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October 6th, 2007, 10:31 PM
Journey to Life


Fantasy/Adventure/Spiritual RP

The train departs at 9:00 AM. For whatever reason it is, you end up on it. The train was off to Ecruteak and begins at Goldenrod. The forecast was clear weather and a bright sun; a cool 88 degrees breeze in the air would follow forward at the stop at Ecruteak. All on your own, you decided to take this train. You showed your ticket to enter, and as you did so, you watched the many people that were going to be riding along with you. What are you feeling; hate, happiness? Something in-between? You had a mood as you got on, and you sat down with the same mood as the train departed.

The departure itself was quiet; you barely heard the train starting up as you paid more attention to pressing matters, or were just staring out into space. Maybe you were listening to an MP3 player; you could have also been talking about your last victory as the trainer you are. Or are you a trainer? Who’s to say you’re not a casual person? Someone who needed to get to Ecruteak on reasons other than battling? What kind of person are you? You don’t think of these questions; you sit and mind your own business. Or you go to the observation cart and watch the view; you enjoy your trip. Or you could hate it too.

All of this was you. It was all about you, and all that you knew about the train was that it was taking you to Ecruteak. But something happened somewhere in the middle of it all. The train wasn’t stable for some reason, and shook shakily. And then it derailed; that’s one of the two things you know. The other thing you know is that you’re dead.

But what you don’t know is that you weren’t supposed to die. You and a few of the other passengers were supposed to live the crash, but died anyway. It disrupted the timeline, and changed everything. You never made it to heaven; you never made it to hell. You and the others are now stuck somewhere that shouldn’t exist; an extra dimension shaped like the bottom of a never ending pitfall.

The ceiling is never ending. You ask yourself what the place is, and you find that it is some sort of throne room. There is no throne in sight, yet the marble stairs leading to a large platform above tell you that this built like that of a king’s palace (except more grungy). Of something almighty. Or maybe it doesn’t tell you that; maybe it confuses you, and you still have no clue on where you are.

You continue to study this place. You know it is like that of a cave, except possibly made to look that way instead of naturally formed. The marble stairs are out of place and lead to a top where there is nothing; it is more like a large podium if you thought more about it. The rest is too dark to view, but had there been more light, you would have pictured the rest of a caveish entrance.

Water enters from the endless pit above, forming a large sphere above the podium. It stretches to a magnificent size, and becomes the majestic shape of a bird. The sound; the sweet lullaby sound rings through the cave, and the water disperses in all directions. It crashes right in front of you, but you feel no pain or push from it; you feel relaxed by it, and healed and more at attention. You finally see what sits on top; what stands like an almighty god before you. Lugia.

Whatever you were feeling; despair, hunger, hatred; whatever it may be, had gone away. And now you feel the need to listen to what the almighty has to say.

Who You Are

You can be as average as anybody in the world; you can be a trainer; you can be a breeder; whatever you want to be is what you are, just make it plausible to be this person. Now that you know who you are, you need to know that you were on this train that had been derailed, and are one of the dead that were not supposed to die. You stand before Lugia now, and are about to hear the reason for you being where you are. What you hear is that only one of you can return to the living world. All of you will be led to the door to the living world by a Lucario named Reller, but only one of you shall walk through it as yourself. This is your spiritual journey to life.


Given Name:
RP Sample:

Nickname (if any):

My Sign-up (I will not be having a human character and will instead be controlling Lugia (who is my character and no one should be allowed to RP as) and the character below. For plot reasons, no one else is allowed to RP a Pokémon either unless it is the time when you RP the reunited time (see rules for more details))

Given Name: Reller

Species: Lucario

Age: is never revealed, but through telepathy sounds the age of 17.

Gender: Male

Appearance: His fur is unkempt and messy to the point where he appears to have just gotten out of a lake and dried. His fur itself compliments this idea due to the fact that it feels very dry and rough, and not the soft type you would have expected. His red eyes can haunt your dreams with a look that could kill, and would only be missing the baring of his teeth in his blue muzzle striped with black, which make him look as if he were bearing a bandit’s mask. His ears are large, but not oddly proportioned for his kind. At the back of his head, he’d have what would be longer and thicker hair instead of fur. But, the hair was packed into four to make it separate, and more looked like fur wrapped around skin to tie back his ‘bandit’s mask.’

He’s built like a fighter everywhere else; his middle body is yellow furred and acts as if it is more of a shirt of some kind other than his own body. His lower torso as well seem to be shaped like shorts, but in fact, are still a part of his body that connect onto his legs which become stronger looking and can deliver a heavy kick. His legs are black furred, while his ‘shorts’ are blue furred. His tail is average size and strict for his kind.

And alas, his arms are strong and can deliver a powerful punch. Blue fur runs through most of it, until the wrist is reached, where the fur becomes black and surrounds the paws of his. He has a spike behind both paws, sharp and dangerous, as well as an even more dangerous looking one protruding from his yellow furred chest.

And for those of you who don’t understand my writing, just look at a freaking Lucario picture and that is what he looks like. XD

Personality: He will obey only his master, and for the longest time he’s been dead in the spiritual asylum (see history), his master has been Lugia. This pushes his social skills down a notch, and he will remain quiet for periods of times unless he must speak for someone or someone wishes to speak to him.

At times, he can be rude. He knows this himself, and will straight out say something if it is the truth. However, he is not someone who is complete devoid of emotions. No, he will not, nor has he ever in his life cried. No, he has not ever in his life felt bad or sad for something he had done. He regrets nothing. But he knows what feelings are, and he knows that he has what the humans have inside him. He just won’t show it.

History: Reller’s life has not ever been important. His death was not celebrated; he was a Pokémon, and had no connections to humans in any way. He also was a loner in his life that only fought when needed, and had no family to remember him. When he died, he was chosen by Lugia to be a guardian; someone to lead the souls that don’t reach heaven or don’t reach hell. For an infinite amount of years, he has held onto this job he was given, and has done it well. He has made sure that lives found their way to where they belonged, and it is all he has ever done since.

This is his first time that he is leading people to neither of the dead havens, but back to the living. It is a challenge to fight your way back to the living world, but Reller chose to accept this job like he had in accepting the job of saving lost souls. He will have to lead humans to the world of life, and away from the dead worlds. Doing this job makes him slightly edgy; he indeed has led human beings to the dead worlds, but never has he led anybody back to the living world. It is also a dangerous cause; if a large amount of humans were to cross back into the living world as themselves when they were originally dead, it would cause a major rip-hole that could destroy the world.

Only one being could cross back to the living. There was another option, but none of the humans would choose it. Either way, they would have to be forced to choose that path if they never make it to the door…

Reller’s past has always been to help wandering souls. This is his first time helping wandering souls back to the living world, but none of this shall deter him. He is ready for the job he has been given, and is anxious to begin it.

RP Sample: liek, pwnzor RPer here! No needeth fer it fer meh. >_>;

RPer Status

Random_Fan: Reller, Lucario, Guardian, Male, sounds 17 (not active yet)

Fallen Angel_Messiah of Black Roses: AJ (Azul Jose) Luis Valentine, Male, 19, no Pokémon (No Activity Yet)

[email protected]: Maxwell Chamberlaine, Male, 17, no Pokémon (No Activity Yet)

JBCPeace: Frank Carter, Male, 17, Yes Pokémon: Blaziken (No Activity Yet)

Geckoriot: Caitlyn A.K.A. Skatey, Female, 15, Yes Pokémon: Mightyena (No Activity Yet)

FullmetalxFangirl: Anabelle “Anna” Withington, Female, 16, Yes Pokémon: Arcanine (No Activity Yet)


1. I don’t want to see any pictures in your Appearance unless it is your original art, and you must still have a written description alongside it.

2. You are encouraged to have Pokémon in the RP, so go ahead and make that optional Pokémon sign-up made. However, at the start of this RP, and continuing on to later, you will not, I repeat, NOT be introducing your Pokémon for the main reason being that your Pokémon are not with you at the current timeline. As the RP flows along, you will be reunited. Also, try to pick one that has not been picked by another RPer.

3. I don’t want to be seeing any character control whatsoever unless it is DEEPLY needed (person has not RPed in four to five months now with you still waiting for a reply) or the person has agreed to you RPing for them. And if the person agrees to letting you control their character for a short time, I need to know about it (meaning the person who’s okay about it needs to PM me. If not, then the person who character controlled is out).

4. DO NOT BE A FREAKING GOD. You’re in a spiritual world, and though reality bends and some pretty strange things can happen (as you will see when the RP plays out), battles will arise, and I don’t want these things you gain in your journey to life make you an almighty god. In other words for the simple minded, NO POWERPLAYING/GODMODDING.

5. When and if you reunite with your Pokémon, I do not want you to control them as mindless drones. Be a little realistic please; it’s not so much to ask for. Also, when making your sign-up, don’t make your character the ultimate elite of all time or something; it’ll just be rejected.

6. As the RP goes along, I will be knocking some characters out of the RP one by one until there is only one left. If you want to be the last one standing, which would in this case, be the winner, then be careful with everything you do. Just a little reminder and not really much of a rule.

