already beading atop his skin, he murmured, "You're not making a very good first impression, you know." The infant merely whined.

As Ashton prepared to address the group again, Stray glanced up, only to have his attention abruptly drawn elsewhere. Five darkly-clothed men, each with their loyalty to the Garland Gang somehow stamped upon them, crashed into the room. The youth's eyes narrowed, his grip unconsciously tightening upon the Growlithe he held, causing it to squeak its protest. During the confrontation that followed, Lucifer Ashton summoned a Dragonite from seemingly nowhere, using it to disarm all but one of his opponents. Shock reformed Stray's features--shock not from the appearance of the dragon Pokemon, nor at his host's unexpected skill, but at the implications of each of these realizations. I knew I recognized the old man! He's a Pokemon trainer--and a good, one, too. Ashton used to be a Pokemon champion . . .

Alex's voice broke the wanderer's reverie, and he followed after the red-haired boy with a single glance back. Experience had taught him when to run without shame. Seeing Mark fall behind to delay one of the gang members, Stray did not argue, but continued down the tunnel, calling back, "Don't linger any longer than you have to, kid." He had another thought. "And don't get pulverized." Turning back forward, Stray tucked his by-now fully awake Growlithe under one arm, telling the others, "We're at a serious disadvantage here, people." He turned toward Alex. "Ashton seemed to think you know these tunnels pretty well. Can you think of anywhere we can make a stand--or at least gain some advantage? Narrow points, uphill slopes, sharp corners?" Hearing approaching footsteps, he glanced back. Tch. It's not fossil-man. I was afraid of that.

Once he deemed the enemy close enough, Stray brought himself to an abrupt stop--altering his stance to brace himself while leaning downward and raising one elbow to drive it into the front man's stomach. Though he did not bother to look up into the man's face, he did recall hoping that his opponent did not have armor hidden beneath his shirt and that some of the other pursuers would trip over him. He did not, but they did not either. Hearing the baby Growlithe at his side whine, Stray responded, "I'd like to see you do better." Not giving the injured man a chance to recover and do something equally unpleasant to him, Stray sprang forward after the rest of the group. Who knew that my experience in being chased would come in handy at a seminar? Life really is a strange thing.

October 29th, 2007, 12:52 PM
OCC: Sorry for the pokemon change, i was confused with another roleplay. I won´t change anymore! I promise... >_<;

I hope it´s alright to post it that way. *pokes at Alter*


There wasn´t enough time to react for Su. Suddenly the 5 black young man came into the room and the situation got worse. The only thing she noticed was that Alex shouted something like following him into the tunnels to escape. As she ran out she realized that Mr. Ashton was a pokemon trainer too. He surely knows what to do…

The group did run into the tunnels to escape. Mother like Susan covered Razor within her clothes, so the young Zangoose tried to dig deep into mommy’s safety. It noticed that her Mother was up set, so it got some kind of unsure too. After a while, running to this cave like tunnels, Su turned around to see if anyone had followed, and saw for real that some of the black covered men were following. She did want to turn around again to look in which direction the group went, but accidently went into a wrong tunnel.

It was just too late to turn around, and she noticed that one man had followed her. She stopped after some minutes of running and turned around, so the young man stopped either. He quickly released a young Cubone. It wasn´t fully grown up, but too much to handle for her little Zangoose now. “Time to fight, girlie.” The man said with a harsh tone. Su took Razor to set her down on the floor. “Here young lady, it´s time for you…” she said calmly. Razor just looked at the Cubone and then back to mommy. Fast the Zangoose seeked cover behind mommy´s leg.

“Aww, how sweet!” the harsh voice of the young man shouted. “Little baby has too much fear to face my little Cubone… May be it´s like her trainer, eh?” Su slowly got angry. Of course the young pokemon didn´t know how to fight or to follow commands. She probably didn´t know what to do in this unknown situation. “It´s alright, Razor…” Su said calm to the little. “… just watch mommy fighting and learn some stuff eh?” She said, and Razor understood. “Cubone, charge!” the man commanded and the enemy pokemon jumped at the two. Su fast got around and held the arm of the pokemon to defend herself. Even if it was a young one, it sure was very strong. Su didn´t imagine that she would have a change to fight this pokemon to win the fight, but the little Zangoose had to learn from mommy´s moves, and because she had often fights when she was young against stronger boys, she was trained already for situations like that. She has just to see what mommy does, cause she hasn´t seen a fight yet. If she watches me, she will try to imitate my combat moves. That´s the way pokemon parents show their kids how to defend themselves. Her thought ended.

