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September 22nd, 2007, 4:59 PM
Hello folks. Names PyRo

I decided to make my own fangame cause well...I seen some others doing and thought "Wow that's pretty neat" So i gvae it a shot..and so far so good. I do however need staff...List below...Interested in helping let me know :)
Here's a List of Staff I need:

1. Pokemon Designer
2. Forum Managers
3. Item Designers
4. Spriters (Poke and Character)
5. Story developers (If Necessary)
6. Character artists
7. Land Development
8. After all concepts are finished, Mappers.
9. Scripters
I also need some forum managers and moderators :x. As well as some webmasters to help me manage the Actual Website.
If interested PLEASE Contact me!

Next You'll see some Screen shots and some of the beginning storyline...It's pretty juicy...READ ON!

http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j168/demonic_budha/AomoriRegion.pngAomori Region Map

Mneu Screen V1.0

Screenshot 1 Onyx Town

V1.0 Intro System (http://youtube.com/watch?v=QJWw6VZwdJg)

Onyx Town Play (http://youtube.com/watch?v=87Vsp2O0pDU)

Route 301 PLay (http://youtube.com/watch?v=D7LKlNtP78Q)

Beginning Storyline:
How It all Began....

Professor Danielle one day while researching...Discovers DNA of A new species of pokémon. However in Sinnoh region she finds no sign of any new species. She researches and searches for days...Still finding NOTHING. So she travels through other found regions such as Kanto and Johto. Still revealing no sign of new species. One day while in the Hoenn region She had over heard someone talking about a new region discovery. She didn't quit understand what he had said but what she was

Male's voice "This is top secret. I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but a new region has been discovered.

Male's voice "Nice, Where'd you here that from?"

Male's voice "I can't say but they say it has new species of pokemon. I think the name of it was...Aom----"

At that moment someone Bumped into Danielle and knocked her off her feet making enough noise that the two turned and see her and walked away.

The next day she set out in search for the two who were talking about the "new region" to find out if it was true. So persistant to find them she did not give up. Several days later she went back to her cottage in the mountains near the Hoenn Region. Sat back for a few hours trying to decide whether to give up looking for the two whom were talking about the new region and trying to put a full name together.

Danielle "I wonder where That region could be...And where those two people could have gone."
She decided to give up finding the two people and look for someone else who may have heard about it.

About a week later it seems as if that one fellow was the only one who had heard about it. SO she resumes research on the new species finding no more evidence.
One lucky day while in town to get some supplies she spotted the young fellow who had been talking about the new region. She was so overjoyed and run to him as quickly as possible and began an interview.

Danielle "Hello there young fellow...I'm sorry to bug you, But the other day I was walking by and couldn't help but over hear you say something about a newly discovered region and newly discovered Pokemon? I only ask because I am a Pokémon Professor. I live to study pokémon and to discover new pokémon no one has ever seen"

Male "Well...I'm not really allowed to tell you. But I WAS told they need some help in the region for some research. I can contact...someone and find out if we can get you there, Sound good?"

Danielle replies with an over joyed screech "YES!!! That sounds amazing. Let me give you my number and you call me when you find out. *Gives Number*"

Male "I'll keep in touch!"

As he slowly walks away Danielle realizes she hasn't gotten his name...But by the time she realizes he's vanished again. So Danielle head's back home and researches while waiting for a reply.

Several days pass and still she's not yet heard anything.

Precisely one month after talking to the male her phone rings, She answers

Male "Still interested in the New Region"


Male "There's a secret air strip right outside of the Kanto region...Hidden Very well within a Forest...Go to Kanto's Professor Oak and He shall take you there. Once there you'll board a Plane that will Fly you to the new Region. You will be dropped off in Onyx Town. And given a Place to live and stay. As well as research. The Region's name is "Aormori". It is a top secret region. We do not want any discovered pokémon wondering into it nor any new pokémon wandering out of it. Thus only entrance for it is by Plane. You are not to tell anyone of the region, poke, or anything contained within the region to keep out invaders, intruders, and Poachers. You're not to even tell your own family and friends, Got it? Do not ask my name I will not tell. I'm hanging up now Do not call back! Delete my number and go about with your business!

Danielle arrives in Onyx town. As promised she receives her Place to stay and research. Several years later Aomori region is revealed to many in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Regions. The new Region is now a very populated region.

Back in Black Onyx town a Mother Father and their son moves in to a house in Onyx Town. Age of 5 The boy's father dies and everything He owned, His son inherits.
When he was only 7 Danielle the Professor had Moved away form Onyx Town for research within the region for several years.

Thus begins our story...

8 Years Later....

Danielle returns to her research building to store all her data.
One day The boy was outside and had seen her carrying little red and white balls, And immediately knew they were pokéballs Hoping they held pokémon within them. Couple days later he Wanders over to Danielle's research facility and starts talking to her.

Over the next year they get to know each other very well.

One day on the news they hear a report of A pokémon SO Powerful...It's said no one may tame it. Nor even catch it. Legend has it it's been around since before Johto sitting on a deserted island Sleeping. And was awakened After the mishap in Hoenn between Magma and Aqua. Few have claimed to battle it and say it was so powerful their pokémon had NO effect on it what so ever. It's said to be larger then any known pokèmon and holds more power then Celebi, Deoxys, Jirachi, Mew, Mewtwo, Dialga, and Palkia. However never seen by human eyes because it's said it's still located on that deserted Island...and Only the most powerful of trainers can catch it.

Danielle called the boy over and they talked about setting search for it.

The boy replied "But Danielle I don't know anything about pokemon and I don't own one.

Danielle said "______ Don't worry I can teach you everything I know as well as help you get your own."

Boy "That would be Great!"

To Be Continued....

Here's a few of our finished pokemon:

061. Mechet (http://www.freewebs.com/pkmnblackonyx/Pokemon/Mechetcolor.jpg): Steel, Designed by Jako/Demonic Buhda
062. Steeline (http://www.freewebs.com/pkmnblackonyx/Pokemon/Steeline.jpg): Steel/Dark, Designed by Jako/Demonic Buhda

192. Riboze (http://www.freewebs.com/pkmnblackonyx/Pokemon/Ribozecolor.jpg): Dark, Designed by Tyrex/Demonic Buhda

201. Apokalipse (http://www.freewebs.com/pkmnblackonyx/Pokemon/Apokalipse.jpg): Devastation Pokemon, Aether, Designed by Kayla/Presea

Hope you like'em, You're more then welcome to join the team, Just visit the forums and check out the "Staff Apps" Forum :). Hope you enjoyed the story so far. Want more? PM me!

October 3rd, 2007, 6:59 PM
If you are good at drawing, have creative story ideas, or any talent that can help out with the game, then join up!

We're making a wicked pokemon game with pokemon that YOU can design, stories YOU can make, maps, items, battle moves!! Everything is bam smack new!

I should've joined earlier myself B)

October 3rd, 2007, 7:54 PM
lol, THank you pokemon_mistress :).

Listen to her folks...She knows what she's talking about...She's one of our lead designers :D