7. Follow all PC rules. Any questions should be PMed to me.

Sign-ups are OPEN

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 8th, 2007, 9:07 AM
Given Name: AJ ( Azul Jose) Luis Valentine
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: AJ's figure is Five Foot Seven and One hundred and fifty-five pounds, he has a tall muscular Latin figure. I'll start with his head, One of AJ's eyes are blue while one of them are red, this is due to a chemical accident when he was a child. His ears are medium size and he has his left ear pierced with a small golden hoop hanging in symbolism. His teeth are for the most part straight and white with the exception of his most back tooth which is silver. AJ is for the most part ashamed of his eyes so he wears shades most of the time to make sure no one can see his bi-color eyes. His most distinguished feature on his face is the cross tattoo on his forehead, it's plain white with no outline. His hair is silky black and hangs over his shoulders about five inches in a ponytail, he also has white bangs that were dyed that way.

Next stop his torso, He wears a cross pendent around his neck and it hangs on a silver chain. Starting from the bottom up, he first wears a black T-shirt and then he wears a Crimson vest over that which has flames on them and on the back has the words “ Made In Heaven” Over that he wears a white trench coat with a large black cross and the words Fallen Angel on the back. He has black fingerless gloves on over his hands, along with a diamond ring around his left hand's pointer finger.

Now coming to the lower half, He wears black leather pants and long black combat boots, anything besides that down here... Is none of your business, hehehe...

Personality: pparently by veiw, AJ is a badass. AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'.


AJ as a child didn't like to associate with pokemon, he was a rather shy boy and frightened easily. His parents were divorced so he was with his mom all the time, he didn't like his mother for she was very tough on him, always pushing him to make good grades. One time he failed a test and got grounded for the remainder of the year, fortunatley it was in october.

By the age of ten, AJ noticed he wasn't like other's his age, he didn't do things other children do, like sports or video games. He decided then that he would try to make more friends, but it seemed that the more he tried the less they liked him. Feeling rejected and scorned he took up track. Strangley he was a natural runner and became the star track runner. This was still all a secret from his strict mother.

As soon as his mother found out she was furious and stopped him from doing it, Feeling like an airplane shot down he sulked around. He quickly graduated college early, around age seventeen and left home, with a dramatic exit and total statement that he'd never return.

He decided to vacation, he headed to goldenrod and got a train ticket to Eurteak. Little did he know, it would be his last trip.

RP Sample: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

AJ felt like he was being watched, from the sky's, How strange... AJ thought silently to himself, He payed his attention to the one talking to him, which was... Leroy! Of course. Leroy was trying to lighten him up with his stale humor, it wasn't working, not at all. Leroy then said that a good plan would be to double team on single enemies, " To make them think we have more then they do." He had said.

AJ found himself slightly aggrivated with Leroy's plan, We? Great numbers? AJ mentally laughed, the Arcana had the whole world, while they only had about sixty or less people, in the war against The Fool, they would be facing atleast three hundred of each kind of warriors. El Gigante's and Hacha's, not to mention the deadly Chainsaw Beasts and the common zombie like creatures.

The other flaw in Leroys plan was the fact that the enemies they would be facing had nearly no soul and such, they had no real mind, they we're puppets being controlled by the pupiteer, Dillon. But some soliders still retained their mentality, not all with their humanity; they had all been altered in one way or another. AJ remembered his first encounter with one of these warriors, it was still fresh in his mind.

He had been causing lot's of trouble to Dillon, not even trying to act careful, in result Dillon sent one of his impossibly altered soliders to finish him. AJ had been in Pallet at the time and it ended up being urban combat, Walking along and suddenly feeling a dark presence behind me, turning around quickly I saw him; nearly standing at seven feet tall, he held a massive rail gun aiming at me, about to pull the trigger.

I drew out a incinderary grenade and in a swift motion stuck it in the barrel of the gun, diving backwards as it exploded. Hoping that that was the end of it, reluctantly looking toward the smoldering ashes of the rail gun, but he was still there and didn't look phased by the fiery death of his weapon.

And he didn't look amused, " Now, I'm mad." I had been shocked by that the most, that he spoke more then just mindless moans. He cracked his neck to the right, then to the left, an audiable crack sound could be heard. The man started to charge, looking then I could see that he had a large blade drawn to his left arm and he was going kill me with it. I drew my nine millimeter handguns and started unloading the rounds onto the large man, blast after blast, the bullets were piercing but he didn't show a sign of slowing down, feeling desperate I unvieled my combat knife, but by then I had been hit. The large blade went into my shoulder, it went in deep, I felt my chance to attack as he stood there with his knife plunged into my left shoulder, using my right arm I swung the combat knife into his chest, hoping that my slim chance of hitting his heart would pull through.

He seemed to be in a small shock, blood started to drip from the puncture wound and stained his clothing, hoping to finish this brawl I pulled out my Eight gauge shotgun and aimed toward his face, even though he was in shock he was still smiling, " Wipe that grin off your face... Better yet, let me!" I fired once, twice into his face, the bb's found their ways into many parts of his face and scraped the flesh off the mucsle, creating many places that were impulsivly bleeding.

The man still stood however, " Thats Bullsheet!" I cursed angrily as my anger pented up, in my rage I sent four more of the powerful shotgun blast into his skull, the fourth one decapitating the fellow. His bloody head slid off his neck and landed on the ground with a meaty sounding squish. " I'm going to have to be more careful from now on." I said aloud walking away, " Oh yeah, one more thing." I pulled the knife out of his chest.

AJ snapped back to the present, " Your plan wouldn't work, not at all." AJ didn't feel the need to explain.

" I'm going to do a little something and then we'll head out." AJ announced as he sat down in a chair and pulled out a small laptop.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Barry saw AJ leave Leroy off without any detail of why his plan wouldn't work, Barry sighed and walked over to Leroy. " The reason your plan wouldn't work is... Well, They have too many on their side and none of them will feel any suprise, fear or any emotion at all. Think of them all as Zombies." He told Leroy in assorted emotion.

" Be ready to leave in a few minutes... Because it seems like Jason already did, Damn!"

October 8th, 2007, 12:27 PM
Fallen Angel_Messiah of Black Roses: Okay, I’m just going to straight out tell you right now that you are pending, and let me explain why (which means I am going to decapitate yer sign-up XO ) First, the name. I cringed at the fact that you dare use AJ again!

Nah, I’m only joking, but seriously; is there a chance that you can possibly pick another name? To be honest, I just don't really know about allowing you to use an overused character of yours again, but if you insist, fine; it doesn't really effect the plot anyway. Beyond that, I have to say bravo to your appearance and personality. I laughed when I read what you had to write in appearance; to me, it seemed more like a parody of other RPers when they sign-up by going as far as describing even the way back teeth that no one will ever be able to see anyway. XD But, aheh, either way, the appearance and personality are great, and the personality actually fits with this story (even though you have a wide range of personalities to choose from, this is a good one for this particular RP).

But then the history falls way too short than needed, and totally kills the mood of the average winded RP sign-up. Please fix that by adding a little more.

And finally, we move on to the RP Sample. Well, to put it blunt, it’s terrible; not your best. Come on, I expected more from you; I’ve seen you post better than that. For that matter, I know already that you are a good RPer, but I just can’t let this one here slide. Please, find one of your better posts or write something else for your RP Sample. *Pending*

[email protected]
October 9th, 2007, 10:11 AM
Given Name: Maxwell Chamberlaine

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Maxwell stands just above six feet tall and seems even taller, having the kind of immaculate posture you'd only ever see in those too rich for worries. His hair is thick, shoulder-lenght and black as coal, always well-groomed but left hanging in a rather sloppy do. Eyes a dusty green, he gives off a somewhat dim, uncaring appearance - even though green is a warm colour, Maxwell's gaze looks cold and barren. In front of that gaze, he wears a pair of thick glasses. Looking every part the rich kid, he has only the slightest tan, seemingly to show off the fact that he has no need to be outside, save for leisure. Naturally, Maxwell is the owner of a huge and varied wardrobe, but his favoured set of clothes is a simple black business suit, made to be light-weight and not too warm. He also owns a pair of corrective sunglasses.

Personality: Maxwell likes to take it easy, and rarely exhibits any strong emotions. He is out to enjoy himself, and cares for little else. Being curious about just about everything, he has taken up a large number of hobbies, for example pokémon training, calligraphy and ping pong, just to name a few. He is always on the lookout for new passtimes, and even once, if only for a short time, considered joining Team Rocket.

Maxwell is rarely shaken or shocked, or emotionally moved at all. He takes his own steady mentality for granted, and looks at other people with a certain amount of disdain for their tendencies towards large egoes, violent aggression and meaningless depression. He does not suffer from much of a conscience, and has no qualms about hurting other people. Despite this, he is willing to make friends with people who have interests similar to his own, at least for as long as these people keep their cool. Once Maxwell finds a person to be too emotional for his tastes, he is likely to cut their friendship forever.