Susan´s rebelish and strong side took command of every move; the fine lovely nurse was gone. “Kyaaa!!” a head nut for the Cubone was something unexpected for the pokemon. It went backwards. "Oww! I´ve forgotten he has a protection there..." Su said holding her head. She got ready for another attack, so she dashed towards the pokemon. Of course she didn´t want to hurt any pokemon, but in this bad situation nothing else could help. She prepared a kick, but the pokemon was too much in advantage. It easily evaded the kick and gave Su a punch in her chest. With a loud “Ooof…” she flew back near the little Zangoose. What am I doing? I am fighting a pokemon, to learn another pokemon how to fight. It´s just not what my job wants from me. But can I protect any pokemon as a nurse? It will attack me for sure… Su got up, confident that the little Zangoose watched everything she did. If I show weakness, the Zangoose won´t survive in freedom. I… I have to… the ground type run towards her to punch her again. But Su instead of evading the attack, she started a counter attack into the attack of the Cubone. She jumped a bit towards the pokemon, turned her body slightly and kicked it with a sidekick, so it flew backwards onto the ground with a big thud. As it got up, Su was already there with a cumulative fist and punched it direct into its chest, same way as she got punched earlier.

“Enough! Cubone, use your bone attack!” the enemy trainer screamed, and so the pokemon ran towards Su. So it came that Su was attacked by much attacks with this club. Su managed to evade some of them, but got hit to often. She fell down from the mass of attacks and found herself lying in front of the Cubone which got ready to finish her of. It happened everything so fast that Su couldn´t react, just watch. But instead of getting a final knock-out hit, she saw that Razor had jumped in front of the ground type and did a “mommy-wide-sidekick” direct into the face of the Cubone. It got hit and did some steps backwards, holding its head. Not that it seemed to hurt it very much, more it was the shock that suddenly the little Zangoose was appeared in front of it. “It seems you are ready for your first combat….” Su said calm, and Razor nodded.

Alter Ego
November 2nd, 2007, 12:16 PM
OOC: Okay, Nigma...I'm all for creative battling, but let's try to keep this as sensible as pokémon battles can conceivably be. I can support Mark's first battle win since Gon had the advantage in both mass and type and the opponent was a freakin' Zubat, but an Electabuzz (even a young Electabuzz) getting KOed by a newborn Zangoose? Even with human assistance, I find that very hard to believe. How the heck did Susan dodge a Thunderbolt (huge electric discharge occurring in a split-second) and how come Electabuzz couldn't dodge Claw's attack? Come to think of it, why the flip did the Electabuzz even bother with melee combat when it could just have given both of them an electric shock and been done with it? Sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to edit that to something a bit more credible. Try making it a pure melee-fighting pokémon of a weaker species.

Incidentally, peoples: keep in mind that the thugs can't follow the group through the same entrance they used because there's a big bad Dragonite up there laying a smackdown on anyone who tries. The grunts actually have to get down into the tunnel network via an alternate entrance. O=


At Stray's question, Alex's face split into a grin, "Oh, you bet." he replied, "I used to play hide and seek in these tunnels when I was a kid; know them like the back of my hand. Just give me a moment to figure out our location and then we'll-" it was then that he noticed that their rag-tag group had already split up. The fossil guy was nowhere to be seen, and neither was the punk nurse.

The islander swore under his breath, glancing back to address the people who had still had the sense to follow him.

"Where did the nurse and the fossil guy go?!" he shouted, frustration evident in his voice, "Well, regardless: the rest of you stick together! There's no telling how many of these thugs will come down here, so the last thing we want is for someone to get lost and-"

The redhead's lecture was cut short as he suddenly ran into something definitely solid, his body forced backward by a mass far greater than its own and tossed to the ground like a rag doll, the Lileep on his shoulder letting out a surprised little noise. Struggling to get back onto his feet, Alex squinted at the figure towering above him. Needless to say, this was not a pleasant sight. It was the abnormally large grunt from before, a hulking figure whose sheer bulk gave him an imposing look as he stood in their path, an indomitable meat wall whose width almost matched that of the tunnel. Unlike his commander, the grunt didn't wear the usual skin-tight leather trousers; instead, a pair of jeans occupied his legs. Despite undoubtedly being the largest size available, they seemed to be stretched to the very limit of their seams as they tried to contain the mass of muscle and flab within them. A dirty white shirt with a red GG logo on the front covered his chest, a black leather jacket that looked at least two sizes too small for his shoulders slung on top of it. What really caught Alex's attention was the man's face, not the bald head with the cut right ear, piggy little brown eyes and huge wart on the right side of the potato nose, however, but the metal ring that ran through it, giving him an appearance somewhat similar to that of a bull.

Make that an evilly smirking, tunnel-blocking bull.

