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Romance Hero
October 5th, 2007, 9:14 PM
I compose love poems almost everyday. Yes, i am a hopeless romantic, hence the name Liaison Romance Hero. Here's a taste of my work:

By Me

What can I say to move your heart?

Must I go out to battle, and defeat a thousand men?

I live by secrecy and cannot confess,

there is no other man to be in your life.

Perhaps the gentians bloom early when you will realize my love,

And late Autumn is found to be its season.

O rival of the rose, you make me a havoc of my own conscience.

Why I cannot finally say, is reason known to all mine alike,

and how I view you is compared to that of stars dancing on the horizon.

But one day it shall happen.

I will tell you, my love. The day that arrives to bring us together,

you will realize that I, am not who I appear to be as you peer at me today.

I sing the sonata of our forthcoming.

eh... not as powerful as I wanted it to turn out... I wrote that on the spot. maybe next time i will be more creative.

this one i wrote in 8th grade. i found it in a pile with others.

Nature & Weather
By Young Me

Flowers bloom where this woman walks,

Fire bursts at the sight of her anger,

Tides turn whenever she's glad,

Wind blows in the direction she speaks.

Thunder strikes when her tears drop to the surface,

Her laugh and smile brings peace to all,

Confusion is partly cloudy and the moon appears at her slumber,

When her eyes open a new day begins,

and weath is again unpredictable.

No Title, wrote this to my favorite girl.
By me

To count the stars, so simple as we lay

I count the times in my head you replay

And upon you my love I bestow

In the place of blue nights, I see your glow

Three places where I wish to be

One between you and me

One back where I couldn't see, last lost with you out at sea

Let me be your hero, riding out into war

And bring back the hearts of thine enemies before.

And let me die before you, devote and in debt

So that I may look after you rebirth or death

Defy my conscience and lone of the world

And leave no trail in the fiery unfold.

October 6th, 2007, 4:44 PM
It's wonderful! But I didn't really see any rhythem.... ><

But love poems are one of the greatest poems ever! I hope you write more! =D

Romance Hero
October 6th, 2007, 5:49 PM
A poem... doesnt always have to rhyme. but ill be making different types of poems from time to time. thank you!

October 6th, 2007, 5:59 PM
i love the third one its sweet but not cheesy i wish i could wwrite like that

Romance Hero
October 7th, 2007, 3:36 PM
The Thief
by me

i came back to return what was not mine,

even though it passed through my mind every time,

there were obvious signs it didnt belong to me,

even though i knew i would soon be sorry.

now i know it all seems very clear,

soon you will be married, my dear.

forget about the thief that stole your heart,

and trampled it, shriveled it, and broke it apart.

but you hadnt realized that i'm missing one thing.

something you stole from me last spring.

where is MY love that i so much adored

the feeling that went numb and couldnt feel anymore.

I never knew you had it all these years,

until i realized losing you was my fear.

No Title
by me

The pain screaming to let it out,

bombarding me with death-causing shouts.

I tried to keep myself away from you,

only to find myself, closing in, who,

cant seem to stop and start at the same time,

when silence commences it will be the bottom line.

snap to my senses and bear the only thought,

that it hurts everytime to think that i was bought.

But now i realize to cure me of the pain

because there is no love if i'm to be restrained,

so i let it all out and pain is no more

i wait for you on "Peaceful Shore"

Romance Hero
October 20th, 2007, 12:10 PM
Queen Card
by me

I look through my deck today to see if all were there,

Missing was the Queen of Hearts, and I had none to spare.

I looked around, all over the ground, no matter how long I searched it just could not be found.

I felt incomplete, my game was off, the female I trust ran off with my heart,

Without the Queen, I was falling apart, Lonely and broken and shallow thoughts,

I try to bluff, but I always get caught, I couldn't do anything without the card.

Broken in the matter like discintigrating chalk, attempting to reform like a battalion divided.

I could go out and buy a new deck, but lack of respect, the Queen in spec*

If only I still had the power to detect. All tricks and lies in manifest.

The Queen is all I need, other cards I forcefully detest.

When I return, the game will commence,

regain my luck, shown in evidence.

the Queen card you know, is the win of all hands

Once you realize, one-time winners can disband.

I'll be back with the lady in her case,

And I'll continue back in the Winner's place.

