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November 10th, 2007, 10:50 AM
Note: Before you look at this and go 'Dang! It's long! The only parts that are really required to be read are the Plot info, rules, and sign-up sheet. The rest is just the map, which explains what some parts of Roanoke are like, and the credits, which credits people who helped with this.

Plot Info: Every region has it's own story, it's own legends, it own accomplishments. In each region you can find unique culture and history. In the land of Kanto you can listen to the tales of the three great birds of lore. In the land of Johto, you can learn about how Ho-oh blessed the three dogs, and let them live. In the land of Hoenn, you can find out how Groudon and Kyogre shaped the Earth. In the land of Shinoh, you can discover how Arceus created all things, and made the guardians of space and time.

In Roanoke, you can hear about how all traces of humankind disappeared, and people came back to find the wilderness it began as, just a mere century ago. About how all the cities had mysteriously disappeared into thin air. And how all that was left as a clue was a barren island that wasn't there before, with a single tree marked 'Croaton'.

Fifty years ago, people reinhabited the region. Soon towns and cities spurted up. It regained contact with other regions. It even developed it's own Pokemon League, even though it's still yet to have Pokemon Contests. Roanoke even gained it's evil team, Team Silicon, who hopes to somehow use the origin of the mass disappearance of Roanoke to their own devices, though they are yet to be much more then a minor annoyance.

You are a trainer beginning their adventure to Roanoke. You will travel throughout the region earning badges, meeting people, and pursuing their dreams. You will travel with a fellow group of trainers, facing off with enemies and creating rivals, while creating and befriending a team of pokemon. Your journey begins now.

Map Info: All info about the various parts of Roanoke can be found here. ^.^ You don't really need to look through here much, but it can give you a good idea of what kind of locations to expect in Roanoke. You don't need to read it, but it explains a lot of the locations. Note: A lot of the names will probably change, just to warn you. If you have any suggestions of what I could rename something, just PM me about it. Cause I admit, some of the names such.

Towns: You know, the cities and such.

Kindling Town: This town is located on the island of two. All beginning trainers stop here in order to obtain their starter (if they don't already have a pokemon), and necassary equipment to start a journey (such as a pokenav, pokedex, etc.) This town is fairly small, but it is known to have some of the kindest residents residing here.
Verdeblu City: This town is located in the middle of the large swamp of Endlessglade Puninsula. Most of the houses are built on high elevations in order to avoid regular floods. Some of the houses are built on man-made towers, which is another adaptation the townsfolk made in order to avoid flooding.
Fertilife Village: This town is located in Natureco Forest. It is famous for it's flower fields. It's one of the smaller villages of Roanoke. Wild pokemon freely wander through this town. There is a great shrine in the middle dedicated to the mysterious legend of Roanoke.
Terreath Town: This town is famous for it's unique architexture and it's mines, which are rumored to contain fossils of ancient pokemon. Their main source of water is underground rivers, which they use wells they get access to. They also have a fairly good oil company. One of the main sources of tourists for this town is it's library.
SandGale City: This town is located near the base of Norlow Mountain. It has a small reserve for flying pokemon, and holds the first pokemon contest to ever hit Roanoke. It has regular sandstorms, as a result of wind stirring up sand and dirt around the city, which gave it it's namesake.
Morbide Village: This town is located withing Subaki Forest. Streetlights have been setup throughout the entire town, to provide light and to keep away stray pokemon. The canopy above it is extremely thick, keeping most sunlight away from the town. Residents here tend to be somewhat pale. It is still unknown what idiot decided to go into the forest and create this colony. There are rumors that say that they have a small sanctuary for ghost pokemon here. This town also has a museum.
Icepeak Town: This town is located near the top of one of the higher mountains of Roanoke. Their houses are literally built on a thick bed of ice. One of their main sources of business is their natural Glacier Spring water, which has the ability to help heal pokemon. It is the home of Glacier Field natural park, which has a surprising amount of pokemon.
Hydregy City: This town provides most of the electricity to power up Roanoke. It gets it's energy from hydroelectric plants located along the river. Many electric pokemon are prone to hang around these plants. There is also an abandoned hydroelectric plant located down near the river.
Scarlet City: This town is located near a dormant volcano. This town is home of the final gym leader. Most of these towns streets and such are actually hollows in the ground created from lava flowing from the volcano long ago. Many formations surrounding the town were created from hardened lava.

Islands: Here's info about the three islands of Roanoke.

Croaton Island: The smallest of the three islands, it is uninhabited, and has extremely few pokemon on it. This island is the site of the tree marked 'Croaton'. It is extremely bare, just a sheet of flat rock with no landsites except the tree and an extremely large mountain. The mountain is said to reach to the heavens. Nobody really bothered to name it, so the island itself was basically named after the marking.
Dawning Island: This island contains the starting town. It has many fairly weak pokemon. It has a large hill, which slowly smooths out and turns into a beach. The hill is home to normal and grass types, while you can see many crusteceans along the beach, plus an occasional staryu or corsola. It is one of the stops of the S.S. Marine, which carries passengers across water.
CliffShore Island: This island has a low mountain, which is home to many flying, steel, rock, and ground types. It contains flying town, home of the flying gym. It is also a stop for the S.S. Marine. Instead of beaches, it has a steep rocky shore.

Forests: Well, this made-up region of mine has two forests. ^.^ Read up on them here!

Natureco Forest: This forest is more or less a plain old regular forest. It is home to an ecosystem consisting of grass, bug, and flying types. You can here the occasional creek rushing through here, though most of them are not big enough to be labeled on the map.

Subaki Forest: This is quite different from the first forest trainers pass through. The canopy is extremely thick, allowing very little light through. It is home to mostly dark, rock, and ground types, even though you see a few grass types now and then. It is advised to always have a fire around with you in this forest, to keep more dangerous pokemon away.

Peninsulas: Well...there's only one, but you can see the description of that one peninsula here!

EndlessGlade Peninsula: This peninsula is covered mostly by swamps and marshes. It is well known for Croconaw and Feraligator sightings. It is incredibly humid. A path has been established in order to allow trainers to pass by. This swamp contains many water, grass, and a few pokemon. This is a good place for newer trainers to catch pokemon and train against wild ones. (A/N: Most of you probably know the namesake of this....*coughevergladescough*)

Mountains: High pointy thingies.

Croatan's Mountain: This is the mountain located on Croatan Island. It is said to reach to the heavens, as you can't see the top of it from the ground. Old legends say it balanced the sun, as there's a faint glowing on top. It has very few pokemon. It is also named after the marking.
Caledonia Mountain: This mountain is only second in height to Croatan Mountain. It's peak is covered by a large glacier. Part of the glacier melts periodically, which eventually created Sparkflow River. You can see ice, water, and rock types on this mountain.
Obsidia Mountain: Actually, it's more of a volcano. Many fire pokemon swarm around her, along with ground and steel types. People have claimed to have seen a giant serpentine-like creature in the volcano's magma.
Norlow Mountain: It's one of the smaller mountains, but still a mountain. Many bird, rock, steel, and ground pokemon dwell in the cliffs here. Many strong winds blow threw this area. It is also the home of the flying gym.

Water Sources: All the main water sources can be listed here.

Sparkflow River: This river is often used as a travel route to use from Ice Peak Town to Hydregy Town. It takes about a day and a half to travel down this river. Many water pokemon live in this river. It is also sometimes used a fishing spot. It's water source is the glacier by Ice Town. It also fuels the power plant of Hydregy Town (you know, hydroelectric energy).

Various lakes and creeks: Yes, there are a few lakes and creeks, but none of them have very much importance. Only the largest ones are listed on the map. Feel free to give them (appropriate) names as we come across them, if you want.

Other: I'll describe all the places in between when we get there...I just wanted to give you an overview of some of the terrain and towns.

Okay...so, since if you got this far in reading this, it probably means you're interested in this roleplay. Either that or it's 1 A.M. in the morning and you have nothing better to do. Anyway...if you want to, go and sign up. ^.^ Please only sign-up if you've read the plot info and rules.

Sign up sheet: If you're interested in joining, fill up the sign-up sheet.

Name: First and last name. Put pronunciation if necessary.
Age: How old is your character? Please have it between 11-15.
Gender: Girl or Boy?
Personality: Well...how does your character react? Is (s)he shy and withdrawn? Or would (s)he randomly punch somebody for no reason? Tell us here! (At least 4 lines)
Appearance: What does (s)he look like? Is she muscalur, or wimpy? Does (s)he have long locks of hair, or none at all? Tell us here! (At least 4 lines)
Hometown/City: Any city in any of the four official regions of pokemon.
Character History: What was your character's life like before journeying to Roanoke? Please nothing like 'i was teh son of teh pokemon champ' or 'i was a rich child millionaire', or anything ubersome like that. At least two lines.
Starter pokemon: Pick a starter from the list. You can't choose it if it's already taken by somebody whose roleplay sign-up has been accepted.
Starter pokemon history: Well...if you didn't get your starter from the lab, how did you obtain it? If you obtained it from the lab, please just put 'N/A' or 'Obtained from Roanoke Lab'.
Reason for going to Roanoke: Well...I don't really think anyone would risk going someplace where there was a risk of events re-occuring just for the league when there are others. Please post a secondary reason here. Examples could include wanting to researching Roanoke, or even just wanting to figure out how it happened.
Other info: Post any other info regarding your character here. Absolutely nothing like 'I can talk to pokemon' or 'I can read minds' or any other things that couldn't naturally happen.

Credits: Er...thanks to the original Roanoke story that inspired the plot for the roleplay.
Many thanks to Pomegranate who helped give ideas for the roleplay, sprited stuff, and lots of other stuff.
Many thanks to me! *insert egotastical comments here*
Many thanks to all the wonderful roleplayers out there who'll make this roleplay worth it.

November 12th, 2007, 6:46 AM
Name: Aiyana Megami (Eye-Yah-Nah Meh-Gah-MEE)
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Personality: Aiyana prefers to isolate herself from the rest of the world to keep focused on her research. Even though she doesn't like to meet new people, she is very friendly. When she is out of battle and not studying, Aiyana is an outgoing person and tends to be a flirt when she meets a cute guy. When she is battling, she becomes extremely fierce as if she'd completely changed. She never ceases to amaze her opponents in battle and loves to test her strength when she has a good enough chance to. Right after a battle though, Aiyana ignores everything and leaves calmly with her Pokemon to find a peaceful place to rest. If she does say anything after a battle, she says it in a joyous tone.

Appearance: Here (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h260/SasukesGal/Anime%20Girls/other179.jpg)

Hometown/Region: Twinleaf Town/Sinnoh

Character History: Aiyana was very much interested in Pokemon and her studies, so she never had many friends. She isolated herself in her home and in the wild, completely dedicated to her research until she came across an injured Riolu. After nursing it back to health, Aiyana trained with Riolu and challenged the Sinnoh League at age twelve. After finishing her research and fights in Sinnoh she wanted a new area to study and battle, so she chose to head towards the reinhabited region of Roanoke.

Starter pokemon: Riolu

Starter pokemon history: While walking home after studying wild Pokemon, Aiyana stumbled upon an injured Riolu. After she nursed it back to health the two became inseperable friends and started to train together until they decided to challenge gyms. Before the two left, Aiyana found out that Riolu inherited its father's ability of telepathy, but its speaking is rough and hard to understand for now.

Reason for going to Roanoke: Roanoke was a new possibility for Aiyana's research and new gyms to fight after the Sinnoh League challenge.

Other info: She and Riolu occasionally sleep outside and climb trees and other things every now and then. Along with just climbing trees, Riolu and Aiyana also jump from the trees they climb to other trees as a mode of transportation than just walking.

November 12th, 2007, 10:08 AM
Name: Hawks

Age: 14

Gender: boy

Personality: Quiet, Mysterious, Mature for his age, Secretive, On first impression he would come across as evil, but is actually kind-hearted and has hatred to those to misuse pokémon. Can also be quite a flirt at times.

Appearance: Slim, Blueish/Greenish eyes, Normal sized for age, Black trousers, Black fingerless gloves, Black T-shirt, A necklace with a symbol on it, White spikey hair, Red sweat band on head, Bownish/Greyish hoody and a slight tan.

Hometown/City: He is actually from Evergrow town in the Matem Region, but if i'm not allowed that, I'll be from Pallet town in Kanto

Character History: Raised by his mother, never knew his father, his brother became champion of the Matem Pokemon League then was never seen again. His necklass has a strange symbol on it, but he has never told anyone the meaning of it. He has ventured far around his region but does not beleive in Gyms or the Elite 4. He doesn't let anyone judge his power as a pokémon trainer, but himself. He devotes his life to capturing the legenadarys; Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Menaphy.

Starter pokemon: Torchic

Starter pokemon history: Obtained from Roanoke Lab.

Reason for going to Roanoke: To search for another legendary pokemon to add to Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Menaphy. Also, to unlock mysterys and secrets of the unknown pokemon world.

November 12th, 2007, 10:19 AM
Been about a month or two since I've seen you Hawks. ^_^ And if my form gets approved you'll hafta choose a Pokemon other than Riolu.

November 12th, 2007, 11:21 AM
Name: Tornado(nickname, real name unknown)

Age: 11

Gender: Male(boy)

Personality: very shy and timid.He can get angry very easily and can stand his ground when he is hurt in any way. he'svery kind and likes helping other people out but despite his kind nature he can sometimes be a little selfish but still tries to please others either way. treats people however they treat him. he's very mature and smart for his age even though he doesnt show it all the time.

Appearance: he's very tall for his age. his hair isnt short but isnt very long either. he wears rectangular glasses, hes not very strong, has a scar on his right eyebrow and another on his leg. He has small hands and feet. he is fairly slim. has fairly small ears and nose.

Hometown/City: cianwood city in johto

Character History: he didnt have a very good life. he was bullied a lot and often thought of running away but never did end up doing it because he didnt want to leave his family. He had few freinds and they ignored him a lot anyway. He often tried ignoring the bullying but a few teachers had it in for tornado as well

Starter pokemon: clefairy

Starter pokemon history: clefairy was alone in the wild and it befrended tornado. tornado let it use metronome when a flock of zubat attacked and it ended up using a very strong return attack, showing that it trusted him.

Reason for going to Roanoke: wants to research to see if the legends about its past are really true or not.

