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October 25th, 2007, 7:06 PM
Here is a roleplay that popped into my head after playing FF7 and 9 earlier today. Anyway this category is seriously lacking in starting trainer stories


In the aftermath of Pokemon Red and blue the protagonist Red decided to continue training in nearby Johto. After a few years the protagonist of Crystal/Silver/gold went to Silver cave and found Red. After a lengthy battle the main character managed to defeat the hero of Kanto and became the greatest trainer in Johto and Kanto

Meanwhile the council of Legendaries watched this battle. The council was made of Arceus, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxies, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Latios, Latitas, Lugia and Ho-oh. They were lead by Arceus in order to combat a threat

From a faraway planet. A new enemy was approaching. It was an enemy from beyond the Milky way galaxy. In search of a planet. The legendaries knew that they couldn't combat this new enemy by themselves. They needed a power like Red and Gold did. So they decided why not recreate the setting in which Red and Gold started in? So they decided to reincarnate themselves into human trainers. This way they could pick out proper pokemon teams in order to combat this new evil.

Your role:

Taking place at least 16 years after the events of Gold/Silver. The protagonist of Gold/Silver/crystal has mysteriously vanished along with Red.

You are a teenager living in Pallet town. You are on your way to Professer Oak's place in search of a starting pokemon in order to start your journey through the world of pokemon. However little do you know there is more to this meeting than meets the eye

Legendaries available:
Arceus is not available. He is the one pokemon that didn't get reincarnated. He is to watch over to reincarnated humans and when the time comes when they are ready he will lead them to the final battle

Lugia: Closed
Celebii: OPEN
Jirachi: OPEN
MewTwo: Open
Rayquaza: closed
Latios: Closed
Latitas: Closed

You are also allowed to request a legendary. But you will need a very well detailed sheet in order to do this. Requesting a legendary allows you to choose a legendary that is not on the list.

You are allowed ONE legendary. Since your character is reincarnated from a legendary you have more potential and better capabilities then a regular trainer


Name: (self explanatory)
Gender: (same thing)
Age: (how old are you?)
Legendary: (What are you the reincarnation of? Listed above)
Personality: (It would be preferred if your personality mirrors your legendary)
History: (Why you want to be a trainer, what kind of trainer, what kind of pokemon, do you have friends things like that)
Rp Sample: (Sample of your writing)


At the most there will be allowed 7 people in the roleplay. Meaning you do not have to choose all of the legendaries.

1. JBCPeace, Adrian Carter, Lugia
2. Evkay, Fen Kurai, Ho-oh
3. President Showaddywaddy, Jack Miller, Latios
4. Netta, Zana Shpetim, Rayquaza
5. Uria Ema, Rurian Akira, Deoxys
6. Te-em, Mei, Latias

October 26th, 2007, 10:37 PM
Name: Fen Kurai
Gender: male
Age: 17
Legendary: Ho-oh

Appearance?: he stands about 5'7 and 130 lbs. he has green shaggy hair with soft blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. He normally wears brown cargo shorts, a black and white t-shirt, and lowcut tennis shoes

Personality: a very calm and straight forward person of average intelligence. he prefers to say what he's thinking and usually only battles when necessary, but would much rather spend his day napping. Fen prefers to think out his moves in advance before he executes them, much like a game of chess.
History: Fen was born in Pallete Town and was a highly playful child. His fondest memories of childhood are sitting at home with his father on Saturday nights and watching the Pokemon League Battles on T.V. Fen can hardly wait to become a trainer himself so he can grow strong and make his father proud. When his father heard of Fen wanting to become a pokemon trainer, his father left Fen his old pokedex with a quote engraved on the inside cover. the quote reads.
"Its not about catching the biggest and best and expecting to win, Its about catching partners and earning their trust that leads to victory"

Rp Sample: Fen was rudely awoken mid-morning by a loud thud. He squinted his eyes open and peered around his quiet bedroom and blinked a view times. he stared puzzled for a moment and pieced together the mystery thud as being the sound of him falling out of bed. he corrected himself right side up and walked groggily to the kitchen. He was greeted by the welcomed smell of pancakes from the kitchen. Fen yawns loudly and peeks his head into the kitchen.

"morning mom..." Fen struggled to pull out a coherent phrase to greet the morning.

"morning dear, your father said he's so sorry he couldn't be here to see you off, he left you a gift on the coffee table." replied his mother cheerfully

Fen entered the living room and noticed a small package on the coffee table. He opened it quickly, then could be heard exclaiming from outside the house

"NO WAY! DAD'S OLD POKEDEX?! wow! i'll put it to good use dad don't you worry! when i pick Charmander today, it will be the beginning of the Kurai family being known worldwide!"

Fen's mom simply smiled to herself in the kitchen as she finished cooking breakfast.

October 26th, 2007, 10:40 PM
Evkay: Very good profile. I like the fact that you have a used pokedex as well. Accepted. We will start after 2 more people join

President Showaddywaddy
October 27th, 2007, 4:54 AM
Name: Jack Samson Miller

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Legendary: Latios

Appearance: Mid-length blonde hair, hazel eyes and big feet. Jack stands 5’ 11” and weighs 120lbs, yes, a real beanpole. Jack usually wears enormous black shoes, combat trousers, and an army style jacket.

Personality: Jack always tries to help, even when there’s no hope. He always thinks before he acts, but is clumsy, so his plans sometimes go awry. He likes company, but also doesn’t mind being alone, and is very intelligent

History: Jack lives in New Bark Town, and has always had an interest in pokemon. He has real empathy for pokemon who belong to harsh trainers. He doesn’t actually like battling, preferring the company of pokemon. His favourite pokemon are what he refers to as, the underdogs. The ones, that aren’t really well known, or used. But still want to battle with readiness, to prove their use.

RP sample: Jack stared at the clock, ticking ever closer to 2:50. He was almost willing it to home time, but alas, he still had ten minutes of maths. Though his school did have pokemon orientated subjects, it also had ‘real world’ subjects. Friday was the only day without a single pokemon lesson.

“Psst,” came a voice behind Jack, and he turned around. It was George, his friend.
“Ten more minutes of school left,” he whispered. He was right. Jack was leaving school at the end of the year, so close, and yet so far away.
“Meet me outside the classroom afterwards,” Jack whispered back. He had told all his friends to meet outside the classroom at the end of the day. Just then, the end of school bell went. Seems that him thinking took away the last minutes.