Romance Hero
October 21st, 2007, 8:51 PM
I just saw spiderman 3 again on my computer and the love storyline is just compelling, so it just inspire me with some spark.
this sounds like an original love story poem, of old friendships, developing into something stronger

Simply You and I
by me

Show me where it matters, if I love you all around,
I've loved you since 3rd grade on our school playground.
I remember when we kissed that late night,
Your lips endorned with gleam-present light.
Our names carved on every school desk,
let everyone know, that we are the best.
Sometime in college I plan to appear,
In a reflection of your happiness and tears.
I'll show you the ring that continues to bind,
what you and i share and none other can find.
When we die our reason is the same,
We could not control our desire to be blamed.
For staying alive when the other is dead,
Will our love continue after? I think that's enough said.

Erik <3 MJ

Black Night
by me

Anger flows through his wretched veins,
and temper heated he cannot tame,

for the black knight is caged within,
the Hellsland territory for all his sins.

but he had one love who's words so strong,
he turns against his kingdom cursed with her song,

O corrupted knight, damn you to hell,
whom is such a woman your sword is to sell?

she blinds your light and brings forth your bane,
with her poisonous kisses she has driven you insane.

He who does not understand love is you,
to have such wicked desires her affection be not true.

How strong is love to affect us in such a way?
to take us from our journey and lead us astray?

where would you seek to have glory unbound?
if corpses are all that completlely surround?

October 21st, 2007, 11:26 PM
Yeah i really like them
Good to see you getting more.

Romance Hero
October 21st, 2007, 11:31 PM
thanks john for the feedback! I hope to get more comments and opinions, and I'll continue to add to this, maybe make a collection :D

Romance Hero
November 1st, 2007, 6:05 PM
This piece is about a powerful friendship between two lovers who could not speak. They were also deaf. All they could see was with their own two eyes and could not ever even hear their lover's much-desired voice. I'm writing this on the spot. Hope it turns out well. :D

My Eyes Ask Me 'Why'

Speaking from the boy:

How it concerns me how our disabilities destroy

the compatablity of our longing like a death-march envoy.

Can I say, how my eyes speak your tongue,

As it shouts your affections seeping breathe from your lungs?

Oh, how I long for the arrival of fortune,

So you can not only feel my emotion.

But hear my voice, and agree with my choice,

Know that I care, and call me anywhere,

Tell you my feelings, and how much I am waiting,

To have this curse lifted, God's worthy debating.

And forever keep you in which I endear,

But, all I can do now is ... watch you from here.

Speaking from the Girl

Careful what you think, or I may be able to hear,

Every focus and thought in which you are to share

I peer at the grand, unable to express, the deepest love while I regress

I think it ridicule that you believe we are not blessed.

Don't you enjoy? Our fairy tale? As far told as the sky entails?

Reason to believe we are together, not to fail,

but to see why our functions weaken, but prevail?

These I keep in mind for faith in our eyes,

If all else had failed, I'd not look to myself,

I'd ask you, to be my voice, ears and heart.

If we be not together, I would surely fall apart.

November 6th, 2007, 10:55 PM
You've got some awesome love poems there bud, you're the best so far, and yet you somehow inspired me to be a better person with those poems.

November 7th, 2007, 9:18 AM
Sorry, I voted for suck because it had the word thesaurus in it. XD. But they are truly awsome. I like your latest "on the spot one" and one of your nameless ones the best, but they're all awsome. They make me want to go writ eone of my own. One that's not about waffles.
Great job!

Romance Hero
November 8th, 2007, 2:34 PM
Thank you all for reading! As I've said before and I will always say, thank you , and I appreciated all that you say, it fuels me to write more poems, more that can be enjoyed, and also felt.

I'm striving to be Best Writer of November! Thank you all for voting for me~!! (There are better people though, try reading a lot of other poems here on PC)

Okay, this one, I've been thinking of all day, and may not even qualify to be a romance piece, but here it is, written on the spot. From the feelings of it, it may be about total nonesense. xD

Writing Wrongs

I strive to be the villain of the day, sleeping among the insomniacs and gossiping about silences,
walking backwards in history, and looking forward to the past.
Raining sunlight and liquification of stones, conversations with mimes and sunbathing in the winter.
I am everything and nothing, and I defy the loneliness of popularity.
Sniff the odor of music, dance to the motions of grass and the tune of the wind,
swim on the ground and walk on water, write out my actions, while dealing physical damage with my voice.
Automated frequencies on telepathic mindwaves, typewriter collectives about one year in a day.
All I do is write wrongs, while you right them, and they're not even correct, you and I
Suffer in glee and cry upon comedies, fascinate in violence and wander in logic.
This is why you and I are different. Because I write wrongs and you try to right them.