Other info: no other information

November 12th, 2007, 2:01 PM
Name: Adam Kitsune

Gender: Boy

Age: 11 (Character age, not mine just so you know)

Personality: Adam tends to be very lousy, he is very trustworthy, he tends to the right thing all the time, cares about his friends deeply, and usually likes girls also has an intelligence. He doesn't show his intelligence that much because people will think he's like a Super Nerd. Adam's lousy personality really shows when around his only blood relative, which he met after a few years, Topaz Kitsune. His heart is always in the right place when in dire situations and won't let anyone down

Appearance: Adam has short black hair and is a regular size, height, and weight for his age. He wears a plain black long sleeves shirt, jeans (with no holes or cuts, just in case anyone thought about it), white and black sneakers. Adam has an unusual eye color (Bright yelow). In some cases he wears sunglasses, most of the time to hide his yellow eyes. He is usually seen with his first pokemon on either of his shoulders since it doesn't like being in pokeballs.

Hometown: Eterna City/Sinnoh

Character History: Adam was born from a place near Eterna City and had grown up without a mother or father. His intelligence had him live alone in Eterna City since everyone else thought just a lonely person all the time (If it's to unrealistic I can change it). When he became an official trainer he won every official league and travels to Roanoke for another challenge.

Starter Pokemon: Pikachu

Starter Pokemon History: Adam had met a Pikachu who like him was a misfit. They quickly became friends and Pikachu brought Adam countless victories.

Reason for going to Roanoke: To challenge to Roanoke Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion.

November 12th, 2007, 6:31 PM
Name: Leon

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Leon is very quiet when talking to people but when it comes to Pokemon he can’t shut up. Leon is a kind-hearted and very nice to people and Pokemon. Leon is very shy around girls and very clumsy too. Leon loves Pokemon Battles and very smart when it comes to Pokemon and battle stragies.

Character History: Leon lives with his mother and father in New Bark Town along with his little sister. Leon loves Pokemon and started to travel throughout Johto with his Charmander winning many battles. Leon father gave him advice to head for Roanoke and try his luck their in finding Pokemon and battling Gym’s.

Starter Pokemon: Charmander

Starter Pokemon History: Charmander was given to Leon by his father who worked for Prof. Elm.

Appearance: Leon mostly wears dark colored clothes so dirt or stains want show up easily. Leon height is about five foot five inches and weighs about one hundred thirty five pounds mostly muscles. Leon has an athletic body and good at the physical actives. Leon wears a black short sleeve shirt with a pokeball picture in the middle of it and long black jeans with a chain hanging on the left pocket with white sneakers. Leon has brown eyes, long braids and has light brown skin.

Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto

Reason for going to Roanoke: To challenge to Roanoke Gym and become Pokemon League Champion.

November 13th, 2007, 4:32 PM
Name: Ameri (am-EE-rEE)

Age: 13

Gender: Girl

Personality: Ameri is a very calm and quiet person. She often seems even shy to others who don't know her well. But to those she does know, Ameri is a loyal and true friend. Only a few people who seem friendly to her really get to see this side of her though, and others merely notice a girl who is alone with her Pokemon. Indeed, Pokemon have always felt like better friends to her than humans. She also has a creative love of drawing Pokemon.

Appearance: She normally wears normal T-shirts and pants, with gloves fit for doing work like gardening. Mainly clothes that can get dirty without being a problem. Her hair is brown and comes down to about shoulder-length, and she is a bit short in height. Ameri's eyes are green.

Hometown/City: Goldenrod, Jhoto

Character History: Ameri grew up with her parents quite normally, other than how much time she spent with her grandmother, who worked at the nearby Goldenrod Day Care center. There, she learned more about how to care for Pokemon, and even how to handle eggs and young Pokemon just hatched from them. Also, Ameri enjoyed spending time in the Ilex Forest alone, observing nature and Pokemon there and sketching things in her various drawing pads.

Starter pokemon: Cubone

Starter pokemon history: On a normal day, when Ameri was about ten, she found a young Cubone running from behind a building with tears in its eyes. Ameri pikce dit up and was about to see where it had raun from, but a man shouted suddenly and footsteps came quickly from the same place the Cubone had run from. The Cubone began shivering, and so Ameri quickly ran away with it and brought it home, naming him Whisper for his soft and timid voice.

Reason for going to Roanoke: Ameri wanted to finally go on an adventure, with the Pokemon she had come to be best friends with. Roanoke seemed like a fitting and perfect region.

Other info: None really...

November 13th, 2007, 5:12 PM
Name: Claire Winston
Age: 13
Gender: Female (girl)
Personality: Claire has one of those dark and mysterious personalities that make a lot of people wonder about her. She may seem cold and antisocial, but all she really needs is a friend that will listen to her. She can be a little short tempered, and will really get mad if you tease her. Claire spends so much time with her Mudkip because she feels that it understands her better than any human because their both so lonely. She is also very modest, it can almost be described more as "low self-esteem".
Appearance: Clair has black hair in length is about a foot past her shoulders. Her eyes are very pretty, being sort of a grayish hazel color. She is only around 5' 1" in height, and only weighs 75 lbs. She is very skinny and has almost no muscles. Claire also has paleish skin. She wears a plain black hoodie (she deosn't always keep it on, underneath, she has a sleeveless shirt with a skull-and-cross-bones on it) A silver, chain-like belt, black jeans, and black sneakers. She also wears a skull and crossbones necklace, with a touch of red lip stick and black eyeliner/mascara.
Hometown/City: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Character History: Claire grew up alone most of her life, being abandoned by her parents in the middle of Snowpoint City when she was only 6 years old. (if this is too unrealistic, I'll delete it) She managed to survive with no home until she was 11 and she found an empty house she lived in.
Starter pokemon: Mudkip, nicknamed Moon.
Starter pokemon history: While Claire was walking the streets (they aren't really streets, are they?) of Snowpoint City when she was 12 years old, she found an abusive trainer beating a Mudkip. She felt bad for it, so she told the local officer Jenny and so Jenny punished the trainer, and thought that Claire should keep the Mudkip instead of releasing it. It was during the nighttime and a beautiful cresant moon was out, so she nicknamed her Moon. Sometimes Moon rides on Claire's shoulder.
Reason for going to Roanoke: Claire wanted to begin a new life in Roanoke. She would give the world a better first impression of her, and she decided that maybe more people would be friends with her.
Other info: Claire can't talk to Pokemon, but she deeply understand them, so its almost like talking to them.

November 13th, 2007, 5:17 PM
Wow Raichuchika. That was the most detailed form I've heard yet on this thread along with mine. I bet you took more than 10 minutes to write it.

November 13th, 2007, 5:27 PM
Wow Raichuchika. That was the most detailed form I've heard yet on this thread along with mine. I bet you took more than 10 minutes to write it.

Yeah, I always do. Some say I'm a good RPer.

November 13th, 2007, 7:52 PM
Name: Arianna Kirian

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Personality: Arianna, Aria for short, grew up quickly in Lavaridge City partially due to the fact she was an only child, partially due to the fact she had always been a serious child and partially due still to the fact she was always considered too quiet to play with the majority of the children. Brushing it off as 'if they don't like it, they can bite me', she withdrew into a corner, chosing to spend her days playing with the baby pokemon in the city that, like her, were often forgetten by society. She doesn't look at things from a childish view point, she tends to look at things from the eyes of a person twice her age and thus, she is somewhat of an outcast. She doesn't mind this for the most part and has a tendancy to just stick to the shadows and follow the group until technology gets to be a problem. Being alone as a young child gave her time to read and experiament. Give her some sort of electronic device, give her a description of what the goal is and she'll hack into any mainframe computer database, and get any and all information needed for the party. She can unlock otherwise locked doors and the like but this isn't something you would guess just by looking at her.

Appearance: Aria has mid-shoulder length aburn (ember like) hair that's either in a pony tail or at least pulled back from her face by a headband of some sort. She stands at about five foot four inches and weighs just over one hundred and ten pounds. She is obviously from the mountains, her lower body is completely toned and her upper body is a close second. Her skin isn't as toned as one might expect but the ash from the mountain near her hometown blocks a good portion of the sunlight so it is a bit understandable. Her eyes are bright red, almost vampiric, but they are completely natural and completely not fake nor does she have a thirst for blood. Again, she uses them as an advantage to get people to leave her be. As far as attire is concerned, it's really rather simple. Black capri pants that stop just past her knee, a dark red tank top and black socks snuggled under metal toed heavy duty boots. On the belt on her capri pants lies her P*DA, her pokeballs, a silver chain on which her wallet is attached (The wallet itself is in her pocket) and various other electronicy gizmos (a/n: I can describe in detail if you really REALLY want me to)

Hometown/City: Lavaridge City

Character History: Aria was born to a loving couple who, although they had no other children, were very happy to have their one little bubbly ball of joy. This however, came to a tragic end when her parents were accidentally caught in an eruption of the near by volcano, leaving her with a bit of estate and a bit of a broken heart. However, as most young children do, she adapted to her new surroundings, absorbing her pain and transforming it into energy of a sort. She became a secluded serious child who would much rather read, play with machines or play with squishy pokemon than dress up in frills and have tea parties. A bit of an oddball in this sense, she ignored the stares she recieved for her odd behavior, finding solace and accpetance amongst the 'unloved' of Lavaridge's pokemon. She also caught the attention of Flannery, who saw the girl's awkwardness as a mirror into her own childhood, who took the girl under wing, teaching her those girly things while at the same time giving her the love and nurturing most children need. Because of this attention, Flannery has the respect and admiration most children give their parental units and insulting the socially awkward flame is a good way to get smacked.

Starter pokemon: Nar the Cyndaquil

Starter pokemon history: Nar was given to Aria by Flannery when she left Lavaridge in search of herself. He's a snuggly little critter who likes to be huggled and snuggled and luffled and Aria doesn't mind the burns he sometimes gives her in the process

Reason for going to Roanoke: Aria's reasoning was simple. There were labs here to hack into, information to be found, snuggly pokemon to be snuggled while sitting at the campfire at night.

Other info: Aria has a trigger of sorts that will completely make her shut down or start bawling like a four year old. One of these triggers is simply dark narrow rooms with single light in the cieling like area and the other is being hit in just the right spot on the small of her back. She also has a hacker's kit in her bag that's disguised as a make up kit. Like Aria actually wears make up. Pfft.

Alter Ego
November 14th, 2007, 5:01 AM
Umm...sorry if this is a stupid question but...where exactly are these rules you speak of? I read through the whole thing and even control f'd it but I can't find them. If you just mean the section rules, I can assure you that I've read those many times over, though. Anyways, here's hoping that a bit of fresh RPing will get me over my writing slump.

Name: Katherine Vainwright

Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Personality: More commonly known as Kat or - specifically - 'scaredy-Kat', Katherine's personality can fairly easily be summed up in one word: 'fear'. She has fears, plenty of fears. In fact, some would say that her personality is nothing but a complex hierarchy of fears. Some of her more prominent ones include being alone, dark rooms, cramped spaces, crowds, flying, and Cleffas. Traveling in the wilderness also frightens her, as does eating or drinking outdoors (goodness knows what frightful germs could be around) and should she get a cut or scratch while bandage and anti-septic aren't within arm's reach, she is very likely to dissolve into a crying wreck. Given her record of fears, one should think that a journey in Roanoke would be the last thing on Kat's mind, but in that case one would be neglecting her greatest and most predominant fear: the fear of disappointing her family. As the only member of her family not to have inherited even a smidgen of psychic prowess, Kat has always felt obligated to bring honor to her family's name and is prepared to do so even at the peril of having to face the worst-case scenarior: that the previous civilization of the region has actually been beamed off the face of the earth by a colony of insidious Cleffa from outer space who are now stalking the region for new specimens.

Contrary to what one might believe, Kat is rarely left completely paralyzed by her fears. Instead, she prioritizes her actions by always following the path of the lesser fear. She's also deeply superstitious and a firm believer in horoscopes and omens of all kinds and often uses them to decide on the best course of action, regardless of how much mocking laughter this elicits from her peers. At times, this superstition translates into general naivité as well. Despite having spent most of her life in the bustling metropolis that is Saffron City, Kat remains quite gullible and is easily duped by any and all who know how to sow mysterious signs and omens into their speech in a suitably convincing manner. given her generally friendly disposition she also has trouble with just saying 'no' at times. Completing the set of lackings, she is also easily unnerved and prone to fumbling, not out of lack of dexterity but confidence.

Should one be able to look past her shell of fears, however, Kat can actually be a reliable person to be around. She's a quick thinker and tries her best to keep both herself and the others around from harm, though this is partly dictated by her fear of letting others down, and if you ever need to find out each and every risk associated with whatever it is you are doing she is definitely the one to ask. Generally friendly, she does enjoy the company of others, especially fellow believers in the supernatural, and she has learned to take mocking remarks about her behavior and appearance in good humor, usually even laughing along (although somewhat half-heartedly). Having spent a number of years looking after her three younger sisters, Kat also has a strong maternal drive which prompts her to comfort anyone in need, though this attention can, at times, be too thorough for people's comfort, translating into a kind of 'mommy complex'. It is also worth noting that while Kat's general stance of expecting the worst outcome at all times can be somewhat depressing, she does prepare for it, so should the worst actually come around Kat will most likely be ready to face it.

Appearance: Standing at a bit above 1,6 meters, Kat doesn't have anything that particular to come with anatomy-wise, save for her legs which are slightly longer than average. Her frame is still fairly thin, though given that Kat doesn't do any physical exercise beyond what it takes to get from point A to point B by foot - for she's far too afraid of injury to use a bike - she doesn't have much in the way of a trimmed figure to occupy the space vacated by the flab, resulting in a look that some would call scrawny. Her skin pigment is fairly light but not enough to be called pale and - owing to her slightly late physical maturing - has yet to suffer the ravages of assorted skin problems.

Kat's face is of a fairly pleasant oval shape with a pair of warm brown eyes situated along the sides of her smallish nose. Her sandy brown hair is usually kept short, only reaching to about eyebrow level at the front and ending roughly around the point where her neck begins at the back. The hair has a tendency to get entangled in whatever goes far enough into it and usually has that ruffled 'I just woke up' look to it.

On the clothing side, Kat has - after a number of embarrassing incidents that really don't bear repeating - settled for some rather plain options, usually a wearing a pair of lightly frayed jeans of the standard denim color, a bright yellow tank top (It's a color of good fortune, she'll have you know) and a pair of running shoes, red in color (good karma, that) save for the the soles and edges, which are white. Owing to her fear of germs, a pair of vermilion-colored gloves is also a regular part of Kat's attire, along with a plethora of talismans. Of these, her most treasured ones are a pair of amulets, one of silver that is shaped like a crescent moon and the other a gilded one in the standard sun shape, both of which are kept around her neck at all times. In addition, she wears an armlet made out of small cubes in various colors, each inscribed with a different runic symbol, around her right arm. She firmly believes that this accessory wards off evil spirits and as such, she will not remove it even in her sleep.

