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September 23rd, 2007, 6:10 AM
I am currently trying to figure out what is necessary in order to generalize status effects used in the game, but I am having trouble trying to figure out all of the things that go on and keep it concise enough to still be viable to not to just put status effects as burn, freeze, sleep, etc. (as it is right now). Has there been any mention of new status effects that have been thought up of in the community at large? Thanks.

The development thread is number 108292.


September 23rd, 2007, 2:11 PM
I don't understand what you mean, but as I see it, there are five effects known as status problems: sleep, poison, burn, paralysis, and freezing, that are effective even outside of battle. All other effects that occur in battle, such as confusion, the effect of Attract, and so on, are what I simply call effects. Some of these effects are specific to one side of a battle, such as Reflect and Spikes, while others are not specific to any active Pokemon, such as weather effects.

I should also note. In any case, "Need help" is rather vague for a thread title. A good thread title should summarize the content of its first post, so that users will know what to expect in the thread. Following this suggestion, a title like "Generalizing status effects" would be better. I hope this helps.

September 23rd, 2007, 2:24 PM
Yeah, effects that occur in-battle are associated with moves and pre-programmed. I encountered a problem of taking all of the effects of the status afflictions and making it so that people could design their own status ailments. It's that they were too fine tuned and they skewed strategy in such a way that the AI for factoring in dynamic status ailments (and figuring out that freeze was better than poison in most cases just from the effects that the ailment caused) would be an absolute hell to code. Moves are going to be hard enough, but they are going to have to be dealt with that way. After some thought, I figured that there isn't that much else that you could do to make another ailment, so I was just wondering if anyone in the community had thought up of new ones and what they would do. This project is going to be a great help to people who want to make their own Pokémon spin-offs because the program will be tuned just for it instead of something like the one RPG maker that it seems that everyone is using now to create their games. Since it is tuned just for Pokémon, there won't be any special stuff to do to get it to run nice. The biggest thing in the long run that I will run into is that I haven't played since Crystal and all of the new stuff is new to me (I still only have a GBC as my latest handheld, so I can't even play the new ones), I decided to come out for help while finalizing all of the data that will be needed for everything before I lock out some big portion of the new games that I missed.

Thanks for the tip on the topic name.


@poccil - I see you are with the UPC. Your site will be/has been a great assest in my research in how battles work. Thank you.