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October 8th, 2007, 2:11 AM
In a land on the outer bounds of Japan, there was a group of 7, Teens who entered and was picked from over 500,000 [approx.] others who entered to be the "test mice" of a new type of 3D reality video game.

This game is an online computer game, once you put on your helmet, your gloves, and shoes....your "in real life" body becomes motionless and does nothing but breath, but...your mind is transferred to another "empty shell" or "new body". This body is your character throughout this Cybernetic world. The Cybernetic world is full of massive beasts, uncontrollable disbeliefs....this place is where you nightmares become reality, your fantasies are in front of your face...and life as you know it may end in an instance.

Unfortunately, since this was the first time the game had been tried, something went terribly wrong with the equipment and you the teens were trapped in the game. You play as the teens; you may choose your type of "new body". Warrior, a strong-willed, powerful close-combat fighter, that uses mainly strength. A warlock, strong-minded, with long-distant magic fighting capabilities. They mainly use magic. A gunner, a balanced fighter, long and close combat fighter. Or even a bandit, a speedy combatant where the closer the range, the better. Like most games, they represent the speed stat.

And when they were stuck in the game they all see the chaos brought to the Cyber-world, by the cyber-people.

Ok, so in the Cyber-world, there are "clans" of cyber-people:
- Cyberholics (antagonist)
- Cyber Nightmares (antagonist)
- Cyber Shadows (antagonist)
- Cyber _______** (protagonist)


The "clans" all hate each other, the only way they would work together is to take another one down. The teens are the protagonists who are trying to for one get out of the game, second is to find the leaders of these groups and take them down; they plan the Cyber-world to be a peaceful place.

Cyberholics have not always been a bad clan, they were forced to become fighters because of the other 2 clans of villains, the Nightmares and Shadows, they both attacked the Cyberholics even as a clan that were non-violent, after that attack…they trained their men to fight, and have ever since been known as a “bad” clan.

Cyber Nightmares:
Cyber Nightmares are overall the worst people to meet in a time of need. They feast on fear, when they know you are afraid, they attack full force. Their long swords and axes are dominant in the Cybernetic World. Their men have been taught since created that to live is to fight, and to die is an honor. Simply, just not that nice.

Cyber Shadows:
Cyber Shadows are probably the meanest clan of the three. They are not as ruthless as the Nightmares, but they have no honor in their battles. They easily kill off mini clans within the minutes, their long bows and short daggers are simply just unbeatable at long range.

Cyber _______:
This is the tribe that you will be apart of. This tribe is for the overall common good of the Cybernetic World, where they fight for not just themselves, but for everyone and everything.
That’s your job. You play as one of the teens in this RP.

Sign Up now:

Age: (Within 13-20 please)
Appearance: (prefer a description instead of sprite)
Personality: (at least 3 sentences, good ones)
Hometown: (Not a big deal, but an actual town somewhere in the world)
New Body Type: (Warrior, Warlock, Bandit, Gunner)
Weapon of Choice***:

[**The last group is the group you are in together, you all need to come up with a reasonable name]
[*** Weapon of choice depends on New Body:
Bandit Weapon Choices - Small (2) Knifes, Small Gun, Normal Knife (1).
Warrior Weapon Choices - Sword (long, 1), Sword (short, 2), Sword + Shield (medium sword, medium shield).
Warlock Weapon Choices - Staff (long, 1), Sash + Staff (Medium Staff, small Sash), Staff + Sash (Medium Sash, Small Staff).
Gunner Weapon Choices - Shotgun (large, 2), Shotgun + Pistol (Small Pistol, Medium Shotgun), Pistols (2, large), Long-Range Sniper (Long-ranged large, 1)

When you mix new-bodies PM me and I will tell you the choices you have for that Mix]

We all have 4 orbs, for Warlocks, the orbs are stronger and more useful, for others...however...the orbs are small and are not as strong, but still useful in the overall goal. More will be explained later on.

The orbs are:
Electric Orb - An orb that gives your weapon a sparkly feeling to it, it will mess with the nerves where you slice/shoot/hit your opponent, confusing the brain to make the nerves frantically move randomly, but not forever…only a little while.
Ice Orb - An orb that gives your weapon a cold feeling to it, it will also mess with the nerves but in a different way, this weapon freezes the nerves so that it is unable to move for a while.
Fire Orb - An Orb that gives your weapon a fiery feeling to it, it will terribly burn your opponent where you strike it. This orb basically keeps bringing pain to your opponent even if you are too busy dodging or running to hit them.
Rock Orb - An orb that turns your weapon into stone. Making your weapon to stone makes it so that the damage you deal to them to a higher extent, like a dagger for example would have multiple cuts left when struck.