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September 7th, 2007, 12:00 PM
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It didn't seem like a big deal at first. Nobody would have cared at the time that Giovanni was trying to take over the world... again. He even broadcasted that the world would be his any day now, but even the most paranoid person in all of Sinnoh didn't care. Little did they know that Mewthree, Giovanni's current invention, the same invention that everyone was laughing at just days before, would take over the world. Take over the world, that is, unless someone stopped it.

Mewthree was a robot. Unlike Mewtwo, Mewthree had absolutely no emotions, none at all. It stood at over 7 feet, and could use any attack it wants to. Mewthree was rather scary looking, having glowing red eyes with no pupils. It was suppositally industructable, but it could be defeated. By a trainer, that is.

No ordinary trainer could stop Mewthree. In fact, it would take teamwork to stop it. Five trainers in total would be sent to defeat Mewthree. These were trainers that marked their name in Pokemon history. They defeated the Pokemon League, which is something no ordinary trainer can do. There was many winners in Pokemon league history, but only the greatest could stop the world from coming to an end. These five trainers would be asked to stop Mewthree and save the world. Who would ask them? None other than the god of all Pokemon... Mew.

Mew frowned upon Giovanni, and now was even more upset that he now invented Mewthree. Mew had tried to stop Mewthree itself, but only to almost be captured and made evil and emotionless by Giovanni himself. Mew didn't want to take this risk, so instead, it would ask the trainers to go for it. Giovanni wouldn't suspect a thing... maybe.

Mew now had to ask 5 completely normal kids to stop Mewthree. Because Mew is a Pokemon that can't speak English, it would have to tell the kids telepathically. It send this message: "Mewthree is taking. The world needs you. Go to Sunyshore City, now. I will explain the rest once you get there..."

Now the fate of the entire world rested in the hands of five completely normal kids. That's right, no superpowers, they had none of that. They only had their well trained Pokemon. Even though these kids were exceptionally good trainers, would that be enough to stop Mewthree?

Rules (If you follow them, everything will be all right)

1. All RP rules still apply here. The moderaters don't just post them for fun and games, you know.
2. Typing in proper English is required. Plz d0nt tipe lyke dis.
3. Please post AT LEAST 4 lines.
4. Please don't give me a blank sign up sheet and tell me to reserve a spot for you. In fact, if you do that, I will most likely decline you.
5. No sex please. Stuff like hugging and kissing is perfectly fine, however.
6. No legandaries Pokemon please.
7. Character control is allowed, but don't do it too much, or make characters do stuff out of their personality.
8. Here's a very, VERY important rule... HAVE FUN! :D

Sign Up Sheet

Given Name- Fist, middle, and last.
Nickname(s)- If your character has any, put them here.
Gender- Male or female.
Age- 13 and up, please.
Personality- Please make it at least 3-5 complete sentances.
Appearence- Give me a good idea of what your character looks like, or post a picture.
Clothing- Please discribe your character's clothing, that is, unless you post a picture that shows your characters clothes.
History- You don't have to make it that long, just post a brief summary of what happened in your character's life.
Location: Where in Sinnoh does your character live?
Pokemon- 1-6.
Other- Anything else not posted above.

For Each Pokemon
Species- Pretty much self-explanitory. Please don't have any legandaries.
Nickname- If applicable.
Gender- If applicable.
Shiny- You can have one of these, if you want.
Personlity- At least 2-4 sentances. You don't have to do as much here then as you did in your character's personality.
Obtained By- Optional.
Other- Again, this is for other stuff.

Please don't nag me about when this RP is going to start, or when I'm going to say if your character's accepted. Just a quick side note, I may PM you if you don't post for awhile. But most of all...


September 7th, 2007, 2:00 PM
Name: Michael Alan Smith
Nickname(s): You can nickname me how you want.
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Personality: Michael is not a very jolly person, but he is not very nasty nor is he very spiteful, he is just normal, he gets on with his day to day life, fights battles, wins money and sends it to his mother and father, the thing which makes him most angry is people who are unhygenic or bullies, his dream is to become a Professor, a Pokemon Professor.

I will finish it in later.

September 7th, 2007, 2:26 PM
OMG! IT MADE IT! :shocked:

Charchic: At least you didn't give me a blank sign-up sheet. I guess you can call yourself pending... ~pending~

EDIT: Wow, 47 people viewed this and only 2 posted. People must think this is dumb. :(

September 9th, 2007, 5:03 PM
I think I might want to join. I sent you PM reguarding my character. Let me know what you think about her.

September 10th, 2007, 3:38 PM
Given Name- Murph sno gale
Nickname(s)- none
Gender- Male
Age- 13
Personality- perfers the cold.stubborn at times. loves pokemon.
Clothing-wears a hat when near snowpoint city.
History- Lived in snowpoint city his entire life, had a pet ralts until becoming a trainer.then he took ralts on his journey with him. on his way down from snowpoint city, he caught a snorunt. when he had kirla and snorunt,they were both exposed to dawn stones which made them into gallade and frolass.
Location:Snowpoint city
Pokemon- 6

Gender- male
Personlity- very loyal. likes to win battles.

Species- Frolass
Gender- female
Personlity-proud of its power,like dry food.

Species- Blaziken
Gender- male
Personlity- often lost lost in thought.happily eats anything.

Species- Metagross
Gender- none
Personlity- hate most food. hates rivals.

Species- togetic
Gender- male
Personlity- loves everything to eat. can make friends easly

Species- Roserade
Gender- female
Personlity- very shy. only eats spicy food. always holds a red scarf.

Sorry if it suck, first RP for me.

September 11th, 2007, 11:19 AM
Gallade Dude- I won't decline you, but I have some recommendations. Please use better grammar, and add some more meat to your sentances. What a coindence, a Mewthree Thread was my 1st RP to join as well. ~pending~

September 11th, 2007, 12:05 PM
still even though it is pending,thanks. this is the first rp i have tryed to join.

September 15th, 2007, 3:03 AM
Given Name- Terence James Corten
Nickname(s)- Zet
Gender- Male
Age- 17
Personality- loves pokemon, kind and caring and often quiet at times, willing to help any trainers that appear to be stuck in the odd situation
Appearance- white skin, black spiky hair, brown eyes, between medium and tall(height)
Clothing- Wears a big black coat around his body were many bandages are and over the bandages are a black shirt and long black pants.
History- born and raised at Celestic Town by was taken away from the town by an absol, taillow and a wobbuffet at age 5 when his parents died in fire, a few years later when he was older he came across an egg and has been looking after ever since with his pokemon friends
Location: Currently on route 214 heading towards Lake Valor
Pokemon- 3 and one egg

Species- Absol
Gender- male
Personlity- loyal and caring, enjoys spicy food

Species- Wobbuffet
Gender- male
Personlity- loves attention, enjoys spicy food

Species- Taillow
Gender- female
Personlity- caring and kind, enjoys spicy food

September 15th, 2007, 7:08 AM
Hey this is my first time posting on this forum ever :) so be gentle with me! I am so sorry for this obnoxiously huge post.

NAME: Caitlin C., better known as 'Skatey' (to fans, acquaintances, friends, etc.)
GENDER: Female
AGE: 15
PERSONALITY: A happy-go-lucky trainer who considers her Pokemon her dearest companions. Generally a very warm, gentle and humble soul, she can be hasty and slightly impatient, especially on the battlefield, her strategy being one of offensive > defensive. She's very well-travelled and considers herself "enlightened" for her age, very sociable and fancies herself a comedic talent -- often cracking lame jokes to her long-time sidekick, Poochy the Mightyena, who tends to respond in low, sarcastic growls.
APPEARANCE: Skatey has a somewhat scruffy but endearing appearance, a relatively long-haired brunette with a violet tinge. A pair of purple-framed glasses are perched atop the bridge of her nose, hazel-green eyes peering out from behind them. Her height has been described as "misleading"; despite her small stature she's a nightmare in an arena. She has a casual dress sense, generally donning something no more professional than a fitted red jacket, knee-length black skirt and blue Cons.
HISTORY: Hailing from Lilycove in the Hoenn region, Kanto is the only known territory Skatey has yet to explore. As a youngster she dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer and for her 12th birthday, received an Eevee she named Stella. Three months before she was due to leave her home town and begin her journey, she and Stella were attacked by a flock of angry Swellow who left the pair seriously injured. Stella - her intended starter Pokemon - was permanently traumatized and not suitable for battle, so she was left at home with Skatey's family. Shortly after beginning her journey with a Zigzagoon her father had caught for her, a Poochyena began following her. Initially disturbed by the tag-along's inexplicable but constant presence, the Poochyena's power was soon revealed when she fiercely defended Skatey against a hungry Muchlax. Of course, with no Pokeball to return to, ever since the Poochyena - "Poochy" - has just trailed along behind her trainer, and is now Skatey's strongest asset, the Pokemon she is famous for. Skatey has competed in several league competitions and is a seasoned Pokemon coordinator, often showing off the talents of either her Manectric, Tiger or occasionally her Vulpix, Titan.
LOCATION: She currently resides in Snowpoint, staying with a close friend and his family.


The charming, long-term companion of Skatey. She is garish and eloquent, walks with a sexy swagger and bears her fangs in a spectacular grin. There is a sarcastic element to her personality, often treating people and other Pokemon with casual indifference. She always wears a pink scarf around her neck and has a small notch in her right ear. Despite being critical of her trainer, is extremely loyal to Skatey and often has to be "called off" when her trainer is approached by strangers. She battles with much eagerness and in a loose, easygoing style that lulls her opponents into a false sense of security that ultimately leads to their downfall.

Tiger has been treated as the baby of the family for all too long; she is actually Skatey's 3rd acquisition and one of her strongest. She is flashy and overconfident - a perfect showgal for Skatey's venture into the world of Pokemon Contests and has won many medals in the "cool" category. Skatey rescued Tiger from death's row at a farm of working Pokemon, as she was deemed "the runt" of the litter and not worth keeping. Poochy and Tiger have been "rivals" since Tiger's induction into Skatey's collection but now they're more like best friends.

