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October 28th, 2007, 11:25 AM
It came, and none of the Legends knew what it was. It came, and none of the Legends thought it was a threat. It came, and none of the Legends knew it ever existed. Until it was too late. It came and waited, stealthy and dark, looking for its target. And it found its target. Yes, it found it before any of the Legends even knew that it was there. A parasite of destruction, just biding its time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. And the host it chose to take was one of them. The most important one of them.

It does not feed off of the body like most parasites. It does not feed of of things that come to the body like most parasites. It feeds off of chaos and destruction, and will not stop until it gets it. What is it? Why, that is just the question. All that we know is that it has taken the God of All Gods. The Creator. The Leader of the Legends. It has taken Arceus. Arceus is its host, and we are left powerless to stop it.

We cannot take it away from Arceus; it is inside Arceus and has contaminated the mind. We cannot lock away Arceus; it would not let us, and that would disgrace our great Creator. We cannot defeat it; that would mean to defeat Arceus, which was always impossible from the beginning for us to do, and now it would be even harder. In the respect that it now is controlling Arceus, it is stronger than even the God of all Gods. Does that make it, the Parasite, a God as well?

Arceus is still awake though. We all feel that much, and can see it too. Little by little, it is taking over Arceus, and the pure white skin of our leader is turning a dark inky black as we tell you this. It's intentions? Arceus can feel them. We have been told and we can all feel that it is the ultimate demise. It wants to detroy all that we control. Time, Space, Souls, Light, Darkness, Emotion, Land, Sea, Air, and Life. These are the things that make up our universe, and your world. The Elements or Existence. Since the Beginning, we have served Arceus and ensured that these Elements stay in place neatly. What it plans to do will make them fall apart, and shatter reality. Shatter your world. Shatter existence.

Slowly, it eats away at our last chances of hope with the mind and soul of Arceus. Slowly, existence is drawn closer and closer to the End. And despite all this, you and every being in your world has gone without knowing, blissful in your ignorance. We have no hope to succeed in saving Arceus. So that is why we, the Legendaries, are calling you.

We are helpless. We are Legendaries; bound by sacred laws that can nver be broken to never harm any of our own. We cannot touch Arceus, much less save our lord from the demon who plagues us all. You, however, can help us. You are a human. Your kind has no binding laws of Legend or Nature that prevent you from rightfully challenging a Legendary. So we have called you, and several others, to aid us. We will guide you, and bring you to our domain, while the rest of us try to keep watch for worse comings.

We chose you, over any others, because we saw your courage and strength within. So, help us, and save not just Arceus, but your world. Your universe. Your existence.

When you wake, you will find that we have transported you, with the others, to the Eterna Forest. This is as far as we can take you though, for our powers are limited, as we are linked to Arceus and its suffering. As Arceus grows weaker, so do we, and it, the Parasite, grows stronger off of that weakness. Work together with those who have also been chosen, and you will find the way. You must go with courage, and with us to guide you, reach the peak of our domain and challenge it. Defeat it. Save us all...


One legend has called you to aid them in this quest.
Which legend was it that came to you?
This legend will be your guardian, and they will be with you every step of this journey,
speaking softly to you,
whispering to your mind,
and waiting in the Dimension of Creation for you to come and help.

Mew-taken by Oreobytes
Lugia-taken by JBCPeace
Ho-oh-taken by Evkay
Celebi-taken by Nostalgia
Latios and Latias-taken by Hinamori Momo
Kyogre-takn by Mr. Mystery
Groudon-taken by Kanto
Rayquaza-taken by Brad, Apocalypse Lord
Jirachi-taken by RaedenX
Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie
Dialga-taken by Brad, Apocalypse Lord
Giratina-taken by iLike2EatPiez (me)
Darkrai-taken by Hinamori Momo

You are ready...
Soon you will wake, and your quest begins.


Okay, so this is my first RPG on this forum. It is not the first RPG I have ever made on a forum or been in though, so I have some experience... Here are the rules and guidelines of the RPG:


All the rules of this forum and the RPGs of this forum.
A maximum of TWO characters per person, if you feel like you can manage two (and I know I don't).
You may only pick a legend (or group of legends) listed above. This means that you cannot choose Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Registeel, Regirock, Regice, Deoxys, Heatran, Manaphy, Shaymin, or Arceus as your character's guardian legend. The reasons I left them out are because some were just better to leave out as to not make a giant list, and I don't consider Mewtwo and Deoxys to be true Legendaries (Yeah, they're uber legends, but would a genetic clone of Mew that hates humans because of the reasons they created him or an alien creature from outer space really be a guardian for Arceus, much less guide humans to save him?). And, Arceus of course is currently being taken control of by an insane and unknown parasite (which we will discover more about in the RPG), so it wouldn't really work to pick it...
You will be a trainer with Pokemon, but you can't own any legendaries. As I described in the intro, the legendaries that aren't guiding humans are busy keeping guard and watch on Arceus.
Just to keep things simple, your trainer can only have a maximum of four Pokemon with them.


Your guardian legend is like a telepathic voice in the back of your mind. They are not actually there, so don't go through the RPG posting that your legend, say, Ho-oh, is flying you to the Creation Dimension or anything like that. Due to the events in the storyline, the legends are too weak to actually come to you and follow along with you, and it would defeat the fun of it all if you just had a Rayquaza to fly you around and destroy things with Hyper Beam.

The cool thing is, you control your guardian legend, so you control their speech (which only your character can hear) and advice (meaning basically you can control quite a bit when you think of it), and later, when you get to the Creation Dimension and actually do meet your legend, then you conrol their every action. Don't abuse this though, and use it carefully. Legends are characters themselves, so they should be played just as well as you would play your own sign-up character(s).

If you'll notice that two guardian options are 'Latios AND Latias', and 'Azelf, Misprit, AND Uxi", I'll explain that now. Since it didn't seem like it would work out right to split each individual one up, I decided that in these specific cases, a single character can have more than one guardian (But ONLY if you choose these Pokemon). The same things as listed all above still apply, but you control two or three Pokemon as well. Unless you are confident you can manage all the characters, you may want to limit your Pokemon that the trainer owns a bit too if you pick either of these choices.


Name-What's the character's name?
Gender-Are they a boy or a girl?
Age-I guess 12 at the youngest... really not much limitation here at all. Just not too young.
Legendary Guardian-Only one of the ones listed (or one group for the Latis and D/P trio).

Description-I really don't care how many lines or sentences you put as long as it's detailed enough. If you put down something like, "Black hair green shirt and blue jeans", then definately no, but it doesn't have to be incredibly lengthy. See my Sign-Up for a good idea of all you really need to have.
Personality-Same as above. Not incredibly brief, but you don't need a whole lot. Also think about why your legend chose you here. They'd have to have some pretty good traits to be chosen by a Legendary to save the existence of everything, and Arceus.
History-Same as above.

Your Pokemon... Fill out one of these for each one. (Note that you can only do four at a max!)

Name-Nickname. You can also put 'None' if you just want to call it by its species name.
Species-No Legends! Anything else goes.
Description and Personality-This can be somewhat brief. Just describe anything different about the Pokemon's traits (you don't need to describe what the species looks like), and then put in a few words about their personality (and not litterally, 'a few words'). Also, try to add at least a tiny bit about their history in there as well.

And your Guardian Legend

Name-Your Guardian Legend also has a true name it will tell you. What is it?
Description-Here, you can have a bit of fun with it and add things to the appearance of your legend. Not TOO much, but things like a few markings or a necklace is okay. You don't need to describe what the whole legend looks like, just any aditions or changes you'd like to make. This is just to make it different and more fun I guess... You don't have to do anything actually.
Personality-Describe the personality of your legendary guardian.
Why they chose your character-What was so special about your character that made this Legend choose to be thier guardian?

NOTE-On Sign-Ups, feel free to include any other informaton as well that may or may not be important.

EDIT-The RPG's about to end, and there's only two Guardian Legends left. You can still Sign-Up; there just isn't that much left to go through...

Here's my Sign-Up next:

Legendary Guardian-Giratina

Description-Phoebe's hair is just past shoulder-length and brownish in color. It's messy and wavy more than straight and calm. Her eyes are green and she is rather tall. As for clothing, she always wears jeans (which usually have a rip in a knee or two from travelling) and a large blue jean jacket. A thin, black belt keeps her Pokeballs secured, and she carries supplies (including a drawing pad with pencils) in a small backpack.

Personality-To people Phoebe doesn't know well, she can seem like an unfriendly and untalkitive person, but she's really just a bit shy. When you get to know her, she's a kind and truly loyal friend. Though she likes to make random or humorous comments, and can get hyper unexpectedly, she's very calm and laid back. Even big situations don't usually get her worked up for too long before she's just feeling normal again. Highly adaptable and relaxed. She loves the outdoors, and has a hobby of drawing and sketching.

History-Phoebe grew up in a small town near the Eterna Forest, and grew a love for nature and wildlife. She left home to become a trainer at twelve, and now two years later, she's skilled and talented when it comes to battling and raising Pokemon. It all started with her pet Growlithe her parents had found in a shelter, and from there she caught and raised new Pokemon. Though Phoebe collected badges (and still does), she never planned so much on becoming the Pokemon League Champ as just adventuring and travelling with her Pokemon.

Pokemon with her now...

Description and Personality-Roxy's big, even for an Arcanine, and her coarse hair is more of a deep reddish color than the burnt orange shade most Arcanines have. Her mane of pale fur stretched all the way down and wraps around the tops of her legs before stopping, and her black nails aren't clipped; rather, they are sharpened on rocks and stones by Roxy herself. Never caring much for grooming, she prefers to leave her fur unbrushed and her mane kept growing out. Despite that, she's very proud, and only truly loyal to Phoebe. She loves water and swimming, surprisingly for a Fire-Type Pokemon. Roxy was Phoebe's first Pokemon.

Description and Personality-Luke, being young, is still a small Buizel. His sort, fine fur has not fully set into its orange shade, and is somewhat yellowish-orange because of that. With wide eyes he explores everything and anything he finds, as his never ending curiosity keeps him going. Luke is also hyper, and loves to look for round and shiny things to chew, gnaw, or scratch at. The reason Phoebe has such a young and inexperienced Pokemon with her is that Luke's mother, a Floatzel named Lufa, had given birth to him in the Day-Care, and now that he was old enough to battle, she wanted to begin training him.

Guardian Legend

Description-There are many scratches and scrapes in his golden plates from past battles and wars. There are strange rings around the red spikes levitating with his ghostly wings, with bronze and pure gems. These rings are mostly too big for the spikes, yet they never fall off, as if they have been give the power of levitation as well.
Personality-Quiet and intelligent, Cebirayth's words are usually a rare gift when they come, for they often bring important topics and ideas to mind. He is very calm and without fear or worry; on the contrary he seems like he has little if any emotion at all, just like the dead souls he watches over in his Reverse World.
Why they chose your character-Cebirayth saw Phoebe to be like him in a few ways. He saw signs of intelligence and loyalty that made him decide to become her Legendary Guardian.

October 28th, 2007, 7:13 PM
Name- Momoshiro (Momo)
Gender- Female
Age- 15
Legendary Guardian- Latios and Latias

Description- Here (http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p52/Digatone/sweet-79.jpg). Note: Momo is on the right, Ai is on the left.

Personality- She is a little shy around people she doesn't know very well, but is somewhat a flirt. She will protect her friends at all costs and knows many things about Pokemon and is very experienced, but is not stuck-up.

History- She doesn't know much at all about her history, her parents, or much at all. She only knows that she has a sister and their names. She does know that she studied Pokemon for many years, with her sister following close behind.


Name- Shadow

Species- Absol

Description and Personality- It looks like a shiny Absol but is much stronger and faster than it looks. It is protective of its trainer and will keep anything away from her if it believes something is a threat. Other than that, it likes to battle, so it goes through training every day and night.

Guardian Legend(s):

Name- Latios: Kain; Latias: Kara

Description- They look like normal Latios and Latias, and have the abilities to become invisible and take on the appearance of other Pokemon and humans.

Personality- Both are very protective, but Latias is very playful, while Latios is normally serious but likes to play with his sister on occasion.


Second Character:

Name- Aiyana (Ai)
Gender- Female
Age- 14
Legendary Guardian- Darkrai

Description- See above.

Personality- She is outgoing, always trying to make new friends, is brave and courageous, and experienced with Pokemon like Momoshiro, but unlike her sister, she is highly stuck-up and cocky.

History- She knows nothing much about her family or history, but she has followed Momoshiro in everything she tries. She knows only as much as her sister.

Your Pokemon:

Name- Gallade

Species- Gallade

Description and Personality- A normal Gallade, it was trained and given to her by Momo, so it is protective and stronger than most other Gallade.

Guardian Legend:

Name- Kagenaka

Description- It is just like any other Darkrai with all the abilities of a Darkrai.

Personality- It is protective and loves to battle. It will attack many things on sight, as long as it knows they will fight back.

October 28th, 2007, 9:36 PM
Name- Fenra Kurai *goes by Fen*
Gender- boy
Age- 17
Legendary Guardian- Ho-oh
Description- he stands about 5'7 and 130 lbs. Fenra is quite athletic. he has green shaggy hair with soft blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. He normally wears brown cargo shorts, a black and white t-shirt, and lowcut tennis shoes.

Personality - Fenra is confident in his abilities but not arrogant. a brilliant tactician, he prefers to think out moves before acting. He is always quite cheerful and says whats on his mind, although when upset he will usually communicate through bitter sarcasm and is a very serious and ruthless battler.

History - Fenra's family, the Kurai, are a long line of fire pokemon specialists. Each family member is known for being given a fire pokemon at birth and bonding with it for life, becoming their partner and friend forever. Evan is no exception to this tradition. he grew as a very skilled trainer and dominated multiple leagues placing in the top 8 of the Kanto and Johto leagues. Fen is also a highly respected trainer and well known pupil of Blaine.


Name- Naomi
Species- Ninetails
Description and Personality- Naomi is a truly elegant Ninetails. her fur shines in the sunlight and she battles as if she were in a ballet. but her skills are not to be overlooked by her beauty, she has an arsenal of the most powerful attacks known to fire pokemon.

Name- Razor
Species- Sandslash
Description and Personality- Razor is an eager pokemon, always ready to battle and it shows through the rough scratches on his spikes. although Razor is small, he makes up for it with his speed and quick wits.

Name- Hook
Species- Primeape
Description and Personality- Hook represents the confidence of Fen's team. he has absolute faith in his raw strength and like most Primeape, has a very short temper. Although the only person he seems to never get angry at is Fenra who he obeys without fail.

Guardian Legend

Name- Fenix
Description-Fenix stands tall and always makes a grand entrance. his eyes appear dark as if deep in thought whenever he appears.
Personality- a very well thought pokemon, always planning and thinking of the consequences.
personality - Fenix found an immediate connection with Fenra as they share the same thought processes. Fenix saw the desire to win in Fenra that he saw in most trainers but what set Fen apart was that beneath that desire was a calm relaxed trainer who never thought irrationally and always attempted to make the best decision possible before acting. Fen reminded Fenix a great deal of himself.

October 28th, 2007, 10:01 PM
Question. Will we be able to catch pokemon until we make it to six?

Name- Adrian Shephard
Legendary Guardian- Lugia

Description-Adrian's current weight is 150 pounds. His iris color is cerulean. His voice is deep but it usually becomes lighter after a few weeks.

Adrian's hair is black and its hairstyle is a Mullet. It is currently growing longer then normal. He wears a black bandana which he tied around his neck. Frank wears a dark blue jean jacket. His jacket has an inside pocket which he occasionally keeps small items inside. The inside of the jacket he wears a dark lime turtle neck with no patterns. He wears grey jeans with a brown belt and a silver buckle. The knee of his jeans are torn. He wears white sneakers with black laces and black socks. The soles of the shoes are peeling and Adrian is still deciding whether he should buy new ones.

Adrian is a very likable person. He makes friends with many people and does very many favors to people. Constantly he is helping random people in the street or random pokemon in a forest. When he is in a group Adrian is the center of attention and the everyman. He stands out greatly in a group and is very social. He mainly makes friends with pokemon and rarely people. Adrian uses logic to his advantage and continually quotes famous people from literature and movies. He is very literate and does delve a bit into pop culture. Even his pokemon look up to him as a leader

History- Adrian started his pokemon journey in Pallet town like many others. Of course through the course of 6 years he traveled through the country. Catching pokemon and releasing them and training constantly. But Adrian does slack off and rarely did it after he managed to get badges easily. Adrian made many friends during his travels through Kanto and eventually used his friends to his advantage in making it to the kanto pokemon league. However currently Adrian is still training rigorously until he is ready to take on the elite four and become a champion


Name- Blaziken
Species- Blaziken
Description and Personality- Blaziken was Adrian's first pokemon. Given to him from Professer Oak due to lack of legendaries. Blaziken looks almost exactly the same as a regular Blaziken except that he has a dark red bandana that is tied to his neck. Blaziken is loyal and his most used pokemon

Name- Scizor
Species- Scizor
Description and Personality- Scizor was his second pokemon. Scizor is a lone wolf that rarely helps Adrian to his advantage. Scizor is constantly arguing with Adrian due to his commands. Adrian does use Scizor since he is a very powerfull pokemon. Scizor respects Adrian due to the fact that he raised him from a Scyther. But does not agree with him

Species- Dratini
Description and Personality- Dratini is a mysterious pokemon. Adrian actually traded it for a Raticate that he recently caught. Once he caught it a wandering collector eagerly traded the Raticate for a runt Dratini that he recently caught. Adrian believed that he got a good deal until he checked out the pokemon. However the trader was already long gone before he could trade back. Adrian lacking another pokemon kept Dratini around, however had not had a chance to use him yet.

Pokemon: Pupitar
Species- Pupitar
Description and Personality- Adrian caught Pupitar while hiking through a mountain. At the time he was a Larvatar that lost its mother due to another trainer catching it. Pupitar is happy-go-lucky and does everything that Adrian asks him no matter what it means. Pupitar would die in battle if Adrian asked him to.

Guardian Legend

Name- Raziel
Description- He/she (For the purpose of this roleplay I am going to refer to him as a he. I hope that is okay) looks like a regular lugia. Except that he has a strange necklace on him that has a symbol of aqua on it
Personality- Raziel has a very calm demeanor. He has a quirky personality but rarely shows anger. He is very smart and corrects Adrian on many accounts. Raziel shows love for all pokemon.
Why they chose your character- Raziel chose Adrian due to his seriousness. Adrian finds a goal and works to achieve it. Raziel needed a person that would not give up until he finished what he was doing. Plus he needed a person that would not get angry at anything he said. He needed someone who showed compassion to his pokemon and had the ability to make them grow and have them help him achieve his goals. He also saw Adrian's ability to use logic to solve problems and his ability to sense ignorance of people. This reminded Raziel of himself and single him out.

Cosmic Tyrant
October 29th, 2007, 12:18 AM
Name: Alexander Von Ravencroft
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Legendary Guardian: Rayquaza

Description: Alexander stands at 6'6 and weighs in at 230 lbs, so needless to say he's pretty skinny. His hair hangs just a bit past his shoulders which he keeps straight. His hair is jet black, with the exception of a streak of white that hangs on the middle-right of his face. Alexander's eyes are traditionally blue, but with the help of contacts, they now look red, not to mention cat-like. Alexander is a firm believer that real men do wear make-up, as he has a bit of eyeshadowing done on both eyes as well as black polish on his nails. His skin tone is slightly pail, but for the most part is fair. His muscle tone is muscular. I mean, he's not ripped or anything, but the muscle tone is pretty noticable. Alexander wears a white t-shirt that is covered with a collared vest. The vest is a vivid red outlined with black. He also wears black slacks, which have red lines on each side that are about three inches wide. His footwear of choice are actually boots which are black and have steel toes. And let's not forget the coup-de-grace of Alexander's ensamble, which are dog collars: One on each wrist and one on his neck, which have several spikes on them going all around. One last thing to mention is a black cain that he carries around, which has a red pattern and a red bulb at the tip.

As far as personality goes, Alexander is likable enough, Just don't make him angry. With this being said, you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, want to call him "Alex". Alexander is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He gets straight to the point with any task at hand. To him, it's either go 110% or don't go at all. Alexander also makes sure the job is done right as well, by means of the only sure-fire way he knows: Brute Strength. Alexander has always chosen brawn over brains, and for the most part he hasn't been disapointed yet. Alexander has been known by many peers to be ruthless and agressive. he doesn't look at age, race, gender, religion, or marital status. If you cross him, know that he WILL get you back, by any means necessary. But Alexander isn't all bad. In fact, if you've earned his respect, he seems sort of drawn to you.

History: Before heading out into the world of Pokemon, Aleander led a pretty normal life. Normal, that is, for an tall, manic, twisted gothic freak who lived with an over-demanding father and a narsicistic mother. It was somewhere between his parents and the overall temptation of the wild that pushed his intrest of traveling into the world of pokemon. So finally the day came that Alexander would leave the house and go out on his own. He ventured to the nearest lab to obtain a starter, just like all of the other new trainers, when a strange occurance happened. A Houndour started to follow him. Alexander tried to shoo away the dog at first, but then decided try and capture it. Needless to say, it was pretty easy, considering how the Houndour just sat there while Alexander grabbed the pokeball from his bag and faked throwing it three times beforehand. Since then, Alexander and the Houndour have been close with each other. That was eight years ago...

Pokemon name: N/A
Species: Houndoom
Personality: Houndoom, for the most part, is as twisted and maniacal as his trainer. It could be facing a three legged zigzagoon, and what would be it's first attack? Yep, you guessed it: Fireblast! Houndoom has been trained to go full power, whatever the circumstances may be. Houndoom's normal presence is bone chilling, as it give off a blank, cold stare that sees to look into your soul. However, when Alexander is near, he seems happy, almost playful looking.

Pokemon name: N/A
Species: Mightyena
Personality: Mightyena isn't as social as the others. even with Alexander, she just dosen't like other people or pokemon getting near her. This is probably based on the fact that as a Poochyena, she was beaten mercilessly by a pack of Zigzagoon over what appeared to be territory. Alexander was able to break the fight, but deep down there was something keeping him from leaving the Poochyena in the field. So he captured it and nursed it back to health. Since then, Poochyena/Mightyena never liked the idea of multiple people or pokemon in the same area. Although it seems that Mightyena is a bit kinder to Alexander's pokemon than anyone else, even to Alexander himself.

Pokemon name: N/A
Species: Arcanine
Personality: Alexander's third pokemon was actually a Gyarados that he had fished up as a Magikarp. The Gyrados was nice enough to have, but when he was offered an Arcanine for a trade, he couldn't refuse. Arcanine is loyal enough to it's new trainer, but unlike the reat of Alexander's roster, Arcanine knows when to calm down in the battlefield. Another trait that Arcanine has displayed is that it is extremly courtious toward Pokemon of the opposite geder, a trait which Alexander can't quite say he approves of. But if that's the price to pay in order to have an Arcanine on his team, Alexander can't complain.

Guardian Legend

Name: Batistan
Description: Looks like it regularly does, but with a strange ring on it's left middle claw. The ring is golden with a green gem in the middle.
Personality: Batistan always makes sure that the job gets done, and that the job gets done right. It is an agressive pokemon, but it isn't stupid. Batistan knows that decent planning and strategy making is just as important as strength in battles, and it intends to make it's pupil learn that as well.
Why they chose your character: Batistan knew it needed to guard over someone with nerve. Someone who wasn't afraid to push the limit in order to suceed. Someone who would spit even in the face of a god. Problem was, there diddn't seem like a whole lot of people who would do something like that. However, when Batistan first laid eyes on Alexander, he was sure he was the right pupil. Alexander had it all: The skill to command his pokemon flawlessly. The guts to step up to the most henious challenges. The brutality in order to make success a certainty. Upon further analysis, Batistan had discovered that Alexander was not only strong, bold, and merciless, he also showed signs of intelligence as well both in and out of battle. It was certain. This was the individual who Batistan would guard over.

October 29th, 2007, 2:05 PM
All the Sign-Ups were good! And, JBCPeace, you can catch other Pokemon in the RPG, as long as you're willing and able to use and control them all. Same rule applies as with signing up with Pokemon though-No legends.

October 29th, 2007, 4:07 PM
IL2EP, when are you thinking of starting? I just want to know.

October 29th, 2007, 5:42 PM
Well, I'll probably wiat just a bit longer. In the starting post I put down that once there are at least ten Legends/Legend groups taken, then we'll start, but if a while passes and no one takes them, I'll just go ahead and start it anyways. Depends really on how long and how many people sign up...

November 1st, 2007, 1:18 PM
(OOC-Alright! Sorry for the double-post, but no one'll know to read an edit...
The RPG starts now. I'll PM those who have already signed up, and Sign-Ups will still be accepted until all the Legendary Guardian slots are taken. And, with that, here's my first post...)

Phoebe woke with a start. What a weird dream... There had been darkness, broken only by a telepathic voice that she could hear very faintly. Legends calling... Save Arceus... A great quest...

"You are awake," a deep voice whispered.

"Who said that?" Phoebe asked aloud, standing up. But rather than the floor of her house or her warm bed, she rose onto wet, dewy grass, and looked down at it with surprise. Tall trees surrounded the clearing, leaning in as if to grab at her. She reached at her belt for her Arcanine's Pokeball, but the voice stopped her.

"You cannot fight me. It is no use, and even if I was really here you would not be able to do so," it calmly explained. Phoebe looked around, hoping to see someone who had been talking, but the only people she saw were all laying on the ground, like she had been, asleep.

"Then... Who are you? And where am I?" asked Phoebe, more quietly this time and with confusion in her voice.

"Isn't it obvious?" the voice replied, "I am your legendary guardian, and this is the Eterna Forest. These people are those who will acompany you on your quest to save Arceus, and I am Cebirayth. Known in legend as Giratina."

Phoebe took a step back, amazed and full of wonder. "Wow..." she breathed. So it had all been real.

November 1st, 2007, 2:41 PM
Momo and Ai had just woken up from an amazing dream.

"Momo, what was that?"

"I don't know, but I don't really want to find out."

I am glad you're finally awake Momo!

Ai. It's nice to see you.

"What are you supposed to be? And how do you know our names?" Momo asked, confused and angered that she and her sister were not back at home.

Oh. We forgot to introduce ourselves. We are your legendary guardians. I'm Kara, a Latias.

Kain, Latios. At your service Momo.

I forgot to introduce myself too. I am Ai's legendary guardian. I am not going to reveal myself to you though.

"Okay. Why are you here? And where are we?" Momo asked, still a bit angered at the Pokemon.

Oh! You and Ai are in Eterna Forest. There are other trainers here too, but they have yet to awake. Only one trainer has woken up other than you. Kara replied calmly, hoping she wouldn't have embarrassed herself in front of the people she is supposed to help.

"How did we get here?" Ai asked, more confused than her sister.

Kara, Kain and I transported you to Eterna Forest to meet with the others.

"Others? What others?" The two sisters inquired simultaneously.

November 1st, 2007, 3:18 PM
Glad to see you're awake, Fenra Kurai

"what the heck? who are you? where am I?" Fen says frantically checking to make sure all his possessions are there.

Calm down, your pokemon and belongs are still with you. I am Fenix, known to mortals as Ho-oh, and guardian of flames. You have been brought here with the others you see around you for an important quest. You and I are much alike, and i can use your brilliant tactics for what is to come

"Hm...important quest aye? alright... i'll play along. so what am i doing on this quest?"

you will all be informed of specifics as a group. All you need to know right now is that the spirit of fire is with you.

"alright then....." Fen replied unsurely. The voice seemed to have vanished now. He looked around at the other confused trainers then released his pokemon in front of him to make sure they're all okay. "What have i gotten myself into..." he asked himself while he petted Naomi, his Ninetails, gently

November 1st, 2007, 3:36 PM
Momo and Ai watched the boy release his Pokemon. The two also decided to do so.

"Shadow! Come on out!" The Absol appeared in front of the two trainers as Momo watched Ai release her Pokemon, Gallade.

"Okay Gallade! Let's go!" Ai pulled out a Pokeball and threw it in the air. A large Gallade flew out of the Pokeball and landed on the ground. "C'mon Momo! Let's go meet him!" Ai started to run at the other trainer.

"C'mon Shadow. Let's go." Momo and Shadow ran after Ai to stop her, but she was already next to the boy.

"Hi. I'm Aiyana. You can call me Ai though." Momo finally caught up but Ai was still talking. "What's your name?"

"Ai! Next time wait up! Sorry about that. I'm her sister, Momoshiro. You can call me Momo though if you like. What is your name by the way? And your Ninetales is cute." Momo started to smile, even though she was still mad at her over-zealous sister.

I'm Shadow. Momo is my trainer.

I'm Gallade. I'm pleased to meet you. Ai is my trainer.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 1st, 2007, 5:52 PM
Alexander was slowly waking up from a deep sleep. He was muttering something, then slowly got up. "Huh?" he said as he looked around. "Where..." He said as he got up. "Where am I?"

"Good to see that you're awake!" A voice said to him.

"Who are you?" Asked Alexander. "And why did you bring me here?"

"Calm yourself" The voice said. "my name is Batistan, but you might know me better by my unofficial name, Rayquaza. I have brought you and your pokemon here in Eternia forest to fulfill a great act. You see, I require your services to aid myself and the other legendary Pokmon."

Alexander looked in disbelief. "Other legendary Pokemon?" He asked. "You mean...

"Yes." Batistan answered. "There are other trainers here with you as well. You and the others have all of your pokemon and belongings that you've had before we brought you here. I'm afraid this is all I can tell you for now. Farewell" Said Batistan.

"Wait! Don't go!" Alexander said as he looked up in the sky. Alexander waited for a few seconds before saying "Drat! He's gone!" Alexander looked around and saw three other trainers. One had a Ninetails, another had an Absol, and the last one had a Gallade. Well as long as I'm here, I might as well try to get along with the others here. he said as he grabbed his cane from the ground and a pokeball from his belt. "Go, Houndoom!" He said as he released his pokemon from the pokeball. "Houndoom, let's go where those other pokemon are!" Alexander said as he walked up to the trainers. "Hello" Alexandersaid in his usual deep lifeless tone. "My name is Alexander. And this is my trusted Houndoom." he said as he pat Houndoom on his head. "Who are you three?"

November 1st, 2007, 6:00 PM
"I'm Aiyana. This is my older sister, Momoshiro."

"You can call us Ai and Momo if you like."

I'm Shadow. The Absol said calmly.

Gallade is me. Ai's my trainer. Momo is Shadow's.

November 1st, 2007, 6:06 PM
Fen stood up to properly introduce himself to the trainers all around him. Naomi snuggled his leg shyly as he extended a hand to the new trainers.

"Hi there, my name is Fen Kurai, you may recognize me from the Kanto and Johto league top 8 the past couple years, and this is my partner, Naomi." Fen replied calmly to the trainers. Naomi gave quiet call as cuddled around Fen's legs more. "Its nice to meet you, Alexander, Momo, Ai. Judging by your confused expressions, you're all here for the same reason i am..."

November 1st, 2007, 6:36 PM
"Have you met your legendary guardian by any chance?" Momo asked, looking at the Ninetales and extending a hand to it.

"We've met ours. Well, Momo met hers, I don't know mine's name yet." Ai sat down and extended a hand towards Houndoom.

"So, do you guys have any idea why we're here?"

"I don't have a clue."

November 2nd, 2007, 6:28 PM
Phoebe walked over to the others, Luke on her shoulder. The little Buizel began chattering noisily when he saw all the others with their bigger, more powerful looking Pokemon. His master calmed him with a soft stroke of the muzzle.

"So... What do we do now?" she asked aloud, to everyone she saw and Cebirayth. The Giratina spoke again in the back of her mind.

"I must allow my voice fade soon, but my sense will be with you. I will guide you with my instinct, and lead you to the Creation Dimension, where Arceus lays in wait. Farewell..."

The others seemed to be turning toward her, at least some of them. Who are you? some glances seemed to ask. She answered this aloud.

"My name is Phoebe. And... I think we're all supposed to make it somewhere... We should get going as soon as possible."

She had a hand on Roxy's Pokeball at her belt. When they were ready, she would need the Arcanine, but not just yet.

November 2nd, 2007, 7:54 PM
Fen could no longer find a trace of Fenix's voice in his head. A girl was approaching the small group that had formed. Fen decided to go and introduce himself personally. He stepped from the group and approached her

"Come, Naomi" he said calmly, the Ninetails complied and followed gracefully. Fen stopped in front of Phoebe and Ninetails behind him. Fen reached reached out his hand for a handshake "Hi my names Fen. you seem to know more about this than any of us, where do you propose we head to? Or even a general direction to head to?" Fen asks while kneeling to pet Naomi again.

November 3rd, 2007, 3:38 PM
"Well, actually, I'm really not sure..." Phoebe replied uneasilly. Then, a strange feeling hit her. Like a tugging of her midn toward something. When she clicked back to reality she realized she'd taken a step to the right, and was staring vacantly into space. That was the tugging sensation. I think that's... Northeast, she thought to herself. Though she couldn't hear his voice, Cebirayth was definately still connected with her.

"Bui! Bui! Chr-r-r-r!" Luke chattered. Phoebe pushed his head down and scolded him. The Buizel was glaring down at Fen's Ninetales with both aggressive and nervous glints in his eyes. Now's not the time for that, Luke!

"Alright," added Phoebe, "I think it's... this way... But I'm not positive." Then, more aloud, she asked, "Is anyone still in contact with their guardian Pokemon? Maybe they could tell us..."

November 3rd, 2007, 4:52 PM
"I think Momo and I are still in contact. We'll check." Ai started to pace around and mutter to herself.

"Don't worry. I should still be able to contact Kain and Kara. Are you there you two?"

Don't worry Momo. We're here. Kara called out.

I'll try and synchronize with Cebirayth's speaking frequency to speak to Phoebe. The tone of seriousness meant it was obviously Kain.

"Cebirayth? Who's that?" Momo asked to her legendary guardians.

"Cebirayth? What are you talking about Momo?"

Shadow stepped forward. I think it's a legendary guardian. Phoebe's most likely.

Got it. Phoebe. Can you hear me? I'm Kain, a Latios sent with my sister, Kara. She will be unable to speak with you though.

November 3rd, 2007, 7:16 PM
Here's my character hope it approves

Given Name: Beryl(type of gemstone)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown Skinned, Spikey black hair, brown eyes, and a handsome kid. Short sleeve yellow shirt up to elbows with a sleeveless jacket over it up to waist open. Fingerless light green gloves, baggy light green jeans, with a extra pocket on each pant leg. Light blue sneakers, a black belt with pokeballs on it and a brown travel backpack.

Personality: A boy nice boy with a strong temper. He respects all pokemon whether they be domestic or wild. He never underestimates his oppenents. Is also flirtatious at times.

Pokemon: Charmeleon, Dragonite(shiny), Pidgeot, Typhlosion

History: Charmeleon- Starter pokemon in Kanto as pre-evolved Charmander
Dragonite- Captured as Dratini during his sailing across waters during his trip to Cinnabar Island.
Pidgeot- Founded and befriended during its pre-evolutionary stage as a Pidgy without the help of any pokemon. His very first pokemon.
Typhlosion- Giving to by Professer Elm, due to his praises from Professer Oak as a Cndyquil

Personality: Charmeleon- Loyal
Dragonite- Affectionate
Pidgeot- Will never abandon his trainer a trustworthy and loyal friend
Typhlosion- Shy

History: Beryl was born in Lavander Town, Kanto. He was orphan who lived in an orpanarium. Unfortunately for him, he was never adopted like the rest of his roommates. So he could never make a true friend there. The thing that kept him from going insane and depressing was his fascination for pokemon. It started when he was five, when he was watching the pokemon league on tv. He thought it was cool the way the pokemon were and wanted to control pokemon like that as well. But a year later, he soon realized from meeting a pokemon trainer during a walk through a park, that it wasn't all about controlling pokemon but was about respecting and befriending the pokemon was important as well.
When he turned nine, he had befriended the pokemon, Pidgey, while going through a grassy area that was filled with pokemon. A few months during that same year he was able train and play with his new friend. He also evoled it into a Pidgeotto five months after his first meet with the pokemon. This helped him be a better pokemon trainer so he would already be experienced when he turned ten. But when he did turn that age he soon found out that he was not going to be a trainer yet and instead go to trainer school in Viridian City. He tried to argue out of it but could not. So he went to trainer school in Viridian City.
It wasn't until he was 13 that he decided to run away from the trainer school. When he ran away, it wasn't until two days after his escape that the school authorities realized he wasn't there and sent a aeach party after him. Making him wanted all over Viridian City, only because they didn't think he could get far. But since he already had a pokemon, his escape was butter(can't help the use of slang). But unfortuantly he wounded up getting lost in the Viridian forest without any pokemon supplies. His Pidgeotto was already weak after fighting many battles to fend off wild pokemon, so he used him no more after the first day of his escape.
But luck wasn't on his side as he soon encountered by a group of angry Beedrill. He ran for his life but when he could outrun them no more, a red haired girl with a staryu had appeared defeating the wild pokemon with ease. When the boy asked who she was, she said he name was Misty and she soon befriended Beryl. She helped him get through the forest and in thev process the became close friends. By the time he got to Pallet town she was already gone and he set his way toward Professer Oak's abode. That is where he first gained his starter pokemon, Charmander. It wasn't until ten days later that he arrived at Viridian City where thee was posters of his face all over the city as well as a few others. So he stealthy dogded attention and even stole twenty pokeballs and thirty potions, twenty-five parylz heals and twenty-three poison heals from the Viridian City pokemart without being caught or noticed by citizens. Thats what happens when your an orphan. Another ten days went by as he caught a bulbasaur apparently left abandoned by an irresponsible trainer. He caught a few more pokemon as well thanks to the help of his best friend Pidgeotto and his new friend Charmander.
He arrived in Ceruleum City only to battle his close friend Misty. He beat her in one battle using all his pokemon, with his Pidgeotto last. After that battle, she decided to join him on his quest. They then ended up liking each other more than normal. She then went back home only telling him to mail her whenever he could after kissing him. This happened after he won the Kanto Pokemon League and defeated the elite four.
Now 15 years of age, he has already defeated the Johto gym leader Morty and is on his way to the next gym. He has been known across seas mainly for his victory against Team Rocket. He is not sure whether he is in love with Misty or not. But he holds her to his heart for someone he cares for. Misty on the other hand is almost sure that she loves Beryl.