All things said, the most bizarre part about Kat's appearance is probably still her backpack; a huge, dark brown hiker-issue one with numerous sizable compartments that almost towers over her head when she walks, a set of no less than four different straps securing it firmly on her back. In addition to the usual potions, pokéballs, clothes and rations that a traveling trainer would be expected to carry, the pack also contains a complete first aid kit, a sleeping bag, a tent, a compass, and a number of other useful items in addition to a plethora of wards against various mythical creatures, a set of star charts, and a hefty amount of literature on how to use them. (Better safe than sorry, as Kat likes to say)

Hometown/City: Saffron City

Character History: The eldest daughter of an esteemed family of psychics, Kat's mother had been through a number of false pregnancies, so when their firstborn did come around, her parents were all that more excited over the prospect of finally raising an heir to carry on the family legacy. A bit too excited, as it soon turned out. Despite having been trained in the psychic arts since early childhood, the girl just seemed incapable of getting the hang of it. While the other budding psychics in her age group were busy at work mastering telekinesis, Kat was still struggling with the most basic of prediction skills. She could not predict even the suite of a playing card, let alone the value, and bending spoons was unthinkable. In addition, she had always been a timid child and so her excitement over the psychic's career went hand in hand with a sizable payload of anxieties.

Despite all the setbacks and doubts, Kat did not back down, however, instead doubling her efforts in an attempt to live up to the expectations placed on her even after her parents had all but given up on them. She was a regular fixture of the Saffron Gym's training halls, and - soon enough - a regular laughing-stock as well; scaredy-Kat, eternal dunce of the class, twice the work with none of the results. Despite all her hard effort, the girl's training stamped firmly on its spot, and as her younger sister - born two years later - enrolled for training two years later, only to exceed her in skill within a matter of weeks, Kat's optimism was put to a serious test. It was presumably at this point where the girl first found found astrology. Disappointed with herself and her utter lack of ESP - which was only highlighted by the constant praise her sister's prowess was earning - the girl found a system wherein the answers were not to be found within her mind (where they apparently weren't) but in the stars. After all, celestial bodies couldn't lie, right? At this point, Kat really wanted to believe that and soon enough her rigorous training regiment began to wane, gradually replaced by increased amounts of time spent over Ouija boards and star charts. This habit was kept secret at first, but there was no hiding the increasing amount of peculiar amulets and books gathering in her vicinity and in a family of psychics, the truth was bound to come out, as such things tend to.

Needless to say, Kat's parents were hardly thrilled at what they discovered, but the girl was adamant in her stance and refused to give up on her newly found lifestyle, so eventually they gave up on it. This habit, foolish and time-wasting though they considered it to be, did seem to be harmless enough for now, and with a third young daughter to look after, there just wasn't room for another household argument, or much room in the household itself for that matter. When her mother became pregnant with a fourth daughter to top it all off, the matter was just laid to rest.

That was...until that one morning about a year later when Kat announced her intention of becoming a trainer, and journeying not through her home region of Kanto but the distant and most certainly perilous Roanoke. There was long debate over the matter, but as was usually the case when horoscope-induced decisions were concerned, Kat was adamant in her stance, and her parents eventually consented...if only to let her learn once and for all that astrology and omens were nothing but a big hoax. Soon thereafter, Kat was on a ferry to the mythical continent.

Starter pokemon: Munchlax

Starter pokemon history: Obtained from the lab, though I suppose I could bore you with his rather uneventful pre-lab history if you really insist. This little Munchlax just hasn't had a very exciting life, is all. xD

Reason for going to Roanoke: To advance the Vainwright family name and prove that she can be more than just a nuisance. After all, the horoscope said that this was her big break, and the stars don't lie, right?

Other info: Kat is a klutz with machines. Give her toast, a toaster and a detailed set of instructions for toasting a bread and she will still manage to make it explode, given that she gets over her fear of burning herself long enough to even touch it, that is. If a machine can be misused, she will find out how. Oh, and just to be perfectly clear on the matter: no, Kat has no psychic powers what-so-ever. She couldn't predict tomorrow's weather or ESP her way out of a soggy paper bag.

Aaand there we go. If there's something in here that you don't approve of or needs more detail, feel free to ask for edits. ^^

November 14th, 2007, 12:51 PM
There are quite a number of girls coming in I just hope TNT, Hawks, and I aren't the only guys coming in. Not that there's anything wrong about having girls.

November 14th, 2007, 1:41 PM
There are quite a number of girls coming in I just hope TNT, Hawks, and I aren't the only guys coming in. Not that there's anything wrong about having girls.

Your forgot to count me lol!

November 14th, 2007, 2:58 PM
Name: Midori Greene

Age: 12

Gender: Girl

Personality: She is seldom afraid, seldom in any despair and does not usually feel lost. Midori semtimes feel that she is forgotten, though, and she can be a little hateful and very furious before she knows it, and sometimes fails to control herself. She is not very calm, shy, patient or careful, but she does not talk much either. She likes adventures very much and is very curious and extremely confident and has quiet strong will power. Not very careful and far from neat; she often leaves things in a mess. She cares for what happens around her and is not afraid to say what she thinks. Protects her friends. Can easily become anxious and that may evolve into anger.

She likes to catch Pokemon, especially Steel- and Rock-Types. Midori likes to play games and she likes mysterious things. Likes to hear stories. Is more fond of the night than the day. Has a great need of exploring places where she haven't been before. Dislikes sleeping; she could spend that time to do something else.

Appearance: Her hair is silvern, which is not very common for her age, but it is a quiet dark silvern. It's short, but a little spiky. Her eyes have a strange yellow colour. Her face has a somewhat oval shape. It looks hard and makes her seem a little tough, but she is small for her age. Her skin is red-brown.

Midori's clothes are long and wide. She wears a gown with a belt. The gown is made for easy traveling, but is quiet worn out.

Hometown/City: Masago Town in Shinou

Character History: The other kids in town has not been very nice to her, so she and her family moved away from there. On the way to Roanoke they were attacked by a furious Pokemon that killed her father. She thinks its her fault because she angered the Pokemon by throwing a Monster Ball at it. On the rest of the way she met a friendly Pokemon that became her best friend.

Starter pokemon: Chikorita

Starter pokemon history: When she arrived in Roanoke she met her in a forest. They became good friends. Midori's mother wondered if the Pokemon had escaped from another Trainer, since it seemed quiet tamed.

Reason for going to Roanoke: Midori wanted to find a better place and her parents thought that they all needed another environment. Meet new friends and Midori have always like to visit new places.

November 16th, 2007, 8:31 AM
so when are we going to start the rp?

November 16th, 2007, 11:26 AM
Name: Saru Kisaragi
Age: 15
Gender: Boy
Personality: Saru is a very social kid, he loves meeting new people and playing with pokemon. When he meets people who seem quiet or withdrawn he will attempt to get them to crack and talk to him. It could almost be considered
annoying but his positive outlook makes it hard to be mad at him. He loves talking to girls and using over flattering charm just for a satisfactory giggle from them. His battle style is based more upon annoying his opponents than over powering them. Saru believes that pride in your strength will lead to your downfall. He rarely gets a serious expression on his face and can frequently be heard laughing aloud or having a general happy tone in his voice while battling. But if he gets angry, he always has a trump card move used to completely overwhelm his opponent.

Appearance: Saru is a slender kid with deeply tanned skin and shaggy spiked green hair which starts light green and gets gradually darker to the tips where it is just black. His eyes are wide and happy with a piercing Jade Green. They narrow when he's being taunted or in a very serious battle. Saru is average height for his age and quite slender but not in a way of being too skinny, he's just very wirey and flexible. He wears a tightly fitted dark blue and white t-shirt with tight dark blue jeans with holes in the knees. He always wears flip flops but would prefer to walk barefoot most times. There is also a black wrist band around his right arm wrist. He carries all his supplies in a loose hanging brown messenger bag around his neck.

Hometown/City: Fallarbor Town/Hoenn
Character History: While in Fallarbor town for all of his childhood, Saru spent most of his time playing in the trees climbing high and looking for as far as he could. Every day he would wake up and climb his favorite tree where he could see all over Hoenn. He sat there for hours at a time peering into the distance, wondering what wonders the world could bring and the adventures he could go on if he would just have his own Pokemon to adventure with. His mother would hear nothing of it though. She absolutely hates pokemon and the fact that he day dreamed about them so much. One day while sitting in his tree sighing to himself he finally decided. He is old enough to make his own decisions, so he packed up in the dead of night and left leaving a note. He decided to head for Roanoke to start a new life and make a legacy for himself.

Starter pokemon: Treecko

Starter pokemon history: Obtained from Roanoke Lab.

Reason for going to Roanoke: As mentioned in history, Saru ran away from home and finally made it to Roanoke to star anew and make a name for himself and become a trainer like he dreamed.

Other info: Saru loves fire pokemon with all his heart. Since he lived in Fallarbor town, he is used to sleeping high in trees so when camping its not uncommon for him to climb high into a tree and sleep on a large branch or setup up a make-shift hammock between some trees to sleep for the night. He will often opt to sleep outside instead of inside given the choice too, he's not being emo he just prefers the night sky.

November 16th, 2007, 3:06 PM
Ay guys.

Don't bug 'im for when the RP is gonna start, mmkay? It's

1. Against the Roleplay Rules, so I suggest you READ them before posting again.
2. Annoying as heck.
3. Not going to make the RP start any faster!

So don't.

November 16th, 2007, 6:12 PM
NAME: Sakuru Kingston
AGE: 13
GENDER: Female (girl)
PERSONALITY: Very shy but if somebody gets on her nerves she tells them in a pretty fierce way but careing for hurt pokemon and always helps them. She don't liked to be buged that much but sometimes she let's it go. She always looking out for other trainers and people.
APPEARANCE: I'll pm it to you when I get one
HOMETOWN/CITY: Snowpoint City/Sinnoh
CHARACTER HISTORY: Most of her life she always liked to play with pokemon and to climb high mountains with them
REASON FOR GOING TO ROANOKE: Just to become a good trainer if not the best
OTHER INFO: Loves to climb and play with her pokemon

November 17th, 2007, 5:41 AM
RacerKing you're going to need a little more than what you have to make the cut for this RP.

November 17th, 2007, 9:01 AM
Um... Arceus? You're not the rp master hun. It's their job to decide who has enough and who doesn't. ^^ Remember, you can always improve your own application.

November 17th, 2007, 4:25 PM
Oi. Next time I have to come into this thread, I'm slappin' a warning on it. This is getting ridiculous guys, and it's going to be pretty dang sad if you guys get a thread warning without even starting the roleplay yet.

Like Mika said, you aren't the RP Master, so you've no right to decide what RacerKing needs or doesn't need. If Shuricel decides that RacerKing needs more details, let Shuricel say it.

November 17th, 2007, 5:13 PM
Sorry about that I won't do it again. No messages about this (I already had Alter Ego's). I'm just not used to things like this.

November 18th, 2007, 12:48 PM
I'm extremely sorry for making you wait so long. Feel free to shoot me if you want......I feel horrible about making you wait so long. I hate it when roleplay masters take forever myself...so here you go:

I promise to post regurlarly from here on out.


Hinamori_Momo - Good job! =D
iLike2EatPiez - Awesomecakes. ^^
raichuchika- Personally, I don't see how you're PC's most annoying member with a form like that....anyway, you just need to get a different starter, as the one you have has already been taken.
Mika- Wow...pure PWN.
Alter Ego - Even purer pwn. You put us all to shame. *bows down in utmost reverance*
Te-em- Tis good. Accepted!
Hero - Better now it's edited.
Soundash - Need I say anymore?
Arceus707-better now. ^^

Needs to improve on form:
Hawks - Pretty good so far, but you need to add a bit to your personality and appearance.
TNT- You just need to use a bit better grammer, and add to personality, appearance, and history.
RacerKing - No offense...but you need a lot more.

Treeko - Taken by Evkay
Mudkip - TAKEN by raichuchika.
Torchic - Taken by Hawks once his form is improved.
Chikorita - Taken by Te-em
Totodile- TAKEN by Soundash.
Cyndaquil - TAKEN by Mika
Riolu - TAKEN BY Hinamori_Momo
Pikachu - TAKEN by arceus707
Cubone - TAKEN BY iLike2EatPiez
Munchlax - Taken by Alter Ego
Clefairy - Taken by TNT once form has improved.

Anyway....*shot once more for slowness*

I'll post my sign-up once all these are sorted out.

November 18th, 2007, 1:13 PM
I wish the best of luck to everyone else.

November 18th, 2007, 1:38 PM
God... just my luck. If I didn't know I wouldn't belive it. I finished and was posting my half page long profile when the GODDAMNED page asked me to log in. Result: no profile + A lot of efford wasted = a very, very ticked off me at myself for not saving it in a document. I would laught if I wasn't the stupid doing it... Gotta redo the whole thing T_T

November 18th, 2007, 2:05 PM
Ok, I just changed my chosen starter to Mudkip.

November 18th, 2007, 2:12 PM
Hero-Your ish good enough now. ^^

Soundash- Oh gosh...I can totally relate. >.> I remember once, I had this long post made, and then right when I was about to post it, the computer decided to have an error. >.>

Well, don't worry. There's still time. ^^

Raichuchika- Okies. Tis edited. You know own my favorite water type. =D (Well...second favorite, but you get the point.)

November 18th, 2007, 2:17 PM
Name: Sabango Trigger

Age: 15

Gender: Boy

Personality: Sabango is a clam calm laid back person who likes doing things at his own pace. He likes taking things slowly without rushing, according to his own agenda, something which, much to his annoyance rarely happens and gets angry at people who impose schedules on him. He is also friendly and open to people he is aquainted with, while in the other hand, he is introverted and has a silent atitude when near strangers. Never the less, he won't usually speak unless he has something important to say, not being very given to iddle chatter and will not do things he considers troublesome or when he is basicly to lazy to do.

Appearance: Sabango has medium size brown hair and has equally brown eyes. He has a lightly tanned skin tone and is tall, but not much more than the average height, he is thin having an athletic built, being flexible and slightly muscular. He wears an azure, baggy long sleeved shirt that has a meckband that reaches his mouth, he also wears lage dark blue jeans with black swimming shorts underneath and jet black soap shoes.