Apollo has a solitary aspect to his character, behaving as a "lone wolf". He is romantically linked to Poochy and Skatey treats him with respect as opposed to lavishing him with displays of affection, which she knows would only aggravate him. He has displayed brief moments of intense love and understanding to the other Pokemon. Skatey often allows him to walk alongside she and Poochy outside of his Pokeball. He considers Skatey and her other Pokemon apart of a "pack" of which he fancies himself the alpha, and would die to protect them from harm.

Wurlitzer was given to Skatey by a close friend after her returned from Kanto. She has grown from a tiny Dratini into an atypically chubby and goofy Dragonite who seems to sail through life with an infectious aura of calmness. She is incredibly maternal, often mothering the other Pokemon. She is very helpful and uses her humanoid features to help Skatey cook for, groom and nurse the other Pokemon back to health. She is multi-talented; she both surfs and flies, and is the powerhouse component to Skatey's fighting team. She usually works alongside Slick, Skatey's Salamence, but he is currently enjoying a rest period back in Lilycove.

Noir, like Poochy, serves his commitment to Skatey outside the Pokeball, perched atop Poochy’s back or coiled awkwardly around his trainer’s shoulder. He isn’t very strong but is energetic, highly intelligent and seems to have great potential. Tiger has basically adopted Noir as her protégé, though Skatey insists he will never replace her as her main electric defence and has been quoted as saying Noir is simply for companionship and the occasional contest. Noir is incessantly babied by Skatey and she rarely allows him to battle.


Pak Choi was rescued as a Chikorita by Skatey from a testing facility in Johto. Despite his troubled past, he is a calm, loving Pokemon with an affectionate, relaxed demeanour and gets along particularly well with Wurlitzer. He seems rather naïve, as if he lives in a permanent daydream – ignorance is bliss. He is abnormally large for his species and, when feeling particularly lazy, Skatey will ride on his back – fortunately, Pak Choi seems to enjoy this as he likes to demonstrate, and receive praise for, his strength.

September 15th, 2007, 9:55 PM
Appologies for the stupidly long post, a lotta details here...

Name: Yaz Ramorous Qalal
Nickname: Everyone just calls him Yaz.
Gender: M.
Age: 19
Personality: Like most teenaged guys, Yaz is quite hasty and can act without thinking everything through. However, this hasty nature is what tends to give him an edge in battle - often taking large risks to win matches. Apart from his haste, Yaz is very proud and does not take losing easily - something he knows he has to work on. Yaz's pride has led him to drive himself and his pokemon into the ground on numerous occasions though, rather than admit defeat. Also, he is extremely loyal to his friends and pokemon and will protect them with everything he has.

Appearence: Yaz doesn't take too much attention to his grooming, allowing his dark brown hair to grow long and mangled. His skin is an olive tone due to his Arab heritage and his eyes are deep and brown, yet show little emotion. Covering almost half his face is, depending on the time, heavy stubble to a light beard as he can rarely be bothered to shave during his travels. He has a fairly built body and is quite fit, due to all he has had to endure during his travels.

Clothing: Yaz doesn't wear brand names or any fancy clothes. He can normally be seen wearing a plain T-shirt accompanied with a pair of jeans and sneakers. Yaz has been known to wear the same thing for weeks at a time, only changing clothes when they begin to smell or are stained.

History: Yaz was born in Violet City in Johto and spent most of his life there with his parents and two siblings, a brother 2 years older than him and a sister 3 years younger. During his whole life, Yaz felt a bond with pokemon and at the age of 15 he surprised everyone by making the decision to become a pokemon trainer. After school, he caught a bus to New Bark Town and got his first pokemon from Professor Elm - a totodile. After much argument, his parents agreed to let him venture out on his own and follow his dream if he could beat Falkner. He did. Since that day, Yaz traveled through Johto, collecting badges and eventually reached the pokemon league. He was knocked out in the first round after taking a miscalculated risk. Devastated, Yaz left for Kanto and defeated all the gyms in his first attempt. A task few have managed to do before him. Yaz came in the top 4 of the Kanto League - reaching the semi-finals but still wanted more. Taking a year off for brutal training around Johto and Kanto, Yaz managed to train his pokemon to the pinacle of their power before heading to Sinnoh. After thrashing Sinnoh's gym leaders, he managed to win the Sinnoh league.

Location: Yaz was last seen training on the harsh, snow-covered route 217.

Croc the Male♂ Feraligatr
Croc was Yaz's first and is his most powerful pokemon. It shares many of Yaz's personality traits, being very proud and hasty. Due to it's immense strength, speed and haste, Yaz must keep it in it's pokeball at most times as it has been known to attack whenever it feels threatened. Yaz is also the only person who has been able to control it, even Professor Elm had trouble with it!

Fox the Female♀ Ninetales
Yaz encountered Fox as a young vulpix living with a very rich family in olivine city. Fox, however, wasn't happy with it's owners and ran away. Seeing Yaz walk out of olivine gym with his new Mineral Badge, Fox instantly took a liking to him, following him around. Yaz saw that it wanted to join his team so he allowed it. Fox is quite a strong pokemon although a little spoiled. When he first met it as a vulpix, it would often not listen to him and instead choose to play. But now as a powerful ninetiles, it trusts Yaz and his judgement.

Bone the Male♂ Marowak
Yaz met Bone as a baby Cubone, seperated from its mother in the Rock Tunnel. He helped Bone look for its mother but with no success. As the Cubone was too young to fend for itself, Yaz brought it with him until it grew old enough to survive on its own in the wild. When it was old enough, Bone didn't want to leave and had grown into a powerful and confident battler. It was definately large change from the scared, unconfident Cubone Yaz descovered it as.

Muk the Female♀ Muk
Upon his visit to the busy and polluted Celadon city, Yaz was attacked by an extremely powerful Muk. Yaz, impressed by the power of it, caught it after it defeated 2 of his pokemon. Muk is quite mischievous and has been known to hide Yaz's belongings in its body.

Tank the Male♂ Aggron
Yaz obtained Tank as an aggressive Lairon through a trade for a clefairy who Yaz captured in Mt Moon. It took a long time for Tank to warm to Yaz, but once it did, Yaz was able to use Tank's aggression and sheer power to create a real powerhouse.

Sneak the Male♂ Weavile
Yaz was attacked by a Sneasel while going through the Ice Path in Johto. Impressed by its speed and resilience, Yaz captured it. Sneak is a very cruel battler, always going all out and Yaz has had to return it into it's ball to stop it from seriously injuring weaker opponents on multiple occasions. Also, Yaz is the only person Sneak has ever trusted, often lashing out at and striking strangers.

Whew, hope I get in...

September 16th, 2007, 1:37 PM
Zet Netroc- You don't have much under personality, and well, you don't use very good grammer. ~pending~

Geckoriot- I will be gentle with you. That was very good for a first RP joined. My first RP joined was a Mewthree Thread too, but it wasn't nearly as good. ~accepted~

yaziyo- You don't need to apoligize for super-long sign ups! That's what I'm looking for! That was a job well done! ~accepted~

BTW, now with me and 2 members accepted, I only have room for 2 more members. Sign up quickly!

September 16th, 2007, 3:02 PM
Given Name- Mithos Yggrasil Abbyson- great name eh?
Nickname(s)- none
Gender- Male
Age- 17
Personality- Can become really evil at sometimes, but has a good heart. Very inergetic (sp.?) and has energy 24/7. Has a strange obbsesion with apples. Favorite thing to do is swim.
Appearence- the guy in the banner in my sig.
History- no parents abused as a child Both of his parents thing he's the best thing in the whole world. Has tons of friends, but no real best friend that trusts him a lot.
Location: Canalave
Pokemon- 4
Other- has strange occurnces with weird magic, like jumping and floating for 3 extra seconds.

Species- Frosslass
Nickname- Icicle
Gender- Female
Personlity- Very nice to everyone except for dugtrio, who she picks on a lot. Enjoys making snowballs out of nowhere.
Obtained By- saving on a journy at snowpoint.
Other- has lots of power, but terrible accuracy.

Species- Dugtrio
Nickname- Mithosis
Gender- male.
Shiny- yes
Personlity- Is very nice to everybody, has a rivalry with frosslass. Is picked on because they live next to water and he can't get wet.
Other- Is very strong due to anger built up by not being able to get in the water.

Species- Porygon-Z
Nickname- Zyber
Gender- N/A
Personlity- very neutral in the group. Enjoys freezing the water with frosslass.
Obtained By- Found in the wild.
Other- It is very clumsy.

Species- Seadra
Nickname- none.
Gender- female.
Personlity- Hangs out with Porygon-z a lot. Enjoys using bublebeam to break the ice that porygon and frosslass make.
Obtained By- found in the water.

I hope you like mine ^-^

September 16th, 2007, 3:06 PM
~Mithos~- Well, you did say you were going to join. Anyways, it was ok. You are just barely ~accepted~


September 16th, 2007, 3:08 PM
lol thanks, i'll be reading periodically.

September 18th, 2007, 8:13 AM
Well this lookis interesting so lets try to get in here is my character

Name- Chaos Sin Ryu.
Nickname(s)- none; but prefers to be caled just Chaos.
Gender- Male
Age- 16

Personality- Even thoug not the most jolly character he had a misteryois air that surrounded him having most of the time an expresionless face except when he was in the company of his pokemon.
He prefered no to have mouch contact with other persons except for the ocasional battle and the normal interaction on the pokemon centers having turned down all offers to team up and travel with other trainers.
He seems to find confort and serenity in nature due to this he normaly likes to sleep out even when he is on a city.

Appearence- He has medium long white hair with red eyes and a very pale skin, his body frame is normal for someone his age mostly showing and expresionless face with a touch of hate and indiference always in its eyes showing only a hint of kindness to his pokemon that had learned to know when was he happy and when they needed to confort him.