Legendary Gaurdian: Groudon

Name: Ahmenra

Description: Nothing special. Looks like a normal groudon

Personality: A arrogant pokemon who is hard to deal with at times. He can be a little aggrivating and aggresive at times. But sometimes can be cool. He chose Beryl for the fact that he saw determination of a champion. He liked the way Beryl would never back down from a challenge. Plus, he saw the level of Beryl temper and wanted to mess with him for kicks whenever he could.

November 3rd, 2007, 7:57 PM
OOC: There are no "Box Pokemon" in this RP Kanto. So why put that in?

November 3rd, 2007, 8:05 PM
OOC: There are no "Box Pokemon" in this RP Kanto. So why put that in?
Extra info I guess heh heh. But don't let me stop you from rping

November 3rd, 2007, 9:49 PM
iLike2eatPies; Please do not double post.

Also, some of your are cutting it pretty close to the 1 paragraph/4 line minimum rule, just a heads up.

November 4th, 2007, 4:41 PM
"Looks like your Buizel wants a fight" Fen said to Phoebe chuckling "But that'll have to wait. I don't appear to be in contact with my guardian anymore. He told me that i would be more informed if i stayed in contact with you all. I vote we just follow Phoebe's instinct and see where it leads us because right now thats the best lead we've got." Fen said aloud so that everyone could hear.

Fen stood up and squinted, looking as far into the direction that Phoebe had pointed as he could. She appeared to be unsure but anything was better than standing around in a group with a bunch of people trying to talk with voices in their heads.

November 6th, 2007, 2:18 PM
ooc: Right. Sorry about the double-post.
Kanto, the sign-up's fine except that there really will be no use for box Pokemon, and the way you put the Pokemon's info didn't really work. This RPG takes place in a realistic world, and so they have no movesets. They can use as many moves as they realisticly would know. Also, the Hoenn professor's name is Professor Birch.

"He's just a coward; Luke's not even a year old," Phoebe laughed to Fen. Obviously he'd never actually manage to beat an evolved and trained Ninetales, knowing him at least. Then, something hit her mind. A voice, in the same manner as Cebirayth's had come to her. Kain... a Latios...

"Yes, I can hear you," she replied, not knowing how to speak to Kain other than aloud. Some of the others seemed to wonder who she was talking to, but Phoebe tuned that outr and focused on the voice.

November 7th, 2007, 12:36 PM
ooc: Right. Sorry about the double-post.
Kanto, the sign-up's fine except that there really will be no use for box Pokemon, and the way you put the Pokemon's info didn't really work. This RPG takes place in a realistic world, and so they have no movesets. They can use as many moves as they realisticly would know. Also, the Hoenn professor's name is Professor Birch.

Right got it. I have now edited my character sheet(again). Check it out

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 7th, 2007, 1:52 PM
If You Are Still Taking Sign-ups,

Name- Solana
Gender- Girl
Age- 16
Legendary Guardian- Dialga
Description- Dark Brown Hair,T-Shirt With Raichu On It,Camoflage Jeans And Orange Shoes
Personality- Very Brave,Likes To Battle And Will Accept Every Challenge Sombody Offers Unless Her Pokemon Are Badly Damaged
History- None

Name- Shock
Species- Shiny Raichu
Description and Personality- Shock Is Very Brave And Likes To Fight.Shock Is Also Very Loyal.Shock Stays Out Of Its Pokeball And Has A Star-Shaped scar on its forehead.

Name- Blaster
Species- Typhlosion
Description and Personality- Blaster Is Very Loyal And Usally Stays In Its Luxary Ball.

Name- Draco
Species- Salamence
Description and Personality- Draco Is Very Agressive,So It Is Usally Only Used To Fly Solana Somewhere.Solana Rarely Lets Draco Out To Fight.

Name- Droplet
Species- Vaporeon
Description and Personality- Droplet Is Very Bold And Is Only Used For Battling.

And your Guardian Legend

Name- Diamond
Description- Diamond has a emerald,a ruby,and a saphire necklace.
Personality- Brave.Diamond chose solana because she is a very brave and strong trainer.

November 7th, 2007, 7:28 PM
Good. I'm glad you can hear me Phoebe. There's a problem with Cebirayth. He's missing.

"Who is Cebirayth?" Momo asked, wonder who this "Cebirayth" is.

Cebirayth is a Giratina. It was sent to protect Phoebe. I'm sure she already knows that. I believe you cannot hear from Cebirayth anymore. Is that correct Phoebe? Kain explained.

"It can't get in contact with Phoebe anymore? Why?" Ai seemed more confused than before.

Cebirayth's disappearance must have thrown him and his powers out of Phoebe's range of sense. That's why I needed to speak to her. Until we can get Cebirayth back in Phoebe's range, I have been assigned as her temporary guardian. Momo, until we find Cebirayth, Kara will be the only guardian you have.

"Okay. I think I understand a little more now." Momo seemed much more calm about this crisis now than she was earlier.

"Alright Momo. Let's find Cebirayth," Ai suggested they immediately do.

Not yet you two. First, Kain and Kara, you need to give us a full-out explanation of what's going on, Shadow seriously demanded.

November 8th, 2007, 2:59 PM
ooc:Kanto, sign-up accepted. I'll fix Groudon as taken later...
Shiny Eevee, not accepted. maybe read some of the other sign-ups to see how the descriptions/histories/personalities should be. try to edit it into a paragaraph and sentence form rather than just a list of traits. If you can edit it, then it'll be fine though. :)


"You mean... He's gone?" asked Phoebe, suddenly feeling a bit lost. Cebirayth may have only been in contact with her for a moment, but it seemed he was really all she could rely on for guidence. Then she remembered what he had said to her.

"I can still feel his instinct, he told me. Before the faded he said he had to leave, but he would be able to leave me with that... I think we might be fine to go on for a bit at least."

Kain did not reply immediately. Luke chuttered nervoisly on her shouldeer, sensing the tension in her voice. Maybe we should get going... Somewhere. Wherever I am lead. Already some of the others looked a bit impatient.

November 8th, 2007, 5:28 PM
Fen and Naomi began pacing restlessly around the trees as they inspected the area covering the same ground over and over

"We aren't getting anything done just standing here. Can we at least get out of this forest before it gets dark?" Fen called out impatiently to no one in particular. The forest sounds seemed to grow louder as light left the area and as the light left, so did Fen's patience.

Fen walked near the opening indicated before and leaned against a tree, and crossed his arms and waited, tapping his finger on his arm as Naomi say near him quietly.

November 8th, 2007, 6:59 PM
I wake up with a tiresome look on my face. As I get up I notice I am no longer in my room where I last remember. As I look around I see a very beautiful forest. I wonder where I am for I do not reconigze this place.

"Ah, what took you so long to flipping get up. I was getting very impatient" said a strange voice. Beryl looked suddenly startled when he heard it.

"Whoa who is there" I yelled .

"Ah yes I didn't explain. I need yo-" The mysterious voice was inturruped by Beryl

"Where are you? If you want to rumble then lets go one on one. Mono E mono" I was soon jumping and looking around with his hands up ridiculously like a boxer.

"Shut up you brat" roared the voice. It then continued. "Now listen up. I am what you call a gaurdian. I have summoned you here in the Eterna Forest to talk with you. I am Groundon, one of what your kind would call, the legendary pokemon. But my name is Ahmenra."

"Whoa, that is boss, your Groudon and you can speak english. So this is where I am eh. Never heard of it." I was yelling when he said this. As a matter of fact, everything I said I yelled. It was so loud if anyone was here in the forest, they could here as well. But little did I know (yes that was suppose to be the end of the sentence).

"Yes. Anyway I called you here a reason. So listen carefully"

I finally understood after AhmenRa explained the situation twice. I then walked through the forest. Searching for a way out.

He said I find something to get out. But what could that be?

November 8th, 2007, 8:10 PM
Shadow soon heard the yelling before everyone else and alerted the others.

Listen. There's someone else here. I'll go look for them. Shadow quickly jumped into the trees to find the new person.

"Alright Gallade. You help Shadow find them," Ai requested calmly.

As you wish Ai. Gallade jumped onto a seperate tree to search in the opposite direction of Shadow.

He's finally awake. Took him long enough. Kain started to calm down. And Phoebe, Cebirayth can leave enough strength in range of you that you can use his senses. You're the guide out of the forest for Fen and our new trainer. Kara and I will lead Momo and Ai out of here.

November 10th, 2007, 7:36 PM
"Alright," Phoebe replied. At first, she felt uncertain, looking at the great towering trees above her. But, then again, she'd been through worse in her travels. That was definaetly true.

Roxy emerged from her Pokeball as soon as Phoebe pulled it from her belt, as if knowing she was needed and eager to help. The Arcanine opened her mouth and barked loudly to let all know she was here. Luke chuttered again, but thankfully he stayed firmly planted on Phoebe's shoulder with all four paws.

"Okay, Roxy. We're off to do some big thing, so I need you at your best. Are you ready?"

"Arrc!" barked Roxy, seemingly full of energy. With that Phoebe climbed onto the large canine's back and looked down at the other trainers.

"Let's get going. It'll be a long ways through it looks like, so we should have our Pokemon at ready and our worries pushed away."

And with that,. she urged Roxy into the deeper woods, not looking back to see if anyone followed.

November 10th, 2007, 11:29 PM
"one more trainer or not... i'm not waiting around here anymore, come Naomi" Fen said sternly.

"we've wasted enough time sitting around and it'll be dark soon. Can't we trust the guardians to lead the new trainer to us?" Fen said as he began to follow Phoebe. "I'm sure he'll be fine."

Naomi trotted happily behind her trainer, joyful that they were going somewhere but staying a safe distance away from Phoebe and her Arcanine. Fen noticed Naomi watching Phoebi and Roxy cautiously and talked softly to his partner. "You know... you're gonna have to trust someone besides me sooner or later...and with the circumstances, it looks like it'll be sooner. I know you don't like other humans but give it a try for me aye?"

Naomi gave a soft growl which meant she understood. Fen walked a little faster to catch up to Phoebe and walk along side her and Roxy. Fen smiled at Phoebe as that walked together silently

November 13th, 2007, 2:46 PM
I walk within the forest lost for three hours straight. I am famished and so bored. As I walk my eye sight gets fuzzy from lack of sleep. I am not sure but I think I see a pokemon but can't tell what kind it is. I take a risk and start to go after that pokemon. Hopefully it will lead me out this ridiculous forest.

OOC: Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I was busy rping Naruto(will not give out name of site), and watching anime. Plus school as well. Now I shall be on as much as I can

November 13th, 2007, 4:00 PM
ooc: That's fine Kanto. It really doesn't matter to me as long as you don't end up so far back that the entire storyline has shifted or anything like that. This was fine though.


The sounds of insectlike Pokemon chirped as darkness began to fall. It was indeed a good thing that there were two tough fire types available, otherwise Phoebe would have started to get worried. But with Naomi and Roxy there was no reason to be afraid that the dark would consume their vision.

Luke had fallen asleep slumped over Phoebe's shoulder, and was now snoring so quietly that the only reason she heard him was that he was right under her ear. Unlike him, she wasn't tired yet, as she and the other trainers had been sleeping only a few hours ago. Luke, on the other hand, was a young Buizel with probably no idea of what was really going on her. Roxy understood that sort of thing better, just by being in her master's presence. Indeed, Phoebe knew that the loyal Arcanine would not rest until she herself chose to.

The forest was vast and dark, but not threatening. Trees left enough space to keep them enclosed and at the same time let them walk through undisturbed by branches or bushes. And it was doubtful that many Pokemon would dare challenge them here, it seemed, since most of them here were weak to the burning flames of a fire type.

"Should we find a place to rest?" asked Phoebe aloud when the night was drawing far in and she could not recall exactly how long they'd been walking. Now, her eyelids were just starting to fall. Maybe another hour or two and she would really need sleep. Cebirayth's 'instinct' guided her way steadilly, but so far there had been no actual response from him. Nor was there one now. It seemed the question was now more toward Fen than anyone else.

November 13th, 2007, 5:24 PM
As I walk towards the pokemon. I start to slowly feel better. My eyesight starts to get better again. As my vision gets clearer, the pokemon starts to form. It seems that the pokemon is an Absol. As it stands there another pokemon appears right from the trees. It is a Gallade. I try to go to the pokemon faster, but as I get closer to the two pokemon, they suddenly run off. I try to get near them so I can try and figure out what is going on. As I run after them it soon dawns on me that if I continue to follow them, they might be able to lead me to a place of information. If they were trying to get away they would have already have sped away in different directions or some other manuver. It has been thirty whole minutes and have chased after the Absol and Gallade without any rest. Finally, two minutes later they slow down as I get closer to them. Then the two pokemon come to a stop and started to walk. It seems that he arived at the pokemon's destination. But what he did not think of, that it was two trainers that owned the Gallade and Absol. Plus he was not expecting the trainers to be girls at all. Two very lovely girls at that.

November 13th, 2007, 5:49 PM
Fen walked quietly alongside the large Arcanine, as Naomi made sure Fen was always between her and Phoebe. The gentle cracks of tree branches underfoot and rustling of leaves made their presence quite known through the darkening forest. Fen heard Phoebe call from high up "shall we find a place to rest?"

Fen hadn't thought about sleep yet but upon its mention, he was very evidently tired. He was beginning to drag his feet on the ground and their pace had slowed considerably since they first began.

"Ya i think stopping to rest for the night would be great. let me take care of finding the location." Fen stopped and tossed his another pokeball into the air. "Come on out, Razor!" a happy small Sandslash appeared from the pokeball with way more energy than appropriate for every one else's mood.

"Razor, calm down... i need you to combine Slash and Rapid Spin to clear an area for us to set up camp on, you know the drill." Fen called to the young Sandslash

"Slash! Slash Slash!" Razor replied happily and jumped up and down then bounced and turned into a small ball then began to spin around fast and bounced off the trail. shredding and cutting could be heard off to the side as Razor went to work clearing an area. Fen walked up on the now cleared area as Razor was kicking branches out of the area into a pile in the middle.

"thats great Razor, now Naomi, can you Fire Spin on those branches please?" Naomi called happily and lit the branches aflame. Fen looked over the small cleared area with soothing camp fire in the middle, satisfied at his pokemon's work. He looked up to Phoebe sitting on top of Roxy.

"Well, ladies first" Fen said smiling as he waved a hand and stepped back allowing her to walk in first.

November 13th, 2007, 7:03 PM
"Oh please," Phoebe had to growl as she slid off of Roxy's back. Whether Fen heard those words or not, she didn't care, and wasn't in the mood to. The trip really had started to get to her, and setting down her pack for a pillow really made her feel like it was time to sleep. Roxy obediently sat down beside her master, opening her huge jaws in a yawn. The small and weak stream of yellow flame that fizzed out made Luke chutter nervously. He was awake. Hopefully he wouldn't keep [I]Phoebe[I] awake as well.

There was no need or want for shelter as far as Phoebe was concerned. She had ben in woods and nature all her life, and it wouldn't bother her at all to sleep on the cleared ground. The most bothersome thing that could come up would probably be Luke, and she could return him to his Pokeball if he began to get too aggressive. Perhaps she'd wake up in her bed the next morning, and it would all be a dream. But did she really want that? After all, this was just about to get exciting it seemed... And mayber Cebirayth, the Giratina, would return to her mind.

November 13th, 2007, 7:34 PM
"Nice to see that you finally made it. I've been waiting with Ai here for thirty minutes."

"Yep. Okay Gallade. We need you to get us outta here. Teleport!"

All right then. When Gallade tried to get the the two and the new trainer out of the forest, they couldn't leave since Gallade didn't really know the way out.

I've pinpointed Kain's location near Phoebe. I should be able to teleport you all there for the time being.

"Thank's Kara!" Momo shouted. By the look on Beryl's face, he was extremely confused. "There's no time to explain. Ai and I will tell you about it later."

"Okay, Kara. Get us to Phoebe!" Ai started to yell too, confusing Beryl even more. Before they knew it, the group and their Pokemon were instantly transported to the location of Phoebe and Fen.

November 13th, 2007, 7:53 PM
As I stood there dazed and confused, I feel myself being transported. It felt weird actually. I felt as though I was weightless and floating through space. As the transportation was in progress I had some things on my mind.

Hmm, it seems that the girl who was talking to me looks as if she is the oldest between the two. They might be sisters, who knows. But I know thing for sure, she sure is pretty and seems kind of sweet. I would definetly want to go out with her. But first things first; to find out what to do.

The thoughts were deep as I looked at the girl who spoke with me. Then after I focused myself on the transport.

November 13th, 2007, 8:08 PM
Fen rested against a tree near the outside of the clearing. Naomi was nuzzled against his side sleeping soundly. Razor was sitting close to the fire and had finally settled down. He was also finally tired and was drifting off too sleep. Seeing that the area was obviously safe, Fen began to drift off to sleep slowing against the tree.

He was quickly awakened by Naomi. She quickly moved from underneath him and stood up. She stepped in front of Fen and lowered her head looking into the trees opposite of them. Razor also immediately woke up and sat on all fours with his spikes pointing high into the air.

"Whats there, Naomi? be ready to use Psychic... No fire attacks in this area, we don't wanna set the whole forest ablaze..." Fen said softly to Naomi. He looked over to the still sleeping Phoebe. "Should i wake her?" he thought to himself.

Suddenly a crackling of tree branches and twigs was heard outside the clearing. Fen eyed the area closely as him, Naomi, and Razor were all on edge. Fen squinted and could barely make out multiple figures in the darkness.

November 13th, 2007, 8:17 PM
"Thanks Kara," Momo whispered to her guardian legend since Phoebe was sleeping.

Don't even think about attacking us or you'd be a block of ice, Shadow promised. And you, Shadow said while turning around to see Beryl held by his shirt high up in a tree, what's your name? Shadow began to growl out his words.

Shadow, calm down. There's no reason to be starting a fight in the middle of a forest, Gallade requested.

November 13th, 2007, 8:29 PM
"The Kurai family doesn't know the meaning of block of ice... don't say anything you can't back up" Fen replied bitterly to the pokemon and resuming his position against the tree. "Naomi, Razor, stand down, they're okay." Fen called to them. Naomi returned to Fen's side snuggled as far behind him as she could and curled up to go to sleep. Razor resumed sprawling out in front of the fire and let his spikes lay down. He closed his eyes and the fire gently warm him.

"Well, this is camp for the night, you're both trainers, you know how to take care of yourselves outside of that. I'll see you all in the morning." Fen said quietly to Ai, Momo, and Beryl as he settled in against Naomi who was already sleeping quietly.

Fen slowly drifted off to sleep as he tuned out the voices of the other three trainers.

November 14th, 2007, 2:46 AM
"Dang why does this type of stuff happen to me." It wasn't until a minute later that he heard the Absol speak with him.

"Whoa that is so cool. The Absol can speak english too. Aww man, I wish my pokemon could too. Or is my imagination truly getting to me?"" Although happy, he was still upset by the fact that he was still hanging in a tree.

"Hey can someone please get me down" I yelled. Just then the tree branch broke as I fell high from the tree. After yelling while falling, he hit the ground hard knocking his own self out. He stayed like that until late at night when everyone else was asleep. As it is the middle of the night, I went to an open space in the forest not too far from the others to look at the sky while contemplating on the events that occured.

Hmm so there is something wrong with Arcreus or whatever Ahmenra said. But I wonder what could be the reason though. If only that darn Gaurdian told me more information. Plus I can't use my pokenav so I can't call the professer either. Heh, well at least I will have some company.

I then had a thought of that girl pop into my head. I then look at my pokeballs on my waist and back at the stars admiring the wonderful veiw of the forest.

November 14th, 2007, 3:42 PM
Before anyone knew it, morning had already come.

Awake Momo. It's time to get up. You too Ai, Kara whispered softly to the sisters.

There's no time to waste. We need to get out of this forest. Momo, Ai, Phoebe. Take us out of here. Shadow was already awake. Gallade suddenly came out of its Pokeball and lifted Ai onto its back before she'd woken up.

"Gallade?" Ai asked yawning. "What are you doing out of your Pokeball?"

It's time to leave this wretched forest once and for all. Shadow, you can worry about Momo. Ai can get lead me out. I'll bring the newbie too.

Alright then Gallade. If that's how you want it, I'll get Momo to take me out. And wake up new guy. Tell me your name. Shadow directed his question towards Beryl.

November 14th, 2007, 6:07 PM
As I wake back up, I see a nice looking Absol looking over me. I slowly get up yawning as I look at the pokemon.

"Im sorry, what did you say Absol"

I was still getting up as I said this.

November 14th, 2007, 6:25 PM
Fen awakes to Naomi gently tugging his shirt and licking him in the face.

"i'm up i'm up" he said to her groggily. The Ninetails looked overjoyed to see her master up and active again. Razor was already piling dirt over the left over camp fire embers. He looked around the site to see the new trainer being harassed by Momo's Absol. Fen looked at him and shrugged. It was none of his concern.

"lets get the heck out of here, i'm sick of this forest." Fen said aloud to no one in particular. "Razor, return" The beam of red light engulfed the Sandslash and retreated into the pokeball. He placed it back on his hip and walked back towards the trail.

"I'll be waiting whenever you're all ready to leave" Fen called back to them as Naomi trailed closely and quickly behind him.

November 14th, 2007, 9:24 PM
"We're ready any time Phoebe is. She's the one to lead you guys outta here. Ai and I have Kara and Ai's legendary guardian to help us out." Momo let out a sigh at the still sleeping Phoebe.

Hello again Ai. I'm going to tell you my name.

"What? You really are? Great!" Ai started to shout her words now.

My name is Kagenaka. I am what humans would call Darkrai.

"Thanks for telling us. Now can you tell me and Momo how to get out of here?"

I will guide you. Momo will be guided by Kara.

That's right. Momo, let's get started.

"Wait a second Kara. New guy, what's your name?" Momo asked sternly.

November 15th, 2007, 3:02 AM
"Hmm yes my name eh. How do I say this."

I was rubbing my chin while thinking.

"Ah ye here we go. Have you ever heard of the kid who single handedly defeated the Team Rocket gang including their powerful leader? If you have, then you should already know who I am by face" he smirked eagerly.

"But if not, allow me to share the presence of my name. I am Beryl, the kid who single handedly defeated the Team Rocket syndicate including thier fearful leader, Giovanni"

As soon as I was finished my speech, I stood there giving the thumbs up pose while glaring my teeth in a form of a smile which had a sudden perverbrial ping to them.

November 15th, 2007, 9:19 AM
Fen stood leaning against a tree a distance away. He spoke quietly to him but directly, instantly shooting down Beryl's pride.

"Team Rocket? Everyones been against Team Rocket, they're a joke now, I've never heard of you. My name is Fen, 3rd place in the Indigo League and 2nd in the Johto League. Try doing that, then you can have something to brag about." Fen snapped from the tree "Whats Phoebe doing? we need to stop playing around here."

Fen stepped into the woods to take another quick look around, walking casually through the trees with one hand in his pocket, leaving Beryl speechless back at the camp. Fen can be a bit too straight forward when saying what he's thinking sometimes... but he has faith that Beryl will get over it.

November 15th, 2007, 2:05 PM
"Cebirayth? Is that you?"

"Yes. Arceus is weaker. It is beginning to lose power to It. The thing that is controlling its body and mind, steadilly."

"That's what you call this parasite? Just It?"

"What other name do we have for it?"

"Good point..."

"You are still asleep. You must come to consiousness. I will be with you when you wake."

"Come on! Wake up!" Phoebe heard someone yell. When she rose, Luke and Roxy were still at her side, and everyone else was there near Fen. Along with someone she hadn't seen before.

No matter, she thought, If he were a threat then they wouldn't have allowed him to be here...

"Cebirayth's back," she said as she stood up, "And he says Arceus is weak. The thing that is feeding off of its power is growing stronger, he says. Sorry I wan't up for a while... I must've slept in while he spoke to me."

Roxy looked ready to go, but Luke seemed groggy and lazy as he was three-fourths of the time, so Phoebe lifted the Buizel onto her shoulder. Time to go, so soon already.

"You must head to the East, and slightly North. You will be guided as before to know which way that is," spoke the Giratina's voice in her mind.

"Thanks, Cebirayth. Let's get going," replied Phoebe, loud enough for the others to hear.

November 15th, 2007, 2:19 PM
Beryl suddenly had a serious face on.

"I have won the Kanto pokemon league and defeated the Kanto Elite Four. So am I still allowed to brag kid?"

There was a tone of serious in his voice when he said that.

"So, when are we leaving this forest. Does anyone know?"

November 15th, 2007, 6:49 PM
Fen stood upright with a defensive look on his face. Naomi was beside him growling viciously at Beryl having insulted them. The Ninetails looked very intimidating for the first time since the adventure had begun. Her fur was standing on end and all her tails were standing straight out ready to defend her and her trainers honor.

"Kid? how old are you, punk? If you can't take the heat, stay out of the fire. These legendary pokemon may have faith in you, but i wont hesitate to crush you right here." Fen said sternly.

Fen and Naomi were standing offensively between Beryl and the rest of the group. Naomi's anger was visible as heat radiated off of her and into the surrounding air, warming the area around them. Flames began leaking from her mouth and licking at her lips as she snarled at Beryl. The air around them was getting hotter and hotter as the suspense could be cut with a knife.

"i wont be disrespected by some punk kid and i'll light this forest up to bring you down if i need to. stay out of my way." Fen snapped at Beryl.

Fen's playful and smiling attitude was long gone as was Naomi's normally shy and scared persona.

November 15th, 2007, 7:03 PM
Beryl smirked as he listen to Fen bickered.

"Alright guys, come on out and enjoy the veiw of this forest."

Beryl threw up four pokeball as all of them emitted four different pokemon. There was Charmeleon, a shiny Dragonite, a Typhlosion and last but never the least, there was his best friend, Pidgeot. As all four pokemon stood on the ground, they all stretched their bodies and observed the forest. It was very beautiful in their eyes. The quadrio was struck in awe as they qazed upon the forest.

November 15th, 2007, 7:48 PM
"Why are you smirking? All of your Pokemon against Shadow, Naomi, and Gallade." Momo stared straight at the unimpressive Pokemon, with the only worthy-looking Pokemon to battle was Beryl's shiny Dragonite.

"Let's go then. We could use a battle after such a long time sis." Ai jumped back with Gallade to wait for Fen and Momo.

Okay then. This works for me. Shadow jumped back slightly closer to Beryl than Gallade and Ai.

"Let's go Fen." Momo jumped back to Shadow's distance away from Beryl and got ready to fight. "I'll be first."

November 15th, 2007, 7:58 PM
"What the dilly. Everyone dodge quickly."

All four of the pokemon jumped in different directions.

"I was smiling only because i forgot about my pokemon is all. They haven't been out of their pokeballs since I got here and decided to let them roam out of them. I wouldn't want to try to start a fight for no reason."

Beryl was pretty nervous as he said his peice hoping she wouldn't attack again. No not because he was a coward, but because he knew these would be his new comrades. Well some of them anyway.

OOC: Sorry about the auto. I just didn't want my pokemon to fight right at the moment.

November 15th, 2007, 8:22 PM
"Shadow, retreat." Shadow jumped back on Momo's command.

Yes. Shadow retracted his claws and jumped back to Momo. Momo and Shadow both jumped back to Ai and Gallade, standing there with Fen and Naomi.

"Alright then. What're we going to do now?" Ai was again confused about what to do.

"We need to find a way out of---" Momo was interrupted by Kagenaka.

Ai and Momo, you must listen. Arceus is getting weaker by the minute and is being taken over by it. It seems to appear that Arceus is willingly suffering. We need you and your new comrades. Get out of the forest and Kain and Kara will meet you two at the end.

November 15th, 2007, 8:42 PM
"Naomi. stand down. I guess he's smarter than he looks." Fen said quietly and harshly.

He turns around and walks past Ai and Momo. Naomi's fur settles and the flames retreat back into her mouth, her eyes softened and tails curled back up as the air slowly cooled back to its original temperature. She trotted happily back to Fen's side as if nothing happened. Fen resumed his impatient stance next to the path waiting for the others to follow suit and leave the forest. Naomi curled around his feet and laid below him waiting.

"You can even scare me a bit when you get ready to fight, Naomi... heh" Fen whispered to his loyal companion. Naomi let out an embarrassed sigh to Fen as if apologizing for her strength.

"Well, shall we proceed?" Fen called to the other trainers

November 16th, 2007, 2:54 AM
He glared at Fen from the corner of his eye without saying anything. He then started to follow the rest of the trainers without saying anything at all. He still had s serious face on, showing either his temper has risen or he was slowly subsiding. But nonetheless he still wanted to get out of this forest regardless. His pokemon company followed.

November 17th, 2007, 1:30 PM
"The last thing we need is a fight among ourselves," Phoebe said from atop Roxy's high back. "We're probably almost outta here, so let's just get going without the fuss. We all know that Arceus is at stake here."

At the name 'Arceus', Luke chuttered, as if understanding the power of it. Roxy breathed a tiny stream of soft flame into the air, as if to back up her words. She was smart enough, however, to know to be careful with fire in a forest. Phoebe was thankful for that much.

With that much said, they were in the Eterna Forest wilderness again, venturing between trees and plants over the soft earth below. And the end of it came closer and closer with each step.

November 17th, 2007, 1:42 PM
"Okay Gallade," Ai started, "we need you to get me and Momo into a tree. We'll be able to move much more freely that way."

"Good idea Ai. Don't worry about me though Gallade. I'll get up with Shadow."

Yes. I understand that you'd like your own Pokemon to worry about you.

Thanks Gallade. C'mon Momo.

"Alright," she responded as she got on Shadow's back and jumped into a tree. "C'mon Ai."

"Okay! Let's go Gallade," Ai answered, getting on Gallade's back and jumping into a tree next to her sister. Momo, Ai, Gallade and Shadow seperated, searching for a way out in all directions.

November 17th, 2007, 2:44 PM
Fen walked slowly aside Roxy and Phoebe with Naomi on his other side. He had a renewed sense of happiness having passed the previous events. He smiled to himself as he looked into the forest canopy to see light shining through the trees. The forest seemed peacefully quiet as the group moved together.

"So when we're finally out of here... where to after that? Are we just gonna wait until the guardians speak to us again?" Fen said calmly to Phoebe. "I'm worried about Arceus if this is as serious as it sounds, and i wanna help as soon as possible."

"I wish Fenix had stayed to inform me for just a bit longer" Fen thought to himself as he looked down to the ground.

November 17th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Warning 1;

Like I said earlier, some of you guys were cutting it pretty close to the minimum, but now, you ARE cutting the minimum, Kanto.

4 lines, paragraph, I suggest you make more than one word for the fourth line, it'll keep you in the safe zone.

November 18th, 2007, 11:42 AM
OOC: As the RPG's creator, I agree with what mizuki said. If you can't make a long enough post, then it'd be best not to post at all until you can.

And, also, I recieved a sign-up through PM from Nostalgia. There will be another character joining the RPG...


"You will exit into an open rocky area, on the farthest edge of the Eterna forest. It is very little known, and that is why we have chosen it to be your path to Mt.Coronet's peak, Cebirayth told Phoebe, almost in response to Fen's question.

"And how do we go from there, Cebirayth?" asked Phoebe.

"You will recieve... a sign. You will know... upon coming... where you must.. go..."

"What? What do you mean?"

But Phoebe's guardian did not speak again. He had left her alone without his voice in her mind, and the world around her had seemed to stop for a moment to see what she was talking about. Even Roxy had ceased her steady walking. Fen and Naomi seemed either confused or interested. Ohoebe couldn't tell.

"Cebirayth's gone again, but he said we'll know what to do when we get to an open rocky area... Whatever that means," she said to them. Why did it seem like Cebirayth always left when she most needed him?

November 18th, 2007, 1:05 PM
OOC: Okay. Yeah, I signed Up. My character is Danny. He has Larvtar, Mankey, and Umbreon. All with nicknames. His guardian is Celebi. Yeah. Most of this post will be a flashback, because I couldn't think of anything else other than you guys leaving sleeping bodies in the clearing. So, that was out.

Danny sighed. He had been hanging around that old tree for two days, and still no-one came.
"Okay. Fine. I must be insane, listening to a voice in my head. What was it that it said? Oh yeah." Danny sighed...

Danny had just woken up.
"Ugh... Where am I?" Mumbled Danny.
"You are inside Eterna Forest." Said a voice.
"Thats not very helpful..." Said Danny groggily "Wait!! Who sad that?!"
"I am the one you humans call Celebi. But my actual name is Ibelece." Responded the voice
"Awesome! Celebi! In my head!! Wait... Why are you in my head?" Said Danny, wide-eyed.
"The god of all gods, Arceus, has been possesed by it. We need you to help the others stop it."
"Okay. Got it. Just two questions. Why am I here, and what is it exactly?"
"I have transported you here so you can meet with the othe guardians. And it is a parasitic creature that lives off chaos."
"Of course. But I have another question; What other quardians?"
"My powers are very weak, so I transported you here instead of at the clearing with the others. In a few days, a group of humans will come. Those are the other guardians."
"Got it... Ibelece... Where'd you go?" Danny questioned, but it was no use. Ibelece was gone. For now.

"I must have been an idiot to believe something like that! But... then again... I'm in no hurry. I can go sightseeing later. Just in case I'm not crazy, I'll stay here until nightfall. Then I'm leaving. Duh! My Pokemon will want some fresh air! Come on out Dinosaurio, Mono, and Zorro!" Yelled Danny, unaware of the noise he was making.

November 18th, 2007, 1:44 PM
"What's that yelling?" asked Phoebe aloud. Roxy was turned anxiously in its direction and Luke was snuffling and chuttering again on her shoulder. It sounded like a person calling out something...

Without looking at anyone who was following her, Phoebe pointed toward the sound that was coming from behind a bushy area, urging Roxy toard it. The Arcanine barked and ran for the sound.

There was a boy, standing with three Pokemon who appeared to have just been sent out. Who's that? she wondered. Luke was growling again, as if expecting danger.

November 18th, 2007, 1:56 PM
Fen was startled at Roxy suddenly turning and running. He immediately followed Roxy and Phoebe "What do you see, Phoebe?" Fen asked out of breath as he watched Luke growling in the direction she was looking.

Naomi was also looking in the same direction with flames licking her lips again and tails standing straight out. Fen squinted through the trees to see a boy in the clearing. he couldn't make out any features about the boy except for the three small pokemon in front of him.

"His pokemon are already out" Fen said silently to Phoebe. "You think he's a threat? Naomi... calm down for a second"

The Ninetails let her tails down but still growled slightly. Fen called out to the boy. "Hey! Hey you over there! who are you? If you're lookin for a battle or something then i'm sorry but we're kind of in a hurry..."

November 18th, 2007, 2:04 PM
Danny was quite taken aback by the spontaneous arrival of two people and their pokemon, but quickly regained his composure.
"Dinosaurio, Mono, go exploring. Do something." Instructed Danny. "And Zorro, I want you at my side."
Danny's pokemon followed orders as Danny approached the two trainers.
"I am Danny, and this is my Umbreon Zorro. I have a feeling that your some of the other guardians?" He said calmly.
"Aye. I am Fen and shes Phoebe. But how did you know that...?" Said the boy.
Danny was finally convinced that he wasn't crazy or just imagining Ibelece. Her prediction came true. More guardians!
"Ibelece told me you'd come." He sighed.
"What the heck is an Ibelece?" Demeanded Fen.
"Ibelece is Celebi. So... is that all of you? Just the two? From what Ibelece said, I expected more people.

OOC: I couldn't think of anything besides that without even more controling of the characters...

November 18th, 2007, 4:33 PM
OOC: Hmm, alright my bad didn't know I did that. I will start counting my sentences for accuracy. Sorry for the disruption.
Note: I have done 14 sentences (not including OOC).

Hmm, I don't think he is a threat. There is no way to get here but by a gaurdian. Besides he sounds like is just letting out his pokemon is all. Probably just met his gaurdian at that. thought Beryl.

"Darn it, without them we are stuck again. Momo, should we wait or go with Pheobe and Fen. I am not really sure?"

Beryl was following Momo and Ai the whole time they were searching. He only did that because he didn't know how to get out. He was looking at Momo with a straight and serious face. But on the inside of his mind he was complimenting how nice she looks.