Of course... that made NO SENSE whatsoever... I honestly wrote whatever words came to my mind that contradicted themselves. Do NOT try to solve this one. xD

Romance Hero
November 18th, 2007, 9:37 PM
The Siren at the Ocean

Sound be the day that lulls me to sleep,
I am mesmerized into the water's endless deep.
Foretold of the beauty that dwells far from the shore,
An aquatic princess who fuels hatred and war.
I lose my thoughts and fall overboard,
I dive head-first piercing the sea like a sword.
I fall through the blue, I drift into abyss,
To wake to a girl with a gainsay kiss.
Her eyes, like a dream... so wonderful blend,
To be lost in them I could never commend.
That unforgettable image of hazardous brown,
None makes me so love-sick, than the likes of the flowing gown.

(To Be Continued)

Short Bus Mafia
November 21st, 2007, 2:40 AM
I really like the third one in your first post.

November 21st, 2007, 3:51 AM
To count the stars, so simple as we lay

I count the times in my head you replay

And upon you my love I bestow

In the place of blue nights, I see your glow

Three places where I wish to be

One between you and me

One back where I couldn't see, last lost with you out at sea

Let me be your hero, riding out into war

And bring back the hearts of thine enemies before.

And let me die before you, devote and in debt

So that I may look after you rebirth or death

Defy my conscience and lone of the world

And leave no trail in the fiery unfold.

I'm going to steal this one lol jokes nah I don't like plagiarism
Keep up the good work hey
You got to help me with some of my poems over MSN

Romance Hero
November 21st, 2007, 11:28 AM
I really like the third one in your first post.
:o you're like stalking me posts. ;] Thank you for reading! :D I take motivation and put it into words, they dance around in my head until I can right the right place for them.

I'm going to steal this one lol jokes nah I don't like plagiarism
Keep up the good work hey
You got to help me with some of my poems over MSN

Yeah, what happen to my Emisssary of Despair poem? I may have to get to work on that one after this 1 two posts overhead. I'll tell you a strategy I use but I can't tell here xD well, poems in general, no problem, but love poems, I got ways of putting them together.

Romance Hero
December 10th, 2007, 8:52 PM

Now, this is not a real girl I like, Selene is a lunar deity of Greek Mythology.

Where has my wonders gone aloft?
Grafted into the lines of servitude and entranced
I soon feel lost in your beauty as it confounds me when you dance.
It feels futile, and your hand unreachable, but dear I can see
The elegance in your step.

Why you torture me this way, and make me gaze from afar,
Almost as if you know I love you and tease me as you please.
I’d fall ill from dying concern, why, adulation is my disease!
How you can crush me in your little fingers, you know of my frailty,
You laugh at my mortal thoughts.

I look upon the day, when I am finally able to grasp,
Soft hands and warm face, I look to die for that embrace.
All I do is peer with my eyes, I do nothing with my body.
And in truth, you’re asking me,
Why do you not ask for my hand?

I know it's very confusing, and it's sucks.

Anyway, I'm entering a poetry contest at my school, I'm wondering if I should use one of these or come up with something else that's original.

December 16th, 2007, 7:20 PM
I didn't get a chance to read ALL the poems you've posted here, because I'm rather pressed for time at the moment, but I read a good few and I must say that I like your style.

Your phraseology is quite original, which is wonderful. You put thing in a sort of abnormal way that's still quite understandable, and sounds good too. I really envy that because it's something I'd like to do with my poetry and haven't been able to yet. The wording in your poems has a nostalgic twinge to it that's quite appealing! =)

Anyways, I thought the rhythm was quite good too, in the rhyming ones and non-rhyming ones, because I sort of view them as odes and read them in my head as such, meaning it's sort of a slow dramatic reading rather than a rushed somewhat lyrical way you know?

And I liked your wording, being the actually vocabulary you chose, that combined with your phrasing makes your poems rather powerful, with a lasting meaning! =)

I guess the only thing I would suggest is maybe try to incorporate more imagery to keep the reader's mind busy and flowing too or alliteration and such to keep the pace of the poem itself flowing well! =)

So great job and keep up the good work! =D Have a great day! =)

The Cow