Clothing- His normal wear is black T-shirt with a red and black pants along with red snickers which gave him confort enough to travel sometimes for days without much complain also sometimes wearing a red and black jacket that he had for when nature unleashed its fury over him.

History- He lived with his parents in the Hoen region until the age of 7 when his father set out to travel the world and to become a stronger trainer, after 2 full years he and his mother moved to celestic town were they lived untill Chaos turned 12.
The year Chaos turned ten his mother suddenly went sick and even thoug he had recived his first pokemon he decided not to travel untill his mother recovered but sadly it never happened, she pased away when he was 12.
Blamming his father for the lose of his mother he decided to leave everything behind him; he left a smal note on the house for its father in case he returned and left along with his first pokemon a shupet to see the world.
During his travels he has ecoutered many pokemon and faced many opponents in battle that includes Hoen, Kanto and Johto leagues.

Location: Currently camping outside Lake Valor.

Pokemon- 4.

Species- Shupet
Nickname- none
Gender- male
Personlity- A michevous pokemon that likes to play around all day long adn also likes to play pranks to the other pokemon mostly by going inside they dreams and messing them up but when he needs to get serious he becomes unstopable.
Obtained By- First Pokemon.

Species- Flygon
Nickname- none
Gender- female
Personlity- A pokemon of many faces that is usualy calm and relaxed but that also knows how to have fun.
She joined Chaos when he found her hurt in the desert in Hoen and nursed her back to healt.
She and Shupet are the pokemon that he shows his feelings the most.
Obtained By- Helping it.

Species- Dragonair
Nickname- none
Gender- male
Personlity- A proud pokemon that doesnt tolerate failure which drives him mad when he looses a battle very powerfull and reliable.
He also cares for its team mates and makes sure they dont get into too mouch trouble.
Obtained By- Fishing in the Kanto region.

Species- Gabite
Nickname- none
Gender- male
Personlity- The most recent addition to Chaos team also put up one of the hardest battles to capture.
Even thoug he is powerfull he tends to be somewhat reckless and usually atacks first and ask questions later which gets him in a lot of trouble.
Obtained By- Battling.

September 18th, 2007, 11:15 AM
Lahar- No periods, no new sentances... grammer issues... ~pending~

September 18th, 2007, 12:19 PM
OK ill try to correct it and to use more punctuation marks:P

As for the grammar issues I apologize Im from Mexico and my english is not that good at some points other are just stupid mistakes from when im typing that I miss

September 18th, 2007, 10:05 PM
Am I still in? I'm finishing up on my character and her Pokemon's bios. I don't want to post it incomplete.
It would have been finished and up by now if it weren't for my stupid job.... >_<

September 19th, 2007, 12:24 PM
Blayze- If you hurry up and post you're bio, you'll be in. Well, if its good enough. ~still pending~

September 19th, 2007, 4:37 PM
Alrighty then, here she is. Sorry it took me so long to post it. :( Hopefully you like it.

Given Name: Heather
Nickname: Blayze ( This is the name that she goes by.)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Blayze tends to to have a short fuse for people and things that she deems insignificant or a waste of time. She tends to deal with such things with biting sarcasm. Though she can be gruff and almost rude at times, Blayze is a great friend once you get to know her. She also cares very much for her Pokemon.

Blayze has bright emerald green eyes, and long (to half-way down her back) red hair. She always wears her hair in a tight ponytail.

Blayze wears a standard issue black Team Rocket uniform. The one different thing about it is: she wears pants instead of the skirt that most female members wear.
She believes the pants to be more practical.

At age 10 Heather (As she was still known) witnessed Team Rocket invading Hearthome City's Pokemon contest. Unlike everyone else, who ran or glared at Team Rocket with hatered, Blayze watched them with admiration. At age 15 she joined Team Rocket, and has been a loyal member ever since.

She grew up in Hearthome City. Her current location is at Team Rocket's secret headquarters.

Pokemon: 4

Species: Charizard
Nickname: Pyre
Gender: Male
Pyre is very loyal and protective of Blayze, and eager to please her. Just like his trainer, he has a short fuse for things that he deems a waste of time.
Obtained By:
Pyre was Blayze's first Pokemon. When she was 7 her father gave her the feisty Charmander. The two bonded instantly, they have been inseparable ever since.

Species: Sneasel
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Sneasel is very sneaky and loves shiny things.

Species: Trapinch
Nickname: Crunchy
Gender: Male
Crunchy is very friendly. He often tugs on Blayze's pant leg for attention. He also likes to nudge up against her and purr. (Yes, a purring Trapinch. :) )

Species: Staraptor
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Staraptor is very vain and takes great pride in her appearance. She strives to keep her feathers clean and shiny. Staraptor has taken it upon herself to protect Crunchy, since he is the smallest on the team.

September 19th, 2007, 4:51 PM
Blayze- Ok Blayze, good enough. ~accepted~

let's get started.

Get you're characters over to Sunyshore City right now peoples!! ^_^

September 20th, 2007, 1:36 AM
Let's get this started:

"We can get it this time Fox! ...Now!" Yaz ferociously ordered. The tired ninetales instantly responded. It jumped up and used safeguard - with a protective veil forming around it - before engulfing itself into ball of fire with it's impressive overheat attack and finally releasing an extremely powerful solar beam into the sky, despite the cloudy weather. It did this perfectly and all while being pelted with a heavy snowstorm.

"Yes! You did it!" Yaz joyfully exclaimed, his voice hoarse from all the time spent on the harsh Route 217. He ran up to the loyal Ninetales who appeared exceedingly proud and wrapped his arms around its neck. Yaz could feel the warm fire Pokemon's breath on his neck as it panted. Suddenly, it collapsed on him.

"I've overworked you, haven’t I?" Yaz said quietly to Fox, even though he knew it couldn't hear him, as he pulled out it's Pokeball and recalled it. Almost immediately, Yaz heard a voice in his head.

"Mewthree is taking. The world needs you. Go to Sunyshore City, now. I will explain the rest once you get there..." It said. The voice was soft and caring, and it sounded female. Yaz did not know how or why, but he trusted it. Silently, he stood up, his clothes now soaked with ice-cold water from sitting in the snow, and began to make the two hour trek to Snowpoint City. He had to be fast though, the sun was setting and the nights of Northern Sinnoh were even more brutal than the days.

Two difficult hours passed and Yaz had no idea how far he was from Snowpoint. The snowstorm was as strong as ever and he could barely see a few metres in front of him with the only light coming from the moon and stars. Cold, numb and almost blinded, Yaz tried his best to keep on the main road although it was proving more and more difficult with every step.

Another hour passed and Yaz was now getting desperate. He was sure he had to be getting close, and yet it felt like he was going backwards. Finally, his body gave in to fatigue and he collapsed...

September 20th, 2007, 2:06 AM
It came to her in a dream. Snuggled up on her friend's sofa, she was enjoying another blissfully peaceful sleep... but suddenly, Skatey sat bolt upright. A mysterious voice had invaded her mind and told her to go to Sunyshore City... but why? However skeptical, she felt inexplicably compelled to fulfil this instruction. Outside, dawn had broken, and another layer of powdery frost rained gently over the famously snowy city.

Beneath her, a certain Mightyena, Skatey's beloved Poochy, was indulging in a well-deserved rest. In the doorway, however, a none-too-powerful Pikachu with the electrical capacity of a potato (lovingly referred to as Noir), appeared clutching a croissant. Skatey's eyes narrowed. "You didn't steal that from the kitchen, did you?" she hissed. Noir, alarmed, returned the croissant to the fridge and reappeared upon the armrest of the sofa. Skatey sighed heavily and shook her head. "Is it possible we're overstaying our welcome?" she said, almost jovially, noticing the contents of her messenger bag strewn messily around the room, and scraps of uneaten food remaining in bowls at the table. Noir let out a lingering "Pika--" which seemed to indicate agreement. Skatey pondered this for a moment and shook Poochy awake. Poochy growled, but opened her eyes, her ears twitching with readiness for Skatey's announcement. "I think it's time to pack our bags..."

Within an hour, the three had officially decided to renew their taste for adventure with a trip to Sunyshore. Skatey secretly wished the voice had been real, and not just a figment of her imagination; but she convinced herself it was but an incredibly vivid dream. She hadn't mentioned the experience to Poochy and Noir, and told them the only reason for the impromptu journey was simply to get out of Adrian's, (said friend) and his family's, hair and for... y'know, training purposes. Following this discussion, she unleashed her menagerie of Pokemon from their Pokeballs, and informed them of her plans. Luckily, all were eager to leave Snowpoint. The team began to clear the house of Skatey's many worldly possessions and tidied, vacuumed, and scrubbed until every opaque surface was sparkling. They worked hard, but were gone by quarter to 7, just before the alarm clocks were due to go off, leaving only a note to explain their absense.

"You've been great this morning, guys. Thanks for your help," she beamed proudly to her 6 smiling companions, forcing her overcoat to stertch further around her body in attempt to protect herself from the harsh arctic winds. "We'll be in Sunyshore before you know it, and I'll see you then," she grinned and began to return her Pokemon to their Pokeballs. Of course, Noir and Poochy remained at her heels and Wurlitzer - Dragonite of flight - floated in front of her. She had found what she believed to be a perfect site for take-off. "Are you ready, Wurly?" Skatey asked. Wurlitzer nodded her head happily and braced herself for the influx of passengers. Boarding the Dragonite in a highly awkward fashion, they were suspended just slightly above the ground and Wurlitzer began hovering in the vague direction of Sunyshore City. However, just minutes out of Snowpoint, the road still fully blanketed by snow, she noticed a motionless body burried in the accumulating snow. "Stop! Go down there, I see something!" she said urgently. Wurltizer circled in on the area and Skatey leapt off her back, running towards the motionless figure and was quickly joined by an equally concerned Poochy. "Are you okay?" she said desperately, digging her fingers into Yaz's shoulder. She noted he was still breathing and waited tensely for a response.