"Well look what we have here." the grunt sneered, gruffly grasping Alex by the collar and lifting him up into the air, "If it ain't the leader of Ashton's little flunkies.". The boy kicked and flailed furiously in response, but his blows were simply drowned in the grunt's mass, and the man returned the favor by tightening his grip, threatening his airflow and roughly pinning him against the tunnel wall, "Now let's cut us a deal here, shall we?" the grunt continued, turning to face the redhead's remaining companions, while continuing to pin Alex against the wall, "Surrender now and I won't have to snap the neck of your little friend here."

A barely audible groan escaped Alex's lips.

"What's that?" the grunt inquired, his face now mere inches from Alex's, "Got a heroic last speech to make, leader-boy?"

The islander merely glared in return, even though staying conscious was a feat on its own at this point, slowly raising his right hand as far as he was able to, pointing a weak finger at the man's nose ring, "Lileep, food!"


The grunt was not even given enough time to finish his sentence as something small and purple lunged at him, howling in pain as countless little orange tentacles grasped his nose ring and began pulling it with all their might. The grunt fumbled desperately, one hand attempting to dislodge the persistent little barnacle from his nose while the other sought the pokéballs on his belt.

Alex, meanwhile, slid down the wall, gasping for air. He wasn't about to let his opponent's moment of weakness go unexploited, however, pulling back his right leg as far as his location would allow and bringing up his knee straight into the man's crotch before following it up with a kick at his right shin that knocked the grunt off balance, sending him down to the tunnel floor with a loud crash. Apparently, there were some places whose endurance you just couldn't train up. Alex was not nearly naive enough to believe that this would keep the hulking beast of a grunt down for long, however, and the sheer amount of noise they were making - the sounds of the struggle still echoing down the tunnels - would undoubtedly draw more grunts to the area.

"Everyone!" Alex called, grasping his throat with one hand as it gave off a little jolt of pain. It would probably be swollen after this incident, but right now that was the least of his worries, "This way, quick!" with that, he charged straight over the grunt, making a point of treading down on his stomach with all his might. As Alex let his glance travel across the walls, now and again casting it back to make sure that everyone was still with him, the memories came flooding back. Once upon a time, he had memorized the layout of these tunnels right down to every conspicuous crack and marking on the wall and though it felt like his last visit had been ages ago, there were some things you never quite forgot, and the distant sound of running water confirmed his assumption.

"Rhydon!" bellowed an all too familiar voice behind them, "Go get them!"

Alex bit his lip. As pokémon went, Rhydons might not have been the brightest crayons in the box, but what they lacked in brains they more than made up for with brawn...and running speed. There was no way their little group could beat such a thing in battle, virus-boosted pokémon or no, but with their pursuant this close on their heels, running away did not seem like a likely formula for success either, besides...he was responsible for the group, wasn't he? That meant he would have to go back for the two missing members. As they came to a junction that branched off in three different directions, Alex finally came to a decision, grinding to a halt and turning to address the ones who had still followed him one last time.

"Alright, listen up." despite Alex's best efforts, his indecision could be discerned from his voice, "Take the tunnel on the right and follow it straight forward until you reach a point where someone has sprayed "TiIM AQUA rUlz" on the left-hand wall. There you turn left, then take the third tunnel on the right. There should be an oak door there; it's probably locked, but try knocking and tell them-tell them you're with me. If I got Ashton's message right..." there was a hint of anger in his eyes at this point, "...then that should get them to open the door for you. Just make sure no-one sees you going in through that door, alright?" he paused, taking a deep breath as the grunts of their pursuant grew ever closer, "I'd lead you there myself, but I've got some stuff to take care off." at this point, he strode over to take the tail of the group, standing in plain view in the tunnel, even as the frustrated grunting of their pursuant grew ever closer. He could do this; these tunnels were his childhood playground, and once he got the others off his tail, Alex would treat these punks to a game of hide and seek they wouldn't soon forget.

Stubbornly ignoring the thoughts of all the things that could possibly go wrong with his plan, the redhead cast one last glance at the others, "Go on ahead; I'll cover you."

November 3rd, 2007, 1:15 AM
Occ: I never thought of winning, Alter... But if you want me to win, i´ll change my entire post... and of course i choose another pokemon-enemy. *keeps writing* Oh, and i´ll continue my post in this little thing later, k?

November 3rd, 2007, 3:34 AM
Between the time it took to run out of the grand meal he hadn’t been able to take, and the time when Alex decided to act the hero, Johnny could barely keep his attention at one place. Fingers on his camera of no batteries and Atha on his shoulder, probably as equally confused as he was, Johnny continued with the dizzying tunnels that seemed to make no sense no matter how you looked at it; yet Alex knew every twist and turn to be conceived.

Was there a spark of admiration suddenly? No, no, no; that couldn’t be. The last thing Johnny wanted to do on this trip so far was to look up to Alex, even though it was him who was saving them all. Had Alex not been there, they would have lost themselves in the tunnels and been stopped by the grunts long ago.