Outside, Jack spoke to his friends.
“Remember, we all go together on our journeys,” he said. With five people, their journey would be easier.
“Right,” chorused the others.
“We all meet at Georges on the 20th of October.”
“You’re all losers,” said Jack, trying to catch them out.
“Right, wrong, hey!” they shouted, trying to catch Jack. They knew he was joking, but still. But they couldn’t catch him, for he had already run off home.

Finally, the 20th of October came…

October 28th, 2007, 11:22 PM

Name: Zana Shpetim
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Legendary: Rayquaza
Personality: Mirrors Rayquaza (Going off the movie) She is very protective of things that belong to her often defending what belongs to her. When faced with a challenge, she never backs down and usually learns things the hard way. She also has a short temperament with causes her to often explode to others in ways one wouldn't expect from a young child. But deep down inside, she is an emotional girl who hides her emotions and keeps them hidden from everyone putting up a tough, girl defense. (Let me know if you want me to change this)
History: Zana was always spoiled by her parents especially her father. What ever she wanted her parents would get for her. Zana has always wanted to be the best out of all the people. She has seen trainers come and go with defeats and victories and since then she wanted to be the best. With this new development, her parents hired a personal trainer to teach Zana to be a worthy trainer. She passed with flying colors being able to easily take any pokemon given to her and use them properly though she felt horrible because they weren't her own. She has always favored the dragon type pokemon saying they are beautiful and the most protective pokemon out of them all. Her parents decided to get her as a graduation present of Bagon, the dragon pokemon. Though she is very young and her pokemon partner is still learning, the two are quiet powerful but lack potential. Because of her personality, it is hard for her to make friends with anyone other then other fierce looking and fierce personality pokemon who she claims understand her better then any human can.
Rp Sample: Zana stood there looking out ahead of her with her soft baby blue eyes. Her black, wavy hair hung down dancing lightly in the wind to the right of her. Her emerald green, knee high skirt dance like ripples on the water's surface. She wore a white tee shirt with an emerald green summer jacket which was always zipped. The person ahead of her was older, with brown hair and green eyes. He wore a black and white business suit. The sighed, "Zana honey please, I don't have time to practice with you right now." he stated as Zana stood there unscathed by his words.

"Come on out Kulcedra (Koo-l-shee-drah)." She calmly stated in a firm, yet soft voice while tossing her pokemon out into the air.

The pokeball opened and a red beam of light flew out and hit the ground where Bagon appeared looking at the man. The man sighed again and brought out his pokeball.

"Okay, you can practice with Espeon." he stated as he tossed his pokeball and it opened with a red beam flying out and hitting the ground in front of her bagon as Espeon appeared. "Espeon, give them a good training battle. I'll be back soon, I'm late for work." With that, the man was gone.

"Daddy!" stated Zana upset as she looked to Espeon. "Kulcedra headbutt!" she ordered as Bagon charged for Espeon.

The battle had ended before it started as Bagon was lifted up into the air with the glowing eyes of Espeon. Zana blinked somewhat shocked that Espeon would use it's Psychic attack right away. Bagon began to be thrown to the ground hard and lifted back up again and tossed back down to the ground a few times before Zana growled.

"Enough!" she ordered as Espeons eyes returned to normal and looked up at Zana cutely.

Bagon fell to the ground once last time with his eyes closed. He slowly opened them as Zana sighed in her small defeat. "Kulcedra, return." she said holding out the pokeball as the red beam flew out and hit Bagon as it faded.

"That was just mean Espeon, you were supposed to help me train." she stated as Espeon smiled and turned to walk away.

Zana watched Espeon move to a tree and lay down in a curl and give a loud yawn. It put its head down and closed its eyes. "That's just great, one day Espeon, Kulcedra and I will defeat you." she stated and turned to leave for her house.

((I'm back and let me know if you need me to make any changes.))

October 29th, 2007, 12:26 AM
OOC: President: An okay signup Accepted Anyway I just noticed that I forgot to include a description. Oh well you can post a description in your first post

Netta: A very nice sheet. Its good to get diversity in this roleplay. Ive roleplayed with you before. Since I know that you can roleplay okay. I will Accept you.

Here is my sheet

Name: Adrian Carter
Gender: male
Age: 16
Legendary: Lugia

Personality: Adrian is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street or random pokemon in a forest. When he is in a group Adrian is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He mainly makes friends with pokemon and rarely people. Adrian uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture. Even his pokemon look up to him as a leader

History: Adrian grew up in a middle class family. For his entire life he has always wanted to start a pokemon journey. With not just pokemon but with other people as well. Adrian usually follows goals and his current one is to make it to the Kanto league. His father was once a very accomplished pokemon gym leader. However he retired and encouraged training him. Pallet town was always a very good place to start a pokemon journey. Due to Professer Oak setting up shop there. Adrian currently wants to take a fire pokemon because of his like of them

Starting... now

Adrian looked at himself in his bedroom mirror. It was an old thing that he picked up at a garage sale. His dark black hair still looked as if it glowed on his pale-like skin. The morning sunlight streamed in through his bedroom window. Normally Adrian would go back to sleep. But not today, today was the day he would get a pokemon. Much of his stuff was already there. A regular belt, his turtle neck, a jean jacket, a pair of black cargos and sneakers. Also normally Adrian would take a backpack with him. But currently his mind was on getting a pokemon before they were all gone

Adrian ran out of his house quickly. He began to run down the road towards Professor Oak's laboratory. He looked at his watch which read 9:15. Bright and early. he thought to himself as he continued running. He hoped that no one else was there and he was free to take any pokemon the Professor had.

OOC: Now this is where you come in. Feel free to make it to Professor Oak's laboratory. Pick a starter pokemon (Make it reasonable. Dont pick a Tyrannitar or something)

October 29th, 2007, 6:34 AM
Name: Rurian Akira

Gender: male

Age: 10

Legendary: Deoxys

Personality: Rurian's personality somewhat matches that of Deoxys. He is stubborn and warm hearted at the same time. If someone close to him is lost and he doesn't where he or she is, he'll look for them until they find them. He's short tempered and people usually make him tick, though there are some people that don't. He doesn't like fighting all that much, but he will if he needs to. He is very intelligent and knows ways out of situations that are dangerous or just plain bad. Though there's some people he doesn't care for, he shows care to his friends and family, and even to people in trouble. He's also not the kind of person to stay down if he gets hit. Once knocked down to the ground, he'll get back up and fight, even if it is in contrast with him not liking fights. He's a speedy, defensive, and somewhat a strong person.