(lol Yaz I edited the end for you -- that's why the timeframe (your post - nightfall, mine - daybreak) is so... incorrect. Ignore it, otherwise he would've been lying their for 12 hours or something >D)

September 20th, 2007, 4:15 AM
OOC: added more into personality but yet my grammar appears to fine, it really depends on how you view it

September 20th, 2007, 1:35 PM
Mithos was teaching Icicle how to perfect her blizzard attacks accuracy when it happened. Icicle got a perfectly aimed blast of cold icy air and she had it going for about thirty seconds when it got out of control.

Zyber, Seadra, and Mithosis were over near the docks. Mithosis was firing out stone edge's up into the sky and seeing weither zyber or seadra could freeze them first. Out of nowhere an extremely powerful blizzard nailed dugtrio, causing him to faint. Three seconds later he was icy-blue and about to fall into the water, but Mithos ran to save him.

Suddenly everything was black... he saw a pink light in the distance saying, "Mewthree is taking. The world needs you. Go to Sunyshore City, now. I will explain the rest once you get there..." He felt the need to trust this voice, so he said, "Okay."

Then he was falling into the water right next to his freezing dugtrio, which seadra and porygon-z had helped onto the land next to the docks. Mithos got up and took his Dugtrio to the pokecenter, where the nurse healed dugtrio and said he would be very weak for the next few days.

Mithos got home and told his parents what happened. They thought it was another one of his strange magic moments, but he didn't think so. Against his parent's will he stole a map and journyed off to take a boat, where he would sail to snowpoint and decide where to go from there.

8 hours later---

Mithos arrived in snowpoint, he saw a girl and a boy on the way to the docks, but paid no attention to them. He was finally ready to start his way to Sunnyshore.

September 20th, 2007, 8:27 PM
With a disgusted sigh, Blayze pulled the long black coat that she was currently sporting closer around herself. A few steps away Pyre, looking similarly dissatisfied, looked around and growled low in his throat.
The pair's current mood was attributed to their location and mission. They volunteered to go on a mission to scout around and gather intelligence on this "Team Galactic" that the Boss had got wind of. Snowpoint happened to be one of the places that they had to visit.
Despite to unfavorable weather conditions, this mission was preferable to hanging around the HQ with Giovonni and the result of his most recent "science experiment".
Snow swirling around them, Blayze and Pyre trod though a particularly deep snow drift.
"Char.....", Pyre muttered.
The Charizard held his flame-tiped tail high, to keep it from the snow pile. He looked over to Blayze with his lip curled.
"I know, boy.", she said sympatheticly. "I don't like it here either. It's too freaking cold."
She then stopped, brought her hand up to shield her eyes, and looked around.
"Wonder if anyone else found anything."
Moments later a black streak shot up from the snow in front of the pair.
"Sneasel!", it said landing squarely in front of Blayze.
The woman took a few steps back, surprised by the sudden appearance of the Pokemon.
Recovering quickly, Blayze folded her arms across her chest and glared down at the Sneasel.
"How many times do I have to tell you not to do that!?"
"Char!" Pyre snortted his disapproval at his teammate.
"Snea hehe." the dark Pokemon giggled.
"Did you find anything?", Blayze asked, rolling her eyes.
Sneasel shook her head. Then both Pyre and Sneasel looked skyward. Blayze followed their gazes to see Staraptor flying in with Crunchy on her back.
"Staaarr!", the bird Pokemon screeched as she fanned her wings and tail to land. As soon as Staraptor halted, Crunchy leapt from her back and bounded over to his trainer. The little Trapinch tugged once on Blayze's pant leg and then proceeded to nudge her and purr loudly.
Blayze laughed and scooped Crunchy up in her arms.
"Did you guys find anything?"
Both Crunchy and Staraptor shook their heads.
"You either huh?" Blayze frowned.
Suddenly a foreign presence pressed its way into her mind. It was strong yet gentle at the same time.
"Mewthree is taking. The world needs you. Go to Sunyshore City, now. I will explain the rest once you get there...", it said. The voice was feminine sounding, and had an urgent tone to it. Blayze felt that she must do as the voice asked. Especially since it had mentioned Mewthree, the Boss's science experiment.
'I knew that thing would be trouble.', she thought shaking her head.
"Alright everyone,our next stop is Sunyshore City. You good to take us there, Pyre?"
Not one to show weakness, Pyre flapped his wings and roared loudly. He then puffed up his chest and sent a gout of flame into the air.
"Good.", Blayze said with a smile. Giving him a pat on the head, she sat Crunchy on the ground.
She then took three Pokeballs off of her belt and held them out in front of her.
"Sneasel, Staraptor, Crunchy, return."
She placed the Pokeballs back on her belt and walked over to Pyre. The large dragon-like Pokemon got down on all fours to allow his trainer to climb onto his back.
Once she was settled, Blayze patted Pyre on the neck.
"Alright,let's get out of this place before we turn into popcicles."
"Char, char!", Pyre aggreed shaking his head vigorously.
With that Pyre pushed off from the snowy ground with his strong hind legs, and flapped his great wings violently.
Once airbone, he circled a few times to get altitude, then began the long journey to Sunyshore City.

September 21st, 2007, 1:13 AM
Yaz could see Croc, his Feraligatr, training with his sister Emily's Cyndaquil. They were outside the Sprout Tower and there were monks standing around with their Bellsprouts. What, Cyndaquil was evolving? It grew and grew until it was taller than Croc then stopped. It had changed significantly. It was no longer small and cute, but now large and... Mewtwo? No... It couldn't be. Well, it wasn't a Quilava for sure. It looked like Mewtwo, the beast which Giovanni created a few years back… But that was impossible. It opened it's mouth and launched a flamethrower at Croc. The powerful fire attack made contact and Croc fell to the ground. It didn't get up. "Croc?" Yaz desperately called out. Suddenly, Yaz felt himself getting more and more distant until he felt an astonishing pain. What happened? Was it all a dream? All the way from his face to his feet was a freezing-cold, burning feeling. He could feel something digging into his shoulder and yet the rest of his body was numb. He could hear someone say something… A girl. She sounded extremely distant. Was it the voice from before? No, that was a different voice...

Yaz opened and closed his eyes multiple times; he was laying face down in snow. He attempted to get up but he felt paralysed. "Can you hear me?" He heard the same female voice say. Yaz grunted in reply, slowly managing to roll himself over. He saw a large, black, face of a dog within a few inches of his face. Abruptly, Yaz sat up, shocked to see the face, which he now knew to belong to a Mightyena.

Yaz could now see the source of the voice. It was a teenaged girl, she looked to be a few years younger than him and was fairly short. He also noticed a powerful looking Dragonite standing tall next to her and a small Pikachu playing with her long, brown hair. "Hello." Yaz said awkwardly, just as he remembered where he was, he remembered last night's events and he remembered his Pokemon who needed a Pokemon centre.

OOC: I've tried to keep character controlling to a minimum, I thought the two characters could briefly converse before my guy chucks a runner. :P

September 21st, 2007, 5:02 AM
His sudden reaction startled her and she fell back into the snow. Embarrassed, and laughing awkwardly to decrease the tension of the situation, she managed to regain her composure, and got back onto her knees. Her attention flickered to her boisterous Mightyena who's snout was jutting dangerously close to the boy... guy, she wasn't sure how to categorise him; jutting dangerously close to his cheek. "Poochy! Relax, go away..." she mumbled, shooing a disdainful Poochy who grumbled in response and stalked off towards Wurlitzer who was wavering uncertainly in the background.
"Hey there!" she said finally, "I'm sorry I uh-- disturbed you! I was just passing over head and um, and... thought you were dead," she stuttered nervously. "Are you... um, are you okay? Do you need me to call somebody?" she continued, trying to avoid eye contact, instead focusing (with annoyance) at Noir who was batting her hair in an obliviously cheerful manner.

September 21st, 2007, 12:57 PM
Mithos knew it would a long and hard journy from snowpoint to sunnyshore. After studying his map for what seemed like forever, he got an idea. He would sail to an old rotten dock north of veilstone, and if the dock wasn't worth getting on he would swim to shore. From there he would ride his bycicle all of the way to Sunnyshore, which couldn't take too long.

He approached the dock and saw the same girl and boy from earlier, the girl had a mightyena with her. He still payed no attention to them. He showed the man his ticket, but told him he was trying to go to a rotten dock above veilstone. The man said he would send a mr. mime and a mime jr. to sail the boat back after they got there.

On the way Mithos had a lot of fun. He saw a group of lapras that were just thirty feet away from their boat. He let frosslass and seadra glide along next to him.

When they arrived they saw that the docks were old and rotten with staravia, starly, and the occasional staraptor pecking at them. He also noticed that the birds were very aggresive and wouldn't let anybody near them. He ended up jumping of the boat and swimming to land. After telling the Mr. mime it was ready to go, they left.

Mithos petalled for about twenty minutes until he got to veilstone. He noted that it was a big city and would be nice for a vacation spot. After spending an hour shopping for potions and other necisarry (sp.?) items, he left for the waterfront only eleven miles away.

On the way there he got challenged by a trainer who was hiding in the grass. Mithos said no, but the man pursued.

"If I challenge a trainer they should fight me!" he said. so Mithos went ahead and fought him.

At first it was Zyber against Donphan. Donphan started off with an ice shard, but it wasn't enough to defeat Zyber. Zyber responded with an ice beam attack, knocking out the Donphan.

Then it was Icicle vs. Infernape. Mithos knew this would be a hard battle. At first Icicle used blizzard, but she kept missing and when she hit, it didn't do mutch. All the time Infernape was hitting Icicle with Flamethrowers. Just before Icicle fainted she fired a water pulse at the Infernapes flame thrower. It was an awesome sight, fire going through rings of water. The attacks hit both sides, but both sides fainted. Mithos had won!