History: Maxwell is the son of a wealthy businessman, descended from a long line of wealthy businessmen from Kanto - a regular rich boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He spent his childhood surrounded by expensive toys, and grew up getting every bike, car and flashy outfit he asked for. Despite encouragement towards the social aspects of life, Maxwell found himself spending most of his time on different hobbies - everything from art to zen archery. A few of these hobbies he is still into, but most were dropped in his younger years. Maxwell is journeying to Ecruteak in order to meet up with his father, to "discuss his future".

RP sample: (It's old, but at least it's fairly long)
The steady clip-clop of bare hooves against rock signalled the approach of a rider, or in the very least a horse. Round a bend came this horse, a fine steed indeed. A destrier, milky white like brand new parchment, with eyes darker than bottomless pools of the finest ink.
Its tail bore the same dark hue as the eyes, as did its hooves, and the horse looked clean and newly groomed, as if had it left a king's stables mere moments ago. Although the horse had no crinet, the creature's head was protected a beautiful chamfron of silver-like metal, golden symbols lining its edges and the sign of infinity skillfully engraved between the eye slots. It was covered in heavy barding as well, made of the same shining metal as the chamfron, and covered in the same symbols.

Now, the horse was not riderless, and the rider was no less decorated than his steed: clad in shimmering full plate, though helmetless, he sat tall upon his mount, an unearthly brilliance radiating from his very person.

The paladin, for he must have been a paladin, truly resembled the knights of a bard's tale, fair to look at in spite of his scars, armour like sparkling silver and hair like sparkling gold, a sword by his side and a shield by the other. The men would admire him, the women moreso, and the children would follow him through the streets.

Here, however, he was alone, slowly travelling across the rocky ground in shadow cast by the cliffs. The knight was in a good mood, it seemed, for he was smiling, humming a popular tune as he rode. The horse did not seem bothered by it.

It was impossible to tell if he truly had a goal or was just trying to stick to the shadow, or both. But, as he followed the cliffside on his faithful steed, it was inevitable that he would happen upon the beaten body of a young man, dressed in charred robes on uncertain origin.
"Gadzooks!", the knight exclaimed, pulling at his reins. The destrier obediently halted, curiously eyeing the boy. "What ill fate has befallen this young man?" The rider asked himself.

Dismounting, he catiously approached it, leaving the cliff wall behind, his feet now treading grass instead of rock. As the body made no move the knight walked right up to it, in the mean time reaching into his armour, sticking three fingers inside the uppermost opening. From it he brought a small golden rectangle, connected to a thin brass chain that ran around his neck. The holy symbol of Scinta, godess of knowledge, to those who know such things.
With it outside his armour he spoke to the body at his feet.
"Are you alive or dead?"
Though he may have looked like the very empitome of heroism, and could certainly have acted the part if required, he felt he could allow himself a jest.
"If you are dead, I will forgive you for not replying."

October 9th, 2007, 11:25 AM
Since I liked star in the sky but it became far to fast I decided to join another one of your rps

Given Name: Frank Carter

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: Frank stands about 6"1. He has sharp black hair and has a pale complexion. Also he doesnt shave all that often so he has a gotee that is brown. His eye color is cerulean.

Frank wears a dark blue jean jacket. It has an inside pocket which he kept his pokedex. Underneath his jean jacket is a lime green turtleneck. He keeps his jean jacket open almost all the time so the turtleneck is seen all the time.

His pants consist of dark blue jeans that dont match his jean jacket but are very close. They are slim jeans with only 4 pockets on the sides and in the back. His shoes consist of white worn sneakers

Personality: Cain is pretty talkative. He can take control of any conversation and end it just as easely. However when you try his patience he will get very angry and it is impossible to calm him down. When talking to him he occasionaly mumbles his words or he forgets what words he should use. (EX: Like using Im feeling not good insted of using im feeling bad.) When given a question it takes Cain a few seconds to respond which annoys people greatly.

History: For being a trainer Frank was a pretty darn good one. He trained often, caught often and battled often. Frank believes in balance and rarely uses two of the same types. But his party mainly consists of a Feraligator, Blaziken, Pigeotto, Hitmonlee, Abra and Scyther. He mostly trains them all practicly the same but keeps them balanced around the same level.

Frank lived in New Bark town for most of his life before getting his starter and starting off on a journey as any trainer. However Frank proved to be exceptional as he managed to beat many people and catch many pokemon. He continued on mainly catching pokemon and training them rather then journeying on through Johto. He managed to train two of them to their highest evolution when he decided to celebrate by going to Ecruteak city. He was already in Goldenrod at the time and decided to celebrate in Ecruteak due to his reletives living there. So he deposited all his pokemon in his box except for Blaziken who was his current favorite

RP Sample:

From Reborn

Frank was silent at the time. The crowd of trainers usually was. Many of them were probably like him. Looking for rare pokemon to tame. That was why he came to this island. He noticed that many of the trainers were just looking around at the island, the sky and just staring into space. Frank however was watching the conversation between one trainer and another.

One of them was a trainer that had a long scar down his face. While another was a female pokemorph. Frank walked over to the conversation very silently. "So why are you guys going to this island?"


Pokémon: Blaziken

Personality: Blaziken has a flaming personality. He does follow Frank's orders but with anger in his heart. But he uses his anger to his advantage by putting his anger into battling. Many times Frank has had to restrain Blaziken from finishing off a fainted pokemon.

History: Blaziken was traded by another trainer. Frank saw a shiney caterpee in the forest outside New Bark town and caught it. A wealthy collector traded it for Blaziken in Torchic form. Frank had always liked fire pokemon and decided to train it. To this day it remains his favorite in his party.

October 9th, 2007, 2:18 PM
Given Name: Abigail (Abby) MacElree
Age: 13 (and 3/4 ^_^)
Gender: female
Appearance: Abby's brown hair falls about a foot below her shoulders. It is not wavy, nor straight, it's something in between. Her eyes are this (teal) shade of blue, and often get lighter when exposed to the sun. She is kind of pale, and has a few freckles here and there. She is 5' 3" and weighs 115 lbs. Abby wears a black shirt with the word "Angel" and sparkly writing with a sparly halo on top, black jeans with jewels ambroideried into them, and black flip flops.
Personality: Abby isn't at ALL what you would call a goody-good. She isn't quite the oppisite, though she can be rather naughty and mean. She is rather depressed, and her self-esteem is about as low as it gets. She is rather quiet and shy, but is overall, a great friend.
History: Abby's past was horrible. Nobody really ever loved her or even cared about her for that matter. Her family was cruel to her, and even though she had a lot of friends, she doubted many of them really cared. Money was always a bit of an issue, so she didn't always get what she wanted in life.

Pokémon: Raichu
Nickname (if any): Shelly
Personality: Shelly got her name because she always acted like a water type, many doubts she even knows she an electric type! She even knows the move surf, which she loves to use. She has a spunky, outgoing personality. In some ways she's the oppisite of Abby, but loves her very much. She never really went in her Pokeball much. It's not that she would refuse to if she had to, she just prefers Abby's shoulder. She is very loving and kind, but can get down in herself rather easily, a trait inherited from her trainer.
History: Shelly has been surfing ever since she was a Pichu. Whether it was on a miniture surf-board, a water type, an unsuspecting swimmer's back, or on her tail (only as a Raichu) she always seemed to be surfing or in some cases, swimming. The day she evolved into a Raichu, she went out for a swim. However, her tail was now much longer than as it was as a Pikachu, so she got tangled up in it and started drowning. Abby saved her however, and ever sence, they have been the best of friends.

RP Sample

Abby woke up, looking around. She didn't reconize this place at all. It was very dark. A Lugia and Lucario was on her right. The last thing she remembered before waking up here was that she was on a train. She tested her not-so-great memory in order to try and remember the other details.

"Hmm... I think it was just a normal train ride. Wait! Didn't I crash? But that means I probably means that I'm in heaven or hell, right..? But this doesn't look like either of them, but how would I know, I've never been to either... perhaps Shelly knows this place... and perhaps she can become friends with those Pokemon. But wasn't she outside of her Pokeball last time I checked?"

Abby couldn't remember. Shelly did explore the train, however, she came back before the train crashed, or at least, this was how Abby remembered. Now she was recalling the moment more clearly. "Oh yeah, the ground started to shake, so Shelly wobbled on back. I put her in her Pokeball after kinda grabbing onto her a little bit, knowing it would be best for her. But then what..?" Abby reached for Shelly's Pokeball. To her surprise, it wasn't there.

Abby looked around, in her bag, on her Pokeball belt, everywhere. But she couldn't find it. Her eyes were starting to tear up a little. "Shelly..?" After a little more looking, she relized Shelly was gone. Now she cried a little more. Would she ever see her precious Raichu again?

Hope its good, and I also hope its gotten better since the whole failed attempt to join "A Star in the Sky"

~raichuchika :t026:

October 16th, 2007, 3:32 PM
This thing still going Random?