When Alex stopped, Johnny had to force a sudden halt all the same, forcing him forward and onto the floor in a face-fault. Those stupid shoes; had he not believed this was something formal, he would have picked better preferred shoes for such situations. Then again, he never expected this to be happening to him; never to him. If any of this were to involve him, he’d expect to be filming it all on his out of juice camera.

“What’s—grugh—what’s with the hold-up?”

He pushed himself off the ground while Atha easily jumped back to her standing position, brushing off dust from the dirty floor from her fur. She turned on Johnny, jumping right onto his leg and pulling her way back up by digging her claws into his clothing. The only word to describe the feeling was uncomfortable, and Johnny flinched a few times, but he did not push Atha away; as much as he wanted to, he refrained himself.

He looked around the current tunnel location. There was something missing; no, someone missing. Scratch that; two missing, not counting the Samurai, the piano girl, and that other anomaly of a person. Johnny would have questioned it aloud, but was interrupted in his first letter as Alex decided to explain.


It was Atha, of course, who had spoken the words right into Johnny’s ear.

“Huh—oh, uh, what is it?”

Johnny wasn’t sure how these conversations between companion and trainer were supposed to move, as he surely had never had a Pokémon to practice with on these things.

She jumped off of him, onto the dirt floor just as Alex finished his explanation on what was supposed to happen now. Johnny was clueless on where he was supposed to go; the others were not following Alex’s lead as he forced his way to the back.

“We just came from over there!” Johnny tried to tell Alex. He looked down to find Atha rush alongside Alex. He knew not of where she was going, or of what she was doing. “Atha, come on over here…please?” she did not respond to him, but stayed beside Alex, like as if he was the one she had first seen.

Having no other choice, Johnny rushed beside her picking her up and going the other way. But she persisted, breaking free of his arms and continued to stay behind Alex.

“What are you doing?”

What Johnny didn’t know in this, what he had no idea, no clue as to what Atha was actually trying to do, was lead him back to the others that were missing. She wanted to go back and fight, most likely. And to do that, she needed to follow Alex so he could lead the way.

In nature, Sneasels would have wanted to take part in battle at any challenge available. The battles that were occurring in the other room beyond the tunnel system were calling her, and she felt she needed to be there.

But all Johnny that of it was that she liked Alex better.

“Agh, this is so unfair!”

It was his first outburst of the like, and he didn’t care how he sounded; he just wanted Atha to obey his command.

November 3rd, 2007, 4:05 PM
[OOC: How does one pronounce odd capitalization and misspellings (TiIM AQUA rUlz)? Just curious.]

Stray glanced from Alex to whoever else remained in the group, all the while factoring in and weighing information in his mind in ways he had no comprehension or awareness of. All this took only a moment, after which he made a quick decision. Stepping forward, he made a snatch at the back of Atha's neck--hoping she would not slip away from his grasp as Sneasels were so adept at doing. Then, tossing her lightly in Johnny's direction, he said, "Hold on to it this time. Depending on how things turn out, we might need whatever help we can get." While accustomed to running for his life, leaving others behind was something Stray had never had to face before. Still, the weight of the situation and necessity for action pressed the wanderer to action.

Thus, though he was growing uncomfortable with the number of people constantly being left behind, Stray started toward the tunnel Alex had directed the group to. He doubted that a teenager and a newborn Lileep would be much of a match for a Rhydon. However . . . Well, he was rather sure that Alex heard the sound of water as well as he did, if not better. As Stray entered the tunnel, a set of teeth suddenly sank into his hand, accompanied by a soft growl. When the youth looked down, he found his Pokemon staring intently up at him--now silent, but with dark eyes steadily meeting his own. Stray was surprised at the effort he had to exert to avert his gaze, and even more surprised that he felt the need to. Finding he had nothing to say, but inexplicably feeling the burden of giving some sort of reason to the creature that so depended on him, Stray finally muttered, "He doesn't need us. Let's go," and dashed down the tunnel. He made no attempt to remove his hand from the Growlithe's mouth.

"Graffiti on the left wall, left wall . . . " Stray mentally repeated to himself, his pale eyes alternating between watching the path ahead and searching for the signal to take a new passage. As a patch of colour loomed ahead, Stray slowed his pace before coming to a stop. He ran his hand over the spray-painted words of narrowly-angled corners, curved lines, and two shades of blue. This is it, alright. But that's not how you spell 'team,' is it? He could not quite remember. Glancing back to see who--if anyone--had followed him, Stray then ducked into the next left tunnel and moved on.

Alter Ego
November 7th, 2007, 2:21 AM
OOC: Very carefully. *Shot*

Seriously, the same thing occurred to me the morning after I had made that post. xD Just think of that as visualization aid and leave it at that.