Upon arriving at the lakefront he knew that his dugtrio, Mithosis, was weak. That Icicle had fainted, Zyber was weakened, and Seadra was still fine, he had a whole nother route to go.

He started petalling towards Sunnyshore when a group of motor bikers approached him. They started pushing him around and asking for money. After a while he gave them 100P, but they didn't think that was enough, so they challenged him on for a double battle.

It was Zyber and Sedra vs. Gengar and Gyrados. Gyrados used dragon rage on seadra, greatly weekening it. Zyber used thunderbolt on gyrados resulting in him fainting. Then Gengar used hypnosis, and both of them fell asleep. She followed up with using dream eater, fainting both of them.

Mithos knew he was out of usable pokemon, so he gave up the battle. The bikers took all of his money that he had saved up all of his life, it was near 100,000P, and threw him to the side of the road. He blacked out... but what was weird was, while he blacked out, he could still see everything... he just couldn't move or respond... after about an hour, everything went totally black, he gave up...

OOC: I'll be away till tommorow night, then i'll write a bit more. thanks =]

September 21st, 2007, 7:09 PM
"Nah, I should be right." Yaz softly croaked as he started to get up. "I've had worse happen to me. And hey, at least last night's snowstorm stopped." He then added, almost sarcastically. "Bye then. And thanks."

Yaz began to walk away, humiliated that he couldn't withstand last night's conditions. "Bye." He heard his bewildered descoverer quietly say. He could now see how far he was from Snowpoint and was ashamed to descover that he just fell short, the distance proving to only be a 10 minute walk. Within 20 minutes, Yaz was in the Pokemon centre. He had accomplished what had to be done; his overworked Pokemon we're healed, his clothes were dry and he was ready to embark to Sunyshore.

Despite his best judgements for his health, Yaz went to the Snowpoint docks and descovered that there would be a ferry coming at 9:34am which went to Sunshore with a stopover at Veilstone. He checked his watch, 8:02, and purchased a ticket. Yaz used the spare hour and a half before the ferry came to rest. He had been through a lot but he was determined to follow the mysterious voice to Sunyshore.

After not too long, the ferry arrived and Yaz boarded it. The trip would take a few hours to travel most of the way down Sinnoh's east coast.

September 22nd, 2007, 12:54 AM
"Weird," Skatey scoffed, turning with an amused smile to her followers who were waiting for direction. Noir leapt off her shoulder and climbed up atop Wurlitzer's head and cried out an impatient "Pika--!"
Their trainer sighed wearily and wrapped her arms around the Dragonite's shoulders; Wurlitzer hovered just above the ground and at this point, Poochy made a precision running-jump and landed alongside Skatey. The subsequent journey went swimmingly, aside from that blizzard, and another occasion in which they crashed into Mount Coronet, but mostly they arrived untouched in Veilstone City, where they had decided to stop off for breakfast (it had been a slower flight than expected). "Have a rest, Wurlitzer, I'll see you soon." Skatey grinned, recalling the tired pilot to her Pokeball, and looked around nervously, dwarfed by the tall, grey buildings that surrounded the trio. Close in the distance, she could see the red neon sign of the town Pokemon Centre. She smiled down at Poochy. "Let's just go there, aye? They always serve up cheap grub." Poochy nodded graciously in agreement and followed her trainer down the street, Noir perched upon the Mightyena's back, his paws grasping her pink scarf.

September 22nd, 2007, 7:06 AM
I'm finally gonna join my own RP! (and for once make a character not modeled after myself)

Given Name- Michelle Alexandria Mitchell
Nickname(s)- Shelly, Alex
Gender- female
Age- 14
Personality- Michelle's a standard teenager, often mad, and rather short-tempered. She's rather sassy, and won't go down without a fight. She can be rather emotional. If you make it through her hard, outer shell though, it exposes a soft inside. When that soft inside is exposed, she can be a great friend. She loves the dark type, and is actually really friendly to her Pokemon.
Appearence- Michelle is about 5' 1", and weighs about 90 pounds. She is rather slim, but don't let her size fool you. She has olive skin, dark eyes, and dark hair.
Clothing- Michelle wears black jeans, a punkish chain belt, and a black sleeveless shirt with a skull and crossbones on it.
History- Michelle was always abused by her parents, hense, her anger. The kids at school knew better than to make fun of her, though.
Location: Sunyshore City
Pokemon- 6
Other- Michelle wears dark pink lip stick, black mascara, and black eyeliner that is worn rather thick.

Species- Umbreon
Nickname- Shadow
Gender- male
Shiny- yes
Personlity- Shadow is a mysterious Pokemon. He has the lonely nature and the subnature of hates to lose. He is a nightmare to fight.
Obtained By- Shadow was Michelle's first Pokemon. Her dad caught it for her as a white Eevee.
Other- none

Species- Houndoom
Nickname- Doom
Gender- male
Shiny- no
Personlity- Doom is a rather hostile Pokemon. His nature is rash and his subnature is loves to fight. He will fight anyone, no matter what.
Obtained By- Doom was Michelle's second Pokemon. He was caught as a Houndour, after attracking Michelle one night. Because of his amazing untamed power, Michelle caught him.
Other- none

Species- Weavile
Nickname- Midnight
Gender- female
Shiny- no
Personlity- Midnight is a very calm, relaxed Pokemon. Her nature is calm and her subnature strongly defiant. She normally is calm Pokemon, but doesn't always listen to others.
Obtained By- Michelle found Midnight as a Snealsel one day while skiing in Snowpoint City. She caught her, simply to add to her collection.
Other- none

Species- Raichu
Nickname- Cheeky
Gender- female
Shiny- no
Personlity- As her name applies, Cheeky is a very cheeky Pokemon. Her nature is impish, and her subnature is mischevious. She is a bit a joker, not serious at all, and often laughs and jokes around.
Obtained By- After capturing a Mawhile that wouldn't listen to a word Michelle would say, some girl offered her to trade it for her Raichu. She accepted, and ended up relizing that Cheeky wasn't much better in the category in obendience, but still loves Cheeky.
Other- none

Species- Charizard
Nickname- Inferno
Gender- male
Shiny- no
Personlity- Inferno is a mad Pokemon. His nature is rash and his subnature is a little quick tempered. He doesn't listen to a word others say, however, listens to Michelle perfectly. He can be really nice, but don't make him mad.
Obtained By- Michelle captured Inferno as a Charmeleon while traveling in Kanto. He was released into the wild by his old trainer.
Other- no

Species- Zangoose
Nickname- Lily
Gender- female
Shiny- no
Personlity- Lily is a very defencive Pokemon. Her nature is hardy and her subnature is somewhat stubborn. She will stand up for what she beleives in, no matter what others say.
Obtained By- Lily was obtained as an egg.
Other- none

September 22nd, 2007, 6:12 PM
So am I a part of this or not since you said pending to mine

September 23rd, 2007, 5:02 AM
When Mithos woke up it was dark outside, he was cold and scared, and his pokemon were weak.

He looked at his surroundings and pulled out his map, he was only four miles away from sunnyshore. The bike theives had taken his money and his bike, so he didn't have much left. He started walking to Sunnyshore.

The trip was pretty boring. Nothing happened, at all. When he arrived at the gate, the cost was 50P to get in, but Mithos couldn't pay it. He went around asking people for donations, so that finally after three hours he got into Sunnyshore.

Something was wrong, he could tell because alarms were screaming and gaurds were running everywhere. There was a pinkish dome, the same color as the light, in the middle of the city. Flashes of red and blue were coming out of it. There were tons of helicopters in the sky, all painted with a red "R". Mithos didn't know what to do...

OOC: sorry for the short entry, i'll do better next time =P

September 24th, 2007, 4:56 AM
Yaz quite enjoyed the first part of his boat ride; he won a few pokemon battles, was recognised by an excited child and chatted up some pretty girls. His pokemon seemed to enjoy the trip too; he spotted Croc, his loyal feraligatr, showing off its powerful jaws to a female polytoed, found his muk giving rides to baby pokemon and only had to return Sneak the Weavile once, when it tried to eat a trainer's Togepi. Finally, at around midday, the ferry pulled up at Port Veilstone and Yaz emerged with his party for a short walk.

After around 20 minutes, the boat continued it's journey to Sunyshore and as expected, Yaz and co. were on board. The half hour went as smoothly as anyone could have hoped but as the boat began to approach the narrow water passageway between Sinnoh's largely restricted north-eastern island and the 'horn' of Sinnoh's mainland, things began to change. There was a large black ship which bore Team Rocket's trademark 'R' symbol as well as many blastoise swimming around the ship, fortifying it. Somehow, Yaz knew this had something to do with the message he had recieved the night before regarding 'Mewthree' and Sunyshore City.

Yaz could feel the ferry full of nervous travelers, tourists and locals slowing down and joined the crowd standing on the edge, watching the blockade. Instantly, there was a message through what sounded like a megaphone. "Turn back, now." The voice called. The boat, which was now stopped, did not turn. "We have rockets locked onto your boat. Turn back now. This is your final warning." Following the message, people began to panic. Some were screaming, some were running (although there was no-where to run to) and some called out their Pokemon.

Slowly but surely, the ferry had began to turn around. However, it appeared as if the confronting Rockets still weren't satisfied as Yaz then heard a burst machine gun fire. "Sh.t!" He yelled as lay down on his belly, causing others to do the same. The ferry was now accelerating fairly quickly, obviously trying to avoid the conflict. Yaz quickly recalled all his pokemon as he knew they were much bigger than him and more likely to get hit by any stray bullets, and with perfect timing as he heard another burst of fire almost straight after. He then heard someone scream, they must have gotten hit.

Yaz clutched onto Croc and Tank (his Aggron)'s Pokeballs, just in case, as he felt the afternoon sun burning the back of his neck. They were his only pokemon who knew how to swim.

OOC: My post is set in the same day as Mithos' post but obviously some hours before.