October 16th, 2007, 6:36 PM
[email protected]: It’s a very good sign-up. I don’t see anything to pick on, and your word choice is very much correct. I like your writing style in the RP sample too. *accepted*

JBCPeace: Like fallen angel, I know you’re a good RPer already. I have to pick on something though, and it’s just the shortness of the appearance. The other spots are all cutting it really close to the bare minimum (history is fine though), and your RP sample is making me scratch my head. You’re teetering on a fence right now, and I’m having a hard time deciding whether you fall into the RP or whether you fall into fixing your sign-up. Well, looks like I’m flipping a coin for this one. Heads, you're in, tails, fix up the appearance and stretch the RP sample a bit. Okay, here it goes. *flips* Heh, lucky you, heads. *accepted*

Raichuchika: You’ve gotten better as an RPer, I’ll give you that much. However, everything except for the RP sample falls too short. The RP sample itself makes me worried a little. I will say that it got better along the last two paragraphs, but I’m still seeing past what you can do as a writer and looking through what your character is giving me, and right now, I don’t see much. Step it up a notch and take your time when making your sign-up. A little advice is to just say the shade of color the eyes are instead of changing the color of the font though. *pending*

Fallen Angel: Yeah, so…since I already know you, I’m decided to flip a coin for you as well, and if you’re still interested, it landed on heads. XD Either way, I still think the history should be expanded. *still pending for history*

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 16th, 2007, 7:37 PM
Random, I actually did start on the history and finished it, but the thing with the five days of outage deleted it. I'll be done soon, On a related note...

Sign up sheets for chaos gate is up in lounge

October 18th, 2007, 3:37 AM
Fallen Angel: Thank you for that small addition to the history to help your sign-up look proffesional. XD *accepted*

For this RP, I'm going to need at the very least six people, not counting my character. And even then, that's still a small amount, because I kind of had this set for 8 and + people. So, people who are hidden out there and not joining even though you're skeptical whether you would like to join or not, pretty please join? XD

[email protected]
October 18th, 2007, 12:52 PM
Just a suggestion, oh captain, my captain - not that I like sloppy roleplaying more than the next guy, but lowering your standards a slight might be a favourable tactic in this case. Getting more than eight roleplayers is highly unusual - at least in my experience - if you aren't famous for your excellent roleplays.

Maybe you need some good advertisement... "Join now, and get a flashy pixel pic like in [email protected]'s immaculate signature!" :cool: That'd make 'em come. :P

October 18th, 2007, 5:15 PM
Bah, that's why I was prepared for six characters, not three. XD Yes, well I will wait for more to join soon now. For now, I will play with my new shiny Wii I got for meh birthday. @_@ sparkle sparkle. Hopefully this at the very least gets five before I can start.

October 25th, 2007, 1:46 AM
NAME: Caitlin, AKA "Skatey"
AGE: 15
GENDER: Female

APPEARANCE: Caitlin, or "Skatey", as she is generally referred to by friends/family, stands at just 4"93. She describes her short stature as diminutive, but is silently self-conscious of it. Her features are soft, her default expression is of dreamy gaze and a shy smile, however her hazel eyes are hidden behind the glare of her pink-framed glasses. Her skin is relatively, clear with a sprinkling of light freckles. Her hair is slightly messy - "rogue-ish", she says - with a pronounced side fringe clipped with a tartan bow. She constantly attempts to dye it purple but it quickly fades to cherry red with a violet tinge in the sunlight.
Her fashion sense is simply casual; at the time of what could be called her death, she was wearing a non-descript red t-shirt, a short-sleeve white hoodie emblazoned with miniature rainbows, a short black skirt and a pair of scuffed blue Converse. An outfit which doesn't differ especially from anything she would normally wear.
PERSONALITY: Skatey is a very low-key presence; she is often accused of being introverted, but is actually a very sociable person if engaged in conversation. She imagines herself to be an entertaining, funny sort and there is at least some snippet of truth in this. She seems reserved and stand-offish around strangers, and if something is wrong, behaves this way even to friends, making it (on occasion) very hard to gauge her mood. She is proud to have been labelled (more than once) a cynic. She claims she doesn't need human company to stay sane, but has never said the same of her Pokemon companions. Skatey, slightly socially inappropriate, has been known to make a joke out of absolutely anything, even if considered offencive by some -- desperate to appease whatever company she is keeping with an attempt to amuse them, she often fails to think before she speaks and this repels some people. Further evidenced by this, a hasty element to her personality which is especially obvious when she battles – offence is the best defence. She doesn't approve of the trainers' universal policy to "catch 'em all"; in fact, despite being a successful Pokemon "raiser" who has dabbled in competitive battling and coordinating/breeding, she only has a (big) handful of Pokemon -- preferring to develop close relationships with fewer Pokemon, rather than purely commanding the attention of a small army.
HISTORY: It would be a lie to say Skatey's childhood was ideal; similarly, it wasn't non-ideal. It was... neutral. She grew up in a busy family of a five in Lilycove City, Hoenn. Her parents thoughtfully maintained the illusion of happiness until she was 12 when they broke up, but by this point she had invested all the love she had to give in her pet Eevee: a birthday gift she named Stella. And so was left unaffected by their break-up. Her only wholly traumatic experience was the death of Stella, who at this stage in her life she considered her only friend. She was savaged by a neighbour's rampaging Feralitgatr, provoked by Skatey attempting to retrieve the Eevee's misplaced Pokeball from the yard he was guarding. Stella, of course, attempted to protect her would-be trainer... but was quickly subdued by the gnashing jaws of the Feraligatr. It was quickly called off by its horrified master, but Stella, savaged beyond recognition, died in Skatey's arms minutes later.
She eventually overcame the terrible guilt and withdrawal she suffered for at least a year afterward, but has ever since assumed this experience to be the reason for her tendancy to become hopelessly attached to any Pokemon she captures.

It was a few days after her 14th birthday; she eventually received her trainer's licence and left home. Ever since then she has travelled across her homeland Hoenn and Sinnoh, participating in contests and gym battles along the way. She has encountered and befriended, even caught, many Pokemon since she left home. She is hopelessly disorganized and often allows herself to get caught up in dangerous situations -- no water, no food, provoking a flock of hungry Swellow...
despite travelling extensively, she has never had to sleep outdoors; she has always managed to make it to the nearest Pokemon Center just before curfew. She has referred to this as "the pinnacle of human achievement".

RP SAMPLE: Taking a break from her ambitious plight to become a famed trainer, Skatey was in Johto visiting family with her mother at the time of the accident. Her ma had decided to stay in Goldenrod, do some shopping. Skatey, and her previously unmentioned but very close companion Poochy the Mightyena, were off to Ecruteak, in a good-humoured attempt to find the legendary Suicine - and to get away for a while. "Mum's driving me crazy," Skatey had laughed to her canine friend, collapsing onto a train seat, hitching her feet up on the seating opposite. Poochy, following her trainer freely as usual, leapt up next to her and rested her head in Skatey's lap and sighed wearily. "Oh well, at least we'll get to see the sights, eh?" she grinned optimistically.

Absently petting her well-groomed Mightyena, she pulled a pair of headphones over her ears and put on some suitably relaxed music. She didn't hear the whimpers of panic as a ripple of fear began to tear through the carriages; rather, she felt it begin to shudder violently. The train was beginning to topple over. She leapt up and pressed her hands against the window; the cityscape passing her by appeared to crumble as she faded out consciousness... she spun around and, terrified, wrapped her arms around Poochy. Her last action as a mortal.

When she awoke, her recollection of the accident was clearer than crystal, and she expected to be in a hospital bed. Instead, her surroundings were foreign, and dark. Her body seemed weightless, free of emotion. She felt strangely perfect, detached from reality. Every moment that had come and gone felt a lifetime away, and she quickly realized it was.
"This is Heaven?" she murmured, and looked around through squinted eyes, trying to see through the darkness. "Am I the only one here?" she eventually called out. Her cries only echoed through the cavern, and she nervously glanced up at the ceiling. It seemed infinite, and she was overcome with isolated feeling of insignificance. Terror strangled her mind as the reality of her demise struck. And her digits began to tremble as the images of everybody she had left behind returned to her. Everybody who she thought would be up here with her, but who she couldn't see...
The rest of her Pokemon had been in Pokeballs in her messenger bag... her hands shot behind her back, but it was no longer there. And Poochy? Was she still alive? 'What will she do without me?!' Skatey asked herself, and selfishly envisaged Poochy being found and adopted by another trainer, and the jealousy generated by merely imagining this was enough to infuriate her.
"Poochy..." she whimpered. The Mightyena that had been practically attached to her for 2 years was suddenly another dimension away. And in an act of unparalleled hysteria, the girl began to smash the ground with the palm of her hand; which was as smooth as marble, but dark and non-reflective, like the floor of a cave. "I'm too young to die..." she cried exhaustedly, melting into the ground. But suddenly, a torrent of water engulfed her, silencing her inner monologue -- once again, she felt completely and utterly at peace. The sensation faded; blinking her reddened eyes open, all she cared to notice was the Lugia floating in front of her.