Hometown/City: Lilycove City

Character History: Sabango has lived his whole life in Lilycove city, as a result he spent a lot of time in a very big city and by the ocean. As such, he got used to the heavy daily routine and all that a big city imposes, learning to survive in the civiled wilderness. Not only that but he was very affectionate torwards the ocean, mainly when he was young and registered in a swimming club, in which he is still a member of. As a result he became a proficient swimmer and gained the athletic buit he currently has, getting to participate in high level competitions. The sea also affected his life in other ways, influencing his choices. He took a personal liking to the blue color and also took sailing lessons, learning pretty much all that there is to know about water bodies. Not only that but he also became disgust of the idea of reamining away from a large water body for very long, like being in a desert or in a high mountanous range. One night, when he was in the beach, he saw a small blue figure floating on the water. After crepting closer, when he was begining to take a good look at it, the figure abruptly jumped and alsmot bit Sabango's arm off. The blue pokemon, who turned out to be a totodile was playing and toying with Sabango, who after much struggle on his end, managed to calm the playful pokemon only at the expense of the food he was carrying. Not taking a great interest in pokemon training or battling, Sabango kept the totodile as a pet and swimming companion, formally catching it with a pokeball for mobility reasons. However as time passed, Sabango looked more and more bored and uninterested in his daily life, losing the excitement that it used to have. One slow afternoon, he saw a newspaper article, one that spoke about Roanoke, about how it was mysterious and that a very little amount of people dared venture within the damaged, mystified region. Sabango's eyes immediatly glew, this was what he was looking for, a chance to get away from civilization, a chance to try something new. So without a second though, he packed his stuff, got Totodile and embracing the pokemon trainer ways, he left Lilycove City and entered this new region, Roanoke.

Starter pokemon: Totodile

Starter pokemon history: One night, when he was in the beach, he saw a small blue figure floating on the water. After crepting closer, when he was begining to take a good look at it, the figure abruptly jumped and alsmot bit Sabango's arm off. The blue pokemon, who turned out to be a totodile was playing and toying with Sabango, who after much struggle on his end, managed to calm the playful pokemon only at the expense of the food he was carrying.

Reason for going to Roanoke: Sabango was looking for a reason to get out of the society, to get out of the studied, explored, already complete civilization he knew. That chance came with Roanoke, with it's reborn and early growing self, so Sabango left the already known region of Hoen to go to Roanoke.

Other info: The original was bigger but due to blatant stupidity I got to rewrite it and as you can guess, I'm not gonna write the hole thing twice. I'm not that patient.

November 18th, 2007, 2:31 PM
Soundash: You are accepted! Welcome to Roanoke. ^^\

Anyway, here's the deal for those who need to improve their sign-up still:

If you don't get it improved within three days, the roleplay will begin. Simple as that.

November 18th, 2007, 2:34 PM
Soundash: You are accepted! Welcome to Roanoke. ^^

I have a question shouldn't the person who ask for the starter first get to keep it or do we have to work it out among ourselfs.

November 18th, 2007, 2:35 PM
Well...I'd prefer if the people work it out. If it leads to neither side wanting to give it up, it'll most likely be the person who posted first.

November 18th, 2007, 2:37 PM
Well...I'd prefer if the people work it out. If it leads to neither side wanting to give it up, it'll most likely be the person who posted first.

I'lll wait for Mika to login on to decide who gets Cyndaquil. Luckly I have a who week off from school.

November 18th, 2007, 2:38 PM
Well, I can give it up if someone wants totodile very bad, I'll just change to another slipery water starter pokemon say like squirtle, if I can that is.

November 18th, 2007, 2:52 PM
Sure. Of course, but I think everyone's happy with the starters they have.

November 18th, 2007, 2:56 PM
Question: How many people are there gonna be? Until we run out of starters?

November 18th, 2007, 3:20 PM
No, hopefully not that many. o.o; I'm just going to wait a few days to see if anybody improves their form, then we'll begin.

So...we'll begin in two days.

November 18th, 2007, 3:40 PM
Yeah, I agree. Too many people will get the rp messy, belive it I know. It would also be bad because of all the timezone differences between the rpers. For example myself, It's almost midnight here and now I need to go. That sucks when you are role-playing with someone from a whole different timezone.

November 18th, 2007, 4:00 PM
Yeah, but also, what usually happens is a lot of roleplayers join, then after a couple pages, they never post. Then those that join and forget all about it.

But I agree with you. Once, I joined a roleplay with an awesome plot, awesome depth, and based off an awesome fanfic created by the creator. It gained 50+ characters. The problem was, because of the mass amount of members, it moved too fast for me to come up with me. But I did create one of my favorite roleplay characters there.

But, yeah. People will likely go inactive and then we should have a lower amount.

November 18th, 2007, 4:10 PM
I suggest an OoC thread, for all these questions. =A=;; Too many OoC's are bad, guys.

And because this one is minor, I won't give a warning, but really. I'm getting a little tired of this. o_x;;

November 19th, 2007, 5:40 AM
Are Hawks, TNT, Racerking, and yours truly accepted? This isn't a complaint or anything.

November 19th, 2007, 1:11 PM
Ok folks, at Mizuki's order request I made an OoC threat for this RP. So it would be for the best if the OoC comments are placed there until and after we start.

Just paste it to your adress bar plus the WorldWideWeb. thingy, not that hard. pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3097301#post3097301 (the forum won't let me post the link until I have so many posts...)

November 19th, 2007, 1:15 PM
I'll post the link then. http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=3097301#post3097301

November 21st, 2007, 5:20 AM
"Shadows?... Lights?... Where am I?... I'm floating... Underwater? Yes. I can recognise this feeling..." Sabango though. For some reason, his thoughs came out his mind as speech but he wasn't moving his mouth. It felt strange, he was floating underwater and yet, there was no surface and no bottom, just an infinity of clear water all around him. It was also quite warm, for some reason, he was managing to breath and his clothes weren't wet. After a mere momment he closed his eyes, letting himself be carried away in this mysterious sea, experiencing this odd feeling for as long as he could.

Suddenly a loud thunderous roar startled Sabango, making him fall and slam his face on the floor. Slowly, he got up rubbing his very sore nose while looking around. It became quite clear then, he had been sleeping in his cabin and the noise was most certainly the ship's horn, signaling their arrival. At the bottom corner of the bed where he had been sleeping at, a small curled totodile could be seen still drownzy mumbling to itself while looking around the room with half closed eyes, typical of the little pokemon, waking up very slowly despite of how little sleep it got. Sabango sighed, then he drew his pokeball and make his totodile enter it, not wanting to lose it from sight as there would surely be a awful lot of people stumbling across the corridors of the ship, since the horn had already sounded. As he had foreseen, the first thing he saw just after leaving his room was a large group of people. They were making the last verifications before leaving the ship, counting themselves to make sure noone missed, checking on their luggage and making plans about what to do next. Sabango sighed, what the people were doing was quite basic and was something everyone would do after a long ship travel such as this but unfortunately for him, the group was ocuppying the exit and there was no way he would get to move through the group, in his opinion they were too fat and selfcentered to even bother. Sabango, on the other hand didn't make any last minute check, he had brought only his totodile and some extra money, the rest he would get when he needed.

"Did you enjoy your trip?" A solf voice asked. Sabango then turned his face to the right, to see the person from where the voice had came. It turned out to be a waitress the woman who was by him, he could clearly recognise the suit composed by a white buttoned shirt under blue vest with the S.S. Marine logo printed on it and blue skirt as it was the suit the female staff members used. After looking at the woman, he nodded to her affirmatively, who smiled back and quickly left after making a small bow. When he looked back at the people stuffed exit it was already empty and yet he didn't notice them leave, making him wonder on how much time he spent staring at the waitress.

It didn't take him much time to exit the shipyard, 15 minutes at most. Once he was outside, the first thing he did was taking a good look at the city he had just arrived, as this would turn out to be the beginning of a new journey. Much to his disapointment this small town, named Kindling Town, seemed to have nothing special to it and didn't seem very promising but neither did he know what to expect, for the town's size it was a wonder that it's port could harbor a ship of the size of S.S. Marine. After the brief first glance he had taken at the town, he shook his head anb began walking. He didn't know exactly where to go to but that was something he already expected, so he merely and lazily walked torwards a large main street, focusing on nowhere in specific as he prefered to let fate be the one to choose where he would end.

November 21st, 2007, 9:28 AM
mine is improved now. is it okay?

November 21st, 2007, 10:35 AM
ooc: TNT theres an OOC thread now, post that over there.

Saru walked happily out of the lab with a huge grin spread across his face and a bag full of new equipment for his journey. His eyes were bright and sparkling as he stared at the green pokeball he had just obtained at the lab. He walked a distance away from the lab towards a clearing a ways away and tossed the pokeball high into the air. A red beam shot out revealing the form of a small Treeko. Saru kneeled low and held a hand out to the Treeko.

"Hey there little guy, my names Saru! I'll be your trainer!" Saru said happily to the treeko.

The Treeko cocked its head slightly to the side in confusion at first then looked happily at Saru and climbed up his arm and onto Saru's head where he immediately found a comfortable spot to lay.

"Well...if you prefer it up there then i guess it'll be okay to stay outside your pokeball for a while...But where to next? It'll be an eventful day so what do you say we grab a nap near the edge of town before setting off?" Saru said smiling and looking up to the Treeko while walking.

The two arrived at the outskirts of town. A particularly large Oak Tree was easily noticed just outside of town. Saru looked up to the tree. "Welp, head on up to that big branch up there and i'll follow" Saru said to Treeko. The Treeko hopped quickly up the tree and waited curiously. Saru then showed the same kind of mobility as the Treeko and was up in a matter of seconds. The two smiled at each other and nested against the trunk. Saru held the Treeko up for a second and looked at him

"We need to give you a name...how about... Twiggy?" Saru asked. The Treeko looked unimpressed at the name.

"Hm don't like Twiggy, aye? oh i got it... how about...Forest? since you like trees just as much as I do... you kind of remind me of home" Saru said softly to Treeko. The Treeko's eyes brightened and he nodded to show he liked the new name.

"Then its settled! your name will be Forest!" Saru replied happily.

Forest hopped back onto Saru's head and curled and went to sleep. Saru sat in the tree looking into the distance for a bit before he dozed off as well in the large tree on the outskirts of Kindling Town.

Alter Ego
November 21st, 2007, 11:01 AM
OOC: It's going to be kind of awkward to make an opening post without any idea of what the town looks like, but here goes. :3


The waves were alive.

She just couldn't help the thought. No matter how many times she watched the crest of white charge towards the unyielding pier, the image of a frothing, blue beast lunging assault after assault onto the frail construct remained firmly stuck in her mind. The steady crashing of waves meeting rock was like a thunderous roar to her ears, savage and threatening as the beast menacingly snapped its blue jaws towards the humans loitering on the pier, its white fangs growing back each time they shattered against the stone.

The girl's right hand tightened its grip around the safety rail. She couldn't help envying them just a little, those carefree people in their light, brightly-colored summer clothes, wandering about so effortlessly, so...so blissfully unaware. They could stand in the brilliant sunshine all day long without as much as a shirt on without giving a single thought to how the UV radiation was eroding their skin, they could dangle their feet over the looming jaws of the sea without fear of losing them to a Sharpedo attack (five incidents' average each year), or thinking that two thousand one hundred and fifty-three people just like them would meet their end by drowning in there this year, or the good seventeen-hundred who would miscalculate a dive and hit their head on an underwater rock. And that was not even counting Tentacool poisonings. A bead of sweat ran down from her ruffled, sandy brown hair, snaking its way down the back of her neck and seeping into the bright yellow tank top alongside its cousins. Her frayed jeans were already soaking wet, and the vermillion-colored gloves made her hands feel like they were in an oven.

"Ahem, miss?"

The polite but unmistakably irritated voice broke through the girl's inner scene of marine terror, a pair of warm, brown eyes snapping away from the waves and the body to which they were attached swiveling around to face an older man whose white sailor uniform, complete with the cute little hat, identified him as part of the cruiser's crew. There was something decidedly weasel-like about the man's face, with its thin, graying moustache and those blue eyes that were so clearly saying 'I hate my job'.


She couldn't help it, people catching her off guard always made her voice sound jumpy. If anything, she was lucky not to have physically jumped up at this. Oh, her sisters had had themselves a number of good laughs over that habit, and her classmates even moreso.

"Could you please move? You are blocking the gangplank."

"R-right..." the girl mumbled, her face flushing with embarrassment as the gigantic hiker-issue pack on her back sprung back into her mind. She had been aware of the heat it placed on her back for the whole journey, of course, as well as the way it weighed down her frail shoulders and the odd looks her fellow passengers had given her for it, but faced with the doomsday scenario of descending down the gangplank with the raging sea so far beneath her had completely blocked out one quality of the backpack from her mind - the fact that it was indeed very, very wide and currently preventing anyone not willing to edge their way along the outside of the rail from passing her on the gangplank off the ferry. Now that she paid attention to it, she could hear several disgruntled mumblings about the hold-up from the passengers behind her.

Alright, that settled it. Frightening prospect or no, she would have to get past this. Ignoring the new wave of mumbling that this caused, the girl briefly shut her eyes again, willing her right hand to let go of the railing and instead grasp one of the two necklaces hanging around her neck, specifically, the golden one with sun symbol at the end.

'Shape up, Kat.' she told herself sternly 'You're not a coward, just mindful of the risks. You're going to become a pokémon trainer. You can do this. It's not really scary. It's just a gangplank. You won't fall in if you're careful. And even if you fall in it won't be bad. It's so close to the shore and there are lots of people here. Someone will help you if you fall in. But you won't, because you're going to do this right. You're going to make it through this. It's just a gangplank; it's not better than you.'

"Okay..." she mumbled to herself, opening her eyes again and taking a tentative step forward with one foot. The gangplank sank ever so slightly under the added weight, and for a moment her senses were on full alert for the first sign of the object giving in, but when no such things appeared, she finally gathered her courage and took another step, and another, and another. The progress was made in slow jerks, but it was progress all the same, and she wasn't messing up.

Slowly a smile began spreading on the girl's face. The steps got more frequent, her grip around the rail slowly left the 'utter panic' force. She was doing this, she was really doing this and nothing was going wrong!