Alex had to suppress a growl of frustration as camera-boy seemed incapable of following simple instructions and instead charged towards him, though the reason for this soon became apparent as he spotted the wayward Sneasel. He did not, however, understand why Johnny was lagging behind even after Stray had sorted out that problem.

"Look, I really need you to go." he repeated for emphasis, "I've got a plan, but I can't do it with others on my tail, and if you don't go now he might-" the redhead gave up on reasoning when he noted that the noise of the Rhydon's footsteps was right around the corner, unceremoniously shoving Johnny down the tunnel to shield him from view, hoping that he'd have the sense to stay that way.

"Took you long enough." the islander remarked casually as his winded adversary came into view, his cheeks flushed and his Rhydon trotting beside him.

"You." the flabby grunt sneered, glaring at Alex, "Think you're going to be the hero and beat me all on your little lonesome?"

"That's the plan."

The words were intended to rile his opponent up, and they certainly struck their mark, "Cocky brat!" the towering meat wall roared, "You should have scuttled off with the rest of your little friends! Rhydon, Hammer Arm!"

Inwardly, Alex was going 'yes!', but outwardly he was far too busy dodging the hulking beast that was currently charging him to celebrate. An emergency dive into his chosen tunnel had saved him from direct impact, but the attack connected with the nearby wall, sending a shower of rock fragments towards Alex, one of them striking his arm and eliciting a groan from the teenager as he struggled back up onto his feet, clutching his wounded appendage. His expression didn't betray any weakness, however; if there was one thing Alex knew it was how to play the tough guy role.

"That the best you got?" he scoffed, "Pathetic."

"Oh, there's plenty more where that came from." his opponent replied maliciously, too triumphant over the situation to notice Johnny as he began moving towards Alex, his Rhydon following suit, "Horn Attack!"

As the giant rhinoceros stamped on its place a few times, preparing to charge, the redhead got ready for the fastest sprint of his life, rushing down the tunnel. The brute had played right into his hands this far, but whether or not his plan would succeed hinged on whether he could outrun that damn Rhydon.

'Oh well...' Alex concluded as he charged down the tunnel, pokémon and trainer in pursuit, '...there's only one way to find out.'


"Ice Fang!"

"Dragon Dance."

Once more, Dragonite and Steelix clashed, their resounding cries rattling the windows of the mansion and causing the chandelier above to sway threateningly. The steel-plated serpent lunged towards its hippo-like foe, its flauntingly displayed fangs laced with a veil of biting cold as it aimed for its opponents throat, only for the other to soar gracefully out of the way.

"I believe a Fire Punch would be in order now." Ashton continued calmly, flames gathering around his pokémon's fist as it made use of the momentum its previous attack to land a devastating right hook on its opponent's cheek. The serpent reeled back in pain as part of its plating dissolved, but still managed to swing its heavy tail in retort, catching the Dragonite in the stomach.

"Well, well..." the professor remarked, observing his opponent, "It seems that you have learned a trick or two since we last met, Darian."

"How ironic." his opponent sneered, "You on the other hand seem to have gotten slower, old man. Is your age catching up?"

"Perhaps." Ashton replied with a light shrug, "Or perhaps neither I nor Syldra see the need to flaunt our full strength in such an infantile manner."

"You never run out of those little phrases, do you?" Darian scoffed, "Midgard, let's cut him down to size!"

The Steelix let out a roar in response, unleashing another thunderous roar and rising up to its full height, despite the numerous molten wounds on its body.

"Oh my, you're not going to learn this the easy way, are you?" the professor remarked, shaking his head in distaste, "Syldra, shall we oblige them?"

The Dragonite nodded vigorously as she, too, rose up to her full stature, apparently not wanting to let such an opponent upstage her.

"I thought as much." Ashton remarked, leaning against his walking stick as he peered at Darian, "Well then, let's get this over with, shall we?"

November 8th, 2007, 6:06 AM
The last thing she could remember was the soft texture of grapes creating a lubricant beneath her feet and the back of her skull striking the delicately-looking yet sturdy tabletop. There was a sore numbness that crept over the back of her head and the soles of her feet remained wet and cold as she begun twisting in her place, stirring from her sleep, as she found herself curled up on a single-sized futon, positioned in the centre of a new room. A brilliant light shone down upon her from the ceiling, causing her pupils to dilate as she struggled to regain her absentminded consciousness while taking in her new surroundings. Valuable-looking furniture decorated the room; from the large mass of wood in the corner that made up a five-drawer brass-handled dresser, to the elegantly twisted glass that encased itself around the ceiling light. Everything that surrounded her was in little less than pristine condition, making her feel nothing more than just…dirty. This feeling was further emphasized as she discovered her unconscious restlessness had caused most (or what little) of her clothing to fall to her waist, leaving her completely bare from the stomach up as she finally came to.