Aw man she is so hot, I would ask her out, but we got more important things on our plate.

He didn't even realize he was forming a smile. If he knew that, he would probably turn away on site.

November 18th, 2007, 5:11 PM
"Beryl? You followed me? Nevermind. I found a way out of here. I'll see you in a while if you aren't coming." Momo jumped from tree to tree again and headed to Ai.

"Okay. I think I have a way out so far," Ai said to herself while jumping around on the trees. "Man.... Another dead end. Better go see how Momo's doing." Ai jumped out of the clearing she found and back into the trees.

I better go back and meet with Shadow. We can regroup and look for Momo and Ai. Gallade jumped back in Shadow's direction and teleported along the way.

November 18th, 2007, 5:55 PM
OOC: don't worry, as long as you do it within character thats fine, Nostalgia. and besides... u got it right on haha. u can do some char control for my char anytime u want


"oh Celebi... ya we're chosen ones with guardians of our own.. you guessed right. We aren't the only ones... we've got some kid and 2 sisters out in the forest ahead of us." Fen explained. "Sounds like a promising group to save the world doesn't it?" he added sarcasticly.

Naomi was now at ease upon seeing her master talking so casually with the newcomer. She curled around his legs elegantly and took soft steps as she hid behind Fen's legs once again.

"So i'm assuming your guardian has explained most of whats going on to you. Right now Phoebe's guardian told her where to go... so i'm following her so we can get the heck outta here...I suspect you'll want to travel with us? Fen said asked calmly. "If so then we should get going. If we keep at a normal pace then we can be out of the forest before nightfall. Whattya say, Danny?" Fen said to him welcomely while extending his arm to Danny for a handshake.

November 18th, 2007, 6:13 PM
Good. Oh, and I think I should go ahead and tell you guys something about Ibelece, it has an ancient anklet-like thing on its ankle. It prevents it from using its psychic powers, unless it is in emotional trauma. The anklet also has weird ancient writing that glows during the time that it can use its powers. Okay?

"Sure." Resonds Danny, accepting the proposal for the handshake. "Mono, Dinosaurio, come back!"
Mono jumps out of a nearby tree and lands on the ground with a thud. Dinosaurio digs back to the surface from underground, leaving a small pile of dirt.
"Now, return." Danny said calmly, recalling his pokemon. "You too Umbreon."
Danny walks behind the tree and grabs his backpack. He puts his PokeBalls back into the backpack, and returns to the awaiting two trainers.
"So... Where are the others?"

November 19th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Bery suddenly appears right when the new trainer asks. Out of breathe he tries to speak. But to no avail he could not for he was still tired from running. After a minute he finally speaks.

"Ah sorry you guys. I didn't know where else to go so I decided to see the new guy for myself. My apoligies if I inturuppted anything. So you are the new guy eh. Nice to meet you. My name is Beryl. May I ask what is yours?"

Beryl held out his hand to the new guy. I was apparant that he was gesturing a handshake. It was then that the rest of his pokemon had followed. The only pokemon missing of his was his Pidgeot.

November 20th, 2007, 1:22 PM
It was then that Phoebe noticed something she had not before. Here, at this tree where Danny was standing, seemed to be the section they'd been looking for. Trees were scarcer and more spread out, just enough to notice the hardening and darkening ground. Were they close? It seemed very likely, and Cebirayth's senses burning in her mind seemed to be getting stronger, ever so slightly and slowly. They were changing from a slight, fragile connection to a bit of a stronger one. It seemed as if the closer they came to the peak of the mountain, where they were apparently supposed to go, the closer they would be to their guardians, and thus the stronger the connection would become.

"We're close," she suddenly declared, "I can feel it. Right here is where the forest starts to end. We're gonna be outta here soon. And Luke, wpould you please shut up?! I've had enough of your chattering. Enough to last a week!"

The Buizel quieted down and stared vacantly at her, clearly only recognizing the command and agitation in her voice rather than the real message. Still, it was better than nothing that he did calm down. At least all wan't bad news, and there was a new trainer to join them.

But a feeling of danger also hung in her mind slightly, weak but there. We'd best hold our guard up. This forest probably won't be the only challenge we'll face in this quest...

November 20th, 2007, 1:30 PM
Momo and Ai jumped down from the trees. "Momo found a way out guys! We can finally get out of here!" Ai hugged Beryl then let go embarrassed.

"I'm guessing my sister likes Beryl. I'm going to support her, Momo thought to herself. "C'mon if you wanna get out of here!" Momo jumped back into a tree and started running back the direction she came. "Come on Ai!" Ai responded by going to look for Gallade and Shadow.

Ai! Where's your sister?

"She's already going ahead to the exit she found. C'mon you two!" Ai started jumping back in her sister's direction while Shadow and Gallade followed.

November 20th, 2007, 3:17 PM
"You actually found a direct route out? Awesome!" exclaimed Phoebe with more excitement than before. True, she enjoyed nature and forests, but getting out of here at last would be a huge relief. Roxy showed her joy with a loud bark and a slight wag of her big, bushy tail. Phoebe held onto the Arcanine's shaggy neck tightly as she did this, as she knew to do whenever Roxy moved quickly and she was on her back. Even Luke seemed to get the message that they'd be going somewhere else, and stared anxiously and excitedly off Phoebe's shoulder, nose twitching and eyes wide.

Sensing Phoebe's own urge to finally leave the Eterna Forest, Roxy moved on quickly and determinedly, right behind Ai and her Pokemon. Everyone else seemed just as eager to follow.

November 20th, 2007, 3:42 PM
"You'll need to be in a tree to witness the exit though. And unfortunately, it's closing slowly. If we can make it in time, we can get out of here," Momo warned them. "We'll need everyone's Pokemon to get them into a tree."

"C'mon Gallade! You too Shadow!" Ai yelled, jumping on the trees, faster and faster as she jumped to catch up with Momo.

Well Gallade, I guess this is going to be a long day.

You said it Shadow.

November 20th, 2007, 4:25 PM
"Alright then..." Phoebe replied, a bit discouraged. If only she had her Lucario with her! She'd taught him the ability to climb rocky walls while carrying a person, but it would certainly work just as well up a tree.

Oh well, she thought to herself, At least I have Roxy and Luke. If I can find a low enough branch then there'll be no need for worry over not having Luna' here.

Indeed, there was a somewhat low branch nearby. SOmewhat high, but low enough. It was obviously too high for Phoebe to reach alone, but her plan was not at all lost.

"Roxy, stay," commanded Phoebe. The Arcanine froze, as still as the trees themselves, and lowered her head to the ground. Ever so carefully, her master stood up on her high back and reached upward, arms held out for the branch. Steady... Steady... Yes! Her hands were tightly gripped onto the branch, and the bark's form made it easy to keep that grip.

"Zel-Buiz!" chuttered Luke nervously from Phoebe's shoulder. She'd pulled herself onto the branch with some effort. Roxy was still on the ground, and had not moved at all since Phoebe told her to stay, determined to obey by her firm loyalty. Phoebe pulled the red, gleaming Pokeball from her belt and opened it, absorbing Roxy in its bright light. The Arcanine was recalled, and Phoebe was ready to jump through the still thick branches above to reach the end of this accurcursed wood.

November 20th, 2007, 5:46 PM
Fen stood watching Phoebe struggle to get high into the trees and the other trainers went up high. He stood scratching his head for a second wondering why they were working so hard after he had already mentioned out loud that Naomi was capable of using psychic. He looked down at his trusted Ninetails who also seemed to be confused by their actions.

"Well Naomi... you know what to do... just get me to that big branch on the tree a bit ahead of Phoebe. Alright then... psychic, now!" Fen said to his partner. Naomi's eye's glazed over a deep blue as an aura appeared around Fen and lifted him high into the trees and rested him softly on a branch.

"thanks girl! you can take a break, i've got it from here!" Fen called down to the forest floor. He pulled out an all white pokeball and recalled Naomi to it from the tree.

welp... time to get goin... He thought to himself as he looked off through the canopy and sighed audibly. He leaped to a near-by tree and off towards the opening...

November 20th, 2007, 7:52 PM
(heyyy this looked REALLY interesting, sorry i'm so late! but here's my sign up sheet and i'll read through the other posts before posting my first time for sure...hopefully i'm accepted! )

here we go...

Name- Villanelle Ivy
Gender- Girl!
Age- 16
Legendary Guardian- Mew

Description- She's about 5'2", with dark hot pinkish hair that's just above her shoulders, choppy cut and usually messy with bangs going over her left eye most of the time, her eye colour is green, what she wears is usually a green hoodie over her dress-like pink leopard print shirt, and she wears faded blue-jeans as well. Shoes are just basic red 'Converse' b-ball shoes. Other than that she likes to wear a lot of bracelets on her wrists, very minimal make-up and three piercings in her ears, and a naval piercing.
Personality- Above all she's cheery, playful and warmhearted, an honest good person who sometimes has a temper but keeps her cool and with a huge optomistic attitude she doesn't seem to dwell on the negative things in life for long at all. A little awkward but a very caring person, especially to pokemon, also she cherishes her own as her greatest friends (seeing as friendship a really important thing to her)
History- Born from the Orange Islands, her mother being Professor Ivy, she grew up in the Isles until she was 14 and set off on her own journey with a tempramental Cyndaquil, freaky Zubat shy Horsea....after being kicked out by her mother who expected her to leave on a "journey", though Villanelle being a lazy child procrastinated until she was a little older than most other kids to leave on her adventure...

My pokemon

Name- Umber
Species- Typhlosion
Description and Personality- Umber is very tempramental and often picks fights, getting himself into trouble. Originally, when Umber was a young Cyndaquil he was sent to Prof. Ivy from Prof. Elm in Johto, seeing as no trainer would select him due to his aggressiveness, but Villanelle was able to handle the bundle of "joy" (sarcasm), even though they still do sometimes bicker between each other with equal tempers....

Name- Nostenfur
Species- Crobat
Description and Personality- Honestly a REALLY creepy pokemon, he enjoys freaking out people and other pokemon, sometimes enjoying to creep out Villanelle from time to time on purpose just for laughs. A "joker" you could say, though he can be overprotective of Villanelle sometimes.

Name- Coco
Species- Miltank
Description and Personality- A very energetic and sometimes hard to handle pokemon, she loves to battle and hates losing...really child-like and wild.

Guardian Legend

Name- Huehuecoyotl (this is actually the Aztec "trickster god of indulgence, games, and pranks" which i thought suited Mew hahaha)
Description- She has a simple strand of misc. small parts of toys, objects, shells, beads, anything she stole from children that she used to play with put together that's around her neck. It jingles and clinks whenever she floats around.
Personality- Cheery, optomistic and playful (of course) really child-like.
Why they chose your character- Huehuecoyotl knew she needed to choose some kind of human to guard over, being one of the last ones of the legends to finally find one suited for her she picked Villanelle due to her optimism, honesty and extremely warmheartedness, and for being someone who could motivate the group...not be defeated and keep trudging no matter how hard the journey became. It took some time for her to find someone like this, but as soon as she examined Villanelle's true self she quickly decided to guard over her.

November 21st, 2007, 7:22 PM
OOC-oreobytes, accepted! welcome to the uh.. edge of the eterna forest...

November 22nd, 2007, 10:57 AM
Villanelle slowly opened her eyes, everything being blurry at first, she rubbed her eyes until things came into a better amount of focus...but...this wasn't the bed she layed down in late last night at the Pokemon Center of Goldenrod City...where WAS she?
A little shocked, she quickly sat up, swirled her pink-haired head around looking at her surroundings to reveal she was not in the Center, but rather in a ...forest of some kind.

"Wake up! Wake up!" a childlike voice rushed to Villanelle from around her.

"What?? Who's there?!?"

"Finally you're awake, sleepy head! Hehehe you're late...the rest are leaving you behind..." this mysterious voice giggled,

"Huh?? Wait, who is this? Uhhh...." Villanelle was a little scared, standing up slowly and looking around her spinning in a circle,

"Where are you coming from?!"

"Silly, not from where you're at. My name is Huehuecoyotl...or, known by humans as Mew! I'm your...guardian thingy..."

Villanelle stopped looking around and stood still, heavily confused at what was going on.

"Well don't just stand there, Villanelle, hurry up and catch up to the others! Hehehe..."

"Wait how do you know my name?!...Mew? The legendary pokemon...?" she yelled up to the sky,

"Can i just call you Villy for short?...Oh...I'll explain later...for now, just find the others...they'll help you...bye-bye now, Villy!!"

"WAIT! Come back! I have so many...questions...!" she yelled out wishing the voice would return, but it was gone now...Villanelle looked around the misty forest of the early morning and heard voices a little bit aways...quickly she ran that way, following a dusty forest path where it looked like other humans went through, hoping to find someone to help her.
"Hello?? Is anyone around here?!" she yelled out ahead of her, and continued dashing down this path.

November 23rd, 2007, 3:43 PM
Beryl was fairly confused on two accounts. One was the fact that Momo's sister hugged him and then turned away. The second was how the heck was he suppose to climb and jump through trees with gusto. It then hit him.

"Alright you guys time to return."

His three pokemon, Typhlosion, Dragonite and Charmeleon then were engulf in a red light as they retracted in their respective pokeballs.

"Pidgeot my friend lets go"

Beryl threw a pokeball in the air which emerge his large Pidgeot.

"Come on buddy, we need to get high in the trees so we can search for this exit out of this forest."

The Pidgeot nodded as it bent down a bit so Beryl could hop on his friend. They both then descended upward as they followed Momo and her sister.

Hmm I wonder why that girl looked so embarresed after hugging me for whatever reason. Well whatever

November 23rd, 2007, 4:29 PM
OOC: just an fyi Kanto.. you can't descend upward, thats an oxymoron.

Fen jumped fast as he could through the trees, wondering how an exit was only attainable through tree branch travel. after a while of traveling he finally left trees and landed atop a rock. Fen walked to the edge of the rock and looked down into a large rocky gorge that went very deep down then immediately shot almost straight up to what was obviously Mt. Coronet.

"Well... i guess this is the place...looks like no one else is here yet..." Fen observed around the open area. The morning fog had settled in the bottom of the massive pit before him, concealing the contents of it's bottom.

"Fenra, listen up"

Fen almost jumped out of skin scared then remembered who would be talking to him like this. He talked out loud to seemingly no one.

"Fenix? that you? i almost forgot you were around, whats up big guy?"

"This isn't a time for joking...There is another entrance to this gorge but its near the bottom. We have found another chosen one, guarded by Mew. She is near this entrance, go retrieve her and bring her back to the others. With your pokemon you should have no troubles but i warn you. The parasite does have ways to defend itself and it is aware of the presence of you guardians. It has sent weaker parasites to control other pokemon like zombies, you must bring them down fast as you can, they fight with no emotion and no holding back. you seem to be best equipped for dealing with mountain typed pokemon so you must rendezvous with the other trainer as fast as possible and return here, but remember the fog is the perfect place for Parasite-Pokemon to appear. Proceed with caution. I must leave you now." Fenix's voice faded into the back of Fen's head and left Fen alone.

Fen stood in awe after listening then looked at his pokeballs and into the mist. So much had been placed on him at one time, but he would prevail. He looked back into the trees then down the slope into the fog.

"You got it, Fenix. I'll go help the trainer and bring her here. Razor! Hook! come on out!" Fen tossed his two pokeballs out and a Sandslash and Primeape appear before him. "Alright you two, search and rescue mission! It'll be tough but lets go!" His two pokemon were ready to go they leaped down the side of the rock down into the gorge.

Fen looked back into the forest again and thought to himself "Be back soon, everyone." He reached down and grabbed a small stone. held it in his fist and knelt down and began carving. He finished and admired his work which just read

"F =)"

"The first initial of my name and a happy face to know i'm okay.. i hope they understand..." Fen thought to himself. And with that he leaped off the side of the rock and slid down into the gorge following his pokemon into unknown danger.

November 24th, 2007, 11:58 AM
Phoebe landed with a thud onto the hard and craggy earth. Indeed, this was the place. Unsure of where the others were, she left the realm of the trees and took a cautious step forward. The sense of danger still clung to the air... Was it fully safe?

"What's this?" she asked aloud, looking at a mark in the stone. 'F'... Fen. He was ahead of everyone I think. Well, I'm not sure I wanna wait around here, she told herself.

"Chrrrna-chk," Luke growled right at Phoebe's ear. In a split second she felt his anxiety in the form of raising hairs and tensed muscles. Something was wrong.

"Phoebe, beware."


Luke lunged from his master's shoulder, snarling and bristling. The Buizel was certainly a frightening sight when angry, especially compared to his normal narvous nature. But what was he growling at?

"Buiz!" he suddenly barked. The eerie silence ended.

"Zaaang!" roared another Pokemon. From the fog bursted a furious beast, covered in ragged white and crimson fur that flew with its movements. A Zangoose. An angry one.

"Roxy, come on!" called Phoebe, chucking a gleaming Pokeball into the tense, gray air. Everything lit up as the great and magnificent creature was released back into the world. Pleased to be called upon, Roxy immediately turned to the Zangoose and curled her lips into a vicious snarl. She'd fight to the death for her master, and Phoebe knew it.

Before another second could pass, Zangoose bolted forward and lashed at Luke with its claw, but the Buizel nimbly dodged and shot a jet of water from his open mouth. What happened next was surprising. The Zangose lifted its claw again, but instead of to attack, it held it over itself defensively. As the water stream hit Zangoose's claw, the claw began to glow orange, and the water faded away. Phoebe stared in awe and amazement. Was that a real move? Zangoose wouldn't be able to learn anything like that as far as she knew.

"It is not a real Zangoose, Phoebe," Cebirayth called, "This is a minion of It; a Pokemon controlled by a much weaker duplication of the original. It fights without feeling and is far more powerful than a normal Zangoose, and it can infect your own Pokemon through biting or clawing. If you could run, it would be safer, but..."

"No," Phoebe replied, "We're not backing out. It's a Pokemon, and that means we can battle it. Or catch it for that matter. Roxy, use Fire Blast!"

As the fire ran over the Zangoose's fur, it did not even show pain. But it was hurt, regardless. Surprising still, it jumped again, right for Roxy, as soon as the fire cleared. Those long claws could spell the end for Phoebe's Arcanine...

November 25th, 2007, 3:32 PM
Fen slid deeper and deeper into the gorge as the sunlight slowly but steadily became blocked out by the deep fog. His feet finally touched a welcomed flat ground. Hook and Razor stood a short distance ahead of him, their senses were visibly at their peak at they observed the area. The Sandslash's spikes stood on end as it rotated its head slowly to survey the area. Hook stood almost completely still, making no movements and sensing every bit of air flow passed him.

"Okay you two, lets find this girl and get the heck out of here..." Fen said quietly to the two. "This place gives me the creeps, i wanna get back above this fog as soon as possible."

The Sandslash and Primeape nodded agreeing and they continued to move, following the gorge walls in an attempt to find the small opening in Eterna forest and the missing chosen trainer. An eerie, uneasy feeling surrounded the three of them as they moved almost blindly through the fog.

"Ugh, this is worse than fighting in smokescreen..." Fen complained out loud. "Wait... thats it! Hook, use Foresight!"

Hook stopped in place and his eyes began to glow a deep blue. He peered through the deep fog in all directions. "Great job, Hook. did you see the entrance?" Fen asked the Primeape. It looked back and nodded, pointing through the fog.

"That way, aye?" Fen confirmed. "Then lets hurry!" They immediately began running towards the direction as they could slowly start to make out what appeared to be the first sign of vegetation they had seen in hours. "There it is! that must be the other Eterna entrance!" Fen's excitement was cut short as his Pokemon jump in front of him and they come to a screeching halt, just in time to narrowly evade a Hyper Beam which skimmed the ground and up the side of the gorge. Fen's eyes shot to the side and couldn't make out what had fired the beam. The team stood perfectly still, no sound could be heard, not even the pokemon calls from the forest which was just out of their reach. Suddenly, the rocks appeared to begin moving. They grew tall in front of them and seemed to unfold into a huge mass. It roared loud and a hyper beam shot from its top once again. Fen and his team scattered to dodge the beam.

"What the hell is that thing?! its huge!" Fen exclaimed. He quickly whipped out his pokedex and pointed it at the enormous fog shrouded pokemon. A cute female voice of Fen's pokedex talks gently through the mayhem. "Aggron, the Steel Armor Pokemon. This extremely powerful mountain pokemon is usually very easy going. While seeking iron for food, it digs tunnels by breaking through bedrock with its steel horns."

"An Aggron?! but its twice the size of an Aggron!" Fen exclaimed at the non responding pokedex. "It must be one of the Parasite Pokemon Fenix told me about..." He looked to the Eterna Forest entrance desperately then back to the massive problem in front of him.

"Okay trainer...i hope hear me, because theres something i need to take care of before i can come find you...." Fen yelled towards the forest. He looked back to the massive problem he faced in front of him. He pointed up to the huge Aggron and turned on his serious face.

"And for YOU!" Fen glared. "You picked the wrong trainer to mess with! Razor! get underground now with Dig! Hook! Focus Energy and prepare for Close Combat! We're gonna need all you've got!"

November 25th, 2007, 4:13 PM
((OOC: Hey is it alright if i change one of my pokemon?? I'm changing Kingdra with Miltank, i'll edit it on my character bio sheet))

Villanelle slowed to a walking pace, as she stepped into the foggy area, where the land began to grow mildly rocky...
"Ugh this fog is getting worse and worse...I can't see anything..." taking a few more steps forward, she nearly walked right into the huge gorge which would have been about a twenty-five or so foot drop! Gasping, a little shocked, she stepped back, then peered down the gorge that seemed like an endless pit of haze...
"Hello is anyone out her-AAAAH!" she jumped back and fell to the ground as a huge Hyper Beam breezed the side of the gorge, a large roar echoed through the area and the enormous monstrosity stood up blasting another Hyper Beam downward into the gorge.
"What in the hell is that thing?!"
Trying to see through the fog, it was nearly impossible unless she got closer...but that would have been obviously too dangerous, instead...
"C'mon out Nostenfur! Use Whirlwind and blow away this fog!"
Out of a glittery pokeball came a large Crobat,
"Crrro!!" he hissed and flapped his four wings at high speeds, blowing the fog away to reveal an intense looking Aggron within the gorge.
Just as the fog rolled away momentarily, Villanelle lept on Nostenfur's back and quickly soared up and around the Aggron to see another trainer and his two pokemon battling the Aggron which was at least two times larger than a normal Aggron...
"He might need some help...this thing doesn't look weak..." she glided down and jumped off Nostenfur, landing next to the trainer,
"Hey! What are you doing down here?! Eh...Explain later....Umber! Go!" she tossed another pokeball and an angry looking Typhlosion came out,
"Umber! Use Flame Wheel!"
The Typhlosion lit up in flames and lept forward into a rolling flame wheel towards the Aggron, who was readying another Hyper Beam.

November 25th, 2007, 4:44 PM
Fen breathed a huge sigh of relief at the sudden arrival of reinforcements by the pink haired girl riding atop a Crobat. With the fog now cleared around their area, the Aggron appeared to Fen in its entirety. Incredible horns, sharp teeth, with a gun metal color to its steel as opposed to the usual reflective silver. The girl released a new pokemon to battle along side her. A beautiful yet rugged Typhlosion appeared, its flames blasted marvelously into the sunlight as it announced its arrival. Fen looked in awe and couldn't help but be impressed at the physical appearance and obvious good health of a properly cared for fire type.

"Thats a powerful Typhlosion...one to even be rivaled with my father's i can tell by looking at it. This HAS to be the other chosen trainer. Who knew she's be so good with fire types..." Fen thought to himself lost in thought as he stared at her, oblivious to the battle at hand. He suddenly remembered that he was in the middle of a life or death situation and turned back to the Aggron. The girl's Typhlosion leaped towards the massive Aggron forming a powerful flame wheel. The Aggron was preparing a counter attack of its own, another Hyper Beam began to form inside its mouth.

"NO! That hyper beam is gonna steam roll that Typhlosion if i don't do something..." Fen scolded himself inside his head. "OKAY HOOK! FOCUS PUNCH! RIGHT UP HIS CHIN! QUICK!"

The Primeape jumped forward without hesitation and sprinted ahead of the Typhlosion. Hook jumped off the Aggron's knee, while spinning its right arm faster and faster. It leaped straight up and nailed the Aggron's jaw just in time to knock its head up and send the Hyper Beam astray into the sky, allowing the Flame Wheel to connect hard, sendin the Aggron tumbling backwards, off balance.

"Okay Razor! lets finish this, make sure it doesn't get back up, FISSURE NOW!" Fen called to his Sandslash. The Sandslash suddenly leaped from underground as if waiting for its cue and spun around and landed with a huge thud, forming a crack in the ground and splitting the earth beneath the Aggron, sending it falling to its defeat down the huge crevice.

"Great work you two..." Fen said as his pokemon returned to his side. "And you, you came just in time... I'm embarrassed i was found in such a hopeless situation by such a pretty girl." Fen said to the girl with a grin on his face. He walked to her and gently grabbed her hand and kissed it to introduce himself. "My name is Fenra Kurai, from the Kurai family of fire pokemon trainers. But please call me Fen. You must be the other chosen trainer i've looking for all day. Its a pleasure to meet you."

November 25th, 2007, 6:34 PM
Villanelle knew where to go with this, seeing the Aggron charging another Hyper Beam, she called out to her fire pokemon

"Alright! Umber use Focus Blast to pack a double punch along with the Sandslash's Fissure!!"

As the Aggron fell back from the Focus Punch that Primeape pulled across it's face, Umber rolled up it's stomach using Flame Wheel and latched onto it's helmet as the boy's Sandslash caused a quake and creating a huge split in the earth. Aggron began to fall down into it, and Umber opened his mouth and unleashed a Focus Blast jumping back off the armored pokemon as it tumbled down the crevise in the ground.
The fierce Typhlosion landed back on his feet next to Villanelle, and doused it's flames.

"You did great, Umber!" she patted his furry head and looked to the other trainer,

"Your pokemon did marvelous too!"

The Crobat Villanelle had flown down here on perched on the back of her shoulders, she turned to Fen and smiled, "Heh, No don't worry about that, that Aggron looked pretty tough anyways...I don't think i could have handled it alone either," she giggled, and looked a little caught off guard as the boy grabbed her hand and kissed it in a formal way of introducing himself.

"Oh! Er, it's real nice to meet you too, my name is Villanelle Ivy from..the...Ivy family? I'm not all too good with these kind of introductions...ha, well, anyways, nice to meet you," a little red in the face she hesitated somewhat in her speech when she heard him say something about being a 'chosen trainer',

"A chosen trainer? Ugh...i'm totally lost in all of this mayhem. What exactly is going on here, and why did i wake up in the Eterna Forest? Obviously you might know something..."
a cheery face turned to somewhat of a serious face, Villanelle hoped Fen could inform her on what was going on.

November 25th, 2007, 7:34 PM
Fen walked over and sat on a small boulder and let out a loud sigh. His two pokemon immediately followed and sat to rest beside him. He clasped his hands together as he rallied information in his head ready, to inform Villanelle.

"well... Villanelle, heres what i know so far. There is trouble among the legendary pokemon which guard our world. Arceus, the creator and overseer of all has been attacked by an evil parasite which is sapping all it its strength and gets stronger by the moment. The whole thing is a bit fuzzy since our guardians don't have much power to communicate. But long story short... all i know right now, is that we're down here... and we need to get up there..." Fen pointed straight up to the summit of Mt. Coronet which wasn't even visible through the clouds surrounding its peak.

"Theres 5 other chosen trainers with me that should be meeting up at the exit from Eterna Forest near the top of the gorge. They are Phoebe, a young girl, Beryl he's a little quick tempered punk... but i can't deny that he's an excellent trainer. Then theres Ai and Momo, the twin sisters and Danny, a newcomer whom i don't know much about... And thats all the information i have. I came to get you on instruction from my guardian, Fenix. You might know him as Ho-oh." Fen finished and observed her face, hoping that everything he had said was clear enough.

Fen leaned back and looked over to Hook and Razor, they were still breathing heavily and clearly tired from the battle. Fen began to worry about the journey... If his pokemon were so tired from an outside battle, what hope did he have against the real thing later. For the first time as a trainer, Fen felt small... so small like he wasn't strong enough for this.

He looked back to up to Mt. Coronet and sighed. His facial expression showed visible signs of his worry as he pondered the situation, sitting in silence with Villanelle. He finally broke the silence by asking.

"Do you mind if i call you Villy? Villanelle is kinda long...sorry thats not relevant. We need to meet up with the others, they should be grouping around the mark i left now. Or hopefully they saw that huge Hyper Beam shoot into the air... anyway, I came from this way" Fen said standing up and pointing the opposite direction. "We should get going, its a quite a walk back to the other entrance to the forest"

November 25th, 2007, 9:01 PM
Villanelle intently listened to Fen's explanation, looking a little astonished at what this huge mess was all about,

'How did i get pulled into this mess...? What makes the other trainers and I stick out from the rest to practically save the world? Well...whatever happens I guess i'm stuck with this destiny or whatever....' she thought to herself,

After Fen finished talking she nodded to him,
"Yea, i get it now...Thanks for filling me in, well, if we're going to get to Mt. Coronet anytime soon we need to get going! C'mon!" she laughed a little, trying to brighten this seemingly gloomy mood.

"Oh! And sure you can call me Villy, most people end up calling me that anyways," she smiled and started walking, but noticed Fen's pokemon looking quite exhausted.

"Aw man, your Sandslash and Primeape sure look beat after that battle...here, give them these." Villanelle handed Fen two Sitrus Berries from her small backpack, zipping it back up and continuing walking the way that he had pointed, her Crobat fidgeted a little on her shoulders as Umber followed along walking on all fours.

"So i see you found the other trainers! Well, one at least...hehehe! Anyways ummm i think you can figure it out yourself you're on the right track...bye bye now, Villy!" a small voice echoed in the back of Villanelle's head, obviously Mew, it caught her off guard a little bit but she just smiled after realizing who it was.

November 26th, 2007, 4:27 PM
OOC: Yeah my bad. But you know what I meant, I hope.

As Beryl and his Pidgeot flew through the trees of the forest, they saw a somewhat powerful hyper beam blast through the air. He only thought that it was trouble abrew so he went towards it. As it took them no time to get there thanks to speed of Pidgeot, he saw some girl and a pain in Beryl's side Fen. He ordered his Pidgeot to slow down so they wont pass the two.

"Hey, who was it that made that hyper beam. You should really preserve that energy."

Beryl looked around for a quick moment only to realize that there was not danger. He then grew a sly smile on his face.

"Ah, so you were signaling the rest of the trainers with that blast I assume."

November 26th, 2007, 5:13 PM
Momo and Ai were already busied so they were unable to see the Hyper Beam. "Ai! Watch out! One wrong move and Gallade could be history!"

"I know that sis! Gallade! Psychic!" Ai yelled. Gallade lifted a Seviper into the air and threw it at the trees nearby.

"Shadow! Night Slash!" Momo told her Absol. It jumped into the air and slashed an Electabuzz out of the sisters' way. The four ran to the area the Hyper Beam was launched and hoped to see Fen and Naomi.

November 26th, 2007, 10:10 PM
Fen happily took the sitrus berries and tossed them to Hook and Razor. They ate them immediately.

"They look better already, thanks a bunch Villy..." he said to her then looked at her and smiled, she truly was a rare girl to meet. He immediately turned away realizing he was smiling then blushed bright red while shielding his face. A pokemon call from above startled him suddenly and he jumped back into guard. Upon looking up a flying pokemon's shadow was visible and slowly grew clearer to show a boy riding a Pidgeot. For the first time since he had met him, Fen was actually happy to see Beryl.

"Beryl, this is Villy, the other chosen trainer. Sorry i left you all in such a hurry but Fenix said it was urgent so i left to go get her." Fen explained to Beryl. "And that hyper beam... it wasn't one of us. Theres a new threat... pokemon that the parasite has taken control of and they have frightening strength. That hyper beam was a stray beam from an Aggron over twice its normal size. This parasite is powerful and getting more powerful all the time, we need to be careful...Get off your Pidgeot, the Parasite Pokemon probably already saw you land here, we'll need to find the others as soon as possible." He said seriously to Beryl.

"We need to keep a low profile, so we don't attract too many unwanted guests, maybe you two should put your fliers away for now?" Fen said to both the other trainers.

November 27th, 2007, 2:30 AM
"Well hello Villy. Nice to meet you." said Berly as he jumped off his Pidgeot.

"Sorry buddy, but you sadly have to go back into your ball again"

The bird pokemon mummured in fustration.

"Don't be like that buddy. As soon as we are out of this forest, then you can get out of the ball I promise."

Beryl then engulfed his bitter friend in a stream of red light returning him to his pokeball.

"Alright Fen lets go."

November 27th, 2007, 2:17 PM
OOC-Nostalgia, that's fine with the Pokemon-switch. Just once you start using them more as the story progresses, you can't switch out, as that would be cheating the RP... But since you haven't used your Pokemon yet, it's perfectly fine!

Bright red light flashed through the fog, consuming the Zangoose. Phoebe stared with tension as her blue-and-red Great Ball fell to the ground, shivering and twitching with the corrupted Pokemon inside. Roxy opened her eyes and flinched. She'd known there was no escape as well as I did, but here was our last chance. The gleaming orb shook back and forth, back and forth... Come on... Come on...

The Great Ball froze. Both Roxy and Luke, who was standing nearby, seemed frozen with shock. It had worked! Phoebe carefully and slowly stepped forward to pick up the ball. Roxy growled warningly, and Phoebe nodded in undrstanding. Despite the fact that the Zangoose had been caught, that wouldn't mean it would be safe to release it. The parasite could still be controlling it, whether it had been captured or not, and they weren't keen to fight it again. But at least it was in a position that woulnd't be dangerous.

"Alright. If these Pokemon are running about, then the others are probably in just as much danger as I am... Where are they?"

"They have passed further and somehow missed you. Fen left to find the new trainer, whose Guardian is Mew to your kind. It should be safe. Just move straight forward and you will find them. I sense their Guardians's links close."

"Thanks, Cebirayth," replied Phoebe. Luke resumed his perch on Phoebe's shoulder, and Phoebe resumed hers on Roxy's back. Only this time, she commanded her Arcanine to run. They had to catch up anyways.

Ridiung a Pokemon was a powerful feeling. Phoebe felt Roxy's muscles pulsing below her as she moved with them to keep from falling off. And as a few minutes passed, she began to hear sounds of talking. The fog was deep, but in time she made out some faint shapes of bodies. Roxy burst before the group, mane flying behind her. The others seemed a bit surprised at the sudden entrance. Phoebe shrugged and slid off Roxy, recalling her as soon as she did.

"Sorry I'm late... I don't know if youve handled any of the parasite-Pokemon yet, but they're tough. Luckilly not too tough to catch though."

And she was holding the blue-shaded Great Ball in her hand as she spoke, as to make it obvious what had happened.

November 27th, 2007, 2:36 PM
The Arcanine seemed to explode through the fog in front of them. The group jumped back startled at Phoebe's sudden appearance.

"Wow, Phoebe, just in time. Now we just needa find a few more to have the group back together..." Fen said to her, relieved. "Wow, actually caught a parasite pokemon? Isn't that a little... dangerous?" Fen asked while poking the great ball with his index finger.

"Villy and I encountered a parasite pokemon as well... it took 3 pokemon to defeat it...but uh instead of catching it, we sort of sent it falling to its doom. It outta be somewhere near the center of the Earth by now." Fen said jokingly. He turned to his pokemon "Isn't that right, Razor?" he called to his Sandslash. Razor was clearly excited about being recognized for the strength of his fissure attack.

"So now we need to find Ai, Momo, and Danny...I wonder what could be keeping them? How about we all sit and rest while we wait for them? It will be easier for them to find us if we stay still as opposed to moving around." Fen suggested to the group calmly.

"While we rest, Hook can search for the others through the fog with Foresight" Fen said aloud to everyone but aimed it towards his Primeape.

November 27th, 2007, 3:21 PM
OOC: ILikeToEatPies, I'm gueessing you meant Oreobytes. Also, sorry for not posting. I have been busy.

Danny had een standing around for awhile after th others had left him, pondering how he could get up the tree to follow them. Finally he had thought of something.
"Go Mono! I want you to help me get up the trees so I can follow the others."
Mono reluctantly agreed and with great speed hurried through tree after tree. After about an hour of being squeezed by Mono, he decided to get down and walk for a while.
"Return Mono. Go Dinosaurio, scout the surrounding area for the others and report back."
Dinosaurio immediatly dug and began scouting. Danny started walking through the trees, his sides still aching from Mono's squeezing. After about tem minutes, Dinosaurio reapeared, and gestured in a direction. By then it was so dark, he could barely see Dinosaurio. He then got an idea.
"Go Zorro!"
The black canine Pokemon's ring's glow alowed him to see to be able to follow Dinosaurio. After about ten minutes, he heard a faint sound of talking. By now he was panting, but still had to run to keep up with Dinosaurio. Eventually, through a mist he could make out several human figures. He just stood there, motionless. Aside from the panting. From behind him he could hear a sound, one that was definitly not human, but Pokemon. But it was different. But he still thought nothing of it.