A sunny smile graced the Kat's lips as her sneaker-clad feet finally made contact with solid stone. Her heart was beating like mad and the adrenaline sang in her ears but at the same time, a wave of utter relief and contentment the likes of which she had rarely felt washed over the girl as she turned her gaze towards the town to which destiny had directed her, slowly detaching the three velcro straps and one safety-belt style strap that had kept the backpack secured to her back, allowing the heavy object to slide down to the pavement before turning to search its contents for the town map. Oh, just wait until her folks back at Saffron would hear about this. She had not only faced water and heights; she had done so at the same time. By the time she came back, there would be no more talk about 'scaredy-Kat', no...her smile widened at the thought, completely undampened by the annoyed stares and mutterings of the passengers flooding down the now vacated gangplank, she would come back as Katherine Vainwright, pokémon trainer and adventurer extraordinaire.

November 21st, 2007, 1:15 PM
"Well, Riolu," Aiyana started. "I guess we can count on meeting a few new people with the amount here. This'll be a fun little journey of ours."

"Rio!" The Pokemon joyfully agreed.

"I hope we can meet a few new Pokemon too!" Riolu nodded at this.

"C'mon Riolu! Let's get running! Climb a tree and I'll meet you at the top!" Aiyana jumped and hung onto a branch in a nearby tree. She swung around and landed on her feet on the branch. Riolu followed with more accuracy. They started jumping around on the trees until they reached the nearest town.

November 21st, 2007, 1:21 PM
They had moved to Kindling Town. It would be a good home for Midori. The people here were nice and would accept a newcomer. The town was located on Dawning Island, a peaceful place with only smaller, weaker Pokemon in the wild. Midori Greene and her mother found a house close to the large hill. Midori went up there to look at the ocean. It was a dangerous wilderness out there, but now they were safe. Everyone was that, save her father, who had been lost on their journey. Her mother had told her that her father would have been very happy to see that Midori had found such a sweet home, and tried to convince her that the journey here had not been in vain.

A green, little Pokemon ran through the grass and swayed the leaf on its head playfully. It was Chikoriita, Midori's new friend. She bent down to meet the leaf Pokemon. The she headed back towards her house that was most visible from here. The other houses lay behind the trees. She had not gone to talk to the neighbours yet. She did not feel in the right mood right now and the only one who made her relaxed was Chikoriita.

Well, well, let's look around on the island, she though, trying to forget her worries and sadness. But it was hard. She didn't feel like a part of the reality when her father was not there. Maybe I should make some more friends . . . She was somewhat used to that bad things often happened in the world. Not that much had happened to her, but to others around her. That's how life was. That's why you had a loyal Pokemon with you when you left town; because the wilderness was dangerous. Not much dangers here on the island though; it was so small.

"Let's head back to get something to eat," she said and her Pokemon jumped cheerfully beside her.
As they went on, something began to move in the grass. The blades of grass were quiet large and tall here, so Midori could not see what was moving. Maybe it was nothing but the wind; it was stronger up here. No, it wasn't. They had got company of some other being, probably some Pokemon.

November 21st, 2007, 2:32 PM
OCC- This will be kind of hard...

IC- Claire was in Kindling town. She had traveled there in a boat. She was told that this is were many trainers get their first Pokemon. "What was the need to stop here? I already have Moon..." She then realized this town may be the place that she can get necessary items for her journey, such as a Pokedex.

She decided to ask a resident of this town where these items could be picked up. She didn't like talking to strangers though. She had too many horrible incidents with trying to ask strangers for help back in Snowpoint City, so it scarred her. But then she realized that most of the townsfolk were about as cold as the city itself, and that maybe this town was different.

She decided to ask a townsfolk that looked friendly. She ended up finding a girl who was probably 20 or so. You could see in her warm brown eyes that she wasn't about to be mean to anyone, so Claire asked her.

"Ma'am?" The girl looked over. "Yes, hun?" Claire really didn't normally like being called things like "hun" or "sweetie", but it didn't feel so awkward from her. "Can I ask you a question? Do you know where I could pick up a Pokedex and stuff like that?" "Over there, sweetie." "Ok, thanks."

She quickly got the necessary supplies, and walked back out. The same girl saw her walking out. "Do you want to battle me. Me and my Bulbasaur haven't battled in years. I started being a trainer around your age, but I never really battled much." "Sure." Claire replied. "Are you sure honey? I mean, considering you just got your first Pokemon..."

Claire interrupted. "Actually, I got my first Pokemon a year ago." The girl continued. "Oh, ok. If you've been training your Pokemon, you probably will win. Anyways, I never did catch your name, hun. What is it?" "My name is Claire." "Claire. What a beautiful name. My name is very plain and ordinary." "What is it?" Claire questioned. "My name is Sara."

The battle begun. "Go, Flower!" Sara released her Bulbasaur for battle. "Bubba-zoar!" The eager Bulbasaur cried. "Go, Moon!" Claire released her Mudkip. "Mudkip!" "Flower, use vine whip!"

The Bulbasaur extended a vine, ready to give Moon a beating with it. "Dodge!" Claire cried. Moon just barely dodged it. "Use water gun!" "Mud!" The Mudkip launched water from its mouth, but Bulbasaur did not take much damage. "Use tackle, Flower!" "Bubba! Zoar!" The tackle was pretty strong, and knocked back Moon a little. Before Claire had any time to respond, Sara commanded her Pokemon to use razor leaf.

"Bubba!" Flower shot many leaves out of its bulb. Claire told Moon to dodge it, but Moon was too slow, and got hit hard. "Mud... mud... MUD!" Moon had a habit of getting really violent and almost twice as powerful just before defeat. So with her rage, she was able to use a new move: ice beam. "MUUUD!" Moon released a light blue beam of ice from her mouth. It hit Flower, who couldn't dodge. "Bubba... saur..." Flower fell to her side, her eyes becoming spirals as they do with most Pokemon.

"FLOWER!" Sara ran up to her injured Bulbasaur. "Are you ok?" Flower's eyes turned back to normal. "Bulb..." Don't worry, I'll take you to a Pokemon Center and you'll feel all better!" Sara picked up Flower and looked at Claire. "You have so much talent, Claire. You were able to defeat my Bulbasaur despite the odds. I think you'll do very well on your Pokemon journey. But I'm warning you, there are many trainers much stronger than me. Good luck. You know what, that battle made me want to start my Pokemon journey. Maybe we'll meet again someday."

She extended her hand to give Claire a handshake. She was very hesitant, but Claire put out her hand. They then shook hands. "Goodbye, but only for now..." Sara said. And with that, they headed off in their separate directions. Perhaps they would meet again someday.

November 22nd, 2007, 1:02 PM
Name: Brionca (Bri-on-ka) Sanki (Song-key) Nickname: Sela (See-la)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Impulsivity and thickheadedness are her two worst qualities, whilst socialness and observation are her two treasured traits. Of course, there are many others. These are just the ones that are easiest to spot. Some of her other traits include gullibility and persistance.

She tends to have a late streak despite her persistance, though, always arriving at least ten minutes past the schedule. Yet, if you ever asked her, she'd say she'd just arrived very early for the next bus, or whatever event she went, to come. She usually takes the extra waiting time to satisfy her curiosity, whether it's just watching a small caterpie eating the grass or reading a book on her current interest.

Superstitions mean nothing to her. She'll walk under ladders and crack mirrors without a worry (well, except for the worry she'll get arrested for property damage from cracking the mirror.) This was likely a trait raised into her by her parents, also non-believers of superstition. She can be a stubborn one when faced with cold, hard facts that a superstition may be real, though. Actually, she's just all around stubborn.

Appearance: Brionca is simply an average, flat chested girl eager for adventure. There aren't fancy smancy blond streaks in lightning pink hair (Aruseus forbid that anyone even consider that exageration as a dressing option). She has simple brown hair, matching simple blue orbs. A middle height cheekbone, small nose, and ears that pop out slightly from the sides of her head finish adorning her face.

The clothes she wears are practical, albeit not stylish. A rugged pair of blue jeans made of denim, along with a thin sweatshirt, are what make up her wardrobe. Some other folded up pieces of clothing are in her backpack, in case the need ever arises. Her outfit is finished with a pair of hiking boots.

Brionca is fairly lean, but she's not that muscular. Her height reaches about 5 feet.
Hometown/City: Sootopolis City in Hoenn
Character History: The crater city of Sootopolis was where she was raised, and has lived till most of this day. As expected, the city had specialized in water pokemon, and, as also expected of a Sootopolis resident, she was in love with them. The glamourous fins, the multiple designs, it was like paradise.

So, of course she was ecstatic when she gained Squirtle as a starter. The overly enthusiastic pokemon was an eager battler, but they never did the Hoenn League. It would take too long to journey from Lilycove Dock, or even Slateport, on foot, and it'd also be nearly impossible, since most of the pokemon outpowered her little Squirtle.

Soon, rumors of a new region started to spread around, she was one of the first ones to sign up
Starter pokemon: Squirtle
Starter pokemon history: Brionca had Squirtle since she was the ripe young age of eleven. Obtaining it from one of the kinder trainers at the gym, they have been together three years now.
Reason for going to Roanoke: Basically, it was her curiosity that sent her here. She wanted to go to the towns and be able to fight through the new league. Plus, who got to experience the joys of going to a brand spanking new region? Not many, that's for sure. And really, it there're already thousands of people setting here, the risk couldn't be that great.
Other info: Brionca enjoys fishing as a hobby.

Ooc: Meh...not the best sign-up I've ever done, but at least I can get started. ^^ I'm just going to post this real quick, then edit it with my first In character post, since my computer will most likely dicide to be evil if I go any further. Also, about the town, it'll be more or less like every other beginning town-kind of small, lab, etc. etc.


"Squirtle...sit...still! We're almost there!" Brionca snatched at the Squirtle's tail, which deftly swept out of the way as the Squirtle made another leap down the railing, a large smirk plastered unto it's face. 'Sheesh! It's only going to take another moment to get off the ship. If that pokemon could only sit still for a second, we coul-' Her thoughts were cut off by a loud 'sploosh' from below. A frown snatched at her face, seeing the distinctive brown shell bobbing up and down in the water. Out of all the beings she had ever met, the one that truely tried her patience the most was that Squirtle. Sighing, she grapped her belongings and backpack, and rushed through the thinning crowd, done the metal ramp leading off the ship, and into the hot sand of the coast.

"Squirt!" The turtle pokemon blew out a few bubbles, rolling over to reveal it's peach colored front. It's curled tail lopped casually above the water, bobbing up and down with the waves. It lifted it's head, seeing the exasperated trainer. It had done it's job. A powerful kick of it's legs, and it had started heading towards the shore.

The shell slid into the beach, smooth bone scratching against the many grains of sand outlining the soar. It strolled towards it trainer, let out a loyal 'Squirt' and that two were on their way to exit the beach. A few minutes later, they had trekked their way out of the harbor, a somewhat crushed brochure map in the trainers arm, the other one holding up the squirtle (who took the time to point at nearly every building along the way).

"Hey, Squirtle, maybe if we're lucky like we were getting on the boat, we can actually get to the lab a little early! See, it appears to only be a few blocks away. We go down this street, then there should be a little pokemon center where we can spend ten minutes to get you rested. We can get something to eat at this little food place here, then we can go and-Squirtle, are you even paying attention?" A quick glance to her side immediately anwsered her question.

"Squirt!" One of it's hand holding on fiercely to the backpack, while the other had a death grip on Jubilife Brand Water Pokemon Food conveyed the message clearly enough.

"Well...we could go to the pokemon center after the lab, and get something to eat now!" She agreed. The pokemon got the message, tearing into it's handful of pokemon food and eating voriouciasly. A quick examination through the pack, and a small water bottle along with the oh so heathy snack of chips and a chocolate bar was produced. This began their early lunch.

November 22nd, 2007, 4:15 PM
Sabango let out a deep slow sigh out of sheer boredom. It had been a long, long while since he had left S.S Marine but he had found nothing worth doing. Sure, it was a nice village full of friendly and joyful people but for that he had home. He didn't leave one tedious city to enter another one, he refused to do so however, he was begining to get mentally desperate for something out of the ordinary, to the point he was actually considering let Totodile out of his pokeball.

Guess what, he did. So, in the middle of a large street relatively quiet for it's size, a white flash, followed by an energetic and joyful tiny blue aligator could be seen by almost everyone in the street. The totodile hopped back and forth, chomping on thin air out of entusiasm. This made Sabango release a small chuckle and have a small smile in his face, his totodile always managed to improve his mood with it's excessive entusiasm and happyness, though not in a spoiled way, at least that was how Sabango saw it.

Oddly enough, not much after being released from it's pokeball Totodile simply ran away into a shaddy street, with the look on it's face of whom is playing a game of hide and seek. This was quite unusual of it, Totodile usually prefers to hang around Sabango and bite things within reach than to simply bolt away. Though it has it's personality quirks, to wander without a reason wasn't simply like it.

"..." Upon seeing this, Sabango simply stood there, frozen in disbelief with a dropped jaw. It took him several seconds to react to his pokemon's strange atitude. As soon as he reacted, he set off on pursuit of the aparently fleeing pokemon, cursing under his breath. He could barely make out his pokemon in the crowd but managed to keep it within his field of view while he skillfuly dashed between the passing-by people, trying as hard as he could to shorten the distance between the two of them, something that despite the running totodile's short legs, was proving itself a dificult feat mainly because of the obstacles there were in the street. He just hoped that his pokemon knew where it was going as if they got too far away, returning would most certainly become a nuisance.

November 22nd, 2007, 4:28 PM
A head of a caterpillar Pokemon popped out of the grass, looking around cautiously. When it spotted the human and the other Pokemon it went down again to remain unseen.

"That must be a Caterpie," Midori said. "They live here on this island."

Chikoriita playfully rushed ahead, but the wild Pokemon crawled away from her. Midori's Pokemon finally managed to come closer, but was met by a sticky thread shot. Then the Caterpie took the chance to escape up a tree.

Midori giggled and went to help her friend. Maybe she should catch a Pokemon to be Chikoriita's play mate, but she had no Monster Balls. She could ask her mother so they could go into town and buy some. But first they headed home to have some food. You could not catch Pocket Monsters with an empty stomach.

Later during the day, Midori went to a shop to buy some Monster Balls. One of them was for her friend, who did not have any ball of her own. Now, I can at last get some Pokemon. She could hardly wait.

November 22nd, 2007, 5:10 PM
The cool morning wind blows as the sun shines down onto the docks of Olivine City. The docks were busy today many ships were unloading cargo or loading goods onto the ships. While most of the ship shipping cargo some were dropping off passengers. Leon a young Pokemon Trainer watched as the ship ported from Olivine City sailing for the Roanoke region. A sight breeze hit Leon as he stood on the deck of the ship looking out at the sea.

