View Full Version : Think it might be possible to play as the non-cosplay Colosseum Masters with AR?

October 26th, 2007, 4:33 PM
Probably not on Wi-Fi battles, they'd probably detect that, but do you think it is possible to use AR codes to replace your trainer with them?

October 26th, 2007, 4:52 PM
This is just something slightly off topic but, is there even action replay for the wii yet? Also, it's action replay. It can do a n y t h i i i i i i i i n g g g g (as far as I know.)

October 26th, 2007, 8:42 PM
I'm not sure if it's out yet, but it does exist.

October 29th, 2007, 10:38 AM
acti0on replay cant do everything! it sure as heck cant make rom hacks! youd have to hack the rom of PBR to do that. No an ar can t do that

October 29th, 2007, 3:55 PM
Wow, XDDD. That just seems terribly, terribly unnecessary.

November 3rd, 2007, 2:31 PM
i know, why cant you just go and beat the guys?

November 5th, 2007, 2:16 PM
I did beat them. (Even Mysterial and his cheap uber team.)

But it doesn't allow you to play as them. Unless there are some more secret codes like the Electivire and Magmotar codes, nothing does. Hence, I turn to AR.