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September 23rd, 2007, 8:58 PM
Basic Tutorials

These Tutorials are here as a resource, they are simple tutorials to help you with the basics of hacking.

• Tile Editting.
• Palette Editting.
• Using unLZ (Coming Soon)

Tile Editting

The Following Programs will be needed:

MS Paint.
A Rom.

Basic Inserting:

When inserting basic tiles you just need your tileset and a copy of the tiles you are inserting.

Open your ROM in AdvanceMap.
Go to the map which has the tileset your editting.
Go to Block Editor.
Click "Save Tileset 1" in whatever palette.
Take a look at what colours are used for what.
Find the tiles you are editting.
Draw a line where there is black in the background and colour gray.
Delete the other bit of the tile.
Insert your tile into the respected areas.
Use the eyedropper to recolour the tile. (Keep in mind step 5)
Save your tileset.
Load it back up in AdvanceMap.
Fix whatever needs to be fixed.

This is what the basic tileset should look like. (My tiles have been editted)
Note how all the colours are the same, and not much has been changed.

This is the basic block editor:
The block editor is divided into the tiles actual look, but then cut in half and half again. So one quater of an actual tile is what makes them all.

What the functions are:
1# Load or save a tileset. (There are two tilesets in each map, and are identified as tileset 1 and tileset two, to save a tileset you want is simple, Picture --> Save Tileset 1/2. 1 is the tileset that is on top in the map editor, on the right is the tiles, scroll down to the bottom and that is tileset two, you can change these as much as you want).
2# Change the pallete too the colours you want your new tiles too fit. (If you wish too edit a red pokecentre choose the red tileset, if you put it in the blue tileset it will stuff up).
List of palettes: (FR/LG)
• Green.
• Brown.
• Red.
• Blue.
• Mixture of red, blue, yellow and a few others.
• Sandish colours with a few extras.
• Different shades of blue (light)
• Just blue and black. (pallete not really used)
• Mix of orange and grey.
• Mixture of Yellow, Blue, Grey.
• Mixture of crimson, blue and a few others.
• Shades of green. (reccomended not using this one because half of it is just purple)
• Mixture of brown, blue and green.
• From then on plain black. (This would be useful if your using a pallette changer)
3# When you click on the tile you want to edit, it shows the smaller tiles that have been used to form it, you can change this with the tiles below the palette changer, and with the palette changer you can change it all together, making snowy trees or pokecentres blue.(Better explanation: In the pallete, there are the tilesets you have used, these tilesets are used to make the actual tile, you could put plain lines and make something out of it, but when changing the tilesets make sure you dont add anything extra and make sure you use the eyedropper to make it right, also when loading a tileset, if you used the greenery palette make sure you load a greenery paletted tileset. Though this works sometimes you can load it on something else, though it will change the tileset into the palette you are on. You can edit the tile by using different mini tiles as I call them)

This is a small picture guide.

Palette Editting

Palette editting isn't that tricky, the only hard bit is getting your colours to match :P.

Basic Steps:

Open your rom in APE.
Load the Offset your changing.
Copy the colours to the other section of boxes.
Replace them with your own.
Open your rom in AM.
Check that your colours match.
Change them as necessary.

Picture Explanation:
Figure 1. The Rom has been loaded and the offset has been put in. Click the load button and the boxes should be full of colours.
Figure 2. Click the copy button and the colours should show up bellow in the Changed Colours section. It should say which ones are which. Edit them as much as you want, but try to keep the colours matching x].
Figure 3 - Final Product. After editting your colours click the replace button and open your rom in AM. Check the colours and change them if they don't look good.

Finding your offset:
Zel should have this covered, but I'll go over it again.


Open your rom in a VBA.
Get to a map with the palette your changing.
Click Options > Palette Viewer.
A Whole bunch of colours should show up, find the colours your editting and click on one of them.
At the bottom there should be a bunch of numbers.
Write these down on a piece of paper.
Open up Hex Workshop.
Click search and enter all the numbers.
You should now find the offset.
Load it in APE and your done.

Picture Guide:
Figure 1. This is the palette viewer, you should see some values at the bottom, though a colour ins't loaded, so not yet. This it what it should look like though. Keep though of what i've circled.
Figure 2. I've clicked on a colour and the values are loaded. Write these down.
Figure 3. You might need another one just to make sure. You can either find these in APE or use Hex Workshop. Hex Workshop is prefered though.

I have to reinstall Hex Workshop so it's not in the explanation.

Load your rom in Hex Workshop.
You values should be written down, type them in and search for the offset.
You should find it, load it in APE and edit it!.

Using unLZ
Coming soon...

September 24th, 2007, 9:12 AM
Nice work XD
Very handy tutorial

September 27th, 2007, 2:46 PM
Well, I actually managed to successfully find the offset this time in Hex Workshop, but the only thing you forgot to mention in the part about finding the Offset is that you have to flip the values as you write them down (As in making 46E8 to E846). But other than that, this should be real helpful for just about anyone now. :D

September 28th, 2007, 1:46 AM
Well, I actually managed to successfully find the offset this time in Hex Workshop, but the only thing you forgot to mention in the part about finding the Offset is that you have to flip the values as you write them down (As in making 46E8 to E846). But other than that, this should be real helpful for just about anyone now. :D

Lol, woops xD.
When I get my hex editor i'll screen that aswell :P.