“Crap!” she exclaimed in a heated tone, as she struggled to recover her crumbled garment. “And where the hell am I? What am I doing here?”

Suddenly pausing as if she was expecting the answers to her questions to be revealed, the teenage brunette continued to compose herself as she struggled to recall how she had come to be in a place such as this room. As she did so, something else caught her attention and she couldn’t help become distracted.

“Hunh? What’s that smell?” Sniffing the sleeve that adorned her newly dressed arm, the girl’s face suddenly flushed as the familiar scent struck her sensory glands. A smile spread across her lips as she happily pressed the sleeve up to her cheek and quite literally hugged herself, taking in as much of the smell as she could gather from the worn robe. There was nothing else like it, the scent that covered her clothes was instantly recognisable, it was distinct and strong, and thinking about it only aroused her even further. “Angh, Jade-kun’s smell! But how…? Ah! He must have been the one who brought me here!”

As the last words parted from her lips, the girl suddenly realised her situation and abruptly stood up in her place, her mood now worriedly serious. Where was Jade? In respect, where was that L.A. character that she had just now remembered opposing? And in addition, where were all the other people who had travelled with her to this very island? As each thought suddenly processed through her unreliably short attention span, the reawakened warrior hastily grabbed what was remaining of her garment, wrapped it loosely across her chest, before grabbing her wooden shoes and sword and ran out the nearest door without even a backwards glance.

Her mind was set and any other distractions were nothing but a waste of time. She had to find out where the others had gotten to; the other passengers, Jade, and the man who was responsible for everything…L.A.. Finding them was her only priority and as she continued crashing down the circular stairwell that had greeted her as she left the room, any signs of such a goal were quickly disappearing.

There was no one around. Everything blurred around her as she bolted down the stairs two to three steps at a time, hoping to run into somebody or something that could direct her in the right way. Unknown to the others, and even consciously to herself, this teenage brunette felt her very worst when she was alone. And it wasn’t because she was scared, and it wasn’t because she was some attention-seeking show-off either, it was simply because that when she was alone, she felt helpless, and that was definitely something she hated.

Furrowing her brow as her grip tightened against her trailing belongings, the tanned teen plunged down the stairwell until she finally reached what appeared to be the ground floor. The room she was now in was much more worn down, its appearance taking on a fusion between the continuing expensive décor and then the natural and rough design of the island, as last seen in the cave entrance from which she had first arrived. In the room, there was nothing but a single door and the beginning of the stairwell that led her back up from where she came. Then, without hesitation, with a powerful yet unnecessary kick, the girl busted down the last obstacle and entered the next room in a cliché dust-settling scene. What she had not comprehended was that the dust was not caused by her brash entrance, it was caused by the fury of two clashing Pokemon, one that resembled an orange hippo-like creature with wings and a longer tail, while the other took on an appearance much closer to that of an overgrown metal-encased snake.

Taking in the new scene, the girl quickly realised that she had finally returned to her destination. The dangerously swaying chandelier hanging from the ceiling, its lights flickering out of cut wiring, the broken and no longer unscathed table cracked and ruptured, and the luxurious amount of food sitting wasted on the ground, were more than enough to convince her that she had finally arrived at the means of answering all of her questions.

The two Pokemon she had just encountered were now beginning to retreat to the ends of the dining room where two figures now stood in plain sight, one at each end.

Smiling as she carelessly adjusted the loose garment that covered her bare top, no longer taking on the appearance of her original attire, but more to the design of a toga robe, the brunette threw her shoes to the ground as she raised her bamboo sword in hand, her eyes waiting on each of the two figures. “Okay…now what the hell’s going on here!?”

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Alter Ego
November 14th, 2007, 6:19 AM
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There weren't many things that could break up a dramatic face-off the likes of which was about to erupt between the two figures in the dining room of Ashton's manor, but you had to admit that a half-dressed teenage girl barging in and loudly demanding answers at the point of a wooden sword was quite distracting. The professor himself merely quirked an eyebrow at the sight, but his opponent looked basically stunned.

"Ah, Meiling-san..." Ashton began calmly, offering her a polite smile, "It's good to see you up on your feet again."

"Once again, Ashton." his adversary interrupted, his expression fading from shock to mild disgusts, "I didn't expect that from someone of your age."

"Courteous as ever, Darian." the professor remarked, "I will have you know that a Meiling-san is a guest of mine and by no means associated with whatever filthy fantasy you seem to be entertaining, And incidentally..."

Darian's attention was quickly turned away from the newcomer as his pokémon let out a rumbling cry of pain, the executive turning around just in time to see Midgard reeling backwards under the devastating force of the blow that Syldra had landed during the conversation.