History: Rurian has never known anybody as caring as his sister. He lived with her ever since their parents died, and moved into their aunt's house. She was also his twin, and had the same personality at that. Rurian made few friends at school and has always wanted to be a trainer and go to the Pokemon League. When he was nine he moved all the way from Pallet Town in Kanto to New Bark Town in Johto. After they moved, him and his sister, Allucia, were attacked by a Garchomp. He did his best to protect her, and at its best indeed. Without any Pokemon he bravely went out to protect his sister. He got a huge scar on the side of his head before it all ended. After the Pokemon fled, Rurian went over to Allucia and decided that they should become Pokemon Trainers, to protect each other and become two of the best trainers in history. It has been a year since that day, and now Rurian was out to get his Pokemon, while his sister got one the day before and has already left.

Rp Sample: Rurian got in his battle stance as the battle between him and a Triathlete started. Rurian grabbed his pokeball and calmly held it. Him and the other guy looked eachother in the eyes. after a few seconds, they started, and Rurian threw the pokeball into the air. "Kage, I choose you!"

An Eevee popped out of his pokeball, jumping up and down cutely before it went into battle position. "Let's go, Houndour!" The Triathlete yelled. A black and red dog-like Pokemon shot out in a white beam as the pokeball opened. The Eevee and Houndour looked at each other until the battle began. "Kage, quick attack!" Rurian ordered. The cute little Eevee dashed at amazing speed towards the Houndour, and almost connected before the Houndour let off an ember attack to distract it. "Kage, watch out from behind! Sand-attack!" As the Houndour was about to connect a bite attack, Kage kicked sand into its mouth and eyes. It let out a yelp and jumped back to get the sound out of its mouth and eyes. "Kage, use a shadow ball!" Kage jumped into the air and shot out a small black ball at the Houndour. "Houndour, ember straight up at that shadow ball!" Houndour's ember did not put up much of a fight. It withered away as the shadow ball shot right through it and connected with the Houndour.

The dog-like Pokemon got up from the ground and growled at Kage, who wasn't shaken by the growl. "Now's your chance, Kage, quick attack!" Rurian shouted. Kage made another quick dash forward and ran at the Houndour. "Now, make a sharp turn attack from behind, Kage!" The Eevee did as it was told and hit the Dark Pokemon from behind. The Houndour got up slowly before it went down again, a sign that the battle was over. "Return, Houndour. You deserve a nice, long rest." The Triathlete said before returning his Pokemon. He shook hands with Rurian and was off to a Pokemon Center on his bike. "Well done, Kage!" Rurian exclaimed. The Eevee cried cutely before going back into his pokeball.

Rurian looked at the horizon, where the next city was. "We're almost there... Almost there..." He muttered before starting off again.

October 29th, 2007, 9:52 AM
Name: Mei

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Family: Father and Mother. Her parents work a lot in the larger city of Kantou (the middle one). Father comes home more often and usually brings a present with him.

Appearance: She has long silvern hair and dark eyes. She often wears a brown-green gown and a belt.

Personality: She often prefer to be alone and doesn't talk with other people so much. She seldom goes far from her hometown. Instead she want to stay at a calm and quiet place and she only want friends she can trust. Avoids conflicts with other people.
She the nature and wilderness of Kantou, outside the cities.
She dislikes places with a lot of people and to meet those who want to start a fight for no good reason.
Makes friends with Pokemon easy. Not so easy with humans though.

History: She grew up in a large house on a hill close to Masara Town in Kantou (where this rp takes place?). Her parents work a lot so she is alone during the days. She has often gone off exploring the area where she lives. Her parents are very nice to her and her father often brings presents with him. They've gone on holidays sometimes (often somewhere in the nature where Mei likes to be) so that they can have some time together.

Legendary: Latias

RP sample:
She was alone at home and waited for her parents to get back from work. Later, she could hear the door opening and she rushed down the stairs to meet her father.
"Hi, Mei," he said and smiled. "I have a present for you."
She was happy and hugged him. "Thanks, dad."
"But you'll have to come with me outside."
Now she was very curious. She put on her shoes and followed him as he went into the town.
"Do you see that house over there," he said. "It's a Pokemon laboratory. I talked with the professor and he is going to give you a Pokemon."
"Really . . .?" A Pokemon of her own. She really wanted one, but hadn't ever needed one since she always stayed at home, while all the beginner Trainers left for the Pokemon League. Mei wasn't much interested in Pokemon competitions, but she liked Pokemon because they could be good friends with her and they were often faithful.
She went with her father to the lab and she felt a little nervous, but still very happy. At last she was going to have her very own Pocket Monster.

October 29th, 2007, 10:05 AM
*continued from RP sample*

Fen jumped around the house with giddy delight then sat to look at the sleek red pokedex his dad had left for him. "this is so cool!" Fen said to himself.

"Fen, come eat some breakfast... you'll be late for your meeting with Professor Oak if you don't leave soon" called Fen's mom from the kitchen

"Oh no! you're right!" Fen replied. He rushed into the kitchen and stopped near a plate of food on the table then scarfed it down heavily. "Thanks mom! i packed my stuff last night! gotta go!" Fen rushed to his room and grabbed his messenger bag with his gear inside of it. he swung it around his neck and let it rest gently on his back. he looked into his mirror and gave a look of disgust at his hair. He made a half attempt to fix it with his hand then ran out the front door just praying that there was still a fire type left.

"Fen! be sure to write! tell me how your adventure is going!" His mom called as he ran down the street.

October 29th, 2007, 11:29 AM
OOC: Uria and Te-em Accepted


Adrian eventually made it to the lab. He looked around. It had a musty smell about it. There were windows and cages everywhere. Near the middle there was an icubator for smaller pokemon. Adrian looked around and finally found Professor Oak. Sitting at a computer. "Hi... I am Adrian, I am supposed to pick up a pokemon here?" Professor Oak looked up. "Ah yes Adrian. Well look inside the incubator."