POKEMON: Mightyena
PERSONALITY: Poochy has been affectionately described as much too eloquent for her species; she enjoys nothing more than to be pampered. She is confident, garish and extravagant. She cares for Skatey and her other Pokemon dearly. She has an almost maternal love of her trainer, however is more often referred to as her best friend, her unwavering companion. She is stubborn and over-eager, and will use any excuse to fight. Skatey admires her spark and vitality, rewarding her loyalty with dry-flavoured Poffins.
HISTORY: On the day Skatey left her Lilycove home to begin her journey as a trainer, she was a bag of nerves. She lingered around her hometown for hours. She desperately needed someone to talk to, but was too embarrassed by her lack of confidence to return home. Then, the flickering form of a Poochyena caught her eye; she turned her attention to a garbage bin in the distance which appeared to house the scruffy beast. Dismayed by her sorry state, she lured the Poochyena out with a cookie and, while she gratefully consumed Skatey's offering, the girl began to pour her heart out to the irresponsive Pokemon. Finally, she took her leave, but the Poochyena would not leave her side. Skatey didn't mind. In 20 minutes, she knew more about her than her family did. They developed a trainer/Pokemon rapport, though there was no formal capture, and to this day Poochy is not bound to a Pokeball. Her only symbol of ownership is a pink scarf that has not been untied since the day she was found. Skatey oftens wonders of Poochy's origins prior to finding her way into a bin.

(hope you like it, even though it's agonizingly long, this sounds like a really interesting RP)

[email protected]
October 25th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Well, well... Good things come to those who wait - is that so? The new lass here is taking a gamble, putting effort into this roleplay, so let us hope that the captain is still around.

October 25th, 2007, 5:25 PM
Anabelle “Anna” Withington



Anabelle is of fairly average height for her age, standing at around 5’5”. She is quite shapely, although this seems to be more due to her lithe, slender frame than actual physical maturity. Nevertheless, her hips are well curved and her breasts are in proportion for her size. Her skin is very pale, with no flaws or freckles – she dislikes this because people often call her ‘Casper’ - and not at all tanned – she just burns when exposed to the sun, so she prefers to spend time indoors rather than coat herself in sickly-smelling sun tan lotion. She has long, chocolate brown hair streaked with mahogany that is tied back in a neat, simple plait tied with a scarlet ribbon – the style falls to her waist, as she rarely cuts her hair. Her eyes are also a soft, dark brown, but are flecked with amber so they often appear to be more of a hazel colour.

For the train ride, Anabelle has chosen to wear a short sleeved black top with red and white patterns. Red-hemmed arm bands around her upper-arm have a chain each dangling from them, which connect to the white and red stripe that runs across the front of her chest. Gloves with no hands cover from her elbow to her wrist, and each end bears a red stripe. The bottom of the back of her shirt is tailored into a tail-coat style, which compliments her red and black tartan miniskirt, the bottom of which is cut into a zig-zag pattern. She wears knee-high black leather boots that fasten with a large silver buckle and a chain that runs right around the top of the boot. Around her neck, Anabelle wears a sliver chain with her single pokéball attached to the end. The top of the pokéball is grey, however, and a black star-like emblem is printed on the front, around the button that releases the critter inside.

Anabelle, like her name, is graceful and pleasing to both the ears and eyes. She is both elegant and eloquent – she loves to pamper herself and her pokemon and wear girly clothes. A true girly-girl, she hates to get dirty and would much rather be trying on the latest brand of clothing or testing a new type of makeup. She loves to set trends as well as follow them and is the expert on anything to do with fashion and style. Being thought of as a tom-boy is something that would be completely unacceptable to Anabelle. She is also very naïve, and while not a child, no one would ever say she’s an adult. She still has very shallow views of the world and has a lot of maturing to do.

Anabelle loves the company of other people. She’s a real party girl, and loves to get dressed up and have a drink with some friends – or even a lot of strangers. She’s not really fussy when it comes to company, and she enjoys meeting new people. She is a bit of a flirt, and tends to be one of those people who talk incessantly about themselves – more specifically, their love life. She’s a very sympathetic person and always wants to help, even though she’s not very good at listening to others and likes to interject with her own tales, as long as they relate to what the conversation is about. One of her most common sentence starters is, “And even so-and-so says…” with ‘so-and-so’ being the name of her latest boyfriend or romantic interest.

Anabelle grew up in an honest, high-income family of five in the quiet city of Ecruteak. Her two sisters, Nicolette and Vivienne, were both older than her and seemed to be much more what her parents had in mind for them – intelligent and quick-witted as well as beautiful and charming, not to mention the excellent dancers each of them became under the tuition of the Kimono Girls of Ecruteak City. Anna spent most of her life at home where she and her sisters were taught by a private tutor in each of the core subjects, the art of music and drawing and how to battle with pokemon. Although not as smart as her sisters, who were both relative genii, Anna excelled in her pokemon studies and appeared to get great enjoyment out of being with pokemon. It was only natural, then, that her tutor would suggest to her parents to let her leave on a pokemon journey.

Upset that their youngest child would turn out to be so unlike what they had had in mind for each of their children, it took Anna’s parents a long time to decide what to do with Anna – nearly a whole year, in fact. So by the time Anna had received her first pokemon from the Elm Laboratory in New Bark Town, she was almost eleven years old. Her first pokemon was a totodile, cheerful and active, and she really did love it with everything she had. She made her way back to Ecruteak City with that single pokemon, and both were loyal to each other. They had a silent relationship that required no words. But, of course, as with all things in life, it had to come to an end.

Slowly, like a child with a new toy, the novelty of her first pokemon wore off. Although she still loved the totodile, the times she let it out to wander beside her were becoming less and Anna found herself often becoming annoyed with the overly-happy critter as it danced around, sometimes ignoring her commands and seeming to remain oblivious to Anna’s frustration. So when offered a trade – a growlithe for the totodile, Anna didn’t waste any time deciding what to do. Within a minute, the deal was done, and Anna had a new partner – a growlithe with odd colouring, which its trainer explained was because it was from Kanto. ((Hey, they have different breeds of animals, so why not pokemon as well ^^?)) This was a turning point in Anna’s career as a trainer.

After a month or two of training around Ecruteak City, Anna was twelve years old and her growlithe had evolved into a very large and very slobbery arcanine. The large fire type, with its off-white coat and golden markings, was extremely friendly and about as ferocious as a small rock. Its large body meant that it would lollop around slowly, rarely bothering to move faster than a fair jog. This meant one thing for Anna – that was the end. She moved back into her old home and took up her studies again, and the arcanine took up a new, more laid-back position as household pet and guard dog.

Two years later, when she was fourteen, Anna chose to hit the road again. With some motivation and further training, she and her arcanine once again took to the gyms of Johto and collected badges. After defeating Clair of Blackthorn City, Anna raced to the Pokemon League and won, though not on her first try. It was a gruelling task, continuing with that one pokemon, but worth it once all the training paid off, and she made it into the Hall of Fame with her loyal, beloved arcanine.

No fortune followed, but a fair amount of fame came her way. As the only trainer in the last fifty years or so to defeat the Elite Four with just a single pokemon, she was aired on both national radio and on TV. She stayed a year in that city, working part-time in the department store while conducting extra pokemon studies, and after turning sixteen, she chose to return to her hometown, Ecruteak City.

Arcanine (http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i175/fullmetalxfangirl/RK9ohto.jpg)


Arcanine is very friendly and easily excited. One of his favourite pastimes is rushing up to strangers and coating them in a thick layer of slobber. He’s a little bit simple-minded, but always means well and is caring towards others, despite his ferocious appearance – he’s really just a big softie. He does love Anabelle a lot and is loyal to her, and although he’s not a big fan of battling, he will do anything to please her – and to make sure his next meal makes it to the table!

Arcanine was traded to Anna for her totodile when he was a growlithe. He was originally owned by a trainer from Kanto who came to Johto after collecting all eight badges of his home region. As a growlithe, he was always active and running everywhere, constantly under harsh training to strengthen it. After meeting his new trainer, however, the atmosphere around him became more relaxed and he began to be more friendly and less willing to run everywhere and battle incessantly.

Roleplay Sample: ((My budgie is looking particularly fluffy and cute today so I have writer’s block. >: ))

Anabelle laughed aloud at a joke one of her fellow passengers on the train had cracked as they stepped into a cabin through the folded back doors. The train had been a little late, and she had struck up a conversation with someone. ”Yeah, me too. I’m going home to live with my family for a while – it’s been two years since I saw them last,” she explained to the stranger before squeezing down the thin aisle of the front cabin and sitting down at a plush seat. The seat covers were a pleasant forest-green coloured leather and felt soft and bouncy to the touch. They smelled of shoe polish and ‘Odor-b-Gone Pine-O Green scent’ – “It’s not clean unless it’s Pine-O Green.” She laughed at the thought of the half-way amusing jingle, and looked around for the person she’d been talking to just before, but he’d left and gone to sit somewhere else. Sighing vaguely, she lifted her slender, pale legs onto the bench and settled down with her arms behind her head, ready to doze off as the train began to move.

It started calmly enough, with some pretty ladies dressed in smart green dress-jackets and pencil skirts bustling down the aisles with trolleys, offering beverages such as tea and coffee for adults, and fizzy drinks and water for the youth on board the train. Anna looked down at the pokéball that hung from the silver chain around her neck and smiled. They would be going home again – back to tutorials and dance classes, music lessons and tertiary pokemon school – not to mention getting together with her old friends for a party or two! She couldn’t wait to get home, to see her parents and sisters. She knew that her arcanine was looking forward to it as well – she could sense his excitement of getting back to ‘his’ house, where Anabelle’s mother would spoil him with off-cuts from her baking, his sun-filled bed beside the door and Anna’s plush toys – his particular favourite was Anna’s old wynaut doll. One of the waitresses brought along a sweet cup of tea for Anna and flashed a dazzling white smile before striding off, leaving Anna with her thoughts and memories as the train passed through the National Park on its way to its destination.