“Come out Charmander” said Leon as he tosses a pokeball into the air. A white light appeared from the pokeball forming the shape of a lizard. The light clears and a small orange lizard about two feet with a burning tail appeared.

“Charmander” cried the Pokemon.

“Hi Charmander it been awhile since you been out of your pokeball” said Tyson patting the lizard on his head.

The air quickly grew warm around Leon and Charmander because of the heat coming off Charmander tail. Charmander quickly took to its surroundings it look down at the water below knowing it was on a boat. Charmander quickly took a hold of Leon left leg benign careful of the water.

As the day went on it grew warmer as they got closer to the Roanoke region.

Alter Ego
November 23rd, 2007, 3:37 AM
Kat felt rather silly, to be honest.

As soon as she had dug up the town map from the bowels of her cavernous backpack, she had finally glanced up to take a proper look at Kindling Town, and as soon as she had done that, she had realized that maybe the map wouldn't be necessary after all. The town consisted of nothing but a collection of small, pastel colored houses, many with neat little gardens or flower arrangements at the front, and in this picturesque little scene, the towering, modern glass and concrete facade of the pokémon lab stuck out like a sore thumb. And if this wasn't enough of a giveaway, someone had stuck a large sign reading "Kindling Town Pokémon Laboratory" right by the entrance. Her destination had been straight down the street.

Kat blushed in embarrassment, folding up the map and returning it to its designated pocket before shouldering the backpack once more, duly fastening the straps across her waist and lower torso. All things said, it was a situation that would have had every respectable anime artist just itching to draw a large sweatdrop on her forehead.

They were weird like that, anime artists.


The inside of the lab was nice and cool, but it was also strangely devoid of people as Kat cautiously nudged the door open and peered inside. On one hand, she should have considered this a relief, seeing as how the trek there had involved a number of 'sorry's from her as she accidentally trod on a rather wide assortment of toes, but on the other...it was unnerving.

The hall was so clean and orderly. Everything from the white walls with their evenly arranged oak doors to the gray, tiled floor with the little benches and trash cans located at regular intervals looked serious and official. Even the potted plants that had been located across the building seemed to have a certain air of authority about them, and it made Kat - still soaked in sweat and donning her frayed old jeans - feel very self-conscious, like this was some kind of sacred sanctuary which she was defiling by her mere presence.

She cleared her throat, "H-hello?"

No response save the distant echo of her voice and the soft, barely audible hum of the air conditioner.

The girl took a few hesitant steps forward, wondering how her sneakers could possibly cause such a loud sound just by making contact with the tiles.

"Hello?" she ventured again, knocking on one of the doors before trying it, slowly pushing it open, "Is anyone here? I came for my start-"

"Miss! Look out!"

Kat barely had time to register the warning as she noticed a blob of cerulean fur flying towards her, connecting with her face with a soft thud, a sensation not at all different from being struck with an overstuffed pillow.

Make that a very heavy overstuffed pillow.

"Oh, now you've done it!" exclaimed a frustrated male voice. Kat wasn't quite sure who had done it or even what had done it, but just in case she gave a muffled 'sorry' from beneath the unidentified object covering her face as she struggled to remove it. The object was soft to the touch and felt like fur as her hands grasped it, and currently - it seemed - preoccupied with attempting to climb up her face. Kat's petite nose seemed to be giving it trouble, however, as a stubby little paw kept stepping onto it, only to slide down again as the creature tried to apply more weight to it, another pair seeking leverage from her ears.

"So sorry about this..." the male voice continued, an additional pair of hands joining Kat's and pulling the creature off, much to the girl's relief.

She rubbed her tender nose with her right hand as she observed her assailant with newly liberated eyes. This creature, it occurred to her, was probably a pokémon. Now that it wasn't climbing all over her face, It seemed pretty small - it would probably only have reached the height of her knees when standing upright - and the first word that came to mind about its shape was 'round'. It was practically larger in width than height, its head resembled an egg that had been tipped onto its side with a pair of pointy ears at the top and a muscular jaw that made Kat feel very lucky that it hadn't tried to take a bite out of her. The head was connected to a round body with a pair of stubby paws sticking out from the upper half and another pair attached to the bottom one. The lower paws, as Kat's nose had already confirmed, bore a set of three, white claws at the front, probably made for helping it maintain a firm grip of surfaces while the front paws - or should she have thought of those as hands? - were obscured from view by the thick fur that covered the rest of the pokémon's body, hanging down over its lower body like an over-sized robe. The fur was cerulean in color, save for the area around the lower jaw, upper chest and the soles of its feet, which was of a pale yellow color. The eyes seemed almost too large for the two beetle black pupils residing in their centers, and were currently glaring at the man who had apprehended their owner.

"I'm really sorry." the man, in his late twenties by the looks of it, reiterated, adjusting the glasses located in front of his dark green eyes with one hand while keeping the struggling creature firmly clamped between his right arm and the side of his torso. His short, dark brown hair was even more untidy than Kat's, and the girl thought she noticed distinct signs of fatigue behind the polite expression, a certain strain to his smile, "I keep telling the high-ups that Munchlax needs a new ball, but they insist that they can't supply one until next week, everything here is apparently 'reserved for starter day'. Excuse me for a moment."

With a tired sigh, the man turned on the spot, the white lab coat accompanying his powder blue shirt and black trousers swinging in unison with the red tie around his neck as he hauled his protesting captive to a tall, square-shaped glass container in the corner of the room, reminiscent of an empty fish tank, dropping the Munchlax inside and completely ignoring the vindictive glare he received from the aforementioned for doing so as he turned back to Kat.

"Now, what can I do for you?"

"Well..." the girl began, unable to resist staring at the peculiar creature behind the glass who was currently busily flapping its short paws with an expression of intense concentration on its face.

At the sight of Kat's hesitant expression and the wonder she displayed for Munchlax, a knowing smile spread across the aide's face, "Ah, you're here for the starters, right?" receiving a nod in return, he pressed on, "Thought so, you rookie trainers have that certain look to you, if you don't mind me saying. ID, please." he scanned the laminated little card Kat procured from her pocket with a trained gaze, quickly inspecting a list of his own before nodding, "Katherine Vainwright. Age: 14. Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto. Correct?" he barely stopped to acknowledge the timid nod Kat gave him, "Alright, then everything is in order. Follow me, the starters are right over-"


Kat's attention was immediately snapped to the sound of Munchlax's body hitting the bottom of the container, the creature mumbling something for itself as it got back up onto its feet, flapping its hands even harder with a defiant expression on its face as it jumped up once more.


"Why-?" Kat began, but the aide forestalled her question.

"One might call it poor breeding." he replied through gritted teeth, observing the pokémon's efforts with a mixture of annoyance and pity in his expression, "Or rather, poor upbringing if you want to be specific. You see, we didn't have any Snorlax in the lab when we got his egg, so we used a Pelipper to hatch it. Problem is, mommy Pelipper is the first thing Munchlax saw, so now the stubborn thing is convinced that it's a Wingull."

Kat's eyes widened in realization, "So then he's-"

The aide sighed, "Trying to fly." he finished, "Yes, that's the short of it. Fortunately, he's not a good enough jumper to get himself seriously injured. Unfortunately, no-one wants a Munchlax who insists on trying to use Wing Attack."

"So...he's a starter too?" Kat asked, her gaze not leaving the Munchlax's valiant efforts for a second. There was just something heartbreaking about the way he kept getting up, no matter how many times his attempts failed, and the girl just couldn't help thinking that the behavior was reminiscent of someone she knew very well...herself.

"Used to be." the man replied, "He's been returned for insubordinance by three different trainers now, and I don't blame them. I haven't seen a more stubborn little pest in my life. He refuses to stay in his pokéball, he refuses to follow orders in battle, and he even refuses to be called 'Munchlax'." the creature growled at him as he pronounced the name, "Needless to say, he's not exactly a trainer's first pick. As soon as I find him a pokéball that can contain him, I'm having him shipped to a pokémon sanctuary. But enough about that, let's go look at those starters."

Kat took a step towards the door, but after one last glance at the pokémon in the glass container, she finally found the courage to say what she had intended to, "I think I've already decided."

The aide paused, "You've got to be kidding me." he said, "I told you, that thing is a trainer's nightmare. You might feel sorry for it now, but I guarantee you, you can't convince it out of believing it's a Wingull."

"Then I won't."

"Come again?" the man looked absolutely non-plussed as the previously timid girl strode over to the glass container with a determined expression on her face.

"I said I won't." Kat repeated, reaching into the cage and carefully grasping the rotund creature around the waist to lift it up, a gesture which made even him stop his flailing for a moment, the Munchlax's wide eyes staring quizzically at her, "If he wants to think that he's a Wingull then I'll just train him like a Wingull. I know this might seem hard to understand, but I think..." she cast a glance at the amulets around her neck, "I know that we were destined to be together. Isn't that right, Gullwing?"

Upon hearing what was apparently to be its new nickname, the Munchlax - much to the aide's surprise - let out a cheerful cry, flapping its arms.

"You're right." the aide concurred, shaking his head, "That doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but..." he sighed in forfeit at the blissful smiles on both pokémon and trainer-to-be as they stared at each other, "Alright, fine. You seem stubborn enough at least. I'll register Munch-" the creature's foul glare made him pause, "Gullwing as your starter pokémon. Just make sure not to let him run off. We can't provide you with a new starter unless you return your old one. Here." he handed over a battered old pokéball to Kat, the girl carefully propping her newly obtained pokémon up on her shoulder before accepting the object, "Like I said, that thing is deficient. You'll want to replace that with a new one as soon as you can. You can pick your pokéballs and pokédex at the supply office, third door to the right from the entrance."

Kat nodded enthusiastically, her hands darting to catch Gullwing as the Munchlax made another attempt at flight from her shoulder, the creature merely muttering something for himself as he clambered up the girl's arm to perch on her shoulder again, "Thank you, sir." she bowed slightly, as was the polite thing to do, before dashing out of the door with her new pokémon in tow.

"'Thank you'?" the aide echoed, shaking his head at the girl's departing back, "I'm just glad to be rid of the little devil."


She should have guessed it.

Getting down the gangplank, obtaining her starter, even obtaining the supplies. It had all gone way too smoothly. Why the supply office lady had even handed her a ferry ticket, kindly explaining that she would need it to get to the Roanoke mainland. The fact that the only incidents had been her stumbling twice under the rather unsteady perching attempts of her newly obtained Munchlax and one instance of Gullwing attempting to eat the supply lady's pencil should have been enough of a clue that life had something worse in store. Specifically, something small, red, and electronic which she'd have to master if she wanted to be a successful trainer.

"Ack, how does this thing work, anyway?"

Kat's brow furrowed in concentration as she observed the pokédex in her hands, fervently pressing the various buttons on the device in a vain attempt to find the data she needed. The pokédex was not about to comply, however, merely complaining about 'incorrect command input' and insisting that she should personalize her settings. Easy-to-use interface indeed.

Gullwing had been content to perch on her shoulder as the girl wandered down the streets of Kindling Town, but there was only so long he could entertain himself by observing row upon row of people and small, pastel colored houses, and so he had eventually dived down from his trainer's shoulder - though the girl had insisted on catching him mid-fall and placing him down on the ground - and was currently busy at work sniffing the ground in search of edibles. A growing Wingull had to eat, after all.

It was then that something caught his attention. It was small, fast, blue in color, and headed towards him. The wingull-like thing to do would probably have been veering aside, but the Munchlax's genetic memory had another course of action in mind, and as the blue creature sped towards him, his mouth opened in anticipation.

A shrill shriek caught Kat's ears, causing her attention to snap away from the continuously insubordinate pokédex. The person who had screamed was a middle-aged woman from the crowd, but what really concerned Kat was that the woman seemed to be pointing in the direction she was in. In fact, she was practically pointing at her, and an increasing number of crowd members was joining in. Alarmed, the girl quickly glanced around herself to find the source of the commotion. It was then that her gaze fell on Gullwing, and her voice joined into the woman's shriek.

"Gullwing, what are you doing?!"

"Mmmph..." the Munchlax explained matter-of-factly, pointing at the lower end of blue crocodile body with the red spikes jutting out of its back, the head of which was within the confines of his sizable mouth, to indicate that it was hard to give an articulate reply when you were in the middle of a meal.

"Spit that poor pokémon out at once!"

Gullwing's expression turned decidedly stubborn at this, the message of its eyes obvious: 'I found this first. Get your own.'

Kat groaned, quickly grasping the struggling reptile's lower end and starting to pull with all her might, her pokémon responding in kind, "You. Can't. Just. Go. Around. Eating. Other. Pokémon. Like. That." she grit out in between the heaves, "Now. Let. It. GO!"

With a last, powerful yank, Kat managed to dislodge the unfortunate creature from Gullwing's mouth (Fortunately, Munchlax didn't make a habit of chewing their food), but much like a cork pulled out of a champagne bottle, the struggling creature still had plenty of momentum left, flying out of the girl's grip and causing her to fall down on her rear as it sped out back in the direction it had come from. Struggling to her feet, no small feat given the size of her backpack, Kat only heard a thud and when she turned around to check on the Totodile, she realized why.

She had sent the poor creature on a flight straight to someone's face. The victim of this assault was a boy, probably not much older than her but certainly way taller with a rather muscular body build, well, at least judging by what little of the body she could see with the baggy shirt and jeans he was donning. Something about him kept making a voice at the back of Kat's mind go 'swimmer', but right now she was far too preoccupied with the fact that she had smacked him over the head with a crocodile. Her face immediately went ill red.

"I-I'm sorry." she stuttered, rushing over to the youth, "I'm really, really, sorry. I didn't mean to hit you, I-I and Gullwing, my pokémon. That is, that one, not the Totodile, he-he has some disciplinary issues and-"

It was at this point that the tip of her shoe snagged onto a small crevice in the pavement, and with the added mass of a hiker-issue backpack on her, the girl had no chance of stopping her own advance as she tumbled over the person in front of her, reflex causing her arms to grasp a hold of what ever they could reach. Namely, his waist, a decision which sent both of them crashing to the pavement.

She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, she wanted to run away in shame and hide under the covers of her bed, wallowing in her teenage angst until the world had forgotten about her existence. But even more than that, she didn't want this boy to remember her as the crazy person who had thrown a Totodile covered in Munchlax slobber at his face, rugby tackled him to the ground and then run away screaming.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry." she chanted, quickly rising to her feet to relieve the youth she had just manhandled from her weight. Kat herself might not have weighed much, but her pack certainly did, and the pavement wasn't exactly soft either, "I'm really sorry, I don't know how I lost my balance like that I just-" she paused, tentatively reaching out a hand to help the boy up, "...are you okay?"