September 25th, 2007, 1:14 AM
Skatey enjoyed a breakfast of Devonshire tea; meanwhile, her Pokemon consumed a hearty ammount of indeterminable brown objects. She recalled all but Poochy, Noir and of course Wurlitzer and once again, took the skies. Gliding over Lake Valor, they admired the view; however, their attention was arrested by a flashing of red lights over the nearby Sunyshore. They waited, hovering at the gate into the city -- and within a few moments of observation, Skatey had a vague idea of what was going on.

Suddenly, she realized that voice - which she now knew was more than a figment of her imagination - had led her here for this reason; to stop what appeared to be a Team Rocket invasion, and despite not wanting to place herself or her Pokemon in danger, she felt compelled to help the mass of petrified townspeople and travellers below. Scanning the skyline, she began gesturing towards a cliff's ledge hanging over the city. "Wurlitzer, land there!" she called, gingerly steering the Dragonite in that direction. Noir and Poochy kept a look out... Skatey heard the sharp, aggressive bark of her Mightyena companion and glanced over her shoulder; and was confronted with a powerful black chopper - marked with the infamous red "R" - veering towards them. "Hurry!" Skatey whimpered, too terrified to issue a command from any of her Pokemon.

Wurlitzer landed but, still being pursued by the helicopter, Skatey quickly returned her to her Pokeball and in her place, a Manectric materialized in front of her. "Tiger, use Thunder!" Skatey called out, bundling up Poochy and Noir and disappearing down a trail that led into the city.

Tiger poised herself for attack; a cloud floating above the helicopter darkened and Tiger forced a surge of a electricity from within it, momentarily immobilizing the blades. Tiger quickly followed after her trainer. She appeared alongside Poochy (with Noir draped over her back), who was standing at her master's heels. Skatey was peering out into the swarms of hysterical civilians and their Pokemon, fleeing from Team Rocket... "Now that we're here... what do we do?" she murmured. (lamest ending line ever!)

September 25th, 2007, 1:07 PM
Michelle heard a feminine voice telling her to go to Sunyshore City. "What the... I'm in Sunyshore City!" The voice, now being more specific, and told her to go to the attic of the Pokemon Center. Shelly climbed up the stairs and saw a pink Pokemon. "Mew! I thought that it only appeared in legands!" It started to talk more to Abby through telepathy. "Mewthree and Giovanni aren't here. The reason why Team Rocket came here is to steal innocent Pokemon and make them heartless fighting machenes. To assist Mewthree...

"Where is Mewthree then..?" "In an unkown region far away... Im sending messages to another 4 kids to come to the attic of this Pokemon Center... then, once they all come, we will hope that they have flying types, and fly to this unknown region. I know the way there." "I have a Charizard! I guess he could carry a few people!" "Ahh... that would work very nicely. We will now wait for the other 4 kids arrivals..."

Mew started to send another telepathic message. "Go to the attic of Sunyshore City's Pokemon Center. It will relate to defeating Mewthree..."

September 25th, 2007, 2:33 PM
"Tiger!" Skatey said, scooping her Manectric off the ground. "Thank you, you're a lifesaver," she murmured, awkwardly hugging the spiky creature -- but then she was struck with another 'message'; this time, the voice told her to go to the attic of local Pokemon Center. She was thankful for the direction.

"Ahh..." she began nervously, not wanting her Pokemon to think she was strange. "Let's get you to the Pokemon Center! You look exhausted." she cooed to Tiger, settling her back down on the ground and slowly leading Tiger and the others through a continuous current of frightened people. Heaving the door open, she noticed that the relatively small building was packed wall-to-wall with people, all eyeing her suspiciously for fear she might be a Rocket invader; most people had their Pokemon out, ready to attack. "Innocent!" she said nervously, putting her hands up. Her eyes shifted to a flight of stairs leading up into what she supposed would be the attic, "C'mon guys, let's go up there..." she stuttered, dodging the crowd of squabbling cowards and and climbing up the stairs. Her Pokemon followed her of course, though completely unsure as to what her motive was. When she got there, her eyes were drawn to a Mew which radiated a pink aura. "Wooow..." she whispered under her breath. Not noticing Michelle, she asked the mysterious Pokemon "did you bring me here?"

September 25th, 2007, 2:40 PM
Mithos was still watching all of the destruction and terror when he blacked out again.

He saw the same pinkish light in the distance. this time it said, "Go to the attic of Sunyshore City's Pokemon Center. It will relate to defeating Mewthree..."

He woke up and noticed it was about an hour later, the dome had dissapeared, it looked like it had never been there, maybe he just immagined it...

There were still helicopters and people running everwhere. He asked somebody where the pokemon center was but everybody was running away and screaming. He made his way down a staircase when he saw a red sign in the distance... "Pokemon Center, Heal your pokemon today." Except lots of letters were fadded out so it read, "Pokon Cen He you pomo tod."

It started raining, Mithos went to the pokemon center, but the gaurds wouldn't let him in. He begged and pleaded with them, but the gaurds insisted he wait until the pokemon center was open for healing pokemon and people that got hurt.

He saw a boy sitting over on a bench, sopping wet from the bad weather. He realized it was the same boy from earlier. Oddly he didn't seem like they were distracted by all of the mess. He wanted to go over and sit with them, but he decided against it, because he didn't know them.

After two hours the pokemon center opened, the boy got up and started walking in with him. When they got in Mithos started walking up the stairs, they did aswell. He was confused, he asked another person to come too, but they couldn't even see the steps, they said it was just a wall.

He made his way up the steps, which oddly the other kid could see. Why where they coming, how could they see it?

OOC: try your best to match with it, I tried to make it as easy as possible.

September 25th, 2007, 7:03 PM
As she and Pyre neared Sunyshore, Blayze could see that there was a big commotion going on.
"What the-", she said as she tried to make out what was happening.
Pyre hesistated, waiting to see what his trainer wanted to do.
"Go ahead, Pyre. It looks to be our brethren out on a collection run.", she mused. Then a helicopter emblazoned with the unmistakable red "R" rose above the city, and flew towards the docks; confirming her thoughts.
Blayze then directed Pyre to land in a not so crowded part of the city.
Once they landed, she slid off Pyre's back and buttoned the black trench coat that she still wore. No need to draw unneeded attention to herself.

As Blayze turned to walk out into the main body of the city, Pyre squintted and snorted at something behind her. She quickly turned to see who had the audacity to sneak up behind her. Seeing that it was only a pair of Grunts, she shook her head and rolled her eyes. Blayze was of higher rank than these two. Not as high as an Executive, but well above Grunt. Grunts were generally catigorized as "not worth my time" by Blayze.

"Hand over your Pokemon, lady!", one of them demanded.
"Yeah, if you cooperate, this won't have to get messy.", his companion said.
They obviously did not recognize her, or they were stupid. You would have to be stupid to threaten the trainer of a Charizard. Especially when said Charizard was out of his Pokeball and standing nearby.
After Pyre and Blayze exchanged glances, Blayze turned to the pair, hands on her hips.
"Are you two really that dumb?"
Not expecting that response, they looked confusedly at each other.
"I suggest that you get back to your mission, or I'll see to it that you both lose your Pokemon."
With that she unbuttoned her coat, to reveal her uniform. The Grunts quickly stood to attention. Finally noticing Pyre, they swallowed nervously. The Charizard growled menicingly, to emphasize Blayze's point.
"Now get outta my sight, and back to your jobs before forget that I'm in a good mood.", the woman snarled.
They practically tripped over each other as they scrambled away, muttering appologies.
"Sorry, Ma'am!"
"Yes, Ma'am. Right away, Ma'am!"
Both Blayze and Pyre laughed as the two took off.
"Morons.", she said shaking her head.
Pyre nodded his agreement.
Once again Blayze felt the strong, but gentle presence invade her mind.
"Go to the attic of Sunyshore City's Pokemon Center. It will relate to defeating Mewthree...", the feminine voice instructed.
"I guess we're off to the Pokemon Center.", She told Pyre.
Being the good "soldier" that he was, Pyre didn't question what or why his trainer was doing.
Strange as it was, Blayze rarely put Pyre into his Pokeball. Even though he was much larger than the Pokemon that one usually sees following their trainers around.
After she re-buttoned her coat Blayze and Pyre headed to the Pokemon Center.

The two arrived about fifteen minutes later with no more confrentations.
Then after a few strange looks from Nurse Joy and the trainers there, the pair went upstairs.
When they made it up the stairs they felt a strange aura of calmness, and saw a strange pinkish glow coming from the room.
Upon entering Blayze was shocked to see a Mew! So it was Mew that had asked her to come. It made sence. After all Mewthree was a corrupted clone of Mew.
'I don't blame her for being angry!', she thought still staring in awe at the small pink Pokemon.
"I take it you are the one that called me here?", she asked Mew.
Pyre then nudged her in the back to get her attention. Taking her gaze off of Mew, Blayze noticed that there were other people in the room.
"Did Mew call you here too?", she asked somewhat confused.

September 26th, 2007, 4:31 AM
In no time at all, the ferry full of scared and nervous passengers arrived once more at Veilstone. Yaz stepped off the boat, disappointed, while fellow passengers ran out screaming and crying. However, this setback was not nearly enough for him to give up on his journey, given to him by the mysterious voice. Pulling out a map of Sinnoh, Yaz inspected the possible routes he could take to reach Sunyshore. "Croc woulda been able to swim me to Sunyshore from here if it wasn't for the damn Rockets..." Yaz muttered under his voice, inspecting the map’s water route. "Looks like I'll have to go by road... That's route... 214 and 222." He added as he ran his finger down the alternate route. "Guess that's the one then." He finally stated as he set off.

While walking briskly down route 214, Yaz received another message from the same, caring, female voice. "Go to the attic of Sunyshore City's Pokémon Center. It will relate to defeating Mewthree..." Responding to the call, he instantly sped up, now jogging rather than walking.

"If I had a flying Pokémon this would be much easier." Yaz jokingly yelled out, in reply to the voice. "No reply, typical." He then added to himself, smiling. Just then, as if to prove him wrong, a large flock of Starly, Staravias and Staraptors landed near him, feeding on seeds from the ground. He then got an idea.