Professor Oak got up. He walked over to the incubator. Then he punched in a few commands in a keypad next to it. The incubator opened up and inside were pokeballs. "Now pick one. Beware, some are very difficult." Adrian laughed. "I'll be carefull." He looked around. Most of the pokeballs had different designs on them. One of them that appealed to him was a white one with red outlines. "Be carefull" Professor Oak said. "I will be" Adrian opened it with a flash of light

October 29th, 2007, 12:24 PM
Mei walked carefully into the lab. She was going to choose her Pokemon on her own. The professor was busy showing another Trainer the choosable Pokemon, but he gladly turned to help her as well.
"So . . . are you here for a Pokemon?" he asked and she nodded. "Well, let's see what we have here." He looked among the monster balls on a shelf. There was a label with a Pokemon name attached to each of them. "Is there any special Pokemon you wish to have?"
She looked among the red-white balls. She did not know all the names on them. "A Pachirisu would do fine," she said and picked a ball.
"That's a good choise," the professor said, as he always did, no matter what Pokemon the Trainer chose.

((Can I have a red and white Pachirisu instead of blue and white?))

October 29th, 2007, 12:42 PM
Fen arrived at the Pokemon lab doubled over with exhaustion and chest heaving trying to catch his breath.

"i'm here professor!" Fen announced tiredly

"ohh Fen, you made it! your father told me you would be starting your journey today. He had a specific request for the pokemon i give you and dropped it off himself this morning." replied Professor Oak.

"a special request? ...but i was pretty dead set on getting a Charmander..." Fen replied quietly, almost to himself.

Professor Oak handed Fen a pokeball with a small volcano symbol on it. attached to the ball was a note.

Dear Fen,
i know you wanted to start out with Charmander but this pokemon is whats going to set you apart from the others. i found it during my journeys in Hoenn. He is very reliable and i know you'll take good care of it. And besides... he kind of reminds me of you.

Sincerely, Dad

Fen looked at the pokeball for a moment then decided "I have faith in dad. he'll choose whats best for me." Fen released the pokemon onto the ground in front of him. a small yellow pokemon with a large hump on its back appears before him and yawns loudly then looks at Fen calmly. it then lays down in front of him and yawns again then begins to nap on the floor.

"what the heck?" Fen thought to himself as he pulls out his pokedex and aims it at the pokemon. The pokedex responds in a female voice

Numel, the camel Pokemon, Numel is a very easy going laid back pokemon, its humped back stores intensely hot magma. In rain, the magma cools, slowing its movement.

"So you're a Numel..." Fen said to himself chuckling and looking at the ring around Numels eyes, "I think I'll name you Ringo"

October 29th, 2007, 1:52 PM
Zana ended walking over to the professor's lab somewhat unsure of weather to go there or not. Just as she made it to his lab, she noticed a few others walk in first.

"Great, Professor Oak probably doesn't have any available pokemon. Good thing father gave me Kulcedra." she talked to herself as she watched them walk in.

She followed after them opening the door and gazed out at seeing the Professor helping the other three trainers. She folded her arms infront of her raising her right brow, her legs together. She just watched them staying silent. She noticed them letting out their pokemon and listened to Oak speak to the others. When the others were done, Oak looked to Zana.

"You must be Zana Shpetim, your father is a powerful psychic pokemon trainer and your mother a respected water pokemon trainer. How you end up with loving dragon types is way beyond me. Your parents told me all about your pokemon fetish of Dragon types so I've decided to give you a Charmander." he stated as Zana closed her eyes and turned her head away showing she did not care.

"I already have a starting pokemon. Kulcedra show yourself." she ordered as she brought out her pokeball out flew a red beam which hit the floor infront of her and there appeared the Bagon looking at them.

"Zana, Bagons are not good for starting out, I suggest you go ahead and take Charmander here and I'll hold on to Bagon for you until you're ready." Oak tried to tell her.

"No! Kulcedra is MY pokemon Professor Oakendale and she stays. I can control her just fine!" she argued as Oak sighed.

"Okay then. Good luck." stated Oak as Zana did not show much of any emotion at all.

And Bagon stood there looking at the other pokemon. When one looked at Zana, they could tell she had the coldness of the sheer wind, this would make others wonder what would happen if she went into battle.

((Here is my first post.))

October 29th, 2007, 3:44 PM
OOC: Te-em. I don't know why you would have a pachirisu. Since it doesn't evolve into anything
Netta: What is a pokemon Fetish? An arousal to pokemon at nine?


The light went away and a small green pokemon sat down in the incubator. "This is Larvatar" Professor Oak said. "Larvatar.." Adrian had heard of its final evolution Tyranitar. Adrian grasped the premier ball that held it. "Okay then". This was the first time that Larvatar looked apon him. He began to jump up and down as if he was on fire. "He is that excited?" Professor Oak sighed. "Yes, he seems to have a lot of energy." Adrian returned Larvatar back to his ball.

"So anyone heading to Viridian?" Professor Oak then walked over to a table with a tarp over it. He quickly took it off. On the desk were pokedexes. But the strange thing was the pokedexes were different colors. "Now for pokedexes. If you need one go to the table and select one." Adrian walked over to the table. There were twenty different colored pokedexes. Adrian looked around for one that looked the most attractive. Then he found an onyx black with red pokedex. "Ah our last one." Adrian grasped it. He quickly set Larvatar back out and pointed it at him. Suddenly a very detailed profile suddenly showed up. "Larvatar the rock pokemon." Then it listed his moves, mood and evolutions. Then he pressed a down button and went to the move "Bite". Suddenly in the screen a video began playing of a Larvatar biting down on a Charmander. "Bite. A good finishing move." "Hmm handy." Adrian said as he placed the pokedex in his pocket. Then he looked around. "So anyone heading for Viridian or not?"

October 29th, 2007, 3:48 PM
Fen looked to a boy who had also just received his pokemon. Fen immediately recognized it from the battles he had seen on TV.

"A Larvatar... hm, i might as well see what Ringo can do" Fen said to himself. he looked to the boy. "I'll battle you, lets move it outside though. by the way, my name is is Fen, and yours?" asked Fen.

Fen wakes up Ringo and walks outside with Ringo scurrying close behind

October 29th, 2007, 11:00 PM
((OOC: *large sweat drop* It's not what you think. It's nothing sexual mind you Blank. Just that she is very obsessed with dragon type pokemon.))