But it was then that Anna noticed that something was wrong.

There was an odd, unnatural squeaking sound emanating from underneath the train – the wheels. The whole cabin was shaking unnervingly, and a couple of passengers were fidgeting nervously in their seats. Somewhere further down the train, a baby was crying loudly and a woman was trying to comfort it. Anna groaned. “Maybe if you spoke a bit quieter, it might shut up,” she grunted wearily, turning around to sit straight in her now violently-vibrating chair. The PA system overhead dinged loudly, and the entire train suddenly went quiet, except for the baby who was still crying relentlessly. ”We apologise for this unforeseen turbulence,” the train conductor said apologetically, ”and for any inconvenience it may have caused. We assure you that it is no reason for alarm. However, please fasten your seatbelts until further notice.” The PA dinged again, and there was a muffled scrabbling for seatbelts and buckles. A couple of people began muttering to each other, and Anna bit her lip nervously. Something definitely felt wrong here.

Anna’s suspicions were confirmed when the train gave a violent lurch and a heave. The grinding sound of the wheels leaving the train tracks filled her ears, deafening her. Sparks flew up in front of the window and the glass shattered. Everyone on the train was screaming, shouting, and the baby was crying louder than ever as shards of glass flew into the cabin, shredding Anna’s clothes to pieces and slicing through her skin. She screeched in pain as the train tumbled down a hill and rolled over, throwing her and the rest of the passengers around the cabin, crashing into the roof, walls and floor, before coming to a rest at the foot of a hill.

Blood leaked from Anna’s face, arms, torso and legs, staining her clothes and chocolate brown plait a dark, gruesome crimson hue. Glass stuck out of her flesh at odd and unflattering angles where the fall hadn’t nailed them deeper into her flesh. She was breathing shallowly – she was still alive, but only barely conscious. She couldn’t feel the throbbing pain in her head where it had been smashed open when it had crashed against the corner of a chair. She was beyond pain. Slowly, her breathing stopped, followed by her pulse. She was dead.

((... Ew. That was actually really lame, on top of being a load of waffling you-know-what. = =;; Sorry. D: ))

[email protected]
October 26th, 2007, 5:48 AM
Joining us here in my commentator's booth is the fifth player. It's more than you deserve, boss - waste not the chance. :)

October 29th, 2007, 3:13 PM
Here's my character hope it approves

Given Name: Beryl(type of gemstone)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown Skinned, Spikey black hair, brown eyes, short sleeve yellow shirt up to elbows with a sleeveless jacket over it up to waist open. Fingerless light green gloves, baggy light green jeans, with a extra pocket on each pant leg. Light blue sneakers, a black belt with pokeballs on it and a brown travel backpack.

Personality: A boy nice boy with a strong temper. He respects all pokemon whether they be domestic or wild. He never underestimates his oppenents. Is also flirtatious at times.

Pokemon: Carrying: Charmeleon, Totidile, Dragonite, Flygon(shiny), Garyados, Ivysaur, Typhlosion
In box: Too many to count

History: Charmeleon- Starter pokemon in Kanto as pre-evolved Charmander
Totidile- Traded from Misty for Spheal as a rememberance gift
Dragonite- Captured as Dratini during his sailing across waters during his trip to Cinnabar Island.
Flygon- Founded and captured in the outskirts of the Kanto region, which was odd for him but did not complain. It was starving when founded.
Pidgeot- Founded and befriended during its pre-evolutionary stage as a Pidgy without the help of any pokemon. His very first pokemon.
Typhlosion- Giving to by the professer of Hoen (let me know his name so I can change it, I forgot), due to his praises from Professer Oak as a Cndyquil

Moveset: Charmeleon- Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Dragon Rage, Fire Spin
Totidile- Aqua Tail, Rage, Bite, Hydro Pump
Dragonite- Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Twister, Hyper Beam
Flygon- Dragonbreath, Dragon Claw, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam
Pidgeot- Fly, Twister, Gust, Air Slash
Typhlosion- Eruption, Flame Wheel, Lava Plume, Overheat

Personality: Charmeleon- Loyal
Totidile- Arrogant and is still unsure whether to trust his trainer
Dragonite- Affectionate
Flygon- Showoff who always tries to impress the opposite sex
Pidgeot- Will never abandon his trainer a trustworthy and loyal friend
Typhlosion- Shy

History: Beryl was born in Lavander Town, Kanto. He was orphan who lived in an orpanarium. Unfortunately for him, he was never adopted like the rest of his roommates. So he could never make a true friend there. The thing that kept him from going insane and depressing was his fascination for pokemon. It started when he was five, when he was watching the pokemon league on tv. He thought it was cool the way the pokemon were and wanted to control pokemon like that as well. But a year later, he soon realized from meeting a pokemon trainer during a walk through a park, that it wasn't all about controlling pokemon but was about respecting and befriending the pokemon was important as well.
When he turned nine, he had befriended the pokemon, Pidgey, while going through a grassy area that was filled with pokemon. A few months during that same year he was able train and play with his new friend. He also evoled it into a Pidgeotto five months after his first meet with the pokemon. This helped him be a better pokemon trainer so he would already be experienced when he turned ten. But when he did turn that age he soon found out that he was not going to be a trainer yet and instead go to trainer school in Viridian City. He tried to argue out of it but could not. So he went to trainer school in Viridian City.
It wasn't until he was 13 that he decided to run away from the trainer school. When he ran away, it wasn't until two days after his escape that the school authorities realized he wasn't there and sent a aeach party after him. Making him wanted all over Viridian City, only because they didn't think he could get far. But since he already had a pokemon, his escape was butter(can't help the use of slang). But unfortuantly he wounded up getting lost in the Viridian forest without any pokemon supplies. His Pidgeotto was already weak after fighting many battles to fend off wild pokemon, so he used him no more after the first day of his escape.
But luck wasn't on his side as he soon encountered by a group of angry Beedrill. He ran for his life but when he could outrun them no more, a red haired girl with a staryu had appeared defeating the wild pokemon with ease. When the boy asked who she was, she said he name was Misty and she soon befriended Beryl. She helped him get through the forest and in thev process the became close friends. By the time he got to Pallet town she was already gone and he set his way toward Professer Oak's abode. That is where he first gained his starter pokemon, Charmander. It wasn't until ten days later that he arrived at Viridian City where thee was posters of his face all over the city as well as a few others. So he stealthy dogded attention and even stole twenty pokeballs and thirty potions, twenty-five parylz heals and twenty-three poison heals from the Viridian City pokemart without being caught or noticed by citizens. Thats what happens when your an orphan. Another ten days went by as he caught a bulbasaur apparently left abandoned by an irresponsible trainer. He caught a few more pokemon as well thanks to the help of his best friend Pidgeotto and his new friend Charmander.
He arrived in Ceruleum City only to battle his close friend Misty. He beat her in one battle using all his pokemon, with his Pidgeotto last. After that battle, she decided to join him on his quest. They then ended up liking each other more than normal. She then went back home only telling him to mail her whenever he could after kissing him. This happened after he won the Kanto Pokemon League.
Now 15 years of age, he has already defeated the Johto gym leader Morty and is on his way to the next gym. He has been known across seas mainly for his victory against Team Rocket. He is not sure whether he is in love with Misty or not. But he holds her to his heart for someone he cares for. Misty on the other hand is almost sure that she loves Beryl.

RP Sample: Beryl was riding the train without no humans by his side. His only friends on the train was his pokemon. Suddenly, when he felt the train shaking uncontrollably he held on to a pole while looking out the window nervously. He started sweat immedietly from what he saw. The train had derailed. His heart raced as he became scared. It wasn't that he was afraid to die. He didn't leave the girl he held near and dear to him.

'I can't believe Im going to die. I knew I was going to die, but not this early. I only wished I told Misty that I loved her. That is one thing I regret.'

He sighed heavily as he felt the train flipping around. He was deeply sadden from his thoughts. He then saw nothing but pitch black twelve minutes later. He though he was dead but couldn't have been. He then saw a pokemon he always dreamed of capturing. He decides to carelessy walk up to the legendary pokemon. He thought he would be able to befriend this legendary pokemon.

