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November 13th, 2007, 9:47 AM
I am about to buy the game so i have some I questions
Is the Pokemon Battle Revolution good?(rate it)
Has it good lasting appeal?

November 13th, 2007, 10:00 AM
I'd give it a 6/10.

If your expecting a game like Pokemon Stadium for the N64.....That's pretty much my only issue with the game...I set such a high presidence on it lulz. If you playd pokemon stadium then it will disappoint you a bit. But if you have never played it..I would definitly buy it.

But the only thing I'm not happy with is the fact that there are no level bumpers in poketopia...It's either run pokemon < 60 or get swept by a marshstomp. <_<

November 15th, 2007, 9:20 AM
You mean that you cant get levels?