Zana watched as Professor Oak pulled over a tarp and walked over to the table. She viewed each one while Kulcedra, her trusted Bagon watched the Larvatar come out and disappear and then back out again.

"That color is tasteless." she commented to Adrian and looked down at different colored pokedexes.

She spotted a light pearly rose pink color and picked it up. "Now this is something nice." she stated as she held it up and pointed it toward Kulcedra.

She pushed a button and the information appeared as well as the mood, attacks, learned attacks, evolutions and the likes. She closed the Pokedex and heard about a battle and glanced up to look at the boy and his Numel and then to Larvatar. Kulcedra gave a growl to the Larvatar as Zana knew exactly what was going to happen. She brought out her pokeball and held it out.

"Kulcedra return. We have traveling to do." she stated as a red beam flew out and hit Bagon as it disappeared and returned to the pokeball.

Zana turned to walk out of the office and she stopped short. She turned her head to gaze at Professor Oak. "Thanks." she said as politely as she could and continued out the door.

She wasn't so sure where she was going to head first, but decided to stop at home and pack her backpack. Her younger brother greeted her.

"Can I come sissy, please? You need someone to protect you." he stated. Unlike her sister, her brother had sandy brown hair and green eyes.

He wore blue jeans and a white tee-shirt as well as a red vest. Zana looked at her brother bending down. "No brother, I will be fine. Don't worry, I will bring you back a surprise pokemon just for you." said Zana as her brother hugged her.

"Thank you sissy and I want you to take Drita." said her brother as Zana was shocked.

"Why? Drita is your pokemon from father." said Zana as her brother smiled holding out a pink and white pokeball.

"But she will just be waisted here locked up in the barn. She would much better be out there with you. Please sister, take her and train her to be strong and enter into battles." he stated as Zana gave a nervous smile and shook her head.

"No, you need to train her. Now, let me get my stuff." she stood up and walked down the road to her house followed by her brother who was coming up with a scheme.

October 29th, 2007, 11:31 PM
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"Adrian. I could use a good battle." Adrian replied to the person who asked him. "So Fen. Get the pokemon you want?" Adrian didn't need to ask this question. His father told him that you can tell a lot about the trainer by their pokemon. Judging by his Numel Fen looked as if this pokemon had been dumped on him.

Adrian looked around and saw a small clearing. "Okay then. Lets do this." Adrian's father had pushed him into learning how to battle. So he knew the bare principles of it. He quickly took the white and red ball out and Larvatar appeared in a flash of light. "Its time to battle Larvatar." Most pokemon understand their trainers like they are linked to them. Larvatar didn't immediatly understand why Adrian sent him out. But then he looked at the Numel and saw why. "You ready Fen?" Adrian had never won a pokemon battle before. But this was different. He had his own pokemon now.

October 30th, 2007, 6:46 AM
Rurian rushed down the streets of Pallet Town, heading for the lab as fast as he could. Once he finally got to the doors of the lab he took a quick breather. "Phew, that sure was a long run from New Bark... Oh well, at least I made it." Rurian seemed to shine in the sunlight with his orange and black vest, black headband, green eyes, white hair, and black denim shorts. He touched the area of his scar, which was covered by his headband and hair, and fixed his headband to where it completely covered his scar, so people wouldn't see. "Alright... Here we go!" he said. He opened the doors of the lab and walked in.

Rurian walked up to Professor Oak. The professor turned around and looked happy to see him. "Ah! You must be Rurian. I've heard of you and your sister from the people here in Pallet. I am very sorry about your parents..." Oak kindly assured to Rurian. "Nah. It's okay, I'm over it." Rurian replied. Oak then went close to Rurian and bent over to whisper something to him. "I heard about that Garchomp attack on you and your sister. How's your scar?" He whispered quietly enough for nobody but Rurian to hear. Rurian touched the side of his head. "It prickles, but it's fine. Just please don't tell anyone about it."

"Alright then, Rurian, are you ready for your Pokemon?" Oak asked. Rurian nodded. They walked over to the table, which had a number of Pokeballs set out, in different kinds of patterns too. "I've got two Pokemon for you to choose from. Here they are." Oak opened the red and white balls and two small Pokemon shot out in white light. The two Pokemon were an Eevee, and a Happiny. Rurian looked at both of them, and finally decided after thinking about it. "I'll choose the Eevee. Oh, and what gender is it?" Rurian asked. Oak said," Oh, this Eevee is a female. Why, do you want a male?" Rurian shook his head and calmly told him that it was okay with him. "Alright, well, all the other trainers that came here earlier should still be around here in Pallet Town. Well, just grab a Pokedex and you can begin your journey." Oak told him. Rurian went over to a table with about more than fifteen Pokedex colors. Rurian looked at the onyx and gold Pokedex, grabbed it, gave his thanks to Oak, and walked out of the lab.

October 30th, 2007, 8:53 AM
Fen could see the look of disbelief in Adrian's eyes when he looked at Numel. And he had good reason for the look, Numels weren't exactly notorious for looking battle ready. But Fen knew to have faith in his dad no matter what. Fen yawned loudly then said

"Okay Ringo, lets do this! heres an attack you should be good at! quick try an ember attack!" Fen yelled.

"Nu Nu!" Numel stepped forward and shot embers high into the air out of his hump. the embers landed all around Larvatar.

October 30th, 2007, 12:04 PM
((So an evolving Pokemon is best for this rpg. Ok . . .))

"But are you not sure you want a Pokemon that evolves," the professor suudenly added. "And Pachirisu is quiet common in certain areas anyway.
Mei thought for a moment, and supposed he was right. She went on looking for a suitable Pokemon and found one.
"Is this a good choise?" she asked and picked another ball.
"Yes, it is another electric Pokemon, that evolves twice."
"Then I pick this one."
"A good choice!"
She let the Pokemon out so that she could see how it really looked like.
"Hi, Kolink, you're my Pokemon now."
It smiled happily at her, glad to have a Trainer, and wanted to be petted. Mei stroke its fur and the Pokemon began to purr.

When she had left the lab with her new friend, she went to sit on a bench. She fed Kolink some sweets and looked at the things the professor had given her. An electronic Pokemon guide that informed her about anything she needed to know about Pokemon and being a Trainer. She wanted to thank her father, so she started to walk. Kolink ran playfully beside her.