"Come on out." Yaz quietly said as he called out his most friendly and social Pokémon, his Muk. Muk emerged from its ball and looked around before inquisitively looking at Yaz, expecting a battle. "Sorry mate, no battles today Muk. But can you do me a favour and see if one of those Staraptors will give us a ride to Sunyshore? It would be much faster than walking."

While Yaz watched Muk approach the flock of bird Pokémon, he doubted that his plan would work. He knew Staraptors to be very proud and aggressive, but he also knew Muk was extremely social and convincing; it had proved itself to be a worthy diplomat on multiple occasions. As Muk got near, the birds stopped feeding and all stared at it. The largest Staraptor, who appeared to be the leader of the gang approached Muk and raised its wings, a threat. Muk didn't respond to the warning though and began to talk to it. Once Muk stopped talking, the flock eerily looked towards Yaz all at once before the leader flew over to him. He knew what it wanted - a battle. "If I defeat you in battle you will take me to Sunyshore?" Yaz asked it, already quite sure of the answer. It nodded. Flying after battling would still be much faster than walking so Yaz accepted. "You up for it Muk?" Yaz called out to the friendly sludge Pokémon who was playing with some young Starly. "Guess not." He pulled out the Pokéball which belonged to his first and most powerful Pokémon. "Come on out Croc!"

The brutally strong Feraligatr materialised from its ball, roaring and snapping its jaws. As soon as Croc appeared, the Staraptor flew up, preparing its first attack. "Hydro pump!" Yaz yelled out, before the Staraptor had a chance to attack. The obedient crocodile Pokémon instantly obeyed; it opened its large jaws and shot a jet of extremely high-pressured water at the large starling Pokémon. Shocked from the power of the attack, it fell to the ground. It got back up and bowed, signifying Croc's victory. "Alright, great work Croc!" Yaz exclaimed, happy that he got the respect of a fully evolved wild Pokémon.

It didn't take long to arrive in Sunyshore by air but as soon as he got close Yaz knew there was something wrong. There were multiple helicopters with the same Rocket "R" on them flying overhead and he could see many people running around, including a large amount of people in Rocket uniform. Yaz directed the Staraptor to land in an alley at the rear of the Pokémon centre and suggested it get back to its flock as quick as possible as this was definitely a dangerous area.

Yaz sprinted to the front door of the Pokémon centre, the message still in fresh his mind. He opened the door and was encountered with a deadly silence, the Pokémon centre was packed and yet everyone was staring at him, silent. Yaz immediately remembered the dangerous situation outside and understood the tension. "Does anyone know where the attic is?" He asked, partly to break the silence but also to complete this leg of his strenuous mission. No one replied, so he looked around himself. Finally, he noticed a staircase leading upstairs so he took it. Sure enough, he found himself in a dimly lit space with a small group already situated inside. And in the middle... a small pink creature. "Holy..." Yaz started, spotting Mew.

September 26th, 2007, 11:49 AM
Now that all the kids were here, Mew began telepathically speaking to them more.

"I am Mew. The Pokemon that's trying to stop Mewthree. Hello there! You see, Mewthree and Giovanni aren't in Sunyshore. The reason why the rockets are here is to capture innocent Pokemon and make them heartless fighting machenes, to help take over the world, as if Mewthree isn't enough. Mewthree and Giovanni are in an unknown, desert island of a region. No one lives there, but this is Giovanni's base. I guess he didn't want to be discovered... We shall fly there. I'll lead the way. I'm sure at least one of you have a flying type that is capable of carrying humans long distances. If so, send it out now."

"Go! Inferno!" Michelle cried, letting out her Charizard. "Chaaar!!" Inferno cried. The others started to let there flying types out as well.

"Good. Let your other Pokemon ride outside of their Pokeballs. I'm sure they could all use some fresh air."

September 27th, 2007, 1:37 AM
Observing the group, Yaz thought he didn't know anyone. Then he noticed the girl who found him in the snow, just standing with her Pikachu and Mightyena. "Hey," Yaz started, puzzled at the co-incidence, but he was cut-off by another mental message.

"I am Mew. The Pokemon that's trying to stop Mewthree. Hello there! You see, Mewthree and Giovanni aren't in Sunyshore. The reason why the rockets are here is to capture innocent Pokemon and make them heartless fighting machenes, to help take over the world, as if Mewthree isn't enough. Mewthree and Giovanni are in an unknown, desert island of a region. No one lives there, but this is Giovanni's base. I guess he didn't want to be discovered... We shall fly there. I'll lead the way. I'm sure at least one of you have a flying type that is capable of carrying humans long distances. If so, send it out now."

Yaz stood there awkwardly as the other trainers released their various flying types; he didn't own one. Well, that wasn't entirely true as technically he did own a Pidgey, somewhere. He captured a Pidgey on his first day as a trainer but unfortinately, it flew away the first time he tried to use it in a battle. Ever since then, he never trusted birds. Quite ironic seeing as he had entrusted a bird to carry him to Sunyshore.

"Erm..." Yaz murmured, not sure how to ask a group of strangers if he could fly with one of them.

OOC: Sorry for the short post, my guy's kinda stuck until someone offers him a ride :P

September 27th, 2007, 3:03 AM
Poochy was confused, reacting badly to her strange surroundings -- she growled discontentedly. Skatey looked down and began to explain herself; she told the story of the mysterious voice and her careful manouvering to get them here. Poochy was skeptical at the mention of "Mewthree"; she scoffed and collapsed in a heap of shaggy grey and black fur. Skatey sighed, used to her tempermental beasty. "Well are you with me?"
Poochy shrugged indifferently. "I'll take that as a yes..." Skatey murmured.
Meanwhile, Noir was perched atop his trainer's head, desperately reaching out at Mew.

Receiving the telepathic message, Skatey watched on nervously as the other trainers unleashed their Flying types. She looked down at Tiger and smiled warmly. "Thanks again Tiger, you saved my arse." she said. "See you soon," she recalled the Manectric, glowing with static electricity and pride, to her Pokeball and once again released Wurlitzer. "How's it going, girl?" she grinned. "Care to be our pilot again?" Wurlitzer nodded graciously and pulled Skatey in for a painful hug. "Hee-- nice Dragonite..." she laughed uneasily, petting her snout in the same way you do a horse, and for the first time, studied the other trainers in the room. She wondered what was special about them; she wondered even more heavily on what was special about her...

But her train of thought was broken. "Hey," a vaguely familiar voice said. Skatey spun around and jumped back, startled by the coincidence. "Wow! Fancy seeing you here." she stuttered, glancing him up and down. "Are you okay? No gangrenous frostbite? Where's your pilot?" she asked Yaz, in reference to his apparent lack of a winged Pokemon.

September 27th, 2007, 5:50 AM
Given Name- Blake Jacob Kastner
Nickname(s)- Eh, none.
Gender- Male
Age- 15
Personality- Blake keeps to himself when in big crowds. He is a bit shy, but if you can get him to talk he gets friendly quick. He cares about his friends and Pokémon, and would give his life for them.
Appearence- About 5 feet 8 inches tall, Black hair, Tan complexion, Black eyes, American.
Clothing- Tends to wear jeans and a t-shirt.
History- Had a traumatizing childhood experience. At the age of 7 he was in a hot air ballon with his older sister and the ballon lines got tangled, his sister fell to her death but she released her Noctowl and told it to carry me to safety. He keeps her Noctowl with him all the time.
Location: Jubilife City, likes to vacation in Solaceon town.
Other: Please do NOT Godmode/Powerplay my character.

Pokémon #1
Species- Meganium
Gender- Female
Shiny- No
Personlity- Playful, loves giving kids piggy-back rides on its back. Very protective of Blake. Likes to stay outside of its ball on most occassions, and follows Blake around.
Obtained By- Caught as a Chikorita while traveling in Johto with his sister before the accident.

Pokémon #2
Species- Noctowl
Gender- Male
Shiny- No
Personlity- Agile and powerful. It likes to play with other bird pokemon when it gets the chance.
Obtained By- Kept after Blake's sister died.

Pokémon #3
Species- Blastoise
Gender- Male
Shiny- No
Personlity- Likes to sleep alot, also enjoys swimming.
Obtained By- Recieved as a present from a friend as a Squirtle.

Pokémon #4
Species- Quilava
Gender- Male
Shiny- No
Personlity- Enjoys the company of other Pokemon. Is very social.
Obtained By- Caught as a Cyndaquil in the Johto region while on vacation with his sister.

Pokémon #5
Species- Umbreon
Gender- Female
Shiny- Yes
Personlity- Sometimes it will stay out of its ball and sleep on Blake's shoulder. Very cat-like personality.
Obtained By- Traded a Dratini for an Eevee,
Other: It is still young, and small.

Pokémon #6
Obtained By-
Other: Blake is still looking for a pokemon to complete his roster.

September 27th, 2007, 12:12 PM
OOC: Evan thers no more spots sorry =/

Mithos saw himself sourounded by five kids around his age... and mew! He remembered the two kids from snowpoint earlier, and thought it was a strange coincidence.

"I am Mew. The Pokemon that's trying to stop Mewthree. Hello there! You see, Mewthree and Giovanni aren't in Sunyshore. The reason why the rockets are here is to capture innocent Pokemon and make them heartless fighting machenes, to help take over the world, as if Mewthree isn't enough. Mewthree and Giovanni are in an unknown, desert island of a region. No one lives there, but this is Giovanni's base. I guess he didn't want to be discovered... We shall fly there. I'll lead the way. I'm sure at least one of you have a flying type that is capable of carrying humans long distances. If so, send it out now."

he heard the voice, but this time he didn't black out, what a relief!

Mithos was scared because he didn't have a flying pokemon, and everybody else did. Except one kid who he walked over to.
"Hey whats your name?" Mithos said.
"Yaz," he replied.
"I see that you don't have a flying pokemon either..."
"Nope, I guess i'll have to get a lift from somebody else."
"Me too then."