November 27th, 2007, 9:25 PM
Not noticing Fen's face turning bright red, and thinking nothing of him sheilding his face from her, Villanelle jumped a little when the boy riding a Pidgeot landed behind them, but quickly realized he was apart of the group as well when Fen greeted him so casually, and introduced Beryl to her.

"Nice to meet you, Beryl..." she nodded lightly as Fen explained the earlier events to Beryl,

"This parasite, can it see everything we're doing now?" Villanelle questioned, curious about everything still.

Awaiting and answer from Fen or Beryl, she recalled her Crobat,

"Sorry Nostenfur, i'll bring you back out later, okay?" Villy smiled,

Just as she recalled the large bat pokemon, her Typhlosion flared his neck up and snarled up ahead of them. Sensing another pokemon, especially being of his own type made him a little more defensive than usual.

The girl on the Arcanine nearly exploded from the dense fog ahead of the group of three, making Umber stand on edge...

"It's alright Umber calm down...Are you another one of the group..?"
she looked over to the girl who jumped off the powerful looking fire pokemon, a little flustered meeting all of these new people she was expected to work with immediately made Villanelle a little bit on edge as well. She was very used to working alone (aside from working with her pokemon), so it was a bit different than usual.

"Stop all this silly-willy chit chat soon! You guys need to keep going! Your other friends might be in trouble...Go! Far ahead! Hurry!"

the child-like voice of Mew echoed in her mind, this flushed through Villanelle's head and she knew she had to do something...instead of waiting on the others she instantly looked to her Typhlosion and he knew something was up,
"C'mon Umber let's go!"
she called out to her pokemon, and took off like a rocket straight ahead and ran through the fog in the way Huehuecoyotl, Mew, directed her in.

"We need to find the others...whoever they are, and we need to hurry.. this fog is dense...but i trust Mew that i need to just run straight ahead...."
Villanelle said to Umber in between breaths while running through the harsh fog,

November 27th, 2007, 10:06 PM
Fen watched Villanelle rush off into the fog, completely dumbfounded at what just happened. Her outline vanished from sight into the distance. Fen sighed out loud and thought to himself. "she may be a good trainer... but she's quite reckless.."

Fenix interrupted Fen's thoughts, "Yes, the guardians seem to pick their trainers whom they have similar personalities. Huehuecoyotl is definitely no exception to this. Just as impatient as ever. *sigh*"

Fen responded to Fenix out loud. "yeah... definitely reckless and impatient..." Fen rubbed his chin thinking deeply for a while. "We should definitely wait for the others, we know they're behind us and not in front of us..." Fenix quickly cut Fen off again.

"What i know you're analyzing the situation but the longer you stand here, the longer she's running off alone, its dangerous out there." Fenix said sternly.

*sigh* "why are women such pains...Razor, Hook, return." Fen said aggrivated. He pulled the two pokemon back into their balls then pulled out the solid white pokeball containing his beloved partner, Naomi. The Ninetails appeared, glad to be out of her pokeball again. She lovingly snuggled around Fen's legs as normal before looking up at him, awaiting an order. Fen thought to himself some more before issuing his command.

"That hyper beam seemed to bring Beryl here pretty quick, maybe something similar can work to bring the others to us as well." He thought in his head.

"Hey, Beryl, Phoebe, do any of you have any beam attacks that we could use to signal the others? Maybe that can get them to find us faster. In the mean time, its too dangerous for Villy to be out in this gorge by herself, i'm gonna go after her with Naomi. Follow when you're ready." Fen said to Beryl and Phoebe, and with that he turned around and ran into the fog after Villy. "Come on Naomi" he said as he turned.

Once again immersed in thought as he chased after her he thought to himself, "Wow why are girls such pains in the ass..."

Naomi looked up at him, feeling what he was thinking.

"Except you Naomi, you're the only girl for me" He reassured her. She barked happily at this and they disappeared into the fog

November 28th, 2007, 5:42 AM
From where Danny was standing he could see one of the human figures running off, further away, and being soon followed by another figure. It was also human. Though breathing pretty hard now, Danny figured he should join in the chase.

‘Since none of them have even noticed me yet, they won’t miss me.’ He reasoned to himself.

So Danny started to run off towards them, but was incredibly tired. Though, surprisingly, he could still run at a relatively fast pace. He was able to dart through the trees, avoiding most of the fog until he reached the point where he saw the figures disappear from, so he ran in that direction too.

After the fog started to let up even more, about 20 yards ahead of him, he could see Fen running in the same direction as he was.

“Hey, uh, Fen!” Danny started, before being interupted by Ibelece.

"I think you should pay attention to the pokemon trailing us under the cover of the trees, not the person ahead of you. But, then again, he could help..."

November 28th, 2007, 6:17 PM
Skidding to a halt, Villanelle looked around her and heard nothing, and saw nobody. She moved around in a circle looking all around her, Umber grew kind of irritated realizing they were lost now.

"Wait...Where are they if they are supposed to be here?!" she said aloud in an aggravated tone of voice...

"Oh...Wait...Maybe it was the OTHER way...Hehehe, oops Villy sorry! Uhhh...yea that's right it's the other way!"

"The other way?! Which is WHERE? I don't know my left from right in this fog..." Villy yelled out to the sky,

"Nostenfur, c'mon out and use your Whirlwind again!"
she tossed a pokeball and her Crobat glided out, flapping his wings at high speeds and clearing the fog temporarily around them, only to reveal an empty gorge with an eerie feeling about it...

Recalling her Crobat, Villanelle looked around trying to find which way they came from
"Ugh...Huehuecoyotl why can't you tell me the right way to go? Now i'm lost..." she mumbled to herself,

Suddenly, an ear peircing sound emitted from the woods outside of the gorge, fading away. It didn't seem right, and Villanelle grew nervous as Umber flared up his neck and growled at the forest outside the gorge walls. For all they knew it could have either been other humans, or even a group of infected pokemon.

November 29th, 2007, 12:05 AM
The thick fog cleared all but too late as Fen crashed full speed into the halted Villanelle. Naomi skidded to a stop, face to face to Umber who was standing at ready. Naomi immediately turned from the Typhlosion and jumped beside it facing the same direction. Her tails stood straight out and she lowered her head with flames once again licking her mouth. The surrounding area began to heat up with the combined aura of the two fire pokemon. Fen quickly stood up, nearly forgetting that he had just plowed Villy. He quickly turned to her and extended his hand her.

"Are you okay? you shouldn't go running off like that... at least tell someone what you're planning before jetting away." Fen said coldly, clearly a little upset that he had been pulled away from the group again. Suddenly a figure appeared in front of them, but it was calling Fen's name. Fen squinted into the fog and called into the unclear haze.

".......Danny? is that you?" Fen asked as the figure became more clear revealing him to be correct. "Great! now we can just go find the others and --" Fen was cut off immediately by Naomi giving a fierce bark. Fen was startled by her bark, Fen and Naomi had been together all their lives and he had never heard her sound like that. She then released the flames from her mouth, launching a massive Fire Blast that narrowly missed Danny and soared up to the forest line, temporarily parting the fog. The blast connecting with a spectacular eruption of embers everywhere. Upon impact, some figures scattered and leaped down into the gorge. Fen could barely make out the figures as the fog returned to previous condition. A gleam of sunlight caught his eye from some of the figures.

"What was that? sunlight shining off them? a steel type? no... they came from the forest... they must have been tailing Danny while he chased us. This isn't good, this fog is killing me... i'll need to see what the dex has to say..." Fen said to himself calmly while he eyed the figures. "Whatever it is, Naomi doesn't like it one bit..." He pointed the pokedex into the clearing, getting the names of the pokemon one by one with a female voice

"Shiftry, Scyther, Scizor, Pinsir, Heracross, Forretress, and Steelix" it called echo'd through the silence.

"Steelix? theres no Steelix there... i'd know that one, and theres clearly only 5 figures in front of us..." Fen said once again arguing with the non responding Pokedex. "Worthless piece of --"

Fen was cut off once again as the earth began to shake and the ground in front of them began to rise with the 5 pokemon on top of it. The large flat surface loomed over them revealing a slimming jagged body, 2 white eyes glowed through the fog and stared down at the trainers with malicious intent. It unleashed a deafening roar that blew Fen's hair back. He could feel the heat of its breath against his body. The two fire pokemon seemed to raise the surrounding temperatures even more.

"WHAT is with these gigantic Pokemon?!" Fen yelled angrily, He began calculating strategies in his head. "Looks like we've got a chore ahead of us, Villy? Danny? are you two ready?"

November 29th, 2007, 2:30 PM
"Tyhploshion, flamethrower,"

A pokeball flew in the in the air as his Tyhloshion appeared and used a somewhat powerful flamethower at the six pokemon. As Tyhplosion landed elegantly on the ground, five of the six pokemon backed away from the attack. The only pokemon who stayed in its position was the steelix.

"Wow, you guys first left me, then was about to pary without me?" said Beryl as he smirked.

The five grass type pokemon stayed behind the steelix.

"Hmph, that wasn't even my pokemon's full strenght. So don't get the wrong picture Fen." Beryl had then appeared from the trees behind Fen and Villy.

Tyhplosion and Steelix glared at each other like they were waiting for one another to make a move.

November 29th, 2007, 2:54 PM
OOC: Oreobytes, just so you know, I have Dinosaurio the Larvitar, Mono the Mankey, and Zorro the Umbreon.

"Go, Mono! Zorro, get ready for a battle." Yelled Danny, through the fog.

Mono appeared from the red light that momentarily lit the fog. Zorro jumped in front of Danny, beside Mono.

"No Zorro. Mono can handle his share of Steelix. Your here to help me keep the other Pokemon at bay." Said Danny calmly.

Zorro, whose face Danny could vaguely see, looked dissapointed but still obeyed orders.

"Mono, I'm going to trust you enough to handle yourself alone. I'm going with Zorro." Yelled Danny, running toward the pokemon that had been knocked back.

The Shiftry, being impatient, was the first to lunge at Zorro.

"Dodge! Bite!" Danny commanded.

Zorro was able to jump out of Shiftry's attack range before persnonally lunging at the Shiftry and sinking its teeth into its arm. The Shiftry howled in pain and obediently jumped back with the other pokemon.

In case the ending wasn't clear, it rejoined the pokemon that Kanto's character's Typhlosion had knocked back.

November 29th, 2007, 3:29 PM
"Roxy! Fire Spin! Strike as many of them as you can!" yelled Phoebe over the action as her Acanine carried her into the fray. As soon as the command had been given, Roxy spat a fury of elegant orange wisps that danced arcross the foggy air and rammed into all of the Pokemon except Steelix and Shiftry, burning and singing their hides. Scyther and Scizor turned from the group, glaring feircely at Roxy and Phoebe, the trainer on her back. Luke chutered with fright and scampered down his master's large blue jacket, into one of the large pockets (which he, being small and young, was able to fit into perfectly). Now the moment of tension was on. Roxy was tough, sure, but two parasite-Pokemon at once after a long run and the fight with the Zangoose was too tough, and both her and Phoebe knew it. Wait... The Zangoose...

"Alright, then..." Phoebe said quietly to herself, pulling the gleaming Great Ball from her belt. "No other choice now anyways, so here goes nothing!"

Exploding from a fury of light came the Zangoose, landing knelt down and powerful. What would happen now? Would it attack Phoebe or the other Pokemon?

"Zaaang..." it growled slowly. The catlike creature raised its body up, lookiing around in confusion rather than anger. As soon as it saw the Scyther and Scizor though, its eyes narrowed with the recognition of a challenge.

"Yes!" Phoebe cried. So the parasitic life forms would simply desentigrate when exposed to the light and heat of a sudden Pokeball's shrink on a Pokemon, apparently. That was her best guess at least. But it didn't really matter what had happened now, because Zangoose was flying at Scyther, claws razor-sharp and ready and fangs bared with anger. Before Scizor could react, its solid hide was burning, scorching with the flames Roxy had just set on it without even needing a command. Phoebe, still on her Arcanine's back, turned to the others. They can manage to handle those other Pokemon. I've got these two handled! she thought to herself.

November 29th, 2007, 3:59 PM
The Scizor, blinded from the intensity of the flame attack, ran wildly toward Zorro, who was struggling with the Schiftry which had lunged back at it.

"...! Dodge it Zorro!" Danny yelled!

Zorro was narrowly able to dodge the Scizor's attacks, before being pounded by Shiftry, and going flying through the air, and ultimately pounding into the ground.

"Zorro... Are you... Okay...?" Danny studdered.

Zorro was able to get back up on its feet, but it was obvious that it was in pain.

"Zorro, use Moonlight!"

Zorro started to glow and heal itself. but, as if on cue the Scizor, now starting to regain its self-control, slammed into it.

November 29th, 2007, 4:13 PM
Typholision then emitted a flamethower at the steelix. Beryl knew this would be tough but still kept his typhlosion going. The steelix blocked the attack with its tail. Its' tail suddenly glowed as it charged at Typhlosion using iron tail on Beryl's fire pokemon.

"Beryl dodge"

Tyhlosion quickly jumped out the way of his enemy's iron tail attack. As it jumped out the way, it was quickly called upon again.

"Typhlosion, while your in the air, dodge steelix next attack and use focus punch."

Just as Beryl thought as soon as he finished speaking the steelix used iron tail again but Typhlosion just climbed onto the tail and used focus punch on it. The Steelix wailed in pain but as soon as Typhlosion came back onto the ground the iron pokemon stood tall once again after he finished wailing.

"Hey you guys, how about helping me."

He was yelling at the other trainers.

November 29th, 2007, 4:37 PM
(( OOC: Alright, we're able to have four pokemon... i'm still sorry for editting this again! i added another pokemon to my team, only one since we can have four, so Villanelle has Nostenfur the Crobat, Umber the Typhlosion, Coco the Miltank, and Ironhide the Steelix)))

Villanelle had the breath knocked out of her as she fell over completely plowed by Fen,
"Woah what in the-.."
she exclaimed scrambling to sit up. Her head was a litte scrambled too after the fall.
Shortly after she took Fen's hand and climbed back onto her feet, a little embarrassed,

"Sorry about that...Huehuecoyotl totally informed me the wrong direction to leave...but still, it's my fault,"
Villy turned red somewhat, but immediately became serious-faced when both Naomi and Umber growled at the forest above them...
When the five monsterous bug-type pokemon lept from the forest and their comrade, Steelix appeared, Villanelle watched for a moment as the other trainers began to fight the obviously parasitic pokemon, overhearing Beryl's complaint about needing help she tossed out a dusk ball and out exploded an enormous, rusty, fierce looking Steelix of Villanelle's about the same size of the parasitic Steelix they faced.

"Ggurrrrouuuuggh!!" he roared deeply,

"Alright! Ironhide! Stall that Steelix and push him back with Iron Defense and Double Edge!"
Ironhide roared ferociously and focused his energy, then lunged forward and smashed his head into the other Steelix's large iron head, pushing back the opposing force with great energy.

"RrRrrrrouuu...." he groaned, pushing and distracting the huge pokemon.
"Umber! Flame Wheel up it's belly, then Fire Punch under it's head! Get it's weak points!"
Umber dashed as fast as possible from his position, leaping forward and rolling into a large wheel of flames, quickly scaling up the Steelix's underbelly melting the metallic body as he blazed up it.

Igniting his clawed fist the fire echidna smashed under the Steelix's chin with flames hot enough to melt iron-- which, it did leave melted parts on the seriously injured iron snake pokemon.

"Typh!" growled Umber as he landed back down on the ground in front of the hurting Steelix.

"Good job guys! Ironhide, keep pushing him until he falls to the ground unable to get back up!" Villanelle shouted out to her pokemon.

Glancing over to Beryl, she called out to him
"Is that enough help for you? Hehe..."

November 29th, 2007, 6:35 PM
Fen and Naomi fought hard alongside the other trainers who had mysteriously appeared with them.

"Where did they come from? Did they follow me the whole time?" He said to himself out loud. "Oh well, questions later, Need to take care of these pokemon first."

Naomi battled among the fire pokemon with out needing orders, she was very familiar with handling the slow steel and bug types. The Ninetails was trained to fight conservatively of course. It was using all the moves they had practiced together... fire spins, flamethrowers, Fire Blast. It was neglecting to use one move that she was on instruction never to release unless commanded to.

"Naomi! Its time!" Fen yelled to his Ninetails. She immediately knew what he was ready for. She dug her paws into the ground and began to store energy. "Do it now, Naomi! finish the whole group! OVERHEAT!"

Naomi howled to the sky as flames erupted from her in every direction and ungulfed the parasite pokemon. If that didn't finish them, then they were tougher than Fen gave them credit for. A few moments passed while the the flames and heat cleared and the trainers watched to see the aftermath. The parasite pokemon lay motionless and a calm swept over them.

"Excellent work, everyone... that was great team wo---" Fen was cut off by the tumbling of rocks behind him. He spun around fast to see the pokemon that everyone neglected to fight one on one. The Forretress. It was clearly badly damaged but Fen knew that it didn't need to be in good health for what was about to happen. The Forretress spun fast, flinging rocks everywhere then began to glow bright.

"EVERYONE TAKE COVER!" Fen yelled as he began to run behind a rock. But it was too late, the Forretress made its move. As Fen ran he thought to himself

"No.... explosion..."

The moment seemed to happen in slow motion. Just as all the trainers had finally been united, they were blown apart. The ground collapsed beneath them and some were tossed far away while some tumbled into a cavern below. The parasite had succeeded in keeping the chosen trainers split up.

November 29th, 2007, 7:14 PM
Villanelle admired the well-trained Ninetails that Fen commanded to battle, while continuing to watch her own pokemon until Naomi blasted the enemy pokemon down with a powerful Overheat and Villy recalled her Steelix...

"Good job guys!" she happily exclaimed to her pokemon and the rest of the trainers.
Though just as she finished her statement, and turned around to hear Fen shout out to take cover everyone was stumbling to try and get a great distance. Sadly, it failed and the ground beneath them shattered with all of them plunging into an underground cavern below them.

With a loud "THUD!" Villanelle and her Typhlosion landed harshly in the deep cavern below them.
Rubbing her head, and back, Villy looked around and squinting to see in the dark cavern. Umber stood up and lit up the flames on his neck so they could see around them.

"Hello??? Fen...? Phoebe??? Beryl??? Danny?"
Struggling to stand up a little bit, Villanelle got up to her feet and looked around the ruined cavern.

"Is ANYONE here...???" her voice echoed down the cavern walls.
Umber growled looking up where broken light shone in about thirty or fourty feet above them. Either way, it was nearly impossible to get back up on their own.

"I wonder if there is any pokemon down here....well...i guess we'd better start walking to find the others, Umber..." she quietly mumbled to her pokemon, and started walking carefully down the cavern.

"Hopefully we won't run into anything unexpected...but what do i know. So far this entire journey has been defined as 'unexpected'!" Villanelle laughed a little trying to brighten the mood but her Typhlosion didn't seem the least bit amused.

November 29th, 2007, 7:48 PM
OOC: Remember Mono? It was sent out earlier. So this post will be mostly if not all in Mono's point of view, 'cause Danny is uncouncious under a pile of rubble in the cavern, and Zorro fainted too. Yes, that does mean Pokemon will have text, as Pokemon can understand one another. But no, the text in this cannot be understood by human characters.

Fen had just yelled something and there was a huge explosion and Danny, his trainer whom he trusted completely fell down a chasm. So Mono was infuriated by his trainers dissapearance and started viciously smashing the ground.

"Danny, you dissapeared, I won't forgive you!" Mono screamed in Poke-Language.

Mono decided to go find Danny, so it used its power and agility to scale the chasm wall down to where his trainer was. There he saw that girl with a Typhlosion from earlier, but hid from her view, searching for Danny.

"Danny, where are you! If I can't find you, if later you find me, you'll regret it!" He screamed.

Just then he noticed a fainted Umbreon, Zorro. He nudged it and Zorro woke up.

"Danny... Help..." Said Zorro jesturing toward a pile of rubble.

Mono, instantly alarmed, became enraged. After a few seconds, he calmed down and ran towards the trainer to ask for help.

"Help Danny!" He screamed at Villy, who looked puzzled by the sudden appearance of a Mankey.

November 29th, 2007, 8:12 PM
Fen awoke a while later after having been rendered unconscious. He looked into the sky, the smoke cleared from the rubble and the morning fog had lifted. The sun shone bright and the battle field was completely changed from its original shape. Jagged rocks stuck up and were torn asunder and about 200 feet ahead of him, a giant expanse of a hole, easily reaching 100 yards across was busted wide open. Fen walked through the wrecked battle field for a second then stopped frozen in fear in his tracks.

"......Naomi??" He called out. No answer. "Naomi?! ............NAOMI!!" panic began to arise in Fen's voice as he called out desperately for his partner. "NO NO NO this is my fault. i should have called her back to her pokeball! STUPID STUPID! UGH. NAOMI?!?!?! Villy?! Phoebe? Danny??? Beryl?? god some one answer!" Fen frantically looked around with panic glazing his eyes. "She has to be down there. I don't care what parasite is anywhere, it will have to wait. This world isn't worth living in if i can't be with my partner."

Fen turned around and headed for Mt. Coronet, if there was a way down into that cavern, it was underneath that mountain. The it finally hit him. He froze in his tracks.

"That giant Aggron. He didn't fall into a crevice... he must have fallen into that cavern.... I've got to hurry." He began running every where trying to find a way into the cavern.

November 29th, 2007, 8:26 PM
Villanelle nearly jumped out of her skin when a very angry Mankey came screaming at her, he obviously wasn't a parasitic pokemon and was one of Danny's partner pokemon, she barely recognized him.
Unable to understand a pokemon, Umber stepped up and growled and snarled a little.


The Mankey kept screaming and such, thought Umber understood it and looked to Villanelle as if wanting her to follow them.

"He wants us to follow him, right?"

Umber nodded, and Villanelle, Umber, and Mono went as fast as possible in the craggy cavern until they came up to Zorro, the Umbreon who was fainted in the rubble.

"Oh crap! Ugh, it's fainted...I'm pretty sure other pokemon and maybe even their trainers are like this too after the fall...Umber, you and I were lucky...well, we'd better heal him. Coco c'mon out!"
she took a pokeball from her backpack that was slightly torn in places and had dustiness all over it releasing a pleasantly plump Miltank that mooed cutely when it appeared.

"We need to heal this Umbreon and try and find it's trainer, Coco, let's hurry!"

Coco hopped over to the Umbreon, and glowed momentarily, touching the pokemon and using Heal Bell to mend to the scars and wounds on the dark-type pokemon.


"Ok! Great! Let's try to find Danny now...Zorro, where is your trainer?" Villanelle looked hopeful that the group could reunite soon enough, as she petted Coco then quickly recalled her.

November 29th, 2007, 9:35 PM
"Alright," Momo whispered to Ai and their Pokemon, "We need to get Naomi back. I have an idea." She jumped on a flat area near Fen and readied Shadow for an attack. Out of nowhere a large white blade was launched towards Fen, throwing him off balance from the aftershock. Out of the smoke, a white ball flew into the air and landed on Fen, knocking him to the ground.

"Hey Fen!" Ai shouted. "We knew we'd find you sometime!"

"Ai, calm down."

You're lucky we found Naomi and brought her to you, Fen. Shadow walked in with an injured leg having Gallade by its side.

"Where are the others?" Momo asked with a wondered look on her face.

November 29th, 2007, 9:44 PM
Fen's eyes grew the size of bowling balls as he turned to see the blade blasting straight for him. He was too speechless and tired to move when he was knocked to the ground just in time by a ball of white fur. He laid on the ground for a few moments as his head spun from the quick series of events that just transpired. He could feel the weight of the mound of fur that tackled him sitting on his chest. He squinted one eye open and was greeted to a wondrous sight. Fen's face brightened realizing who was sitting on him.

"NAOMI!" He hugged her and stood up. "........Momo? where the heck have you been? We've been through a lot... thanks for bringing Naomi back... even if your methods were a bit... extreme. I guess my connection with Naomi helped her realize i was in danger. I owe you one. But now we need to find the others, i have a feeling some of them are down in the huge hole." Fen said pointing over his shoulder and petting Naomi more. Although she was trying to hide it, Fen could tell his Ninetails put a lot of her strength into that Overheat earlier. "You should be more careful..." He said calmly scolding the Ninetails.

Fen stood up looking around then walked to Momo. "We need to get going and find the others, theres no time to lose." Fen said walking to her and the pokemon. He noticed the Gallade with Momo. "Speaking of finding the others... wheres Ai?"

November 29th, 2007, 10:02 PM
"I'M DOWN HERE!" a voice shouted from below.

"Ai? Where are you?"

"Gallade and I are fine! We just fell down a hole in front of Fen!" Ai again shouted. Momo looked at Fen and saw him pointing the wrong way while explaining. "We also found a parasitic Pokemon down here. Gallade! Psychic!"

"We'll be right down sis!" Momo jumped down the hole with Shadow and lit up the ground around them with a Flamethrower. "C'mon Fen!"

November 30th, 2007, 5:53 AM
OOC: This is still in Mono point of view, and still, no-one can understand the Pokemon's text. Though, the part at the end label Danny is in the same timeframe, but from the uncounsious Danny's point of view. Yes, all of whats happening to Danny is within his own mind. Hes not physicaly doing that stuff.

Zorro was able to stand after the Miltank healing abilities. After hearing 'Wheres Your Trainer" Zorro winces, and began pawwing the rubble. A second later, Mono was viciously attacking the pile of rubble.

"You Typhlosion-guy, you help too! Danny's under here!" Yelled Mono

Typhlosion grunted and ran toward the rubble.

"Typhlosion... is Danny... under there?" Villy said, in a worried, squeaky voice.

Typhlosion nodded and began to help the freeing of Danny.

"Where am I?" Danny asked, "Where are my Pokemon?"

"Tee Hee. You fell down a hole! Tee Hee!" Said a familar voice.

"Ibelece? Is that you?" Danny Yelled, turning around.

Ibelece the Celebi was just floating there, in the blackness the Green Celebi was extremely noticable.

"Yup. Look down."

Danny did so and noticed, he too was floating in the sea of darkness. He tried to run towards Ibelece but couldn't. After attempting ot move he noticed he was in unbearable pain.

November 30th, 2007, 2:40 PM
As Beryl laid on the floor, he was then poked at by his Typhlosion.

"Woah, that was one huge explosion, right buddy." said Beryl weakly.

He had pet his Typhlosion. It seemed that he carried his trainer away from the explosion. He was glad to have a pokemon as loyal as him. As Beryl got up, he suddenly felt a pain in his side.

"Ahh dang. That explosion was really powerful. You ok Typhlosion?"

Typhlosion nodded weakly in response. It seemed that he was tired from carrying his trainer as it laied on the floor. Beryl smiled and returned his pokemon. Beryl then started to walk back to the scene of the crime. He was limping towards his destination for half of the time he walked. After he reached a half way point he started to walk upright once again. It seemed that his little fire buddy really took him far. It wasn't hard to reach the spot as he saw the smoke from the explosion evaporating in the sky. As he finally reached his destination he saw a huge hole in the ground.

"Wow, this pokemon did all this. This is some feat."

Beryl then thought he saw someone down in the hole. He peered in to see for himself.

"Hello? Is someone down there?" he yelled.

November 30th, 2007, 4:00 PM
((OOC: Yes i do know that Villanelle couldn't understand Mono but she still can like, talk to him, like humans do to animals IRL and whatnot. Also...please don't roleplay my characters for me. That really irritates me, because other people don't know how to roleplay any of my characters correctly. Anyways...))

"Under the rocks?? Oh man! Umber, quickly help Zorro out!"

Villanelle also started pulling rocks out of the way, her Typhlosion did too by clawing and scraping rocks to the side until they uncovered Danny laying there passed out.
Umber helped Zorro pull Danny free from the stones, and when he barely woke up Villanelle looked pretty worried for the boy.

"Are you alright, Danny?!"
she got down on her knees to see if he was okay, tossing her backpack down to rip out her tiny first aid kit that was filled up to the brim with different things like bandages, gauze, and a few varieties of ointments.
Unlatching it and opening it up Villy got a rag to wipe the blood from where Danny was scraped up and wrapped the injuries with gauze securely so it wouldn't bleed any longer.
"This should help you feel better...i wonder where the others are..."

November 30th, 2007, 5:34 PM
"whats with these women always being in a hurry..." Fen sighed to himself. He fished an escape rope from his messenger bag and wrapped it around a heavy boulder. He carried the other end then tossed it down the hole. He turned to Naomi who had been waiting patiently.

"Come on, Girl." He said as he recalled her to her pokeball and proceeded to shimmy down the hole into the cavern. Momo was already in the cavern looking around, but the cavern was without a doubt dark. Fen reached in his pocket and pulled Naomi's pokeball back out and released her in front of him.

"Naomi... i need you to use will-o-wisp then keep them afloat using extrasensory, can you do that for me" He asked his partner. The Ninetails happily complied. She released small purple embers of fire then using extrasensory, made them float around the trainer's heads.

"That should provide enough light... i hope it doesn't attract any unwanted attention though. Lets just find anyone stuck down here and get out as soon as possible." He said to Momo and Ai as his voice echoed through the mostly empty cavern. "Villy?? Danny?? Anyone? are you around?" he called into the darkness.

November 30th, 2007, 6:27 PM
OOC: I couldn't help it. I had to use a little bit of powerplaying, or it would seem like she realized Danny was under the rocks, but just didn't care. which I didn't want that.
Also, finally it is back in Danny's perspective. But the begining is him in his head, still uncouncious. But its hard to explain, its kinda like hes somewhere else, but only mentally. So its really happening, but...

"Tee Hee. Your hurt!" Squealed Ibelece, flying here and there before coming closer to Danny.

"Ibelece, your eyes... And antenae... What happened?" Said Danny eyeing the alternate coloring of Ibelece's face more clearly.

"It doesn't matter. It is from this," Ibelece stated, jesturing toward a band with weird characters on it.

Ibelece started flying around, and came clsoer to Danny and started reaching out her hand. Danny, still in pain, was able to lift his hand and tried to reach out and touch Ibelece's own hand. He was able to get mere centimeters from Ibelece before...

"Ibelece, Ibelece!" yelled Danny, in intense pain, "Where am I? What happened to me?"

During Danny's pause for a deep breath from the pain, Mono started hopping up and down, not in anger, but in Joy.

"Villy? Ugh... Did you... patch me up...?"Asked Danny, in-between moans of pain.

November 30th, 2007, 7:15 PM
((OOC: oh ok, it's fine then, i totally understand now =) ))

"What is he talking about...?"
Villanelle mumbled to herself as she heard Danny barely conciously yelling things out at nothing.
As soon as Danny became concious Villy was calmer now to see he was okay.

"Yea, i fixed you up and you should be fine now,"
she smiled faintly while packing up her things again and shoving the plastic first aid box into her backpack. Standing back up, she looked around the dark area that was dimmly lit by Umber's flames.

"We just need to find a way out of here....it's near impossible to fly out of her on a Pokemon's back, most pokemon able to carry humans' wingspan can't fit through the crevices...we might as well get going. Are you okay to walk or do you need a lift?"

Villy outstretched her hand to help Danny get up to his feet, as a couple noises from further in the cavern echoed and Umber perked his ears in that direction.

"What is it, Umber?"
"Maybe it's Fen and the others! Let's head that way!" she smiled and looked eager to find a way out of this cavern, even if it meant taking reckless chances by heading towards wherever sound came from.

November 30th, 2007, 7:22 PM
"What's with these women always being in a hurry..." Fen sighed to himself.

"I heard that Fen!" Momo shouted from deep inside the cavern. "C'mon Ai. We need to find the rest of them... and fast." She started jumping wall-to-wall within the cavern after Naomi had used Will-O'-Wisp. Ai, Gallade and Shadow followed close behind.


"What is it Ai?"

"This place is starting to creep me out," Ai responded while looking at the walls and rock formations, which resembled demons with flaming eyes. She was knocked to the ground after someone tripped over her as if they were in a hurry.

November 30th, 2007, 8:00 PM
He didn't see anyone in the hole, so Beryl then decided to to move on.

"Darn, I am never going to find them at this rate."

Although he was walking at a considerably fast pace, he didn't really know where he was going. So instead of walking around so much he decided to use a different alternative.

"Come on out Dragonite my dear."

He then threw a Greatball into the air which emerged a beautiful Shiny Dragonite. Her skin or scales, whichever, were a beautiful lime green. Her wings were a lime green on the outer covering while the inner portion was a bright purple. Beryl had sent her to fly high in the sky of the forest and look around a bit to see for any human life. After ten minutes of waiting for her to return, she had confirmed to Beryl the whereabouts.

"Alright then Dragonite my lovely, fly us towards their."

They had ascended into the air. It had only been five minutes before she flown Beryl to a weird looking cavern. As they decended he studied the cavern with no recollection of what it was.

"Good job Dragonite, return."

The green dragon smiled in appretiation as it went back into its ball.

"Hello, is anyone in there?" yelled Beryl in the cavern.

His voice echoed and he thought it was cool. So he did it again just for kicks. After the second time he started to venture in the unknown cavern.

November 30th, 2007, 8:08 PM
Danny was standing up, but he was still hurting all over. Defying the pain, he took out two PokeBalls.

"Return Mono, Return Zorro." Said Danny, Waincing in pain, "Villy, thanks for patching me up. But I'm fine now."

Danny tried to walk away before Villy could even respond, but a few steps later he hit the ground again. Again, Vilyl helped him up, and then Danny heard a familar voice.

"You'd better heal up soon. Or you'll be of no help to the others."

"Ibelece, you are so negative." Danny said, grabbing his shoulder to help the pain, "Hey Villy. I think I just need to rest. I need to lay down..."

Ironicly, at than moment, his legs again gave out and he laid down on the ground, luckily on his back.

"As painful as that fall was, I think its gonna be helpful. Now I can lay down."

December 1st, 2007, 11:28 AM
Phoebe woke to a warm red tongue on her forehead, and her eyes came open slowly to see Roxy standing over her, looking worried. Upon seeing her master awake, the Arcanine whined in a tone of joy and began wagging her thick and bushy tail. How long have I been out? Phoebe asked herself, And where are the others? I can't see them... anywhere.

"It is good you are awake. I could feel your life dwindling earlier."

"Cebirayth?" asked Phoebe aloud. "Whaddaya mean? And where am I?"

"A parasite Pokemon's explosion separated you all. Some of the others are already together, but... You have landed farther away. Your Arcanine found you and guarded you from further harm. Your Buizel remained with you in your pocket, but he has gone off. I believe he is in search of the pasasite Pokemon you saved, Zangoose."

"Luke? Luke is gone? But it's too dangerous! He's not even a year old!" shouted Phoebe. She lifted herself with her hands, but fell back, wincing with pain.

"You are wounded. It is unwise to travel now."

"Really? Roxy! Help me up! We've gotta find Luke!"

Within five minutes of struggling and painful clambering, Phoebe lay against Roxy's back and neck, holding onto her mane tightly. She was determined to find her lost Buizel, even if he was normally a pain.


Orange paws padded quickly over black ground. Luke smelled something. It was alive, and it was many. Perhaps more of the powerful-and-scary-Pokemon. Perhaps more people. Perhaps the Zangoose. His master would be proud of him if he could bring him back to her, so he was set on succeeding.

Over a craggy rock, Luke saw them. People. More trainers, in a small group. He could go back and lead his master to them. But where was the Zangoose? He had to find him first... And where was his master? He had long since realized he was lost. Maybe they could help? He was instinctually nervous and wary, and every nerve in his small body told him to growl and run away. But despite this, Luke cried out his plead for help.

"Buiz! Buiz!!" Help! I need help!

December 1st, 2007, 5:32 PM
Villanelle sqweeked as she caught him by the shoulders when he fell the first time, helping him back up and struggling a bit as she wasn't very strong in the forearms.
Again, as he tumbled to the ground seemingly helpless Villanelle sighed and decided to sit next to him on the craggy ground of this dimmly lit cavern.

"Well, yea...I think laying down will be best for you now...here, use my backpack to rest your head on,"

Villy slipped her bag off of her shoulders after taking a couple things out and slipped it under Danny's head, and sat against a wall holding her knees close to her and looking around the cavern they were in.

"I don't really know when we'll find a way out of here, but hopefully you'll recover quickly...this should help,"
she handed him a bottle of water and some small pain pills, seeing as Villanelle had a Proffessor for a mother she was always urged to carry anything of use with her at all times even if it meant stuffing so much into a small backpack like her's.
Umber padded around the area growing impatient as the minutes ticked by.

"Umber, run North from here and check out the rest of the cavern...try to find a way out, alright??"
Her Typhlosion set off in the direction they were heading before Villanelle had run into Zorro and Mono, and then Danny as well.
It grew darker when Umber left, the cavern was barely lit now through cracks in the ceiling of it.


As Umber set off he dashed through the cavern with flames ablaze on his neck to light the way, he saw dim light up ahead but thought it was another pokemon, blindly shoving his way past the other beings he shoved one of them to the ground and nearly plowed through the entire group until he ran straight into a recognizable Ninetales, he skidded to a halt and snarled,
"Typhh...Typhlo-!" (You...I know you!)

December 1st, 2007, 5:48 PM
Danny accepted the pain pills and water. After swallowing the pill, he watched Villy's Typhlosion leave the area.

Danny weakly grabbed one of his PokeBalls, and said "Go Zorro..."