President Showaddywaddy
October 30th, 2007, 12:40 PM
The saga, begins

Jack was sitting at the bus stop in New Bark Town. Since the new road was built between his town and Pallet, there was now a bus service between them. The bus stop had a computer screen, displaying the times of the next buses, and also delays and accidents. Jack was ready to catch the earliest bus to Pallet, the 8:40am. Jack reminisced in his head about what had happened a few minutes ago at home. His parents were both quite tearful about him leaving, but were happy that he was doing what he wanted. He remembered what his brother had said to him as he left.
“Remember; Think lucky!” Jack was thinking lucky, as he stared at the screen.

Suddenly a new message flashed across the screen. Jack looked at it, and his mouth fell open. It read;

“Due to unforeseen workforce issues, we are unable to provide service until October 29th, we apologise for this inconvenience.”

Inconvenience, Jack thought, you may as well chop off my leg. Bloody strikes! Strikes were common in the Johto public services, but they only lasted a few hours usually, not a week and a bit. Jack had no other way of getting to Pallet. His parents couldn’t drive, and bus fare wouldn’t cover taxi rates. He would have to walk. Jack began to make his way to Kanto.

After several hours, Jack could finally see Professor Oak’s lab. He had tried to thumb a lift on the way, but his only reply was the V’s. Jack opened the door, and expected to see Professor Oak, working away madly at some new device, with maybe an assistant, but he didn’t. What he actually saw was a ticket dispensing machine next to a door, with a sign saying “enter after taking ticket” on the wall above it. Jack took a ticket, wondering what it was for, and saw another sign next to the machine, saying;

“Due to increased trainer traffic, we have reverted to an Argos system for the moment,
Professor Oak”

Every trainer in Kanto and Johto now had to go to Professor Oak’s lab. Elm, the professor of New Bark, was currently on Dialysis with Kidney failure. A donor had been found, and the operation was happening any day now, but his lab was closed while he was away. Professor Oak had agreed to take the starter pokemon and starter trainers from both regions. This now meant that Jack had a lot more choice over his pokemon, but also meant more trainers could get them first.

Jack entered the room, and a strange sight greeted him. It was like a waiting room. There were chairs in rows and a lot of people were sitting in them, there was another door, on the wall opposite the one Jack had come through. Above it was a digital screen with a number three on it. As he stood in the doorway, Jack saw the number on the change to a four, and a cool female voice said, “Trainer number four please.” A boy of Jack’s height stood up and made his way to the door, just as another boy, this one tiny, left. Now Jack understood what they had meant by ‘Argos’.

Jack looked at the number on his card. Twenty three. He was going to be there a while, and he sat down dejectedly.

October 30th, 2007, 3:13 PM
OOC: I meant that if you have a pokemon that doesn't change very much in the roleplay it doesnt look like your character as a trainer doesn't change very much. Anyway what I would recommend is catching the pokemon of your choice. Since it has more plot to it.


One thing Adrian had learned was that fire damage wasn't very effective to rock pokemon. Larvatar shrugged it off quickly. "Larvatar bite attack." Adrian took his pokedex out and quickly looked up Larvatar and his other attacks. Then once he saw one he looked fairly pleased with himself.

"Larvatar jump into the air and bite him." Adrian had an idea. But he didn't know if it would work. The only good thing was he wasn't facing a water pokemon. Adrian looked at his watch again. The time now read 12:30 PM. "Well time flies when your having fun." Adrian knew that if he wanted to get to Viridian before night fall they only had another half hour to battle. Or else they would be overcome by night pokemon. The stronger nocturnal pokemon that Adrian heard about. But would probably seem like a good idea to catch.

October 30th, 2007, 3:26 PM
Mei hurried home, happy on her way. She slowed down as she approached the house. There was a strange silence. Kolink looked anxious at her as if he wondered if something was wrong. Mei walked to the door and into her house.
"Dad . . ." Was it not for her little friend, she would have felt much alone in this situation. Her mother must have returned. "Mum!" No one said anything back. "Maybe they went out, Kolink."
They headed outdoors again and she realised that the sky had begun to turn dark. She had to find her parents before night came. She felt that something was wrong and that she had been involved in something she did not want to. The best thing she could do now was to go to the next town closest to here, since she knew some people over there.
So she and Kolink left the small town and followed the road toward the neighbour town.

October 30th, 2007, 3:30 PM
Larvatar landed on Ringo biting him on the hump and held on tight. Ringo squealed in pain and began running in circles chaotically and wide eyed. Fen slapped his forehead and sighed as he watched Ringo run in circles. He calmed down and did what he did best. He closed his eyes and thought to himself for a moment. His eyes snapped open and he looked at his pokedex and Numel move description.

"Thats it!" Fen thought to himself. "Now, Ringo! fill his mouth with an Ember attack!"

Ringo skidded to a stop and began shooting an ember straight into Larvatar's mouth. Larvatar was tossed off by the hot coals shooting from Ringo's hump into Larvatar's mouth.

"Now Ringo, Magnitude when he lands on the ground!"

October 30th, 2007, 5:15 PM
OOC: Magnitude at that level? Can Numel learn magnitude? Since I used its evo and thats when it got magnitude

Anyway it doesnt matter. Since I really need to start the first chapter before the next page.


Adrian thought fast. Then it came to him. Larvatar immediatly spun in the air to land on his feet. "Larvatar quickly use rock smash on the ground." Larvatar smashed the ground around him. leaving a small crater in the earth."

Suddenly Professor Oak came running out of the lab. "Please if your going to fight don't do it on my front lawn." Adrian shrugged. "Okay fine." Adrian quickly returned Larvatar. "Well that was fun." Adrian never did battle with a rock pokemon before. It was a revolutionary experience. "Well anyone going to Viridian or not?"

Adrian looked at his watch again. It now read 12:49. Close one he thought to himself slowly. "Yo Fen." He called to Fen from across the lawn. "You heading to Viridian?"

October 30th, 2007, 5:46 PM
OOC: Numel learns Magnitude at lv11 believe it or not lol sorry if that was a bit over leveled.. i just picked the first 4 attacks i saw XD


Fen calls Ringo back to the pokeball and clips it on his belt loop. He looks up at Adrian across the lawn.