Behind her, Gullwing was giving Kat an accusing glare for robbing him of a meal and needless to say, the crowd was staring. It really was true what they said: when life seemed to smile at you, it was really just preparing to use its teeth.

OOC: And yes, just in case it was left unclear for anybody, Sabango and his Totodile are the ones being referred to here. I figured it was about time for some character interaction. xD

November 23rd, 2007, 4:58 PM
Even if the town was small, she was not really sure where she was right now. Midori scratched her head, making her dark silvern hair more ruffled. They had found a shop and she could spot a Pokemon Center from here. Rest was just ordinary houses. She started to move along the street to look around, since she was new here. Everything looked so old and peaceful, as if she had travelled some years back in time, but then she noticed a very odd, out-sticking building. It was obvious the largest house around here, but what could it be? Chikoriita walked close to Midori's feet, but was too small to see the house from here. Midori picked her friend up and started to follow the path between some houses and then on to the large building.

It looks like the Pokemon Lab in Masago . . . but bigger. What is such a house doing in this little town? Kindling can't be any larger than Futaba. She would probably find out when there, so she went on looking ahead all the time. On her way she saw someone, who seemed to be coming from that house. Maybe Midori should ask this person, a girl with black hair that did not seem to be from around. With her was a small Water-Type Pokemon.

"Hey . . . excuse me," Midori said as she approached her. "Do you know if that's a Pokemon Lab over there?"

November 23rd, 2007, 5:21 PM
Saru was rudely awakened from his nap high in the tree by a hard thud into his lap. Startled, he sits straight up, almost tossing his poor new Treeko, Forest, to the ground. Forest hung to Saru's hair for dear life as the object, Saru, and Forest, tumbled sideways off the branch. Saru quickly grabbed hold of the branch by wedging his foot between a forked tree branch and dangled helplessly as Forest hung from Saru's head by a fist full of hair. Saru looked down to see what had so rudely awakened him. He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a Caterpie.

"Hey there little guy!" He called down to it. The Caterpie quickly jumped up and began to run away. "No! wait! come back! I don't want to hurt you... we were probably sleeping in your tree... i'm sorry little buddy".

The Caterpie stopped running and turned to Saru who was still hanging upside down from the tree. Forest gave a small wave to the Caterpie while keeping a firm grip on a tuft of hair while hanging from Saru's head, to show that it had no intentions of attacking. The Caterpie's eyes brightened as it came closer. It seemed to enjoy the image of Saru and Treeko hanging from the tree branch. It climbed up to them and climbed down Saru's leg and came to a rest on his bag which hung wrapped around Saru's arms.

"Well little guy... you seem like you're as lay back as me and Forest... would you like to come along with us? it should be a swell adventure." Saru said to the Caterpie. The small bug looked at him happily and appeared to agree. Saru smiled and wrestled with his bag to pull a pokeball out, he pointed it at the Caterpie and it jumped right inside without putting up a fight. Saru smiled to himself at his newest addition.

"Well Forest, it looks like we have another green addition to the team! And it looks like the town is becoming a bit more active" Saru said to his partner as he looked upside into the city. "Now we can start our adventure! That is...once someone can help us out this tree..." He finished, sighing.

"Treeko....." Forest replied embarrassed as he held on by his same handful of hair. The both of them sighed in unison as they waited for someone to happen by.

November 24th, 2007, 10:32 AM
What happened? Where am I? Those were the questions within Sabango, who had the feeling he skipped an episode of his own life. He was stunned and on the ground, feeling an sticky ooze running down his face, so it was time for him to start going back on his own memory. His memory felt a lot foggy for him but he was beginning to recall what had happened. He was chasing his totodile who, from no apparent reason, decided to hit the road. He must have spent a few minutes on it, then what? Right, it was when he lost it from sight, that a lady screamed right behind him so he stopped to look at her and found out that she was pointing at a side street, horrified for some unknown reason. When he got to look at the street, all he saw was a blue blur flying towards him. The blur... It was his own totodile and it was on a crash course toward his own face, why didn't he dodge? Yeah, he was too busy figuring out what the blur was. Big mistake. Somehow, the impact didn't break his nose but left his face all sticky and it was when it all became very foggy. The hard impact must have stunned him.

After that, when he opened his eyes again, which were still synchronizing as his sight was doubled, he could make out with some difficulty, a brown haired girl around his age wearing a yellow tank top and a pair of denim jeans with a huge brown backpack. She seemed to be apologising but Sabango didn't manage to understand what she was saying, while heading in his direction. When his sight finally aligned and his hearing cleared was when she stumbled and knocked him over. And after? No, that was the last of it he was sure of that, so it basically sums the events up. Despite of how long the flashback felt to him, it had taken barely a couple of seconds, too little for anyone to notice his confusion.

After the brief remembering Sabango looked up, still digesting what had happened, he could see the girl stretching her hand toward him in a rather weak attempt to help, with a mix of embarrassment and fear of his possible reaction in her face. That was when he bursted into laughter, a loud, clear yet healthy and joyful laughter, loud enough to attract the attention of everyone in the surrounding, whoever wasn't already looking at them and to their collective disbelief. He wasn't laughing at the girl, not trying to mock her neither was it a nervous or angry laughter, he was laughing amused. Amused of their figures, amused by what had happened, once he looked at it from a third person view it felt hilarious, for him at least. He laughed for quite a while a minute perhaps, getting to the point in which tears got to his eyes. Once he finally stopped laughing, he swiped his tearful eyes and took a few deep breaths after all, after one laughs as hard as he did, one gets tired and the chin begins to hurt. His was no exception. It had been a long time since he laughed so much as such, he enjoyed it a lot.

He slowly got up, without the help of the new acquaintance. Her balance looked rather fragile and he didn't want them both to fall again to the floor. Once on his feet, he said smiling in a quite good mood, better than he had been lately. "Haha... It's been a really long while since I laughed this much; heck I almost forgot how it was done. Anyway don't worry, I'm fine and not mad at you, you actually did me a favour, slinging my totodile back at me..."

Sabango paused to take a deep breath but before he could resume speaking the cheerful totodile shot a jet of water into his head, washing it. Once the tiny pokemon found it clean enough, it shot another jet but this time, upwards in order to let his own falling water clean itself. It seemed that whatever had happened didn't bother him in the least, but that was Sabango's totodile alright, happiness enough to give away and sell, with a lot of misplaced optimism. While it was doing so, Sabango looked at it and with a half smile, while leaning his head and trying to get water out of an ear. "Always the useful one aren't we Totodile? Thanks... I guess."

"Anyway, you truly did me a favour and I would like to return it... Hmm... Say, you look like you are travelling, if you want I could carry around that backpack for a while. I don't have anything special to do and no offence but carrying that thing with your size will give you some back problems." Sabango said to her after some thought. With a bit of luck the girl would be a travelling trainer and he could learn something from her, despite having the totodile for some time now he didn't know much about being a trainer. Also, carrying the bag wouldn't pose a problem for him, his coach had him work out in order to have some strength for the competitions he participated in but the girl, on the other hand, seemed quite weak and he wondered how she managed to hang on the the bag.

Alter Ego
November 24th, 2007, 11:49 AM
For a moment, Kat was nonplussed. The boy hadn't gotten upset and yelled at her like she had thought, nor had he backed away from her and her outstretched hand. No, he just laughed. The girl was momentarily stunned by this behavior, but laughter, proper, good-natured, genuine laughter, was highly contagious and once the initial shock had faded, she found her own voice joining in, albeit not half as loudly as the boy's.

There they were, two random people laughing in the middle of a crowded street. The whole situation was so incredibly bizarre, but at the same time, Kat couldn't help feeling better about the whole thing. The crowd still stared, of course, but apparently the people of Kindling Town had gotten their reputation for a reason. Smiles were beginning to appear amongst the crowd members and the woman who had screamed was shaking her head with a polite little grin on her face as the people began dispersing, some still whispering to each other and shaking their heads. The occasional chuckle or fragment of conversation over the incident sprouted here and there. These were both trainers and those folks were weird like that, you just had to accept it. And all things considered, wasn't the situation just too comical? There was no conflict and thus no need to be upset.

And then, just like that, the moment of laughter was over and the stranger finally managed to gather his composure enough to speak, wiping the tears of joy from his eyes as he rose up on his own accord, ignoring the offered hand. Kat didn't know what to make of the gesture, but there was no malice in the boy's voice when he assured her that he didn't hold a grudge. In fact, he even claimed that it had been...a favour? He was thanking her for what had just happened?

"I...uhh...you're welcome?" she ventured, just before the stranger offered to...carry her pack for her? "Oh, no, no, no you really don't have to" the girl interjected waving her hands frantically in the universal sign language phrase of her message and the same expressed in her nervous grin. It wasn't that she had anything against this boy, it was just her inherent paranoia of letting others handle her things that bothered her. Well, that and her fear of troubling others, "I'm used to carrying this. Really." she heaved the pack up a bit more, performing a few demonstrative steps to prove her statement, "See? It's fine, really, I-OUCH!"

Of course her right knee had to take that particular moment to object to its recent encounter with the pavement, causing the girl to wince slightly and sending her pose a bit more forward, the backpack towering threateningly over her as she sought her balance again. It was just a bruise, but it didn't take kindly to being bothered, and unless she wanted to come off as really rude to boot, Kat had no choice but to concede to the facts, "Okay..." she mumbled, a sheepish grin on her face as she detached the straps, "Maybe for a little while, if it's really no trouble." she paused for a moment before adding, "Thank you."

Getting that extra weight off her back was a relief, she conceded as she stopped to rub her bruised knees a little, but was it really alright to hand her supplies to someone she had only just met? This was really not just a matter of trust, did he really not mind any of this at all? She couldn't help giving the boy a strange look, but her attention was soon diverted elsewhere as she noticed something else, something on the pavement, completely forgotten in all of the commotion.

"Oh snap, I completely forgot about that!"

Kat quickly lunged for her discarded pokédex, inspecting the device carefully. The red cover had obtained a nasty scratch from the fall and it had obtained some dirt too, of course, but as the girl flicked it open, the usual bright screen greeted her with a reprimand for incorrect input. In other words, it was working like normal. Sighing in relief, the girl snapped her pokédex shut again, carefully depositing it in her pocket. Whoever invented high-durability electronics deserved a Nobel.

"Well, that's a relief." she said to no-one in particular. Just then, she heard a discreet but clearly made-to-be-heard harrumph, tilting her head to face a decidedly offended Munchlax, its hands still folded across its chest and its beetle-black eyes giving her an accusing glare, "Sorry, Gullwing." Kat said, "But you really, really can't go around eating other pokémon. That's called cannibalism and it will get you all kinds of horrible diseases. Besides, those pokémon have friends and family. You wouldn't like it if someone ate your friend, right?"

The Munchlax merely snorted in response, still not mollified.

A knowing smile spread across Kat's face. She might not have known much about pokémon, but as the eldest sibling of four children, she knew a temper tantrum when she saw one. While her pokémon maintained his defiant stance, the girl briefly turned to rummage her backpack, specifically, the provisions pocket, procuring a single, red apple from its confines. Fresh fruit was an important part of nutrition, and though it wasn't at its prime after having been stashed away in a warm backpack for the entirety of the boat ride, the apple wasn't rotten yet either. Fortunately, Kat had had enough foresight to get one that hadn't quite ripened yet.

"Gullwing..." she called out in a voice honed by many years of negotiation with stubborn children, holding the apple out towards the Munchlax, "Look what I've got for you."

The pokémon let a suspicious glance glide towards the apple in her hand, still not moving from his spot.

"It tastes a lot better than pokémon, you know." Kat continued, having expected no less, "Buuut..." she purposefully dragged out her words, identifying the tell-tale sign of drool running down the Munchlax's chin as she moved it closer to her own mouth, "I suppose if you don't want it, I'll just eat this myself."

Stubborn and unforgiving he may have been, but Gullwing still had an appetite, and when it was indeed becoming perfectly clear that this meal, too, would be snatched from the front of his nose unless he broke his stance, he finally made the choice.

The apple never stood a chance. In a flash of motion far quicker than one would have expected from a being of Gullwing's figure, the Munchlax had closed the gap between himself and his prey, and mere moments later the fruit was already on its merry way down his digestive tract, barely chewed.

Kat let out a small giggle at her pokémon's enthusiasm, "See? Wasn't that better than a Totodile?" she asked, "Tell you what, if you don't try to eat any more pokémon, I'll get you all the fruit you can eat. Deal?" she extended a hand towards the Munchlax, and - after some more hesitation - the creature eventually mimicked her gesture. Though it was somewhat questionable whether he understood the concept of a handshake - or did he think of it as a wingshake? - the important thing was that their conflict had been resolved...at least for now.

Rising up from her crouched negotiating position, Kat turned back to face her new acquaintance, brushing off the dirt from her jeans, "Sorry for that little delay." she said, "Like I said, Gullwing and I still have some issues to work out." it was then that a thought struck her, "Oh, we haven't even been introduced yet, have we?" she grinned sheepishly, extending a hand to the boy in turn and hoping that he'd accept it this time around, "I'm Katherine, Katherine Vainwright." the name felt slightly foreign in her mouth and using it gave Kat a slightly mischievous feeling, as if she was assuming an identity that didn't belong to her to get past a night club bouncer. Katherine, the name sounded like it belonged to someone older, smarter, and prettier than her. The older sister who didn't have anxieties over every decision and didn't make a fool of herself at all times. The cool one, the popular one, the one Kat wanted to be above all else, she just couldn't help correcting her 'dishonesty', "You can just call me 'Kat', though. And that..." she nodded towards the Munchlax who was currently trying, with rather poor success, to fly up onto her shoulder, continuously having to grasp her clothes for balance as he leapt up and tried flapping again and again, nearly causing the girl to topple over, "...is my starter pokémon, Gullwing. I just got him from the lab. And you are?"

November 26th, 2007, 5:03 PM
Aiyana walked up to the group. "Umm... Hello? I'm Aiyana. You can just call me Ai if you like though. Riolu, I'm sure you'd like to meet everyone." She pulled out a Pokeball and threw it in the air. A Riolu flew out and landed in a white flash.

"Riolu! Ri!"

"Sorry. I'm so rude. What are your names?" She asked embarrassingly.

November 27th, 2007, 1:23 PM
OoC: Go Me! Avoid Study Attack!!