The black canine pokemon again erupted from its PakeBall. It began pacing around Danny.

"Zorro, I want you to use your glowing rings to help us see."

On cue, Zorro made his glowing rings much brighter, and continued to pace around Danny, causing shadows to move in a circular pattern along with Zorro.

"Thanks..." He mumbled.

Danny's eyes followed a weird shadow on the wall. He looked around and could not tell what it was a shadow of. As he tried to tell Villy, he realized how tiring everything that day had been. So he, involentarily, fell asleep. After he fell asleep Zorro hastened its pace around him, looking around protectivly.

December 1st, 2007, 6:01 PM
"Ai! Are you alright?" Momo asked, surprised by her sister falling over.

"I'm alright sis," Ai said while getting up and looking at who'd bumped into her. "A Typhlosion? It must be Umber that Kain and Kara were telling us about Momo!"

"Then the others are actually down here too. C'mon Ai! Umber! You need to show us the way to your trainer!" Momo demanded from the Pokemon. Umber set off in reverse with Momo, Ai, Fen, and their Pokemon following close behind.

December 1st, 2007, 9:04 PM
Name-Brad Matthews
Legendary Guardian-Dialga

Description-Brad is a slender, flexible young man. His muscles, although abundant, are lean, and therefore, he doesn’t look as muscular as he should. He is 7’3”, and has night black skin. He towers over most people, but this height has not been an incovenience to him much. He wears nice clothes. How covered the cost for them is explained in History. Anyways, he wears a red fedora, and black, gold-rimmed shades, and he wears a white Absol fur coat, with a black pentagram on the back. Under that, he wears a very light chain-shirt. He also wears royal blue jeans, a black leather belt with a sapphire buckle, and red Gyarados scale shoes. Finally, he wears white biker gloves with diamond spikes on the knuckles. He looks… rich, and mysterious. His hair is white, with golden streaks. This hair is spiked up tall and long, but is short below the spikes. His eyes are ruby red. Brad’s voice is deep and has a cold “leave me alone” tone to it. As a side note, Brad loves cold temperatures.
Personality-Brad is a genius. However, he is also a cold, calculating loner. Through his years, Brad has learned that many people are jerks, especially if they get to know you well. Therefore, Brad never lets anyone in his inner circle- except his beloved family. It would take a human relationship, one that is really strong, to fully break down Brad’s wall. Brad is quiet, and almost never talks to anyone. He is also a calm person- he never frets in the line of fire. This calmness, intelligence, and quiet solemnity is the reason why he was picked by Dialga.
History-Born to a middle class family in Snowpoint, Brad seemed destined for greatness. He was a prodigy, and was so smart he never went to school. Brad started out at age 10, and quickly, over a year, beat every gym and Elite 4 in every region. Then, he toured the Colloseum circuit. At age 12, he went to the Battle Towers (excluding BF) and beat them all. By then, his 4 major Pokemon were at Level 100, and he was famous around the world as a world class Pokemon Master. Then, challenged the Battle Frontier. After beating it at age 15, he went home. Burnt out, tired, and angry over the betrayal of his few friends at the Battle Frontier, he retired. He deposited his earnings, and traveled around the world again for 3 years. At age 18, his little sister, Sirina, age 10, left home on the same path. This rekindled the fire of battling in Brad’s heart, and he returned to the world of competitive battling. He won every prestigious tournament, including the Quadruple Crown Championship (selective trainers from all 4 regions compete). He won trillions of dollars from those championships, but deposited most of it. The rest was used on clothes and a huge mansion in Ever Grande City near the waterfall. Then, Dialga chose him. He learned of the plight of the world, and has been battling a few more tournaments before he leaves. He is very rich, and even owns his own collection of fossils and rare Pokemon that he can’t bring on the trip. Although he is rich, he doesn’t hire servants, and doesn’t live that decadently.

Your Pokemon... Fill out one of these for each one. (Note that you can only do four at a max!)

Description and Personality-A shiny Charizard with blue eyes, white fire, and flame shaped scars across his arms and legs. He was born in Lavaridge Town, and was captured and sent to Sinnoh soon after. This specimen is robotic- he has no emotions, no feelings- just a sense of mercilessness, and obedience. However, he is not robotic around Brad- the two have been companions for 13 years. Brad received Hades as part of a contest when he was 8, and the two became instant friends. Both were loners, quiet and cold, but Hades was violent- he had absolutely no compassion for anyone not associated with him or his master closely.

Description and Personality-This regular colored, blue-gray Lapras has scars on both of her eyes, a long, sharp horn, and longer, sharper shell spikes. She is carefree, a happy soul that isn’t annoyingly saccharine. She loves relaxation, but won’t complain if she has to train. She also has a close relationship with Brad- she helps him relax. She was born in Union Cave, and after her family was capture by Trainers, she, the strongest Lapras in Union Cave, dove down and escaped. She was captured off of the coast of the Indigo League a few months later by Brad’s cousin, Venus, and he got her as a Chrismukkah gift.

Description and Personality-Gaius is a wise, calm shiny Torterra, born in the Kanto Safari Zone, and captured by Brad when Brad first got to Kanto at age 10. Gaius is loyal to Brad, and due to experience, never frets in battle. Gaius has three trees, a stream, and jagged rocks on both sides on its back. He also has white eyes. Gaius is probably the oldest Pokemon Brad has, and the most experienced. In his years, Gaius has learned many things in common sense, as well as become an expert battler. He is the calmest of all of Brads Pokemon.

Description and Personality-This energetic, competitive Tyranitar was born in Mt. Coronet, and was a Larvitar when Brad caught her. She loves to battle, and really enjoyed the adventures of Brad. She has a spiked tail, glowing green eyes, and sharp claws. She was born, and then her parents died. Raised by herself, she developed a sense of battle early on in life. She is the Pokemon who best likes to battle. She is ruthless in battle, and plays hardcore.

And your Guardian Legend

Description- He is shiny, and has diamond braces on every limb, and his neck. His gem is always glowing.
Personality-Exactly the same as Brad. Quiet, intelligent, cold, and calculating. Dante is a quiet character, and often cold and merciless. He is wise, and intelligent. Therefore, he enjoys talking with Brad- they are intellectual equals.
Why they chose your character-In Brad, he saw talent, and the same cold hardness he had inside himself. He also wanted someone as smart as him, so that he wouldn’t have to deal with annoying idiocy.

December 2nd, 2007, 3:10 PM
After not getting a response, Beryl decides to go through the cavern. It was weird looking the figure statues were hard to recognize. After one minute of walking, Beryl got tired of walking and decided to run. He ran at top speed trying to catch up to the others. He was going so fast that he didn't reliaze that there was a incoming hole. He then fell into it clumsily as he tried to grab onto something to stop him from falling.

After hitting the ground, he rubbed his butt cursing the hole under his breathe. He looked around and saw that he could probably jump to grab the edge of the hole. He started to jump trying to grab the edge. After ten tries of jumping, he finally got a hold on the edge. Beryl then mustered up his strenght to pull himself up. As he got back on the floor of the cavern he patted himself down to check if he was missing any pokeballs. After confirming all four balls, he started to run again.

'I sure hope Momo is ok. I wouldn't want her to get hurt either. Hopefully I won't run into an enemy.'

It was hard to see as the cavern was barely lit. It must have been his imagination but he thought he could have saw someone up ahead. He couldn't tell, but he ran faster all the while.

Golden Arcanine
December 3rd, 2007, 2:03 PM
Name- G.A.
Gender- Male
Age- 25
Legendary Guardian- Palkia
Description- Same as my avatar on my trainer card very tall
Personality-Very polite quiet and a gentleman in everyway well almost :P very brave doesnt have a problem with talking to people he knows and when getting use to a person acts a little pecuilar
History- Mystery to all, he is hiding something under his headband that no one knows rest of his past is shrouded.


Description and Personality- Shiny Arcanine thats legend in G.A.'s home town revered as a savior of the sacred clan of Arcanine called Nine was G.A's first pokemon by choice they were destined to be togther his power revivals that of the regi trio and can almost hold his on against all three.

Description and Personaltiy- Been with G.A since it was a egg it has been a veteran of many battles for G.A when he use to battle gym leaders the scar on his forehead tells the story of pride and sorrow.

Name- Scythe
Description and Personality- Prefers to be alone very high level battler can slice down 20 trees in a single sweep its knowns really strong moves

Description and Personality-is a very strong water pokemon G.A found Rampage as a magikarp about to be eaten by a couple of wild pokemon G.A captured it and nurse it back to health is very loyal to him.

Description- Mark of Areceus as being the keeper of time he was branded with the mark of areceus that is his proven mark and his loyalty to areceus
Personality-Strict and to the point doesnt like to have much fun likes to work and keep the balance of time

Hehehe... its finally nice to see other people in this place dont you agree Palkia

Dont call me that my name is Ishtama, besides those are your commrads these are kids with guardians too!
Ishtama said angrily and G.A looking down upon the children with Glee
You dont say,well looks like its time for me to introduce my self hey Ishtama
Ishtama felt G.A excitement and wondered why was he this happy ever since he was called to Eterna forest he has thaught of this as a new challenge
So G.A you ready to go ill wont be able to talk to you for awhile is that alright with you
yeah Ishtama its fine, but first dont tell the other guardians of my little test for these kids
Ill try but the rest are not easily presuaded
Thats fine just do what you can
As G.A said that he jumped off the ledge and dissappeared into the shadows to gain a closer look at his new allies. As he listen he heard the names the names Danny and Villanelle and with the speed of a arcanine he jump right infront of them which some what frighten them.
Hello let me introduce my self i am G.A Warlord of all Arcanine at your service, with a big grin on his face

December 4th, 2007, 2:48 PM

Brad, Apocalypse Lord-Good sign-up. You're accepted! It should be fine if you can find a way to enter in now, even if it's already going a bit.

Golden Arcanine-NOT accepted. Your sign-up doesn't have enough description, and is not even in complete and proper sentences. Don't just say that he looks like your avatar, or show a picture. I need to see your descriptive skills; that's why the description is there for text and not for pictures. Describe his appearance more than just that he's tall, and tell more about it.

The personality has the same lack of proper description problem, and as for the history, just saying it is a mystery makes you seem too lazy to create it and write it. Even if he's not going to tell the others, you need to include it in the sign-up, to show how you describe things and the like.

And, your guardian, Palkia/Ishtama, needs more than that. You left out why it chose your character for one, and also, improve the description. What does the Mark of Arceus look like?

Another important thing is that you continued the post to make your character's intro. Not only should you have waited ito see if you were accepted (which you weren't, so that post does not count), but it was just as undescriptive and lacking proper grammar as your sign-up.

You may edit it and try to get it approved. This is not meant to be rude or hurtful in any way; it is meant as adivice for this RPG, and for any RPG you intend to join on this forum (or most other forums). Remember that until you know whether or not you are approved, don't post from your character's in-game perspective.

ALSO, on another topic, RAYQUAZA is open for the taking, as KingCosmic has not posted (I meant to post this sooner, but...). Anyone wanting to sign-up with Rayquaza as their guardian can.

December 6th, 2007, 2:04 PM
Brad woke up, after having quite a strange dream...
"Hello, Brad."
"Hmm... I assume your Dante, from the dream, known commonly as Dialga? You are quite like me, lord of time."
"Yes, I am. That is why i chose you. unlike everyone else, you took so long to wake up that I had to tell your Charizard to fly you to this cavern. you are much farther ahead than everyone else. When you meet them, just tolerate them, alright. I empathize how you feel about others."
"Good, my friend. Ah."
"What, Brad?"
" It's just been... so long since I had a sentient friend. Nice to meet you. Anyways, I wonder if I'll meet anyone like me. I do have... some needs, after all."
"I know... but just try to restrain it- I need all of your focus on this mission."

Brad looked around the dark cave. it was composed of white marble where he was, and was dry, and not inhabited by wild Pomemon. He sent out Gaius. Gaius, covered in nice soft grass, and rocks Brad could recline on, was a perfect ride. He also sent out Xavier, to scout the cave and provide light for both Gaius and Brad. The shiny Torterra lumbered on, and then heard another trainer... one named... Serena. Then, out of the blue, a group of parastic Skarmories and Omastars attacked Brad and his Pokemon.

"Hades, use your Infernal Cannon while spinning!"
The black Charizard shot white fire in a spinning motion, killing most of the Skarmories. However, a smarm of bugs overwhelmed the Charizard, and it flew down of cavern, burning them off.
"Damnit! Hades!!!! Gaius, use Energy Ball: Rapid Fire!"
The shiny Torterra shot the balls of green energy, and Brad heard his Chairzard fighting. The Omastars were killed, but an Aggron attacked soon after. It was obvious the parasite wanted Brad dead.
"Alright Gaius, use your Earthquake, Richter... 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The cave shook violently as ground engulfed the Aggron, roaring and thrashing in violent pain. However, it srtuck back at Gaius, slashing him acorrs the face with a Metal Calw, and knocking Gaius back with a Hyper Beam. Brad felt the blast, and after a moment of white flash, they both woke up, albeit a bit damaged. Then, Gaisu used Earthquake again, and the Aggron finally keeled over. Then, it cired one last cry, and sunk into the earth, unconscious, but not dead. Brad heard Hades roaring below, and Gaius dug its way down to the lower level. There, Brad found Hades, damged, near death, and 3 dead, burning Skarmories. Brad was proud of his Charizard, but heard people talking levels below. He decided to go high and far, and for the next few ours, with Hades in his ball, Brad rode on Gaius. Then, they reached a small lake, with an overhang, grass to lay on, and a strong roof. Gaius shut all entrances, and then, all of Brad's Pokemon were sent out. Each one was happy to greet their trainer, and then, Lapras, under commadn of Brad, searched the lake for parasite Pokemon. There were none to be found. Brad then went to sleep with his Pokemon standing shifts- it would be a long night in the cave.

In the morning, Dante again returned to talk with his new friend.
"Good job battling those Pokemon. Your reputation is well deserved, Pokemon Master."
" All in a days work. I'm glad- I've avoided contact for now. I need to stay alone for a while- I don't want challengers.

OOC: i have antoher sign-up... ther trainer mentioned above, and Brad's future love interest.

Name-Serena Deonikos
Legendary Guardian-Rayquaza
Description-This young woman is about 7', and has pale white skin. Her hair is the color of a raging fire, and her eyes like liquid sapphire. Her hair flowed freely, and she wore a revealing chain mail for her torso, colored black, and a red miniskirt. her light dress shows her longing, flirtatious side- one that has not been used. Anyways, she also wears emerald rings on each of her middle fingers, and a golden necklace inlaid with rubies on her neck. Silver and sapphire bracelets, intricately designed like the lines on Rayquaza, and like her necklace, adorned her wrists.
Personality-A lonely, determined Pokemon champion. She has not fought only one of Pokemon's elite- Brad Matthews. She sees herself as his female equal, and strives to make her Pokemon as renowned as his. She has succeeded, but that is for her History. She wants... a human companion, but is not as socail as you might think. Cold and quiet, she became disillusioned with relationships by observing the pathetic timespans in which most of them last. Therefore, she is completely focused on battling, and has forgotten her lonely side.
History- She was born in illustrious Ever Grande... to Lance and Lorelei. Raised in an orphanage, she always strived to do her best in the world of battling. By 10, she had started her journey, and became a renowned star. After the great Brad Matthews rose to power, she was seen as... the female Brad Matthews. These two never have battled, but are much the same- lonely, determined, and at the zenith of the Pokemon world. After she turned 16, there were no more Championships- Brad Matthews had retired, making the public lose interest. She relaxed for a while, met her true parents, and continued training her Pokemon. After Brad's return, she too returned to battling, and has continued to be a true champion up to now.

Your Pokemon... Fill out one of these for each one. (Note that you can only do four at a max!)

Name: Thor
Description and Personality-A shiny Electivire, this energetic battler is often determined to win. Free-spirited and independent, this first Pokemon of Serena was found in Kanto at the Power Plant. Under Serena, he has become a huge powerhouse.

Description and Personality-This shiny Pokemon was Serena's second, and was found in Mossdeep City as a Beldum. It is a quiet, solemn battler, but has a great work ethic and will fight until the last try. This Pokemon became a great asset- the ghost type is hard to beat. It is one of Serena's greatest assets.

Name- Melana
Description and Personality-Serena found this female Salamence in Mt. Coronet a long time ago. This Salamence has scars on her wings from countless battles. Serena's mount, she is closest to Serena. Melana is a free-spirited, independent Salamence- and is more than willing to show her worth.

Description-Virgil is shiny, and is pitch black. He has two rings, inlaid with rubies, and made with gold. One is on each middle claw. He also has symmetrical spiral scars on each of the four fins protuding from his head. His eyes are red.
Personality-This quiet loner seems cold on the outside, but on the inside is a nice, kind person. He just wants to be a good person, and wants a friend, a companion after millenia of exile in the clouds. He is also mysterious- and almost never talks to anyone, including Serena. His niceness, however, does not belie foolish naivete- Virgil is very intelligent, and will lead Serena on the righ path.
Why they chose your character-Virgil chose Serena due to her battling prowess. She is focused, a good battler, and therefore, would be able to focus on the mission. Virgil was also lonely- and knew Serena was too.

December 6th, 2007, 3:15 PM

Okay. The second character is accepted, Brad, but I have a small problem with your post. It's more than a bit over-exaggurated with the parasite Pokemon. 300 Skarmories? You probably hadn't read this, and that's okay, but it took almost every character and most of their Pokemon to defeat six of the parasite Pokemon, and still the Foretress parasite Pokemon managed to use explosion and separate the group. They are hard enough to knock out, let alone kill, and not so common that more than ten would realistically attack a group. I guess I'll add in that the only three ways to defeat a parasite Pokemon (and all of which take more than just a little effort, as they are far more powerful than normal Pokemon, even if they are weaker than "It") are: 1) KO it, meaning it faints. This means it can still come back later, but is basically unable to fight or move for at least several hours. 2) Kill it. This would take a huge amount of effort, likely more than one Pokemon, and a post that fully describes the event so that you believe it's really possible. And it's unrealistic to say you killed more than one or two unless you're in a large group with many fully-ready Pokemon. 3) Catch it. This means that you can use the Pokemon as your own, and that the parasite has been killed (due to the heat and particle effects of the PokeBall). It is now a normal Pokemon and put simply another one of your characters. There are limitations though, with all of this; don't say you killed, KOed, or caught many of them all on your own, with little preparation, or if the situation is completely random and common. Catching parasite-Pokemon is acceptable as long as your total Pokemon number does not exceed five with the parasite-Pokemon you have caught. You don't need to post a sign-up description for any parasite Pokemon of Pokemon you have caught.

I'm probably going to post in-game tomorrow or the day after. Don't really feel like it now... But I'll check back when I can to see how it's going along, at least.

December 6th, 2007, 4:15 PM
I edited my post to lower the number of Pokemon killed by Brad. i just didn't know Parastie Pokemon were stronger. here are two posts.

"Hello. You are near Mt. Coronet. I am Virgil, from the dream. I am your Pokemon guardian. You are to help us defeat the parastie infecting Lord Arceus. I am commonly known as... Rayquaza."
"Oh... i remember know. Thanks. Oh wait, you left. Oh well. Time to explore."
"Go, Melana!!!"
The Salamence emerged from its ball, and Serena mounted the dragon. Then, they flew through the cavern, finding hno other people, like Virgil said they might. Instead, they ended in a whit marble cave, filled with 3 dead, burning Skarmories. Then, the cave shook, violently, and she thought she heard a trainer. But it was just an afterthought. She continued to walk, and flew up a tunnel. She reached a certain level, filled with fossils, and flew in. Suddenly, a Parasitic Dusknoir appeared. She summoned Argent. The Metagross looked prime for battle.
"Argent, use... Psychic!!!"
A red beam of energy engulfed the Dusknoir and went through the parasitic ghost. However, it didn't seem all that damaged, and Serena noticed.
"What? Its barely damaged. Argent, use Psych Bomb- Rapid Fire!!!"
This special move of Argents ent a ton of red energy orbs at Dusknoir attaching to it, and exploding. After a minute, the explosions stopped. The Dusknoir was still alive, and attacked the Metagross with a Shadow Ball. Argent flew into the wall, so Serena sent Thor. Thor used a Thunderbolt, blue and big, to strike the Dusknoir, but it didn't do that much. Then, a series of Shadow Balls, flew at the shiny Electivire. Serena withdrew it, and argent once again used a Psychic attack: Psycho Storm. This storm of red energy broke through the Dusknoir, and it fell asleep. It was heavily damged, near death, and Serena wanted it. She sent a Premier Ball, which caught the ghost Pokemon. She named him Charon- he was merciless, cold, antisocial, and sadistic. However, he had a knack for battle, and he would change as Serena raisec him.
"Wow... That parasite is amazing... almost like Pokerus..."
"Yes, Serena, it is. But it is malevolent, and... parasitic. That is why we need to disinfect Arceus before something Apocalyptic happens."
"Indeed, Virgil. Well, I will go. I have to find someplace to rest for the night. Ride, Melana."
The Salamence, Serena in tow, flew off of the platform and up the tunnel. Then, the tunnel ended, and Melana blasted a Dragon Pulse through the hole.
When she got through the hole, she saw a trainer... and his Pokemon. This man was tall, and had a shiny Charizard, covered in diamond, a Tyranitar, a Torterra, and a Lapras. A black man, covered in muscle, wearing nice clothing. She realized at once who this man was... her male equal. World Class Pokemon Master Brad Matthews.


Brad was sitting with his Pokemon, relaxing, when a dragon pulse shot through the hole over the tunnel. He was not phazed, but a bit... curious. The person who rode out of the hole rode on a Salamence... female, experienced. The trainer had red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and revealing clothing. The trainer, he realized, was none other than the one elite trainer he'd never faced before- Serena Deonikos. She sent out a shiny Electivire, called Thor, and a Shiny Metagross, called Argent, and an obviously recently caught Dusknoir, Charon. His Pokemon were already ready to fight- Hades looked excited, Gaius was up, Juno was in stance, and Katerin has surfaced. However, they both realized who each other was, and their Pokemon relaxed.
"Another trainer, hmm. Seems she has 4 as well. Ah, she is your equal. I saw her on the TV, I think."
"Yes, Dante, it is Serena. Serena Deonikos. My supposed equal. She as well has a guardian, right?"
"Yes, what you know as Rayquaza. To us, he will be known as Virgil, like Groudon is Ahmenra, or Giratina is Celbirayth."
In Serena's mind, a similar process was goin on, as she looked at the man across the room.
"Is that Brad Matthews? Dante, or rather, Dialga, beat me to him, no offense."
"None taken. Yes, its him- my equivalent. Finally, I get to meet him. So, he has Dialga?"
"Yes, Dante is his guardian, and Dante chose well- he is as good as you. I think those Skarmories we found were killed by his legendary Charizard- the one of the white flame."
"Hmm... That makes sense, Virgil. Lets sit down with him- this cave has a lake and grass, a perfect hideaway to rest in. I hope I get... acquainted well."
"Focus on the mission, not the man, Serena- you aren't here to find love, alright?"
"Yes, Virgil."

"So... how did you find me, Serena Deonikos?'
"I traveled up the tunnel you left, Brad Matthews."
"Well, isn't that clever? Well, i need to patch up the hole, lest Pokemon invade. Juno, shift the rocks to seal the tunnel." Juno did so, and Thor electrocuted the water to kill any parasite Pokemon. An enraged Milotic rose from the lake- it had the parasite as well.
"Gaius, use Solarbeam!"
"Thor, use Thunder!"

Both attacks hit point blank, as vines ensnared the Milotic. As it was hit, it blacked out, but it did not die. Thor an Gaius fired off one more round, and killed the Milotic. Hades then roasted the meat, and cut it up.
"Want some? Its a delicacy."
'Sure, Brad. I'll have some."
The two trainers ate well- the Milotic, female, had babies at the time, so Brad and Serena got an even better meal.
"So... tell me about yourself."
"No. I don't like dispensing my life like soda from a machine, my dear. Eventually possibly, but not now." Brad, although retaining his coldness, felt the warmth of attraction sweep over him."
"Oh well. Those are nice Pokemon- well raised."
"Thank you. Thats why I'm known so well, after all." Serena felt the same warmth as Brad, but it was getting late- they needed sleep. So both trainers of the elite went to sleep, having found a partner... for now.

December 7th, 2007, 10:35 AM
Fen ran following the Ai, Momo, and Umber with Naomi at his side. The light of the will o wisp and Umber's neck flames flickered off the walls, lighting most of the way. after a while of running Umber suddenly stopped at an area of the cave and looked to its right.

"huh?" Fen looked around confused, squinting into the darkness. He finally was able to make out the outline of Villy through the darkness. Fen instantly perked up, relieved to see she was okay and rushed to her giving her a hug.

"Villy! i'm so glad you're okay!" Fen said happily. he realized what he was doing and immediately let go, embarrassed. Fen scanned the area some more to see Danny sitting on the ground with his pokemon pacing around him.

".....Danny? are you okay?" He called into the darkness. Fen's eyes suddenly lit with realization. "I'm so sorry! Villy, this is the sisters, Momo and Ai" He said pointing to each respectively. Having being done with his introductions, he walked over to the cave wall and leaned against it, sliding down to a sitting position. Naomi immediately followed and curled on one side of him.

"Its been over a day since i've slept... its starting to take its toll..." Fen's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Fenix's voice

"Fenra, two new trainers have awakened. Their names are Serena and Brad. Be on the look out for them"

"You work me too hard, Fenix... let someone else do it for once." Fen said out loud as he began drifting to sleep. "If they aren't found by the time i wake up... i'll go get them..."

"I guess it can't be helped.... i work him very hard" Fenix said out loud as Fen began to drift to sleep.

Fen's eyes were becoming heavier as he looked around the area one last time. Danny already looked as if he'd sleep some too. His eyes wandered over to Ai and Momo who were standing with their pokemon talking and finally to Villy who seems to have been able to keep her cool through this whole event despite the situation. Fen admired and respected that about her. He smiled at Villy as he watched her image become steadily more blurry. Then let his head lean forward as his bangs covered his face and he began to fall asleep

December 7th, 2007, 4:00 PM
"Brad, I have urgent business. It seems that i have found the names of all the other trainers. They are Danny, Villanelle, Phoebe, Fen, Momo, Ai, and Beryl. Be wary of them- i know you like loneliness but you are a master... you must help them. you and Serena are the two strongest trainers in the world- that is why you were chosen, after all. But you can not do it aloine- me and Virgil aren't strong enough, and Arceus would easily cloober you, even if Hades popped a cap in his ass."
"Fine. i assume Serena knows the same?"
"Yes, Brad. Its been nice talking to you again, friend. See you later."
In Serena's mind, Virgil was having a conversation with Serena- one filled with personal things, a topic Dante never touched on with Brad.
"So... how are things, Serena?"
"Good, Virgil. Brad is HAWT, but I've only known him for a little bit. Anyways, me and him defeated a Milotic, ate well, talked, etc."
"That sounds nice. But anyways, you need to focus on the mission, not Brad. Afterwards, perhaps, but not now, Serena. Anyways, it's been a good time talking. Think with you

Afterwards, the two trainers continued talking. Brad finally revealed his life story, and Serena elaborated on hers. Both felt increasing feelings of affection, as they'd been lonely forever... and the physical attraction helped too.
"So... you drink?"
"Well, thats a blunt question. But, yes, I do drink. Not excessively, but i do enjoy a bit of booze once in a while."
"Ever heard of a Snowstorm?'
"Of course! Thats a legendary drink- premier liquor, blended and mixed into a white concoction that tastes like heaven. Unfortunately, the creator is unknown, the ingredients unknown, and the access to the recipe is limited, so no one can really make it."
"Well... I invented it. I make it from red rum, blue bourbon, black brandy, vodka, cognac, and some white tequila. Each ingredient is grown at my mansion, and are the finest alcoholic ingredients in the world. I can make it for us; I brought a blender, and we have my Lapras's ice, and your Electivires jolts. Want one?"
"Yes indeed. Do you have any sobriety/anti-hangover pills?"
"Of course, my dear. Katerin, ice please.". Brad began to pour the liqours, until the blender had an equal amount of each, giving it an amazing blend of wonderful flavor.
"Thor, electricity, please." said Serena.
Then, the drink was made. Brad poured it into the diamond glasses, and they drunk. Each experienced a wondrous euphoria, a paradise of taste. Serena was amazed.
"Holy...****. That was great. I can't believe I've had the legendary Snowstorm!"
"I assume you like it, my dear. Its been a while since I had that drink. I have a few others, but I don't feel like anything but this."
"Agreed. Its like liquid heaven."
The two drank, and the morning passed peacefully. Hades, with the help of Melana, Argent and Juno., had killed a parasitic Grumpig, a parastitic Blaziken, and gotten some Skarmory eggs. When the pokemon got back, they made biscuits from some dough from Gaius's back plants, and had a breakfast of eggs, bacon, chicken, biscuits and... Snowstorms.

Then, they just rleaxed, until they decided to leave the cave- the water had left through dripping, the grass had wilted, and the walls were cracking.
"Well, we should leave, Serena."
'Yes, we should. We'll find the other people, although I heard there a bit... tired. They were separated by a Forretress."
"Whatever. We'll fly down, and stick with whoever we find, alright, baby."
"Alright. Want to relax a little more?" said Serena seductively.
"That? You want that? Well, I'm up for it, baby."

Over the daysthey had spent together, the two had basically fallen in love, and Serena was extremely attracted to Brad, and vice versa. After expressing this, thery got redressed, and left. Brad, aboard Xavier, and Serena, aboard Melana, flew down the tunnels, until they reached a 14 year old, brown haired, green eyed girl. They asked her name... and waited to here the trainers response.

December 8th, 2007, 1:29 PM
"Hm?" Phoebe asked, still slumped weakly against Roxy's back. The Arcanine was growling slightly, sensing her trainer's weakness and having the urge to protect her. Are these new trainers?

"Phoebe," she murmured, "And... Have either of you seen a small Buizel? Or a Zangoose?"

The two trainers were silent for a second or two, but that didn't matter. Because just then, a Rhydon came rampaging through the fog, roaring and snarling viciously. Its eyes were dark and emotionless, as the eyes of all the parasitic Pokemon had been, and its raw power seemed immense as it pounded forward, glaring around at the three trainers and their Pokemon. But it was none of the beast's frightening appearance that Phoebe noticed most. It was the weak and helpless Pokemon it held in its claws, which was a Zangoose quite visibly. Phoebe got the feeling she knew which one.

"Roxy-" she began, but then realized that her Arcanine had been running and carrying her for at least an hour, not to mention had just been blown away from an explosion. She'd never manage to fight such a vicious Pokemon, especially with its fire-resistant hide. Zangoose... Roxy... You guys'll never make it!


A vicious little cry rang over the action as from the fog burst another, much smaller Pokemon. It was Luke! The Buizel wore a feirce expression. He's okay! But he's... Oh no. He's not nearly experienced enough! The Rhydon loomed high over the tiny orange weasel. It threw down Zangoose and roared again, head raised high in the bellow. Luke stood firm, and began snarling with incredible ferocity and rage. He was going to protect his trainer. He wanted to give everything he had to save Phoebe, and she was unsere if she wanted him to do it. But there was no stopping him now.

One thing happened then. Amazing and meraculous, and what would be miracle to Phoebe. Had this one thing not happened, perhaps Luke would be killed before the two other trainers could call upon their Pokemon. But the white light that engulfed Luke's body showed his master how much he truly cared to protect her.

The Rhydon stood still over Luke, but with apparent hesitation. Just enough hesitation for the light to clear away, revealing a sharp and agile-looking Floatzel with orange fur raised aggressively. And Luke's first move engulfed him in blue water, and he lunged forward in his Aqua-Jet. The Rhydon bellowed with pain and shock as the water attack slammed into its chest.

Luke landed perfectly, and cast a glance back at Phoebe. I can handle this, he seemed to say. Phoebe smiled and turned to the other two trainers, who appeared ready to help.

"Wait," she told them, "He can do it. I want to see what he can manage."

December 8th, 2007, 2:53 PM
The girl said she was Phoebe, and asked if a they had seen a Buizel or a Zangoose. They hadn't, however- they had been up in the cave for a while. Then, a Rhydon attacked all three of them, but with it came the Zangoose and Buizel that belonged to Phoebe. The Buizel fought, and the girl seemed worried. The battle continued- the Rhydon seemed to loom over the smaller Buizel, and seemed ready and able to easily defeat it. However, the Buizel started to glow an eerie white. Both Serena and Brad knew that in its passion for its trainer, the Buizel, Luke, might be evolving. Just then, the Buizel evolved into a Floatzel, and the girl told them she watned to see what her Floatzel could handle.
"Fine, madam. I do like a good show, after all," said Brad calmly.
"As do I.", said Serena.
"Well, as long as were working together, I might as well reveal who I am. I am World Class Pokemon Master Brad Matthews. If you hadn't heard of me already, I have defeated every single Elite and Regular Pokemon Competition ever held in my career. I am also known for the 'Diamond Charizard'. My other Pokemon are just as powerful. My guardian is known to most people as... Dialga. I was chosen for this mission as well.", Brad said.
"And I am known as Serena Deonikos, his female equal in battling. Ironically, I have beaten every tournament he has, but we have never faced each other in any tournament.", said Serena.

December 8th, 2007, 8:24 PM
"Nice to meet you both," Phoebe replied, quickly tiurning back to Luke. His water attacks had backed the Rhydon into a corner, snarling in rage. Already the new strength of a Floatzel surged through him, allowing him to move even faster than before when he lunged at the Rhydon and crucnched onto its horn. Luke's fangs lit up with glimmering light as he did so, and the Rhydon began to shiver uncontrollably. It was a natural reaction, for Ice Fang right on a spot so sensitive to powerful moves was indeed a harsh blow.

But suddenly, as Luke's fangs dimmed down and he began to fall toward the ground, the Rhydon roared and pounded a fist into his chest, slamming him to the side as he screamed with pain. Phoebe gasped with fear to see her Pokemon thrown aside with such force. Had he been a Buizel, he would have been killed instantly. But he was Floatzel now. His body had become larger and stronger, and therefor he rose just as quickly as he had fallen, powered by new energy and love for his trainer.

"Luke! Just like we trained! Use Water Pulse and combine it over with an Aqua Jet!!" commanded Phoebe.

"Floa! Zel!" cried Luke in reply, nodding obediently. He was so controlled in battle for being so scatterbrained out of it.

Just as Rhydon prepared another blow, Luke shot a line of pulsing rings, and a stream of water flew through their centers. This stream was powered by his own body, as it soared through the air at high speed, staright for Rhydon. It was a good thing that combo was surprising, for Rhydon hardly knew what hit it. It fell over with a heaving crash as Luke flew against it, water gracefully flying around his lithe form.

When he landed, and the dust from Rhydon's fall cleared, Luke was sitting on top of his defeated foe, staring in his master's direction with a hoeful look in his eyes. I did good?

"I knew you could do it!" Phoebe cried out, running to her newly-evolved Floatzel. As she lay a hand on his head, she noticed he was still rather small for a Floatzel. That was to be expected; he evolved early. And size apparently didn't matter, for the parasite Pokemon below him was knocked out hard and cold.

Zangoose, who was on the ground nearby, wasn't much better off. He was barely breathing and obviously harmed badly. Phoebe pulled the GreatBall from her belt and absorbed the white Pokemon into it with its red light. She looked down at the gleaming spere in her hand.

"I'll call you Res. Short for 'resillient'. You've survived through a lot," she whispered meaningfully, regarding the Zangoose. Luke tilted his head slightly, in the same way he always did when he had little undertsnanding for human actions. In the next second, a heavier but still familiar weight rested on her shoulder, warm and comforting even if hard to carry. Phoebe positioned herself for riding on Roxy's back and turned to Brad and Serena.

"We should find the others. They're probably wondering where I am and know that you two are awakened by their guardians. Come on."

"I sense them near," Cebirayth's deep voice stated in her mind. It was surprising to hear him again after so much. "Just follow the curves of this cavern, and you will eventually come to them."