"ya, i'm headed to Viridian, if you don't mind a traveling companion?" Fen said to Adrian as he waited for him to walk closer. Fen began walking alongside Adrian and started friendly conversation. "looks like we got similar types for our starters, since Numel is a Fire and Ground type and Larvatar is a Rock and Ground type... we should think up some combinations sometime, you seem like a pretty solid battler, maybe we can team up on some battles"

October 31st, 2007, 7:00 PM
OOC: It does? Wow you really do learn something new every day. Anyway to all the other people if you want to follow our characters meet them at the Pallet gate


"Allright then." Adrian said. "How about we meet at the Pallet gate in twenty minutes. We obviously have things to wrap up here." Adrian was hiding the fact that he forgot to pack before he left.

20 minutes later

Adrian was packing up at his house. He decided to actually take a backpack this time. So after fumbling around he found an old one strap backpack that he swung around his waist. Larvatar looked at him strangely when he was doing this. After he did this he quickly hooked his pokedex to his belt using an old hook he found. Then he set out

The morning air had died down. It was afternoon now. Adrian knew he had to make it to the Pallet gate which divided Pallet town from Route 1. Once he made it there he began leaning on one of the gate posts. "Well now I just need to wait." Adrian was hoping he had not just ditched him and continued on without him.

October 31st, 2007, 7:14 PM
Fen had already packed everything he needed for the adventure in his messenger bag which was hanging loosely around his neck. He decided went to the gate of Pallete and waited for Adrian to get his things together.

"He forgot to pack his supplies? what kind of trainer am i traveling with?" Fen said to himself. "oh well, he seems like a strong battler at least."

Fen let Ringo out of his pokeball. Ringo looked at him somewhat confused then rubbed against him and nuzzled close and began to take a nap again. Ringo and Fen had become quick friends already. Ringo's lazy personality led to Fen growing more and more fond of it. Fen could see the similarities his dad saw between him and the Numel and chuckled to himself.

"Dad always did have a good sense of humor..." Fen laughed out loud. He looked up and saw Adrian leaning against the gate post. "When did he get there?" Fen wondered. He walked over to greet Adrian once again.

October 31st, 2007, 7:19 PM
Mei was on her way out of town. Kolink walked beside her and looked around, not very familiar with the world outside the laboratory. She hoped they woud meet more Pokemon. She also had some Monster Balls with her, would there be a moment to catch one.
When she reached the gate she saw a boy standing there, as if he was waiting for someone. Kolink carefully approached him to nose. The Pokemon did not seem to be very afraid of other humans. Mei tried to call her friend back to her.

November 1st, 2007, 6:08 PM
Zana was getting hounded by her parents as she stood there at the door listening to both mother and father talk about safety tips and how to treat pokemon and how to capture pokemon and how to manage money as well as how to start a fire and cook food and always stay at the pokemon center when in towns and cities. This went on for almost hours as Zana growled.

"Mother, Father, I have to go now you're holding me up!" she stated as she turned to walk out.

However, she was caught off guard when she felt a heavy weight land on her backpack as she fell flat on her front on the floor as Zana only growled angrily.

"Markjus!" she yelled as her brother laughed and hugged his sister hard.

"Don't worry sissy, you will be great and I'll miss you. Bye now." he stated as he jumped off and ran away as Zana jumped up and turned to run after him only to be stopped by her father.

"Now Zana, you need to be going." he stated as Zana sighed in annoyance.

She turned to walk out the door and left her house. As she started down the road she couldn't help but think about how her parents fuss over her like she was a baby just born. But the thing she wanted to show them was that she wasn't a baby. She was old enough to be a young lady and will prove it by traveling on an adventure and hopefully to finally get all her favorite pokemon types.

As she reached the hill that led outside the town, Zana turned to look at her house. She gave a light smile and sighed. "Just you wait, I'm going to make something of myself and show you all that I am not your baby." she said to herself as she turned to walk down the hill.

November 2nd, 2007, 2:43 PM
"Hey Adrian, you ready to head for Viridian?" Fen asked Adrian as him and Ringo approached.

Fen looked down at the ground to see a little Shinx attempting to play with Ringo. He looked up to see a young girl chasing after it calling its name.

"Hello, my names Fen... does this Shinx belong to you?" Fen asked the girl while watching it attempt to play with Ringo as Ringo continually rolled over trying to nap some more

November 2nd, 2007, 3:03 PM
"Yes, I'm sorry." Kolink ran back to her, making a mewing sound. "We're on our way to Tokiwa City, so we won't be any trouble for you." Her little friend seemed eager to go on. The electric Pokemon wished to see the great nature that lay beyond. Mei thought that she had to hurry if she wanted to get to the neighbour town before it became too dark. She did not want to be attacked by a Golbat or something on her way.

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November 3rd, 2007, 1:29 PM
All pokemon big and small…

As Jack sat on the seat, he watched all the new trainers file out of the building. Most had their pokemon in their poke balls when they went through the waiting area. Some said they would leave their pokemon out of the balls, but put them in once Oak had his back turned. And a few, only two or three, left their pokemon out completely. One such trainer was a boy called Tony.

Jack had been talking to him before he went to choose his pokemon, and thought that he wasn’t a particularly nice person. He always wanted his own way, and wouldn’t let Jack have an opinion different from his own. Then his number was called, and he melted into the mysterious world behind the door. About five minutes later, he reappeared, with a Charmander, who seemed to have the same opinion of him as Jack.

Tony started to walk away from the door, but his new pokemon wouldn’t follow. Charmander locked his claws around the door frame and stared at Tony forlornly.
“Come on Charmander. We’re going now,” he said, agitated. Charmander shook his head, and gripped the frame tighter. A few people in the room looked around to see what the commotion was, but looked back almost instantly.
“Come here Charmander. NOW!” Tony shouted. This time everyone looked at the pair. Charmander looked terrified, seeming to forget that he had the power of fire.
“YOU’RE COMING WITH ME, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!” Tony bellowed, and he strode across the room to the door. He grabbed Charmander’s hind legs and began to try and pull him away. Oak approached with caution.
“Tony, you shouldn’t do that. If Charmander doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t want to go,” Oak pleaded with the deranged boy, but it was no use.
“IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE WANTS, IT’S WHAT I WANT! TRAINERS ARE TOO SOFT THESE DAYS, POKEMON SHOULD KNOW WHO’S BOSS. I-” but he didn’t get to finish his lecture. Charmander regained his power, and sent a jet of flame at Tony’s head. His skin was singed and his hair on fire. Oak phoned for an ambulance.