November 3rd, 2007, 5:25 AM
Geckoriot: Nice quality sign-up. I was a bit scared due to the format, but it's actually very well constructed, and the character is fine and good. *accepted*

FullmetalxFangirl: Excellent sign-up, and you're not shy to express that in your writing. XD Kidding, but it is in fact very good. I really don't see anything wrong with it, and the character has a certain appeal. And the gore was a scary touch that worked O.o *accepted*

Kanto: It would be awesome to have you join, but your sign-up is pretty weak in the litarary department on the RP Sample. You give no expresssions, and oh yes, I am in dire need of those for this RP. Edit it, and you will be accepted. Just to let you know, the rest of the sign-up is a bit shaky, so you might want to edit that too. *pending*

Sign-ups shall remain open until Chapter 1 of this RP. (me stolen JBC's idea of chapters but shh no tellin' o.o)


It doesn’t matter; none of it matters. Whether you believe in god or not, there is in fact a heaven and a hell. Both may be equal, or they may be complete opposites. It doesn’t matter whether you belong there or not; what matters is what is in the middle of it all. That area in the middle is a spiritual world, very much like ours. It is where the lost souls are found by a guardian, and taken to their true place. It is where the dead go; the ones that never believed enough to be allowed in heaven and were never terrible enough to belong in hell. Here, their eternal dead life is decided.

Back in the living world, there is a thin threaded veil covering this middle world. Passed this veil, you can find those souls that were able to escape as far as the veil, but remained dead and were unable to cross back to life. They can’t cross the line back to a living form, so they stay where they are, forever to haunt where they stand.

Behind that is nothing. To get to the world with the thin line, you must cross miles and miles of pure nothing. You must fly across a bottomless pit. At the very bottom of this pit, there is of course, nothing. Your soul shatters there, until you become nothing at all. It is the invisible bridge you must cross to get to the other side, where the thin world is. But if you fall, you disappear forever. It is called the Walk of Airwaves.

Behind the Walk of Airways, even further, is the Sea of Dead. It is a black sea where no one can cross. Below that is eternal nothing, where the dead souls die, and become nothing at all, much like the Walk of Airwaves. There is only one way to cross it, and that is how there are ghosts that are able to walk to in the thin world.

Another level behind that is the Land of Fallen Angels. It is where most dead souls lie, due to the fact that they can’t cross any further than here. And yet, this is where most souls die too. There is a beast that needs to be warded off, and only those strong enough and with a pure life can survive.

Beyond that are the Mountains of Death. It is a jagged place, and once scarred by one of the jagged ledges, your soul begins to get eaten ever so slowly away, until there is nothing left of you. It is a very dangerous place, and a lot of souls die here all the same.

And further back is a safe zone, where those that accept death will either be taken to heaven or hell by the guardian. But that’s not where it all begins; it begins within the mountains, deep within where there are no jagged ledges available to scrape against. It is a safe place, but only temporarily. Only long enough for Lugia to explain things.

But not everything.


He arrives. In all of his glory, he arrives and stands as tall as possible, adjusting to the size of the cavern where he now resides. Beyond the cliff podium he had created al on is own, are the souls. The living souls, not dead ones. He has his ways in this room, and calms them with one single breath. And he remains here, watching as the stumbling began to appeal to a trance state. He watches them all, counting. They were the only ones who were supposed to live.

And he begins.

“Humans,” he says, with a single breath and angelic appeal. “Surely you are wondering why you are here.” He wasted no time with telling them the truth, only wishing to get the full detail early on. “You all had a life on the real world, surely. And you all remember what the last thing was that you saw, before this place, surely. And I am sure that it was very unpleasant.” There was a plea-full look in his expression for only a second. “You have just experienced death.

“But please, listen now. This is not the end; there is a reason why I stand before you now. It is because you, every single one of you, was supposed to survive that accident. Something had happened along the way that had changed the course of death for you, but without you alive, the world can easily fall in chaos.

“There is a balance in the world. It must remain a balance. Everything in life that every soul does has a consequence, and leads to certain events in the near future already planned. But when there are souls that disappear from life, when they are not supposed to, the balance is ruined, and certain things that were supposed to thrive no longer happen. All of you need to be alive, and that is why I am here. I am here to help you.”

Only using his wing as a pointer, he said, “beyond this sealed off room, are mointains.. Beyond that are the plain lands. Beyond that is the dark sea. And beyond that is nothing. You must pass these places to live, and I will do all I can to try get you out of this place.

“However, there is something more that is very unfortunate. I cannot take you all to the living world. Only one of you can return alive and well. There is an alternative to remain in the human world, but none of you will like it. Either way, I must express it, as it is the only way I can get the balance to return.”

He pointed to the center of the cavern. “Reller, arise.”

A bright flash of blue blinded for only a second. Up in front, appeared what would only be assumed to be the one called Reller. He was a Lucario. He stood before the others, eyes shut and leaning forward, waiting. His eyes opened seconds later, and he stood with correct posture as soon as he realized the situation.

“Reller,” began Lugia, “You must assist these living souls return to their world. You must take care with this mission, and save as many as you can. But you have also been given the power to condemn, is that not true?”

“This is true, Master,” replied Reller in a bow.

“Then you shall condemn only when I give you the order.”

“Yes Master.”

The obedience was scary, and the sounds of being condemned may have frightened the humans. And this is where Lugia knew he had to explain everything else.

“As I have said before, not all of you will return to the living as your previous life. The alternative is condemnation, the outcome I dread so dearly. Reller here, has the power to take your soul at will, and send you back to the living world. Unfortunately, all memory of this life here will be erased, as well as all memory of the life that brought you here. You will lose everything you ever knew, and you will craze. And even though it might not be the way that life originally planned you to be, it will fix a lot that could have been destroyed by your deaths.

“Reller can also make some alterations to your lives too, from appearance to where you stand. If he so wishes, he could make you not even human. But I am sure that Reller wouldn’t do this; I am sure that Reller will find the suitable position to place you at. Either way, it will not matter. You will craze, and this craze will lead to things far worse than how they were before.

“Only one of you will leave the World of the Dead alive and in one piece, as well as with their right mindset. I will try to help with the best of my abilities to get you all to the living world; but first, you must obey Reller on everything he says. He is the only way you can survive.

“Questions may arise as to where your beloved companions are; your Pokémon, as you would have it, because quite a few of you had companions, is that not true? Well they are alive; they are living souls. They have been brought here too, but not to this location. You will find them on your road back.

“I believe I have answered everything. But if there is something that bothers you at this time, voice it, and I will give you an answer.”

Reller eyed those that he was to are for now. From one to the other, he looked upon their appearance. He simply nodded, and knew his plan well. He knew his request, and knew what he must do at the very end of this all.

That is, the real request; the one not given to him by his Master…

November 3rd, 2007, 6:58 PM
Ok edited profile. Tell what you think. No holds bars please. But no flaming Random.

November 4th, 2007, 3:14 AM
I might sign up for this since apparently the signups are still open. Looks very interesting.

Given Name: Yaz

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Yaz is fairly short, standing at around 5'6, but is quite powerfully built regardless. He has dark brown eyes that show no emotion and usually have bags under them due to a lack of sleep. Just above these eyes is a mane of long, oily, matted, dark brown hair which sits atop his head and is parted in the middle so as not to obstruct his view. His nose is larger than average and quite crooked, having being broken twice before without any medical attention. It forms a centre-point to his face. His skin is a deep olive colour due to his Egyptian heritage as well as the amount of time he spends outside and is covered in scars and bruises as a result of his harsh living conditions. He does not own many clothes, only a few shirts and a pair of jeans as well as his standard Rocket Grunt’s uniform. At the time of the accident, he was wearing a simple white T-shirt and old, faded blue jeans with frayed cuffs sitting above two dirty, worn sneakers.

Personality: Yaz is hot-headed and quick to anger, often resulting to violence to solve issues. This has hardened him though, and he follows his choices and decisions to the very end. While some may say this is stubbornness, he believes that this trust in himself has all contributed to his character and strength. The only person he trusts is himself and to a lesser degree, his Persian, and although that may sound bad, as a result he knows himself, his abilities and his limits. He opens up to few people and prefers to keep to himself, he has been mistreated and hurt too many times before and isn’t ready for it to happen again. He stopped believing in god a long time ago, he feels that god, and the rest of the world for that matter, simply left him behind and firmly believes that the only way for him to move up in the world is to help himself. In fact Team Rocket was the only place he has ever felt included, the only place he ever felt like he wasn’t an outsider.

History: Yaz was born in Ecruteak to a happy enough family. He had two hard-working parents and an older brother. However, he always felt he didn’t belong. The rest of his family were natural born mathematicians and highly intelligent; both his parents were accountants and his brother was dux of his year at school, graduating with a mark of 98.82, the pride of the family. Yaz, however, was a different story. He always struggled at school and unlike the rest of the family, simply didn’t understand mathematics, instead preferring the arts. He would often jig school with friends and go to parties where there were drugs and alcohol, often coming home completely hammered.

By the time the reports would come at the end of the year, things never looked good for him and his parents were never happy. The time he got arrested joyriding in a stolen car with a group of friends didn’t help the situation either. The final straw for his parents was when Yaz got his girlfriend pregnant at the age of 16. Scared, vulnerable and not wanting to face the world, he finally ran away. It was all too much for him. Not knowing where to go, he took a train to Goldenrod, hoping there would be somewhere for him to live there. He couldn’t be more wrong.

For two whole years, Yaz was living in the slums of Goldenrod with nowhere to go and often not enough food to eat. Many times he contemplated going back home, but was too scared of what he would meet when he arrived. One night, unable to sleep, he met a stray Meowth and it instantly took a liking to him. When he found it, it had a collar with the letter “G” on it, so he named it G, not knowing what else to call it. It was essentially Yaz’s only friend for the two tough years on the streets and he loved its carefree nature.