December 8th, 2007, 8:35 PM
The trainer quickly responded. In the fight, the Floatzel, after biting the Rhydon with Ice Fang, was hit hard, and fell. However, the Pokemon then used a combination of Water Pulse and Aqua Jet. The Floatzel smiled happily over the fallen Pokemon, and Phoebe returned her injured Zangoose to its ball. She suggested that the three trainers leave, as did Celbirayth in all three of their minds.
"Dante, should we go?"
"Hmm... yes. Although it made lead to socialization, you will no doubt be separated again. I suggest you leave."
"Serena, Dante and Celbirayth are right. We should leave." said Virgil.
Brad thought a long time. What if they had already advanced? What if they already had a group? What if we 3 got separated, and Phoebe was attacked with her Pokemon so weak? What if.. they're ANNOYING???
"Alright, we shall go. Hades, ride."
"You too, Melana."
Just as the three got going, a parasitic Pokemon attacked them- a Drifblim. It was angry- and wanted to fight.
"****. Already? Goddamn- go Juno!" said Brad in an exasperated tone.
The Tyranitar appeared, ready to fight.
"Combine Rock Slide with Dark Pulse!!'
The group of dark rocks hit the Drifblim. They were black, sharp and big, and as they cut into the balloon Pokemon, it screamed in pain. The attack did a lot of damage, but only seemed to make it angrier. Then, using an Ominous Wind, the Drifblim shot a high-intensity burst of ghostly wind. It blew Juno into a wall, enraging her.
"O.K. Juno. Sick it- combine Hyper Beam with your Dark Pulse- Darkness Cannon: Rapidfire!"
The Tyranitar charged black energy in the various holes in its body, and shot the cannons at Drifblim for a few minutes. It was repeatedly struck by the barrage, but the Drifblim barely moved or flinched. However, at the end, the Drifblim crumpled to the floor. However, the Drifblim survived, and used Sky Attack in a sneak move. Glowing and soaring at high velocity in the cavern, it zoomed right into Juno, knocking Juno down a crevice. Juno then, in anger, shot another move- the power of an Explosion with dark energy. Her signature dark move- Nega Bomb. The huge blast engulfed the Drifblim, killing it as the dark energy took advantage of its weakened state and obliterated it. As it died in the flashing blackness, all three heard a high-pitch scream of uncontrollable pain. Juno climbed back up, but collapsed, panting- the attacks did a lot of damage, and the Nega Bomb was at full power. Brad returned to her Pokeball. A custom Cherish Luxury Ball, it restored her energy and calmed her anger.
"Well, shall we move on?" said Brad calmly.

December 9th, 2007, 8:54 AM
He grew tired from running in this ridiculous cavern. His crazyness has finally gotten to him. He thought, he saw somebody, but as much as he ran, he never got any closer. It was as if the shadows were moving faster. But in reality it was he who was running slower. He stopped for a moment and placed his hands on his knees. He held his head down as he ran.

Shiznits, I could have sworn my dragonite saw them come in this cavern. Dammit all, it is too dark. And it is getting darker. I guess I will have to tire him out.

He took a pokeball from his waist and thought to himself once more.

You think you can do this buddy?

He then released from the pokeball his Charmeleon. He stood on his hind legs wondering where he was.

"Alright buddy, I need you to light up this cave. You think you can do that Typhlosion. YOu think you can light up this cave buddy?"

Charmander nodded lazily in response. He wanted to do more than that. As they walked down the lonely cavern. Beryl didn't say anything. He started to get some speed back and decided on something.

"Hey Charmeleon, you want to race? The finish line will be were the kids are."

Charmeleon smiled and nodded.

"Alright then, ready set go"

They both sped off. They were at neck and neck to each other. Beryl was laughing as he was in the lead. Charmeleon wanted to be first so he started to spit fire at his trainer's feet. It caused Berly to jump up and down in response so he wouldn't get burned. Due to that, caused Charmeleon to be in the lead.

"No fair you can't do that," cried Beryl.

Charmeleon only looked back at him to stick his tounge out. It upseted Beryl so much that he started to run faster than before. He then turned Charmeleon and stuck his tongue out to him. Charmeleon started to slow down at that point. Beryl was confused why, when suddenly he ran into what seemed like Fen due to not looking where he was running. Hs Charmeleon ran up to him in response.

December 9th, 2007, 9:27 AM
"I guess we should," Phoebe replied to Brad simply. Roxy flicked her ears and turned from the now-empty battle area back to the direction they were going. And so it resumed.

The cavern was cold and dark. That's all you could call it. It just had an eerie chill to it that seemed ominous in the pitch-blackness. Had it not been for the small light Roxy created with some tiny and cackling embers from her mouth, Phoebe would see nothing. She had taken the lead, as she knew what the others looked like and would recognize them immediately. Luke was now sitting in front of her, pressed against Roxy's thickly-furred neck. And Rez was in his Great Ball still, very weak. Phoebe wondered if he'd even be alive when she released him again.

Luke's head suddenly popped up. Well, he tried to pop it up higher than Roxy's head, but even with his increased size that was impossible for the Floatzel, him being small for his kind and Roxy being large for hers. So, he tried another approach, and tilted his head around Roxy's neck. Roxy's pricked ears and tensed muscles showed her interest too. And Phoebe saw what had caused that interest as soon as her Arcanine's embers turned to weak flames.

"Ai? Momo?" Phoebe asked, coming closer to the small group. Yes, it was them. And some of the others: Villanelle who was standing nearby, and Fen and Danny apparently asleep on the ground.

Suddenly, a boy with his Charmeleon flew toward them and tripped, crashing right by Fen. Beryl, Phoebe recognized.

"Well, that's all of us, then?" Phoebe said aloud.

December 9th, 2007, 9:34 AM
Name-Balanki Sanjis
Legendary Guardian-Kyogre

Description-Balanki is very short for his age at 3'11. Balanki has tan-colored skin with brown eyes and hair. He wears his favorite tan shirt with a camoflauge lion and dark, baggy jeans. Sometimes he wears a black jacket. He also wears worn, blue tennis shoes. He wears a small silver whale tail on a black sting. He has a blue sun-visor that he rarely takes off. He keeps his items is a small, worn backpack. He has a high-pitched voice that annoys anybody and everybody.
Personality-Balanki is a very kind-hearted, nice person. But when he is mad, Balanki can be very dangerous. Balanki likes to make people laugh. He can be sometimes selfish. He is also very shy and his favorite color is blue.
History-Balanki was born to a middle-class family Vermillion. He has been always facinated by water and decided to become a water-type trainer. His first ever Pokemon was a Poliwag, given to him by his father at the age of four. He decided to set out on a journey to Jhoto and after he have beaten the first gym, the parasite struck.

Your Pokemon... Fill out one of these for each one. (Note that you can only four at a max!)

Description and Personality-Politoed is shiny with a backwards swirl on her stomach. She and Balanki share the same personality, which is probably why the are so close.

Description and Personality-Qwilfish is black with red eyes. He has red stripes down his body and likes to be left alone. He is very fierce and was recently caught. Balanki doesn't know much about Shurikan.

And your Guardian Legend

Description-Kyyinoe has green markings on him instead of red.
Personality-Kyyinoe is very playful at times, but, he can be very destructive if something doesn't go his way.
Why they chose your character-Balanki was always alone, and so was Kyyinoe. Finnally when the paths crossed, they joined together to stop the parasite.

December 9th, 2007, 9:49 AM
After the battle, the three continued to move, with Phoebe, who knew what the other looked like, in the lead. Brad road Hades, and administered healing to Juno. the cavern was cold, and dark. Hades illuminated his diamond armor, so Brad, and Serena and Melana next to him, saw a lot. Eventually, they came up on a group of people. Phoebe recognized Ai, Momo, and mentally recognized the rest.
"So... everyone is here now, I assume." Serena said.
"Dante, is this everyone?" asked Brad mentally.
"Yes- Ai, Momo, Beryl, Fen, Danny and Villanelle are all here. At least, all of the awakened trainers are her. I don't know about any unawakened trainers."
"Well... this should be interesting indeed." said Brad coldly.

December 9th, 2007, 10:26 AM

Mr.Mystery, good enough, but one problem: the youngest age your character can be is twelve. Perhaps edit that bit and add a bit more description if you can before you post...

December 9th, 2007, 10:49 AM
Fen was sleeping soundly for the first time in so long. He laid against the cavern wall, completely in his own world. Simple thoughts drifted through his head, he was too tired to worry about anything right now. Without warning he was rudely awakened by getting toppled over by some heavy object. He flipped up and reacted instinctively with Naomi already awake. He could sense it... a pokemon and other figures around him. Fen got defensive and acted fast, first targeting what ran into him.

"Naomi, hold it up with extrasensory!" He yelled to his Ninetails. "Now... as for these..." he turned to the dark figures "Get ready for Fire Blast, Naomi. Don't shoot till i say so"

Fen stood waiting for the figures to become visible. Naomi's flames licked the sides of her mouth, holding back the blast that could finish the group of figures. The flames dimly lit the cavern just enough for Fen to see two unfamiliar faces and Phoebe's and Beryl finally catching up to the group.

"Beryl....Phoebe....then that must mean..." Fen turned around to see what Naomi had lifted to see Charmeleon struggling to free himself in mid air.

"Sigh....drop him, Naomi... and stand down." He said with an aggravated tone, finding it was one of Beryl's pokemon that woke him up. Sensing Fen's frustration, Naomi let the Charmeleon fall to the ground with a hard thud.

"Phoebe, Beryl.... i'm glad to see you're okay." He said to them. Then focused on the two standing behind Phoebe and narrowed his eyes with distrust. "You two...come into the light.. who are you." Naomi began to growl softly again. "Naomi, enough i said." he said sternly to her as he awaited an answer for the two people.

December 9th, 2007, 11:31 AM
The group arrived, and a figure, recognized as Fen by Phoebe, awoke. his Ninetales prepared to attack both Brad and Serena, but then Fen saw that they were trainers. He asked who they were, and both replied.
"I am World Class Pokemon Master Brad Matthews," said Brad in a calm tone.
"And I am World Class Pokemon Master Serena Deonikos.", said Serena.
"We woke late, but found Phoebe a while back and recently found you. We are both strong trainers, there is no need to be hostile." said Brad in the same calm tone.
"Yes, we are new, but we are the battling worlds two most accomplished and powerful trainers. We too have been chosen for this mission, and as such, we must help you." said Serena.
Just then, a Swampert, sent by the parasite, attacked Brad. The parasite, from the past battles, knew that Brad should be knocked out, and then Serena. The Swampert's eyes were glazed over- filled with murderous intent.
"Well, another assassin sent to kill me. This should be fun. Go, Gaius."
The Torterra emerged from the ball, and looked ready to battle. Howeve,r the Swampert blindisded Gaius, and attacked with a Surf. Gaius, caught in the waves, launched a seed. This seed was the Impalement Seed- and was part of a combop between Gaius and Hades. First, the seed grew in power, and took over cells in the opponents bodies, making nutrients into oil and gunpowder. The Swampert barely noticed, and launched a powerful Mud Shot, knocking Gaius back. Brad ordered Gaius to use Solarbeam, and hit the seed. This would not only grow the seed, but also struck at Swampert, who showed some signs of fatigue from the seed. Then, Swampert dug underground, and Brad knew what to do.
"Gaius- use the Solar Quake combination- Richter 10!", Brad ordered. Suddenly, the ground cracked and glowed an eerie green. Solar energy filled the cracks, and the Swampert, underground, got double Grass damage. it was hurt, badly, and its right side was seared and crushed. However, it stayed persistent- and used a Hydro Pump with a Mud Shot. This combo hit Gaius, knocking him through two walls. Gaius was starting to show some fatugue. Brad motioned to the others that he had it covered- Brad knew what he was doing. Finally, as the Swampert lunged at Gaius, Brad launched the Impalement Forset. The closer the seed to the attacker the better, so the branches surged through the Swampert, penetrating every organ and bursting out in full foliage. then, the Swampert aimed for Hades, charging a Hydro Pump in its fist.
"Now, Hades- Flamethrower!!!"
The white jet of fire hit the tree in the center, and all across the Swampert, the tree exploded. It was seared, cauterized, and half of it was blown off. Then, the seeds energy was released. The Swampert, screaming in angusih, began to glow green. Then, it expanded, and expanded, and then...
The Swampert exploded. it was completely obliterated- no trace of it could be found. Gaius, injured and tired, was returned to his ball, and healed.
"Well, parasite, you may have control over Pokemon, but you still can't beat ol' Brad Matthews."
The group was silent, and Brad and Serena both pondered what was to happen next.

December 9th, 2007, 11:56 AM
Fen let out an audible and unconvinced sigh as the trainers introduce themselves.

"great... more of 'the world's best' *sigh* the punk says he's a 'world's best' too but he has yet to prove anything besides that he can get in my way and wake me up" Fen replied, pointing to Beryl and being completely unimpressed to the trainer's proclamations. "Whatever though. The more the merrier, just stay out of the way."

from no where... another parasite pokemon attacks within the depths of the cave. One of the new trainers sprung into action without hesitation. The battle was fierce and drawn out. Fen turned his back to the fight mid battle and walked back to his spot against the cavern wall. Naomi curled next to him, eying the new trainers without blinking. It was clear that Naomi wasn't taking a liking to the new trainers or the boy's style of battling. Fen didn't blame her, quite opposite to the tactical and strategic battles they're used to. Brad finished the fight with a strange combination that tore the floor of the cavern asunder, leaving no trace of the Swampert to be found. Naomi began growling fiercely as the flames licked his lips again. but this time, Fen did not stop her.

Fen leaped to his feet and charged at Brad, grabbing the scruff of his shirt and holding it up. "Who the hell do you think you are?! You battle with childish move combinations, your only concern is big flashy attacks! Do you ever stop to monitor your surroundings?! Did it DAWN on you that we're in a cave and MAYBE an earthquake could cause it to collapse. You're putting us all in danger with your lack restraint. Sure your pokemon are strong but that does nothing if you can't properly use their abilities! And you completely killed the pokemon! These pokemon can be saved! Its not their fault they're attacking, its the parasite! One more stunt like that, and i'll take you out myself. GOT IT?" Fen screamed, with pure anger in his eyes.

Naomi's anger increased with Fen's with the obvious signs as the temperature of the cavern began to increase with the rising temperature the Ninetails was letting off.

Fen suddenly snapped back to reality, realizing the scene he had just caused. Still angry, he pushed the Brad to the side by his shirt and walked passed. Naomi quickly followed, eying Brad as she walked by.

"I'm getting out of this god forsaken hole to get some air." He called to the trainers behind him.

December 9th, 2007, 12:22 PM
"Hmph- you actually think you can take me out? Guess what kid- i ain't messing around. That Pokemon was trying to kill me- I already killed a Drifblim, a Milotic, Skarmories, etc. That parasite is trying to kill me. I don't need some underage kid interrupting me in a battle saying how I shouldn't kill something thats trying to kill me. If you try to even stop me, I'll have my Charizard rip you to shreds- he is a complete psychopath. Besides, I've been attacked by powerful Pokemon. they want me to die. And I am the best- I have freaking proof, kid. And my move aren't childish, punk- I need to kill my assassins as quick as possible. My Tyranitar was still weak from another battle, and my Lapras wouldn't do me any good. Hades, my Charizard, had a bad type matchup. So I need to kill it before it knocks out Gaisu- otherwise, I'm screwed kid. I've been through a lot in my life- and i will not hesitate to kill anyone. Sure, I'm a cold, cruel, heartless jerk- but I learned to never invest my full time in anyone but myself, kid. You- you are younger than I am. You still have your luck on your side. But when what hit me hits you, you'll understand- life is a *****, especially the people involved in it. Two, I know my Pokemon- after being with them for 11 years, I shoudl know what I'm doing. I had also used my Tyranitar to reinforce the cave, and if it collapsed, I'd make sure that everyone got ouyt before I did. So go, punk- get your fresh air. But don't mess with me- I'm only here because I have to be here. If we didn;t have to work together- I'd be letting my Pokemon on you right now." Brad said. He was fileld with murderous rage- if he had had his guns, he'd be using them right now. He yearned to leave the group altogether, and realized that they didn't need him.
"You know what, I'll leave. You all have Captain Morality over there to save you when he wants to spare a Pokemon. **** this. i have no time for playing with youngsters. to those who weren't jerks- thank you. I shall be leaving. My tunnels are all over the place. Use them if you want. I'll be at Mt. Coronet, at my Secret Base. No one even try looking for me.", said Brad.
Then, he got out an Escape Rope- and teleported out of the dark cavern. He was pissed.
"BRAD!!! Why did you leave? What the hell! They need your help, Brad. That was totally reckless!"
"Dante- I know what I'm doing- they have that punk to help them. I'm of no use- I'm 'reckless'. So, I'll be leaving now- I'm thirsty, tired, and I need some rest. I'm sorry Dante- I'm not right for them at all."
"Dante, no. You can keep in touch, but they won't see a glint of me any longer. Once this is over, I'm moving to Ever Grande. They won't find me there."
"Fine, Brad. I'm sorry. i shoudl have warned you during the battle. I'll talk later."
"Thanks, Dante, my friend."

In the cavern, Serena was pissed. Brad had left- and she missed him. She had really grown to like him- but he was gone.
"Why? Why did you have to do that, huh? He was forced into this, and hes the best damn help you're going to get! His Pokemon were past Level 100! I mean, he's even better than me! Were screwed- that parasite is going to send Pokemon in greater numbers, and more powerful, and will be screwed! GOD DAMNIT!!!!!" Serena screamed. Then, without a word, she soared up the tunnels on Melana, and retreated to the cavern where she and Brad had met. She cried, paced the floor, and eventually fell asleep.

Brad Matthews was GONE.

December 9th, 2007, 12:47 PM
Beryl would have said something, but was too shocked. Fen was sort of right. That person was too reckless.

A so called world class Pokemon Trainer, Pfft. What a bunch of bull. He may have a charizard but that don't mean squat. I only kept my Charmeleon from evolving because it didn't want to. Stupid a-

His thoughts were soon inturrupted by Fen's outburst about leaving the cavern. Beryl didn't say anything as his Charmeleon came up to him as well. He shook his head in disapprovement and spat fire at the cold ground. It was hard to tell what Charmeleon was trying to say, as he didn't look at anyone or thing in particular. He just growled and stood by Beryl.
Beryl still wasn't to fond of Fen, for reasons of earlier days, but followed him regardless. He didn't hate Fen, just didn't particularly like him. It seemed that he knew how to get out of the cave. As Beryl thought about those two so called world trainers, he smirked to himself.

World class trainers eh, this ought to be fun. If I get the chance, I will definetely try and battle them. One on one of course. I just wonder why my mentor didn't speak with me yet. Guess he has nothing in particular to say.

December 9th, 2007, 1:05 PM
As Brad flew to his base, he thought-
"Ah. Maybe I was too reckless. But quite frankly, that was a bull Swampert, in its prime, big for its species- and it was trying to kill me. Oh well. Fen will lead them. And if they even try to challenge me, I'll slam the door. Maybe I'll just let Hades guard the door."
"Thinking about your actions, Brad?"
"Dante? Well... yes. I was too reckless. But that kid, is just a punk. I mean, I had to go through 11 years of hell to get where I am. But I'm sure his more safe mehtods are better. They don't need my grand attacks. Power of an Explosion, accuracy of Thunderbolt- and just too dangerous. I'm not fit for their usage."
"Oh shut up with the self-pity, Brad. Serena is crying her heart out over this, one is thinking of challenging you, and I don't konw about the rest. You left a bad impression, but its no reason to go flying off, hiding, and waiting for the world to end, Brad. You're smarter than that. I know, I should have warned you during the battle. But it doesn't matter- you were chosen for a duty- and you must perform it."
"And if I don't, Dante?"
"We'll force you, Brad. Go back, apologize, and help them out, Brad Matthews!"
"They are going to Coronet, right. I'll be there- my secret base is right by Spear Pillar. I'll just wait until the final battle."
"Fine. But if they die, prepare for a reckoning with the divine, Brad."
"What-the ****-ever, Dante."

In the cavern, Serena was still upset, but decided that she needed to help, and flew back down. A trainer, Beryl, was waiting. He wanted a fight with one of them- and it was going to be her.

December 9th, 2007, 1:07 PM
"You are near."

"Huh?" Phoebe asked, wondering why Cebirayth had suddenly spoken. She was just about to comment on the situation, too...

"Near Mt.Coronet. In face, you are nearly under it. This cavern leads to the bottom of the mountain; it's heart. Make it there, and you can climb it from the inside with little problems, excluding the increased number of Parasite Pokemon that is."

"And I thought there were a lot already," grumbled Phoebe. She passed on what Cebirayth had said to the others before going on to anything else.

"So... We'll make it if we just keep going, apparently. Hopefully we won't have any more unnecessary outbursts and departures along the way. But, it will probably be a long ways, and all of my Pokemon are worn out. If they could be rested up a bit, then I'll be fine to sleep while Roxy carries me. Does anyone have a Pokemon with healing moves or a kind of Potion with them?

December 9th, 2007, 1:26 PM
Brad had reached his base at Spear Pillar, and suddenly, Dante contacted him.
"Well ,they're nearing the mountain. There are more parasites down there. Serena can't beat them on her own, you know."
"Whatever, Dante. Like I said: Fen will help them. And if they die, it is none of my concern."
"How could you say this? Sure, you trust no one, but at least give them some compassion- they're on the same mission as you, Brad! Why do you treat them as... as... disposable!!!"
"Because Dante- all humans are disposable. Never trust. Never love, and you're life will be fine."
"Ughh... just help them! Please!!!"
"Dante, they are teenagers, and you know what, in a mountain, my "reckless" battling will only kill them. i don't want to take that pleasure away from the Pokemon- then they''d go after me. So I'll sit, and wait for them. maybe a few will survive. Frankly, I don't give a damn."
"Fine, Brad. i don't care anymore anyways. Just relax- if you have to fight Arceus alone, you'll need it." Litte did they know, parasite Pokemon were coming for him... and in great numbers.

"Here, take these Full Restores, Phoebe," said Serena.
Serena flew along in the cavern. She was in the middle of the line, and just trudged along silently. She knew she would have to fight, and she did. Right as they reached Mt. Coronet, a Pokemon attacked her. She flew away to fight it- her style, like Brad's, was reckless, but powerful. It was a Garchomp, male, alpha bull, in its prime. It launched a Dragon Rush at Melana, who dodged the attack. Both were airborne- fighting in midair.
"Use Dragon Surge, Melana!" The Salamence gathered draconinc energy in its mouth, charged it, and shot the dragon shaped beam in the face of the Garchomp. The Garchomp was paralyzed for a second- screaming as the surge went through every joint in its body. However, it recovered quick, and knocked the Salamence onto a rock platform with a Dragon Rush. The other trainers were like ant size now. The Salamence, angered at the attack, use a Dragon Bomb- like Nega Bomb, but with dragon energy. The mountain shook as the blast collided with the Garchomp, knocking it off the platform, and making it fall hundreds of feet down. Then, it flew up again, and continued attacking the Salamence. Howeverm the Salamence had better moves- and used Draco Storm. A storm of energy hit the Garchomp. It seemed frozen in time, until one last burst of the blast hit it in the head. It, unconscious and near death, fell down, got impaled on a rock, and died. Serena was glad no one saw her- Fen would've gone off on her too. She then stopped, and flew back down to the group. She was glad to be with them again- her abilities wouldn't have to be proven for a while now.

December 9th, 2007, 2:00 PM
Fen had cooled off while walking through the cavern alone. Though he was still stewing quietly to himself.

"A charizard... psh whatever, i can't believe he'd try to challenge someone from the Kurai family of fire masters and a student of Blaine with a Charizard. He doesn't know the first thing about flame manipulation. ugh!" Fen's fist clenched tighter as the replay of the horrific battle played through his mind.

Naomi followed quietly, looking down at the cave floor, her tails were unusually drooped, she was unusually grieved over the loss of the Swampert.

"UGH! rampaging or not! thats not how to treat pokemon!" Fen screamed into the darkness, as if trying to scold Brad once again. He punched the wall next to him, then looked up through narrow eyes, realizing that while talking in anger, he had passed the way up to the surface. Fenix cut into his thoughts suddenly.

"Fenra Kurai, control yourself. You know as well as the legends do, that we need to do this rationally and with everyone. Work together with the boy... he uses power and you use strategy, find a way to combine your strengths to defeat the parasite. Now find the others, they're heading your way to go---"

"Fenix? Fenix are you there? It feels like... static... in my head. Somethings disrupting Fenix's communication with me. Naomi, light the area, Will o wisp and Extrasensory combo again, make sure no part of this area is in shadow." He said softly to Naomi.

The Ninetail complied and lit the area. Both of them scanned the area cautiously when a gleam of light caught their gaze from the edge of the darkness.

"Eyes.... so theres a pokemon..." Fen was cut off suddenly, the pokemon instantly knew it was discovered and charged at Fen and Naomi. "what?! a Mismagius... wonderful" he said sarcasticly. "Naomi dodge outta the way, now, Fire Spin!"

Naomi jumped aside and spit a river of flames, engulfing the pokemon in a pillar of fire.

"Now, Naomi! Hypnosis!" he called. Naomi's eyes glazed over blue and the Mismagius instantly stopped struggling. "Okay Naomi... we're about to find some information from this one... use Dream Eater...."

Naomi's eyes became shrouded in black. and her body tensed up, Dream Eater was the extent of Naomi's psychic ability and Fen knew it, he could see her struggling but it couldn't be helped. The Mismagius hovered silently, a mental battle was clearly being waged between them

"This is taking too long...Naomi... break the connection, now" Fen said with a worried tone. No response "NAOMI! BREAK THE CONNECTION!" he screamed desperately. He reached quickly into his messenger bag pulling out a dusk ball, he instantly threw it at the Mismagius, engulfing it in a beam of light.

"Phoebe said the pokeball's rids the pokemon of their parasite... i hope she's right." Fen thought to himself.

He watched the ball rock violently back and forth with teeth clenched. Naomi was in pain, he needed to help her break out of it. The ball suddenly calmed... and stopped moving. Fen completely ignored and rushed to Naomi. He looked into her black eyes and held onto her shoulders and thought hard.

"I hope you can hear me girl... i'm sorry, i knew its dangerous to dive into a Ghost's mind like that.. but it was the only way." Fen's thoughts were cut off by a surge of images, first of Arceus, then the parasite, then thousands of parasite pokemon being produced to aid the parasite's goal. Fen struggled mentally to let go of Naomi, finally breaking the connection and falling backwards. He looked up to see Naomi barking happily as if saying thank you.

"Anytime girl.... and it looks like we've got a new member of the team..." Fen said quietly as he fell backwards onto the ground and let the Mismagius out of its pokeball. It had a friendly face, much different from before.

"A Mismagius, aye.... i think i'll name you... Morrigan." he said to the ghost out loud.

Fen laid on the ground and let the two pokemon get acquainted as he caught his breath and thought to himself.

"Well a ghost type... a nice addition to the team...but what were those images... her memories? or her nightmares...i'll think more on it later... i think i'll just lay here until the rest of the trainers catch up..."

December 9th, 2007, 2:19 PM
Several hours after falling asleep, Danny was awoken by a loud blasting noise. By the time his eyes focused he saw someone use teleport. Danny tried to stand.

Danny made it to his feet but his arm still hurt, but it was bearable.

"Umbre... on...?" Zorro said.

"No Zorro. I'm fine, I don't need Moonlight. I'll make it over there, I need to get caught up on what I slept through.

"Your awake. Tee Hee. Your so sleepy. While you were out two trainers were awakened, and one of them teleported away because of some petty fight with Fen." Said Ibelece Gleefully

"Fen... He's here too?" Questioned Danny.


"Oh, Ibelece, whats up with that anklet thing on your ankle?"

How suprising. If that happened to most people, they'd think they imagined it. You know it happened. Anyway, The anklet is an ancient obejct made by humans a long time ago to control psychic typed pokemon. I am stripped of my psychic abilities.

"Of course. I have another question. What exactly was that place? You used your psychic abilities there."

"It was your mind. Your own world. I was there because you made me go there. Since it is your world, the anklet's curse didn't apply there.

"Okay." Danny replied, walking toward the group up ahead.

December 9th, 2007, 2:21 PM
He watched silently as Fen took care of the battle. His charmeleon smirked at the sight of Naomi. Beryl saw Charmeleon smirk and said nothing. He walked up to Fen and look at him with confusion. Charmeleon in turn just walked off to a corner by himself.

"So what the heck happened with you Ninetails. It just blanked out for the moment. Is it ok? And where is Momo at? Sorry if I am asking to much."

Beryl only asked to try and take his mind off that Brad kid. He yet didn't even introduce himself to that other person next to Brad but he didn't care. If that person didn't want to speak with him that didn't bother him at all. He was used to being alone, apart from human friends.

December 9th, 2007, 2:44 PM
"With each step, you draw closer..."

Cebirayth? Is that you?

"I am... in pain... But you... and the others... must proceed..."


"It is not far now... You are under the mountain as you sleep... You shall come to a body of water... And there your way will be revealed... Go with... caution... For there will be... ... ..."

Phoebe awoke to the same darkness as before, still on Roxy. Luke woke up with her, chuttering questioningly at her sudden surprise. Both looked more feisty and energetic than before, thanks to the Full Restores from Serena.

"Cebirayth? Did you contact me?" she asked. There was no response. He must have been occupied at the time.

The voice wasn't his, Phoebe realized, And anyone else's guardian would have told their chosen one rather than me. So that must've been... Arceus...

Luke raised his nose into the air and took an anxious sniff. Instantly his tail began flicking and he seemed more excited. Phoebe knew what that kind of excitement meant. They were nearing water.

"You shall come to a body of water... And there your way will be revealed... Go with... caution... For there will be... ... ..."

Arceus hadn't finished. What could it be? Wait... if we need to get there, and that will guide us, then... Oh no.

"Everyone!" Phoebe called, "Prepare your Pokemon! We're about to come to some hard fighting, if that paraiste has any intelligence!"

December 9th, 2007, 2:50 PM
Fen looked above him to see a familiar face. Beryl and his charmeleon seemed to have followed him after the little outburst.

"Oh... Beryl, hi..." He greeted him while sitting up. Beryl proceeded with an onslaught of questions but Fen didn't seem to mind this time. Knowing someone actually came with him was almost relieving to him. He looked at Beryl with calm, accepting eyes for the first time since the two had met.

"Ah... Naomi... she's still weak from that Overheat in the battle above ground... her psychic powers aren't at what the usually are. Not to mention i used them against a pokemon that clearly had the advantage inside its own head. It was a tactical error... but Naomi was the only one who could do it. But for a second... when i talked to her... we connected mentally... more than usual. She showed me visions... horrible ones... of Arceus.. and the parasite...we need to move fast." He explained to Beryl. "and Momo.... she was with me... she found Naomi after the explosion. but i haven't seen her since i met up with Villy and Danny... i'm worried." He said sighing at the mention of Villy.

"So... you were watching the battle.... i'm embarrassed you had to see Naomi in such a helpless state... but... you're here...u followed me after i'm so mean to you... i dunno i guess i'm tryin to say thank---" Fen was cut off by Phoebe's voice echoing through the cavern.

"A fight coming up? Naomi you're too tired, return." He pointed the white pokeball at Naomi and shot the red beam at her. Naomi jumped aside dodging the beam and barked loudly. "You... still want to fight? suit yourself girl. but you know i expect everything you've got. Morrigan, you're battling too. don't let me down!" He called to the Mismagius as he pointed his pokedex at the Mismagius to see what attacks it already knew.

"A big fight, Beryl... you ready? I'm expecting you to show me what you've got." Fen said to him as he stood up, brushing his clothes off waiting as the sound of the other trainer's footsteps drew closer

December 9th, 2007, 3:15 PM
He called his Charmeleon over. He thanked him for his help and returned him to his pokeball. He then turned to Fen.

"Well I am always for a battle. When aren't I. The question is, are you. And try not to go too soft on me now. I am used to seeing you tough and claiming to be the best. I really want to see how much of a true trainer you are."

Beryl tilted his head to the side and smirked. He then turned to Pheobe but lowered his head first.

"I just hope Momo is alright," he mummered to himself. He said it where he thought no one could hear him which most likely noone did.

He lifted his head up and faced Pheobe's direction.

"Well Pheobe, show us the way."

December 9th, 2007, 3:53 PM
"Well, I'm bored." thought Brad.
Suddenly, he saw 4 parasitic pokemon advance toward his base: A female Alakazam, a Gliscor, a Dusknoir, and finally, an Abomasnow. These 4 were strong- Brad could tell- and each had a murderous look in their eyes.
"Go, my Pokemon. Hades, Divine Inferno. Gaius, Seismic Cataclysm. Juno, Darkness Wave. Katerin: Ice Age. Wreak hell upon the Pokemon.", Brad said in an uncaring tone.

The mountain shook with power. A lot of it ripped open as Seismic Cataclysm was used. Earth engulfed the Dusknoir, trapped it, and sent it into a fissure. Then, the fissure closed, and Gaius channeled Ground-type energy into the fissure. The Dusknoir screams of death could be heard throughout the mountain. Then, the fissure reopened, and people could see Juno unleash a huge wave of Darkness. It engulfed the Alakazam, and continued to contract until finally crushing the Pokemon and exploding. Ice Age froze the Gliscor, and the mountain. Then, the Gliscor died- icicles penetrated its organs. Finally, fire engulfed the very inside of the mountain as the Abomasnow igntied and was roasted to death. Brad hoped sincerely that Fen had seen it- he had just ripped the very mountain apart- and killed Pokemon in cold blood.

"I heard your conversation- i flew away. And I can beat. i have a Lapras- I could easily crush your precious Pokemon into dust, Fen. So there. I am back."

Brad Matthews, Lord of Battle, go to a body of water under the mountain. Be careful. Your attacks ripped Mt. Coronet in half.

"Fine, Arceus. Oh, crap. My Pokemon! Oy... there weak from their attacks. They weren't at full power. Thank God they're alive. Hades, take this healing drug."

Hades was rejuvenated. Then, Brad mounted it, and flew into a tunnel made by Gaius' mountain ripping attack. he was going to the body of water. he did not care who he saw, or who he harmed. He wanted to kill that parasite- and kill it good.

Serena rested after the fight, but sprung up after she saw a flash of black with white fire.

She got on Melana, and flew, but as she went to follow Brad, a falling, frozen rock fell in the entrance. She cursed, and flew up. Just then, a Pelliper attcked her. They flew onto a platform jutting off of the tunnel, and she sent Thor. Thor electrocuted the Pelliper, but the Pelliper pecked and shot water with intense ferocity. Then, a Lightning Storm attack was used by Thor. A huge black cloud, filled with lightning descended upon the Pelliper, and roasted it to death. Then, a Rampardos fell on to the platform.
"Gaah! Again? Go, Argent. Use Meta Cannon.
The Metagross shot metal from its cannons, damgiang the Rampardos. Then, the Rampardos charged into Argent, damaging it. Howeve,r Argent fianlly punctured Rampardos head with a beam of meatl, and it ided a slow and painful death.

Then, aftershocks happened. The mountain shook violently, at about Richter 8, and rocks and platforms fell.
'Watch out! Get into the air, or die! The aftershocks from Brad using his Seismic Catacylsm are too powerful! Watch for falling ice! Quickly!"

December 9th, 2007, 5:01 PM
"Uhggg... Where am I?" Balanki moaned.
"How should I know?" Kyeenoe said.
"Kyeenoe? Is that you?" Balanki asked aloud.
"Who else?"
"I'm not in the mood for that now! Where am I?" snapped Balanki.
"If I recall correctly, your're in the Eterna Forest."
"Which way is the exit?" asked Balanki, as he sat up.
"If you look to your left, you see the... uh... Old Chateu. That means behind you is the exit." stated Kyeenoe.

Balanki stood up, and turned around. Then he left the Eterna Forest not knowing what he was doing.

December 10th, 2007, 10:20 AM
The mountain shook violently and the cave walls began to crumble around them. Fen looked around frantically for a way to get out of this with everyone still there. He looked down and thought hard as calculations spun through his head.

"Phoebe! you said there was a large body of water coming up soon, right? Well... i've got an idea but I need Luke's help to do it.... can he? I'm going to partially melt the rocks along the cave wall then cool them with a water attack...that should create a shell around us inside the cave and give us enough time to get to that water before this whole place comes down!" Fen called to her.

"UGH this earthquake... there aren't even earthquakes in this region of the planet. This has to be the work of that idiot Brad. I've got a bad feeling about him and his little girlfriend... they're both going to get everyone killed with their stupidity... Thats it... for the sake of this group, Brad is too dangerous to be left alone. I'm going to have to defeat him before we can save Arceus... or else the whole worlds at risk..." Fen said to himself outloud, amidst the confusion. "YOU HEAR THAT BRAD?! I'M GONNA DEFEAT YOU! NOW! NAOMI! Start melting those rocks! Flamethrower! Full blast!"

December 10th, 2007, 12:36 PM
"****. Lapras- Unholy Flood! Gaius, focus Seismic Energy out from the mountain, or at Naomi. Juno, move the rocks using your power, or send them at Naomi. Hades- also move rocks. Go- stop the aftershocks!

The body of water Lapras unleashed went towards the Ninetails- and the shaking stopped, instead going deep underground thanks to Gaius. Hades obliterated every rock he could, and Juno fixed the walls. Then, Brad got them all back- and flew deep down into the caverns.
"Ha... I did stop it."

Serena, noticing this, called out to everyone-
"Were saved. I think a Charizard blasted the rocks, I saw a Tyranitar fixing the walls, and the seismic waves are gone. I can't find Brad- I think he went to the pool of water. Anyways- it was probably him who stopped it. But I have a feeling he may flee. Moving the seismic energy, rocks, etc. took a lot out of his Pokemon- and he may be attacked. I don't care whether you help him- I'm going to find the water. I'll send Charon to find you.

Brad eventually reached the body of water.
"Well, the azure flute- and a piece of technology. It says... I'll be sent to Heaven with it. Until everyone else makes it, I shall sleep. Wait- If I destroyed it, I'd finally be alone, and no challengers could find me."
Brad pressed the button, and took the piece of technology with him. He reached Heaven, smashed it,- and went to sleep.

Serena heard Arceus talkinh.
"Everyone- you need to find the Azure Flute and go to the summit. It seems the piece of technology meant to help you was smashed to bits. One of you escaped here- but not with the device. I do not know him, and he is running across my domain- finding a cave to... live in.