"...what ever made you think that you had the luxury of looking away? Syldra, another Fire Punch if you please."

"Midgard, prepare to counter!"

"Now, Meiling-san." Ashton continued calmly, apparently continuing to conduct the battle with occasional motions from his hands and cane as he addressed the brunette, the battle thundering on on the side, "I'm afraid you have caught me at a rather inconvenient moment. Though I'm certain that you still have many questions to pose, I'm afraid I must make this quick for now." the professor merely took a step to the side as the Steelix lunged past him, in close pursuit of Syldra who kept dancing out of the serpent's way with far more grace than one of her stature should have possessed, "You see, a number of black-clad gentlemen from an organization known as the Garland Gang seem to have some objections to my little seminar. As such, I would be infinitely obliged if you took that suitcase." he nodded towards the case with the eggs, still propped up on the end of the table, "To a more secluded place for the time being. There are eggs of pokémon within and you may claim one of them as your own if it behooves you." the chandelier rocked violently once more as Syldra launched another counter-attack on her foe, "Now I do believe that Darian is getting a tad jealous of the attention you are receiving, so it would probably be for the best if you took that suitcase and headed to the tunnel over there." he nodded towards the door behind the now capsized bookshelf, "Mr.Maxwell and the others should be found there; I'm sure they'll fill you in and lead you to a safe place. I shall contact you as soon as I can, but as you can see..." he turned to face the battle again, "I have a minor inconvenience to deal with first."

December 12th, 2007, 6:22 AM
“Wow—Atha—come on—I—I can’t—,”

No matter how much Johnny tried, Atha was one strong Sneasel. She was trying to dig herself out of Johnny’s grasp and seemed to have this as her determined goal. Johnny was trying to take her to the others without any harm done, and that was pretty hard to do when she was allowed to harm him. His arms were adorned with minimal blood crease scratches, and his shirt was getting slashed up by her kicking feet.

“Atha, come on—stop—!”

He had been carrying her and walking backwards. Through this process, he had somehow managed to step on himself and flip him over. He landed hard on the ground and was forced to let Atha go. By this time, he was already caught up with the others.

Johnny sat up sharply, brushing off some rough cuts. Atha was standing right there, not moving. She also seemed to brush off some dirt from herself, making them both seem synchronized to each other’s movements. For a moment, Johnny thought he lost his camera. It was still there with him. It was good enough to work.

“Uh…alright…” he was digging for a place to put down his camera, but there was none. He’d have to carry it, along with his Sneasel. “Um…come on then, uh—let’s go.” He was motioning for Atha to climb onto his shoulder again. Although he indeed felt uncomfortable the last time, he felt that it was his duties as a trainer to do so; at least, to do so if he had no Pokeball at hand.

“Where are we going?” Johnny asked, just passing the graffiti written wall. More than anything, he was very anxious to keep on going. Passing Stray, he made his way to the…door? He slightly smirked; he wasn’t expecting this to be at the end of the road. Then again, this trip was full of so much unexpectancy that he didn’t really care. “Why hasn’t anyone opened the door yet?” His first move was turning the doorknob. That didn’t help much. He shook more furiously.

“It’s locked!” Johnny exclaimed, stating the obvious.

December 14th, 2007, 11:07 PM
Whatever the two older coots were rambling about didn’t concern her, but the mere notion that she was apart of their conversation kept her from completely losing control. Their accompanying Pokemon wasn’t helping her recently awoken mood either and she had half a mind to join in the continuing fray. Seeing the old man known as L.A. standing firmly in his place as he instructed his partner’s attacks however, she found herself watching the scene in very subdued admiration.
Despite his appearance, the old man could actually hold his own, but she was certain that all he was good for was barking orders at overgrown hippos to do his dirty work for him, although it was impressive nonetheless. In the opposing coot’s case, although younger in appearance and clad in black, since they had never met he held no relevance to Plum’s attention, so she did what she did best, became oblivious to his existence.

It was then that the L.A. geezer directed her attention towards a fairly large suitcase, sitting atop of what was left of the grand table that had previously filled the room, its upper case propped open, its contents sitting in full view. Three eggs sat in the case’s holding and just as her suspicious gaze fell upon them, L.A. continued explaining that they were in reality, Pokemon eggs, as in, there were actually real Pokemon inside each of the remaining shells.

“That’s just stupid!” the samurai chick cut in, waving her arms frantically as if the man’ statement was deeply insulting. “Even I know that Pokemon can’t fit in eggs this small! What are you trying to pull, bastard-chan?!” Her waving motions ceased and with a finger pointing at the oversized suitcase, she glared down her target who continued with his explanation, unfazed by her sudden objection.