At the age of 18, Yaz met a member of Team Rocket who offered him a job as a Rocket Grunt. Eager for some money, he accepted. He loved the fact that it gave him something to do and now that he was earning an income, small though it was, he managed to rent himself a one room flat to live in. For a year now Yaz, with the help of G, has been working at Team Rocket, helping the organization in its operations and stealing Pokémon for the company. He is great at his job and earns a decent commission for each individual Pokémon he steals based on its value and power.

Now that his life was back on track and he was no longer starving on the streets, Yaz decided it was time to go back home. It took him a whole month to finally have the courage to get on that train but he did eventually. After three years in harsh conditions, he was finally going home.

RP Sample: [I’ll just write about his experience on the train]

Yaz’s hands were shaking as he put the silver coin into the ticket machine. It beeped a few times and after what seemed like an eternity the ticket emerged from the ticket slot. He grasped it in his hand and read the small black print on the orange strip of paper.

$1.30. Purchased 05Nov2007 08:54AM
Valid until 4am after day of purchase.”

Yaz couldn’t believe he actually did it. He had actually purchased the ticket to go home. He had lost count the amount of times he had stood in front of that sturdy ticket machine, intimidated by it. Now that he had actually done it, it seemed so trivial. The next step, however, was even harder - actually boarding the train.

After a few minutes simply standing in the same position, Yaz noticed the train had arrived and the whistle had just blown – signalling that it was about to leave. “Oh sh!t!”, he gasped, running towards the closing doors, all his fears forgotten for that one second. He barely made it, but he made it nonetheless. He was on; there was no escaping now. His heart was beating at an ungodly rate, his knees felt weak and his arms were shaking, so he quickly decided to find a seat to try and regroup his mind and emotions.

Sitting on the seat, Yaz was completely zoned out of the world around him. All he could think about was his old life; the home which his parents toiled so hard to afford, his parents who always tried to be accepting and loving, his older brother who he always looked up to even though he always felt inferior, the school he used to go to, all his mates who had probably made something of themselves by now, his old girlfriend who he abandoned to take care of a baby… ‘We were just kids’, he thought to himself, ‘we didn’t know what we were doing.’ He could feel tears burning up in his eyes but he tried to push them back. Suddenly, his chain of thought was disturbed with a sudden jump followed by swerve causing his body to be thrown out of the chair and onto the hard ground. He then felt his carriage flip onto its side and he was rag-dolled into a window head first. He heard the glass shatter and felt it sting as it cut into his face.

Yaz could hear a lot of screaming and yelling but it seemed to be getting fainter. He couldn’t see anything and his pain was gradually subsiding. Slowly, he felt himself getting lighter and all his pain and feelings melted away. ‘This actually isn’t too bad… Hmm this is nice…’ he finally thought before subsiding away into nothingness.

Pokémon: Male Persian
Nickname: ‘G’
Personality: G is carefree and playful but also devoted to Yaz. It enjoys going on its ‘adventures’ with him. That is, it enjoys helping him his Team Rocket missions as it knows that the better they do, the more money they can get and that means that there is a higher chance that he will buy it nice things.
History: G was known as Ginny by its original owners, a family living on the outskirts of Goldenrod. One day, they forgot to close the fence and G escaped, finding its way into a slum. In that slum it met Yaz and instantly took a liking to him so it began following him around. After not too long, he enjoyed its company too so he let it hang around him. Eventually, Yaz managed to save up enough money to buy it a Pokéball and captured it, despite the fact that he doesn’t have a trainer’s licence. When Yaz got his job in Team Rocket, G would often help him with his missions. One time, when a simple pick-pocketing attempt went wrong and turned messy, G forced itself to evolve into Persian to assist its trainer. G was in its Pokéball when the accident happened, Yaz had returned it for the train ride.

Phew, that took ages. Hope I get in ^.^

November 4th, 2007, 5:11 PM
Given Name: Kamon Peach Fox
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: Orange Straight Hair, Green eyes, Very light skin almost as if she were dead, black dress.
Personality: Nice when she wants to be. But can be unpredictable at times.
History: Her mother died when she was 7. Her farther is bent on destroying her. Her brother disappeared. Their is a rumor that she has a sister.
RP Sample:

One day a figure appeared in the twilight. The light made her stand out as though she was not human. Her black dress blew about in the wind. As she stared at the town bellow she thought 'Yes this will do.' As she headed down she suddenly heard a scream.
"No my Pokemon give it back!"
She ran over to the thief. And stopped him in his tracks. "Now now you musn't steal that! Why dont you go and catch one of your own?"
And she snatched the pokemon awey as the thief ran off running.
"Here you go sir!" She said as she handed the Pokemon back to the boy.
"Where might i find a place where one can get their first pokemon?" She asked the boy.
"Ri-ight over there!" The boy said before he ran off.
She looked over in the direction that the boy had pointed too. It was a odd place. It looked like it was falling apart.
She thought 'this is strange' and started to head off over there.
This is only one of the many strange things that will happen.

November 15th, 2007, 3:55 PM
Given Name: Takeshi Braveheart

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: His straight hair is gleaming silvern and reaches over his shoulders, and his eyes are brown. His face has pointy features, but his skin is smooth, golden-brown. Takeshi looks a little older than he really is, but he aslo looks quiet wise. His hair colour may be strange, because his parents had black hair.

Takeshi's clothes are long and wide and he wears one earring with a tiny, green stone attached to it. His long jacket is black and he wears a red shirt with a pattern of white close to the neck and the wrists. The arms of the shirt widens at the end. His trousers are grey and tied with a lace.

Personality: Takeshi has a strong will and a lust for knowledge. He likes to hear and to rell stories, but may be shy with other people. He is seldom hasty and never jelious of anyone else. Takeshi is a very friendly person, but can be aggressive if provoked. He often tries to avoid conflicts and to be busy. Seldom complains of anything and doesn't usually take initiative or talk if not spoken to. He takes responsibility for what he does. Takeshi is brave and avengeful. If someone has challenged him he will not give up in defeating that person.

He likes stones and metal and his favorite type of Pokemon is steel. His favorite colour is green, as the nature is. He also likes very much the feeling when you have won (often in a hard fight to reach winning). Dislikes working if he has to use his body.

History: His mother died when he was very young. Recently, his father died in a sickness and Takeshi became very ill after that. In his illness he saw visions and imaginations that made no sense to him. Maybe they will later.

His father left a earing with a green stone to him and all Takeshi knew was that the stone came from his granfather who got it from his father who got it from a Pokemon that he had defeated to protect his hometown. What Pokemon that was, or if it was true at all, Takeshi does not know.

Takeshi was born in a small town, but moved to Goldenrod when he was 20 years old. He caught a lot of Pokemon when he was young, but couldn't take care of them all, so he left them at a breeding farm. He visits them sometimes. He kept one Pokemon, though, but he lost that Pokemon friend.

One day, 5 years ago, he and Goukazaru walked into a forest to look for Pokemon. Takeshi had left his other Pokemon at the farm, but he wanted to give Goukazaru a new Pokemon friend. Then he spotted a small, green fairy in the woods. It seemed to magical and he followed it. He told Goukazaru to help him catch it, but when the fire Pokemon rushed at the fairy, the wild Pokemon defended itself by making Goukazaru disappear. Then the wild Pokemon fled and left Takeshi. The Trainer have no idea where his Pokemon is or how it could vansih into thin air. He has tried to ask people about the fairy in the forest, but no one else has seen it. He has not tried to get any new Pokemon after this, but he sometimes wonders if his friend will come back. He misses Goukazaru.

Pokémon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa392.png

Personality: Goukazaru is as brave as his Trainer. He would defend Takeshi at all costs. This Pokemon is very loyal and has a strong friendship with his human friend.

History: Takeshi's starter Pokemon. Was a special import from another region, a present to Takeshi from his father. Goukazaru was very playful as young, but had a hot temper sometimes. Unfortunately, the Pokemon disappeared by some mysterious power used by a rare, wild Pokemon.

RP Sample:

He was going to Ecruteak, a town which name he never learned how to pronounce. Anywyay, he was going there to see an old friend. He needed that. Takeshi had not been very happy these later years. His father had died and before that he had lost his best friend, a Pokemon he had since he was ten years old.

He sat on the train now, looking out through the window at the Trainers and Pokemon out there. Then the train sped up and he did not see very much, except the nature. He had and Goukazaru, his Pokemon, had been out there a lot. In the forests and the mountains. Was his friend still alive? If he knew, maybe he would stop thinking about him so much.

It seemed to speed up even more for him now and it didn't feel right. Something was wrong . . .

Maybe you felt that way, just half a second before it really happened. But what had happened? It was like the world had exploded and he was in outer space. A starless space. No, the world could not have exploded. Maybe they had crashed and he had fainted. Maybe he woud wake up soon.

But instead he was at this strange place that had to be a dream. Or had what he called reality been a dream. He felt so relaxed and it seemed that all his worries left him at this moment. Then the dragon appeared before him. What was it? Where was he? Was he dreaming?