"Hah! They'll never find me. And here, the parasite is dead- I can have piece. All of my possessions are in this little cube. I can live here. No one ever bothering me, no stupid challengers, and no risks. I can't believe Gaius is that strong- he shouldn't have caused aftershocks. Oh well. I'll just sleep. Oh look, a gun. Hades, guard the door. If you see that idiot with the Ninetales, make sure to kill the Ninetales with a bullet. Then, retreat inside. Got it?"
Zard, charichari zar.

"GRAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!" Brad screamed in agony as he fought... with himself. You see, unbeknownst to anyone, Brad was infected when he woke up. That was why he was so reckless in his moves. His Pokemon, always obedient, just automatically obeyed him. He fought with the parasite
"NOOOOOOO! You are my servant! Now take this bomb, and go blow up everyone else at the volcano. NOW!'
"You are under my control- Resistance is futile"
"Yes, master."

Brad flew to the volcano, and walked to the edge. The evil voice spoke.
"Well, servant? Blow them up!"
"Hah- now you die."

Brad jumped from the edge, prepared to burn in the white lava. In midair, however, Serena used a beam of purifying energy, and pulled Brad over.
"Now, help us, Brad. Now that you're free."
"No. I'm moving to the Orange Islands- I have no reason to cause anymore damage. The only good thing for me from this is that my Pokemon have incredible new moves. Oh well. I must go. Remember, the gadget Arceus left may fix itself, so its still worth it to go down to the water cave. Good bye- I must go now." Brad said calmly. He called Hades, and flew away. Serena looked like she was going to cry, but she kept composure, and watched her love ride out into the sunset.

December 10th, 2007, 2:43 PM
"Hello?" Balanki called as he arrived in Eterna City. Strangely, the town was empty.

Balanki walked through the town until he saw the whole city, in front of the statue.

"What's going on?" asked Balanki, puzzled.

"Mount Coronet. The mountain has been shaking violently. We were scared that the mountain will tip over and crush this town. We are praying to the statue that Mount Coronet won't fall." replied a woman in the back.

How does a mountain fall over? I need to go over and check that out.

Balanki left off quickly, but then fear overtook him.

What's going to happen to me? What if I die?

"Wiggles. Standby!" Balanki threw his poke-ball into the air, and Wiggles came out.

"Toedtoed poli!"

"Wiggles, I need you out here, just incase something happens."

"Poli!" It sounded like Wiggles agreed.

Then Balanki and Wiggles continued on to Mount Coronet.

December 11th, 2007, 3:05 PM

Okay... Brad, you're really starting to overdo it. I mean, it's okay to be a really good trainer and all, as that is precisely why legends choose trainers in this RPG, but your posts are getting to be just too much. It's fine for Pokemon to use a few specially-trained combination moves. It is not fine for a Pokemon to start using moves that can affect a whole entire area, espacially a landscape as large as Mt.Coronet. Not to mention how often you are killing Parasite Pokemon. As I said before, it is not simply "Freeze it," and it's dead. And a secret base, right on Mt.Coronet, where we just so happen need to be? Your past few posts have broken the limit, really. You're not banned from the RPG. Yet. But you have been warned. One more warning and you will be banned. I suggest you read some of the rest of the RPG's posts that were made before you joined, so that maybe you'll be better off knowing how it's worked so far.

None of Brad's past two posts counted. Since people have posted in response to the earthquake and calamities, my next post will work around that. Sorry for any confusion about this.

Violent quakes rattled the very mountain itself. Phoebe held Luke protectively, still feeling as if he were a Buizel. He didn't seem to mind. His own fear made him weak and nervous, chuttering in a high-pitched tone. Cebirayth's voice came illuminated the chaos in Phoebe's mind, though he himself sounded filled with fright.

"Phoebe!! It's Arceus! No... it's not. It! It is the cause."

"Well, 'It' doesn't know who 'It's' dealing with," growled Phoebe, "Luke. You heard Fen. Water Pulse, full power, all along the walls!!"

It was a glorious sight to behold. Naomi's beautiful red fire licked across the walls of the cavern as Luke's blue stream spat out following right behind, cooling the molten rock before it got the chance to topple over in superheated clumps. As Naomi walked forward with it to carry the fire along the wall, Roxy came behind, with Luke steady on her neck, supported by Phoebe's hands. Now the shaking and crumbling could be heard from only the outside, as if they were surrounded by a glass wall. Only it was even stronger than that, by many, many times. And the group broke into a run, and soon a blueish mist came into view, pressed tightly to the ground. Or... was it really a mist? No. It was water. They had made it. But where was the threat Phoebe had expected?

This dead-end of the cavern had a circle of wall around it, seemingly untouched by the quaking wrath outside. Phoebe looked down at the water, and saw a figure. Was she imagining it? Or was that really the little blue creature spoken of only in legends? Was it really Manaphy?

"Come," its childlike voice chimed, "Hurry! They're coming - for you!"

BOOM. The quake? No... It was far beyond hearing now.

ROOOAAR!!! A Pokemon? What else?

"Hurry! Water! - Water! Hurry!" cried the tiny little Pokemon, yellow eyes wide with fright. But Phoebe was glued to the spot, probably just as afraid. Three figures appeared from out of the fog that had so suddenly appeared from the way they'd come. Three four-legged and powerful figures, which revealed themselves to have eyes just as lost as all of the other Parasite-Pokemon's. Only, these were not normal Pokemon. These were the beasts of legend, said to run forever and ever, never stopping. Here they did stop, and glared powerfully at the group. Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

December 11th, 2007, 3:41 PM
Sorry. I'kll fix that.

Brad was hovering over the mountain, laughing maniacally as the poeple inside were trembling. Brad had been infected the entire time.

"Get... out... of... my.... HEAD!!!!" Brad had emerged, and screamed as he shook himself between It and him. Finally, he found a small pocket of magma, and, in a last fit of despair, jumped for his life to his death. However, Serena stopped him with a red beam, and he was cured. As It was eradicated, Brad screamed.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! I SHALL KILL YOU ALLLLLLLL!!!!! GO MY POKEMON, ATTACK THEM!!!!" The Pokemon were Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.
"Thank you. I shall be leaving now... I've caused too much damage. I need to move to my new home anyway. Toodles, everyone. I'm sorry Fen, for my recklessness, and to everyone else. I shall be going now. Goodbye."

Brad got on Hades, and flew off into the distance. Serena, although upset, got back to the battle. Entei, Suicune, and Raikou had appeared to attack them all.
"Crap. Brad could help fight everyone single one, especially Gaius. Well, I must fight. Thor, come on out. See that metal protruding from the wall? Go get it, and throw it onto Suicune. Its covered in water, so it'll be really affected."
Elek, elek, tivire!
Thor blasted the iron, and threw it onto Suicune. Then, it used Thunder, and Suicune, although damaged, blasted a Hydro Pump at Serena and Thor and Melana.
"Fly away, Melana. QUICKLY!!!!"

As Brad flew, Dante spoke to him.
"I'm sorry, Brad. I didn't see the infection. I failed you. But you must not fail us. Go help- you saw Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. They need as much as they can get, Brad."
"No, Dante. I'm too tired. My Pokemon are tired. I need to move. I need to relax. I can;t help them, they have youth on their side, and Serena can help them. i'm of no use now.

December 11th, 2007, 4:56 PM
Phoebe lunged off Roxy's high back, instantly ready for action as if her tightened muscles that froze her to the spot had been released. Luke, still on Roxy, looked ready to follow, but a signal from his master kept him in place. The Floatzel could manage wonders in battle teamed up with the Arcanine, with his master being more experienced in double-battles than single-battles. Who knew where triple-battles happened, on the same subject, but it couldn't be too hard, could it?

"Come on, Rez!" cried Phoebe, "Show 'em what you've got!"

The Zangoose emerged, with much more energy than when he had last been released. Now he was a completely new Pokemon, visibly brimming with the urge to fight. It was obvious that he sensed the tension.

Serena's got Suicune handled for now... We may as well go for Entei, thought Phoebe.

"Come?" asked Manaphy, with its round head poking out of the water and its pair of long antennae hanging down.

"Don't worry. We can deal with them first," Phoebe told the tiny creature. She then turned back to her own three Pokemon.

"These are Sacred Ones!" Cebirayth gasped, "Pokemon of immense power and ability! Are you sure you can defeat them, in this dark state?"

"We'll have to deal with Arceus the same way, no doubt. Try to be positive about something for once. We have a whole group, and enough Pokemon to way more than outnumber them."

"I suppose that is true... Very well. Have courage."

"Help Arceus. We'll meet you and the other Guardians when we make it up there. Now, Luke, give it all you've got! Jet Pulse!"

The Floatzel flung himself forth, a sleek orange blur surrounded by glowing white rings and a fury of glimmering blue water. He slammed full-force into the great brown beast before him, and then, pounding his paws against its chest, bounded back to Roxy's back like a boomerang. Entei seemed hardly hurt at all. Well, being a Parasite Pokemon, it could hardly be expected to show much pain. It roared in rage and lunged for Roxy, fangs barred.


Rez flung himself onto Entei's flank, not quite plowing it down but at least preventing it from reaching its target. Hi claws prepared for a powerful Crush Claw slash.

Hopefully someone'll take Raikou if they haven't already. Then maybe we can try double-teaming them and work that much better...

Entei flung Rez off of it just as soon as it had been attacked, roaring again with just as much ferocity. This would be a long and hard fight.

December 11th, 2007, 5:43 PM
Danny had followed everyone but his injuries had slowed him down. So he noticed Phoebe fighting Entei and Suicue fighting some girl he still hadn't met. From behind hm he heard a roar. He turned around and saw the legendary beast Raikou charging at him.

"Go Dinosaurio!" He yelled weakly, "Take Down..."

Dinosaurio erupted from the red light and obediently lunged at Raikou. It smashed and the shear force of it knocked Raikou back. Raikou regained its composure and again charged, this time not at Danny, but toward Dinosaurio, slamming into it viciously.

"Dinosaurio...!" Yelled Danny, defying his pain.

Dinosaurio glanced at him and started smiling. Dinosaurio started glowing and his form changed. Dinosaurio, the cute lovable Larvitar, was now a Pupitar. Dinosaurio then lossed an obviously-abnormaly powerful Rock Slide On Raikou, who was barried under rubble. Raikou was down, but not out.

December 11th, 2007, 7:02 PM
"Suicune? Raikou? Entei? you have to be kidding me.... the pokemon of legend... i've only heard fairy tales of them..... "

Fen stood with Naomi at his side, sizing the opponents. The other trainers instantly leaped into battle giving it their all, but Fen... he was tired, and felt for Naomi who was obviously denying how exhausted she was. The other trainers each encountered the legendary pokemon one by one and Fen watched in awe. Even Danny, who was injured, fought with all his might. Fen watched the Entei fight with awe inspiring power, one of the legendary fires was right before him. Fen could not help but be impressed at the pokemon's beautiful flames. Fen clenched his fist tight and looked at Naomi. She was thinking the same thing he was.

"Phoebe... May i ask one favor? Can.... can you let me fight Entei? I feel.... like this is challenging my respectability.. as a fire specialist of the Kurai family. If I don't do this, i don't know if i can feel like an accomplished Kurai trainer if I don't fight Entei. So... please... could you help Danny?" Fen said calmly but seriously as he still stood staring into the eyes of Entei.

Naomi stood aside him in attack position all signs of exhaustion had left her body. Fen's new partner, Morrigan hovered silently next to her, the Mismagius gave a slightly ominous feel in combination with Naomi.

December 12th, 2007, 4:20 AM
Suicune barged up at them once again, enraged. It jumped at Thor, and thor was in absolute fear.
"THOR! Use Lightning Storm!!!"
The Electivire conjured a huge cloud, filled with lightning. It span as Thor launched it at Suicune. It engulfed the Legendary Dog, and Suicune fell out of it, shocks still going. Once she hit ground, she got up once more, and threw Thor into a rock wall. Then, she blasted the Electivire with a Hydro Pump.'
"ELEKKKKKK!!!!" Thor screamed.
"Now! Use Thunderbolt!!!!"
The Electivire passed electricity into the pump, going straight into Suicune. The dog stopped the beam, and once again lunged. Thor ran, and got on Melana. The three flew through the air.
"Hmm... An aerial strike would work well. Thor, fire off some Lightning Bombs!!!"

Bombs of electricity were thrown, and most hit Suicune. Aimed well, they paralyed the dog. However, it shot a Hydro Pump once more, and shot Melana out of the sky.
"Crap! Land!!!! We need to rest, team. Suicune is heavily damaged, but has a lot of fight left. Where are you, Brad?"

Brad happened to be in his new mansion in the Orange Islands. He had finished moving in, and was relaxing.
"Well, Brad... you could go help now..."
"Dante? Well... I guess. My team has been pretty bored. Come Hades- were fighting now."

Brad flew to Mt. Coronet as fast as he could.
"Hi, Serena."
"BRAD!!!! You're back. Well, which ones are you going to fight?"
"Entei, I'll leave to Fen. He's good fighting fire. I'll go for Suicune and Raikou. Go- Gaius!"
The two dogs Brad spoke of were currently on the same platform- a perfect opportunity for Gaius.
"You know what to use, Gaius."
Gaius used Solar Quake. The platform began to crumble, and Raikou and Suicune were trapped in the fissure. As ground enery was channeled into Raikou, it began to howl. Then, solar energy engulfed Suicune. Both dogs were damaged heavily. Suicune barely got up- its fight with Thor was a tough one. Raikou, however, jumped up, and Brad sent Juno.
"Both of you, on next attack, make sure to keep everyone safe from harm. Use- Geo Fissure."
A fissure opened under Raikou, and it fell in. Rocks, covered in Ground energy, began to crush it. It howled, and after a minute, the attack stopped.
"Good job. Two dogs at least damaged." Raikou, rejuvenated, jumped back up, and lunged at Gaius. Then, Gaius bit Raikou, and channeled Ground energy into the dog of lightning, who howled furiously.
'We should catch these to purify them- Serena's beam is out of power. I'll catch Raikou."

December 12th, 2007, 2:25 PM
I'm confused. What's supposed to be happening?

December 13th, 2007, 5:00 AM

Mr.Mystery, the others are fighting legendary beasts/dogs in Mt.Coronet... You can skip your character forward to join them if you'd like, or shorten the trip to the mountain in your next post, if you'd like. Sorry if it's been confusing.

And Brad, you can't catch legendaries. They'd be cured with Arceus, but legends are just too powerful to capture and use in this RPG. They just need to be defeated and/or knocked out (not killed mind you.)


"Okay, Fen. Entei's all yours," Phoebe replied. "Rez, turn from it! Crush Claw on Raikou, now!"

The Zangoose obidiently jumped away from Entei, and charged toward Raikou, who had just been released from a powerful attack by Gaius. Wait... Gaius? I guess Brad decided to come back, inquired Phoebe. But she wasn't sure whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing, judging by past experience.

Raikou got hit by surprise, and as soon as Rez struck, he dodged away with just as much agility.

"Roxy, Flamethrower! Luke, Water Pulse! Combine your moves!"

Bright flames flew from the Arcanine's jaws, as the all-too-familiar glowing white rings cane from Luke. The rings surrounded the fire, turning it a strange shade of greenish, halfway between yellow and blue. Raikou hissed loudly as the fire hit it, and electricity charged in its fur. The chargeing volts tore into one ring of Water Pulse, then the next, and the next, until it hit Luke, blasting him off of Roxy's back and onto the ground with a thud. It had been incredibly powerful. Phoebe clenched her teeth at the thought of how much pain her Floatzel must have felt.

December 13th, 2007, 8:14 AM
"Oh no!" Brad said as Phoebes Floatzel fell to the ground.
'Quickly, Gaius and Juno! Geo Cataclysm!"

A huge crack appeared under the Raikou, and it fell in. The ground was clear in color, so everyone saw Raikou being swirled around by sand and crushed by rock. It howled loudly, and finally, fell many stories to the ground below, where another crack pushed it up to the main level again. It howled again, roared in pain, and conceded defeat as it limped away, out of the mountain.

Serena decided to re-attack Suicune.
"Alright, were good. Go Thor, use- Electro Blast!!!"

Thor shot a ball of light, which diffused into Suicune. It lunged at Thor, realizing that their battle was rekindled. Then, Thor activated the ball. It was a bomb. Suicune stopped in midair, and howled as lightning surged through its body. It screamed in pain, and fell to the ground, smoking. It got back up, and roared viciously. The dog was still ready to fight.

December 13th, 2007, 3:59 PM
"Thanks," rowled Phoebe, "But I couldda done it myself. Just because we're not all Pokemon Masters here doesn't mean we can't handle a few scrapes. For an example..."

Phoebe pointed toward the enraged Suicune as she turned to her loyal trio of Pokemon.

"Luke, send a simple Water Gun straight at it! And Roxy, use that Thunder Fang we trained for right on Luke's water stream!"

The Floatzel burst up, right in front of Roxy, as if he'd never been knocked down, and spat his line of blue-white water right at his target. The magnificent blue creature glared right toward Luke. Phoebe would have sworn its expression was laughing at his simple and seemingly pointless move, had it not been a parasite-Pokemon, thus having no emotion. Or perhaps, because of the powerful and untamed beast inside, it really could show that much of a glint to her. Whatever the case, in the next second Roxy had snapped her jaws right over the water, and a yellow spark discharged from them. The electricity charged down the stream of water just as easilly as it would a power-line wire, and it struck Suicune with surprising force. Perhaps not as much force as the fight with Thor had put into it, but enough.

"Cuuu!!" it roared as the attack flew through its body.

"Arrc!!" Roxy barked back, as if she absolutely had to throw in her reply.

Suicune slumped down. It perhaps couldn't feel strong emotion, but pain is something that can be felt and dispised no matter how lacking in feelings one may be. It had apparently had enough, and could take no more. It fell to the ground, unable to continue its fight. Now all that remained was Entei, who was still facing off with Fen. You can do it, Phoebe thought.

"He doesn't need help either, I wouldn't think," Phoebe added to Brad quickly.

December 13th, 2007, 5:54 PM
"I apologize. I just... wanted to repay my egregious debt from before. I'll enjoy watching Fen fight Entei. However if he does neep help, I can send Hades to deal with him. This should be a good fight, Phoebe." said Brad in a calm tone.
'Yeah, I'll watch too." said Serena.
Both trainers were tired, as were Gaius, Juno and Thor. The two trainers sat on their airborns mounts, Hades and Melana, and watched the ensuing battle: Fire Legend versus Fire Master.

December 13th, 2007, 5:59 PM
Fen faced the Entei with a stern look, its body radiated heat on its own and gave off an unsettling aura. Without evening moving it proved its power. Naomi seemed more determined than ever, her and Fen both knew that it was time.

"Naomi... i'm going to let you try this on your own. As battlers of the Kurai family, its our duty to fight fire with fire." He said to the Ninetails. Her tails stood on end, and heated the air around her. For the first time she was going to release her full strength without being commanded to stand down by Fen. The temperature around her and the trainers raised high, as sweat could be seen starting to form on Fen's face. Wavy lines begin to emanate from the hot rocks of the cavern. Naomi was ready.

"okay Naomi! that parasite clearly gives it its strength, so lets borrow it! Psych Up!" Fen called to her.

The Ninetail's eyes glowed blue once again and an aura of flames erupted around her and surrounded her. Her attack was elevated... to extreme heights and her fur seemed to be turning from white to a rusty brownish red.

"Now Ninetails! lets complete the power elevation.... Fire Spin! on yourself!" Fen commanded. The Ninetails erupted a blast of fire into the ground, engulfing herself in a pillar of flames. Fen stood smiling and thinking to himself. "The extreme power of Naomi... utilizing her Flash Fire ability, she absorbs her own already extremely powerful flames to amplify her power even more..."

Naomi finally emerged from the flames calmly. Fen stared in awe, he had never actually seen her in this state. The copied strength increase of the parasite combined with flash fire... unreal. Her flames licked the sides of her mouth. instead of red there were a deep blue.

"blue flames... she must be ready... okay Naomi! Extrasensory!" Fen yelled.

Naomi's eyes glazed over once again and an invisible blast of psychic energy blasted the Entei sending him skidding back a few inches. "Naomi! keep it up! rapid fire!" He called. The blasts continued, pushing Entei farther and farther back. But it was done playing... it roared loudly and counter attacked with a vicious shadow ball. It seemed to already know fire attacks themselves wouldn't work on Naomi. The Shadow ball wizzed passed Naomi as she narrowly dodged it. She was moving faster than ever.

"Its using different element attacks just as i thought.... I need to find a way... to defeat him without causing too much damage to my surroundings but how can I get close enough...thats it!" Fen thought. Just as Entei shot another Shadow Ball towards Naomi.

"Quickly Naomi! Disable on that Shadow Ball!" He called to her

The Ninetails quickly complied as her eyes glazed over again and stopped the ball in mid air between the two pokemon. Entei quickly followed up the shot with another Shadow Ball.

"Naomi! before the other shadow ball connects! combine the disable with fire blast! use his own attack to override his attacks!" Fen called

Naomi's mouth erupted in blue flames as a massive blast of fire shot from her mouth, and was sent screaming towards the Entei. Everything seemed to pause for a moment as Fen watched the blue Fire Blast combine with the Shadow Ball... then connect explosively with Entei. Fen knew exactly how to finish it. A combination of psychic powers that Naomi could only use in this heightened state.

"Naomi... get in his face. Hypnosis." Fen said calmly.

The smoke cleared and Naomi and Entei were face to face. She put the Entei to sleep but it clearly wasn't going to stay for long.

"Now Naomi... combine Dream Eater and Disable." Fen clenched his fist as he said so. "Sorry Entei... but your mind belongs to us now." Fen said coldly.

Naomi's eyes glazed black as she dove into Entei's mind. Entei was seen struggling hard to release himself. It roared loud, in a painful roar. but Fen knew this was over. Entei suddenly stopped moving. The battle was silent. Naomi's eyes returned to normal as did her fur color.

Entei opened its eyes and looked down at Naomi angrily. Then fell over unconscious. Naomi began walking back to Fen and also fell over. She had finally reached her limit. Fen walked to her and kneeled over her, spraying a hyper potion over her. It was the least he could do. Fen stood up and recalled Naomi back to her pokeball.

"You did well, girl... you proved yourself." Fen said through the white pokeball. He turned to the other trainers and explained "Naomi disabled the connection between his brain and the muscle receptors in his body... He wont be able to move again until I have Naomi release the lock." Fen explained calmly as he looked at the unmoving gigantic dog a few feet before him. He reached for a new pokeball... not feeling comfortable without one of his old companions beside him and released Hook, his Primeape, to his side.

"Its your turn Hook." Fen explained to the Primeape. "Now... everyone... shall we keep moving? Arceus needs us."

December 14th, 2007, 1:59 PM
"Yes. Follow me down this rock tunnel. The parasite told me where to find the pool of water. We must travel down this cavern. However, more legendaries may appear, so be on your guard," Brad said. Hades then arose, and went to the tunnel. However, he stopped when he heard a large... bird call. Three birds flew out of the cavern- Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The three birds had eyes glazed over, and looked demonic in a sense. They dispersed and everyone prepared for another long battle.
"Hmm...- I'll go for Articuno. Fen, you can get Moltres, as it is fire type. Anyone else can get... Zapdos. It will be easier- I heard that Moltres and Zapdos are the weakest of the three. Go Hades- I'll stay watch. You know what to use, old friend."
As Brad jumped off to the nearest platform and sat on Gaius, Hades nodded in obedience, and began a spiraling motion. Diamond blades stuck of him everywhere, filled with fiery energy. Then, Hades sent an Infernal Cannon, engulfing the spinning dragon. It charged into the icy bird, roasting it as it shrieked in pain. All across its body, its blade wounds were cauterized, making it harder for the bird to heal. However, the parasite gave the bird extra strength, and it came back. It shot an Ice Beam, which melted near Hades- he was in full power.
"Go Hades. Use whatever you want- but with the One, be careful- the mountain isn't indestructible." Brad said cryptically in a calm tone.
Hades roared in energy as he charged up his power. Suddenly, he cocked his head and arms back- and soon, a huge blast of blue lava shot from the Charizard. The beam engulfed the bird, and it shrieked in searing pain as it was not only burned, but hurt by rock. After the attack, Articuno had to land- its wings were completely hardened in rock- special rock that wouldn't break under the pressure of ice. However, it shot an Aeroblast, learned from its ward.
"Cancel it out! Its made of oxygen in Articuno-use Infernal Cannon!"
The dragon, also a flying type, shot a beam of white-hot fire into the blast of air. Although at first the air canceled out the flame, the flame eventually set the beam of air on fire, going straight back to Articuno with a double whammy. After the flames died away, Articuno, still healthy, looked absolutely pissed, and shot a blast of psychically infused air towards the dragon.
"Dodge, zoom in, and use White Fang!
The dragon charged its massive fangs with fire. Hades was the worlds largest Charizard, two times bigger than the second-place finisher in all of history. It was... mutated, you could say, by a special gas that floated to the Charific Valley during its development. Hades then became bigger in its development- and had grown to be a powerful force due to its size. Then, after dodging the attack, Hades repeatedly sunk its claws into the bird, especially near its heart. The bird shrieked- it could not stop Hades with its wings in rock.
"Hmm... I know. That rock is made of carbon- you can control how it reacts with Articuno, Hades."
Although nothing happened at first, soon Articuno again shrieked- the rock tunneled into its wings, and throughout its body. Although most of the rock was invisible, it still did damage.
"Now Hades, use those two holes near each other on its head, and channel lava into Articunos body."
Hades did so, and Articuno shrieked. Many organs were cut off- Articuno started to fade, but the parasite barely kept it fighting.
"Now, Hades, use that ultimate attack I taught you." Brad said.

Hades knocked the Articuno into the mountain, and suddenly, magma, blue like before, rushed over the Articuno as it screamed. After the attack, Articuno, fainted, was still underneath the rock. Hades was tired- the freezing temperature of Articuno weakened him, and so did his use of powerful attacks. He came to the platform, went into his ball, and both his trainer and him rested. The bird of ice had been defeated, but not killed.

"What!!!! Its trapped in the rock- how will it get air?" Serena yelled accusingly.
"Well, two holes from the outside- big holes mind you, lead to the Snowpoint side of Coronet. However, it cannot escape- Arceus will free it. Think of it as Prometheus- trapped by his dealings with FIRE." Brad replied.

"I'll weaken... Moltres. I mean, Fen can defeat itb and all- but I want to help. Go, Charon!"
The former parasite Pokemon, black in color, floated out.
"Alright, I've trained you, Charon. Use Possession!!!!"

The ghost floated into the Moltres and took control of it, damaging it as it went. The ghost channeled energy into the bird, and floated out. After a second of silence, the bird shrieked in pain.
"Quick- Use Spirit Bomb!!!!"
The Dusknoir gathered the ghostly energy its head. The ball charged to a huge amount, and the blue ball engulfed Moltres, who fell far to the ground below. The Dusknoir, powerful due its former parasite, had done a big number on Moltres.
"Lets go rest, Melana. Return, Charon." Melana said. She flew over to Brad, and they rested, and enjoyed a few Snowstorms. The drink tasted amazing.

December 15th, 2007, 7:29 AM
"But... we're already at the pool," Phoebe sighed, turning back to Manaphy in the blue water. Already, thre more shapes had emerged. Flying shapes.

Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres, thought Phoebe. When will these guys end?

"Luke, Ice Beam a few times. Try to hit Zapdos with those. I have to find out what Manaphy wants us to do."

The Floatzel nodded, turning back to the fray and shooting lines of glowing blue-silver ice into the air from the elevation of Roxy's head. Phoebe, meanwhile, kneeled down to the water. The rounded blue head poked up again.

"Mana! Water! Go!"

"Go into the water?"

Manaphy nodded. Phoebe turned around. Luke had managed to as much as freeze Zapdos's yellow wings. But that wouldn't last long. She'd have to work fast...

December 15th, 2007, 7:46 AM
"Hmm... Manaphy? Well, If we're supposed to go into the water, we shall. Return Hades."

Brad, without any doubt in his mind, leaped into the water. In there, he saw a wierd dimension, and felt an odd sensation. Right as he closed his eyes, Serena, finished with weakening Moltres for the others, jumped in as well.

December 15th, 2007, 8:28 AM
Legendary Guardian-Jirachi

Description- Raeden is a tallish trainer, with dark brown, longish straight hair. He always carries his PokeBelt and the bag his father got him for his 11th birthday. He wears black jeans and a cream top.
Personality- A kind hearted trainer. Hates to see a pokemon in distress. He also has a small ability to contact forces as his father did. He doesnt know how to control the power totally yet, but is being examined by the Psychic. He loves fighting but doesnt like using fully powerful moves. He uses strategy not power.
History-Raeden was brought up in a small house in the region of Kanto with his father. He eventually turned 11 and went on a trek to Pallet Town to go and meet with Professer Oak. Later on in life, around 12 Raeden was in the Hoenn Region battling Winona when he got a message delivered to him. The letter read;
"Dearest Raeden,
I am sorry to tell you this but i have fallen ill. I have been taken to the hospital in Goldenrod City. I wish you to come and visit me so i could see you for the last time. I don't know whether this disease will kill me or not, but i wish to see you and hear your voice one last time.
Yours Truly
Raeden travelled for days on end to go and visit his father, but when he arrived, it was too late. His father had gone, but he was told by the Nurse, that his father said "Don't worry Raeden, you will be watched".
Now Raeden is 15 and journying the Sinnoh region. He is currently in Eterna Forest.

Description and Personality-Venusaur was Raeden's first pokemon, it was first a Bulbasaur that belonged to Prof.Oak. When Raeden started his journey, he was given the Bulbasaur by Oak, and trained it well. It knows 32 different strategic battle tactics that Raeden taught it. He trained it until he was in the Hoenn Region when it evolved to a Venusaur. He is loyal to Raeden and wouldn't let him get hurt.

Description and Personality-Raeden met Dragonite as a Dratini in Meteor Falls. This Dratini was badly hurt and needed some medical attention. As Raeden took it to the Pokemon Center, it looked at his, recognising him as the trainer that would be his master. When Dratini was fully healed, it started wrapping itself round Raedens legs. He took him outside and threw a pokeball at him. Later on, Raeden trained it, hard and strong. Dragonite is the brawn of Raedens Team.


Description-This Jirachi isn't so normal. It has a somewhat small and weak connection with Raeden. It seems to keep trying to get in touch but fails. It can process certain words and send them. Raeden understands the one word messages.
Personality-This Jirachi is happy but gets frustrated easily. Due to the weak connection between it and Raeden it gets angry and gives Raeden headache's that feel like some pokemon is using Dream Eater on him. Jirachi chose Raeden because Raeden's father had a psychic ability and was able to contact forces that noone else could hear. Unfortunately, Raedens father passed away, but before he went, he contacted a force, not knowing which one it was, and told it to look after Raeden.

December 15th, 2007, 12:55 PM
OOC: To clear up any confusion with this post, Danny has a twin sister named Dani, who he has a picture of in a locket. He never knew Dani as they were sepperated during infancy.


Danny, after being interupted with his battle with Raikou, decided to watch the others.

"Dinosaurio, Return!" He called.

The red light engulfed the Pupitar, and Danny watched as the others took out the Legendary beasts. After the last one was Felled, they moved on. Later, they encountered the legendary birds. As the others were busy, he saw a weird shadow.

It was a parasitic Ambipom. It rushed up to Danny and its Left tail ripped off Danny's locket.

"Stop, Ambipom!" He yelled trailing after it, "Go Mono!"

The pig monkey erupted from the red light, grabbed Danny, and chased after the two tailed monkey. The chase led then further into the labryinth that is the cave system, and futher away from the group.

December 15th, 2007, 7:51 PM
Name-Victor Alexander Miracle
Legendary Guardian-Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie

Description-He is the kind of guy that you can easily ignore. His hair is black and short, and his eyes are blue. Most of time he is wearing jeans and a gray T-Shirt. He owns a yellow and blue backpack which is always filled with a book which he reads (Upside down) in his spare time, his pokeballs and a lot of candy.

Personality-He is an absent minded person, is often daydreaming and looking at the sky. He suffers narcolepsy, so he can get asleep in the worst places and moments, but he acts like if he didn’t cared about that.

He looks like a careless person to most of people, but he actually takes things seriously and is always thinking in a solution to his problems.

History-Since he was little he was treated like a “weird guy” because of his little “crazy moments”, but his brothers and few friends always were there to support and help him.

As he became older he learned of the evil on people hearts, and since then he always tried to do the correct things

He has never captured a pokemon on his own, all of his pokemon are gifts from his relatives.

Description and Personality- Kirlia was given to Victor by his father. Kirlia is a strong pokemon. She doesn’t likes battles, but will fight for Victor and the other pokemon if needed. She is timid to new people and often hides behind Victor.

Description and Personality-Mightyena was given to Victor by His older brother. He is the only pokemon that Victor let’s out of his pokeball. Mightyena has a personality very similar to Victor’s and is always protecting him.

Description and Personality-Zigzagoon was given to Victor by his mother. Zigzagoon always gets in trouble by steeling Victor’s candy. It is the only pokemon that likes to fight, but the problem is that he chooses to fight against bigger and stronger pokemon than him.

Description and Personality-Snorlax was given to Victor by his grandfather just before dying. Snorlax is always sleeping and sometimes disobeys Victor’s orders because of his lazyness. Snorlax has a red bandana across his neck.

Name-Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie
Description-They all look like the normal Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, Azelf is the older, Uxie is the middle one and Mesprit is the youngest. They all wear silver rings around their arms.
Personality-They are always disagreeing and fighting for no reason, like true brothers do. They think that since the creation of the world something was wrong, and now it shows up as the parasite. Azelf always takes the decisions even if his brothers don’t want him to do that.

December 16th, 2007, 10:51 AM
OOC: RaedenX, accepted, but there really isn't much left to do. The RPG's almost over... Souless, you need more description on all of your character's info.

Suddenly, a stream of golden flames reflected off Zapdos' feathers and singes into them. The legendary bird screeched with pain. Roxy had set its feathers ablaze. Luke shot another Ice Beam, and electricity charged weakly through the coarse yellow covering. Zapdos was temporarilly paralyzed by the suden rush of extreme temperature changes. Now was Phoebe's chance.

"Roxy, Luke, Rez, return, all of you!" she called, holding out all three of their spherical Pokeballs. Each one simultaniously disentigrated as red lights into the devices. Tucking them back onto her belt, Phoebe rused toward Manaphy.

"I'm going into the water! If we all make it in, the birds won't be able to follow! They're all too weak by now anyways," she told the other loudly. The last thing Phoebe noticed was Danny running in the opposite direction, but she was already sinking into the cool liquid.

It wasn't water. It couldn't be. Water didn't mystify the mind and fill you with such a sensation as this. She was descending downward, or, descending upward, if that was possible. It numbed her senses and calmed her mind. And then, as soon as it had began, it stopped. Phoebe felt her feet on solid ground. And her eyes opened slowly.

Clouds. They covered this surface, shrouded her feet, and were like a thin layer of thick fog over the solid earth. Not white and gentle clouds, but gray, sorrowful clouds, looking ready to leak their tears of sadness down upon all. Indeed there was disorder in this sacred-feeling place. Phoebe knew this was the gateway to teh Creation Dimension. And a tall shadow was coming closer, closer... It wasn't intimidating and malevolent, but calm and gentle in presence.

It came forth, a massive beast with white-silver skin encasing a layer of black. Rusted and old-looking gold bands wrapped around its body, and formed claws and a helmet-like crown on the head, which was so high up in comparison to its body. And its "wings", two ghostly sillhouettes at the sides of its thick, great trunk of a neck, held trios of red spikes in place, and those spikes held ornaments of odd jewelry and circular peices. Phoebe knew at once who this was.

"Welcome to the final gateway to Arceus's Dimension, my Chosen One," he said in that deep and familiar voice of his.

"Hello, Cebirayth," Phoebe replied to the Giratina.

"If you are wondering where Serena and Brad have appeared, do not worry. They are meeting their own Guardians, alone as you are, in another setion of this same land,the break between the Earth and the Heavens. When the rest of you have gathered, we will proceed to Arceus's lair for the final challenge you must all face. I will fight as one with you, as loyal as Roxy and Luke and Rez could ever be. And we shall hopefully prevail."

"We will," answered Phoebe, "Because if we don't, then our world will end. Not just our world, but likely the whole universe."

December 16th, 2007, 11:32 AM
Fen decided the fight against Moltres wasn't worth it. In his current tired state and strongest pokemon down for the count and Primeape at a clear disadvantage against a flying type... the battle wasn't winnable without heavy loss. He recalled Hook to his pokeball and dove into the water.

First off... Fen despised water with all of his might, with obvious reason. He floated alone for a while, swimming down and down then began struggling... he couldn't stand being in there any longer. He began flailing is arms around wildly when all of a sudden the water around him disappeared. He was left flailing around the ground foolishly until he realized he was not surrounded by water anymore. He squinted an eye open and looked to see a large bird foot. His eyes widened and he instantly leaped up and got into a defensive stance. The area he was in was completely dark and it only appeared to be him and the massive bird. Large red white and green wings spanned in every direction, with a long beak and mysterious dark eyes. He emitted an aura that seemed to sparkle and let off every color of the rainbow. The day any member of the Kurai clan could possibly dream of.