When it arrived, one of the men asked who did it, as they were going to drop them off to be ‘processed’. Oak didn’t want to let Charmander go, but he had violated pokemon rule no. 1: “Pokemon must never attack their trainers. All those that violate this must be isolated until deemed fit to re-enter society.”

Sometimes the pokemon would be terminated without thought. But if Oak didn’t hand Charmander over, he’d be prosecuted instead. Reluctantly, Oak gave them Charmander, but not without telling them what happened.
“So it’s this idiot’s fault,” said the ambulance driver, “that changes everything,” and the ambulance sped off without another word. Oak ushered the waiting trainers back inside, saying, “don’t worry, Charmander’ll be alright.”
“What about Tony?” enquired a small but mature looking girl.
“Is anyone particularly bothered?” he replied. It was obvious that he hated children like Tony. No one answered.

Jack re-took his place in the waiting area, and waited his turn again. Some time later, he heard:
“Trainer number twenty three please,” in the cool female voice of the intercom. Jack stood up, and looked at his watch for the first time. It was half past two. Over six hours had passed since he left the bus stop, and he hadn’t even got his pokemon yet. Still, he thought, at least there’s nothing in my way now.

Jack left the now empty waiting area, and entered the mysterious world through the door. What he saw made his jaw drop. What he had expected was a room, filled with pokemon, waiting to be taken. But it wasn’t that. What he actually saw was a beautiful outdoor space, except it was inside. The room was cavernous, and had trees and shrubs and masses of flowers growing in it. It looked like the perfect habitat for a pokemon, there was even a small lake for water types. The strange thing was, there were no pokemon in sight.

“Ahh, Jack, is it? I’ve been waiting,” came Professor Oak’s voice, and he walked into view from behind a tree.
“Not be rude, but aren’t there supposed to be pokemon in here?” asked Jack, and the professor smiled.
“There is one, Jack. It’s just that she’s quite shy towards humans. She’s fine with other pokemon, but when that Tony brat came in earlier… Well, he pointed at her, she took one look at him, and ran off into the bushes. She hasn’t been out since.”

Ant with that, he began to walk out into the centre of the clearing, which the plants and trees had been placed around.
“Come on out, that Tony guy’s gone, see,” he called out with his arms gesturing behind him, “no one to be afraid of!”
Jack heard small rustling noise to his left, and Oak span around. Slowly, a Chikorita pushed her way out through the undergrowth. She walked timidly towards the professor.
“Chikorita, this is Jack. He might be your new trainer.” he said kindly to her. Chikorita looked around at Jack. After a few seconds of analysing him, she began to tentatively inch her way towards him. When she got close enough, Jack bent down to pet her. As he did, she started to look, less tense, and more relaxed. Jack smiled.
“Like that, huh?” he asked.
“Chikori,” she replied, returning the smile. Jack turned his head to face Oak, who wore a strange expression on his face.
“D’y’know, I’ve never seen her warm up to a person that quickly, you’ll make a fine pair,” he stated, beaming.
“I’ll take her then,” replied Jack.

November 3rd, 2007, 8:29 PM
She heard the ambulance sirens, but payed no mind to it. She was already too far to return back as she entered the path that lead toward the ever forest. She opened her pokedex to review Bagon's data while she walked. It was the very first time on her own and she had to do a lot of catching up to be better then the rest. She had to do a lot of research to find out exactly what type of pokemon she wanted aside from what her parents already had. She favored fire and dragon types the most and would often try to get both if she could.

"Bagon's attacks are Rage, Bite, Leer, and Headbutt. That is what she knows so far? Looks like I have a lot of training to do then. Let me see, what else can I find out about Bagon." she stated pushing buttons trying to figure out what would be best to use and how much longer she'd have to train Bagon to get her to evolve and learn one of the most powerful dragon attacks. One thing she loved about dragon types was that they are able to learn fire type attacks as well as other elements to make them more stronger then they already are.

"BAGON harbors a never-ending dream of one day soaring high among the clouds. As if trying to dispel its frustration over its inability to fly, this POKéMON slams its hard head against huge rocks and shatters them into pebbles. That's something new but my Bagon hasn't slammed her head into anything." she stated softly as she closed her PokeDex and looked up to see a large forest. Deep inside the forest it looked to be very dark as she stood there looking at it unsure of what to make of it. She had never been in here before, but she had traveled many times with her father but threw surfing.

"Viridian Forest, how nice. A place full of bug pokemon, this should be interesting. Kulçedra come out now. It's time to explore." she made her pokeball grow and pushed the button to open it as a red beam zigzagged out and hit the ground in front of her and there appeared Bagon.

"Baay." stated Kulçedra who looked at the entrance of the forest.

"Ready? Let's go." she ordered as Bagon nodded her head and followed her trainer into the entrance of the forest.

((OOC: I hope that I did this correctly.))

November 3rd, 2007, 9:42 PM
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Are You Still Taking Sign-ups?

Name: Diamond
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Legendary: Mew
Personality: Brave
History: None
Rp Sample: Is It Really Needed?

November 22nd, 2007, 4:08 PM
Mei and Kolink left their home town and walked on Route 1. She tried to stay on the road to avoid the tall grass. She was afraid that maybe a wild Pokemon would bite her leg. Kolink looked curiously around and found any new scents. She wondered what he would do if they met a wild Pokemon here. Would he fight it or play with it?

The road went upward, but it was not far to Tokiwa. There were usually no strong Pocket Monsters here, so this Route was quiet safe. A good start for new Trainers.

"Look," Mei said to her friend. "I can already see the rooftops of the houses yonder. We're soon there." She thought that everything would be all right when she got there. Maybe they knew were her parents had gone. If not, she was not sure of what she should do.

November 29th, 2007, 5:38 AM
Name: Shadow
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Legendary: Darkrai
Personality: Shadow is serious and self-centered.
History: none
Rp Sample: Shadow was with his only friend, Shaymin. "It's-a-mazzing!" Shaymin said in a sing-songy voice. "What is?" Shadow mumbled. "That-weee are the onllly Mystery Gift Sinnnnoh Pokemon leffft!" Shaymin sang...