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Short Bus Mafia
November 21st, 2007, 2:53 AM
Uhhh...I guess I'll post some poems I've written in here from time-to-time. I tend to write a lot because it's one of my main forms of venting or expressing myself.

Torn and ripped apart
The tattered cloth will never be whole again
I am the silent assassin
Killing everything in my path.

If there is truth in this lie
Will I ever be able to see it?
My lies becoming more frequent
You should never have trusted me.

If I bring myself to tell you I've lied
Surely you will no longer care
I will lose that which I have worked so hard to gain
Why did it turn out this way?

Even so I fake a smile and a laugh
My way of telling myself nothing is wrong
When in reality, I am lost
Soon, you will be lost as well.

Ripping, Tearing, Breaking
Why are the ones I want to break
Always the ones I love the most?
And yet, I want to make you feel
Exactly the way you made me.

As I begin to rip you apart
You do nothing more than stand there
As though you refuse to believe
What I'm doing is real.

And I am left here alone
No matter how close you are
I still cannot feel you
No matter how close you are...

It would seem as though
I hold your heart in my hand
A heart to crush
As I hold your hand and smile.

A smile rests upon her lips
She descends from nothingness
Arising to her new world
Her reflection expresses happiness.

Without words, without a sound
She can say everything she needs to
"This night, just one more night
Please, stay with me."

One less time to be hurt
All the pain slowly melts away
Even if only momentary
Time will stop for us.

The world will stop for us
"Can we stay like this together?
Here in this place; forever."
I tell her that we will.

I tell her we will stay here
In a place where no one will find us
A place where nothing can hurt us
Where we will stay together

It's an ideal world
And nothing can go wrong
And we'll stay like this together
I promise we will be here forever.


November 21st, 2007, 3:46 AM
Great poems!! I especially enjoy and love the third one, I find it quite possessive, magical and absorbing, I presume you were fully expressing yourself when you wrote these poems hey?

Short Bus Mafia
November 21st, 2007, 3:50 AM
Thank you!
Yeah, I really try to express myself when I write poetry.

Romance Hero
November 21st, 2007, 1:32 PM
I think I owe you criticism. :D I read your poems out loud, or else I can't really feel it.

In the Assassination, I'm brought to the idea that dishonesty is a double-edged sword, and since it hurts your loved one, it swings back to take a shot at you also. It was powerful, yet soft, but I took every word in to totally feel it. :]

The second Poem, Ripping, Tearing, Breaking I also took into and visualized what your were saying in my head, and it played out, because I was able to see in description of how perfectly you set image in motion and I really liked that. Good read.

Forever sounds like something I would write. xD but, um... more of a song sorta flow to it. I don't really know who you're speaking as, or if it was in third person... or same sex orientation? xD I can't say for sure. But I enjoyed your poems, they're expressively out there.

Short Bus Mafia
November 21st, 2007, 2:38 PM
Forever is about this chick I'm crushing on.