"Ho....oh....." Fen said in awe.

"Fenra... i'm surprised that a trainer like you would lose composure and forget to use my real name." The Ho-oh said laughing.

"i'm... i'm sorry Fenix... i just knew you've been talking to me, but i didn't think i would ever actually.... MEET you. can... i let Naomi meet you?" Fen said in an awe inspired tone

"Of course. Naomi is half the reason i want you here. She fought valiantly against Entei and managed to defeat him without hurting it severely. I was impressed. But that was not only Naomi, Fen. Your tactical talent have made you a powerful trainer and asset to this journey. So I have a gift... for you and for Naomi. Let me see her"

Fen complied and released Naomi out into the world before him. She was standing weakly, still recovering her strength. Fenix spread his wings wide as the rainbow like particles began to swirl around her. She got all of her energy back and seemed more lively than ever. She instantly kneeled her head down in gratitude. Fenix was not done though the shining particles kept swirling around Naomi until she wasn't visible anymore. When the particles released, the tips of her tails had turned blue and her fur a dull gray. She had been blessed with the beauty of a shiny Ninetails.

"This is to set her apart... to let everyone know that she has been through trials and should be known. And also... i have granted her with my own ability. The most secret of fire techniques. Naomi may now use Sacred Fire. Use this on your quest to free Arceus of the parasite's control. Now, as for you Fen. I will grant you part of my knowledge. This is all the strength i have left. Use this knowledge with your own to defeat this parasite and maintain the safe balance of the world. You and Naomi have the power." Fenix said softly

and with that his feathers ignited into flames and Fenix dispersed into a flurry of feathers which surrounded Fen and Naomi. They swirled faster and faster, then dispersed quickly, leaving a faint outline of a circular rainbow in the air. It seemed to rain glorious golden particles as Fen inspected himself. Fenix had left a small tatoo on the back of Fen's hand of a symbol for fire. The same symbol appeared on Naomi's left shoulder.

Fen inspected the symbol and looked up to appear to be back to reality in a new cave this time. Fenix's gifts had been amazing. He could feel the knowledge. and Naomi's strength. He looked around cautiously at the new surroundings, but couldn't ask Fenix for help anymore. The only choice was for him and Naomi to wait for the other trainers to appear.

December 16th, 2007, 11:51 AM
After about five minutes after chasing the Ambipom, the Ambipom stops at a rather large raised platform. It turns around and is ready to face the Mankey.

"Mono, use Brick break!" Yells Danny.

Mono obediently lunges at the Ambipom, who puts his tails in front of itself, in defense. Mankey smashes one of the tails, only to be thrown away by the other. Mono, now infuriated, got back up and again lunged at the Ambipom. This time, though, it used Cross Chop, hitting both tails, creating an opening, allowing Mankey to use Brick Break on it's main body. The shear force of the attack sent Ambipom flying against the rocky wall. As it hit the wall, it dropped Danny's locket.

Danny ran toward the locket and bent down to pick it up. As he was bending down, he was swatted away by a powerful headbut from Ambipom. Mono, now even madder because of the main reasons: Ambipom attacked an injured opponent; Ambipom had attacked a Human; and Ambipom had attacked his human. Suddenly Mono began glowing intensly. It began growing rapidly. It had evolved.

Mono, now a Primeape, lunged at the Ambipom, smashing its main body with a suped up Cross Chop. It sent Ambipom flying, rendering it momentarily paralyzed. Danny, seeing his chance, threw a PokeBall.

"Go PokeBall!" He yelled.

The ball shook, and eventually pinged. Danny went over to his locket and put it back on.

"Return Mono!" He yelled. He then went over and picked up Ambipom's pokeball, "Go Ambipom. Ambipom, I know you wouldn't have done those things without the influence of the parisite, but I still can't forgive you. So your once again a free Ambipom. I release you."

The Ambipom hopped away, and Danny started walking back where he had left from.

'It was a good thing Mono evolved then, it made an opening.' He thought

December 16th, 2007, 12:53 PM
Brad arrived, and saw... Dante. He was sapphire blue, covered in steel, and looked...regal.
"Hello, Brad. I am here. I am proud of you. You have fought true true to your prowess. I have a gift for you... later. Great job.
Virgil was also there. He was pitch black, a long serpent.
'Hello, Serena. You too have fought valiantly. As a gift, I bless your Salamence with a gift- my Dragon Thunder. It is a powerful attack. in addition, your dragon now has a large swirling pattern on its wings."
'Thanks!" both said. All four traveled, hoping to see the others soon enough.

The Creation Dimension was white clouds all around them, with no end in sight. They, however, were relieved to meet there guardians- they would be a huge help.

December 16th, 2007, 7:35 PM
OOC: To avoid confusion, I going to make this post a little bit in the future, after everyone at the scene of the battle has jumped intoo the pool. Okay?

'It was a good thing Mono evolved then, it made an opening.' He thought.

Danny continued walking and eventually was back at the lake. Danny remembering what Phoebe had said 'If we all make it in, the birds won't be able to follow!' and jumped in the water. The sensation he felt was undescribable. It felt like he was floating and sinking through air at the same time.

After a moment or so, he realized the sensation had stopped, and he opened his eyes. He saw a black seemingly endless area, not unlike the place in his mind. He turned around and saw Ibelece, still with her weird coloring and anklet.

"Ibelece, this place looks very similar to..." Danny started.

Ibelece smiled, "The one in your mind? It was a dream version of this world. Thats why I could go there."

Danny questioned, "Ibelece, what would have happened had I touched in that dream world?"

"You would have been sucked here."

"Also, why havn't you..."

"Why havn't I contacted you since then? Because your dream version of it prevented me from talking to you." She responded, "Oh, and I have a gift."

Ibelece flew over and lightly tapped Danny, after a few seconds, his injuries were gone.

"Ibelece, lets go find the others." Said Danny, "And Ibelece, once we do, how do we leave here?"

"Think about what I said about the dream version of this world. There's your answer."

Danny started walking in a direction, pondering what Ibelece meant.

December 16th, 2007, 11:52 PM
Meh, if there isnt much left to do, then i will leave it =D.
Maybe once this is over you might start another one.
If you do... please let me know by pm.

December 17th, 2007, 1:28 PM
Same here, (even if I wasn't acepted) I will not repost my character since the RP is... well, almost over =]

December 18th, 2007, 1:59 PM
OOC: Alright. I'll notify you when I make the next RPG, RaedenX. Once this one's over, I'll probably want another if I can't find an already made one I want to join.

Also, Kanto has asked me to play his character for a while. Just letting everyone know so they don't think I'm controlling his character without permission when I post for Beryl.

December 18th, 2007, 3:50 PM


Balanki continued to Mount Coronet with Wiggles bouncing along behind. Soon, they were at Mount Coronet.

"Wow. This mountain is amazing!"


Balanki went inside the mountain and heard sounds like there were people battling the mountain. Balanki was curious, so he followed the noises. Then all of a sudden, something lunged out at Balanki!

December 18th, 2007, 9:23 PM
"Well Naomi... i'm assuming the other trainers are still speaking with their guardians. I'm guessing all the guardians used the pool of water as a chance to meet their trainers one on one. How bout you light this place up a bit with a Will o wisp and Extrasensory combo." Fen said calmly to the Ninetails.

Naomi released a bright will o wisp of blue flames with black center. it glowed eerily, giving the cave a faint blue light. Fen could now see his life partner more clearly. Her fur a light gray...tips of her tails blue... but the fur still retained its glossy look. she was beautiful. The balls of fire circled around the area and high near the ceiling. Fen wandered the small area, seeing the other end of the pool of water coming up behind him and darkness off in front of him, leading deeper into Mt. Coronet.

"I wonder how much longer the other trainers are going to be with their guardians... Fenix sure didn't have much to say. But then again, he said what he needed and got straight to the point. He's definitely not one to waste a second of time. But... is he gone now?" Fen said out loud kind of aiming towards Naomi.

Fen plopped against the wall of the cave and slid down to a lazy slump, and looked at the the dark water in front of him. He had forgotten all about how tired his body was now. The water reflected the gentle blue light of the will o wisp flames as they orbited around the area. He stared at the pool of water some more, waiting for the trainers and fell into a deep trance of thought. He leaned against the cave wall and held up his right hand, inspecting the back of it. The small symbol of a flame.

"Fenix....are you still alive? did you sacrifice yourself to make me stronger? Do you have that much faith in me?" Fen said quietly to himself, seeming to be aiming his questions at the symbol.

Naomi walked over to him, she glistened in the blue light which almost seemed to simulate moonlight with its beauty. Fen looked at his partner, and the matching flame symbol on her left shoulder blade. He gently rubbed the symbol on Naomi's back as she laid on the ground next to him.

The two of them sat alone in the soft blue light, staring into the pool. Waiting for the other trainers.

December 20th, 2007, 2:19 PM
"More Chosen Ones are gathering. Soon they will all have arrived."

Cebirayth shifted uneasilly beside Phoebe. It was obvious that the massive Pokemon was anxiously nervous about the upcoming clash. Phoebe felt the sense that he was not supposed to fight Arceus. It was not meant to be. It would be prohibited, yet when commanded and fighting by the side of a human, he could manage to do it without breaking ancient restictions. Her mental connection with Cebirayth suggested this, and when they were this close, it was as if their minds were linked, working together as one. The feeling was an odd and almost frightening one.

"Could you... Show me Roxy, your Arcanine?" asked Ceirayth.


It was an unexpected question. The answer could have just as easilly come to Phoebe through mental contact, but Cebirayth replied vocally anyways.

"All Legendary Pokemon have the ability to give 'blessings', if you will, to other Pokemon. The form they take depends on how the 'blesser' wishes to give it, and I would like to see her to know how to perform this. She was your first Pokemon companion, yes? Your first real partner?"

Phoebe nodded. She grabbed the red-and-white sphere from her belt, surprised by how cold the air here had made its surface, and summoned the great beast from inside it. Roxy did not perform her usual bark or yelp, but rather recognized the tense mood of the time and looked up at Cebirayth with a ready expression, as if she'd been listening in on the whole conversation.

The Giratina bowed his head down and looked at Roxy's magnificent form, large and proud with night-black stripes on an orange-red background. Then, his red eyes glowed blue, bright and enchanting. Roxy lifted her head and embraced the 'blessing' as it ran through her mane in the form of sparling, gleaming specs of light.

When Cebirayth lifted his head once more, Roxy came back to her senses. She had not changed physically, but appeared ready for anything and tensing with energy.

"She deserved it moreso than any of your other companions. For years she has guarded you, accompanied you, aided you. And I knew from simply looking into her eyes that she enjoyed giving her services because of her respect and love for you. When in the greatest of hardships, or experiencing the toughest of times, or simply feeling the strongest emotion for you, and no one else, she will unlock a new power. A power I have embedded within her soul. These abilities I have enthrusted your partner will reveal themselves, and likely in near time. But you will have to discover them for yourself, all the same."

"Thank you, Cebirayth. I'm sure Roxy feels just as grateful to you if not more," replied Phoebe. And thus, the two of them waited.

December 20th, 2007, 7:09 PM
Danny kept walking through the inky darkness. After walking roughly twenty minutes in silence, the darkness faded away and was replaced by a weird cloudy place over normal ground.

By now Danny was not suprised. He turned around and sure enough. It was the area, extending in that direction too.

"So you've figured it out, Danny? This place is very large. Every place looks infinite, but is only so large. After going so far, you'll enter another Sector, if you will." Squealed Ibelece.

"I figured as much. but I wonder..." Said Danny, running back towards the area's "wall". The area again faded away, but what appeared in its place was not the black area. It was humid and rocky.

Danny walked around, and further away he saw... more of the area.

"How boring" He said, running again toward's the sectors wall.

This time after the area faded away it was back at the cloudy area.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to get to return to the same place twice?" Asked Ibelece, eyeing Danny.

"Not really."

The two continued walking forward, as no direction could describe it. Off in the distance, Danny could just barely make out a dot, presumably a human's, and a larger figure, presumably a legedaries.

"Danny... give me Zorro's PokeBall." Demanded Ibelece.

"Uh.. Sure. Here" Responded Danny, unlatching Zorro's PokeBall and reaching it to Ibelece.
Ibelece grabbed it and held it in her hands and, from the top, a small sliver of light ran down the ball. But, other than that, it was unchanged.

"[I]Sorry Danny. The cursed anklet prevented that from working."

"Its okay... What was it supposed to do?"

"Psycho Balls... They give the pokemon within an incredible boost in every single way."

Danny said nothing, and started foward toward the figures off in the distance.

December 23rd, 2007, 11:43 AM
Screech! Screech! Screech!

There were Zubat everywhere. Balanki couldn't see anything. He started swatting at the Zubat, trying to get them away.

"Aghhhgrahhh!" Crash!

Balanki tripped over his own feet.

While on the ground, Balanki barked, "Wiggles! Use Water Gun! Rapid fire on all the Zubat!

"Polipolipolipoli....toed!" Zubat fell down everywhere as Wiggles grinned, satisfied with what he had done.

"Good job, Wiggles! You deserve a rest." Balanki took out Wiggles's Pokeball, and put Wiggles in it.

Balanki got up, and walked down what seemed to be a hallway, until he reached a dead end. Balanki heard noises on the other side of the wall. He was curious, so he tried to find a way to get on the other side of the wall.

"Maybe if I push the wall, it will open. Its a bad idea, but I'm going to give it a shot."

Balanki pushed the wall, straining. It took him an hour and 15 minutes, but Balanki finnally pushed the wall in. There was an opening just big enough for him to squeeze in behind the wall. Balanki was panting heavily, but continued down the passage way.

"I sense you will meet more Trainers like you, Balanki."

"Kyeenoe? Is that you?" Balanki asked.

"Yes..It is me."

"How long until I meet the other Trainers?"

"That I do not know."


Balanki continued down the passage, hoping to find the other Trainers.

December 23rd, 2007, 12:36 PM
OOC-I'm going to post for Kanto since I haven't yet, coming from the time that Beryl awakes in the Creation Dimension. (Kanto, hope this is okay. Bit of a different RPing style I know, but it at least works, right?)

Beryl found himself awake in a void. Well, it seemed like a void with all the gray, reflecting itself in shades of silver. The ground he was on was cold to the touch, and that was enough to let him know that though it was shrouded by clouds, it was there. Where were the others? And what had happened, exactly. He remembered fighting the birds and entering the water, but nothing after that.

"You have arrived."

The powerful voice had come from a body more massive than anything Beryl had ever seen. Well, he'd seen larger things, like buildings and mountains, but this creature's mere presense simply seemed to breathe force and raw strength upon everything, making it feel gigantic. Its red armor and deep gray-brown underhide were designed for the perfect defense, while its deadly claws and huge fangs were designed for the perfect weapons. And those yellow eyes seemed like the eyes of invincibility. Beryl found a strange respect and fondness for that.

"Are you... Groudon? Ahmenra?" he found himself asking.

"Well, who do you think I am? Who else has huge red plates of armor? Of course I am, foolish human!"

That sharp and rude tone seemed familiar from a few mental communications. Indeed, who else could it be?

"Then... where is this?" Beryl questioned. He would have bitten back an angered response, but a hint in the great voice had told him it was merely a joke. Ahmenra just had a bit of a cruel sense of humor.

"The heavens. The Creation Dimension. The place you've been travelling to get to for who knows how long."

"And what do we have to do?"

"You sure don't hold back the questions, do you?"

"How else do you expect me to get any information here?!" snapped Beryl, this time not holding back his anger. Ahmenra growled slightly, but did not reply with anger. Both of them seemed to understand that the last thing they needed to do now was get into an argument over something pointless.

"We wait for all the other fools. Some of 'em have already entered, but the rest are still down in the mountain wasting thier time away, I guess. As if we don't have a small enough amount of time to handle Arceus..."

Beryl was content with that much for an answer. Now the other remained. It was clear that the final moments of this whole journey were rapidly approaching.

December 23rd, 2007, 1:02 PM
"ungh? huh? i musta dozed off here..." Fen said groggily. he stood up stretching and looked down to his partner Naomi who was still sleeping. By this time only one will o wisp ball was still afloat in the air above them.

"Naomi, girl. Wake up.... we need to get moving... i don't think the other trainers are coming..." Fen said to the sleeping Ninetails. Naomi stood up and walked near him, brushing against his leg gently. Fen looked down the dark tunnel which seemed to span for forever, then looked back to the pool of water.

"Fenix... why did you send us back here if no one else is coming..." Fen thought to himself. He lifted his hand again and looked at the symbol of fire branded on the back of it once again. He rubbed it gently then aligned it to the mark on Naomi's shoulder, comparing the two.

"Hm... they're just alike... i wonder what they're for..." Fen said out loud to himself. "It seems odd Fenix would give us these....." Fen was cut off suddenly. The symbol began to glow a bright white when near Naomi's symbol. Fen studied the glow curiously, Naomi's began to glow too.

"I wonder...." Fen said out loud. He reached towards Naomi and touched his symbol against hers. The two were instantly blasted with a large gust of wind. Fen shielded his eyes, protecting them from the high winds. The air suddenly went calm and peaceful... the feeling that he was outside. Fen uncovered his eyes and looked around. Blue skies above them, and below his feet... clouds. He looked into the distance, clouds and sky as far as the eye can see.

"What the heck is this place..." Fen said softly. He took a few slow steps "Seems to be solid..... HEELLLOOOO???" He called into the vast void of nothing. There was no answer. Fen stood dumbfounded for a moment.

"I got it! Naomi? its time to test out those new abilities Fenix gave us. I need you to concentrate.... See if you can sense any of the other trainers in this area.. can you do that girl?' He said softly.

The Ninetails barked happily then began to concentrate. Her eyes once again glazed over blue as she scanned the area calmly. She snapped back to reality and barked again, jumping up and down.

"You found someone?! great! lets get going! lead the way!" Fen commanded excitedly. Naomi sprinted off to their left, they ran through the seemingly never ending dimension, following Naomi's instincts. Suddenly, a figure was visible in the distance, Fen ran faster, relieved to have finally found someone.

"yes! another trainer! at last! HEY!! HEEEYYYYY!!!" Fen called out into the distance between breaths, breathing heavily.

December 23rd, 2007, 9:44 PM
Brad saw Fen and Naomi in the distance, running towards them. Brad was next to Dialga, and Serena was next to Virgil
"Brad, here come Fenix, or Ho-oh, and Fen."
"Hmm, Dante... that is good. The more of us the better."
Brad heard Fen slightly, and gazed at the clouds above. All around him it was white clouds, drifting by slowly, like his life. Brad had enjoyed the journey- it was a quicker pace than his normally slow life. However, he enjoyed the peace for a while.
Fen grew closer, and Brad smiled happily with Serena as they sat on their airborne mounts.

December 23rd, 2007, 9:58 PM
Fen arrived finally. tired and out of breath. He stopped panting in front of Brad and Serena.

"I.... Finally.... found....someone....." He gasped between breaths. Naomi trotted happily in front of Fen, she didn't seem to be tired at all. Fen looked up somehow having not noticed the gigantic legendaries earlier. Having finally realized who he was in the presence of, he straightened himself up, trying to conceal his shortness of breath.

"You... Dialga...? ...Rayquaza? I've only seen drawings in history books... this is amazing." Fen scraped out, finally obtaining his breath once again. Naomi lowered her head in the presence of the giant pokemon but the two giants seemed confused and disappointed at Fen's arrival. Their heads looked around as if searching for something... or someone. It suddenly clicked inside Fen's head.

"You're looking for Fenix... aren't you?" He said with a depressed tone. "well... you don't have to look much harder.... Fenix was weak from the struggle against the parasite. He sacrificed himself... to help Naomi, my Ninetails recover... and give me the strength to press on and win. His fierce strength was sealed in Naomi... and his knowledge... in me." Fen said quietly.

After he finished speaking, he held up his hand, showing the two gigantic legendaries the flame symbol on the back of his hand, the pointing to the identical mark on Naomi's shoulder blade.

"I'm sorry... i didn't know what he was doing until it was too late... I guess he thought i wasn't strong enough to do it alone so he gave his own being." Fen said as he hung his head in shame. "Well... I'm not going to waste the second chance he gave Naomi. Lets press on. I want to finish this parasite." He said calmly as he walked ahead slowly through the clouds, still having no idea where he was actually headed.

December 23rd, 2007, 10:09 PM
OOC-Okay... It's been a while in the Creation Dimension gateway (at least for the people who got there early). Everyone is pretty much through the water, just because it'll be a while if we're all just waiting. The storyline needs to start getting somewhere...

Also, this post is from the POV of Cebiryath sorta... Anyone can do that with their guardian (no one has to, but you can of you want to), since now they're just like any other character controlled by you.

"It seems all have gathered," Cebirayth suddenly stated, ending the long silence between him and his Chosen One. Phoebe looked up at him curiously for a moment. The simple mental realization Cebirayth held was enough though to answer her uprising wonder of what he'd meant. It was clearly obvious. Roxy the Arcanine shifted with tension beside her master, who quickly mounted onto her back. Now Phoebe was higher up and closer to Cebirayth's head. Somehow, the connection between them felt stronger yet, as if now it intensified greatly. It was a unique feeling, sharing his mind with a smaller and weaker body. But he was aware that she was anything but weak when it came to her mental ability, which was why he chose her in the first place over all others.

"How do we get to them?" asked Phoebe quietly.

"Only a Guardian can show the path. This is why no human has never truly seen Arceus; the mental connection with a Pokemon you would call legendary is required, and this Pokemon must guide their partner as I will now."

Phoebe was unfamiliar with the place, and therefor when Cebirayth began walking down the path he knew to be right he felt her simple wonder of how he accomplished it. Yet, at the same time, his recognition of the area would transfer to her as well, allowing her to predict the next step to take. Nothing was different from anything else; all was merely gray clouds. Cebirayth knew their true color. He knew that before all this, they were a magnificent sight to behold. They had reflected gold, pink, silver, blue, purple, and in so many light, creamy hues that the mind could never comprehend them fully. Now, all was deep and cold gray with sorrow, as if the clouds had all died and were rotting away...

Figures, shadowy and faint, appeared slowly. As Cebirayth and Phoebe approached, they were revealed to be the others. Cebirayth noted his recognition of the other Guardians, while Phoebe felt hers of the other Chosen Ones, which Cebirayth understood from her to be named Brad, Serena, and Fen (though Fen seemed to have begun walking away). Another human figure had approached, with a large beast beside him. Ahmera, Groudon. Beryl.

"I see we are all here. There are yet more to arrive at this point, but when they do, we shall all enter the realm of Arceus," Cebirayth told them all. Once again, it was down to a matter of waiting...

December 23rd, 2007, 10:58 PM
Fen stopped walking at the sound of people approaching behind him. He was pleasantly surprised to be startled by the sudden appearance of Phoebe and Beryl, accompanied by their massive guardians. More awe inspiring in their great size. But at the same time Fen started to feel more alone. All the trainers had their guardians with them. But he...hadn't been able to to spare his. He looked at the back of his hand some more, staring intently at the symbol.

"Why....Why did you do it Fenix... All that talk... of how you liked my tactical prowess...and complimenting my expertise with fire... and what did it earn me.... you sacrificed yourself so I wouldn't be useless in the final fight. The other trainers seem fine though..." Fen thought to himself... scolding himself in his mind. Fen turned his back to the group again and looked into the distance. His eyes narrowed even more. "I tried to lead them... I tried to make sure we were all okay... but really... It was them who were helping me. I was walking around... saying I was the best, yet here they stand... still with their guardians... Brad...Serena...Phoebe... even Beryl...all that talk i did... what was it good for....

Fen dropped to his knees clenching his fist tightly. He punched the ground hard in a mixture of frustration and anger.

"WHY FENIX?! WHY ME?!" he shouted as he slammed his fist into the ground. "UGH! WHY!?" He began to break down...he couldn't handle it anymore "Fenix...didn't you trust me...I could have done it...I thought... I thought we understood eachother..." Fen realized he was making a scene and attempted to calm himself.

"I'm sorry everyone...I'm sorry Fenix is gone and i'm sorry that i've let you all down..."

December 24th, 2007, 1:23 AM
"Let us down?" asked Phoebe, confused as to the reason for Fen's sudden outburst. Cebirayth's understanding for the situation transferred to her quickly though. It was only natural that Fen would be upset without his Guardian, especially if everyone else had their own great and sacred figure beside them. She also felt a feeling of loss from Cebirayth, apparently sadness for Fenix. Legends lived for a long time. He would have at least known Ho-oh from so many endless years. The sudden thought of living for that amount of time intimidated Phoebe a bit, so she turned away from it quickly. What to say to Fen, or if to say anything to him, Phoebe was unsure of.

"Fenix must have had something in mind," said Cebirayth aloud suddenly, "I did not know him to be the type to act without thought. He likely had good reason. It even shows his trust in you perhaps, that he would give himself for you. And now, regardless of whether a Guardian is standing beside you, we must all come together. You were chosen because of the strength that one of the Guardians saw inside your heart. If you doubt that strength in yourself and the Guardian who chose you, then what how will we find any success?"

Phoebe was in slight amazement. She had not expected Cebirayth among anyone to say anything. He shared what he could with her, but he'd never told anyone else much, and didn't seem like the kind to want to. The tall and powerful Pokemon, which seemed so demonic and unknown, now seemed sympathetic and gentle. What would his small speech do, though?

December 24th, 2007, 5:31 AM
"Danny, are you going to walk around endlessly? Or are you going to let me help you?" Asked Ibelece

"What? You were supposed to help me?!" Snapped Danny.

"Yup. I just wanted to see how long you would walk around without figuring it out. I'll make it simpler; You could do anything in your world because it was your world. This is our world. Unlike the other legendaries, you have to help us get out of here. We have to help ourselves" Said Ibelece

Danny stopped walking and thought, "So we have to want to leave and it'll just happen?"

"Congrats Danny. You figured it out."

"But I've been wanting to leave for a while now..."

"But I hadn't. I wanted to see if you could figure it out."

"So how does this work?"

"You figure it out. You don't just want to leave."

"So what? I just want to create a door to join the others? And if you want it too, it happens?"

"Pretty much..."

December 24th, 2007, 8:27 PM
"Thanks Giratina... I needed to hear that. You're right... Fenix wouldn't do something like this without good reason..." Fen replied, still having a sorrowful tone. He walked a distance away from the group and sat alone with Naomi, staring off into the distance.

"Don't mind me... i just need a while to think" he said back to them, not caring if anyone was listening. Naomi curled around his feet then laid on them. He leaned over he knee's slumping over and petting Naomi slowly. He could feel the gaze of all the massive legends above him, but chose to ignore it. He wasn't going to decide where to go this time...he was just going to let someone else lead the way.

The silence in the group was now tense... no one spoke as the clouds gently floated by and they waited for the others. There was only one trainer left to arrive... Danny then after that, the battle of their lives lay ahead of them.

Fen clenched his hand into a fist again then looked at the flame symbol once more.

"I wont let you down, Fenix"

December 26th, 2007, 7:43 AM
OOC-just a quick note, as it may confuse some people; when Cebirayth refers to "Guardians", he is usually refering to all legends, Guardians of the chosen trainers as well as the other legends. The reason he doesn't just use "legends" is that to a legendary Pokemon, another legendary wouldn't really be of myth as the word "legend" implies. Hence, Guardians works, because all legends are a "guardian" to some sort of power (and, through his explanation, the dimension of Arceus as well).

Cebirayth felt something. A sudden wave of disturbance. But how could there be yet more of that? He raised his head to the sky- well, the top of the sky- above, and saw something in its gray expanse. A black, dark energy, flickering violently, as if it were trying to become more powerful.

Phoebe, sensing her Guardian's worry, looked up as well, but Cebirayth felt her confusion and thoughts quickly. She could not see it. Yet he saw and felt its presense stronger than the anticipation he himself felt. The explanation was obvious: Only a Guardian could sense such disturbances in the Dimension of Creation. He was born of this place, born of energy from it, and born to protect it along with his own domain, as every Guardian was. A human would not be able to see this kind of disturbance, as she would not have been born to prevent them. All the same, Phoebe would have to become involved with this. Cebirayth's seriousness let her know that something was indeed wrong. The parasite is preparing for something... If we don't act now, then we may lose our last chance...

"Everyone," Cebirayth found himself saying. He wasn't in the exact mood to give another speech to anybody, but he had no choice in this matter. He did not just say it to the audience around him, but through telepathy, to everyone who had not made it here yet. Keeping that connection made speaking strained and hard, but he knew he had to do it. "There is a disturbance up above. A corruption in the fabric of space and time, casued by It the Parasite itself. If humans look up, they will see nothing. If Guardians look up, they will see it clearly. This is It's preparations for the end. Or, it may even be the very energy that It intends to destroy the world with. No matter what it is, we must hurry now. We may have waited a minute or so too long!"

Phoebe looked to him with understanding. Perhaps some of the others would be intent on staying, but Cebirayth felt her belief in his words. It was obvious. The longer they decided to stay and wait, the less time they would have left. The sooner they agreed to have all their Guardians take them to Arceus, the more of a chance they'd have.

December 26th, 2007, 10:52 AM
"OK, so the fabric of space an time is going to shit? Well, lets do the smart thing, get to Arceus before we get sucked into the gaping hole. I knwo we can't see it, but waht I hear from Dante, we need to GO!" said Brad hurriedly. He got on Dante, and Serena mounted Virgil. Although Dante might have been able to fix it, he was too weak right now. Brad waited for everyones response- the air was tense in the Creation Dimension.

December 26th, 2007, 2:54 PM
"We're ready, Brad. At least, I am. How exactly do we make it there now?" Phoebe asked Cebirayth.

"I shall show you," replied the great creature in an oddly calm tone for the moment. "We will need to connect mentally for the process. That much is required."

"Alright," Phoebe told the others, "I'm going. If someone wants to stay and make sure the others make it, they can. Or, if we're all going, that's just as well. But I'm going now."

Roxy looked at her master, expecting to be recalled. Indeed, Phoebe did hold out the Arcanine's Pokeball and allow her to be absorbed in the white light.

Cebirayth tilted his head down to his Chosen One, and his ominous crimson eyes connecter with her relaxed green ones. Instantly, everything faded away, and only the two of them seemed to exist. Only, they weren't two; they were one. Thoughts and emotions more connected than ever, they ascended as the world compressed and contracted and spiralled around, until finally everything came to a stop.

Phoebe wasn't sure if she was standing or floating. A curious weightlessness had come to her feet, making her feel as if she were just levitating perfectly in place, standing on nothing. The gray world surrounded and cloaked all still, and if Cebirayth's presense had not been with hers she would have suddenly felt frightened and filled with worry. Yet, the Giratina was there, right beside her, and their minds were still connected strong. How exactly had the teleportation occured? She would never know.

"It is here. We need only to move a slight ways... Are you prepared for the horror of Arceus in its current state?" asked Cebirayth. Phoebe merely nodded. And they walked forth slowly and carefully, somehow on the air, through cold and emptiness.

It appeared to them from seemingly nowhere. Phoebe wasn't sure how she came to see It, only that she did. At first, It was a shadow in the cloudcover. Then, It was a full form. A twisted and coiling tail of dark and black energy reached out from its body. A tail obviously not of Arceus itself, but a formation of the darkness that plagued it. The body itself was surrounded by a pair of rings. Phoebe had seen these rings as imagined in drawings. They were supposed to be golden and graceful, yet they were now tattered and breaking apart with the dark energy. What remained of the gold was floating uselessly around, covered in rustlike material. Golden hooves on the feet- or what should have been golden hooves- were mutated into claws and jagged formations of black. Scars and open wounds covered its body, but they were not like battle cuts. They looked like Arceus was bursting apart slowly, and dark specs and dust bled from their open surfaces. Its head had a twisted and mangled-looking crownlike part that flowed back uselessly in destroyed grace, and this section covered down over a pitch-black open mask of a face. From this mask gleamed a pair of eyes. One was deep red with a black slit pupil, and reflected ultimate hatred for all things. The other was dull grayish-green, and had no pupil, but it still showed a heartbroken and defeated sadness unlike anything Phoebe had ever seen. This was Arceus, the creator of everything. Or, what it had been reduced to.

December 28th, 2007, 7:35 AM
"Oh my!" said Serena!
"Yes... the parasite has twisted Arceus into this awful state..." said Dante.
"How exactly do we defeat it?" asked Brad.
"Everyone must come here and work together with all of their might to destroy the parastie without destroying Arceus." said Virgil.
"But isn't Arceus immortal?" asked Brad once more?
"Well... the parasite's destruction would basically destroy Arceus as well. And we cannot catch him... and Serena's beam won't work..." said Dante.
"As long as we are here, I might as well give you this gift Brad. I am not long for this world- I am weak. Celebi shall take my job. Palkia has asked me to do the same for her what I am going to do for you. Take these two crystals- the Adamant and the Lustrous Crystals. They can be made into Pokeballs by me and Palkia. I have already made them into Pokeballs. We both have the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs. Once this is done, I'll be too weak fro jobs as a Legendary. I am asking you to catch me, Brad... so that I may reatian some dignity, so that I won't pass away feebled and weak. Once you die, I shall regain my status, but until then, I am bonded to you, my friend..." said Dante solemnly.

He gave Brad a crystalline blue Pokeball and a smooth red Pokeball- both had Dialga and Palkia's glowing energy lines carved into them. Brad barely mustered the ability to speak.

"Wh-what? No, Dante. Why? I'll give you my strength, and my Pokemon's strength, if I must, but don't resort to becoming a mere servant of me!" cried Brad.
"But I wont be your servant. Neither will Palkia. Well, maybe Palkia," said Dante. Brad laughed a little.
"But I am your friend- you know my ture name, we have bonded together. I chose you partly because I kenw I would have to do this, Brad. You are a good trainer. Now, after this, I will let you catch me. But do it with the Lustrous Ball- that heals me most. Opposites, in this case, are better. I, as your Guardian, command thee, Brad. Ibelece, Jirachi, you will become the temporary guardians of space and time. Me and Palkia will die if we continue after this brawl- we were weak before this due to Team Galactic, and this has weakened us to the point of near death." said Dante. Brad nodded, and the two faced Arceus. It was going to be a hard fight.

OOC: If this ain't allowed, just tell me, alright? I will delete/fix it if told to by you (ILike2EatPiez).

December 29th, 2007, 9:43 AM
OOC- Do I get to help with Arceus?

"Hurry. The others have found Arceus. You wanted to help. Your not about to let that chance slip away from you."

"Kyeenoe? Are you sure?" Balanki asked, starting to run.

"Yes. You should jump in the pool of water you'll find if you go straight."


Balanki was running very fast, despite the fact of pushing the rock door for over an hour. Once the pool of water was in sight, he said, "Shurikan! Get out here!"


"Check the water for any Pokemon!"

Shurikan dived under water, and returned later.

"Qwilqwilqwil fish!" (There are no Pokemon in the water. But I found a strange cave that I think you should investigate. Can I go now?)

"Take me to the cave. Then once I reach land, you may go."

"Qwil...." ( Ughhhhh...)

Shurikan dived underwater, and Balanki jumped in behind Shurikan. Balanki swam behind Shurikan, ocasionally coming up for air. Balanki swam in the cave, and climbed up on land.

"Return, Shurikan"

Balanki walked until he found another pool of water. Wondering if he should swim again, he started to jump in the water. But just as he started to jump, a dark shape appeared over the water.

"What the...?!"

"Finnally we meet."

"Ky..Ky...Kyeenoe?!", Balanki stammered,"I never thought I would really meet you..."

"Well then, you thought wrong. Climb on my back. I'll take you to Arceus."


Kyeenoe took Balanki to a group of people all huddled up. Balanki jumped off of Kyeenoe and asked, "What's going on?"

A girl looked up and said, " we are trying to find a way to defeat the parasite without hurt Arceus."

Balanki was silent, not knowing what to do next.

December 29th, 2007, 7:19 PM

Mr.Mystery, of course you get to help! It's the climax of the RPG. The more people still posting, the better.

And Brad, catching legends is not allowed. Only if you don't actually use Dante, as he should still be weak despite being captured. Arceus can be attacked. It cannot be captured, if you were intending to do that. The outcome of the final battle could indeed end up killing Arceus, or saving it. It all depends on how everyone RPs, really. But the Guardians can fight it when led and joined by their Chosen Ones. For example, Cebirayth would not be allowed to fight Arceus previously. However, with Phoebe guiding him in battle and mentally linked, he would be allowed. So, in case that was at all confusing, Guardian legends can battle Arceus now.

December 30th, 2007, 11:09 AM
Balanki still didn't know what to do. He started standing around, pacing, and just taking up space.

I got this far, he thought, I can't give up! He decided to ask Kyeenoe for help.

"Hey, Kyeenoe. Do have an idea what to do to save Arceus?"

"Don't you think you should get all the other's names first? It would be easier to work together."

"But they probably already have a plan. They don't need a trainer like me...Besides, I only have two pokemon. I could be finished in a snap...."

"You must believe in yourself and you will suceed. Don't give up, Balanki! Arceus needs your help. And you being the smallest person here (no offense) you could sqeeze into small spaces that noone else could fit into. There are lots of things you can do that the other trainers can't. You just need to believe in yourself."

"I guess your right..."

Balanki still didn't know what to do, but he felt confident. He knew he was ready to defeat the parasite.