IC: "Huh?... Oh... I just offered to carry your stuff without introducing myself didn't I?" Sabango thought out loud, he didn't mean to say that but the words came out his mouth as he came to the conclusion and he slapped his face when he spoke. That had been stupid, very stupid. That was something he always hated, stupidity. However now he had just exceeded himself in it. He was used to trading favours with his friends, it had become an habit of him to make it up to a friend whenever he was helped and the other way around was also quite frequent. It got to a point in which his habit spoke louder than common sense.

"Heh, sorry 'bout that Kat. The name's Trigger, Sabango Trigger. You can call me either, I don't really care." He introduced himself with a grin in his face. That had gone smoothly, more than usual. He usually didn't make much of a first impression as he usually didn't want to, not caring about what other people thought of him. Sabango guessed it must have been because he was in high spirits, why wouldn't he be? He had made a new acquaintance, retrieved his totodile and was ways out of his usual routine, there was nothing not to be glad about.

Once properly introduced, he picked up Kat's backpack. The very moment he had gotten the weight of the backpack fully applied on him he stumbled but almost instantly got his balance back. The thing was quite heavier than he thought and it was because of the underestimating that he almost fell however now that he was aware of it, the bag wouldn't be much of a problem if needed to, he would be able to sprint for short distances or even to make small jumps but that was about it. He wondered how the girl managed to keep it on her back without snapping her spine. Sabango then whistled and commented "This isn't no joke, it's heavier than the weights I use when training. Heh, if I didn't know better I would say you had your house in this thing."

"Toto!" A loud clear confirming growl, could be easily heard coming from near Sabango's left leg, from the ever supportive Totodile. The small faithful alligator was clearly asserting on the bag's weight despite not having the slightest idea on how much it weighted, relying only on it's sheer trust in his trainer. The growl made Sabango look to his pokemon and chuckle. He hadn't introduced it yet but that was soon to change, after all the little critter had been with him for a relatively long time. "Haha. And this is my totodile, I've had this little fella for quite a while now, around a year I think."

December 1st, 2007, 12:26 PM

Sorry for the Delay, Sinus Infections complied with a Cold and an Ice Storm (Sometimes I really do hate Iowa) can delay these things. Or prolong them further (We may lose power with the ice storm. Rather, we WILL lose power, it‘s just a matter of WHEN)


If you're going to fall asleep on a boat, remember to wake up when it docks, such is the proper etiquette for a traveler of any sort and if that traveler is a trainer, one might do themselves good to remember that getting off the docking ship is the means of starting a new adventure on time when the rest of one’s group (That one might not even know exists yet) is starting. One must follow all verbal and visual cues, exit the ship as quickly as possible, not forgetting to leave ones luggage behind lest it be confiscated on grounds that it might harbor suspicious items, and after making ones way thru the brief, if existent, customs facility, and then, after making sure everything is in order, one must make their way to the Pokemon Lab Facility to claim a PokeDex to start their newest journey.

Unforuntately, Arianna hadn’t read this chapter of the book. Being a fire-lover by nature, she hadn’t exactly been thrilled at the prospect of a boat, a big freaking boat mind you, on the water, rocking and rolling and barely anything to keep her on except those metal bars which, if sawed through by a syndicate organization, wouldn’t hold her if the boat rolled on a side or whatnot. The engines moved too slow for her taste (Couldn’t they just fly over the water? What was the bloody purpose of sailing on a bloody ship over some deep water filled with who knows what when you could fly over the mass in a much safer manner in half the time for just a bit more money? Why, according to her trainer’s manual, the purpose was simple. All the best trainers sail to their new destinies. It is the sign of a new beginning. “New beginning my arse…” she couldn’t help but think, slamming the book closed before shoving it in her black satchel-bag. ”I’m never getting on a ship again as long as I live… so… help… me…” Sighing, she rolled over on the little reclining chair she’d confiscated on the deck and snuggled into it, ignoring everything and everyone as she tried to settle her once again queasy stomach.

“…Miss… Miss?” A young looking Sailor, with nothing but the uniform to even make him appear to be a Sailor in the first place, was shaking her arm almost brutally, the worried expression on his face rather obvious, “Miss! …Miss, wake up please miss!” When the physical shakings only lead to a death glare and a wave of the arm, he took more drastic measures. With the ship pulling away from the dock, she had seconds to hurry and get off or she wouldn’t get off at all. Taking an ice cube from the tray being offered to travelers who were not docking here, he firmly applied it to the skin visible on her ankle. The coldness caused the girl’s eyes to snap open and, sitting up, she sent him a glare the poor man would probably never forget. Puling into a deep bow, he managed to keep himself together, “Miss! Miss you must get off the boat NOW. You’ll have to jump but you can make it, you grew up in a mountainous place, yes? I mean, your body is well toned and…augh, I shouldn’t be saying any of this should I? Well the problem still remains, you must get off this ship if you want to stay in this region of Roanoke!” Yes he’d been looking at her while she’d been sleeping, he’d been trying to get her up you know, and it wasn’t hard to notice that past the black capri pants that stopped just past her knee, the metal toed black lace-up hiking boots, the black tank top with a symbol fire symbol across the front, was a very well toned but still strangely pale-skinned girl who was obviously from the mountains with just how firm her leg muscles were. He wasn’t staring, he wasn’t a pervert. He was just trying… to do his job!

She however, had payed no more attention beyond the point at which he’d said she had a limited amount of time to get off the ship. Throwing her hair back into a ponytail, she gathered her things quickly, attached her P*DA to her belt and, after making sure the poke ball decorated with a tiny little flame sticker, was firmly attached as well, she wiffed a farewell to this stupid boat and jumped over the edge of the rail, waiting til just the right moment when, praying she wouldn’t hit the water, she jumped. She slammed her face into a tree but other than the red mark and possible black eye, she didn’t see any more real problems arising. Rubbing the mark, she went up on tip-toe and waved a final goodbye to that blasted ship before she turned towards the town. Now. To find the stupid lab.


“UGH. How many stupid signs can one town have? That one says this the lab is this way, this one says it’s the other way and if I go the one this one says, I get to that one! It’s like a children’s book where the characters are just going in circles!” Rubbing her forehead, she pulled out her town map, “I’m just going to follow you dear old friend. You’ve never let me down before…” And sure enough, she managed to find her way, though, when she ran into that large Laboratory sign, she had half the mind to burn it down with her Cyndaquil’s flame, to the stupid lab, “Now to get my pokedex” she mumbled, “and never deal with idiots like that ever ever again… Nope, I can stay on good solid-”

"Oh snap, I completely forgot about that!"

Her head turned, tilting slightly at the scene that was going on not too far from the lab’s entrance. From the looks of things, some girl who shouldn’t really be in the middle of such a matter was being unfairly stressed-upon. And from the looks of her pokemon, who was happily munching on some sort of apple, and the pokemon of one of the people talking to her, who seemed as though he’d been the munch lax’s first choice of a meal, she had reasons to be stressed. Sighing, Aria wandered over, cursing her heart for being so kind. The girl seem frazzled… and for some odd reason she was cursing her heart over right now, Aria really wanted to help. Turns out tho, the girl knew how to cover her tracks and redirect things so they didn’t focus on her one hundred percent of the time. Stopping just behind her, she cleared her throat, “Sorry… to interrupt but is that the pokemon lab where you can get your PokeDex or am I in the wrong area?” She knew her strange red eyes would be flashing right now, sunlight always did that to them, she just hoped they could see pass it or this... might not go so well, "Just...need my Dex."

Alter Ego
December 3rd, 2007, 7:12 AM
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And Hinamori/Ai-chan, what is this 'group' you refer to? There are at least two different duos (okay, one duo one trio now) of characters and you have given no indication of which one you mean. o.O So...clarification, please? That would get your post up to the four-line minimum too. =O

Anyways, for the purpose of this IC (and in lieu with those before me) I'm going to assume that it's not the one with Sabango, Kat and - now - Aria.


"Sabango and Totodile." Kat repeated dutifully, nodding in confirmation, "Alright, nice to meet you too." she bowed again; all her training at the Saffron City Gym might not have instilled any amazing psychic abilities in the girl, but she had gotten more than enough of the etiquette part. The same could not be said for Gullwing, however, the Munchlax merely sparing them a brief glance before deciding that neither was likely to feed him and turning his attention elsewhere. He really didn't understand this human obsession with talking; what, after all, was the point of putting a perfectly good mouth through that much work if you didn't get anything eaten? Humans were weird.

Still, the pokémon concluded, making no effort to stifle a loud yawn, this one had promised him a steady supply of food, so he was prepared to put up with some of her quirks.

"My whole house?" Kat echoed the boy's words, giving him a quizzical glance, "There's no way I could carry something that big. Besides, the house is my parents' property, so I wouldn't have the right to-" it was then that her mind caught up with her mouth, the former politely escorting the latter to the side and giving it an update on the situation, an embarrassed little blush spreading across Kat's face as she halted her explanation, "Oh, it's a figure of speech, right?" she scratched the back of her head, grinning sheepishly and giving a nervous little chuckle in an attempt to alleviate her second complete loss of face for the day, "Ah, sorry, I though-erm...never mind. Anyway, it's...really just a few essentials I packed. I mean, I'm going out into unexplored wilderness so I thought I'd better come prepared, it really doesn't feel so-"

“Sorry… to interrupt but is that the pokemon lab where you can get your PokeDex or am I in the wrong area?"

If Kat had seemed disheveled before, it was nothing compared to her state after the unexpected interruption from behind. Whirling around on the spot, and nearly causing Gullwing to fall off in the process, the girl only needed to catch a quick glimpse of pale skin and red eyes before her mind drew the obvious conclusion:


Even the normally relaxed Gullwing was surprised at Kat's sudden shriek, not to mention the horrified leap she took backward before lunging at her pack, fervently digging through the middle height, right-hand pocket until she found what she had been looking for. It was a simple, wooden cross with a particularly sharp point which could - in emergencies - double up as a stake, and the girl clutched it tightly, holding it up towards the stranger.

"Don't...don't even try it." she said, keeping a vary eye on the vampire, "I know you can't stand crosses, stakes or...sunlight." once again, common sense had caught up with her a few moments after her mouth had gotten to work. Yes, sunlight...the entire town was bathed in sunlight, and upon closer inspection the stranger didn't seem to be in possession of any unusually large teeth either. Besides, she had only asked about the lab. But that meant...

"...not a vampire?" Kat ventured at last, finally lowering the cross as her pulse tried to return to its normal pace. That was a second first impression out of the window, and her third moment of weirdness in front of Sabango, "...sorry...I-I thought..." her face turned a far deeper color of red than Aria's eyes, "Never mind. I'm sorry." she gave a deep, apologetic bow, "The lab...yeah, that's the lab." she pointed towards the structure she had just left a few moments ago, "You get Pokédexes from the supply office, third door on the right from the entrance." she stared at her feet in utter humiliation, "...sorry."

December 8th, 2007, 10:45 AM
OoC: Guh, a talk: the hardest occasion to stretch one's post without jumping over someone. -.-'

"Hahaha..." Sabango couldn't help but let out a small laughter in the light of the situation, he didn't intend to mock but the situation was somewhat hilarious, at least for him. He could easily tell that Kat wasn't used to seeing something out of the ordinary from her reaction to the poor girl's appearance. It was true that it had some vampiric similarities but there was no such thing as vampires. In his big city lifetime, he had seen a lot of sheer weirdness and to him, the girl's looks had nothing wrong to it. She was just another girl with a less than common look, which wasn't all that rare. He could have sworn he had seen zombies at least three times and more than a couple of ghosts but in the end he knew it was just his eyes playing tricks with him. The zombies always turned out to be sick, homeless people who hadn't slept for a couple of days in a way that the almost green skin, torn cloths and big eye bags made them look undead. As for ghost, tired eyes were to blame, for the blurs and foggy appearance of people something that quickly disappeared upon closer inspection.

Never the less the situation still felt awkward. The way Kat had treated the other girl as if she was a vampire, only to realise her mistake seconds after much to her embarrassment. He was unsure on how things would end, he didn't know how to react but he was sure she wouldn't take it very well and Kat on the other hand was clearly embarrassed, staring at her feet, red as a pokeball. He had to intervene, at least to soften up the situation so he swiftly got by Kat's side and, placing a hand on her shoulder, said with a smile as friendly as he could fake. "Hahaha, sorry. My friend here doesn't travel much and isn't used to people with a different ethnic, please don't take her naiveness personally..."

At the same time he was bothered by something else, the girls had spoken about a "pokedex". The name felt oddly familiar but he wasn't being able to remember what it was. He kept on trying to make the connection between the word and what it was but to no avail. However he remembered when he saw a glint of red metal in Kat's pocket. He had had one some time ago, having gotten it not much after having caught Totodile unfortunately, as he wasn't a trainer he didn't have much use for the gadget and eventually, the dust got better of it, damaging it beyond all repair. So, if he was to become a trainer he would also need to get one, not only that but this was also a good way to change the subject from the vampire incident. "Say, how about we get this whole thing behind our back and take you to the lab? I also have some business there and am sure that it would be for the best if we all went together."

Totodile, who was by Sabango and stood as far away as he could be from Gulwing without straying from the safety area provided by his trainer, was oblivious to the topic of the conversation. However what he knew was that his trainer had just finished speaking and so, it was time for it to show some support, which came in the shape of a cheerful clamping of jaws, making sure it was loud enough for everyone to hear. What he knew was that if he did well, later on he would be fed well and took every shot it got to go up some points in Sabango's consideration... And some ration doses in the following meal.

December 8th, 2007, 7:00 PM
Personality:laid back,very kind towards others
Appearance:Check "Alex" Card
Hometown:Mistrow City/Hatake Region (just made it up)
Character History: Grew up with his family and friends...got his first pokemon when he was 6 (Treecko)
Starter Pokemon:Emmy (Buizel)
Starter History:Given to him by his girlfriend,Angela
Reason for going to Roanoke: His Girlfrien d was captured by team galactic
Other Info:Has a Psychic bond with almost all pokemon
Starter Note:Emmy stays on my head whenever she's not battling, playing, searching or swimming

... I know I chose something not on the list for my starter... but there's a back story behind it...

P.S. I know I suck.... I'm only 10...*sob*

December 9th, 2007, 10:22 AM
Hopefully a few of us can get the roles. Shuricel if you think that my character just isn't enough, I understand. If my character bio isn't good enough someone else can have the starter Pikachu.

December 9th, 2007, 10:31 AM
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