Ignoring someone when they were talking to you was just rude, but in this case, it just pissed her off, more so than usual. Surprisingly however, she found herself forgetting her rage when the subject of the whereabouts of the others was brought to light, in conjunction with L.A.’s previous request of secluding the eggs somewhere safe and out of reach from this, Garland Gang. It was also then that bastard-chan directed her attention once again to another exit, one that apparently led to such whereabouts.

Finishing his brief briefing, L.A. returned his full attention to the ensuing battle that had been playing out in the background. Seeing the current situation, the chic samurai finally breathed a frustrated sigh but nodded in agreement as if everyone could see such a subtle gesture.

“Alright, I’ll do it! But only because I care more about finding Jade-san than kicking your old ass for answers!” she exclaimed with a wicked smile as she dashed under the charging Steelix, gripping the open case under her arms, and made her way towards the appointed exit. “But don’t forget that I’m coming back for you bastard-chan, so I don’t want to come back and find you gone, alright?!” With that, she bashed the semi-open door and bolted down the cavernous decor tunnel.


It had only been five minutes before she found herself propped up against the cold rocky wall, her head hung and her breathing staggered. During those five minutes, she had run nonstop and despite covering quite a bit of ground, she realised that doing such a thing was exceedingly difficult in an enclosed area with very narrow ventilation and with a pair of getas nonetheless.

Looking over at the case from which she had kept open in order to maintain a suspicious watch over, she again found herself debating what her next step should be. It was another one of those situations in which she had rushed into, without thinking about the consequences. For now she was lost, tired and susceptibly grumpy, and not just at L.A. but at the others too, for running away in the first place. If it were her, she would’ve stayed and fought, regardless how precious these stupid eggs were.

“Ugh...what’s the big deal with these things anyway?” she huffed, adjusting her slipping top as she bent over the open case. “Stupid bastard-san, Pokemon can’t fit inside eggs...but I guess they are pretty looking...”

It was then that the destined pale yellow braised and biggest of the remaining eggs caught her attention, and not because she had acknowledged L.A.’s explanation of them harbouring genetically altered Pokemon, but because of the simple fact that she had not eaten since she had arrived on this cursed island.

Her stomach growled as she surveyed the egg and recognised it as the largest of the lot. The bigger the egg, the more it would satisfy her hunger, and that was all she cared about right now. So without hesitation or any moral objection, she gripped her bamboo sword in hand and with a reckless yet powerful blow, she struck the capsule encasing the yellow egg. What followed such an action knocked her clean off of her feet and back against the rocky wall as any hopes of filling her growling gut disappeared.

Shattered glass and egg shell littered the dirt ground as a suspicious fluid spilled from what remained of the capsule. In place of what the teen samurai had hoped for, which was an already boiled egg, a petite fuzzy yet dangerously armed creature appeared.

Swearing under her breath as she rubbed the back of her head, the teen quickly got to her feet as the newly hatched creature struggled to do the same. It was no taller than her waist, what stood in place of her desired meal, but it did have two abnormally sized...

“Wait, what the hell is this thing?” she exclaimed, staring at the green creature that had finally gotten onto its clawed feet, its arms piercing the ground in an effort to support its weight. In addition to its overly green colour scheme, bug hinge limbs and clear bee-like wings, what drew the most attention to the creature were the two clean arch blades that hung from its arms. They were very much like scythes that the farmers back in her village used to use for harvesting. They made quite good tools for farming back home, but in this case, it was as if the creature had been born with two swords in place of hands, as if it was designed to use them as weapons.

The Bug Pokemon growled as it steadied itself into a full standing position, its blade-like hands waving dangerously in front of it. Just what had that old bastard done? Prodding the creature’s blades, the teen samurai watched as it fell to the ground after attempting to resist its unknowingly new partner’s pushing. It was then that the bladed bug’s wings began to beat, an instinctive reflex that inevitably allowed the monster to maintain its balance.

“Whoa! You can fly?” she exclaimed as she watched the Pokemon hover awkwardly onto its feet.

The Scyther barked in response to its new partner’s comment, as if attempting to communicate with the scarcely covered samurai, who suddenly seemed uncharacteristically pleased in discovering such a creature.

Despite her earlier thoughts and disappointment of not having anything to eat for hours, hatching the green bug with blades turned out to be more fun then she could have expected, despite not expecting it at all. Her sudden change of interest in the creature was quickly overshadowed by the realisation of her mission in safeguarding the eggs as well as finding the others.

So without hesitation, the chic teen samurai wrapped the remaining two eggs and case under one arm while grasping her getas and sword in the other before turning to who was to be her new partner.

“Let’s beat it Sharpy,” she said with a furrowed smile, pulling out the first nickname she could think of, “we’ve got some asses to kick!”

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January 2nd, 2008, 9:18 AM
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