Mithos started to ask everybody if he could get a ride, but everybody said maybe, i'll give you an answer in a second. So he sat down in a courner, sent out his pokemon and started feeding them.

OOC: am I allowed to catch another pokemon to add to my team?

September 27th, 2007, 12:26 PM
What? You guys have a limit? Dang. Never mind then. :-P

September 27th, 2007, 4:37 PM
Blayze snapped out of her confusion as Mew spoke again:
"I am Mew. The Pokemon that's trying to stop Mewthree. Hello there! You see, Mewthree and Giovanni aren't in Sunyshore. The reason why the rockets are here is to capture innocent Pokemon and make them heartless fighting machenes, to help take over the world, as if Mewthree isn't enough. Mewthree and Giovanni are in an unknown, desert island of a region. No one lives there, but this is Giovanni's base. I guess he didn't want to be discovered... We shall fly there. I'll lead the way. I'm sure at least one of you have a flying type that is capable of carrying humans long distances. If so, send it out now."
Blayze looked over to Pyre. The Charizard was looking around warily at the other trainers and thier Pokemon, as they were released from their Pokeballs.
Growling quietly when one of the female trainers released a Charizard. He eyed it disdainfully.
"Good. Let your other Pokemon ride outside of their Pokeballs. I'm sure they could all use some fresh air."
Blayze then took her other Pokeballs off her belt. With a shrug she let Sharaptor, Sneasel, and Crunchy out.
Seeing the other trainers and their Pokemon, Blayze's team looked questioningly at her.
"Not this time guys.", she told them quietly.
Usually when she released them, especially the whole team, it meant they were to help "gather" Pokemon from trainers.
Since there was no work to be done, Crunchy bounded up to his trainer and tugged on her over coat. But he tugged too hard and somehow managed to make it come unbuttoned. This reavealed to everyone in the room that Blayze was a member of Team Rocket.
Seeing that they were staring at her, she place her hands on her hips and glared back deffiantly.

September 27th, 2007, 4:48 PM
If a spot opens up... put me on reserve please.

September 28th, 2007, 10:51 AM
Evan- If a member gets kicked out/ drops out, you can sign up.

October 1st, 2007, 3:16 PM
Evan- If a member gets kicked out/ drops out, you can sign up. ~pending~ BTW, you can catch Pokemon if your team has less than 6 Pokemon on it.

Mew flew out, and the other trainers flew out on their flying Pokemon. Inferno was carrying Shelly and the rest of her team. She also let Yaz ride with her. Mithos rode on the Dragonite another trainer had.

Now they were up high in the air. It was obvoius that Cheeky was afraid of heights. She curled up in a ball, being more serious than normal. Then, her joker side was exposed. "RAI..." It was obvoius to Shelly what Cheeky was going to do next. She had been on Shelly's team for over 2 years now, so Shelly often could predict her next move.

"NO!!!" Shelly cried, quickly grabbing onto her. She knew that the Raichu was going to use thunder on Inferno, which wouldn't have a pretty ending. Cheeky stopped. She felt much less afraid in Michelle's lap. After quite a bit a flying, Mew landed on an island, and the others did the same. It was a large deser island, and they weren't even close to Giovanni's base.

"Sorry guys, your flying types looked tired, so I didn't want to push them. It was a long flight after all. We aren't really close to Giovanni's base. Feel free to get to know eachother. Might as well, you are going to do enough together... by the way, if you want, you can return your Pokemon to their Pokeballs."

Shelly returned all of her Pokemon to their Pokeballs. She was staring at Yaz. He stared back, as if to suggest, "What are you lookin' at?" Michelle relized. She had a crush on him. "Shelly, good luck. Sure, things are different once you're in your 20's, but you're 14, turning 15 in just a few days, in he's probably somewhere in the 17-20 range. Maybe once your 21."

October 1st, 2007, 7:14 PM
Skatey yawned wearily as she climbed off Wurlitzer's back, her wind-swept hair a mess. She took in the expansive surroundings and decided to let the rest of her Pokemon out for a breath of fresh air. Tiger was the first to make a reappearance; Noir was excited to see her and darted off at an angle. Tiger began teaching Noir electrical attacks while Poochy observed from a distance, tail flickering contentedly. Her attention was arrested (I like that phrase...) by the appearance of Apollo the Houndoom who trotted happily towards her, tail raised high. Poochy ran at him and leapt up, grappling his shoulders with her forelegs and licking his snout. Skatey was charmed by this reaction and blushed. Pak Choi, a sizeable Meganium, was the third to materialize and he dashed up at Wurlitzer and they began to converse in their incoherent language, both parties showing a goofy grin.

Skatey reclined against Wuritzer's shoulder, petting the fine scales on her back. "Ahh, sorry it's so cramped," she smiled, retrieving a bag of snacks from her backpack. "Cookies?" she offered, proferring said bag forward at her travel companion (Mithos). She sighed, "Sorry it's so cramped on Wurtlizer, she's not exactly the biggest Dragonite..." she mumbled, in reference to the orange dragon behind her. "If I'd known we were gonna be, you know, flying around... I would've brought my Salamence. He's better at this kinda thing. But... it's kinda exciting, huh?" she grinned excitedly, happy to be on a new adventure.

October 2nd, 2007, 2:41 AM
Yaz was in quite a bit of pain as the group landed on the island; there was simply not nearly enough room for two people and a Raichu to travel comfortably on the bony body of a Charizard. He thanked Shelly as he dismounted. "I really need to find that Pidgey," He thought to himself as he stretched his legs, even though it wouldn't have been able to support his weight anyway. He then noticed something, the girl who he rode with, Michelle, or Shelly as she introduced herself as, was staring at him. He stared back. "Yes?" He inquired, finally breaking the silence between the two.

"Nothing." She snapped back, before going slightly red and turning away to face Inferno. Yaz thought nothing more of it and decided to let his Pokemon out before they embarked again, who knows how long they'd have to be in their balls before they reached their destination. He let the group out 2 at a time; first Bone(Marowak) and Fox(Ninetales) appeared, then Croc(Feraligatr) and Muk materialised, and finally Sneak(Weaville) and Tank(Aggron) emerged from their balls. The party appeared to be happy to be free; Fox sat on it's own and groomed itself, Croc and Tank wrestled each other until they both fell into the water and Muk smothered Sneak until Bone threw it's club at it and subsequently struggled to remove it from Muk's squishy body. He laughed as he watched the group playing, not paying much attention to the other trainers.

October 2nd, 2007, 11:34 AM
"Ok... I think Mewthree and Giovanni's base is that way." Mew telepathically told the kids, pointing its tail north. "I hope you kids have some stanima, it's going to be a long walk. We can rest, but we have to defeat Mewthree or the unthinkable might happen to the world..."

Shelly wasn't the only one slightly worried by the last sentance. "The unthinkable..? I wanted to live until at least 18, 21..." The group started traveling north, knowing it was for the good of the rest of the world.

October 3rd, 2007, 3:17 PM
Mithos thanked Skatey as he climbed off the Dragonites back. He heard another message from Mew.

"I hope you kids have some stanima, it's going to be a long walk. We can rest, but we have to defeat Mewthree or the unthinkable might happen to the world..."

Mithos was scared about what was about to happen, he was really young, he didn't want to die.

OOC: sorry again for short entry, on vacation till sunday, i'll try to update as much as possible.

October 4th, 2007, 12:32 AM
Skatey had suffered a preoccupation with fear of death, so Mew's words sent a shiver down her spine. She swallowed hard and tried to relax, knowing if the "unthinkable" was to happen, her life wouldn't be in vain. So she forced a smile and returned only Wurlitzer, who was in dire need of a rest. Seeing an opportunity to utilise Pak Choi's special talents, she climbed aboard the Meganium and hitched a ride on the dinosaur-esque Pokemon's back who walked slowly, at the same pace of the rest of the group. "He he, thanks buddy." she babbled affectionately, stroking his neck.

Meanwhile, her other Pokemon strolled with their respective partners -- Apollo and Poochy had their tails entwined as they swaggered alongside each other and Noir was teetering atop the peak of Tiger's head. She looked over at the other people feeling rather self-conscious, and offered shyly, "room for two if anyone's interested," she grinned, embarrassed.

October 4th, 2007, 3:04 PM
"A long walk..?" Shelly never had the greatest stanima in the world, but she knew of a certain Pokemon of hers that did. She sent out Inferno again. "Go! Inferno!" "Char..." Inferno mumbled. He must have been slightly tired from the previous flight, since it was pretty long. Shelly knew what to do in order to get him motivated again.

She reached into her bag, and pulled out some Pecha and Cheri Berries. Inferno loved these two berries, but only together. He would always refuse to eat them seperatly, but wouldn't even think twice about eating them together. He would eat them no matter what. "CHARR!" Inferno roared after seeing the berries. She fed them to him, and he had an amazing burst of energy. Shelly let all of her Pokemon this time due to the fact she was ashamed that only Cheeky and Inferno were out of their Pokeballs the last flight.

"Rai!" "DOOOM!" "Vile, weavile!" "Umbre..." "Zang..." Her entire team let out with their cries after being let out of their Pokeballs. Abby got onto Inferno's back. She knew her entire team probably wouldn't fit on Inferno's back, even though he was quite a bit bigger than your average Charizard. Cheeky hopped onto Abby's lap. Shadow curled up a little bit in front of Abby. Lily rested in Inferno's arms, she was luckily still a baby, so she was small. Doom was behind Abby. Midnight, being a rather energetic Pokemon, wanted to jog besides them.

Shelly and her team started to travel in this formation. Luckily for Shelly and all the others, Inferno was only about 5-10 feet in the air, so Cheeky wasn't afraid unlike last time, and Midnight just kept jogging beside the Charizard, occasionally hopping on for a second or two. This continued for the next hour or so. It was now sunset.